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Statement of John Egbert, regarding his friend group and a feeling of being watched. Original account recovered April 15th, 2009. Audio recording by Jonathan Sims, the Archivist.


Statement begins.





I like spooky paranormal lore. And reading creepy-pasta is fine, but I don't like living inside one of those stories. See, I know that I'm being watched.


Yeah, I guess I don't sound all that trustworthy. I'm just your average American kid living with his dad and playing video games. But almost everywhere I go, there's something watching me from the corner of the room. It's almost always the same corner in each room of my house, and I've felt it outside, too. And as much as Dad and I love pranks, we'd never set up hidden cameras. Though, my friend turntechGodhead says his brother sets up cameras around the house, but his bro can't possibly have cameras in all of our houses. I don't know if he's even aware we exist? Oh yeah, I should mention my friends have it too. That’s what I find most weird. Another friend, tentacleTherapist, has searched for conditions with the same symptoms, but none of them... feel right to any of us. Why is the watching feeling fixed to certain positions, and why can't we find anything else like it?


gardenGnostic hasn’t made much of this yet. Of course, she lives in a weird house in the middle of some Pacific Ocean ruins, so she doesn't have a lot of outside-world experiences to base anything off of. And no offense to her, but she wouldn't be much help anyway. Of course, we're all internet buddies, so you never know. Maybe she's the one behind all this.


Then again, probably not. tentacleTherapist is the smartest of us and the most likely one to form some kind of evil plan. Even then, she's much more sane than that.


All things considered, feeling like I'm being watched isn't that bad. It's better than murder, losing a loved one, or living through the end of the world. It's super weird, and I don't know if it's ever going to get worse or go away, but I could get used to it.


Anyway, I just wanted to get this written down and maybe send it in to some places to see it matches anything they've had before. I'm probably not going to find answers, but that's fine. I told gardenGnostic about this, by the way. She thinks writing this might help someone else with these experiences, if there are others.






You know, something just occurred to me. There are internet trolls who talk to the four of us, and it's uncanny how often they seem to know when we're doing at any given time. There's no chance they could be our parents/sibling/dead grandpa in disguise. What if they found some way to watch us? And why hasn't tentacleTherapist figured this out yet?


I'm gonna look into this later. I'll try to keep updating as I find more answers.



Statement ends.


Although cases involving the sudden vanishing of a small group of friends in one day became common in April 2009, this one is unique in that one of the members left a written record of anything that might have been related to their disappearance. 


John Egbert and his father were reported missing on April 14, and this written account was found on his desk by distant relatives who came to investigate. The usernames mentioned were almost a dead end. gardenGnostic and turntechGodhead turned up no useful information, though the latter had a webcomic that was doing quite well at the time under his name. 


tentacleTherapist, on the other hand, had started a record on the website GameFAQs of her experiences with a beta of the game S - hm - S Burb. S'Burb. SBURB. (clears throat) This record stopped updating on the day before the Egberts were reported missing, and the username was easily traced to one Rose Lalonde, whose home was destroyed in an electrical fire that same day. It is unclear whether Miss Lalonde's only other living family, her mother, died in the fire or vanished under the same circumstances. What's also curious is that someone Egbert believed to be crafty would leave her username traceable to her identity, but I believe linking her username to herself may have been a last-minute attempt to ensure that she wouldn't be forgotten, or that someone would notice her absence online and seek her out.


I found two other children reported missing around the same time who could be turntechGodhead and gardenGnostic. David Strider lived in a high-rise apartment with his older brother in Texas, and both were reported missing on April 14.


The mentioned remote island home in the middle of the Pacific Ocean was owned by the Harley family. According to a record of the home's discovery in July 2009, Mr. Harley had been taxidermied some years before, meaning his granddaughter, Jade, had been living alone for some time. Miss Harley remains missing.


Both of these residences were found to have copies of the SBURB beta Miss Lalonde had discussed online.


It is possible that their disappearances had to do with this video game, but the sense of feeling watched seems rather out-of-the-blue. I can't say off the top of my head whether or not this would be the first case involving a possible collaboration between entities. A sense of being watched would obviously fit into the Beholding's territory, but vanishing without a trace could be the Spiral, perhaps the Lonely. The Desolation could have been to blame for the Lalonde house fire, but that seems too far-fetched, even knowing... (sighs)


Maybe their disappearances were just a coincidence. The Eye has not granted me any insight into what happened, which leads me to one conclusion. Whatever the case is, this incident has no helpful information regarding our situation here at the Institute. 


...I suppose I could find relief in that, but it only seems like I'm wasting time.


End recording.