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Ladybug Alone

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She was flying, and falling at the same time. 
Falling for and towards a blond cat-themed boy balanced on a pole extended from one roof to the other.

Her luck against her yet again, they got tangled. 
After they got down, he introduced himself as Chat Noir and she felt herself fall all over again.

He wanted to know her name. He wanted to know her.

“I’m M-Ma-” her YoYo suddenly came tumbling down and hit the poor sweet blond square on the head. 
“Madly clumsy, I am so sorry.”

“No sweat, clumsy girl. I’m still learning the ropes too.” He... forgave her?

There was a scream and the boy darted off. 
“Where are you going?” She didn’t want him to leave, she wanted a friend!

“To save Paris!” Oh. 
Oh no. 

“Citizens of Paris, listen carefully. 
“I am Hawkmoth. Ladybug, Cat Noir, give me the Ladybug Earrings and the Cat Ring now. You've done enough damage to these innocent people!

Her blood boils at this. They were the ones causing DAMAGE? That’s it. 
“Nice try, Hawk Moth, but we know who the bad guy is. Let's not reverse the roles here.” She walks forward, continuing her speech. 
“Without you, none of these innocent victims would be transformed into villains. Hawk Moth, no matter how long it takes, we will find you, and YOU will hand us YOUR Miraculous!” She spins her Yoyo and launches herself upwards. 

She throws her Yoyo, faster and faster as the butterflies get absorbed inside and how is she still in the air and continues until not a butterfly remains.

She lands on the platform, gazing out across Paris. 

She was never one for the spotlight, however at this moment in time she stood there, all eyes on her, shining in the spotlight.

“Let me make this promise to you. No matter who wants to harm you, Ladybug and Cat Noir will do everything in our power to keep you safe!” she taps her Yoyo and a shitload of butterflies come bursting out. 

The next day the class is buzzing with chatter as Marinette quietly sits in the back and draws.

She doesn’t even realise what she’s drawing until she fumbles her pencil and registers the art before her.

She lets out a small squeak as she realises that she has drawn an incredibly detailed picture of Chat Noir, his hands on his hips matched with his trademark confident grin represented perfectly on the page.

She quickly folds it up before slipping it into her bag as class begins. 
“Alright class, settle down...”

Adrien was just about to leave class with his new friends when he hears something behind him. 
“Her guys, I’ll catch up.” He says before turning and entering the classroom. 
There he sees a pretty girl with short dark hair packing up her spilled pens at the back of the class.


She doesn’t look up.

“Hello?” This time she does look up and seems startled seeing him there.

“Hi, I’m Adrien, what’s your name?”

She blinks before slowly responding “Marinette...” As she zips up her bag and picks it up. 


He wants to know her name? The Adrien Agreste, son of the most famous fashion designer this side of ever, has noticed her? 
Forgettable boring Marinette Dupain-Cheng?

The world has turned on its head.

“Anyways, I best be going. See you later!” He leaves, like they all do. 
What did she expect. He’ll never notice her again, no one else who took pity on her did. 

“Hey guys, can you tell me a bit about Marinette?”

It was a simple question, however their answer shocked him throughly.