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Our Secret

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If anyone had ever told him that he’d be thirsting over a man over ten years older than him just last year, Rohan would have told them that they were insane. He wasn’t into men, much less men older than him. Actually, Rohan wasn’t interested in anyone. That had been his problem. Until he met Professor Higashikata.

Higashikata Josuke was a prime example of everything that was right in this world. He was insanely attractive, charming, kind and chivalrous. A handsome, successful and intelligent bachelor that all the ladies and even some men swooned over. That was exactly why Rohan hated him, or, at least, why he had thought he hated him.

Those intense feelings that he had initially confused for hatred were nothing short of unreserved attraction for the man. It took him long to realize, far too long. In less than a year he’d be out of this place, and he would probably never be able to see Higashikata again without a good excuse.

After months of insistently pursuing his object of interest, Rohan had finally gotten the man to give in. It hadn’t been too hard to crack his shell. Rohan knew that Higashikata wanted him too, it was obvious in the way he talked to him, in the way he treated him, and the way his eyes would never leave him. So after a while, Higashikata had let himself be kissed by Rohan and things went from there.

That was the main reason why Rohan currently had Higashikata’s cock in his mouth, while hiding under the professor’s desk so as to not attract any unnecessary attention. Though, if anyone walked in they would no doubt notice that something was wrong with their precious professor. Higashikata’s cheeks were flushed red and he was reduced to nothing more than a moaning mess.

Rohan loved seeing him like this, because he knew he was the only one who could get the older man this way. He knew that no one else could make him moan quite as loud or feel quite as good as he could. He pulled away from Higashikata’s cock with a small pop, using his right hand to continue stimulating Josuke. He glanced up at the professor with a small, smug smile on his face.

“You’d better keep quiet, sensei. Or we might get caught.” Higashikata let out a breathy moan at that, and then glanced all around them and out through the window to make sure no one was around. It was cute. “What would everyone say if they knew what we were doing here?”

Higashikata shook his head, his face only growing redder. “Kishibe-san, p-please,” he almost whined out, biting on his hand to keep himself from being too loud.

Rohan took this opportunity to take him back into his mouth, making sure to run his tongue along the shaft as he did so. It had taken him a while to get used to doing this, but, just like he did at everything else, he excelled at sucking cock too.

He bobbed his head up and down Higashikata’s cock, eliciting a few sweet moans from him. Every single little noise that came out of his professor made his own cock feel heavy against his pants.

Rohan wanted nothing more than to hear this strong, older man melt under his touch. He wanted to fuck him against his bed again, hear him call out his name in that needy, whiny voice that he only used when Rohan was fucking him. Rohan wanted to be able to call him Josuke, instead of Higashikata, and hold his hand while they went on dates. He wanted everyone to know that this man was his and his alone, but he knew that wasn’t a possibility.

All they could do was fuck each other in secret, and kiss until they couldn’t take it anymore under the guise of a tutoring session. That was all their relationship could ever be, lest Higashikata be fired from his job. The thought soured his mood significantly.

“F-Fuck, Kishibe-san. I’m going to… I’m gonna c-cum.”

Higashikata’s voice snapped him out of his thoughts, giving him just enough time to prepare himself to swallow all of his professor’s cum. It never tasted any better, but it wasn’t the worst taste in the world. He pulled back from Higashikata’s cock and crawled out from under his desk.

Rohan sighed, walking towards his bag and packing all of his belongings. His cock was still painfully hard, but he knew they didn’t have time to deal with that. It was late.

“Kishibe-san?” Josuke asked, now fully coherent. Rohan turned to face him with an eyebrow raised, slinging his bag over his shoulder. “Would you like to come over tonight? I want to treat you to something sweet after dinner.”