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The talisman was pressing down on his shoulder blade, a barely there presence that would have been borderline unnoticeable -except that Wangji had asked for this- and the faint presence weighed more than his arms could take, the power infused within it pushing him inexorably into the ground.

The light touch was maddening, it radiated out across his bare skin like a taunt, it made him strain and struggle against it, heart beating rapidly with a feeling that was not quite panic.

He wasn’t alone.

He could feel dark eyes on him, a smirk pressed against his back as his arms trembled against the strain, felt teeth trace the first knob of his spine as he finally gave in, upper body laced in fine tremors.  

Lan Wangji, the esteemed Hanguang Jun had always been a picture of absolute perfection in the cultivation world. something that others aspired to be, yet an unattainable height for allthat tried.

Wangji had never aspired to it though not really. it just seemed to have happened. His confusion and discomfort around people had made him cold and aloof to outside eyes, rather than simply the scared boy that he was, his obsession with rules and study a standard for others rather than the escape that it had been for him. thread by thread his mask had been woven for him and he had been content with it for so many years. 

He filled the hole inside himself with the praises and accolades heaped upon him by his uncle, his clan, those he helped- ignoring the tinge of sadness in his brothers eyes whenever he looked at him.Why struggle against it; the mask was safe, the mask was respected, one dimensional and eternal.

He had never realised that he had become chained to it.

And then Wei Wuxian had come to the cloud recesses and Wangji had never wanted anything so much in his life. Wei Wuxian had been chaotic, good and free, he was like life itself; a breath of fresh air in his stagnant world.

Yet every time Wangji had tried to reach out, he stumbled, the mask wadded up and shoved down his throat, the chains of others perceptions heavy on his limbs and he didn’t -couldn’t- understand how to be free of it.

Then Wei Wuxian died. he died thinking that Wangji hated him.

He had barely felt the whip strokes, he wanted to tear the skin off his face, cut out his tongue it was all useless anyway.

But he didn’t, in a moment of weakness he had taken a branding iron to his skin, and through the stinging pain he had felt free.

But that was not something that was done, and after two years in reflection the mask was firmly back in place; maybe older, maybe sadder but still perfect, white jade covering the bleeding mess that life had left him.

That’s why he had begged his Wei Wuxian for this.

Wangji had cracked his mask for Wei Ying beating his fists bloody against it for the reward of being an embarrassing stumbling person who knew nothing about being human. Wei Ying made him want things in a way that was new and terrifying and he refused to be chained again.

The other man was one of the only people Wangji had allowed in, completely prying that mask away from him piece by jagged piece; he had looked at this trembling useless thing behind the jade, and had chosen him anyway.

Wangji still didn’t know why.

Which lead him here trembling on his knees, chest pressed against the cool bamboo floor, Wei Ying’s hands on his body indulging in the lingering fantasy of the other man taking away his choice so he could be free. 

A hand curled over his hip, gentle but with a hint of nail tugging on the scars that flicked across his skin as that hot mouth mapped every raise and dip of his spine. Wangji wanted to suppress the moan bubbling out of his chest but he didn’t, the soft sound shocking to his ears, the fingers on him digging into his hips suddenly as if Wei Ying was shocked too.

“I don’t think I have ever heard you like this Lan Zhan...” Wei Ying’s voice was teasing, but there was something dark, possessive in his tone, the way his hands were still and hard on him, the paper man pressing ever steady into his back.

“Always so silent… I had almost begun to think i had no effect”  

teasing hands drifted along his upper thighs pressing into them just hard enough that Wangji might have pushed back against him enjoying the firmness of his touch - but he can’t. he’s held by his lover’s power, all he can do is groan again, soft and reedy, his eyes slipping closed, reveling in finally being able to give this to Wei Ying.

The hands on him tighten and then release, and Wei Ying moves, crawling up along the side of his body Wei Ying is wearing only his dark crimson under-robes, the stark contrast of the milky skin of his throat and wrists against the dark silk makes Wangji’s mouth water.

A hand in his hair, short clipped nails on his scalp felt shocking as deft fingers pulled at his headpiece,extracting his hair from the pins and clips that held it in place; Wei Ying was undressing him an a way that for some reason felt more intimate then being clothed. No-one saw him with his hair unbound, it was improper and disrespectful to look so unpresentable, his uncle’s voice echoed around his skull.

He closes his eyes.

Wei Ying’s hands pull the last pin from his hair, and slide down to cup his cheek. soft hair ghosted his cheeks, his forehead, his eyelids. it drips and pools across his shoulders and down his spine making him shiver involuntarily, a thumb followed its path brushing across his eyelid, his nose, following the strands of hair.

When the thumb finally reached his lips Wangji opens his mouth in a desperate plea to do something, anything, a semblance of control over what is happening.

Wei Ying gives it to him immediately, hooking the thumb into his mouth and Wangji swirls his tongue over the whorl, the taste of salt and the texture of skin a welcome reprieve from the terrifying, exciting feeling of things being done to him.


Wei Ying’s tone is low and predatory. the thumb is immediately gone and a hand hooks under Wangji’s chin, and he is pulled up like the oppressive weight on his back is nothing.

When Wangji finally opens his eyes and looks up his lover is grinning, cradling his face with soft cool palms. he has a moment to look into Wei Ying’s dark gorgeous eyes and then other man is kissing him like he can’t help himself. Wei Ying licks into his mouth like a man dying of thirst, and when Wangji doesn’t quite get his mouth open fast enough there is a thumb pressed into the corner of his mouth. Wei Ying draws back to look at him with laughing eyes and spit slick lips before diving back in.

It feels like Wangji’s brain is melting.

By the time Wei Ying is finished with him, he can feel his own heartbeat in his lips, the sensitised ache of them and the hands now buried deep in his hair erotic points of pressure that are impossible to ignore. When Wei Ying drops him he goes down like a sack of potatoes, only just managing to catch himself on his elbows before he is pushed entirely to the floor, the hand on his back a teasing reminder of his inability to resist.  

Wei Ying stands and its like the air pressure has changed, would he leave him here Wangji idly wonders, naked, undone and trapped on the floor of his own rooms, flushed with desperation.

People would find him, people would know, would that widen the cracks in his reputation? 

Something in him wanted that. To be seen.

Another part of him held onto the hem of Wei Ying’s soft silk under robes as they brushed along his back and over the tops of the other mans feet, bare and soft against the hard floor, he trusted Wei Ying, the other man would never let him fall.

Silk pooled over Wangji’s ankles as Wei Ying kneeled behind him. his breath hitches; he knew what he must look like spread out and immobile, hair spread out and messy on the floor, hard cock already flushed and leaking just from Wei Ying’s mouth and hands on him.

“Seeing you like this Lan Zhan, it just makes me want to lick you all over, and who can stop me”

Teeth met the curve of Wangji’s ass, shocking a high pitched whine out of his chest.

“No one, thats who, i have you all to myself, and there are none of your extremely unfair-” his other ass cheek received a matching bite “-distraction techniques available to you”

He had a point, Wei Ying was extremely distractible in most circumstances and sex was no different. Wangji had become very proficient at Wei Ying distraction,  as the other man’s ideas often made him blush just thinking about them.

Wei Ying’s active imagination is endearing in most aspects, but perhaps not when he’s approaching sex with almost frightening amounts of unsupported confidence, simply because he has read a lot of porn and has a vague idea how things should fit together; Wangji, on the other hand, is only just coming to terms with the fact that Wei Ying is ready and willing to touch his dick in most circumstances, and that this is okay.

This meant shutting down some of Wei Yings crazier ideas before he started coughing blood like his uncle.

Usually this involved kissing him until he went pliant and then immediately got distracted as Wei Ying was wont to do

He heard the pop of a cork, the oil was out. he shivers involuntarily, the ghosts of fingers already prying him open in his mind; there was nothing he could do about any of it either, his thoughts centred on that like the eye of a storm, he was helpless, his cock twitched weeping clear pre-come onto the floor.

Wei Ying notices if the snigger was anything to go by. “Is there something you want Lan Zhan?” His voice was the kind of innocent that made it abundantly clear that his intentions were anything but.

Wangji just shivers again, acutely aware of his position under him. Apparently this was not an answer because Wei Ying proceeded to upend the small vial of oil all over his lower back, trailing it along his spine in a long line until it drips between his ass cheeks, cool and liquid against his heated skin.

Wei Ying is unrepentantly messy as he swept his palms up to Wangji’s shoulders, carefully avoiding the paper man that was responsible for Wangji’s current predicament.

The oil ran from Wei Ying’s hands, dripping over his throat, running down his sides, staining his thighs with shiny drops that ran like liquid crystal into the red silk that lay draped around him, marking them with dark wet splotches, slowly blooming like peonies.

Nails mercilessly rake back down making Wangji’s breath go ragged. they gradually lighten as they reach his hips until the only point of contact between Wei Ying and him was the other man’s thumb firmly pressed against his fluttering hole.

“You mark up so easily i feel like i can see everywhere I’ve touched”

The lines of Wei Yings hands still burned against his back and his thumb was a maddening presence’ Wangji tries to move back, to get more, but he can’t and his panic twists and mellows into molasses in a way that was indescribable.

“You really should answer my question or else i’ll get all confused”

Wei Ying’s thumb moves down, tugging on his hole, Wangij flushes further as he feels dark eyes on him, watching as his thumb pulled him wider.

Wangji’s throat clicks as he tries to answer and can’t, the feedback loop of pleasure and panic 

washing through him in a way that shouldn’t have felt as good as it did.

 There was a rustle and suddenly Wangi could feel Wei Yings breath on his hole, cool against the oil that now coats him, his eyes shoot open. when had he closed them? What was happening? His sex drunk brain refused to respond.

It feels good. He wants more.

“Might even try out some interesting new ideas…”

Wangji shivered at every word, Wei Ying was so close that every syllable was breathed against his oil soaked skin. A cracked moan shuddered out of his chest, wheezy and desperate, his cock was so hard it hurt and he barely even noticed it happening.

When Wei Ying licked over the rim of his hole his body flinches, somewhere somehow he had been expecting it but the feeling was shockingly intense.

Wei Ying pulled back and he whined in frustration, he wanted more, and also not more, maybe if he can get more he can figure it out.

“Is this okay?”

Wangji felt he was pretty far from even knowing what okay was at this point, but Wei Ying sounded serious for the first time this evening so Wangji thinks he should pay attention.

The pause stretched as Wangji frustratedly tried to figure out if it was okay and how to convey that to his partner, who was nervously massaging along his flanks with slick hands.


It sounds mostly like some kind of animalistic hiss but it was as close as words as he was going to get.

What he didn’t expect was for Wei Ying to immediately dive straight back in like a starving man, the flat of his tongue setting his nerve endings on fire and making his eyes roll up into the back of his head.

He realises he is panting, desperate little gasps of air as his lover got more and more confident, suckling and licking at his rim. he mewled when the tongue finally dipped into him, muscles tensing and relaxing, pulling against the power holding him and then giving in when Wei Ying’s presence holds him fast, magic curling round him like honeyed strings.

It felt like those strings were tightening on him. The movements of Wei Ying’s mouth and tongue were making his head go fuzzy and tense with pleasure and he lost himself in that for a while. the texture of stubble between his legs, the spit that he could feel dripping down his balls. there’s a joke in here somewhere about Wei Ying being a messy eater but Wangji was not known for his humor, or speaking really. maybe one day- Wei Ying would laugh.

That tongue was inching deeper into him as well. Wangji found himself moaning, even crying out at some particularly clever twists, his voice scratchy and useless against the wooden floor; it ached, it felt amazing, the intensity confused him, made him feel weak and desperate- it’s intoxicating- he wants…

By the time Wei Ying was done with him he felt sloppy and open, his shoulders trembling as the other man fucks him with his tongue, moaning around the fingers that he had shoved into Wangji, there was almost continuous noise that Wangji’s blown out brain was pretty sure was actually him, keening against the spit soaked floor.

When Wei Ying finally stops it took a moment for Wangji’s brain to catch up. The hands that were suddenly in his hair have a lot less finesse than before, pulling him up so that Wei Ying could messily devour his slack mouth, eating at his lips with the same fervor he had been eating at his hole with.  they part Wei Ying looks as messed up as Wangji feel, his face is flushed, lips swollen with use, his red cock clutched in the fist that wasn’t currently holding up a boneless Wangji. his face is shiny with spit and oil and his pupils blown with pure want.

“I want to fuck you- please let me fuck you”

Wangji just stares at him, desire crawling up and down his throat, Wei Ying is so beautiful, and Wangji had made him that way; he wanted to give Wei Ying whatever he wanted, he revels in the idea that he can give Wei Ying whatever he wants.


It was as quiet as a whisper but in the sudden silence of the room it could have been a shout. Wei Ying simply looks at him for a moment, his red tongue darts over his swollen lips, eyes wide.

And then strong hands pushed him down hot and gentle on his back his eyes slide closed. he doesn’t have to catch himself this time, Wei Ying makes sure he doesn’t fall.

Fingers hooked into him again, confident and without preamble they were rough, and pushed against the spot inside him that made him keen in his throat, sparks sharp and heavy going straight to his dick and making his nerve endings pulse hot over his skin.

Whatever time passes, Wei Ying must have felt it had been enough, because after a minute those fingers leave him again and a slick hand finds his hip.

Wangji cries out as the head of Wei Yings cock pushes into him, his hole so sensitised by his lover’s wicked tongue and thorough fingers that it felt like his mind was shattering.

Wei Ying’s other hand was suddenly between his shoulder blades, a harsh pressure holding him down with a kind of mindless lust. did the other man not realise that Wangji was still held entirely motionless by his talisman? 

The physical act of being held down by desperate hands while Wei Ying pushed into him did something to Wangji’s brain, relaxing him completely and stoking the lust that burned in his belly into a white hot flame. he pushes against those hands reveling in their touch, the possessive pressure surrounding him sharpening into all the points Wei Ying was touching him. his own hands scrabble desperately against the floor and he doesn’t even know why. 

When Wei Ying finally bottoms out it feels like he is so deep inside him that Wangji can feel him against the back of his throat. his face is hot and he feels lightheaded. he simply waits, desperate for Wei Ying to move but consumed with the desire to say nothing; the overwhelming need to simply be used forcing his addled mind into pliancy.


Wei Ying sounds overwhelmed, his hips twitching in minute movements against Wangji, trying desperately to hold still but not quite succeeding.

The first time Wei Ying pulled out and thrust back into him, the pressure of his movement brushed over every sweet spot inside him that Wangji possessed- especially that one. It was maddening. the ache a deep pleasure, movement the high notes resonating in circles through his head and leaking out his neglected cock.

He desperately craves a lick of pain, the sensations heightening inside him drawing out cravings like sweet poison, needs that felt visceral; he found himself biting his lips- the taste of his own blood on his tongue and the sharp pain of it merging into something sweet and hot.  

He wanted Wei Ying to mark him with his nails, his teeth, tear open his whip scars, make them burn with his pleasure.

Wei Ying’s pace started to slow. deep breaths signalling an attempt to regain his composure; No! Wangji desperately pushed his legs wider, begging voicelessly for more, for deeper, his knees slipping against the floor, he wants more, harder and faster, he wanted the chaotic pace of Wei Ying inside him, not whatever his lover thought he wanted.

Fortunately for his addled brain this seems to do it, composure well and truly given up his lover’s pace quickens into one of desperation; sounds echoing round the room, the liquid slap of skin on skin and the pretty little punched out sounds Wei Ying made desperate and erotic in his ear.

Wangji is much louder, the sensations inside him spiraling out of his throat in hot waves of noise. When Wei Ying finally touched his long ignored cock he mewled in his need, it was a minute release from a tension that he almost hadn't noticed, he tried his best to thrust into the other man’s hand while keeping that pretty cock as deep inside him as he can get.

Wei Ying’s breath hitched, his body buried deep as he came, hips jerking as if he could somehow push deeper. Wangji could feel his cock pulse inside him like another heartbeat, his body attempting to clench itself around the other man as Wei Ying groaned reedy and breathless above him.

He comes moments later across Wei Ying’s twitching fist, another moan sobbing out of him as the the colour behind his closed eyes flared white;  Wei Ying acting fast for a man in a post orgasmic stupor, grabs him by the hair and sinks his teeth into his neck, Wangji’s cock sputtering out one last rope of come at the sensation a strangled sound escaping his clenched teeth.

Wei Ying almost immediately collapses, his breathing slowing to short gentle puffs against Wangji’s still slick skin. Wangji can feel his heartbeat, it feels good, lying like this, his lovers body draped against his. He was content.

However, before he can savour it, Wei Ying lets out a deep sigh and slowly pulls his softening cock out of Wangji’s body, making him grumble. The other man then pulled off the talisman, watching with a critical eye as it reduced itself to ash in his hands.

“Okay i’ll admit it that was a pretty good idea”

There is a smile under all that fake pout, but Wangji was not turning over to see it, he was happy here against the cool ground.

“Come on i ordered a bath, i have a talisman to reheat it, it's in the other room”

Wangji turned his head and looked at him from the corner of his one exposed eye, his body feels good, happy, relaxed. he was not moving.

“Come ooon Lan Zhaaaaannn….”

Wangji rolls his face back to the floor and closed his eyes

“I am such a generous and useful lover, a catch, I tell you”

Wangji can feel Wei Ying manipulating his sweaty body until he was less of a sprawl of limbs against the bamboo floor.

“Blessed you are! making me do all the work- and now when you’ve reduced my knees to a trembling mess I have to do more work, so mean,Lan Zhan you are a cruel man”


Strong arms wrap around him and pick him up, a grin shining against Wangji’s  temple, Wei Ying’s knees seemed as sturdy as they always were, Wangji notes idly.

“Lan Zhan is so cute like this”

He lolls his head back against Wei Ying’s noisy smiling mouth. in response, Wei Ying dumps him bodily into the bath- it was hot, just as promised.

“Maybe i should fuck you into the ground more often”

Soft hands start combing through Wangji’s hair, it was oily and tangled in a way was mostly Wei Ying’s fault. a bucket was dumped over his head and Wei Ying sniggered as Wangji let out a single dignified sneeze.

“That’s gonna bruise”

A thumb pressed into his neck where Wei Ying had bitten

“Let it”

Wangji’s voice feels overused and rough. Wei Ying leans down and kisses the bruise, fingers still busy in his tangled hair.

“You look so pretty in my marks, they stand out in so much white... I like seeing the shape of my mouth on your body”

Possessive words mumbled hot against his skin, something inside him was so soft and tender for this man, hiding in his hair and mumbling into his neck.

Wangji liked them too, enough to make an active effort not to heal them with his Qi, it was hard- at his level of cultivation healing small wounds was done without a thought.

“Come into the bath Wei Ying”

His lover simply smiles at him and dumps another bucket over his head.


Wangji reached his arm behind him and starts to pull the other man towards him. Wei Ying is giggling like a child. “So now you can move, methinks the great Hanguang Jun just wanted the Wei Wuxian experience” Wangji ignores the gratuitous bicep flexing and gently pulls him into the water, slowly wrapping his limbs around his new prize as Wei Ying snorted and cackled like a loon.

“Captured! In my prime too! What can I do against such a ferocious beast?”


Wangji gently bites Wei Yings ear as the cackling and squirming got progressively louder and more splashy.

 At least Wei Ying was getting a thorough bath.