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High School Blindspot

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Edgar walked through the police station door and saw her sitting in a chair in a corner, their eyes meeting. Her face was that of a tired, downcast girl. He wanted to run and hug her, but he didn't. The girl's grandfather was beside her and had a sad and tired countenance. Something was not right and he needed to understand. He just sat beside her.
“Are you alright?”
“He did something to you? Hit you or hurt you.” Natasha just shook her head no.
Then she told him what had happened after Edgar had left her at home. Ricky waited for him to leave and called her. She refused to go, but the other boy insisted and said he would hurt Edgar and could also hurt her brothers. She had no choice. They got off the motorcycle and there was another motorcycle with two more friends from Ricky. The boys stopped their bikes at a gas station and stormed and robbed the convenience store. Natasha remained outside, not wanting to get dirty. When they left the store she asked Ricky to take her home because she was tired, but the boy started the bike and ran off. A police chase began, they were surrounded and caught by the policemen who searched them and found drugs with all the boys. Natasha came out clean and Ricky swore she had not participated in the robbery. And now she was there waiting to testify and be released.
After all the narrative the two remained silent, Edgar did not know how to react and preferred to be quiet, because he did not want to talk to her there. The truth was that he was feeling betrayed.
It must have been an hour before she testified and was released. Natasha asked her grandfather to let her go with Edgar. By the time he stopped the car at her front door, it was already dawn and she couldn't get out. She needed to talk to him, for the boy looked very upset.
“You are angry? I understand if you have ...”
“What the hell was that?” Edgar looked at her and Natasha wasn't sure where the question came from. "You danced with me, then gave me that kiss, and ... then Ricky calls you for a walk and you go?"
"That's not how it happened, Edgar, I told you. He threatened to hurt you, and my brothers.”
"Let him come, why didn't you? I would call the police for him, because I wouldn't stand still watching these things happen.”
“You need to understand me. Tonight was so perfect, and I didn't want him to hurt you… ” Tears streamed down her cheeks.
"Do you want to be a cop? You almost ruined everything, Natasha!” Edgar took a deep breath and stopped talking for a moment.
“I know. I didn't think about it, I just thought about the evil things he could do to you or my brothers. I... I'm all wrong, I'm sorry.”
“Natasha, it's your life, you know what you do. It's no use me being here telling you all this. You better get away to rest that it's already dawn and you didn't even sleep.”
Edgar watched as she walked home with her head bowed. He was more concerned than upset, but at least Ricky was arrested and would pay for his wrong actions and Natasha could get on with her life more safely.

Natasha collapsed on her bed and let the tears wet her pillow. She had ruined everything. A nice guy like Edgar deserved better, he wasn't for her, her life was a mess and he didn't deserve to be part of it. She wished she had said no to Ricky, but the fear was greater.
In the midst of these thoughts she fell asleep and had several wild dreams, now embracing Edgar, but when she was going to kiss him, it was Ricky's face she saw. She woke up in the late afternoon and was still tired and in pain all over her body. She took a shower and found her grandparents in the living room waiting for her for a chat.
Natasha's grandparents were not scolding, but advice, so talked to her for long minutes always making it clear that everything that happens to us is the result of our choices, asked her to think well about everything that was happening in life if she wanted to continue like this or wanted to make better choices.
Natasha was very grateful to have people like her grandparents in her life. They were true angels at the times when she needed them most, she was feeling very bad for making them go through it and promised herself that she would think better before making her choices.

Monday dawned rainy and Kurt settled into his usual spot and didn't see Remi in class, thought she was late due to the rain, but she didn't show up until the end of class. He decided that once he got home he would call her. Last Saturday's party was perfect and he can get to know her better, they didn't waste a minute of their time together and Kurt felt a full surrender on her part. Just when he left her at dawn, he felt a shadow of fear pass over the girl's gaze, the boy kissed her deeply and promised that he would be there if she needed anything and would not hesitate to call if he had any. problem. "It's not that simple..." Remi had said. Kurt didn't quite understand her submission to her foster mother, but she felt that she was grateful for everything Hellen had done for her and her brother.
“Remi didn't come to class, right?” Edgar asked him as soon as class was over.
“Yes. Something must have happened. I'll call her later. And you and Natasha? I saw tou and her were very close at the party, but today I didn't see her.”
“It's more complicated than it sounds.” Edgar was discouraged. “Ricky was arrested, did you know?”
“ Yeah. I've never been much to this guy's face, but I didn't want anything like that to happen.”
"I never liked him much either, but I never told Natasha. She who has to know what she wants.”
Edgar still seemed to be upset about everything that had happened, had not talked to Natasha since leaving her home the day before and also did not intend to seek her. He wanted to make room for her to decide what to do. He saw her from afar when it was time to leave, the moment their eyes met he was sure he was in love, so she left with Patty.
"Don't you want to go talk to him?" Patty asked as they got into the car.
“No not yet. He's upset and I don't think it's right to bring him to all this happening to me.”
"Maybe you better let him decide on that."
Natasha wanted to talk to Edgar more than anything, but she didn't think he deserved to spend it with her. He was a nice guy and she was a mess. Better to give time to time.
"And you and the blond guy?" Natasha smirked at her friend referring to Roman.
“Do not know. We are so different. I don't think it would work out anyway.”
“Ah! Stop it. Just enjoy the moment.”
“ I will do this.”
Patty didn't want to fall in love, because she had a lot of plans for her future and didn't want to include any boys in it, but the truth was that Roman messed with her too much. Just took a deep breath and headed home.

Remi didn't go to class that day. It was already night and she was upset with her foster mother. She had worked all day, and for Hellen it never seemed enough. She had actually arrived very late on Saturday, but hey, she could never do what she wanted. And, Kurt was a very nice guy and she was enjoying him so much. The way he had been kind and caring to her when they were together was awesome. The sermon Hellen read to her when she arrived humiliated her, the woman said things about getting involved with a poor guy who couldn't afford to give her a decent future. That stupid thought would never do Remi's style. The older woman was determined what to do with their future, and Remi didn't like their conversation the day before. The phone was ringing nonstop, but Hellen didn't answer and didn't let either of them answer.
Remi locked herself in her room and did something she'd done before, jumped out the window. The night was cold and dark, but nothing scared Remi. She had already faced worse situations for worse reasons. By the time she was done walking down the side of the house toward the street, in her mind only the route that would follow to Kurt's house. She needed to find him again.
She left her house behind aware of how much it would cost her in the near future. Hellen wouldn't make her daring adventure cheap. But that didn't matter to her now.
She was grateful to her mother for getting them out of that damn orphanage. More than that, she loved Hellen despite her austerity demanding loyalty rather than other forms of feelings. However, even though she and Roman could never be normal people after all they had lived, there was something inside her that refused to accept it. Remi had never before admitted it, but she still dreamed of being happy, and Kurt rekindled it within her with a strength she had never experienced before.
Kurt was in his room when he heard a knock on his window. What was the scare when it opened and saw Remi. He helped her up and warmed her with his blanket because the girl was cold.
“I missed you.” Remi said feeling warm.
“You didn't go to class. I missed you, too.”
“I had some problems.”
He would not ask for details, because he knew it was the foster mother. He pulled her to him and she indulged in the passionate kiss he gave her.
Both wished they were closer and did not know how much they would resist. Between kisses and caresses Kurt asked if she was sure what she was doing.
"I've done it before if that's what you want to know." Remi had a very intense relationship with Oscar, but in the end he did not reveal what she expected and she turned away from him.
“All well. No problem. Better that way.” The boy smiled and kissed her fervently.
Between touches and kisses the two surrendered to the love and desire that plagued them.