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In a society where a BDSM lifestyle was it’s core, most everyone were born into the role of either a dominant or a submissive. There were of course others, some 20 % of the overall population, that entirely lacked the gene that made them either dominant or submissive. They were called neutrals. The majority of the population, however, were pretty evenly divided into doms and subs, so society at large had evolved to accommodate the special traits and needs of those people.  


Back in the day people would have to wait until the mark formed in their early teens to know which category to fit into. But now, with modern technology, a simple blood sample at birth would reveal everyone’s status. 


The mark appeared in the form of a tattoo on your wrist around the age of fourteen. Dominants had a triangle as their mark, submissives had a square and neutrals had a circle. While the colour of doms’ and subs’ tattoos would often shift with their moods and phases throughout life, like a built-in mood ring, the neutrals’ tattoos simply stayed black. 


While submissives were praised and appreciated in most parts of the world, they were never allowed to be their own person. They were always owned - by their parents when they were children and then by their dominant when they were adults. There were no laws that granted autonomy to subs. Dominants and neutrals had laws protecting them and once they were adults, they could do with their lives as they pleased, but subs were basically owned (sex)slaves. In cases where there were no parents or doms to take a sub in, the sub would be institutionalised, locked into the nearest psychiatric ward, where they would belong to the state for the rest of their lives. Often times, if the situation was that there really was no dom willing to take a sub in, the sub would be in such a state of distress that they’d kill themselves long before they were locked in. 


Most of the time things didn’t go that bad. People’s childhoods were the same as in every universe. Children played with each other, no regards of anyone’s future status. Everyone went to primary school and when their marks started showing up, the submissives were sent home. They were separated from the rest, homeschooled and isolated, not to shelter the submissives specifically, but to protect those dominants that couldn’t keep their hormonal paws to themselves. 


Touching a submissive without their dominant’s permission came with heavy punishments, usually by death. The only exceptions to that law was the love and care of parents and, when necessary, the care of medical personnel to ensure the health and wellbeing of subs. 


At the age of 18, everyone left their childhood home to get their education. There were specialised schools for each of the three designations, to which the youth were sent to learn their place in life. Arriving at their elected school, the doms and subs spent a lot of time taking different tests that would later on be used to assign them a dom or a sub - their mate, the one they would spend their life with.


Dominants went to school for four years. Their studies were the hardest. They had to learn how to be a good, fair and strict dominant, as well as study for a trade so they could be a stable provider for their sub and future children.


Submissives’ education lasted only for two years. This meant that once they were assigned a dominant at graduation, the dom would be at least two years older. It was unnecessary for subs to learn a trade or study anything in depth, since their dom would be providing for them and making sure all their needs were met. Mostly the classes at sub-school were about how to be just that - a good submissive. There were elective, short courses on suitable hobbies and areas of interest, but other than that, subs were only taught how to behave for dominants.


The neutrals tended to keep to themselves, most of them uninterested in the BDSM lifestyle. Their schooling was more about exploring themselves and the world at large, than to get trained in their expected role. A lot of neutrals ended up in artistic or scientific areas of work.


Six months before turning 20, three things happened for a sub: They found out who their mate was, there was a happening called “The Mating Ritual” (or The Mating for short) and their education changed from being theoretical, to very hands on practical and strictly sexual.




In a world that divided itself into dominants and submissives, Louis Tomlinson found himself unlucky enough to bear the mark of the less common male submissive - almost 70% of all subs were female. Not that he was unhappy with his status or himself, in fact, he really liked his curvy body, his feathery hair and bright blue eyes. He just wished that he would be able to make his own decisions or tell some of those creepy old doms to go fuck themselves. Although Louis was an exceptionally feisty and rebellious submissive, he was unable, by law and his own nature, to tell off the ones that openly salivated over his body, no doubt cursing the laws that prohibited them to do anything about their disgusting horniness. 


There was one old man in particular that made Louis uneasy to no end. It was the main teacher in his year, Mr Sheldon. A greying man in his fifties, with a belly so large he probably couldn’t even see his own dick. His eyes were small like a pig’s and his fingers, which were always defiling the stuff Louis had laying on his desk, were thick as sausages. The man was law-abiding, of course, so he was careful never to actually touch Louis. But he touched his things, and he loitered around the dorm-rooms, gawking at Louis and the other students. When he got close enough, he usually whispered some nasty comments about Louis’ body and what a shame it was he wouldn’t be the first to enter his hole, but he damn well would make his best to be the second one. Louis was a little worried that he might actually get the opportunity soon. 


For a year and a half Louis had been in this godforsaken, boring, hell hole of a school. London Academy for Submissive Excellence wasn’t really located in London at all. It was a huge, old building complex an hour or so outside of London. Louis’ parents had saved money his entire life just to be able to send him to a more exclusive school, than the ones up north that would’ve been a more logical choice for him. Matches were usually done geographically, and Louis’ parents wanted him to have the opportunity to get matched with a nice, wealthier dominant than they tended to have up north. 


Tonight Louis would meet his dom. To say he was a raging tornado of emotions was putting it mildly. Louis was all over the place, not knowing what to do with himself or the hours leading up to the event. He was nervous. Really nervous, and for several reasons. The anticipation and worry about meeting his dom was multifaceted. It raged from Louis worrying about disappointing his dom somehow.  Worrying about everything from not being pretty or docile enough, to being afraid his dom might be a mean, ugly old asshole. Like Mr Sheldon. 


Louis knew that he and his dominant had been matched six months ago. He also knew that his mate had been provided with Louis’ name, picture and a file with what the officials deemed necessary information. Louis himself had merely been notified that a match was made. 


That made him angry. That blatant upkeeping of old traditions and shit. This entire evening, The Mating, was a continuation of the same. It was a tradition that was supposed to mimic the hunt, capture and claiming of a mate, just like it was done in the olden days. Nowadays everything was carefully investigated and matched by a computer as well as human experts. At least the dominant knew beforehand who their mate was, so there really was no need for these games. The Mating Ritual was simply there for the enjoyment and entertainment of dominants. Archaic bastards.


Louis would get fucked tonight. Publicly, most likely. That was what happened at mating rituals. He had seen enough of them during his time at this school to know. 


The subs were to dress in a skirt or dress (for easy access, what else?) and wander around the grounds, trying not to get caught. It was important to give the dom a bit of a chase. Once the dom had caught their sub, they needed to penetrate them. Usually the dom chose to shove his dick into whatever virgin hole of the sub’s was closest. Sometimes, mostly when the dom was a female, they used their fingers instead. This penetration was then to be documented and approved by one of the school’s officials before they could proceed to the paperwork. 


Hunt. Catch. Claim. 


Archaic. Bastards.


Most subs loved The Mating. Some even saw it as romantic. Something to giggle about with their friends during their last months at school. Something to remember their entire lives. Louis thought it was stupid. He didn’t want it. Not that the public penetration bothered him, at least he thought it didn’t. Public sex and nudity amongst adults was widely accepted. It was the fakeness and outdatedness of it all that annoyed him. 


Yet here he was, standing in line for the showers to make sure he looked his best and smelled his best the first time his dom saw him in real life. 




“Harry, come on! It’s time to go.” Zayn sighed, annoyance building in his chest.


“Don’t want to.” Harry whined, like the damn child he was. “Do we have to?” 




“Really?” Harry pouted, earning a fond smile from Zayn, as he leaned down to peck him on the lips. 


“Yes, you big baby-”


“‘M not a baby.” 


“No, you’re a big bad dom, who has to go do big bad dom things right now. Come on.” Zayn took Harry’s hand and yanked him up from the sofa. 


Harry went easily, still feeling whiny and pouty. “But I don’t want to do this dom thing.” 


“We’ve talked about this a million times, H. And you know this is the way it needs to be.” 


Harry knew. He knew the laws. Had studied them. He could choose not to do this specific dominant thing, but in choosing so, he’d also be choosing to let Zayn go.




Harry and Zayn had known each other their whole lives. Their mothers had met and become great friends in sub school. Luckily, they were both matched with doms that valued their subs having emotional support in form of friends. This meant living in adjacent houses on the same street. This also meant that Harry and Zayn grew up together, as neighbors and best friends. 


Harry couldn’t remember a time when he didn’t have a crush on Zayn. When Harry got his mark, a year before Zayn, he was absolutely certain that the younger lad’s mark would reveal him as a sub, as Harry’s destined mate. He had been shocked to his core when Zayn showed up one night, crying about the little black circle that had appeared on his wrist. The poor distraught boy had kept apologising and crying about being a disappointment. He’d let Harry in on his secret hopes of being a sub and the two of them getting matched one day. It had all been very innocent back then, but Harry had done his best to soothe Zayn, hugging him close and repeating how he never could be a disappointment. 


From that moment, Harry and Zayn decided to be together in every way they could. By the time it was time to leave for their respective schools, they had fallen in love. 


A dominant/neutral pairing wasn’t unheard of, but it was illegal for a dominant to enter a mating relationship with only a neutral. Mostly neutrals found love and lasting relationships with other neutrals, but sometimes a neutral became a welcome addition to a dom/sub mating. That was the only way it was legal, a polyamorous relationship between one dom, one sub and one neutral, called a triad.


For the longest time Harry was mad at the world for denying him a real relationship with his true love. That was the only reason he decided to study law and become a lawyer. He was looking for ways to change those stupid laws. 


While doms, just like neutrals, were free to live their lives as they wished, there were still duties and requirements to be filled. Harry felt extremely limited by the fact that if he wanted to have a lifelong relationship, have children or just be considered a respectable citizen, he’d have to accept a sub when he got matched. As long as he didn’t get matched, he could be with Zayn almost the way he wanted. Once his match was of age, the only way he could be with the one he loved the most was if all three of them entered the relationship. If he rejected his match, which he could, he would officially reject every and all legal relationships for the rest of his life. Only able to take care of his needs at submissive initiation parties or if another dom decided to share his sub for some other reason. 


When Harry got the email that his match had been found he lost it. In his rage he’d accepted a lot of invitations from other doms and taken his frustration out on innocent subs. It had taken Zayn two months of begging and ultimately a serious threat of leaving for good for Harry to snap out of it. 


Gently he persuaded Harry to open the package that contained the information about the submissive that had been appointed to him. It was quite a thick file, the first page of it revealing the name, Louis Tomlinson, and a full body picture of the boy. He was breathtaking. 


Harry still hated him.




The school grounds were a circus when they arrived. Girls and twinks screeching and giggling while being chased by their dominants. People fucking left and right. Others masturbating while watching. Yep. Looked just like The Mating. 


Harry shivered at the thought of having to touch that Louis person, let alone stick something in him.


“Jesus, what a madhouse!” he muttered, glancing at Zayn, whose eyes were scanning the area. They were a bit late, due to Harry’s unwillingness to take part in said madhouse. On the ride over Harry had shifted into his public dom persona and channeled all his emotions into the stoic and frightening dominant he needed to be. He had a hard time accepting it, but this strictness, this dominant persona, actually soothed him quite a bit. It was in his nature and giving into the dominant state of mind and characteristics made him feel better.


“I don’t see him anywhere,” Zayn said. 


“Let’s walk around a bit, maybe look inside one of these buildings,” Harry suggested.


The walked through different rooms and corridors on different levels in two separate houses, before they entered the library building. They decided to start from the top level this time, so they took the elevator up. They walked quietly through the empty corridors and Harry was just about to suggest that they leave when he heard a quiet sob from one of the corridors. 


Quietly they sneaked towards the sound and when they rounded the corner to the corridor, Harry’s breath hitched and he stopped abruptly, grabbing Zayn’s arm for support, as he tried to tear his eyes away from the ethereal sight in front of him.




Louis was freaking out. It had been an hour since the doms had been let into school grounds, but still no one had even given him a second look. He had walked around amongst all the people for the better part of that hour, making sure he was visible. The more fucking he saw, the more discouraged he became. Eventually he took refuge where others were unlikely to come.  


What if he was being rejected? What if he wasn’t good enough for his match? What if his meticulous preparations were for nothing? What if nobody was coming for him? 


Tears burned in his eyes as he thought of the hours he’d spent cleaning himself earlier. He shaved his entire body and made sure he was clean inside and outside before starting his skincare routine. He put his best smelling lotion on his curvy body before carefully choosing what to wear. He’d even dabbed on a bit of strawberry lipgloss and dusted some glitter onto his cheekbones in an attempt to look pretty for his dom.  


He was cutely clad in a flowy, checkered skirt in dusty pink and purple hues, paired with darker purple over-knee socks, light purple top and black vans. Yet he was stood there alone, in an empty corridor on the top floor of the library building. He couldn’t stop an audible sob, hands automatically coming up to cover his mouth, in order to prevent more from escaping. 




A deep, impatient but tentative, voice startled Louis and interrupted his pity party. He looked up with wide eyes and saw two strangers standing at the end of the corridor. One was tall and broad-shouldered with glossy curls styled around his handsome face. He was clad in a dark grey suit that looked very expensive. The other one was a bit slimmer, dark haired and exotic looking. He too was fashionably dressed in slacks and a pressed shirt with the sleeves rolled up to his elbows. They were both visibly a few years older than Louis, but not disgustingly old.


Them knowing his name could only mean one thing, but why were there two of them? Did he have two dominants? No way. No one had two doms.


“You’re Louis, right?” that deep voice asked again.


Louis was too shocked to answer so he just did the only thing he could - frantically shook his head, turned around and bolted. He took off towards the stairs at the other end of the corridor, ran as fast as he could, suddenly frightened for real. 


He heard them following, of course they would. They were here to take him. Fuck him. Claim him. And Louis was not ready for two dicks, so he ran, panic beating in his throat. 


“Louis! Stop!”

That was the other voice. Not the deep one, belonging to the curly haired man. This was the other one.. Louis didn’t care, he would not stop willingly. He would not do anything willingly, that much was sure. 


He had barely reached the end of the corridor when massive hands grabbed him by the waist, lifted him up from the floor and swung him around - which was probably just the momentum of the speed they had. Louis squeezed his eyes shut as he was, not so kindly, pushed against the wall. A large body pushed against him, covered him against the wall. The man was panting from the run. Louis could feel his breath against the back of his head.


“You’re lying to me, Louis? And trying to run from me?” The man breathed heavily against Louis’ ear. “Do you know who I am?”


Louis shook his head. 


“I am your dom, Louis,” the man stated darkly. “It means that this lying will get you punished. The running is an expected part of the game, but that lying… that will get you punished once you come home,” he promised.


Louis whimpered as he kept shaking his head, eyes still closed. He didn’t dare to look at these two strangers.


“Now you listen to me, and you listen good since I’m only going to ask this once,” the man growled. “Are you Louis Tomlinson?”


Louis stilled, breath coming out in short bursts. He didn’t know how to interpret this reaction. He was scared and comforted and excited all at once. God damn submissive traits. 


Carefully he nodded. 


“I need your words, boy!” The man almost roared. 


“Y-yes,” came Louis’ hoarse voice. “I’m Louis Tomlinson.”


“Good boy.” 


Louis felt the man’s hands gliding from his waist, clearly getting a feel of his body. 


“God, you’re gorgeous, Louis. Such a delicious little body.” The man said in a gravelly voice, clearly affected by the close proximity to his chosen mate. “I’m Harry, but you will call me Sir or Master.”


Louis felt the large hands travel down to his ass, fiddling with his skirt.

“Have you seen this ass, Zayn?” Harry asked. “Feel it,” he encouraged. 


Tentatively a hand came to feel him, the other hand lifting the skirt up and tucking it into the waist lining. Louis had chosen cream colored silky panties to wear under his skirt. It was all on display now, where he was standing, still cheek against the wall. For a few moments, two pairs of hands were just feeling him up, mostly focusing on his ass. 


Once  Zayn had expressed his appreciation of Louis’ body, Harry introduced him. “This is Zayn. You will also call him Sir or Master.”


“Alright, let’s get this over with,” Harry said and Louis eyes shot open. “Zayn?” A click was heard when Zayn opened the bottle of lube and poured some onto Harry’s hand. Louis’ panties were yanked down and wet fingers were circling his rim. Louis was terrified. He wanted to squirm or run away, but he was paralysed. He just stood there, holding his breath. 


All of a sudden two long fingers were forcefully pressed into him and Louis screamed. It was cruel, that kind of penetration all at once. It hurt like hell and Louis screamed and tried to get away. A strong arm grabbed him around his waist and lifted him up. Harry started walking towards the elevator, fingers pressing further into Louis’ hole.


“Be quiet,” Harry said harshly, like his patience was thinning. 


“Shh,” Zayn soothed more calmly, and brushed some hair out of Louis’ eyes. “Now where is the nearest official?”


The fingers pumped in and out a few times, soothing the feeling a bit, but not much. By the time they reached the elevator Louis wasn’t screaming anymore. He was breathing harshly, feeling a bit lightheaded. Zayn checked his hole, there was no bleeding so the pain would be gone soon. 


In the elevator Harry removed his fingers for a second and turned Louis around and lifted him up again. He guided Louis legs around his waist and made sure to insert his fingers gently this time. Louis laid his head on Harry’s shoulder and decided to just stop resisting. 


“Good boy,” Harry murmured.


Zayn smiled brightly at the two of them. 




Eventually the triad found themselves in the dean’s office to get their approval. Louis was still hanging off Harry like koala bear, Harry still had two of his fingers in Louis’ ass, and Zayn reached over constantly to pat Louis on the back or the head, seemingly fascinated by him. 


“Ah, Mr Styles, I see you’ve found your prize,” the dean proclaimed excitedly. 


“Let us see, then.” another voice came from the corner and Louis tensed immediately. So Mr Sheldon was lurking around here. Harry seemed to sense Louis’ unease, since he started stroking his thigh in a soothing manner. 


“Dean Kingston,” Harry turned to the dean and didn’t bother to respond to the teachers inappropriate request. “I believe you’re the one who needs to approve of this?” His voice nothing but professional.


Louis turned his head just in time to see Mr Sheldon’s predatory demeanor change into a scowling one. 


“That is correct, Mr Styles.” the dean stood from behind his desk. “I must say, choosing fingers for the penetration is quite unusual for a male dom.”


“I’m aware, Dean Kingston. I’m not usually one to make choices based on how other people live their lives,” Harry countered and the dean chuckled. “My partner is entering this mating as well, so it would be improper to use our dicks for the penetration.”


“Oh, you’re a triad? I didn’t realise. How wonderful!” the dean sounded delighted as he leaned forward to inspect the penetration. “Son, you need to be a part of the penetration too,” the dean addressed Zayn. 


“Oh,” Zayn looked uncomfortable as he lubed up his fingers and reached for Louis hole. Once his finger started pressing in Louis let out a wail. It was so painful with three fingers stuffed in his hole. 


The dean spent way too long looking at Louis’ hole stretched around three fingers. Louis wanted to snap at him, tell him to take a picture, it would last longer, but he couldn’t focus on anything but the painful stretch.


“Alright. Everything is in order, you boys have successfully claimed your submissive. You can remove your fingers now, if you wish.” The dean finally announced. “Please sit down, and we’ll start the paperwork.”


There was a long, burgundy sofa adjacent to the desk, on the opposite wall from the place that Mr Sheldon had slumped his gross self down on. The triad took a seat on the sofa as the dean started to gather some papers for them to sign. Well, Harry and Zayn signed stuff. Louis didn’t have the right to sign anything, so he just sat awkwardly beside his dom.  


Once all the initial papers were signed, the dean cleared his throat and turned to Harry. “Before we move on to any questions you might have, I need to inform about the next six months, get your consent and things like that.”


Even though there were three of them in this mating, only Harry had legal right to make decisions on behalf of Louis. 


“As you know, Louis will graduate exactly six months from today,” the dean clarified. 


Louis scoffed at that. Graduating wasn’t really what he was doing. He wouldn’t be gaining any title of profession or any certificat. He would simply be released from this prison into Harry’s custody. Everyone turned to look at him and Louis felt the blush rising on his cheeks. 


“As I said, he still has six more months left here, during which the sexual training part of his education will take place.” The dean continued. “For that we will need your consent.”


“No,” was Harry’s immediate response. “No one touches him.” He said with finality.


There was a loud gasp from Mr Sheldon’s creepy corner. The man stood up and started protesting. “You can’t mean that, Styles? There’s a lot that needs to be done to him. He needs to be trained! There’s stretching, and getting him used to different sorts of insertions and punishments, and-” He was red in the face by the time the dean silenced him with a simple hand gesture. 


“Mr Styles,” The dean started. “Surely you can understand that Louis’ education won’t be complete without this last part.”


“He can’t participate without anyone touching him? Surely he can watch and take part in the theoretical parts?” Harry retorted icily.


The discussion went on for a long time before they finally reached an agreement. It turned out these last six months revolved around the three P’s - penetration, punishment and play. The student’s even got bracelets stating which of the P’s were cleared and okay to do.


Harry refused to consent to Louis being touched or penetrated by anyone or anything while out of Harry’s care. Neither would anyone but him be punishing Louis. 


The school had major worries about Louis not being punished if there was a need (and there always was a need, according to Mr Sheldon). There also was a non-negotiable enema rule during the sexual training. This lead to the decision that Zayn would stay at the school and administer Louis enemas, as well as deliver any and all punishments he or Harry decided was necessary. 


Play referred to submissives demonstrating and practicing different techniques on each other. Harry agreed to Louis receiving non-penetrative play from fellow submissives. Louis could be on the giving end of any and all sexual acts with other submissives, and submissives only.


That’s how Louis ended up leaving the dean’s office with a white plastic bracelet with a P on his arm, a new roommate in form of his neutral mate and an appointment to the school’s beauty technician for a permanent removal of body hair.