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          The four schools stood right outside Morimori Academy that looks like a normal high school, but in truth, it is surrounded by the mountains all over. All the them stared at the school for a rather long time not blinking at all. The two coaches there looked at the students, waiting for some sort of reaction from the boys. This time, the managers and the older coaches didn't follow them to this training camp. 

          "Boys, stop staring, we need to go in." Ukai spoke up, waking the boys from their daze. Naoi, coach of Nekoma high, looked at Ukai for a moment before shaking his head. The boys went inside the school with the two only coaches following behind. They made their way to the gymnasium which happened to be near the entrance of the school. The volleyball club members of Morimori Academy waited right at the entrance to their gymnasium. They all exchanged their greetings before all of them made their way in and started with warm-ups.

          "Do you think accepting the invitation was smart? I mean doesn't this seem a little sketchy?" Naoi nudged Ukai who was standing next to him, supervising the students.

          "I think you're being over paranoid. I doubt some well-known school would do something so unethical. So just calm down a little alright? You are supposed to care for your students not worry about something that isn't true. It is only a two-week training camp." Ukai was used to Naoi paranoia, they are close because they used to have training camps together all the time in the past when they were both still students. It was weird Morimori academy suddenly reached out to their schools. They have always been very mysterious, and they never made it through the qualifiers.

          The two coaches stood outside the gymnasium when they heard moans coming from a nearby bush. They were curious, after all it was an all boys school so there aren't any girls for anyone to actually have sex. The two of them slowly made their way towards the sound and when they saw the sight, both of them closed their eyes and ran away from the bushes and towards the gymnasium. They were shocked by the scene - two boys who were obviously from the school were having sex with each other.

          "What was that?" Naoi asked, his eyes were wide open in shock, unable to process the scene he had just seen in the bushes. it wasn't the norm, at least not for him.

          "Just guys having sex..." Ukai said.

          "How can you be so nonchalant about this, two guys having sex." Naoi is almost shouting at Ukai, yet Ukai doesn't care about everything that is being screamed at him. The mindset that Ukai had about same sex relationship were pretty neutral. The words that spewed out of Naoi's mouth seem to have no effect on Ukai at all. Ukai now knows how Naoi feels about guys being together, it was probably a normal mindset since they reside in a very conservative country after all. Ukai said nothing more before entering the gymnasium to watch the boys play. He however couldn't concentrate on the games in front of him, his mind constantly thinks back to what Naoi had said to him just now right outside the gymnasium. He doesn't even know why he kept thinking back to those words, it isn't like he has any feelings for Naoi at all, it would be kind of weird, he had to admit.

           The boys from Karasuno had just completed their game, and the results were clear, they won. They all went to do their cool down exercises, except Daichi who went over to their coach to ask how they had done for the match between themselves and Morimori

          "Coach Ukai, we just finished our game with Morimori, so how did we perform in this game?" Daichi asked as he wipe his perspiration off with the towel that the second years brought to him. He waited for his coach to say something but he heard nothing. He looked over at Ukai but he saw his coach deep in thought. He didn't know what is making his coach thing so much. 

          "Coach? How did we do?" Daichi asked, he is concerned about his coach. It is also very rare that Keishin shares his feelings with the boys, he just kept up a very straight and emotionless front for the boys most of the time since he is much older and also the coach who is supposed to lead them. "You guys did great so keep up the good work. Don't go on a losing streak again alright. You guys can rest meanwhile." Ukai kept his straight face on and the wrinkles between his eyebrows were gone and he seemed more relaxed. Daichi nodded before going to Sugawara to have a little private time.

          "Hinata you idiot!" Kageyama was running around chasing Hinata who had taken his phone away from him.

           Ukai sighed looking at his students. He will try to forget what Naoi had said since it didn't really concern him at all.




           Toono was making his way to the club room from their usual after school meeting which isn't a meeting at all, they usually would do things that Toono would consider as obscene. He tried skipping the meetings but Akemi would always find him and he would end up with a rather harsh punishment from his seniors, so now he makes sure he would turn up for meetings. He walks in and all of his seniors are all naked, which is a usual scene by now. he sat on a wooden chair nearby, not wanting to touch the sofa that may have unknown liquids for all he knows.

          "Oh you're here Toono. I'm glad you aren't skipping anymore which may result in a punishment." Akemi had a smirk on his face. that innocent looking guy is so damn kinky that you couldn't believe it. Toono just nodded, not saying anything. Kashima walks in naked with Yaguchi who was clothed but the marks on his neck was extremely obvious. 

          "I heard the volleyball club got a training camp with other schools. We have some new blood in school so we might have more fun." Tamura said as he slowly stroked himself on the sofa, only Itsuki was wearing something to cover himself, but it isn't really helping either with the sheer fabric that those garments were made of. Yuri was nowhere to be seen, they all know what he is doing anyway, there is no need to guess at all. Toono was now on Yaguchi's lap, his head buried into Yaguchi's neck.

          "Wow you guys are getting a little more open with your relationship huh?" Akemi commented as his hands stroked Itome's head. Kashima nodded as his hand stroked Toono's head making the boy purr at the touch. It made Yaguchi and Kashima coo at that. Both Yaguchi and Kashima basically treats Toono like a baby, not doing much of the dirty stuff with him, only showering the boy with all their love. They are in a poly-relationship. "Three of you look cute together," Akemi squealed, "but make sure to have fun  with him"

         Yaguchi carefully stood up with Toono in his arms, he placed Toono in Kashima's arms, "I've got Soccer practice so I need to go now. I'll see you at our room later after practice." Yaguchi kissed Kashima on the lips before placing a kiss on sleeping Toono's forehead. He left the room after that. Kashima let his fingers slip in between Toono's lips and the boy instinctively sucked on the fingers wetting it completely.

          "Should we make our presence known to our guests?" Akemi suggested and the boys just agreed except for Itsuki, Toono was asleep anyway, so he didn't actually agree.

          The boys planned how to make their presence known to the volleyball boys who weren't from their school. They decided to rebel against the orders to stay secret from the school. They won't let their beautiful bodies and services be hidden just because some after school club was having other schools over for a training camp.