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Dance Till Ya Dead!

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"The most prestigious performing arts school in Japan is filled with many interesting and unique people; based on the skill level of your talents and how well you perform you will be placed in a class that is seen fit"

"There are 10 classes, the highest class in which we call the Pillars is the Kinoe class; in order to make it in this class you must complete the 50 performance trial on live tv"

"The lowest class in which we call beginners and new comers, is the  Mizunoto the class is the lowest you can be in and many students either rise to another rbak above it or stay in the class which they feel comfortable at"

"We hope that your study here at this school helps you later in life, and do not let the classes discourage you"

"However, we must warn you that each class has some privileges and the some disadvantage; please perform well on your auditions and work hard!"


"Michi-Kun! Your going to be late on your first day!" He hears his mother yell, he shifts up slowly and looks around the dark room that some sunlight seeping through the black curtains. He slowly gets up and begans to get ready for his time at the performing arts school he got accepted in, his parents were proud of him; but it was not as much his brother who was attending the school before him.

His brother is very famous for his cold stone and handsome face, he became a pillar in just a year beside the famed Rengoku. He was the pride and joy of his family, but he wasen't. Everything he did his brother epupd over shadow him by doing it better, fuck he was oldest for Kami sake! [By a year!]

So yes he got into the school, by just singing and dancing. He knows the rank he's going to get in, and he's gonna stay in the rank until he graduates. He finally walks down with his traveling bags, his mother turns to him and huffs.

"Aiya! Your a mess Michikatsu! You can't go into the school looking like this!" She tells him, his father comes to his rescue by chiming in "Leave him alone women! It's just orientation day, he'll dress up nice when the offical day of school comes" Michikatsu sighs in relief, he sits down it have breakfasts for one last time before he leaves the house.

After that his dad drives him over to the school and drops him off, before he leaves his father gives him one last message "Look out for your brother now, he maybe in the top right now but you need it look out for him as the older brother" with that his dad leaves, and Michikatsu gets a sour taste.

'Of course, it's always about Yoriichi'


Senjurou slowly walks into the dorms tired and afraid, he has left the comfort of his home and was now going to live in a strangers place. The dorm he was in was the Mizunoto dorm, the lowest of the low. His big brother was a higher up so that gave him some type of support. 

But because of that he would barely see his brother, he was in a while different building and would also travel frequent. So now Senjurou was truly alone, he goes into his room and locks the door. He let's go of his bags and drop the found in defeat.

'How am I going to survive this, I'm expected to become a pillar like my brother but I don't have confidence or skills to for that!' He yells in his head, his brother was infamously known for becoming a pillar in just s year with another kid.

Him and Senjurou were two totally different people, so yes; how was he going to survive?


Giyuu looked at the principle in shock, he couldnt believe he was getting a sudden job like this; he was already a pillar and had a lot to do, so why add on to it?

"I know you and your fellow pillars don't get along well" the principle says, he smiles softly "So a nice break wouldnt hurt hm?"

"Break? What break? I can't take one right now-"

"Now Giyuu please listen, this break is from the Pillars; you see I've been noticing a huge class decide with the upper and lower"

Giyuu almost snorts 'You've just noticed now?' He holds it back not wanting to anger the principle.

"So I want you to be the new sensei of class Mizunoto "

"Kagaya-Sama! You can't simply put me there with the newbies! I'm a pillar, I'm a whole different level compared to them"

"And I understand that, but these kids need to be motivated to better and move up ranks; rank moving a challenge and they feel discouraged to do it"

Giyuu thinks, no one has joined the Pillars in years after Rengoku and Tsuhikuni; they did in a span of a year and yet everyone didn't want to follow those footsteps. Was it just too hard, he was arguable the only pillar that didn't complete the 50 live performance trial; which is why the other pillars don't like him.

"We've set the bar up for them a little to high, they feel intimidated and can't seem to do what's needed; that's why I'm sending you, Giyuu you were once like them and would understand them more then I would" Kagaya says.

Giyuu slowly nods, Kagaya smiles "Your work starts to tomorrow once the first day of class starts, your going to teach them everyrhi ng beyond their rank"

Giyuu knew for a moment, that this year and next coming years were about to become crazy.


[Episode 2~>]