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Blackstar | DiaDop

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Doppio looked at himself in the mirror, his stomach felt hollow and twisted. To say he was nervous would be the understatement of the century. Today was going to be one of the biggest days of his life. Either he was going to be rejected, and be anxious about anyone finding that one video online, or he was going to make it. And he wanted to make it.

He looked into his closet mirror and turned his body. He didn't look bad, just not perfect. Which was totally fine, no one looks perfect. For the interview, Doppio was wearing a purple sweater with a keyhole slit and revealing midriff. It was certainly flirty especially for a guy, but still casual and somewhat unassuming. He figured it would look good for the camera and it was one of his favorite tops anyways, so why not wear it. He was wearing casual blue jeans that would be easy to take off quickly. Doppio had performed stripteases many times in front of his mirror, and even for some of the guys at school, but in front of a camera? This was an entirely new territory. One that scared yet excited him.

He smiled slightly in the mirror. The look he was going for was 'cute', as he personally liked the aesthetic and it was somewhat true to himself. He just hoped that he'd be accepted, whatever that meant. His long pink hair was styled in a loose braid, with a bang flowing freely. It was dyed, obviously. The pink added to his 'cute boy' aesthetic, making him look both youthful and like a rebel hipster teen.

He threw his light duffle bag over his shoulder and left his room, still feeling weak in the stomach. While Doppio did do some minor research in the form of porn star interviews on youtube, he had no idea what to expect, so he brought with him some towels, a light bathrobe, some snacks and pepper spray (just in case).

He passed his mom who was sitting at the couch watching 'Love Island' on the way out, giving her a short wave of the hand as he murmured a quick 'bye'.

"Have fun." She said, not looking away from the screen.

"Yup," Doppio said, almost hiccuping from the nerves. He didn't tell his mom where he was going. She'd disown him, or at least for a night. He told her he was spending the day with Trish, one of his friends from school. It wasn't really her business anyways, Doppio concluded. He was 18. He could do what he want.

And so he did.

A week ago he snapped a few sexy shots of himself in various outfits and sent them along with some medical documents to Passione, a major adult film industry local to his area. It took only two days for them to schedule a shooting. He was told it was a paid tryout to see if he'd qualify, casting couch style. He'd thought about the whole porn thing far before sending in the pictures, but everything still felt like it was going too fast. But while Doppio was a legal adult, he was still very much a teenager, so he was willing to dive in headfirst.

after all, it was only his fate he was toying with, right?

For now, he just had to shut up his nerves. He left his house swiftly, car keys and phone in hand. He didn't have a car of his own, so he'd use his moms. By then she knew he was responsible enough with it to use it whenever he pleased, as long as he paid for the gas. It was a grey Honda Oddessy, which was pretty dorky. On the rare days when Doppio could drive it to school, his friends would lightly pick on him, calling it a 'soccer mom' car.

Nevertheless, it got the job done, and right now, Doppio had somewhere to be. He got into the car, starting it with ease and turned the radio on. Luckily it was 'Britney Speares' Oops!... I did it again'. Something Doppio actually liked, embarrassingly enough.

It was a fun drive. Doppio had managed to settle his stomach by singing along to cheesy pop songs, acting like a 15-year-old diva. At one point during a red light, he rolled down the windows making eyes at a cute guy in a neighboring car. Doppio knew he was being cringy, but it was fucking fun.

The next time he had to stop the car was when he pulled up to a series of buildings in the same address. The building he was supposed to enter was number 4 of 5. Two of the plain, warehouse-style buildings were owned by Passione, with the executive building being across the road. As Doppio was researching about the place before leaving, he learned that the fifth building was owned by a popular modeling agency, Vento Aureo. Doppio had wondered if there was any crossover in the industry, but Vento Aureo is known to prestigious and elite, owned by Tyrant Dio Brando, employing only the finest models and modeling for high-end fashion. Knowing this made Doppio feel like a cheap whore.

Sighing, and scanning the area once more, Doppio spotted the sign with a bold black 4 just outside one of the buildings at the back. It was 2:44. He was right on time, if not a tiny bit early. Doppio got out of the grey Honda and shut the door quietly, desperately not wanting to draw attention to him in the already desolate parking lot. He looked down at himself as a wave of insecurity hit him.

He is probably overdressed. He probably looks like he's trying too hard. Everyone is going to notice he has no clue what he's doing. It's not too late to go home. He can just leave and forget this whole situation ever happened. No one has to know.

Interrupting Doppio's mild panic came to a mumble from behind him. Doppio jumped back and looked at who it was. The cat-eyed man with lavender hair seemed to be taken aback, perhaps because of Doppio's spooked reaction. Whatever it was, he regained his posture quickly and smiled cooly. "Are you the new recruit?" He asked, his eyes staring into what felt like Doppio's soul.

"Uh yes." Doppio blurted out, before cringing at his honestly and looking around. He saw a white car parked several meters away opposite Doppio's. How did that get there? How could Doppio not notice something like that? Well, whatever.

The lavender haired man extended his hand and awkwardly shook Doppio's shaky hand. "I'm Melone, a film star of Passione." He said with a smirk at the words 'film star'. Doppio nodded. "I'm here to give you a bit of a tour, show you the ropes and stuff before filming, okay?"

"Oh, right, okay."

"Are you okay, hun? You're looking kinda nervous? Do you want to reschedule?" He said with a concerned tone. His voice was deep and velvety, it sounded soft yet hard at the same time. Doppio's poor hormone-filled brain had thought it would suit dirty talk well. He felt his face flush ever so slightly.

He cupped his hand to his cheek and without thinking said, "Oh no, It's fine."

"Molto bene! Come inside, I'll show you around. Have you seen the offices?"

"Oh no, but I know they're across the street."

Melone placed his hand on Doppio's back in a friendly yet assertive way. "I could show you them after, maybe. You might even meet Diavolo, the owner of Passione... Although he rarely talks with people... When I first saw you I was worried you were gonna drive off. Many do that, in fact, lots don't even show up. I remember when I first started..."

Melone talked Doppio's ear off for a good 20 minutes as he gave the tour. A lot of it was about his experiences in the business along with some unnecessary gossip about coworkers. He showed Doppio a few of the sets. Most were hotel style with unfinished rooms opening out to the camera crew. Some of the beds looked luxurious, temping to lay in. Doppio had expected a run-down warehouse with a few beds here and there, but the aura on the film sets seemed quite professional and friendly. If only Melone didn't overshare his work stories, Doppio might have felt somewhat relaxed.

"And then the poor guy couldn't get the toy car out of hit butt. Seriously, it was fucking hilarious. Everyone almost died laughing. He never returned after that ordeal." He said, chuckling. "Oh, but you don't have to do anything like that!"

"Right..." Doppio said and shifted his feet.

When a blond man wearing an expensive-looking suit walked passed Melone greeted "Hi Prosciutto. I have the recruit for today, his name's Doppio, right?" Doppio nodded.

"Hello. I am a Prosciutto. I work mainly as a director here but today I'll be filming with you." He said, shaking Doppio's hand with a firm grip. His professional demeanor intimidated him, to say the least.

"O-oh, It's a pleasure to be working with you." Doppio stammered out.

"Of course." Prosciutto replied with a thin smile. "We're all set up." He pointed to the hotel styled set surrounded by cameras.

"Get going, hot stuff! I wish you luck!" Said Melone, who have Doppio a quick pat on the back.

"Thanks..." Mumbled Doppio as he slowly approached the set. There were two cameras set up. One was facing a white couch and the other an equally blank bed. Behind the first camera was a muscular man who was oddly enough, lacking a chin. He had a pretty awful haircut too. Doppio bit his lip as the thought about how in a few minutes, he'd be naked in front of them all. Melone seemed to be watching from the back, probably to judge Doppio's performance. Doppio cringed, hoping he could get erect with this many bystanders.

"So just sit on the couch for a bit and answer some questions for us, okay? It's pretty classic casting couch stuff so just relax, look pretty and you'll be fine." Prosciutto said as he stood behind the green-haired man.

Doppio carefully sat on the couch and was surprised by how comfy it was, which made sense for it to be so as people would be fucking on it. Again, Doppio felt incredibly lewd just sitting there.

"Good Pesci, you're doing good." Doppio heard him mumble to the man. "Okay, Filming in tre, due... uno. Azione!"

"So, you're here looking to become an adult actor? How come?" Prosciutto started, speaking with a clear and deep voice.

Doppio felt his belly do flip flops. "I uhh, thought to just try it out. It doesn't seem to bad."

"Keep going."

"Ohh uh. Well, I already have a reputation for being a bit of a slut. I figured why not go all out?" Doppio said and chuckled shyly, straightening his back slightly.

"A reputation you say?"

"Yes. I get around."

"And do you have a preferred type?"

"Well..." Doppio started. Did he have a type? He was the kinda guy to get fucked by anyone that had a working dick. "I'd like to try it with an older guy..."


"More experienced I guess."

Prosciutto nodded and asked, "So how old are you?"


"Wow, you graduated?"

"No, I'm in the process of finishing school right now, actually."

"So the people you've had sex with, are they from your school?"


"And have do done many women too?"

"No, just guys."

"Have you topped before?"


"And how was it?"

"It wasn't bad. Quite enjoyable... but I really prefer getting fucked. Hard."

Prosciutto seemed to smirk slightly and Doppio flushed, fidgeting with his hands.

"Well then, I can make that-" Prosciutto was interrupted by the sound of the heavy doors to the parking lot open. He and Pesci both turned around to look at the man entering the building. He was tall and wearing a warm dark suit with dark aviators over his eyes. His lips were painted a glossy deep purple, almost black. His hair was long, about the same length as Doppio's (if it were out of it's braid) with dark spots. He had a sharp jaw and a look that gave nothing away. From his appearance, Doppio assumed he was someone pretty important.

"Diavolo, boss! What are you doing here?" Prosciutto said as he quickly switched the camera that Pesci was manning off. Diavolo... Doppio looked at him in awe. He didn't think an owner of a porn producing company would be so hot. He expected an overweight pervy old man. Shows what he knows...

"Just picking something up," Diavolo said with a monotone voice as he stepped forward once more.

"We're trying out a newbie. Do you want to test out the product?"

Doppio physically cringed at that. he definitely did not want to be called a product. Diavolo walked closer, eyeing Doppio slowly. He didn't know if Diavolo was displeased or interested until he caught the faintest of faintest smiles.

"Why not." He said as he placed his palm on Doppio's head. Doppio looked up into Diavolo's stone green eyes. Doppio's eyes darted back to Prosciutto. Was he really about to get fucked by the boss of all people? Prosciutto seemed startled as well.

"On film?" Proscuitto asked.

"Sure." Pesci began to fiddle with the cameras again and repositioned it slightly.

Once Diavolo knew the cameras were rolling, he sat down next to Doppio in a clean swoop, bringing his painted lips to the boys. It was slow, yet forceful and made Doppio turn to putty. The gloss smeared over his lips, tasting the sweet gel. The boss slowly explored Doppio's mouth with precision and skill that of an experienced porn star. Every move was slow and deliberate, made to arouse Doppio, and in turn, the viewers. Doppio was sure his lips would have turned the same color as Diavolo's.

Doppio could feel himself naturally getting hard and on instinct, he moved closer to Diavolo, moaning into his wet kisses. Diavolo smelt like a musky natural cologne. He wanted to bury his face in the older man's large chest but was pushed back slightly. Right, the cameras.

Diavolo started making his way down Doppio's neck, kissing every bit of it until he found a spot that made Doppio squirm. He tongued the spot then sucked it gently before sinking his teeth in. Doppio yelped quietly then moaned again. Diavolo stopped and brought his lips up to Doppio's ear.

"Undress." His voice was husky and demanding, yet smooth like butter. It made Doppio shudder beneath him. Fuck it was sexy. Doppio wanted more. He did what he was told and began by removing his top. He took it off fast, not sure if that part was going to be cut out. He looked at Prosciutto with curiosity, wondering why he wasn't barking orders. Was it because the boss was here? Well, it didn't matter. Doppio knew his way around the body anyways.

His jeans came off quickly along with his socks and underwear. he was completely naked as he turned back towards Diavolo who was surprisingly also naked. Doppio guessed he had skill in taking off his clothes quickly. Diavolo's smeared lipstick just confirmed to Doppio that he was marked. His gaze lowered to the boss' torso. He gawked at Diavolo's body. How is this guy real!? He was muscular and large, with a toned stomach and big pecks. His forearms looked like they could crush Doppio, and that turned him on even more. And the arm tattoos! Doppio was ready to cry. This man is perfect.

Diavolo took Doppio's hand and pulled him to the bed without a word and brought Doppio over to the bed. He sat facing the camera with his erection in full view.

Pesci switched cameras and gave a thumbs up to Diavolo who sat behind Doppio, pulling him up onto his lap. Diavolo started by rubbing Doppio's thighs with a firm grip, massaging them all while cooing sweet nothings in Doppio's ear with his sexy voice. His hands slowly came up further and further until they met with Doppio's hard cock where they gave it a little squeeze before slowly pumping. Doppio moaned again and closed his eyes. He wouldn't last long if Diavolo was being this direct. His left hand began to grope Doppio's hip, making his way to Doppio's ass.

As Diavolo squeezed Doppio's ass, making him squirm, Doppio felt the older man's hard big cock press against his back. That alone made Doppio feel the need to come.

Breathlessly, Doppio asked, "Could we take it a little slower?"

"Sure. Can I use your ass?" Diavolo growled in his ear.

Doppio nodded quickly. The older man grabbed Doppio's waist in his big hands and rolled over, pinning Doppio underneath. He got up pulled Doppio by the hips forward into his crotch, his erection rubbing against Doppio's ass.

Doppio heard some whispering from behind and a small thud. He assumed Pesci was repositioning the camera.

"Do you use toys in there?" Diavolo asked as he slapped Doppio's asscheeks lightly.

Doppio moaned an "Uh-huh." In response.

He heard Diavolo chuckle and say "Good." Before invading Doppio's private place with a slippery finger. Then another. And another. Quickly, Diavolo was finger fucking the younger one's tight hole. Doppio grasped at the white sheets underneath him and panted from his sheer horniness.

Diavolo massaged Doppio's insides thoroughly, rubbing every inch until he found what he was looking for, and when he did, Doppio let out a cry of pleasure. He started to thrust into the spot, sending waves of pleasure through Doppio. If this was what filming porn felt like, then Doppio could certainly get used to it.

Diavolo retracted quickly to reposition Doppio and lifted him up as if he weighed nothing, laying him out in front of the camera where Doppio could make direct eye contact with Pesci and Prosciutto. Doppio clenched his eyes shut, then opened them to only look at the camera. It was him. It was watching him, and soon others would be watching him have sex with a complete stranger. It was horrifyingly erotic. Yet also guilt-inducing.

He put his fingers back inside Doppio, continuing to rub Doppio's prostate forcefully. Doppio's lewd moans filled the set, echoing back to ensure only the best audio quality. He sounded like a whore.

If his mom found out, no, if anyone found out he'd be humiliated for life. What if it came to haunt him in his future career?

Doppio whimpered again as the older man lifted his leg, shifting his cock between Doppio's legs while still fingering him.

Did it even matter if Doppio felt guilty? Maybe he could just own it. He was already known as a massive slut in school, he probably didn't have a chance at being a dignified accomplished adult anyways. Doppio was a whore and he always would be. Doppio had always thought that 'if you're good at something, you might as well do it." And oh boy, was he good at taking dick...

"You're doing great." Came a deep whisper in his ear. Diavolo's long and somewhat fully hair tickled at Doppio's shoulders. Again, large fingers began to stretch him out even further, and Doppio exhaled a rugged breath.

Yeah, Doppio thought to himself. Diavolo's voice was hot as fuck.

It wasn't long until Doppio felt the boss' fingers retract and instead position his hard dick against Doppio's wet hole. Diavolo's must've used a fair amount of lube because it slipped in with ease, despite its size.

Doppio groaned in pleasure again as Diavolo's began to thrust into him. This is too much. Doppio didn't expect to feel this good, but he was practically seeing white.

Diavolo's propped Doppio's leg up farther, showing the cameras an erotic view of their primal display. His pace became faster and more forceful, each thrust pounding into Doppio with an audible slap.

At that point, Doppio was crying out each time Diavolo's dick hit his sweet spot.

"Cute whore," Diavolo grunted. "My cute sweet whore."

Yep, Doppio now has a voice kink.

"Sei la mio puttana."

Fuck, Doppio was close. This was better than anything. The pleasure was drowning out the strain in his leg, and his heartbeat pumped adrenaline through his veins. What a high.

"I-I'm gonna..." He moaned out.

"Do it."

And with that tempting command, he did. He came all over his stomach and the sheets, crying out in total bliss all while Diavolo continued to ram into his abused ass.

Doppio shook with overstimulation, gasping and moaning as the boss slowed down.

"Get on your knees in front of the camera." He ordered.

Doppio nodded enthusiastically at Diavolo, at his boss. The soft carpet met with his knees kindly, probably made specifically not to induce carpet burn. Diavolo stood over him, clearly getting ready for the blowjob and cumshot scene.

Doppio was quite familiar with this part of the video. He was a teenage boy after all. Without command, Doppio took his boss' solid cock in his hand and began to pump and slowly, teasingly brought his mouth to his dick.

Diavolo cursed as Doppio's wet welcoming mouth made contact with his dick. Doppio teased him by giving a chaste kiss on the head of his cock before taking half of its length inside him. It was hot and wet, and Doppio flushed knowing that it had been inside him.

He pumped what he couldn't fit inside of his mouth, using his saliva as extra lube. The older man grunted and held Doppio in place as he lightly thrust into the back of Doppio's throat.

He released Doppio quickly after he gagged twice, choking on dick and spit.

"Open your mouth."

Doppio complied hungrily looking up at Diavolo's face. When their eyes met, Doppio caught a peculiar glint in his eyes as Diavolo smirked.

It wasn't long before felt wet drops shoot onto his face. He closes his eyes quickly as he felt the hot thick liquid land on every part of his face, onto his hair, and into his mouth. It was salty and bitter, each person somewhat similar in taste but always different and savoring the taste was another of Doppio's turn-ons.

Diavolo finished dropping his load as he stroked his spent dick slowly as he stared at Doppio.

Doppio knew he probably looked like a mess, but fuck that just makes him hotter. Doppio guesses he's a full-blown slut now. Someone give him his certificate.

A loud chirp of a whistle broke Doppio's horny self indulge along with a single applause.

"Molto bene!" The lavender man shouted, still back behind the production team. Right... Doppio forgot Melone was watching the whole thing. He bit his lip and looked at Diavolo.

Diavolo offered his hand out to Doppio which he happily took. His hand, which had just been doing unspeakable things to him was large and rough, although slightly damp. Doppio stood up quickly using Diavolo's weight and let go. He said a quiet thanks to the stranger and felt his cheeks heat up. God, why must he feel so awkward now?

Diavolo looked calm and composed, like when Doppio first saw him, but with a bit of heat in his cheeks. Would it be bad if Doppio kissed him again, to savor the waxy feeling on his mouth one last time...? Probably, he was the boss of Passione after all.

A square grey towel suddenly flew into Doppio's face. He used it to wipe him off quickly and looked in the direction of where it came from.

Standing there was a guy with silver hair and snakebite piercings in a worn-out black shirt with a logo that read 'Metallica'. He had tattoos sleeves along his arms and a toned body. From the looks of it, Doppio concluded that he was another adult performer.

"I didn't know you were hiring kids now, Diavolo." He said with a sneer, putting emphasis on his name and gesturing rudely to Doppio. Diavolo tensed up.

"I-I'm 18!" Doppio interjected quickly, feeling the need to protect his and the boss' pride.

The silver-haired man just scoffed and said, "isn't that how old your daughter is?"

"Risotto, enough!" The boss practically snarled, his eyes sending daggers. He spoke with such an undeniable authority that made Doppio weak in the knees. The man, Risotto quickly left with a grunt, probably off to prepare for a shooting or something.

An awkward silence hung in the air. Diavolo and Doppio were still naked, and Doppio was beginning to feel overexposed and exhausted.

"Uh," he stammered out, but before his brain could create a logical sentence, Diavolo said "you're hired. Stay here and someone will bring you your payment soon."

And with that, he slipped on a crimson fluffy bathrobe prosciutto handed him and left for another room.

Shit... Did he say Doppio was actually hired?

He felt giddy, starstruck, horny and terrified all at the same time. What a fucking day.

Prosciutto handed him a bathrobe, the same color of the cum covered face towel he still held and told Doppio the directions to the nearest bathroom. Doppio didn't quite listen, still high from sex but managed to find his way into the barely finished bathroom.

The bathroom was tiled with all the bathroom-esque accessories such as a sink, bath, etc, but was lacking anything to make the room feel less industrial and bare-boned. It was usable, however, so Doppio, in the cum drunk state he was in, couldn't care less.

He threw the grey robe off him and ditched the towel on the floor and faced the mirror. His lips were puffy, and his pink hair was a mess, and there were still remnants of cum, both his and the Boss'.

What stood out the most on Doppio's pale freckled skin was the deep purple smudges along his lips and neck. The kiss marks littered his skin, reminding him of their intimacy.

Diavolo, what an interesting name, Doppio had thought.

He'd been marked by the devil himself.

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Doppio threw open his door, practically bursting into his living room where his mom still sat. Adrenaline still coursed through his veins as the sensations lingered on his skin, melting into his brain.

"Hey! I'm talking to you." Snapped his mom from the couch.

"Oh! Uh... yes?" Doppio stammered, still in a haze.

"I said, you're back already, weren't you hanging out with Trish for the whole day?" She said, glancing down at the book in her hand.

"No. We just watched a movie together." He answered quickly and began to head to his room upstairs. He heard his mom say an uninterested 'okay' as she picked up her book.

When Doppio got to his room, he threw himself onto his purple bedsheets with a thud as the backboard hit the wall. He groaned into his pillow and clenched his eyes. The clothes strewn about his bed flattened out underneath him. Doppio hadn't even removed his shoes.

fuck, Doppio thought, the anxiety catching up with him. Just fuck.

After Doppio cleaned off at Passione's filming warehouse, he was handed an envelope of $700 and was told he could leave. Melone exchanged contact information with him and then Doppio left. The whole thing seemed overly simple. Doppio never signed a contract, although they did have his written consent via email, and he was never told what they were going to do with the film. Formaggio, the man who Doppio had contacted had said he was shooting a standard movie so Doppio guessed it would be put online and in DVD form. That was okay, even if it was going online, It'd be fine. Doppio had only filmed once so far, it wouldn't make sense for anyone to find out yet, however, the anxiety still lingered.

He was 18. If anyone did find out, that's their loss. If he was making this kinda money, he could probably afford to rent. He shouldn't have to worry.

Feeling icky from the cold sweat clinging to his body from his worrisome thoughts, Doppio stood up to have another shower. The one he had was far too quick and cold to really satisfy Doppio with feeling clean... And its a good time to self reflect in the shower. Maybe he could do some introspection and wash away his worries.

Yes. That sounded like a good plan. Doppio sat up, a piece of Velcro from Doppio's skater gloves (he doesn't skate) was stuck in In his hair from the clothes covering his bed. He yanked it out roughly, pulling out a few strands and pushed the clothes off his bed and onto the floor. His room was always a mess, so it didn't really matter. He'd clean it up later.

He made his way into the hallway and into bathroom quickly, with his favorite pink fluffy towl he got for his birthday from Trish (she had a matching one) in hand. His households bathroom was cluttered with many odd trinkets his mother kept like small elephant statues and candles. It smelled faintly of incense.

Doppio hung the towel on the metal rail next to him and began to strip for the second time that day. Doppio had a pretty pale body which marked easily so his blemished bruised skin from the shoot stood out on his canvass of a body. Thank god his mom didn't notice.

They ran along his neck, down to his shoulder and his chest. They were still a fresh bright red, like roses.

Like roses. Doppio smiled. It was oddly beautiful it a strange way. Doppio touched them lightly, following the trail the boss left. A heat rose to his cheeks.

And then lower down. Doppio was a horny mess, that wasn't anything new, so he reached down at his slowly hardening dick. He looked in the mirror at his sultry face. His erotic face that'd bee seen in a fucking porno. He bit his lip, sensitive goosebumps ran across his skin in waves.

He thought of the boss's voice and his smooth, deep and commanding tone. Gruff yet buttery.

"Sei la mio puttana." He had said.

Fuck, that man was hot. Doppio was now thoroughly jerking off, thinking of his intimate moments with the boss, with his boss.

His left hand snaked over to his nipple, pinching it lightly.

"Fuck..." He moaned and leaned over the sink, his breath fogging up the mirror's glass. He quickened his pace, really just racing to climax as soft erotic sounds escaped his dainty lips.

He came quickly and messily into the sink, panting as he did so.

Doppio looked at the cum and frowned. Why couldn't he just control his sexual urges instead of making a mess in the goddamn sink of all places? Being horny 24/7 was a pain in the ass.

Doppio hurriedly turned the tap on and added some soap to wash away his load.

He turned to the shower, remembering what he actually came to do and turned on the water, slowly adjusting the temperature until it was steamy warm. Just how he liked it.

He entered, feeling the hot stream send a ripple through his skin before he got used to the temperature. He reached for his custom shampoo sent via subscription box and got to work.


Melone fought the yawn trying to escape his lips as he was getting pounded from behind by a very polite outside recruit.

He really shouldn't have stayed up with Ghiaccio watching Law & Order until 3am on a work night. At least with his job he could sometimes get sleep ins.

He let out a deep moan as the stranger's cock released his cum inside him. He took out his cock, leaving Melons to do what he does best and present his used ass to the camera as some cum slowly leaked out.

"And... Cut." Yelled the director.

Melone smiled. Finally over. Now he could go home to his darling boyfriend and snuggle for the rest of the night. He got off the bed, feeling the warm liquid run down his legs.

He sauntered over to the bathroom, still bare-ass naked and cleaned himself up, throwing on a purple T-shirt, tight ass black jeans and a grey hoodie. His thoughts strayed from one think to another, as he gathered his bearings. Eventually, his mind landed on the new boy.

Doppio... Doppio had talent, Melone thought. For a porn virgin he was pretty expressive and not too awkward in front of the cameras. He had potential for sure. If he found his niche he could even be a fan favorite. Doppio's impressive performance did make him a little jealous, but Melone was a seasoned talent with quite a few more years left in the business. He wasn't going anywhere, so helping Doppio would be no threat to his own career. In fact, Melone was excited to help Doppio grow. Doppio was cute and young, so Melone's maternal instincts were kicking in.

He said his goodbyes to the higher-up producers and waited outside the unimpressive building with his hands in the pockets of his grey jacket. His lavender hair swayed gently in the wind. He watched his ride, a white Mazda CX-5 entered the parking lot disturbingly fast. Ugh, Melone thought, Ghiaccio was speeding again. Didn't he tell Ghiaccio off for that just yesterday? The guy can never slow down, it was a pain, especially dealing with him road-raging, but Melone loved his boyfriend all the same.

He hopped in the car quickly, closing the door swiftly. He leaned over and greeted his blue-haired boyfriend with a wet kiss on the cheek.

"That mouth better be clean before you kiss me." He responded in a gruff tone as he pulled out of the lot.

"It is!" Melone insisted and chuckled slightly.

"So... How was your day?" Ghiaccio inquired, quickly glancing at Melone before looking back at the road ahead.

"It was alright. Nothing really happened... Oh! But there was a newbie!" Melone started.


"Yeah, he was pretty talented. I think I want to mentor him a little." Said Melone, smiling slightly. "He caught the attention of the boss, y'know that pink-haired guy who always looks pissed off?"

"He better not take your spotlight." Muttered Ghiaccio as he swerved to the left.

"Hey! Drive carefully!" Melone exclaimed, eyeing the car beside them. "If we crash and I die, I'll haunt your sweet ass."

"It's not my fault that some asshole pulled up beside us like that! Did you see that? What was he thinking!" Ghiaccio then began to hurriedly roll down the window. Oh no, Melone thought.

"Hey, asshat! Learn how to fucking drive!" He shouted at the car. He then mumbled a string of swears as he turned to the road again.

God... Ghiaccio was so fucking embarrassing when he was in a mood. At least there was a cure. Said cure was Melone's presence (not that Ghiaccio would admit it) and The Beatles, specifically their 9th studio album. He brought out the CD from its case and carefully inserted it into the stereo slot.

"We're nearly home." Stated Ghiaccio.

"I know," Melone replied, cooly.

The first song on the album began, Back in the U.S.S.R. It was a jam.

Ghiaccio seemed to calm down quickly and drove much more carefully. Hopefully, Melone's comment about haunting his butt actually sank in.

They pulled into the driveway of the lot and parked under the carport that was right in front of their apartment.

"Can you help me bring in the shopping?" Mumbled the blue-haired man.

"'Course, babe." Said Melone and reached into the backseat to pull out several white and purple eco-friendly shopping bags (yes they matched the two men's aesthetics) and pulled them forward into his lap.

They both got out of the car and walked up to their small apartment's door. As soon as Ghiaccio unlocked the door, Melone sped inside and dumped the bags on the kitchen bench.

Melone spun around to face Ghiaccio and wrapped his arms around him, bringing him close to his body.

"We have groceries to unpack." He said and pulled away.

Melone pursed his lips and reattached himself to Ghiaccio's body. "Just leave them. We've got all the time in the world. Right now, I just wanna cuddle."

Ghiaccio looked away with a red blush on his face. Ahh, Melone's heart fluttered whenever his boyfriend was being shy. It was just so cute!

"I missed you..." Melone mumbled as he brought his face to Ghiaccio's, placing a small kiss on his lips.

"I saw you like, three hours ago." The blushing man said with a small frown.

...but I missed you too." He eventually said.

Aww. Melone guided Ghiaccio towards their all too comfy sofa and pushed him down onto it for a hardcore super soft cuddle sessionᵀᴹ. Melone laid on top of Ghiaccio (there wasn't much room on the sofa) and softly kissed him again. He took off the other man's glasses and rolled over tl snuggle up beside him.

"I can't see." Ghiaccio stated.

"You don't need to see to cuddle."


Melone smiled and closed his eyes. He'd been dating Ghiaccio for over five years now, which was the longest relationship he'd ever had. And to be frank, he was head over heels in love for the dude. Melone had heard the horror stories about couples breaking up after moving in together, but damn, they've been living together in their small 11x11 two-story apartment for a strong 2 years now. They were practically soulmates. Melone knew he struck big when he found a guy who was caring and protective yet was understanding and supportive of his sex work. They were even cat moms to the lovely white oriental shorthair named Junior.

"Come on... I need to make dinner. Get off." Ghiaccio grumbled.

"Fiiiine." The lavender haired man replied as he rolled off Ghiaccio, accidentally elbowing him in the gut and fell onto the soft carpet.

"Ugh that fucking hurt," Ghiaccio said as he sat up.

"I love you too." Melone giggled.

"I need my glasses."

"Here." Melone handed his boyfriend's glasses to him, which he managed to grab after two failed attempts.

Ghiaccio went to the kitchen and got started, leaving Melone on the couch with some alone time on his hands. While Ghiaccio also had a job (which he managed to keep for over a year. Wow) he knew that after filming, Melone had barely any energy left so he'd cook dinner on those days, unless they had cash for take-out. Ghia wasn't the best cook, but what he'd make for Melone was always filled with love, oh and overused spices that really bite, kinda like Ghiaccio's personality.

Melone slipped off his cool kid sneakers and put his feet on the small modern table that was positioned in front of the couch as he reached for his lilac laptop to do a bit of light reading. His laptop was pretty modern and he'd been saving all his cash for it. As Melone does with anything, alive or not, he assumed a mothering type role for the new computer, treating it as another one of his precious children.

His precious children including:

His laptop.

Junior (the cat).

The house plants Ghiaccio can't look after for the life of him,

And now the small pink-haired recruit, Doppio.

Mama-fucking-mia. Melone had a problem.

Dinner was served quickly. Melone had no idea what it was until Ghiaccio handed him the plate as he still sat on the couch like the lazy neanderthal he was. it was Risotto. Something Ghia could cook semi-decently. Lucky!

"Thanks." He said before quickly spooning the rice dish into his mouth almost choking on the heat. Ghiaccio gave him a 'are you kidding me' look before blowing on the steaming rice on his spoon.


Ghiaccio pulled away as a string of spit connect the two men together, both terribly flushed in the face.

"Melone..." He whispered.

"I know... But I can't. I'm too tired. " Melone pouted. He leaned closer to the other man and whispered, "But I can blow you."

Ghiaccio smiled contently as his boyfriend lowered himself, slowly caressing him. He made his way down to Ghia's crotch and began palming the already semi-hard bulge in his jeans.

Melone quickly undid his jeans and stuck his hands into Ghiaccio's briefs making contact with his warm dick. He took it out and began to jerk him off, looking up at Ghiaccio.

Ghiaccio couldn't help but feel a sense of pride whenever he and Melone banged, not that he'd ever admit it. He was proud of Melone's talent and proud of himself for scoring such a hot and amazing boyfriend.

The lavender haired man took Ghiaccio's full length in his mouth, all the way to the base of his cock which wasn't difficult as Ghiaccio wasn't exactly the size of his coworkers. He bobbed his head in a steady motion and closed his eyes.

He ran his tongue underneath him and sucked at his length, using his hand to hold it still. He could feel it growing harder inside of him. He indulged in the taste of Ghiaccio's skin and sweat as he moaned when the tip hit the back of his throat.

Ghiaccio placed his hand against Melone's neck, gently caressing it as he involuntarily thrusted into him. Melone's lewd slurps and moans made him go crazy with lust. He was getting close.

Melone knew too because he quickened his pace and squeezed with a bit more pressure. It was hot and wet which turned turned on Ghiaccio so fucking much. God, he loved Melone's expert mouth.

He finished quickly, cumming into the back of his lavender-haired boyfriends mouth with a husk grunt. Melone looked up at him and smiled lazily as he unlocked his jaw's firm grip from Ghiaccio's softening dick.

Chapter Text

He pulled up once again in his mom's car into the asphalt carpark which Passione and Vento Aureo occupied. This time, it seemed actually busy as there were quite a few cars. There were even a few expensive-looking ones, which he assumed belonged to Vento Aureo employees.

Doppio had told his mom he was at Trish's again, and to further his alibi, he's actually going to Trish's house right after for a sleepover. He knew he'd have to figure out another lie eventually, but Doppio was never the creative type and so he'd milk this Trish lie for as long as he could.

He got out of the car quickly, duffle bag over his shoulder, eager to figure out just what the fuck he doing today. He was told by Formaggio that he was filming another vanilla shoot, but also told him to come a couple of hours earlier to 'learn the ropes', whatever that meant.

So at 12:00 he entered the Passione filming studio for the second time. Just like the first time he saw the place, Doppio was hit by the odd juxtaposition of different sets inhabiting the warehouse-type building. Besides the doors were a series of black faux-leather seats, where a certain obnoxious man sat. It was Melone.

He greeted Doppio loudly and patted the seat beside him, gesturing for him to sit down. Doppio saw that he had no other choice as he looked around the room, seeing the few others occupied with camera work. He assumed they were the technicians. He obliged as he sat his bare-ass thighs on the cool seat. He was wearing booty shorts, not because it was hot, or anything close to warm but because still wasn't sure if there was some kind of 'slutty dress code' type of thing. The other actors he had met did seem to wear pretty revealing clothes, along with some... Unique design choices such as Melone's purple atrocity. well, it probably didn't matter what he wore.

"So, how are you feeling? Is this starting to feel normal yet?" Melone asked, leaning into Doppio, perhaps a bit too closely.

"Uh getting there," Doppio answered honestly.

"Molto bene! I'm not actually filming anything today, instead, I am here to give you a bit of a short course in the business, 100% free of charge."

"Wow, uhh. Thank you." Doppio said.

"Non c'é problema. Anything for my babies."

Doppio had no idea what Melone meant by that, but hopefully, Melone's lessons would provide helpful.

"If you guys are going to be chatting, I hope you find somewhere else too as we will be filming in 15 minutes." Came a deep voice. Doppio looked up away from Melone and saw Prosciutto, the very guy he was supposed to fuck a few days ago.

"Oh where are the two?" Asked Melone.

"Sorbet and Gelato? Probably out the back smoking. Please don't distract them. They need to be in set soon."

"I won't, I won't," Melone said as he stood up. "I'm just going to introduce them to Doppio. Its good to have a friendly work environment."

Prosciutto looked annoyed as he moved out the way. Melone left with Doppio in tow and made his way around the various half furnished rooms and finally out into the back of the property.

It was just a fenced-off area of mostly concrete but with a few small potted flowers. Leaning against the brick wall were two men. One had short blond hair that hung loosely and the other wore his black hair in upward smooth spikes.

"Hey." The blond-haired man greeted casually, as he blew out a cloud of smoke.

"This is the new guy I told you about, Doppy!" Melone said cheerfully as he patted Doppio's back. Doppio could feel his face heat up with embarrassment and annoyance. For fuck's sake, this guy was obnoxious.

"Do not call me Doppy!" He snapped glaring at Melone.

"Fine, fine," Melone said as he held up his hands. "Well anyways... This is Sorbet and Gelato."

Doppio had no idea which was which, but he really didn't care. He forced a smile as he shook the two men's hands. The four of them stood in awkward silence for a while until the black-haired man's watch quietly beeped. "We have go." He said curtly as they headed inside.

As quickly as they arrived, Melone turned around with the younger one behind him and lead Doppio inside to another room inside. It had a folded up table leaning against the wall and several chairs stacked upon each other.

"Okay, so as for my amazing course, first I want to talk to you about your rights and what's expected of you. Uhhh it does sound a bit lame, but your still a kid and I want to make sure this is a healthy work environment for you." Melone started with a sincere expression.

"This job really isn't for everyone... And there's a lot of ups and downs, accidents happen, etcetera, so I just want you to know that you can always back out at any time or refuse to do something."

Doppio nodded as they both sat down near the wall. He knew all this.

"It's good to have a list of sex acts you're willing to perform as well as blacklisted ones that you can just hand to producers if you don't really want to talk about it. We can go through them together if you'd like." He explained as he sat a lilac laptop on his lap.

Where the fuck did he get that? Doppio thought as Melone began to open some documents like he didn't totally just summon a laptop out of hammerspace.

"What's your name?" Melone hummed.

"Vinegar Doppio." He had answered, slightly confused.

"Your porn name." The lavender haired man reworded.

Oh. Shit. How hadn't Doppio thought of that? He fried his brain trying to quickly look for a not too tacky name to no avail.

"Well... What would you call me?"

Melone let out a small laugh. "Hun, no. Just make one up for yourself."

Doppio thought. Melone waited expectingly.

Doppio figured he'd regret it later, but he could always change it if he so wanted to, so he blurted out. "Doppio. Just Doppio is fine."

"Are you sure...?" Melone asked, with a concerned look. Doppio nodded enthusiastically to try and hide his uncertainty.

"Okay... Let's move on with the 'want, will, won't chart."

Doppio nodded.

"Okay," Melone began as he looked at Doppio with an intrigued expression. Doppio really hoped he didn't seem like an awkward mess, but he didn't think the odds were in his favor.

"Is there anything you're looking to do in this field? Like a particular sub-genre like BDSM or water play?"

Doppio fidgeted with the hem of his salmon-colored T-shirt as he gave the question a quick thought. Doppio was pretty vanilla himself but was totally open to other kinds of sex acts.

Doppio shook his head slowly and said, "There isn't anything I really want to do, I guess, but I'll try anything at least once." Doppio looked into his lap and bit his lip. He was so open about sexuality at school and with his peers, so why was it so hard to talk about here...? Doppio was just hoping he could get used to it.

"I guess that brings us to 'will'. You'll almost anyways be told the details of the next shooting, so you can adjust something's or decline, or whatever, but it's good for the company to have a file with this kinda stuff anyway..." Melons explained. It made sense to Doppio.

"I mean, I'll try the normal stuff..." He replied. Melone kept silent so Doppio continued. "I'll try BDSM, probably threesome's, orgies. Stuff like that. No hard BDSM. "


"Uhh," doppio contemplated. He obviously knew what it was but he wasn't so sure about actually doing it. Well, it wasn't the worst thing in the world, so he concluded he'd at least give it a try if he must.

Melone was typing away, a little too enthusiastically (which mildly concerned Doppio) as he filled out the word document.

"I'm assuming you'll do anal, blowjobs, unprotected and photoshoots, right?"

"Oh yeah, that's fine."

"And Formaggio did tell you how often you'll need to get tested right?"


"Molto bene. You can just email him PDFs of the documents or hand them to him in the office. He'll add them to your history file."

Doppio nodded. He at least felt better knowing that everyone he'd be working with would be clean.

"Are you interested in working with any uhh, outside clients?" Melone asked with a somewhat aloof tone.

"Uh?" Doppio blinked.

"Basically, prostitution," Melone said bluntly. "I don't really recommend it as it is illegal and somewhat dangerous, but Passione has connections that can ease you out of a situation if it goes dirty."

That... sounded pretty sketchy. Doppio shook his head quickly and blurted out a quick no. Melone smiled as he added the information to the table.

"Good. You're too young for that. Now, let's talk about what you won't do. Anything that comes to your mind straight away?"

"I won't do scat, hardcore S&M, asphyxiation play with plastics, sounding, blood play..." Doppio stated. He had already made of his own list in his head of all the things he wouldn't do.

They'd continue to discuss various types of sex acts and kinks until they had an extensive list to email to Formaggio. Melone sat his purple laptop (that Doppio was kind of jealous of tbh) on a stack of chairs.

"Do you do yoga?" He asked.

Doppio answered with a no.

"It can make you more flexible and improve your balance, which is good for posing for shoots. It will also help you look a little more toned. Pilates is even better. We're gonna do some today, as a warm-up."

Doppio had to hold in a groan. That sounded boring as fuck.

"Come on. We'll start with an easy one." Melone said as he dropped to his stomach. Doppio hesitantly copied and lowered his body into the brown carpet.

"Let's start with something easy, like the downward dog."

They did yoga and pilates for a good hour, or so as Melone taught Doppio all kinds of positions to stretch his body. He also showed him some sexy poses for photoshoots and filming. Overall it was actually pretty fun, Doppio managed to get used to Melone's overbearing personality.

"It's about time for you to get prepared for your shoot," Melone noted as he was checking his laptop's login screen. "Risotto will be your partner today. The punk-looking guy you met on your first day."

That guy... Doppio remembered him clearly. He was a bit of an asshole... But well built.

"I'll go get ready then," Doppio said as he picked up his bag.


Doppio came out of the bathroom 15 minutes later after preparing his ass and applying a light foundation to his face. He entered set 5, (the half-done room Melone gave him directions too) and was met with the faces of the other employees. He saw Prosciutto there talking with a different green-haired man that last time. There was another team member Doppio hadn't seen before who was wearing casual clothes with a beanie all in a similar brown shade.

Risotto was also there, topless and lazily stroking his dick waiting for something to happen. His relaxed demeanor kind of intimidated Doppio. Doppio walked up to Prosciutto to tell him he was ready and was told to sit on the bed next to Risotto. Which he did. Awkwardly.

Risotto looked at Doppio with a slight frown and greeted him curtly to which Doppio stammered back with a quick "Hello."

"Doppio, you just need to drop to your knees and suck his dick first." Prosciutto said. "Get in position and I'll tell you when we start rolling."

Doppio lowered to the floor in front of Risotto and looked up at him with a faint smile. He was his co-star, he had to play nice. The man above just watched with the same stone look.

"Azione." Came Prosciutto's deep voice.

Doppio looked up at Risotto once more and then looked at his dick, sticking out the band of his grey briefs. He carefully freed his member and began to jerk him slowly. He removed his hand to spit on it for some added lubricant as he continued to pump Risotto.

He brought his glistering glossed lips to the man's cock and wrapped them around the head. It was fairly tasteless, except for the distinct taste of skin. Doppio could feel it getting harder in his mouth as he ran his tongue around the tip of the head. He bobbed his head in a steady rhythm, swallowing Risotto's deeper and deeper with every motion.

He pulled away, panting as he continued to jerk the man with his hand. Risotto let out a soft moan as Doppio started to suck his dick again, raking his teeth along the top of his length lightly.

Then he was sucking Risotto off faster and firmer, greedily attempting to take his whole length in his mouth. He let out a choked moan as he pulled back avoiding gagging on his length.

"Move your ass towards the camera a bit more." Came Prosciutto's voice, reminding Doppio of exactly where he was and what he was going.

Doppio shifted a little and arched his back before taking out Risotto's sloppy cock. He quickly looked at the director who gave him a thumbs up and went back to Risotto's dick.

Doppio let out a shallow groan as Risotto was finally at his full length. Doppio was slightly surprised at how much of a turn on it was to hear his own sloppy sounds. Risotto kept panting quietly and started to lightly thrust into Doppio's mouth.

Prosciutto cleared his throat, gaining the attention of the two actors. "It's time to bareback."

Doppio brought himself up onto the bed again.

"Get on all fours and stick your check down with your butt up."

Doppio did as he was told and let his elbows rest beside his head.

"Move a little to the left and arch your back more." Grunted Prosciutto.

Doppio couldn't quite see what the camera crew was going from his new position but he heard some murdering between the two cameramen. He was starting to feel self-consciousness again, with his ass and balls incomplete view of the camera. His face was already incredibly flushed. He bit his lip and waited. After he heard a few mechanical clicks, Prosciutto then threw a condom at Risotto, who simply grunted in reply.

In only a few seconds, Doppio could feel cold gel being smothered onto his ass. He whimpered quietly at the sensation. He could feel Risotto begin to massage his ass, slipping a finger into the ring of flesh. Doppio let out a small squeak. Risotto added another finger. And another.

He was stretching Doppio with scissoring motions at an incredibly hurried pace. Before Doppio could get used to the feeling he retracted his hand and pressed something else against Doppio's slicked asshole. It was firm and rubbery and it sent shivers up Doppio's spine.

The man pushed his cock in quickly until it was half-buried. The size stretched Doppio well, not too big but still that of a porn actor's. He began to move in deeper, barely rubbing past Doppio's prostate. The boy moaned and bit his lip once more.

"Back down." Prosciutto reminded. Doppio complied and arched his back further along with letting his chest touch the white sheets. It wasn't the most comfortable position, but it didn't matter too much to Doppio. It could be worse.

It was then when Doppio had noticed that Risotto hadn't applied enough lube, as his ass began to sting a little. He let out a sharp gasp when Risotto's cock hit at his sweet spot. Risotto hummed from behind him and angled his dick to further assault Doppio's prostate.

From the pain from Risotto's cock rubbing his entrance and the ecstasy that came from his sweet spot, Doppio was reduced to a blubbering mess under the older man.

Fuck, it felt good. Not as good as with the boss, but still enough to make Doppio's brain blank. Soon enough, his bouncing dick began to erupt with lust and threw his cum all over the sheets under him.

"Cum in five minutes." Prosciutto said to Risotto. Risotto buried himself into Doppio's depths, each thrust making an audible 'slab' as their bodies collided. Their carnal fucking elicited excited moans from both of them, with Doppio's body being abused and overstimulated and Risotto close to climax.

Doppio had no conception of time, it was as if at that moment all he knew was how to get fucked and so when Risotto pulled out of his used asshole, he let out a last fulfilled moan and looked behind him. The silver-haired man had finished in the condom and was already showing off his spent dick to the camera. Doppio stayed in position, not really knowing what to do until he heard Prosciutto he was done.

He sat up, unused to feeling so empty. Like last time, Risotto threw a towel at him, this time landing on his lap.

"There's water in the fridge in the kitchen next door. You're so flushed, It's hot though." Said Prosciutto with a smug look on his face. Doppio felt his face heat up even more and so he buried it in the towel, which elicited a chuckle from the director.




Doppio shifted his weight from foot to foot as he pressed the expensive-looking doorbell yet again. This always happens. Trish always has her music up to max.

He brought out his shitty home-brand phone and sent a quick and rather crude text to Trish. Something along the lines of, 'Move your ass. I'm outside.'

The weather was getting colder lately but not enough to make Doppio think about wearing something that'd cover more than 50%, to which he was regretting as the breeze cooled his skin.

He heard footsteps approaching and the sound of the metal doorknob rattle before he was greeted with his best friends' damp, flushed face. She had her hair loosely wrapped up in a towel with some of her pink hair sticking out.

"I heard you ringing the doorbell. I was getting dressed." She said, pointing to her mismatched outfit consisting of a green T-shirt and black ill-fitting boxers. "You made me throw on something ugly."

"You're welcome," Doppio replied as he moved past Trish and entered her luxurious home. He heard Trish mutter something from behind him. He took his shoes off and sat them next to the shoe rack in the same neat manner Trish would.

Doppio didn't know much about Trish's family, she'd hardly ever mention them and when Doppio came over, Trish was always home alone. She had told him her mother had died when she was 12, and she had to live with her father that shed never met. Trish still seemed a little salty about the whole ordeal, but she loved the perks of being a rich kid. Something which she'd brag about to Doppio often.

He entered the rich and luxurious and sat on the beige chaise lounge, setting his bag on the floor. He was pretty sure that the luxurious red and brown furniture was worth more than his life, which was pretty fucking intimidating.

Trish followed behind him and said. "I'm going to change into something that won't make me vomit. Snacks are in the kitchen." She walked past with proud strides like a princess in her palace.

Doppio was fine without any snacks, in fact, his stomach felt slightly queasy. He felt like an imposter like he was someone else entirely. He knew he was using Trish. He was using her as a cover for his dirty deeds. He wasn't sure he could tell her about his new work. He probably wouldn't. It'd be a hassle to maintain his lies, but surely it's better than people finding out so soon.

"So what do you want to do?" Trish's girly voice chirped. Doppio's visibly jumped as she spoke. He was lost in contemplation and so he didn't notice her presence.

"I-i'm not really sure." He said.

Trish put her hands on her hips. "You were the one who ever so desperately wanted to come over tonight. You made me cancel my date with Yukako, and for what?"

"You're dating Yukako?"

"No not that type of date- ugh." She waved her arms in frustration. "Don't tell me you didn't come here for a reason. You seemed troubled when you texted me."

"Oh." Shit, think fast.

"I wanna play board games." He looked up her, trying his best to look innocent and dumb. Trish wasn't buying it.

"Fine, keep your secrets." Trish sassed. "But if anything is bothering you or you need help, you can tell me." She added, her voice turning soft. Doppio nodded.

"So, Monopoly?"

Chapter Text

"Why is the line so fucking busy!" Narancia grumbled, staring at the hoards of adolescents lining up at the canteen.

"Just hurry up and get in line. If you take too long we'll ditch you." Yelled Trish, looking up as she scrolled through her phone.

Doppio watched with his gang as Narancia begrudgingly joined the queue. The canteen was a pretty small area, and with around a hundred students either lined up to get food or standing waiting for their friends, the noise was almost deafening. Mista was listening to music with his knockoff airpods which somehow Doppio could hear despite the chaotic high schoolers around them yelling all the fucking time.

"You're going to damage your ears, Mista," Giorno advised and looked at him with the usual piercing gaze that seemed too mature for him.

"Huh?" Mista pulled out his airpod, the British punk song more clearly recognizable.

"I said," Giorno repeated. "You're going to damage your ears listening to music that loudly."

Mista only shrugged in response and inserted his airpod in again. Giorno seemed unfazed, so done with Mista's bullshit and pulled out his iPhone x.

Doppio then did the same, with his lesser $100 android, being the typical phone addicted teen he was.

Doppio did have a reason to be unsociable, however, as after his lunch break he had to go work during his spare period, which would be totally fine, if not frustrating, but Doppio didn't have the typical job a typical teen would have.

And it was exciting and scary all at once. He couldn't keep his mind wandering. He couldn't stop thinking about those two times. It was so bad that it was all he could think about in math class. So much for his test later today.

Actually... being the horny teenager he was, he couldn't stop thinking about sex during math anyways. When he'd think about the footage of him, tingling sparks of arousal and embarrassment shot through his body.

And no one could know. Doppio wasn't even looking at his phone anymore. Instead, he set his eyes on the abyss, nothing in his surroundings bothered him, not even the noise. The very fact that he had such a dirty secret somehow made it even dirtier. If they only knew...

But they wouldn't. They couldn't. Doppio wouldn't let that happen.

"Hey," Giorno's commanding voice snapped Doppio back to reality in an instant.

"Yes...?" Doppio questioned, looking around and noticing that the gang had left.

"Are you alright? You seem to be contemplating something serious."

Damn Giorno and his god-like perception.

"Huh? No, I was just daydreaming." He replied with a shrug, trying to sound casual but failing miserably.

Giorno, most likely unsatisfied with that answer, gave a nod as he turned on his heels to catch up with the group.

Doppio followed.

The cafeteria was located right in the middle of the school grounds, enclosed by buildings containing classrooms. Outside led to the courtyard. Garden beds and picnic benches littered the pavement seemingly without any thought of design in place. It wasn't much, but it was where Doppio could relax with his friends.

They both made their way to their usual spot, the wooden picnic table with the least birdshit on it and sat down next to their peers.

Trish and Mista were arguing about god knows what, they probably didn't even know themselves while Narancia seemed to be panicking over his math homework. It was just the usual.

Giorno and Doppio both got out their lunch, with Doppio frowning at the other food. Giorno had a potato salad, a ham and cheese croissant, and rice pudding. Lucky bastard. Doppio was stuck with a jam sandwich.
Shitty rich people, he cursed. Why did Giorno even go to this shitty government-funded school if his two dads were fucking millionaires?

Doppio tried to shoo away his jealous thoughts as he bit into his depressing sandwich. What he really needed was a sugar daddy or something...

"Oh Doppio!" Trish exclaimed from beside him. "I keep forgetting to book the manicures. Can you do it?"

Doppio frowned and swallowed his bite of bread and jam. "You said you'd do it."

"It's your fault for relying on me. Anyways I'm paying for you, so book it." She said, rummaging through her bag for her own lunch.

"Fine." He grumbled, making a mental note.

Doppio was kinda what most would call a 'femboy' or a sissy, as the teenage guys with fragile masculinity call him. On rare treats he'd go out and get his nails done with a friend -that friend being just Trish since no one else was into that type of thing- or even get a pedicure. It made him feel cute and gave him some gossip time, which was Trish's expertise. The girl knew everything about everyone.

Just as he was excited to spend some time with his bestie, Doppio was also concerned with Trish's suspicion. He knew that she thought something he was up to something. Trish wasn't as perceptive as Giorno but she was also Doppio's best friend. Best friends always know when something's wrong.

While nothing was exactly 'wrong' with Doppio, his moods have certainly been more turbulent the past week and he could tell it was beginning to show. But what could he do?

"I'm so fucking tired!" Mista yelled, finally pulling out his airpods.

"Get more sleep then." Responded Giorno, dryly.

"I can't! Fugo and I were trying to get that sweet, sweet battle Royal, y'know?"

"Fortnite isn't worth losing sleep," Giorno said, finishing his croissant and opening up his pudding.

"Like you'd know! I got 39 kills last night. Maybe if you'd stop being a square you'd understand." Mista said, clearly ready for an argument.

"Its literally exam week, Mista. I need to study."

Trish then chimed in. "Okay, but who the fuck calls someone a 'Square'. That's so old-school."

"And what's wrong with being old-school?" Mista asks, crossing his arms.

"You're not old-school. You play Fortnite."

"Shut the fuck up, Narancia!"

Doppio frowned. Fucking Fortnite. Why did every conversation have to end up being Fortnite related?

He then put the rest of his sandwich away, somehow suddenly losing his appetite while the others bickered about the cursed game.

He checked his phone again and sighed. Doppio had a fuckload to do today. 6 more minutes and he had to leave to film, then after coming back for his shitty math class.

He looked down and began to absentmindedly pick at the paint on the table. The other's convocation slowly came to a standstill until it was just silence.

"Oh hey, is that a, uhh what was it... A caesar salad?" Narancia spoke up, as he closed his math book. Giorno looked at him with an expression that clearly read, 'it's too early for this shit.'

"I learned about that guy in class!"

"Julius Caesar?" Trish asked, dooming herself to the rest of the lunch breaks worth of arguing, which thankfully would only be five more minutes.

"Yeah, that Roman guy. What is his... A poly... Polygon?" Narancia murmured.

"A polygon?" Trish asked, trying to hide her amused smile.

"Yeah like, he was good at everything. He was an emperor and a chef!" Narancia answered.

Doppio looked back at Giorno who had dropped his fork into his salad with a look of disbelief.

Now, Narancia wasn't dumb, he was pretty street smart and could carry and argument decently, however, historical knowledge was not his forte.

"First of all," Giorno started. "You mean polymath, and second, he had nothing to do with the salad."

"Then why is it named after him, huh?" Narancia shot back.

Giorno simply rolled his eyes.

"If Fugo was here, he'd tell me," Narancia mumbled and went back to glaring at his math problems. Fugo, another one of Doppio's friends was suspended for three weeks for flipping a desk. A pretty normal occurrence, actually. Despite Fugo missing many days off school, he'd always be at the top of all his classes. Its probably why he hasn't been expelled yet.

Before Giorno could reply to Naranica's bitching, a loud ring almost ruptured their ears, making Doppio almost jump out of his seat.

"Every fucking time. Why do we sit so close to the bell." Trish muttered as he put her palms over ears. The bell bothered everyone except Mista, as he was still blasting Sex Pistols at an almost deadly level right into his brain, probably killing the last brain cells he had left.

"Because the other tables are covered in crow crap," Narancia said, answering Trish's rhetorical question.

The group all sat and gathered their backpacks.

Shit. Doppio almost forgot, due to the amusing bickering. He had to film now. Giorno turned to Doppio.

"You have a spare right?" He asked.

Doppio nodded. "I'm going home for a bit instead of studying."

"I have to get to work."

Giorno was a part-time model, apparently, his dad was the CEO of a modeling agency. That was about all Doppio knew, given Giorno's private nature. Doppio had always been a little jealous that Giorno was both rich and good looking. His mature attitude and mysterious family made him all the more alluring, yet detestable. When they hung out, Giorno would usually pay for the group's expenses so at least his golden presence made for something.

They said their goodbyes quickly as the others had to get to class. Once the bell had gone, the courtyard and hallways were like rush hour, people squeezed in to fit into doorways and entrances with the occasional push here and there.

Doppio made his exit as swiftly as he could, speed walking to the carpark where his mom's car sat. Lucky him, he pretty much had full access to the thing whenever his mom wasn't working.

He entered the grey Honda Odyssey, planting his ass onto the uncomfortable seat and started the engine. The radio turned on automatically, tuned into Doppio's favorite pop station. He left his blasted school and hummed to the song, "Wannabe" to try and ease his nerves.

Someday, he thought, someday he'll get over his anxieties about filming and own it like a goddamn queen.

But not today.


The carpark had quite a few cars in again, each shiny and reflective in the sun. As Doppio was admiring the cars, he stopped in his tracks when he saw a very familiar Lexus RX 350. He could recognize that thing anywhere, the obnoxious shiny hue and the rich boy aura emanating from it could only mean one thing.

It belonged to the golden boy himself, Giorno.

And then, as if the universe was fucking against him, Giorno stepped out of the goddamn car.

To say Giorno looked surprised was an understatement. He froze outside his car, his eyes wide until his expression returned to its usual cool, calm and collected state in a matter of seconds.

Doppio wanted to die, right then and there.

"What a surprise meeting you here," Giorno said, with an almost suspicious tone.

What a fucking great coincidence, Doppio thought. Was the world out to get him? Doppio knew he was unlucky, but not this unlucky? He'd only been doing porn for one goddamn week and he was already outed? It was almost as if someone was controlling his life, setting up a perfect situation to get his perfect ass humiliated.

Doppio gulped and mumbled out a weak "yeah."

They looked at each other. Giorno's face was a stone mask, giving nothing away, however his gaze was as ever penetrating. Doppio couldn't think. Heck, he couldn't even breathe.

"May I ask why you're here? You seem distraught..." Giorno asked, closing his car door.

He's done for. What could Doppio say? His car was parked here, and the only open businesses in this backstreet were the two 'model agencies'. He couldn't say he was lost. Giorno was far too smart.

"I-I'm working." Doppio sighed, hanging his head in shame. He couldn't bring himself to say it directly. How could he? Giorno knew of his reputation, everyone did... But this was somehow different.

"Oh," Giorno said. "I didn't realize. Is this your first day?"

"Uh, no," Doppio replied, unsure of how Giorno was taking it.

"well please, come in. What's your role here?" Giorno asked with a more friendly tone.

Oh shit, Doppio thought.

Giorno was then ushering poor Doppio towards building 5, belonging to Vento Aureo.

"Model," Doppio mumbled, following Giorno hesitantly. He was in deep shit now.

"You should have told me. I could have driven you." Giorno replied.

When they got to the shiny glass doors with extravagant golden trimmings, Doppio suddenly stopped, eliciting a curious look from the blonde.

"Is there something wrong?" He asked, moving his hand towards the doorknob.

What. The. Fuck. Doppio bit his lip, a nervous habit of his. He was so fucking done for. He could hear his heartbeat pounding in his head.

Giorno waited.

Doppio had to say something.


But before Doppio could stammer out a single thing, the door in front of them opened abruptly as two well-dressed men walked out. One was wearing a velvety midnight suit and had messy golden hair. The other...

Well, the other was Doppio's Boss, the man of his dreams.

Doppio's heart froze. From fear or something else, he didn't know. Please, he thought. Please don't say anything, boss.

Instead, the other man glared at the two boys, lingering on Doppio with an especially spiteful look.

"Really, again?" The boss said his voice slick with venom. "How many times have I warned you to keep your prissy models out of my business."

His voice growled like thunder. It wasn't hot at all, Doppio lied.

The other man scoffed. "My employees want nothing to do with your cheap whores, Diavolo."

In a flash, Diavolo stepped towards Doppio, curling his arms around the boy, resting his palm at his back. Doppio was seeing stars. It felt like a protective embrace.

Wait no, his cover is being blown goddammit. This was bad. Doppio wanted to step away, declare he had nothing to do with the man, but instead he was frozen, glued to the boss. He looked at Giorno, who held a confused stare, glancing from the other man to Doppio.

"Dio, If I see another one of your employees harassing mine, there will be consequences." The boss pulled Doppio even closer, forging another startled look from Giorno.

He knows. Doppio wanted to hide away, into the Boss' arms and never bee seen again.

"Of course," Dio said, grinning like a snake. "Giorno, come." With that Dio turned on his heels pulling Giorno's hand.

"Wait. Dad-" Giorno protested, looking back at Doppio one last time before being pulled into the building. The door closed slowly behind them.

Doppio felt like his head was about to explode. He truly was unlucky. And to be found out so quickly...

"Don't let them get to you." The boss' voice said from beside him. Doppio looked up towards the pink-haired man. He looked as gorgeous as ever. His lips were now painted a soft purple. He was so fucking pretty, Doppio's heart almost froze for the second time.

"If they bother you again, come straight to me and I'll sort something out. Their all nothing but stuck-up prudes." The boss let go of Doppio and began to walk slowly towards the opposite end of the lot, towards Passione's filming house. Doppio nodded quickly and followed him, like a baby duckling.

"You're only in here for and hour and a half, right? No chance you can stay for a little extra?" The older man asked, peering at Doppio.

Doppio shook his head and replied. "No, I have a math test right after this."


The boss's answer piked interest yet also disappointed the boy. ...Did he want Doppio to do something extra? Well, whatever it was, it didn't matter now.

When they reached Passione's film house, the boss opened the door for Doppio and said his farewells.

"You're not coming in?" Doppio asked, standing in the doorframe.

"No, I need to get to my office. I was just walking you back. I can't just leave a cute and darling boy like you alone like that. " The pink-haired man replied, with an almost-smile.

Doppio felt heat rise to his cheeks. What did he just say?

With that, the man had let go of the door and left, the door pushing Doppio inside, separating the two.

Fuck, Doppio thought. Just fuck. This man was going to be the death of him. He knew it.

God. He needed to get a hold of himself. Still giddy as a schoolgirl, Doppio checked his phone and slowly wandered over to the film crew. In one corner were Pesci and Prosciutto and the other, the two who filmed Doppio with Risotto.

Doppio was headed towards Prosciutto to ask a few questions about today when he heard a harsh 'pssssst.' Doppio turned to see the other green-haired man smiling at him. He had big teeth and an almost crazed look in his eyes. Doppio tilted his head and pointed to himself, to which the man nodded.

Doppio approached slowly with a questioning look but didn't think to put up his guard. It was his workplace after all.

"Hi. I'm Cioccolata. You're the newbie, right?"

Doppio nodded. "Yeah, I-"

"Good, good! So tell me, are you looking to make some extra cash? Because Secco and I are looking for some extra fun..." He growled and gestured to the man in brown beside him fidgeting with the camera stand, too fixated to care what the other two were saying.

Doppio took a step back. Cioccolata looked pretty scary, and his face paint (or was it make up? Doppio didn't know.) was pretty horrendous.

Just as Doppio was about to smile and decline the offer the other male grabbed a whole fucking handful of Doppio's ass. Doppio almost squeaked as he stiffened his back. Cioccolata grinned, flashing his teeth.

Gross. Doppio pushed him away and stumbled back. The other man seemed pissed, but not as much as Doppio who turned around swiftly as to not blow up in the guys face. He probably should have expected this, being in the porn industry and all.

He left to talk to Prosciutto about his solo shoot.

Doppio threw open his car door and sat his ass on the seat, shutting the door with a slam. Filming, somehow, took longer than expected despite how short the video was meant to be and with the delays from the whole Mr. Brando and the boss thing, he only had 10 minutes to get back to class and start the exam.


Doppio hated math but he couldn't afford to fail as it was an essential subject. He started the engine, reversed, and sped off at the maximum speed limit. He wasn't about to get pulled over and miss the exam entirely.

5 minutes later and Doppio was only just exiting the back roads and into the main road. He cursed at every red light he had to stop at.

Doppio probably looked like a mess. He only barely washed his own cum off his chest and wiped off the rest of him with a damp towel. He needed a fucking shower and his lip gloss retouched. His cheeks were still a faint pink, evidence of his dirty deeds.

3 more minutes until the bell. Shit, piss, fuck, cunt. Doppio was about to lose it as he tried not to blurt out every cuss work on the fucking planet.

Doppio pulled into the school's long-ass entrance, painfully slowing down at the speed bumps. He almost swerved as he parked his car into the row of parks at the side, Newton's first law hitting him like a bitch. Thank god for seatbelts.

The thanking could be done later, instead, Doppio undid his belt and leaned into the back of the car to reach for his pastel pink backpack, stretching his organs in the process. The boy really needed to do more of Melone's yoga. Doppio did get shit for the color of his backpack as well as for his general aesthetic, but he learned to take it in his stride. Teenage boys really had to come up with a better insult than fag, it was getting repetitive.

2 minutes left. Doppio was internally screaming.

With his shit now together, he flew up the series of steps, dodging circles of kids and into the maths block hallway, which seemed like a clotted vein of teenagers.

1 minute.

He took a sharp turn, knocking into a twelvie, almost sending him flying. He apologized, although he wasn't sure if the boy heard.

40 seconds.

His classroom was only two rooms away. This was easy, a piece of cake. Nothing could stop him now.

Except for Giorno, who now blocked his path like an RPG boss, with his arms crossed.

"Doppio we need to talk." His voice was stern and demanding.

"Fuck. Can't talk. Exam." The pink-haired boy blurted out.

Giorno nodded silently.

30 seconds.

Doppio turned on his heel as Giorno walked past him. "Don't tell anyone!" He practically hissed.

Giorno thew up his hand, a signal of acknowledgment.

25 seconds.

Still two doors down.

20 seconds.

One door left.

15 seconds.

He was in the doorframe. He could see everyone in their separated seats, with an empty one next to Trish. The teacher had only just finished handing out the sheets, with one laying out for Doppio on the desk.

He sat his ass down, quick as lightning. His teacher looked unimpressed. Doppio shrugged.

"You look like hell," Trish whispered leaning over.

"I uh, got distracted." He groaned.

Trish scrunched up her face, knowing when Doppio gets 'distracted' he's most likely jerking off... Or worse.

A small beep went off from the front of the classroom.

"You can turn over your pages."

Chapter Text

The sky was a moody grey, on the verge of surrendering their hold and pouring down. There were so many shades it'd put Christian Grey to shame. A loud crashing rumble rippled through the electric air, sending shivers down Doppio's spine.

He found himself behind a brick wall, rubble surrounding him. It was a destroyed house, wartorn and vacant. Worn out objects were scattered about. Cracked picture frames, broken furniture, bowls, cups, decorative ornaments. For a split second, Doppio wondered what type of people had lived in that house. Were they a family? With children? Or even an elderly couple?

It didn't matter anymore. A loud sharp bang made him jump. A bullet shot by him, piercing the wall that was supposed to shield him. He looked back in the direction of the sound and saw the perpetrator peeping behind another destroyed wall. They were wearing all black with a dark helmet, holding a gun.


Doppio had to move quickly, or else he might end up like the house's family. Dead and forgotten. He fled to the left, almost knocking onto a wooden beam. The beam was cindered and black and it fell after Doppio, almost bumping him.

He heard another shot fire and ran behind another wall of the desolate abandoned house.

Another roar of thunder, somewhere in the distance this time. Doppio looked up quickly to see the sky above. He wasn't covered. Lightning could hit him at any time.

He didn't want to, not at all, but he knew what he had to do. He had to approach the other man and attack. It was life or death at this point.

He began to crouch down and slowly work his way back, using the walls and sandbags as cover.

Another shot.

It seemed like his opponent was using a manual pistol. Slow but precise. He himself had an automatic rifle. It was powerful and fast, however, it was heavy and he couldn't aim well.

But it was better than nothing. Doppio figured his next move would to just ambush the other and shoot, hoping for the best. He might die, but what else could he do?

He sprang up from the ground, locked and loaded, and darted towards the man, and began to fire.

His shots were loud and messy, piercing holes through everything.

There was another sound, deeper and sharper. The sound of a confident pistol pouncing on its prey.

And like that, Doppio died.

Proud laughter echoed from his headphones. Fucking bastard. Mista was almost wheezing.

"How...," he started, still in his laughing fit. "How did you think that was going to work?"

"I don't know!" Doppio whined, watching his character respawn on the map.

"You have no defense and your damage count sucks. You might have had a chance if you left to go around the house, stupid."

More cackling.

"Fuck off..." Doppio mumbled. "I'm new to this."

"I'm sorry, I'm sorry. How 'bout I teach you a few things?" Mista had almost finished laughing, instead, chuckling quietly. Doppio had no idea what all the fuss was about. "Or do you want to play something else? Because we can play Fortnite too?"

"Fuck off with your Fortnite, Mista. I don't even have that game." Doppio said, running around the map, looking for a perfect spot to hide.

"Well, it's free..." He heard Mista say.

"No!" Doppio yelled. Everyday Mista would beg his friends to download Fortnite. It drove the whole gang fucking nuts.

When Doppio did find the perfect spot, inside an intact house beside a window with a perfect view of the main street.

Around 7 minutes went by until Mista started to nag Doppio about his hiding place.

"I swear to fucking god, Doppio, if your camping I'll quit right here, right now!"

Doppio said nothing. Instead, he was scrolling through Instagram with a smirk.

"Oh wait." Doppio heard Mista mumble. He liked some of his favorite artist's work and kept scrolling through the memes and Dolce & Gabbana posts.

Doppio perked up his head when he heard the classic sound of someone joining their Discord call.

"Hey," Fugo said.

"Fugo, guess what!?" Mista exclaimed. Doppio saw Mista's character run past the window.

Fugo mumbled out a disinterested "Hmm."

"Doppio's fucking camping. Help me kill this bitch." He ran past Doppio's window again, eliciting a giggle from the pink-haired boy.

"It's not fucking funny Doppio. Once Fugo and I find you, we're going to steal all your shit. And you can kiss those pistol techniques goodbye."

"I don't want to use your stupid pistols anyways," Doppio replied. He preferred his automatic rifle. It was hard to handle but hella fun to use.

"Ugh, pistols are the superior weapon. They're clean, precise, strong and deadly. You're just jealous you can't use my beautiful sex pistol."

Doppio squatted down beside the window as he saw Fugo and Mista approach the house. His inner child wanted to say to Mista 'well if you like it so much, why don't you marry it.'

"Did you really name your gun that?" Came Fugo's voice. His microphone was a lot clearer than Mista's. Probably because he could actually afford a high-quality one.

"Yeah, it's named after my favorite band Sex Pisto-"

"We know!" Both Doppio and Fugo cried out.

Doppio muttered a quiet automatic 'Jinx'.

"You talk about them more than you talk about Fortnite. Almost more than your photography." Fugo said.

It soon didn't matter what they were bickering about because as Doppio shifted to get a better view of the two, they noticed and ganged up on him. Doppio blurted out a curse and ducked, but Fugo entered the house and annihilated him instantly.

The three continued to play for a good hour, most of the time the two teamed up to kill Doppio since he kept hiding out like the little snake bastard he was.

It was when Doppio's cell rang that their fun had come to a bit of a stop. Doppio sighed. "Just a moment."

He hesitantly took off his headphones. It was probably Giorno. Doppio had been ignoring his texts all weekend so he was expecting a call any minute. He told himself that if Giorno did in fact call, he would tell him everything. It's probably better to fess up now instead of dragging it out any longer.

He picked up the phone that laid on his desk and flipped it over. His face knitted into a small, curious frown.

It wasn't Giorno's caller ID being displayed in front but Melone's.


Only then did Doppio's thoughts catch up with his emotions. He was anticipating Giorno's call. He wanted to get this sorted out. He quickly muted himself and accepted the call and said his usual phrase. "Yes, this is Doppio."

"Doppio!" Came Melone's loud voice. "How are you? Looking forward to tomorrow?"

"I'm good, and yes. Looking forward to it." Doppio wasn't good, he was a mess, as he usually is, and he was nervous about filming again, especially when Melone said he wanted to help out with it.

"Molto bene! So Squalo, Tiziano and I have come up with a great strategy to help you out!" He enthused from his end of the line.

What the fuck? A strategy?

"We call it the Find Doppio a Kink Initiation. FDKI for short." Melone said. Doppio was sure he heard a faint 'woo hoo' in the background.

He cringed. "Uhh, thank you?"

"It's no problem, hun. My buddies and I just need to know, are you down for some BDSM tomorrow? You will be paid extra."

Hmm, extra cash? Not bad. "I guess so," Doppio replied candidly, rotating on his desk chair.

"Bene. Tiziano! He said yes!"

Doppio pulled the phone away as Melone yelled, wincing at the sound.

"I'll see tomorrow then. I have planning to do." Melone said before quickly hanging up on Doppio.

The pink-haired boy stared at the phone in his hand. That was sudden. Too sudden. Doppio didn't think about what he had just agreed to do. He didn't even ask any questions.

Of course, Doppio knew what BDSM was, but there were just so many acts involved, and not knowing what was going to be involved worried him. He looked up at the screen to see his character had been abused by Fugo and Mista with their 13 kill streak.

He was going to have to call Melone back.

But before he could, his phone was once again ringing. This time it was Giorno. Doppio pursed his lips and quickly answered the phone.

"Doppio." Giorno greeted.

"Oh, hey." He tried his best to sound natural, but his stomach was already doing flip flops. Great, just great.

"We need to talk."

"I know," Doppio replied, leaning at his desk.

"You really work for Passione..." Doppio heard Giorno sigh. "I'm worried about you. That job... It isn't healthy."

Doppio felt like a child being scolded, but in the 'I'm not mad, just disappointed' kinda way. He felt his chest tighten. "It's fine. I'm actually having fun." He said, feeling the need to defend his pride. His pride that he already knew Giorno was going to unintentionally crush.

"It's disgusting, Doppio. You have no idea what those creeps are like. Passione is shady."

"No, they're nice people," Doppio said, his voice rising. Well, most of them...

"Doppio. They sell themselves for everyone to see. They are perverse, and the company is using you to make money, Doppio. Why can't you see this?" Now Giorno's voice was getting a bit louder. And sterner, Doppio noted.

"They're people like you and me!" The boy exclaimed. He knew that Giorno could be a bit of a prude sometimes, with his rich conservative upbringing of his, but he had no idea that this is what Giorno thought of him, after all, he was one of the so-called 'perverts'.

"How did you even end up in that sanity depraved place?" Giorno's voice was stern and serious, but also softer now. Like he was genuinely curious and sad for Doppio.

The pink-haired boy scoffed. "You know I'm a fucking slut. Everyone knows. This is the only path for a whore like me. You know it."

"You can change."

Ah, so Giorno really did think that low of Doppio.

"Pictures, videos, all of you doing these filthy acts of you are online, Doppio. Anyone can see them. You better stop now and bury them as best you can." The blond warned in a commanding tone that awoke the rebel inside Doppio.

"Giorno, I am 18. A legal adult. I can do whatever the fuck I want. This is my job. My career. I don't need you to tell me what to do." Doppio snapped as he got up from his chair to pace his room.

'You're too young to be making this decision. You're not thinking straight."

That hit Doppio where it hurt the most. "Fuck you." He said, gritting his teeth.


"I said, fuck you!" Doppio wanted to scream at him but used the little self-control he had left to fight the urge. "You're supposed to be my friend, Giorno. You don't know anything about my job or Passione. Goodbye."

'I know more than you think." And with that cryptic reply, Giorno hung up, leaving Doppio red in the face.


Giorno set his phone down next to his homework abruptly, feeling sour. What he wanted was a calm and mature talk with Doppio, not whatever that was. He guesses it was a fight. Doppio was usually a pretty agreeable person, and while Giorno certainly had something to say about his risky lifestyle, he wanted to respect Doppio and keep their friendship peaceful.

But this... This 'career' of his. It was concerning. Doppio was too young. Too naïve. Giorno thought that Doppio would eventually regret it, a lot of people do, and he didn't want his friend to get any deeper.

Giorno clicked his tongue in frustration, a mannerism his picked up from his dad, and decided he needed a distraction, from both his homework and the fight.

He decided to call Mista to see if he could come over. They were an unlikely pair of friends given that Giorno was an upper-class citizen and Mista was a punk boy from the estate but somehow, they just clicked.

Mista picked up almost instantly, as always, and Giorno got straight to the point. "You wanna come over?"

"Uhh, kinda busy right now. I'm in the middle of a game with Fugo and Doppio, or well, just Fugo. Doppio went offline." Mista answered. Giorno thought he could hear him shrugging.

"And that's more important than hanging out with me?" Giorno said, with the faintest hint of a suggestive tone. He wasn't proud of it, but he could play Mista like a goddamn fiddle.

"I'll be over in 5," Mista said and cut the line. Giorno smiled to himself. He wasn't going to tell Mista a single thing about the fight, that was private business, but he could always vent about his upcoming exams, or listen to Mista complain about life.

As for Doppio, he had a good heart and he wasn't exactly stupid. They could sort it out eventually. He was probably just... Desperate for a job. Like Mista, Doppio wasn't very well off either. Their neighborhood was right on the cusp of the wealthy areas and the streets, so the school had an odd mixture that lead to lots of bullying.

If Doppio wanted a job so badly, Giorno could probably pull some strings, talk to his dad, Jonathan and get his other dad, Dio to hire him. If he talked to his other dad himself he wouldn't get anywhere, especially as he knew Doppio works for Passione.

The doorbell's obnoxious ancient-sounding melody interrupted Giorno's planning thoughts. Thank god his parents were out. His other dad wasn't exactly a fan of Mista either.

Giorno left his room at a quick pace to answer the door.

Mista was there, a little flushed, probably from running, as he arrived exceptionally fast. He was wearing his usual cropped sweater and hat, along with some plain jeans. "Yo." He greeted with a dorky smile.

Giorno smiles back. There was something about Mista's smile that was contagious. "Hi." He nodded, letting Mista inside.

Giorno, being the studious perfectionist and hardworking student that he was decided to ask Mista about how he was holding up with the latest exams.

They sat on Giorno's expensive couch as Mista began to rant about how much he hated exam hell.

It was comforting to Giorno. He felt like he could melt away at Mista's words. He then began to show his appreciation for Mista by berating him on his procrastination. Mista was not pleased.

Doppio was nervous, as he always fucking was, and that was totally fine. He hasn't gotten used to the job yet, but the sensation of anxiety in his stomach is becoming a familiar friend.

"BDSM, huh..." Doppio let the word flow out with his breath in a quiet sigh. He'd never done it before, but lowkey, he did want to try it out, at least once. He completely forgot to call back Melone after his argument with Giorno and so he had no fucking idea what he was about to get himself into.

He pulled out his phone from his pocket and reread Formaggio's email. He said to go into the office this time, instead of building 4. Doppio wasn't sure why, but he'd find out soon enough.

He crossed the road, his duffle bag in hand, filled with the usual: extra towels, makeup, lube (just in case) and his hot pink body wash that smelted like desserts from his customizable bathroom subscription box.

The office building looked pretty standard from the outside. The windows were mirrored one way so he couldn't see inside. There were two potted trees on both sides of the doors. He entered quickly.

The inside was slightly cooler than the outside air, in fact, a little too cool for Doppio's liking since winter was slowly approaching. There was a reception desk to the back of the entrance room. It was empty. Doppio looked around, a little unsure of where he was supposed to go.

"Doppio." Came a voice from beside the desk. Now stood an orange-haired man wearing a blue sleeveless shirt.

"Oh, hi?" Doppio mumbled, putting on a smile.

"I'm Squalo. One of Melone's friends."

Oh. It was one of the guys Melone mentioned who helped with his 'plan'. Great, Doppio thought. Another whackjob.

"So you're the cute little recruit. It's a pleasure to meet you. I'm also a film star. My boyfriend Tiziano also works in the industry. Perhaps you might get to film with us one day." He said with a sly smile, looking over Doppio, probably checking him out.

Doppio felt the heat rise to his cheeks, more out of awkward embarrassment than anything else.

"Melone should be out right about." He was interrupted by the sound of footsteps behind him. It was Melone. "Now."

"I'm only here because I'm filming soon." He said, gesturing to the door. "Just came in to say hi."

"Well, hi," Doppio replied, sheepishly. Squalo chuckled.

"See ya later, hot stuff." He said, his voice smooth and sassy. Doppio nodded and said a short goodbye as Squalo exited.

Doppio turned to the lavender-haired man who was carrying a blank paper shopping bag. "Hey, Dop."

The younger made a face at the nickname.

"Welcome to the offices, hun. I never showed you around here, huh? Maybe I'll show you around later."

"Sure," Doppio replied.

"Oh!" The other man exclaimed, holding the bag up. "This is for you, from Passione. Risotto is all ready so you'd better hurry up and put them on. You get to keep them too."

Doppio took the bag in his spare hand. Free stuff huh? Not bad. He'd have to hide them in his room somewhere. If his mom found any sort of sexy outfit, especially one relating to bondage, she'd flip. He peered in the bag quickly and saw some black clothing items.

"I'll take you down to the basement after you've prepped yourself. Bathrooms over there." Melone said an pointed to the white door just visible from the corridor behind the desk.

Doppio left to clean himself up and that he did.

When it came time to get dressed and apply some makeup, Doppio opened his own bag and rummaged through to find his favorite palette of reds and browns. He already put on some pale foundation to hide his freckles before he left. He didn't want to be fully glown up in case his mom got suspicious.

He applied a burgundy haze to his eyelids, creating a more seductive 'Sweet Revenge Gerard Way' look. Next was some simple translucent gloss to emphasis his lips. Doppio was never told he wasn't allowed to wear make-up but he had some on every other time, so he figured it didn't really matter.

Next, he opened the bag Melone gave him. His fingers brushed against something rough and lacy. He pulled out and stared at the fabric in his hands. Black lace underwear.

Interesting. Very interesting.

Next was a pair of black shiny heels. Doppio bit his lip. Is he... Cross-dressing or is this a standard in BDSM? Honestly, he had no idea. He held the chunky heel in his hand. It was heavier than he had expected. He pulled out a packet of stocking, along with some belts and a choker. So no top part, Doppio noted.

He put on the choker and looked it the mirror. It was made of cheap faux leather and was undecorated, but it added an aura of kinkiness to his look. It sat well on his neck, but a little too tightly.

Doppio blushed as he looked at the fabric in his hands. He removed his clothes in favor of the women's garment. Wearing the underwear felt odd. It barely covered his ass and had no dick room, so his junk was tightly pressed inside. He admired himself in the mirror, contorting his body to get a good look at his freckle-dusted butt. Not bad, he thought. It was weird to wear and slightly uncomfortable but the feelings that came with it... well, it was strangely sexy.

figuring out the garter belts and straps was the most difficult thing he did all-day but when he successfully put them on. Just when he thought he had put on everything, he heard something shake as he picked up the empty shopping bag. He looked inside to see a small black ring box with a note stuck to it. Doppio picked it up to examine the note and lost his breath.

The note had no writing on it whatsoever but instead was marked with a kiss. A purple lipstick smudge. Doppio held onto the note and grinned. So the boss was interested. Unless he sent gifts to every employee, in that case, Doppio would be pretty disappointed. He opened the ring box, still holding onto the note like it was a rare treasure. Inside was a silver ring adorned with jewels along the front part of the band. Doppio was no ring expert so he had no idea what any of it was made of or what it was worth, but it didn't matter. It was a gift from the boss.

Doppio must have been admiring the thing for a while because Melone knocked on the door and said. "Doppio, can you hurry it up a bit? If you need help with the belts just tell me."

"I-i'm fine," Doppio called. He was about to put the ring back in its box when he realized that it had come with his performing clothes. Did that mean the boss wanted him to wear it now? Probably, Doppio concluded. Maybe if he wore it the boss would see that he was interested in whatever proposition he had for Doppio, assuming he did have one and didn't just send out kiss-stamped gifts to everyone. Doppio slipped the ring on his right ring finger quickly and smiled, feeling a little too giddy.

He left the room, gathering his makeup back into his bag and met up with Melone who told him he was looking hot. Doppio forgot what he was wearing because he was acting like a schoolgirl over the ring. He pulled his underwear over his butt a little more. He made a mental note to go see the boss later and thank him.

"We're filming in the basement. It's where we keep all the gear. Risotto has been waiting, so let's get a move on." Melone said, guiding Doppio towards the stairwell at the end of the corridor. Doppio followed quietly.

He could hear the radio as they got closer to the basement floor and when they entered the set, Doppio noticed it was a classic rock station.

The set looked just like something seen in murder-porn or a kidnapping video. The walls were a bare concrete grey with marks and cracks along it. Above the center were beams and hooks. The rest was bare and dull. it would have looked spooky if not for the production team and the photography lights.

In the middle of the room, in front of said cameras and lights was Risotto, his film star, tied to a chair, with his arms, wrists and thighs bound. He was ball gagged. He had his usual pissed-bored expression and didn't seem to be fazed at all by the rope. That both inspired and intimidated Doppio.

He looked around at the production crew before him. He didn't realize there was going to be a third person for the dom. When he heard he was filming with Risotto he figured he was going to be the top again.

There were only a few unfamiliar faces in the crowd of producers. Secco and Pesci were there, both without their counterparts.

Doppio looked up at the lavender-haired beside him, who cast him a reassuring look. "Just talk to that guy over there for stage directions." Melone informed.

"Okay." Doppio replied in a quiet voice. He was beginning to feel nervous again. He walked over to the orange-haired guy Melone was pointing to and fiddled with the ring on his finger.

Just as Doppio was about to lightly tap the guy's back, he turned abruptly to face Doppio, putting his hands behind his back. He took one glance at Doppio's outfit and said. "Hi, I'm Masazo Kinoto, shibari artist and director." He held out his hand for Doppio to shake, which he did.

"First we want to take some staged pictures so I'll need you to head over to your costar there..." He said with a dorky smile. "Oh wait, here." He pushed a clipboard towards Doppio, holding out a pen. It was the usual media consent form, so Doppio signed right away.

As Doppio moved to where Risotto was, he examined the way he was tied up. It was clean and tight and looked like it had been done skillfully. Risotto stared at him with his piercing look. Doppio started to fiddle with his ring again. Risotto must have noticed because his expression changed to something unrecognizable as he looked at Doppio's hands.

Mazaso told him to get behind the chair and lean on it, spreading his feet apart until they could be seen beside both sides of the chair.

"Now, look a little sultry." Masazo asked, sounding a lot less nervous than he did before. Doppio did as he was told, pulling his 'game face.' Mazaso then told Risotto to look uncomfortable, which wouldn't be hard to do, Doppio thought, given his position.

The camera's went off with clicks and flashes and Doppio tried his best not to blink. At this point, someone had turned off the radio.

Next, Doppio was told he had to hold Risotto's face in his hand, invading his personal space, with their lips close, but not quite connecting. Not that there was such thing as personal space on set. This was when poor dumb Doppio realized what the fuck was going on.

He was the dominant. Risotto was the submissive.

Once his hands were around the other man's cheeks, Risotto stared at Doppio, red eyes wide in a vulnerable gaze. Doppio's dick twitched inside its lacy confinement and he had to remind himself that Risotto was simply acting. Doppio hardened his own expression and the cameras went off again.

They did this for a while, each pose adjusted until it was exactly what the director wanted. It was actually pretty tiring. Doppio was looking forward to going home and watching Netflix, after thanking the boss, of course.

Although... He might not even be in today. Doppio guesses he can find out if Melone gives him that tour.

"You," Masazo said, pointing to Doppio. "Can you humiliate?"

Shit. He didn't even know what that meant. "No?"

The orange-haired director paused and then whispered to another guy Doppio didn't recognize. It made Doppio feel awkward.

"Just have a go. Insult him." He eventually said.

Doppio looked at Risotto. Insulting Risotto seemed like a fucking risk, considering how he glares at everyone.

But it was a part of the job. "You..." He began, having no idea what to say at all. "Are gross and ugly." He looked straight at Risotto, who had his submissive look plastered across his face again.

He heard Melone laugh from the back.

"You're a mean little goth bitch."

This time both Melone and Risotto were laughing, despite Risotto's gag.

Ugh. Doppio threw up his hands in frustration and sent a desperate look to Masazo. It was clear he had no idea what he was going.

Masazo cleared his throat and said. "Just keep going. Lay into him. Think about what people have called you."

Doppio nodded. His mind strayed to Giorno's words. Filthy, perverse, insane, disgusting. It wasn't his exact words, but Doppio had vilified them to be so. He turned to Risotto with a bitter taste in his mouth.

"You're fucking filthy." He began, his voice not yet confident. "A cheap whore."

He went on. No one said anything so he figured he was going okay. Each line he spoke hit a little harder. A little louder. Risotto whined and Doppio insulted him more.

"Slap him a bit," Masazo said. Doppio nodded and bit his lip. Please don't come after me later, he tried to telepathically tell Risotto. He brought up his hand and flattened it. As soon as his palm made contact with Risotto's cheek, a soft slap could be heard. Risotto jerked back from him, clearly playing it up for the camera.

"You can do better."

He can do better. Doppio inhaled. Giorno's shitty face came to mind as he hit the older man again. The slap was much louder. Sharper.

He did it again.

And again.

And when he was told he had to spit on him, he did without hesitation. He could understand the appeal of being a sadistic little shit but still felt somewhat awkward.

Risotto closed his eyes and looked away. This was when the pink-haired boy finally noticed the hardness between the other's legs. "Oh."

He put his hand on Risotto's peck and began to run it down his body, over the tightly bound rope and back against his hot skin. He went lower and lower, only stopping when his fingered brushed against the man's trimmed hair.

"You're fucking hard? Gross." Doppio murmured, loud enough for the mics to pick up. He pulled his hand back to deliver another slap to the other's face. Risotto looked up him with pleading eyes. Like a scolded puppy. A buff emo scolded puppy.

"And... Cut." One of the producers said. Doppio looked back, flushed. He kind of forgot he was filming.

"We need to retie and suspend him, so you can take a break," Masazo said.

"Kay," Doppio mumbled and slowly walked offset towards Melone.