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Deal Breaker

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Lauren and Jarrod still looked confused when Patty got out.

“What the fuck was that about?” Lauren said lowly.

“Good thing we weren’t actually planning on signing to them,” Jarrod replied, making for the elevator.

“Wonder what he was listening to,” Patty said as they waited.

“My Friends?” Lauren suggested, “It has that long quiet part.”

Jarrod nodded. “Should’ve listened to I Am Tetsuo.”

They piled into the elevator, Lauren pressing the button for the first floor.

Jarrod gave Patty a curious look, his eyes falling to his crotch. Patty looked away. He knew Jarrod was looking at the outline of his dick.

Jarrod turned to him and pushed him against the wall, a hand slowly running up and down his erection. Patty sighed, pressing his forehead to Jarrod’s chest.

“Third floor,” Lauren warned them.

Jarrod backed off, turning back to the doors as the elevator slowed. Patty didn’t have it together by the time they reached the ground floor, but Lauren and Jarrod didn’t give him another moment to collect himself before they got off, leaving him to hurry after them.

Lauren,” he said warningly as he felt her vibe start up again.

Lauren glanced back at him as he slowed, only to grab his upper arm with her free hand and drag him forward. She kept turning the vibe up.

“Lauren.” He was getting desperate, his steps becoming unsteady as they walked. “Lauren, come on.”

The vibe was at full power now, buzzing mercilessly against Patty’s prostate. His breaths became heavy, his heart racing.

He managed a last weak “Lauren,” as his orgasm crashed over him, his legs giving out.

Jarrod threaded an arm through his and saved him from collapsing on the spot, holding him up as ecstasy blinded him and dizziness overwhelmed him. He vaguely noticed that he seemed to have cum dry. Lauren loved making him do that.

“Keep walking,” she murmured.

Patty tried, but Lauren and Jarrod pretty much carried him the rest of the way to the bathroom they’d been in earlier. Jarrod released him to lock the door behind them as Lauren pushed him towards the counter.

Patty kneeled, catching his breath as Lauren took a double dildo out of her jacket’s inner pocket. A smaller one than she usually gave Patty, since it needed to be discreet while she wasn’t wearing it.

“Hold this,” she said, holding the dick end out to Patty.

He opened his mouth obediently, letting her push it in. He liked having something to suck post-orgasm. He watched Lauren undo her fly, pulling her jeans down just far enough to expose her harness.

“Grab my vibe for me?”

Jarrod lifted Patty up, letting him go when he was sure he wouldn’t collapse. Still somewhat dazed, Patty let him undo his belt and fly and push him down on the counter to pull his jeans down.

Lauren took a small bottle of lube out of her pocket and passed it to Jarrod. She loosened the straps on her harness as Jarrod lubed up his fingers and pushed one in experimentally. Patty moaned softly around the dildo, his eyes slipping shut as Jarrod inserted another, fished around for the vibe and pulled it out.

Lauren took it and pulled the dildo out of Patty’s mouth, slotting the vibe into the hole at the base of the dick, then fitting the dildo into the harness and pushing the bulb into herself.

Jarrod pushed his fingers back into Patty, opening him up as Lauren played with the vibe settings on her phone. She hummed contentedly.

“He almost ready?” she asked.

Jarrod withdrew his fingers and gave Patty’s ass a slap. “Hm. Hold on.” He sat on the counter beside Patty, then pulled him between his legs so that Patty’s face was on his chest. “There you go.”

“Good idea,” Lauren commented, taking her place behind Patty and pushing in.

Lauren fucked him slowly at first, getting a feel for the rarely-used dildo. The vibe was faint at first, but got stronger with every deeper thrust.

Patty moaned, gripping Jarrod’s shirt and burying his face in his chest. Lauren leaned forward to kiss Jarrod, crushing him between their bodies. This was a good idea.

They separated so Lauren could fuck Patty harder, Jarrod playing with his hair and rubbing his back. She quickly had him gasping, holding onto Jarrod for dear life as another orgasm built up. He fearfully wondered if they were going to keeping drawing them out of him until he couldn’t walk. They liked that game, playing with him until he screamed and then going on until he was just shaking and whimpering.

“He’s being too loud,” Lauren said. She pulled his beanie off. “Here.”

Jarrod gently tilted Patty’s head to the side. “Hey,” he said gently, holding the beanie where Patty could see it, “You wanna hold this for me?”

Patty’s mouth fell open and Jarrod scrunched up the beanie and shoved it in.

“Show me your safe sign?”

Patty pinched Jarrod’s arm.

“Good.” He put his arms back around Patty, rubbing his back and murmuring praise.

He was close again, whimpering into the beanie every time Lauren’s dick brushed against his sweet spot. His hips moved on their own, searching for some kind of friction for his desperate dick. He looked up at Jarrod, begging with his eyes. He could feel tears pricking at them.

Jarrod smiled at Lauren. “I think he’s getting close.”

“How many times do you think we can make him cum today?” she wondered as she gripped his hips tighter, a smile in her tone.

Jarrod looked down at Patty again, stroking some hair out of his face. “As many times as we want. Cuz you’re a good boy for us, aren’t you?”

Patty nodded, the tears spilling over. He’d cum every time they asked him to, until it hurt. Thinking about it pushed him over the edge. He gripped Jarrod’s body, grounded by his breathing, the beanie muffling his strangled moans.

“There you go,” he heard Jarrod coo. He could feel him stroking his hair, too.

Lauren grunted. “I’m getting close.”


Patty felt them lean over him to kiss again, Lauren’s pace slowing, but still going just as deep. Patty whimpered at the stimulation. They pulled back again, Lauren grunting a little with each hard thrust. Patty looked up at Jarrod, feeling the vibe get more powerful with each thrust.

Fuck.” Lauren moaned.

Her hips slowed abruptly, giving Patty more time to feel the vibe every time she pushed in until she stopped, holding it inside him.

Jarrod pulled Patty’s beanie out of his mouth, shook it out a little, then put it back on his head, still glistening with spit. Lauren turned the vibe off and pulled out, giving Patty’s ass a pat.

“I’ll clean myself up,” she said.

“Your turn,” Patty murmured to Jarrod.

Jarrod pulled him into a kiss, then lowered him back down to his knees, sliding off the counter with him.

Patty held Jarrod’s leg, nuzzling it a bit as Jarrod unbuckled his belt and pulling his dick out. Patty smiled. He was using his blowjob dildo to pack today.

Jarrod guided Patty’s head, directing his mouth to the tip of his dick. Patty looked up at him and tongued at it, putting on a show since Jarrod couldn’t really feel it. Jarrod smiled down at him and stroked his cheek.

Letting his eyes slip shut, Patty took Jarrod’s dick in his hand and opened his mouth. He slid the dick in and swallowed around the tip, making soft, wet sounds for Jarrod.

As he came off to breathe, he opened his eyes and noticed Jarrod’s phone in his hand. Patty frowned. Jarrod wasn’t one to text during sex. He gasped as the vibrator still taped to his dick buzzed to life.

“Keep going,” Jarrod encouraged.

Patty looked up at him and nodded, taking his dick into his mouth and lightly sucking. Jarrod’s free hand went to his head, playing with his beanie a little and then coaxing him into a bobbing motion.

Lauren sat on the counter, her dick washed and stowed back into her coat. She watched Patty for a while, then put an arm around Jarrod’s shoulder to pull him in for a kiss.

When they broke apart, Jarrod adjusted his stance so that he could more comfortably thrust into Patty’s mouth. He timed his movements with the pulsing of the vibe.

Cumming dry twice had Patty desperate. He wasn’t going to last, and Jarrod looked like he knew it. He tilted his head back and moaned a little, fingers tightening in Patty’s hair. The vibe got more intense and Patty sucked harder, losing some control as Jarrod teased him closer.

“You wanna cum?” Jarrod asked, gazing down at him.

Patty nodded a little, begging with his eyes.

Jarrod gave Lauren a look and she nodded, hopping off the counter and getting behind Patty. She yanked him off Jarrod’s dick and lifted him up, turning him around and unceremoniously shoving him back against the counter.

Jarrod moved in front of him and took his waist, pressing a leg between Patty’s. “Show me how much you wanna cum.”

Patty put his arms around Jarrod’s neck for support and started grinding. The friction was everything he needed. As his head fell back and he moaned, Jarrod leaned in to kiss his vulnerable neck, turning the vibrator up.

Patty’s breaths became gasps, his pathetic humping getting faster and more desperate. He cried out and buried his face in Jarrod’s neck to hide the tears that sprang to his eyes at the relief of getting to cum, ecstasy washing over him.

The vibrator milked out every drop until Patty was crying from overstimulation. Jarrod, mercifully, turned it off again, rubbing his back and praising him as warm cum soaked his underwear.

His heart nearly stopped when the bathroom door opened.

“Oh god,” a stranger said, “I’m so sorry.”

“It’s fine,” Lauren replied as Patty looked up fearfully.

Jarrod’s other leg seemed to be blocking everything from view and Lauren was moving between them and the stranger to shield them further.

The stranger gave Patty a sympathetic look. “Hey man, it’s okay. There are other labels.”

Lauren glanced at him, then looked back at the stranger. “Rejection’s really hard on him.”

“I get it.” They looked around awkwardly. “I’ll give y’all some space.”

Patty breathed a sigh of relief when they were gone. “Was that fucking door unlocked the whole time?”

Jarrod’s face scrunched up. “I thought I locked it.”

Lauren shook her head. “This is what happens when you think with your dick, dumbass.”


“Lock it so I can finish you up,” Patty said with a pout, playing with Jarrod’s shirt.

“How about we go home so you can eat me out?” Jarrod suggested.

“You make it hard to stay mad,” Patty grinned.