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soulmate? more like a royal pain

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Jungkook giggles behind the bushes, his village’s chief’s son is fuming with anger as he furiously asks all the village’s kids what happened to his plant, his favorite one he left on his window. Jungkook of course, took it because that kid was an asshole to everyone and deserved it.

Jungkook looks down at the plant, one of rarities from where he lives, in a dirt-nothing village. In this world there is no in between, you either got the gold or you don’t. Jungkook was born into the poverty and now parentless because he was what they called ‘Original’ he was also apparently the last of their kind, the village shunned and avoided him.

Like to think he will bite them so they keep him at arms length, honestly he would’ve been kicked out by now if he wasn’t the only one keeping their village not completely drowning under, he has incredible strength and stamina so he works in forest daily to keep up the logging business, travelers and the royals use trees, logs and branches like coal, and Jungkook’s village is one in the only few that live near enough to a large and dense forest, and when no one looks Jungkook likes to use one of his slowly developing powers to re plant the seeds so the trees can grow.

Jungkook wipes the sweat off his forehead, another warm day despite wearing a light-white shirt with beige loose pants. He watches the chief’s kid have a meltdown for another few moments until he gets bored.

He yawns and looks around making sure no one can see him as he stands up, stretches out his limbs and with incredible speed like a gust of wind, he puts the plant next to the kid, lightly tapping his shoulder and disappearing.

No human can see him as he chuckles heading to the forest, tonight he will spend most of his time there as the village isn’t ideal to sleep with no roof over his head or even a thin cloth to lay on.

He has been spending majority of his life like this, it gets dull, he knows if he really wants to he can just leave, but what’s out there for him? Is there anything?

The moon is now in full, drowning the night sky of light as Jungkook lays on a high tree branch, usually nothing ever disturbs him, sensing his dark nature they stir clear, animals have always been smarter than humans, he closes his eyes thinking what to do tomorrow when he hears rustling in the bushes down below.

His heightened hearing listens closely, eyes still closed waiting for something to happen, nothing does though, the noise eventually slows down to a stop and he mentally shrugs passing it off as a random animal passing through.

But then when a hand out of nowhere grabs him, yanks him forward, his eyes fly open as he gasps loudly, next thing he knows he is falling down the 10 foot fall, he can’t even see the cause as he desperately tries to pry the hand off his shoulder, and then expecting to fall on the ground the speed of the fall slows down nearly to abrupt halt and he feels his feet gently make impact on the grassy land.

The hand lets go and Jungkook adjusts himself a bit dizzy, he finally gathers himself and looks up about to yell when he see’s a tall boy, dimples large, tanned skin shinning off the moonlight, greeted with a warm smile.

“Sorry for that, I was testing you” The boy said, voice rather deep despite both of them looking mid-teens.

Jungkook frowns, “And testing me was yank me off a tree?” He can’t help but want to hiss, more annoyed than anything.

The dimpled-boy chuckles, “I know, a weird tradition” He shrugs.

Jungkook huffs, crossing his arms, his bratty side coming to surface.

“And why exactly are you testing me in the first place?”

Then he begins to notice several other presence, before he can blink 6 other boys, all different, but he can smell the same smell coming off the dimple guy.

Mates’ His brain provides, Jungkook may have hardly any knowledge of his own species growing up alone surrounded with nothing but humans, but he’s smart enough to know what’s dangerous, what’s mated and if he’s safe.

“Wow, he’s so bratty, I’d love to tame him” one purrs, making Jungkook feel flush on his cheeks.

Another slaps the one who spoke on the chest and hisses “Oh my god Taehyung he’s a child!”

Jungkook frowns again, “I’m not a child” he mumbles. The dimpled man chuckles fondly.

“Anyways- I’m Namjoon and these are my mates” he gestures to all the others.

Jungkook glances around, confused and a bit intimidated, Okay a lot actually but he refuses to admit that.

“We are here because you are our last-“ He cuts off by a howl in the distance, everyone stiffens and feels chills down their spines, everyone besides Jungkook who waits for Namjoon to continue.

“Jin- that was”

“Yes I know, I don’t know why they are here”

“This is their territory!”

“But why-“ Then all the boys look over and stare at Jungkook who stares back in confusion.

“What?” He asks, no one responds and the howls get closer.

“Do you sleep here often?” The dimple- Namjoon asked finally.

Jungkook just nods, wondering why he would ask that.

Then Namjoon looked even more confused and when the rustling starts, the others get worried.

“We need to go, now” One said while the others nodded, Namjoon hesitated looking at Jungkook.

“By all means, just don’t show up again” He says, fake smile dancing on his lips.

He hears a scoff or two and then one by one, disappear.

Namjoon speaks up “We will come back for you” and before Jungkook can ask what that meant Namjoon vanished as well, the rustling stopped and Jungkook was all alone again.

Feeling the breeze through the dark trees, he sighs, he doesn’t know what happened, first he gets yanked out of the tree, he meets 6 other vampires, and then they leave in a hurry because of some howls.

He hears howls nightly but that’s just wolves right?


He shrugs and goes back to his tree bark ignoring the gazes on him through the bushes.


It’s been 7 years since that night, Jungkook soon pretty much forgot that night and the mysterious boys, he’s now 17 and things have changed drastically.

When he was still 10, he was rather scrawny and tiny despite his ‘vampire’ genes, once the puberty kicked in, surprisingly the same it did for humans, he started to attract attention from both genders, at first it was awkward long gazes, flush cheeks and stutters, the more muscle he gained, more of a sharp jaw line he gained, the more lust fill gazes, the more bold their movements got.

He was sitting on the bench in the middle of the village when a girl and a boy walked up, they were one the kids he knew that followed around the chief’s son like puppy dogs, he never went out of his way to gain friendships as the humans didn’t bother to bat an eyelash his way.

“Jungkook right?” Jungkook, middle of scraping some branches with his make-shift pocket knife made out of branches and rocks looked over with a raised eyebrow, the girl, Jewel, long and wavy blonde hair, pale skin with bright blue eyes asked.

He hummed and looked over at the boy, which was Jaeyoo, her twin brother smiled.

“Are you free tonight?” He stopped what he was doing and nearly choked out a sarcastic laugh.

“Excuse me?” He asked more flabbergasted.

Jewel, nervous as hell played with her fingers, a movement Jungkook quickly noted.

“We’ve been wanting to get to know you..” She trailed off, voice becoming weak.

Jaeyoo spoke up, “If you don’t want to we understand, we never really gave you a chance” he rubbed the back of his neck awkwardly.

Obviously both were nervous, Jungkook looked around thinking this was some type of sick joke and looked back, he tried to read their feelings, all he got was a faint flow of sincere with anxiety.

He sighed, “Fine” he mumbled out, why not? It won’t hurt, he’s got nothing else to do.



Flash forward several years and surprisingly Jungkook gained a steady friendship with the two human twins, they had a lot in common and they loved sharing their different views on life, in this time Jungkook also began to slowly notice his time was different from there’s, growing up like the speed of a human made him question but once he noticed his time slowing down and there’s speeding up he couldn’t help the small pang of sadness he didn’t think he would ever feel towards humans.

Once he got old enough, 18, to leave the village he didn’t, he still wasn’t sure if there was anything outside for him, yeah its dull, yeah majority of the humans, mainly adults, treat him the same but… Jewel and Jaeyoo were there.

He would question all the time in the beginning their true tension, mainly because they were attached to the chief’s son who he never liked, but when he never found anything suspicious he began to slowly open up.

It was when he turned 20 that all the shit happened.

Jungkook was walking back to the village after another night in the forest when he heard yelling, he halted and sniffed the air smelling blood.

He covered his nose quickly and rushed towards it, he then stumbles over a crowd of the villagers, he pushes back the people and see’s the sad scene.

Jewel, laying on the ground gasping for air, Jaeyoo crying over her, she was bitten on the neck.

His eyes widen and one of the villagers gasps “There he is!” She yelled pointing at Jungkook.

He looks around seeing the pure fear and disgusts in everyone’s face.

“You did this!” Another yelled.

Jaeyoo looked up, sniffling, he gets up weakly and throws himself at Jungkook’s chest.

“How could you?!” He cried, hitting Jungkook’s chest who was frozen staring at Jewel.

Lifeless, paler than usual, eyes dull.

The smell of blood, the sound of Jaeyoo’s cries, the sound of the humans curses.

His stomach felt sick, his body felt like it would cave in on himself.

He looks around, feeling dizzy when he sees one face, one that he sees is the chiefs son.

A wicked and dark smirk on his lips staring at Jungkook, Jungkook’s eyes widen and everything clicks.

He thinks back to when they walked up to him, he looked around, he thought no one was there.

But it was Kai, the chief’s son, holding his breath hiding in the shadows.



Make sure to get close enough to him, he needs to leave, no one will do it, they either admire or avoid him”

“But…” Jewel trails off feeling guilt.

Kai rolls his eyes “Just do it. You guys love me right?” He smiles, and Jaeyoo slowly nods.

Of course they did, he was their half-brother no one knew about this as it was a secret.

So they got close to Jungkook, they didn’t know what would happen but it was for their family.

But, they loved Jungkook, it was pure love they felt years into their friendship.


“You love him too?” Jewel asks, hope and happiness in her teary eyes the night prior.

Jaeyoo nods happily holding her hands, “Let’s convince Kai to stop this yeah?”

Jewel is about to agree when Kai steps inside their tent, “Stop me huh?” He scoffs.

Jaeyoo stands up, “Please Kai, Jungkook isn’t evil!”

“He’s a fucking vampire Jaeyoo! You think he won’t bite you?”

Jewel shakes her heads, tears slipping.

“Suck you blood dry huh? Seriously you’re just a meal to him, so funny”

“Shut up!” Jewel shouts.

Kai stomps over pushing Jaeyoo out of the way, he grabs the back of Jewel’s hair as she whines.

“Really? Fine I’ll show you” Jaeyoo yells at him when Kai hits the back of his head, making him unconscious.

Jewel’s cries were the last thing he heard.


He awakens the next morning to yells, he jolts up and runs out of the tent seeing his parent’s sob over Jewel’s body, bloody and pale.

Only thing he can see is small fang marks on her neck and then Jungkook’s smile flashes in his head.


Jungkook feels a tear slip down his cheek, first time he ever saw someone’s thoughts play out like a tragic movie, he stumbles back and hits the ground.

Jaeyoo still sobbing, weakly hitting his chest.

He tones out the yells and Kai’s smirk.

He thinks of all the times he spent with them, he grew to love these humans too.

He grabs Jaeyoo’s shaky wrists gently and make him look up.

“I love you too” He whispers and kisses Jaeyoo’s forehead who goes limp in his arms.

He stands up slowly and gently pushing Jaeyoo off of him who sits down sniffing.

Only thing he can see is Kai, Kai is the reason for this, Kai needs to go.

He feels his cold blood boil, he tightens his fists, the shouting of the other humans makes him want to yell.

When Kai notices Jungkook walking towards him, his smirk begins to drop and he can just taste the fear. Jungkook feels himself smile as he licks his lips, he spent years, since he was born living off animal blood, he doesn’t mind his first human being this piece of shit.

The other humans seem to notice and start to come at him, Jungkook’s rage dance with the fire memory of his friendship, his loves, Jewel’s body, Jaeyoo’s weak fists and Kai’s smirk.

When a human barely reaches him, the human gets pulled back by an invisible force, he doesn’t stop. Kai turns around and begins to run, Jungkook is faster.

He appears in front of him when Kai whimpers in fear, Jungkook smiles.

“So why do you want me gone so bad? Huh?” Kai bites his trembling lip.

“B-because you don’t deserve to b-be here!” He shouts, Jungkook sighs.

“Really? That’s your reason for killing your half-sister?” Kai’s eyes widen.

“I-I didn’t mean for that to happen!” He pathetically cries.

Jungkook reaches forward, grabbing his neck, not squeezing just holding.

The humans yell louder, they can’t get to them as Jungkook subconsciously made an invisible barrier.

“I don’t know what exactly you did, but you had no right!” He hisses, he feels the rumble in his chest, his hand tightens, his eyes flash red.

Kai cries loudly, feeling himself get slowly picked up, he grabs at Jungkook’s hand, scratching as he tries to be let go.

Jungkook doesn’t, he just keeps lifting him, smirking and he is about to squeeze harder when someone taps his shoulder.

He jolts, he turns around and sees a smiling face, someone he think he knows but doesn’t remember and when he feels a jab to the back of his neck, he feels his body immediately go limp.

“You fuck-“ He curses before his vison goes black.




“Wow, we leave for several years and this happens” Yoongi sighs as he looks down at Jungkook’s limp body in his arms.

Jin chuckles fondly “Says the guy who ripped off the head of their lover while fucking” Yoongi frowned.

“He was trying to squeeze my dick too death!” Jin rolls his eyes, “Whatever, we got something more important to talk about right now”

Jin is looking at the trembling Kai who has pissed himself out of fear, Yoongi sighs.

“Humans are all the same, just kill him” Jin pouts.

“Not all humans are like this” He gestures to the village.

Yoongi doesn’t respond knowing the centuries on Jin, Jin has seen and been through it all, he knows more than anyone or anything.

He sighs in defeat and throws Jungkook on his shoulder.

“Yah! Be careful with our baby mate” Yoongi mocks him, “He’s fine, did you not see the barrier he put against himself with pure rage?”

Jin sighs, “Yes I know… anyways take him home, I’ll deal with this” Yoongi nods and jumps away.

Jin is known for his mind wiping abilities, he is so strong that this village would be easy for him.

He will make it like Jungkook was never born here and Jewel was attacked by a werewolf, not because they are vampires mortal enemies or anything, he smiles seeing the villagers sleep peacefully knowing tomorrow will be like nothing happened.

He frowned seeing Jewel, he leaned down to touch the marks, he can also get a faint feeling on who’s mark it was, and when he felt it he was shocked.

Never in his many years of experience has he felt this presence, it’s almost as if whoever left this mark was never there in the first place, he thinks for a moment, only one who could have the ability to erase their own existence from other things… is him.



“Hmm…why are we again attacking some worthless village filled with blood bags?” A voice said annoyed their leader would step foot in this nothing straw-like village, she grimaces thinking how gross it is the bottom of his shoe touched their dirt.

“Just setting things in motion, no need to worry your pretty lil dumb head Mimi” She huffs at the insult and compliment in the same sentence as he always speaks.

“Wow that’s Seokjin, once the leader of the Kim Clan” A voice whistles in admiration, Mimi scoffs.

“He’s nothing compared to our leader!” The one who whistled laughs.

“Whatever Mi, just saying” He shrugs.

“Mimi, Kyo, stop the bicker” Both immediately reply “Yes, Sire”

“Let’s go” He smiles seeing Jin look confuse as he walks away into the forest.