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High School Blindspot

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This is just an outline of what the story will be like. I will post one chapter a week and it will probably be long chapters as all the characters will have a bow within the story.

Natasha - 17, is repeating the year at school, lives with two brothers and their grandparents, dating Ricky, is Edgar's best friend
Edgar - 17, lives with sister and widowed mother, is dating Sarah, Kurt's sister, he is Tasha’s friend, plays soccer, has college scholarship
Kurt - 18, lives with sister and father, overprotects his sister because she doesn't trust her father, is trying to scholar ship in a military career
Remi - 17, Roman's twin, recently arrived at school, likes dark clothes and is always serious and accompanied by her brother - lives with her brother and foster mother
Roman - 17, Jane's twin, recently arrived at school, loves to get into a fight - lives with her foster mother and brother
Patty - 16, nerd, is two years ahead of school for her intelligence, Natasha's friend who always gets her in trouble
Rich - 18, two years late at school, is a computer monitor because he understands a lot about the subject
Boston - 17, an art lover, lives an affair with Rich, but the two live fighting

Study in the same class

Kurt, Edgar, Patty, Remi
Natasha, Roman, Rich, Boston