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High School Blindspot

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This is just an outline of what the story will be like. I will post one chapter a week and it will probably be long chapters as all the characters will have a bow within the story.

Natasha - 17, is repeating the year at school, lives with two brothers and their grandparents, dating Ricky, is Edgar's best friend
Edgar - 17, lives with sister and widowed mother, is dating Sarah, Kurt's sister, he is Tasha’s friend, plays soccer, has college scholarship
Kurt - 18, lives with sister and father, overprotects his sister because she doesn't trust her father, is trying to scholar ship in a military career
Remi - 17, Roman's twin, recently arrived at school, likes dark clothes and is always serious and accompanied by her brother - lives with her brother and foster mother
Roman - 17, Jane's twin, recently arrived at school, loves to get into a fight - lives with her foster mother and brother
Patty - 16, nerd, is two years ahead of school for her intelligence, Natasha's friend who always gets her in trouble
Rich - 18, two years late at school, is a computer monitor because he understands a lot about the subject
Boston - 17, an art lover, lives an affair with Rich, but the two live fighting

Study in the same class

Kurt, Edgar, Patty, Remi
Natasha, Roman, Rich, Boston

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"Natasha, I didn't see you arrive yesterday, what time was it?" Her grandma heard when Natasha opened the door last night, but she wanted to know about the girl. She was worried, for a few days her granddaughter showed strange, quieter and sadder behavior.
"Don't worry, Grandma, it wasn't too late." Natasha tried to reassure her grandmother.
"Honey, I would never get into your dates, but you know I don't think Ricky is the right guy for you. You should date someone like Edgar, who is a golden boy.”
“Oh, grandma! You know he's just my friend.” The girl hurried to jam on a toast and hurried off. “And there's more, he's dating with a girl.”
"But that can change, my daughter! I'm sure if you give a signal it will be in your hand.”
“Bye!” - She blew Grandma a kiss and hurried out the door.
Edgar was waiting for her on the sidewalk. It had been that way forever, she and Edgar, inseparable. He was her great support when she and her brothers came to live with their grandparents, the circumstances were not good, they were taken from their parents for bad care and abuse, exposure to alcohol, drugs and violence. Edgar was there, met her in the neighborhood, helped her get in school, hugged her every time she needed to cry, and didn't want to worry her grandparents.
Natasha has also always been the support for Edgar. When he first saw the girl she was scared and not very friendly, but he was always solicitous coming softly and won her friendship. When he lost his father in a car accident four years ago she was by his side at the funeral at the seventh day mass, she helped him overcome the loss and showed him that over time the pain subsided. It was her first fuck with her, at age 15, they took a bottle of whiskey to the basement of Tasha's grandparents and got very drunk, the next day the hangover was so much that both swore never to drink alcohol again. For a while Edgar felt a platonic love for the latina, even rehearsed a way of declaring himself to her, but never had the courage. Over time he gave up and dated other girls and she, other boys. Today they were just best friends and confidants.
The two faced together all the adversities that appeared, after all was 1999, the end of the millennium and it was still not easy to be young in New York, much less for a black boy and a girl of Latin origin. Prejudice was everywhere, but they always defended and supported each other.
“Late again? Let's go or not take the first class. If Inspector Weitz sees us arriving late again this week, we're screwed.”
"I couldn't wake up very early today, I was too tired."
“What's this around your neck?” Edgar saw on the girl's neck a bluish mark that wasn't there yesterday.
“It’s nothing.” She didn't want to tell him what Ricky had done this time, better not get him into her problems. Natasha pulled the zipper on her sweatshirt higher so that the mark didn't appear.
"Natasha, you can say anything you want to me, you know." - The boy always made a point of showing her that he was there for anything.
“I know. Thanks. I just don't want to talk about it, not now.” She didn't want to worry him, because he already had his own problems, but she didn't know how long she could hide from him everything that was going on.
“I think I can already buy my car.” Edgar worked in a machine shop after class and had been raising money to buy a car. “I talked to Mr Nigel yesterday and he said he gives me an advance of what is missing so I can get my car.” The boy showed excitement in his face.
"Hmm. I won't even have the honor of walking with you anymore. It's gonna be a mess, all the girls wanting to hitchhike in your car.” Natasha always played with him about girls. When he became head of the school soccer team she kept mocking him, which would catch all the cheerleaders. But it was just a joke, she cheered and vibrated with him with each achievement. "By the way, how's Sarah doing?"
“I don't even know.” Edgar shrugged. "I don't think she wants anything more from me, she keeps avoiding me. You know, I won't insist on someone who doesn't really want me. And you, all right?”
“Yes,I'm ok” The girl shrugged.
Ever since Rick had met some weird guys at his new job Natasha began to feel a little afraid of his behavior, because whatever she did or said, he got violent and nervous. The girl had tried to break up more than once, but he was violent and she couldn't. After last night she swore to herself that he would never come near him again.
Remi couldn't help but stare at him, those blue eyes enchanting her from the first time she walked through that door. But she thought it was silly, because he was a very popular boy and she always saw him with the sophomore blonde, that cheerleader. She knew a guy like him would never notice her. Helen had never encouraged her to date, on the contrary, she said they needed to win the world and not get involved in a relationship that only shows how weak you are. She had not always listened to this, but she avoided lasting involvement, for she was not even worthy of a love relationship.
“Hi, how are you?” The clumsy geek sat beside her with a stack of books but hands and Remi watched. “Oh many books, right? I'm working on research and I need all of these, believe me. You could be part of my team, I've seen that you like chemistry.”
“Oh, I don't know. Can be. If I won't disturb you.”
"Of course not, Stuart is in the project, but he's a little clumsy and sometimes spoils the experiments. I prefer to work with girls because they are more organized, but he's a good guy, I put him on the line.”
“I know what they look like, I have a brother who is only big but still looks childish in some ways.”
“Your brother is that blondie, wow! Hum, I've seen him with you.”
“Yes, that's him.” RemiRemi laughed, because she had already seen how Patty looked at him, seemed to devour him with eyes. The brother really liked was a trouble. Helen had put them to practice martial arts from an early age, and Roman thought he should punch anyone who crossed his path. Since moving to this school two weeks ago, he has been on the board twice.
“What are you looking at? Kurt?” Patty followed the direction of Remi's gaze and saw her staring at him. “He's a good guy and will still find the right girl.”
“I'm not looking at him.” Remi felt his face turn red when she saw the boy look in her direction and linger looking at her. The girl looked down and didn’t look in his direction anymore.

Kurt had noticed the fledgling girl from day one, but saw it as an impenetrable iceberg. She was beautiful and mysterious and was always accompanied by her twin. Since she arrived he hadn't had a chance to exchange a word with her, he needed to work it out. He'd seen her talking to Patty, maybe if he talked to her, but the nerd was always in the lab and into her crazy experiments.
“Hey, Ed! Do you have footeball training today?” Kurt addressed the dark-haired young man who was storing things in his bag.
“No. I'm thinking of looking for Natasha to leave soon.”
"I'm coming with you, I need to talk to Patty, maybe they're together."
“Hey, I finally found you!” Natasha went into the lab and saw that Patty had bequers and tubes bubbling, some appliances with bright lights flashing, and there were also open books on the bench.
“We are working on a new project and we can't stop now, because we are in the middle of the reaction. Stuart, what did you do here? I told you it wasn't time to add the acid yet!” Patty always stressed about the boy's clumsy way.
“Hi. How are you getting to work with them?” Natasha addressed the shoulder-length brunette girl. "Your name is Remi, isn't it? I'm Natasha. “The latina appeared after the brunette confirmed.”
"Sometimes I think she's trying to refute Lavoisier's Law." They both burst out laughing.
“Patty! What did you do this time?” Rich had just entered the lab and looked pretty stressed.
“What are you talking about?” The geek frowned.
"Those experiments of yours are pulling all the energy from the building and shutting down the computers in the computer lab! I’ll start by turning off these gadgets with these lights here that must be the bad guys.”
“Don't touch my multimeters!” Patty slapped Rich's hand backward. “I'll fix this, I can not go off so it will disturb everything.”
Patty did what the boy asked by releasing the energy he was consuming from his experience.
“It's time to go. Give me five minutes that will be all right for your computers.”
“Hey babe! Have you ever met the computer lab?” Rich addressed Remi, who remained silent. “ I can introduce you and show you new programs and windows that were recently installed.”
“Rich! You have no way! Let Boston hear that!” Natasha scolded him, because she knew Rich loved to sneak and also knew how jealous Boston was.
“Boston may also like to participate in the presentation of the new programs, you are also invited, bravely.” Rich headed for the latina. "We close the lab door ..." The boy leaned toward the girls and put his hand over Remi's.
“No, Rich! I already met your fame and won't stick with me!” Remi took his hand from hers and walked away.
Rich watched as the rookie girl Remi seemed to be her name, glanced at the lab door and looked at the newly arrived figure.
"Hey Stuble, hi Eddie, you've been missing computer classes!" Rich thought the blue-eyed boy was handsome and sexy, but he knew how much he loved girls.
“Hi Rich!” Kurt greeted the boy with a little disdain. “Patty, what are you up to this time?” then she noticed the short-haired brunette girl standing in front of the bench next to Natasha.
"Hi." Remi greeted him with a shy smile that shook his structures. How perfect the girl was!
“Hello! Can you understand Patty's nuts?”
“Hey, Kurt! They are not crazy! You are all a bunch of misinformed, if you want to start drawing the formulas on the board and you will understand everything that is happening here!” The blonde girl always made a point of trying to explain to friends what she was working on.
“It’s boy necessary!” The answer was in unison.
“I will enjoy that you are all here and I will make an invitation!” Patty was addressing them all at once. “Freddy, my brother, is having a party at my house on Saturday. My parents traveled and released the house, since they don't break anything, you are invited! Your brother too! Patty addressed Remi referring to the handsome blond boy. And, Rich, take Boston! You two can take your girlfriends. Natasha ...
"I won't take ..." She was referring to Ricky. The latina didn't intend to leave the boy to this party. She just wanted to have fun with her friends.
Remi noticed Kurt's disquiet when Patty talked about his girlfriend, but the boy didn't answer Patty at all.
“ You go?” Kurt was addressing her.
“ I don’t know?” “She was still wondering how fun it could be to get fit, make friends. “I’ll see if I can.”
"Make an effort, her brother's parties are fun." The boy smiled and she lingered admiring the crooked smile that formed on his face.
The class dispersed and Remi went to meet his brother who was waiting for her in the courtyard. She risked a look back and saw Kurt talking and laughing with his friends.

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Edgar opened the window of his room after hearing a crashing sound. He was home alone because Emma, his mother, was a nurse and most of the time worked at night and his 15-year old sister, Lis, had gone to sleep at a friend's house. The figure waiting for him outside reminded him a few years earlier when they were younger. She always did that, especially when she was in trouble and didn't want to worry about her grandparents, and even if she didn't want to say anything, she would come to him just for company. He always welcomed her, often without asking why, and he just welcomed her. Edgar helped her up and they both sat on the bed. Natasha had a tired countenance that made him feel a twinge of concern.
“It's all right?” The girl shook her head no. “Are you want to talk?”
Edgar watched in silence as Natasha unzipped and removed her sweter from the cold. The boy was startled by what he saw because he did not expect anything so shocking.
"Tasha..." He felt his voice crack and didn't know what to do. The girl had several bruises on both arms and part of her neck, and the rest was hidden under her t-shirt. “What happened?” He looked at her that remained silent and he knew. Ricky.
"Last night he was different and I didn't want to, because I got scared and he forced me, and..." Natasha couldn't talk about it with anyone, but she couldn't take it anymore.
“Did you go to the police? It can't be like this. We have to stop this guy. This is very serious.” Edgar got very nervous and felt his blood boil. Someone had to stop Ricky.
“Not worth it. I won’t see him anymore. Complaining will only expose me and I don't want that.” At some point he will get what he deserves.
Edgar didn't agree, he knew something had to be done, but showing his anger and nervousness now wouldn't help her, that wasn't why she came to him. She came because she needed someone she trusted, and he was there for her, always. The boy took her hand and gently touched the bruises along her arm. A lonely tear rolled down Natasha's cheek.
“It hurts?” Edgar asked and the girl shook her head.
“It hurt yesterday, but now I'm used to it.”
“You don't have to get used to feeling pain. Come here.” Edgar took her in his arms and comforted her and Natasha broke into sobs. Both remained in this position for long minutes until she calmed down and they lay on the bed. The boy just chose to give her his company and if she wanted to say anything else he would be there.
He watched her until she fell asleep. When he saw that she wouldn't wake up, he covered her with a blanket and brushed the hairs off her face. Her countenance showed the suffering she was bringing, perhaps for some time, and he felt terrible realizing that she hadn’t told him before what was happening because she didn’t want to worry him and that he was involved in other things and he wasn’t there for her. He wouldn’t let that happen anymore. He promised himself that he would pay more attention and try to be closer. She looked so small and fragile lying there in his bed that the looker couldn’t imagine the suffering inside her.
Edgar left the room and did what he needed.
“Mrs Amelia?”
“Hi, Edgar? It's all right?”
‘Yes, don't worry. Natasha is here at my home. She slept, I just called to let her know. I don't want to wake her up because she looked so tired.”
“Is she okay, my son? I didn't see her leave.”
“Now she's fine. She slept a little.”
“Thanks for warning me. Just take care of her.”
“I'm taking care her, Mrs Amelia.”
Edgar hung up the phone and went back to the bedroom. He took an extra mattress from under the bed and made it to sleep because she wanted to make room for her. When they were kids Natasha always did that and often they just watched a movie or played video games. When it was late, Edgar's mother came to his son room and if they were sleeping she would call Natasha's grandmother and let her know that the girl was at her house. Over time they grew and the visits decreased more and more. It had been a while since a few years, so Edgar was surprised to see her.
---------- ------------ ----------- ------------ ------------ ------------ ------------ ------------
“Dad!? What was it this time?” Kurt addressed his father who was drinking coffee in the kitchen.
‘What are you talking about, son?”
"You must have gotten drunk again and bumped into my car when you went to put your car in the garage." Kurt wasn’t a futile young man attached to material goods, but he was full of his father's drunkenness.
It was this life since her mother left years ago. Kurt was careful that his sister wouldn’t be harmed in all this situation, so he did his best to be a good influence on the 16-year-old sister who had always been a good girl. Now the boy was preparing to pursue a military career, he thought he would make it and would join next year.
Kurt pulled the car out of the garage and stopped for a minute to look home ahead. He could see the little girl running down the ever-cheerful stairs. And he remembered the night she was killed the victim of a brutal killer who was never caught. It was the worst moment of his life when he found her body in the woods, so he remembered Remi, the girl in his class, he didn't know why but Remi reminded him of Taylor, perhaps by the gentleness and the soft look.
The school was busy because it was game day and early on the cheerleaders were getting ready. Kurt had even risked playing for a while, but he didn't want to go, preferring to keep his fitness running, which he did almost daily. Then he saw her entering the school with her brother. She looked toward him and nodded, Kurt grinning at her as he disappeared along with the crowd of students.

When she got to the gym for the game Kurt saw her in the distance sitting with Patty and dared to sit beside them.
“Hello! Can I sit with you.”
The two nodded and prepared for the start of the game. Allie was in the crowd by the field. Kurt and she dated for a while, but they had few things in common and the relationship was getting cold, they still met sometimes but lately he felt less and less like seeing her. He looked at the girl beside him and returned her smile. She was truly beautiful and her bright green eyes seemed to mesmerize him.
Natasha joined them in the stands and was very excited to see Edgar in a great move, she didn’t contain and shouted to the friend who managed to score the touchdown giving the team victory. He was the best person she had ever met and she was very grateful to have him beside her. She had never thought of him as anything but friendship, but sometimes she felt her heart speed up depending on the way he looked at her. The way he welcomed her with his problems was different. Last night he let her sleep in his bed and even warned his grandmother. Her heart filled with his actions.
She didn't hold back and waited for him to leave the locker room after changing and greeted him with a hug. He didn't care because she had always been hugging her friends, but something seemed different and Edgar couldn't decipher what it was. Natasha saw him look sideways and followed her gaze. Sarah The girl was leaving the locker room with another player and she saw Edgar sadden.
“Let's get out of here.” Natasha said through gritted teeth and felt very angry at her friend. How can Sarah do this in front of him?
As they left school she had been approached.
“Natasha, I came for you.” Ricky had addressed her as if he owned it.
"I'm not going anywhere with you. Go away!” The girl tried not to change the tone of voice, because she didn’t want to get anyone's attention.
"I will only if you come with me."
"She already said she won't go with you!" Edgar couldn't hold back and intervened.
“And who will stop me? You, you brat? When will you get out of her foot and realize it's me she wants and you'll always be just the little friend?” Ricky scorned their friendship. Edgar lunged at him and the boy shoved him, knocking him to the floor.
"Go away, man, you're not welcome here!" Roman arrived and decided that he should take sides in the situation.
“Now you have many defenders, Natasha! Increased your little group of friends?”
“I won't talk again. If you don't leave I'll hit you.” Roman was already pushing the edge of irritation.
“She has a lot of friends, yes. Get out of here!” Edgar got up and went to the other boy's side.
"I'm leaving, but it won't be like this. They will not always be around.” Ricky got on his motorcycle and sped off.
Natasha felt so much hatred and humiliation, because she hated drawing attention. She went to her friends who were already there, Edgar, Kurt, Patty, the rookie girl, Remi and her brother, and they all went home without much comment.

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"Hellen, tomorrow will have a party.” Remi risked communicating to her foster mother about her desire to go to Patty's brother's party. “We were invited.”
“And? Did you come to tell me you want to go?” The irony was noticeable in the woman's voice.
“Yes. I'm thinking of going. And, Roman too.” Remi had a hard time convincing the boy to go with her, knowing that it would be harder for Helen to agree if he wasn't.
“Nothing done. I said I didn't want you guys in a gang. Enough what they had done in the previous school is enough.” Helen referred to Remi's involvement with Oscar and Roman's involvement with Kathy.
“That's not it! It's not fair that you forbid us to go out and meet people! We were isolated at home because of your paranoia.” Remi slammed the door shut like a wayward teenager. Roman just went to the bedroom in silence.

Natasha heard a car horn on the door of her house. She feared it might be Ricky. She glanced sideways through the crack of the window and didn't look like him, so she decided to check it out.
“How about a ride on my ferrari?” Edgar stepped out of the old chevrolet that didn’t resemble a Ferrari at all. He showed a smile from one corner of the ear to the other.
“Oh! You did it?” The girl ran to meet him and hugged him. “It's a beautiful car!”
“Don't overdo it either! It's not that pretty, and it's a little old too, but gradually I'll put it just the way I want it.”
“Ah, but it's very cool.”
‘Want to take a ride?” The boy suggested shyly, in fact he was eager to take her to meet his car.
“Me? Will I have the honor to ride on your car?” Natasha tried to feign astonishment, but she was flattered by his invitation.
"Yes, you'll be the first to ride my big car. Come on!” Edgar opened the door and the girl settled smiling in the passenger seat.
Edgar started the car and they drove through the outskirts of New York.

"She's not my girlfriend, at least not anymore..." "I see you together." "She doesn't accept the end." "Are you going to Freddy's party?" “Helen doesn't want us to get on with the high school people.” “But that's up to you.” “She doesn't accept it.” “But do you want to go to the party?” “Y-yes.”

Remi couldn't forget the conversation he'd had with Kurt during the high school game. His words hammered in her mind. The desire was to set aside all that Helen had taught them and to plunge only into what she was willing to do. She knew Helen loved them, so she wanted the best for them, but many of her attitudes were exaggerated and what she most wanted to do at the moment was go to this party. She needed to find a way.

“Shall we go down a little?” Edgar suggested when they reached a park. It was getting dark and not quite deserted, there were some young people talking on one of the benches and others playing basketball on the makeshift court just ahead.
“Can be.” They sat on one of the cement benches and were silent for a while.
“It's all right?” The boy broached the subject and Natasha shrugged. “About what happened today...”
“It was humiliating. I never thought of passing such a shame in front of so many people.” The girl was still feeling very bad for Ricky's affront at the school door. It had been one of the worst situations she'd ever been through.
“I know. It was horrible.”
“Thank you for defending me.” The girl gave him a sincere smile that made his heart race. “What did he talk about...”
“No problem, I don't care what he thinks.” In fact Edgar was still very angry at what Ricky had said about him running after her. He didn't feel that way about her. They had always been very good friends, long before this guy came into her life and he knew his limits and would never cross if he didn't feel it was her will either.
“He's an idiot. You know, he wasn't like that, maybe he was and I was too blind or too in love to realize, but in the last few months, he has changed a lot and I wasn’t getting out of this relationship, out of fear, I know I'm taking a risk and you too be here with me.”
"I won't leave you alone knowing this guy is out there willing to hurt you."
"I don't care what happens to me, Ed, I just don't want anything to happen to you about it."
“Don't say that anymore. If something has to happen to me in your defense I won’t regret it.”
"You shouldn't be fine after seeing Sarah either."
"Actually, I think I was really scared because I didn't expect to see her with someone so fast, but it's okay, it's not me she likes. I don't even know if I liked her that much.”
“She's a good girl.”
“Yes she is.”
"You know, I get more and more sure of what I want to do with my life."
“Hmm. Is it the same childhood wish?”
“Yes, it is. I want to be a cop.” A smile broke out on her face. “I want to defend people. Do good for this country, which is my homeland. Show these bandits that you don't play with me.” They both burst out laughing.
“You are right. You have to do what your heart asks, but be careful.”
The girl had already done some research on what was necessary to pursue this career and intended to devote herself to pass the exams. She had many plans for next year, to prepare her body and mind for the tests that would surely demand a great deal from her.


Kurt kept looking at the role she had given him. The phone number was spelled out quickly, but he wasn't sure if he should call. She had said her foster mother disagreed with her making friends in the new school. He thought it was silly, but she seemed to have a lot of respect for the woman. The boy put the paper away and decided to call in the morning before going to work.


Saturday dawned hotter than normal for the season. She got up early and did her exercise routine with her brother. At first they were Helen's demands, but today she couldn't help but make them. He was well aware of how strong her muscles were getting. She had finished her housework when she heard the phone ring. They didn't have cell phones, besides being expensive Helen wouldn't allow it, but she realized that few in school had, unlike where they studied before.
“I answer!” Remi warned seeing Roman go towards the device. The boy just raised his hands in surrender and left the room. “Hello!”
“Hello! Is it Remi?” The boy's voice faltered on the other end of the line. “It’s Kurt.”
“Oh, hi. How are you?” The girl's heart raced, she wasn't sure if it was because he called or feared that Helen would ask her questions about the phone call.
“I am fine. I just wanted to know if you're going to the party. I can stop by and get you.”
“No!” Her voice came out a little louder than intended. “Not sure yet. But if it is, I will be with my brother.”
“All right. See you there then.”
After she hung up the phone she knew she needed to broach the subject with Helen again. She found her mother in the garden tending some plants.
“Hi daughter! Been there a long time?” Helen asked as she stood up among the plants and noticed the girl watching her.
“No. I just arrived. I wanted to tell you about the party.”
“Hmm. I've been thinking. Maybe it would be good for you to go. I don't want anyone commenting that I'm overprotective with you.”
“Thanks! Remi pulled Helen into a hug of thanks.”
Remi was aware of how overprotective Helen was, but she knew everything the woman had gone through to be with them. She had braved the world to get them out of the orphanage where they were treated badly and bring them to the US. She sometimes had some kind of overdone rules, but she still had a good heart and her children knew how she loved them.

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Natasha arrived early at the Patterson’s house, as she had agreed to help her friend with some preparations to wait for all the staff. They owned a large and imposing house. The parents were scientists and were able to earn very well from their research. Patty was thinking of pursuing their parents career, but not so much Freddy, he was very smart, but it seemed that the world was small for the boy. At the age of twenty he had not yet met, while he loved to hold parties with friends. The preparations were ready and some young people had arrived.
“Natasha, how are you handling everything? You know what I'm talking about, don't you?” Patty was always very worried about her friend and tried to help when she was in trouble, followed her relationship with Ricky from the beginning and never had the courage to give an opinion about it, but clearly saw how bad this dating did to the brunette.
“Look, I didn't measure the consequences, and my relationship with Ricky has gotten out of hand. There was no love, I don't know what I feel anymore. I just know I don't want to see him anymore. I hope he leaves me alone. I want to start my life over. The Latin girl seemed determined on the subject. Something seemed to have changed inside her.
“And how do you think to do that? Have you got a plan?” Natasha turned to the door and found Edgar who had just entered with Kurt, her friend followed her with the look and the smile of both became very clear to the blonde.
“I'll be back!” Natasha announced heading quickly towards the door.
“All right!” The brunette didn’t hear what she said and Patty smiled at the scene. If there was one person in this world who could do Natasha good, it was Edgar.
“Hi Ed, hi Kurt. Glad you came.” Natasha addressed the boy as soon as she reached him at the door.
"It's not like I'm hanging around. I worked almost all day and wanted to get some rest before coming.” The girl's smile enchanted him and he couldn’t stop looking at her. Natasha was beautiful, the tight black dress accentuated her qualities, the platform heels made her a few inches taller, she wasn’t at all vulgar but very beautiful and sensual. The boy didn't know what was happening to him, but he was very fascinated with her.
“Funny. Come on, let's have fun.” She pulled him out of his trance by pulling him by the hand.
They went to the counter that was filled with food and drinks. The two didn’t drink alcohol often. They grabbed a soda and headed outside to join the rest of the already crowding people.

Kurt had searched the whole party and had not seen Remi anywhere. Maybe she didn't really come. He grabbed another beer and leaned against the counter already regretting his hopes. It was best to forget whatever it was that she was awakening inside him. Maybe he should have brought Allie, not that she hadn't insisted, but he'd been categorical about the breakup, only she didn't want to accept the facts. That's when the blond boy came in and Kurt kept an eye out, but didn't see his sister with him. Already giving up, he turned his back to join the rest of the crowd when Roman called him.
“She's out there. I think two girls got her talking. Why don't you go there.” Roman had noticed from the beginning the connection between the two, he wasn’t to interfere with his sister's relationships, but realized how the other boy seemed disappointed to not see her.
Kurt didn't think twice and headed for the exit where he found her talking and laughing with Patty and another girl he didn't remember the name. Then she saw him and he waved at her from the door. The girl was dressed in tight, low waisted black trousers, a long sleeved black blouse that left most of her belly out, she looked perfect. She said something to the girls and came to meet him.
“Hi. You took too long. I mean, it's none of my business. Do you want to come in? Eat something, dance.” Kurt's clumsiness with her was visible. What happened to him? It looked like she was the first girl to talk to.
“ I couldn't leave before, I was late.” Shyness was on her face. Maybe because she didn't know a lot of people at the party and all the people already seemed clumsy. She escorted him to the outside area where a metallic sound and a little too loud came out of two huge boxes located at both corners of the porch. Remi waved to Natasha who was talking animatedly with Edgar and some other friends. If those two didn't have something she couldn't say anything else, because to her their relationship seemed to go far beyond just friendship. Rich came to meet them very excited.
“Hey, you two! You need to try this drink.” Rich held a bottle in one hand and a half full glass in the other. The contents weren’t identified by both, as the bottle had no label. “It will leave you two crazy people to catch each other!” The short man spoke in a lower tone.
“Rich! Get out!” Kurt shouted at Rich because he could ruin anything the boy intended with Remi. Rich was a total clueless.
“Rich, come on, this is starting another song.” Boston came pulling him by the hand.
“I'm sorry for his nasty comments.” Kurt apologized to Remi, who had gone very red.
“Don’t worry. I know how he is.”

The party went well and many were already drunk, as they could not see drinks available and control themselves to drink little. The style of music changed to something quieter and soon the romantic songs that rolled over at the end of the holidays began and some couples were already forming on the dance floor.
“ Remi, dance with me? Kurt ventured, for he had nothing to lose and would not stand still knowing that tonight could be a great opportunity for him to approach her.
“ I'm not very good and...”
“ No problem. I conduce you. Comes. Kurt held her by the waist and Remi wrapped his arms around the boy's neck. Their faces were very close arousing many sensations between them. He led her down the track to the rhythm of the song and with a few steps they were already in tune.

“Hey, do you wanna dance?”
Natasha was coming back from the house with a glass of drink in her hand when she was surprised by a boy she had rarely seen.
The girl looked around the room and didn’t find Edgar. She knew how annoying it was to refuse a dance. It could make you embarrassed. “All right.” She was taken by the hand to the dance floor and the boy held her by the waist, she was careful not to get too close. They both danced with a visible lack of tune and the music seemed endless.
“My turn.” The music stopped and Edgar was beside them on the track. Natasha flashed a smile that didn't hide her satisfaction at seeing him.
"I thought you weren't coming anymore." Natasha spoke softly as he approached.
Edgar, in turn, pulled her to him and their bodies were very close together. Natasha laid her head on his shoulder, put an arm around his neck and his other hand rested on the boy's shoulder. She closed her eyes and let the melody seem to have carried them to another dimension. She could hear his strong heartbeat, which made her happy to think a little might be for her. The girl was realizing that what he aroused in her was reciprocal.

“Hey Roman, do you dance?” Patty risked talking to the boy who always seemed angry.
“ No. I don't like it very much.”
“ Me neither. Do you want to know my lab?”
“ What?” Roman didn’t know what was hidden in the invitation, because he could see from the beginning the way the girl looked at him.
“My lab, come on, I'll show you.”
She led him into the basement and when she turned on the light Roman was as surprised as she was disappointed.
“You thought that was what? An excuse for me to be alone with you? Maybe it is too.” Patty approached him and saw that he was red so decided to take it easy. “I'm kidding. I'll show you my little things.”

“ You look tired. If you want to go I'll take you.” Kurt and Remi danced a little and went out for a breath. It was a little late and the girl's tiredness was visible.
“Okay, but I don't want to go home now. If you don’ mind.”
“Okay, we go for a drive and when you want I'll take you.”
“I need to warn my brother.”
They didn't find him so they asked some friends to let them know they were gone.

“ Where were you?”
Natasha was a little startled by Patty's appearance upon returning from the interior of the house. Her hair was very messy and the buttons on her shirt were buttoned all wrong. The brunette looked back and realized the reason for her disorder also coming from inside the house. Roman had a rumpled shirt and a mischievous smile. She started laughing and gave Remi's message to him.
“Patty, I'm tired and I can't stay to help you, but I think you already have a helper. She said pointing to the blond boy. “ Edgar will take me home.”
“All right. You can go and enjoy and have fun both of you.” The girl clearly had drunk too much to say that making Natasha and Edgar totally embarrassed.

“What is here?” Remi wanted to know as soon as Kurt stopped the car in front of the ruins of an ancient church. They got out and stood against the side of the car.
“I came here with a friend when we were kids. Remi felt a pang of sadness in his words. “She passed away, was murdered, and never had a chance to grow up and live so many things that might be waiting for her.
“I'm so sorry.” Remi held tried to bring some comfort to the boy.
"Somehow you remind me of he. Not just for looks, but for determination, the way you look. They were now facing each other and Kurt's gaze was so penetrating that Remi hardly blinked. "I just wanted to make one thing clear. I didn't drink Rich's drink, but I have a crazy urge to kiss you.”
In the absence of answers Kurt took it as a consent. He approached the girl and placed his lips over hers, the kiss was nothing angelic but intense and firm, the two there in the moonlight and the stars let their bodies speak for themselves.

“Today was perfect.” Natasha said as soon as Edgar stopped the car at the door of his house.
“Yes, it was a long time ago I didn't have fun or dance that much.” You dance very well.
Natasha laughed at the compliment. “Some say I get the hang of it.” I'm going down. It's late, and Grandma must be worried about my delay.”
Edgar wanted to say so many things, he didn't want to let the night's charm end like this, because tomorrow they would just be friends again, as usual. The boy didn't even know if they could be anything else, but when they danced together he had her in his arms and she was his for a few minutes, there was nothing between them, not Ricky, not Sarah, or any other ghost that could stop them from enjoy, this moment was just theirs. He took her hand and delicately intertwined her fingers with his.
"Natasha..." He dipped into her gaze and the girl bent over him and pressed his lips to hers. It was just a quick kiss that lasted a few seconds, but it was enough to make it clear that there might be something more between them in the future, who knows.
Neither of them took the next step or said anything. Natasha went home and fell into her bed with feelings swirling.
Edgar had a restless sleep, closed his eyes and felt her in his arms with her lips glued to his, he wanted more, much more. Now that she had taken this step he knew he was ready to talk about his feelings.
He woke up with the phone ringing nonstop, he didn't want to answer it. He looked at his watch and it was four in the morning, had slept less than two hours. Who would this time be? The mother was not home and Lis was sleeping.
“Hello! His voice was sleepy and angry.
“Edgar.” It was Natasha on the other end of the line. “ You can come? I need you! Please...”

Chapter Text

Edgar walked through the police station door and saw her sitting in a chair in a corner, their eyes meeting. Her face was that of a tired, downcast girl. He wanted to run and hug her, but he didn't. The girl's grandfather was beside her and had a sad and tired countenance. Something was not right and he needed to understand. He just sat beside her.
“Are you alright?”
“He did something to you? Hit you or hurt you.” Natasha just shook her head no.
Then she told him what had happened after Edgar had left her at home. Ricky waited for him to leave and called her. She refused to go, but the other boy insisted and said he would hurt Edgar and could also hurt her brothers. She had no choice. They got off the motorcycle and there was another motorcycle with two more friends from Ricky. The boys stopped their bikes at a gas station and stormed and robbed the convenience store. Natasha remained outside, not wanting to get dirty. When they left the store she asked Ricky to take her home because she was tired, but the boy started the bike and ran off. A police chase began, they were surrounded and caught by the policemen who searched them and found drugs with all the boys. Natasha came out clean and Ricky swore she had not participated in the robbery. And now she was there waiting to testify and be released.
After all the narrative the two remained silent, Edgar did not know how to react and preferred to be quiet, because he did not want to talk to her there. The truth was that he was feeling betrayed.
It must have been an hour before she testified and was released. Natasha asked her grandfather to let her go with Edgar. By the time he stopped the car at her front door, it was already dawn and she couldn't get out. She needed to talk to him, for the boy looked very upset.
“You are angry? I understand if you have ...”
“What the hell was that?” Edgar looked at her and Natasha wasn't sure where the question came from. "You danced with me, then gave me that kiss, and ... then Ricky calls you for a walk and you go?"
"That's not how it happened, Edgar, I told you. He threatened to hurt you, and my brothers.”
"Let him come, why didn't you? I would call the police for him, because I wouldn't stand still watching these things happen.”
“You need to understand me. Tonight was so perfect, and I didn't want him to hurt you… ” Tears streamed down her cheeks.
"Do you want to be a cop? You almost ruined everything, Natasha!” Edgar took a deep breath and stopped talking for a moment.
“I know. I didn't think about it, I just thought about the evil things he could do to you or my brothers. I... I'm all wrong, I'm sorry.”
“Natasha, it's your life, you know what you do. It's no use me being here telling you all this. You better get away to rest that it's already dawn and you didn't even sleep.”
Edgar watched as she walked home with her head bowed. He was more concerned than upset, but at least Ricky was arrested and would pay for his wrong actions and Natasha could get on with her life more safely.

Natasha collapsed on her bed and let the tears wet her pillow. She had ruined everything. A nice guy like Edgar deserved better, he wasn't for her, her life was a mess and he didn't deserve to be part of it. She wished she had said no to Ricky, but the fear was greater.
In the midst of these thoughts she fell asleep and had several wild dreams, now embracing Edgar, but when she was going to kiss him, it was Ricky's face she saw. She woke up in the late afternoon and was still tired and in pain all over her body. She took a shower and found her grandparents in the living room waiting for her for a chat.
Natasha's grandparents were not scolding, but advice, so talked to her for long minutes always making it clear that everything that happens to us is the result of our choices, asked her to think well about everything that was happening in life if she wanted to continue like this or wanted to make better choices.
Natasha was very grateful to have people like her grandparents in her life. They were true angels at the times when she needed them most, she was feeling very bad for making them go through it and promised herself that she would think better before making her choices.

Monday dawned rainy and Kurt settled into his usual spot and didn't see Remi in class, thought she was late due to the rain, but she didn't show up until the end of class. He decided that once he got home he would call her. Last Saturday's party was perfect and he can get to know her better, they didn't waste a minute of their time together and Kurt felt a full surrender on her part. Just when he left her at dawn, he felt a shadow of fear pass over the girl's gaze, the boy kissed her deeply and promised that he would be there if she needed anything and would not hesitate to call if he had any. problem. "It's not that simple..." Remi had said. Kurt didn't quite understand her submission to her foster mother, but she felt that she was grateful for everything Hellen had done for her and her brother.
“Remi didn't come to class, right?” Edgar asked him as soon as class was over.
“Yes. Something must have happened. I'll call her later. And you and Natasha? I saw tou and her were very close at the party, but today I didn't see her.”
“It's more complicated than it sounds.” Edgar was discouraged. “Ricky was arrested, did you know?”
“ Yeah. I've never been much to this guy's face, but I didn't want anything like that to happen.”
"I never liked him much either, but I never told Natasha. She who has to know what she wants.”
Edgar still seemed to be upset about everything that had happened, had not talked to Natasha since leaving her home the day before and also did not intend to seek her. He wanted to make room for her to decide what to do. He saw her from afar when it was time to leave, the moment their eyes met he was sure he was in love, so she left with Patty.
"Don't you want to go talk to him?" Patty asked as they got into the car.
“No not yet. He's upset and I don't think it's right to bring him to all this happening to me.”
"Maybe you better let him decide on that."
Natasha wanted to talk to Edgar more than anything, but she didn't think he deserved to spend it with her. He was a nice guy and she was a mess. Better to give time to time.
"And you and the blond guy?" Natasha smirked at her friend referring to Roman.
“Do not know. We are so different. I don't think it would work out anyway.”
“Ah! Stop it. Just enjoy the moment.”
“ I will do this.”
Patty didn't want to fall in love, because she had a lot of plans for her future and didn't want to include any boys in it, but the truth was that Roman messed with her too much. Just took a deep breath and headed home.

Remi didn't go to class that day. It was already night and she was upset with her foster mother. She had worked all day, and for Hellen it never seemed enough. She had actually arrived very late on Saturday, but hey, she could never do what she wanted. And, Kurt was a very nice guy and she was enjoying him so much. The way he had been kind and caring to her when they were together was awesome. The sermon Hellen read to her when she arrived humiliated her, the woman said things about getting involved with a poor guy who couldn't afford to give her a decent future. That stupid thought would never do Remi's style. The older woman was determined what to do with their future, and Remi didn't like their conversation the day before. The phone was ringing nonstop, but Hellen didn't answer and didn't let either of them answer.
Remi locked herself in her room and did something she'd done before, jumped out the window. The night was cold and dark, but nothing scared Remi. She had already faced worse situations for worse reasons. By the time she was done walking down the side of the house toward the street, in her mind only the route that would follow to Kurt's house. She needed to find him again.
She left her house behind aware of how much it would cost her in the near future. Hellen wouldn't make her daring adventure cheap. But that didn't matter to her now.
She was grateful to her mother for getting them out of that damn orphanage. More than that, she loved Hellen despite her austerity demanding loyalty rather than other forms of feelings. However, even though she and Roman could never be normal people after all they had lived, there was something inside her that refused to accept it. Remi had never before admitted it, but she still dreamed of being happy, and Kurt rekindled it within her with a strength she had never experienced before.
Kurt was in his room when he heard a knock on his window. What was the scare when it opened and saw Remi. He helped her up and warmed her with his blanket because the girl was cold.
“I missed you.” Remi said feeling warm.
“You didn't go to class. I missed you, too.”
“I had some problems.”
He would not ask for details, because he knew it was the foster mother. He pulled her to him and she indulged in the passionate kiss he gave her.
Both wished they were closer and did not know how much they would resist. Between kisses and caresses Kurt asked if she was sure what she was doing.
"I've done it before if that's what you want to know." Remi had a very intense relationship with Oscar, but in the end he did not reveal what she expected and she turned away from him.
“All well. No problem. Better that way.” The boy smiled and kissed her fervently.
Between touches and kisses the two surrendered to the love and desire that plagued them.

Chapter Text

Natasha held the package tightly in her hands and when she stopped at the door, anxiety washed over her chest. They hadn't spoken for days, and she didn't know how she would be received. Knocking on the door cost him the remaining courage she still had. The smiling face that greeted her gave her some comfort, and she didn't know if she was sorry or excited about coming.
“Natasha! Good to see you!”
“Hi, Emma, how are you?”
“I am fine. Did you come to see Ed? Come in, he's in the room, you can go there.”
Natasha came in, afraid to go to his room. A place where she had been so many times since she was a child, but it was another time and there were not so many feelings involved, for the moments not known to her. She took a deep breath and knocked on the bedroom door that was just propped up. She noticed the boy's fright when he saw her standing there at his door. He was wearing a baseball T-shirt jeans and a nike tennis shoe. She found him very attractive and wanted to run to him and hug him, but the shyness was greater and made her stand still without reaction.
“Come here.” He pulled her by the hand, leading her into the room and back to the door.
“It’s your birthday, I wanted to come hug you. And ... I brought a gift.” Natasha extended the package towards him who took shyly.
“Ah! No need!” He unwrapped and saw the Knicks cap that was his favorite team. The cap he had was already old and faded. “ Thank you very much.”
Edgar pulled her into his arms and hugged her. Natasha felt the warmth of his embrace and knew how much she needed it. They didn't even realize how long they had been holding each other, but they were probably long minutes that could be eternal due to their need and longing for each other.
“I missed you.” Edgar said as soon as they sat on the bed.
“I felt yours too.” Silence settled between them. They both knew that they would no longer be the same with each other, not after being carried away by their feelings as they had a week ago. “ What's it like to be eighteen?”
“I don't know! I don't think I've realized it yet. In fact, nothing has changed.” The boy smiled thoughtfully studying her with his eyes.
Natasha was beautiful. Her long hair fell in small waves over her shoulders, her black eyes were alive and piercing, he stopped his gaze on her heart-shaped pink lips. How he wanted to kiss her! It would be your best birthday present.
"I thought you forgot my birthday."
“I would never forget!” Natasha's eyes widened as she said it as if she wanted to make it clear that he was wrong.
"It's just that we haven't spoken for a few days, and I thought you weren't coming."
“We needed this time to put our heads in place. The last weekend was not easy.”
“You're right. But now here we are. What do you want to do? Play a game or watch a movie?” The boy smiled all excited.
"Whatever, I just want to be here with you."
Edgar understood the cue and took her hand that was small and smooth and approaching kissed her cheek. He felt her heart race and kissed her on the lips. Natasha responded to the kiss with affection and the two were led by this moment as if there was nothing else in the world.
“You are beautiful!” Edgar said after parting their lips. Her face was flushed after the kiss and he touched it with his fingertips. “ I wanted to kiss you so many times. But it seems that this was the right time.”
They kissed again more intensely this time. Natasha wrapped her arms around his neck as he held her by the waist. It was all very intense and different, as it seems that with other people there was not so much feeling and as much history as the two had.
“I need to show you something.” Edgar remembered the envelope he received midweek. He got up and went to the dresser and brought the envelope to her. “Open it.”
“Wow! Ed! Congratulations!” He had passed college in Michigan. That was the best news of the week. The girl jumped on his neck and they both fell to the bed with the intensity of her hug. She kissed him sweetly congratulating him on the news. "Have you thought what you want to be?"
"I'm not sure, but maybe something in economics or politics."
“Hmm, said the future president.” Natasha mocked jokingly.
"Only if you're my first lady."
She widened her eyes and he smiled. “Calm down, this is not a marriage proposal yet.” They laughed at the conversation when they heard Lis call.
“ Eddie. The mother is calling.”
“Come on, Mom made a cake.”
They went into the dining room where Lis and Emma were waiting for them. There were snacks and sweets prepared by Lis and her mother, and a small chocolate cake filled with birthday candles. Edgar put on a song and the atmosphere was very cozy. Tasha felt at home with Edgar and his family.

After eating and singing happy birthday Natasha realized that the boy had gone silent and looked sad.
“What's it?” Tasha approached worriedly.
“Is nothing. My father loved our birthdays, he always made a point of celebrating.”
"He would be glad you continued to do what he liked."
Natasha took the boy's hand and linked his fingers with hers. The two sat on the couch and remained silent for a long time. The girl laid her head on Edgar's shoulder as he put his arm around her back. Emma realized that they were no longer the same and was happy, because she was very fond of the girl and hoped that they would do each other well.
Later Edgar went to take her home. They walked down the street holding each other and with happiness on their faces.
“The College is far away. I don't know if I will. Leave my mother and sister, and you...” Edgar had been thinking about this all week and knew it would be very difficult to leave them behind.
“You should go. It's a unique opportunity, Ed. They'll be happy and proud of you. And me too.” They were standing facing each other in front of Natasha's house.
"Will you want to be my girlfriend even with so much distance between us?" A mocking smile passed over the boy's face.
“It that a request?”
“Yes. Do you want to be my girlfriend, Natasha?” The boy was holding her hand where he placed a soft kiss. As he lifted his eyes and looked at her cheek he saw a tear trickle down his eyes. “I love you Tasha.” Edgar touched her cheek softly, wiping the tear away.
“ I want to be your girlfriend. I love you too.”
“Let's make it work.” A passionate kiss sealed that moment.

“ Remi, next year I'm going to the Military College. I've been preparing for this for years, and now it looks like it's going to work. What do you think about doing when we finish the school year?”
Kurt was lying in his bed with Remi by his side, they just loved each other intensely and only a thin sheet covered them. At least a week ago they had been meeting and ending up in their room.
“I haven't thought yet. I enrolled in some colleges, but I don't know if I will be called or if I will, it seems that this is not for me.”
"You look very smart and you should think of a career."
In fact Remi felt that Helen was up to something, as the woman had not objected to her encounters with Kurt who although he had not talked to her about it was sure the foster mother knew. But she was so happy beside the boy that she didn't want to think of anything to ruin those moments that were theirs alone.
“ Let's leave this subject for now, I don't want to get bored or even think about an uncertain future.” Saying that Remi pulled him to her teasing him with kisses on the neck. “You like that?” She smiled mischievously between touches and kisses on the neck and chest of the boy who matched the height between caresses that also drove her crazy.


On the other side of town Helen was already preparing for her next steps, as she would not leave what was going on. She could not allow her boy and girl to get lost. The future that awaited them did not involve passions that drove them from their goals.

Chapter Text

"You and Edgar are dating, how are you? Happy?” Patterson wasn’t too surprised, in fact she had expected it to happen because of their closeness.
"Yes, he's very considerate, but I'm afraid something will get in the way. I've never met a guy like that."
“Ah! Just enjoy what you are living and don't be paranoid.”
Edgar arrived and joined them in the cafeteria, by their eyes she could see how much they were in love. It was great to see Natasha so happy after all she went through in the abusive relationship she had with Rick and Edgar was the kind of boy Natasha deserved.
“Hello people!” Kurt and Remi approached and sat with them, the friends had been having a very fun time and were arranging to go to the movies together to watch Mission Impossible 2 that had recently been released.

The session started at seven thirty in the evening and everyone had already sat down, Rich and Boston had gone, and they just discussed where to sit and which soda and which candy to buy. The movie was about to start when Roman arrived and sat down next to Patterson, there were some startled glances from their friends, but soon left both of them alone and focused on the movie.
Patterson and Roman were less often than the other two couples, so they didn't have a serious commitment, the girl had many plans for her future and that didn't include a boy, so she just wanted to enjoy Roman's company the way she could. The blonde had already been selected for Harvard University and in a few months would leave New York.
Kurt had passed the Military School test, and his days were up, and he wanted to take his relationship with Remi even though he knew of the difficulties they would face due to the intense workload he would face. Remi still didn't know what to do, as Hellen didn't leave her many choices and said that she was preparing her and her brother's future and had some contacts that would help them.

Edgar pulled her to him and kissed her passionately, it was so good to have her there in his house, in his room, in his life. Natasha was in her best dreams, she had her flaws, of course, but for him she was perfect, beautiful, affectionate and he liked the sarcasm and acidity she sometimes had too, it was important to spice up their relationship, he loved when they met and she gave him the sweetest look anyone could have, he melted inside with that and just wanted to give her all the love in the world.
It had been almost a month since Natasha and Edgar had been dating and everything seemed fine, the two always thoughtful and concerned for each other, their family supported their relationship and were happy to see them together so well.
Natasha felt his tongue in her mouth and couldn’t contain the moan that came out of her throat, the girl's right hand traced the path of the abdomen to Edgar's chest feeling the firm muscles under her fingers, he rushed to remove the shirt and she removed her shirt, the boy was delighted by what he saw, the white lace bra held the firm breasts of the girl.
"Tash, if we go too far I don't know if we'll be able to stop later." They had almost reached this point since they started dating, but always interrupted because they didn't think it was the right time, but today were going beyond and the desire to be together completely consumed them as never before.
“We don't have to stop.” Natasha looked at him and felt the heat and desire in his eyes. She wanted him so much and knew that he was different with him than she had ever lived in the past and wasn’t afraid to be completely his.
“Are you sure?” She nodded at his question and the kiss became more intense and passionate, every touch and touch of bodies brought out all the feelings they had.
Neither would be each other's first, but they both knew the love they felt and that was what mattered, they surrendered and their bodies moved together at a pace until they both came to the most intense pleasure leaving them tired enough to fall asleep in each other's arms.
Natasha opened her eyes and felt apprehensive, she had slept before in Edgar's house, but they weren’t boyfriends and it was at a time when it was all very natural between them, now she was nervous about the reaction of Edgar's mother.

“Good Morning!” Edgar greeted her in a husky, sleepy voice.
“Good Morning.” She received his kiss and was happy to be there despite the fear.
“What's it?” He saw a shadow hovering over her gaze.
“Your mother will see that I slept here and...”
“What's the matter? You're my girlfriend.” The boy said touching her face to calm her.
"What will she think of me, Ed?" Natasha was in a panic.
"She will think you're my girlfriend and you love me."
“Funny. I'm serious.” She patted his arm playfully.
“Iknow. We can handle my mom, she's not a monster and will understand us, just calm down, okay?”
Natasha nodded and received the loving hug from her boyfriend and tried to calm down with the whole situation.

“Good Morning!” Edgar greeted his mother as they entered the kitchen.
“Hi, good morning, son! Natasha, how are you?” Emma was surprised to see the girl but tried not to show because she didn’t want to make her more nervous than she seemed to be.
“I’m fine.” Natasha came over and placed a kiss on Emma's cheek. “I'm sorry to sleep here without warning, is that...”
“Hey, you don't have to explain yourself.” The older woman comforted her. – I prepared breakfast, you eat, I'm going to bed, because tonight was very busy in the hospital.” Emma left and left them alone in the kitchen.
“You see? I told you she would understand us.” Edgar gave Natasha a big hug that was smiling at his mother's reaction.