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Cherry Blossom Wolf (おうかのはたけ)

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Hatake Denki ran a hand through her messy mop of silver hair and wiped sweat off her forehead, heavy-lidded eyes with the irises such a dark shade of grey they looked black glaring at someone; her lips pressed tightly together in order to slightly mute the actual growl rumbling from her throat.

The nearest nurse noticed anyway. He came over to the bed and carefully handed Denki a bundle wrapped in a white towel and a forest green blanket. The 30-year-old kunoichi blinked back tears as she smiled, gazing in adoration at the bundle held gently by her arms. "Hi, Sakumo," she whispered.

Denki lowered her face so it was near the newborn baby's. She then lifted her head and looked to the right. "Botan." A civilian man whose sandy brown hair was a short yet spiky mess got up from the chair he had been sitting on, moved behind it and quietly placed the chair forward before sitting down; so that he was very near Denki.

Hatake Botan (who had no surname prior to marrying his wife) blinked back tears; with a wobbly smile on his face, he gently ran a finger down the infant's cheek. "He's amazing..."

The nurse covered his mouth with a hand to hide his snicker. All babies are ugly. But hey, beauty is in the eye of the beholder; who am I to ruin the new parents' perception? He left with the doctor.

Denki and Botan kept cooing to their only child.

A.N.: I'm so sorry!! As soon as I'm physically able to, I'll finish the first Chapter of every fanfic I've posted here with an incomplete first Chapter; I promise.