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Why is HE texting ME?

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It’s Friday night, 3rd year, and Deku thinks he’s going to have a quiet night alone. All he was planning on doing was ordering some food, watching an All Might movie, and snuggling with his blankets.

But then he got a text. 

It’s eleven o’clock, his food has been eaten, and the movie is going through its final scenes. Izuku doesn’t normally get texts this late. It’s after curfew, because yeah, even on Friday nights, Aizawa makes them get out of the common room and head back to their dorm at eleven. He figures it’s Ochaco. She can’t sleep most nights and will send him links, photos, and gifs because she knows Izuku’s also a night owl. Opening his phone he brings up his texts and has to do a double-take. 


Why was HE of all people texting him at eleven at night? Do they have an assignment due? Katsuki normally only texts him about homework and training. He also texts him before they run together in the morning and sometimes if he wants to hit the gym to spar at night. So maybe it's about that? But Katsuki's normally passed out at nine-thirty, ten latest. So what the heck does he want?? Hesitantly opening the text Izuku stares down at the screen and reads the single word that was sent. 

Kacchan: Deku.

Looking around the room almost as if he’s expecting Katsuki to jump out from under his bed, which is absolutely crazy, Izuku types out a response. 

Deku: Kacchan?

Kacchan: What are you doing?

The response he gets is almost instant. Thinking about his response Izuku decides instead to just take a photo of his laptop screen that shows the All Might movie playing. 

Deku: [photo] 

Deku: Watching a movie. 

Kacchan: Nerd.

Izuku giggles.

Deku: You know it. What are you doing? 

Putting the phone down, Izuku's no longer really interested in the movie. Kacchan is texting him. Izuku’s had a thing for him for as long as he could remember. And Katsuki NEVER texts him at night. This is way, WAY more interesting than an All Might movie he's seen over 100 times. 

Sorry, All Might. 

While Izuku’s putting away his laptop, his phone buzzes on his bed. Settling himself back on  Izuku opens his messaging app. 

Kacchan: Nothing yet. 

Kacchan: [photo]

Pulling up the image on his screen Izuku's mouth starts to water. Katsuki's laid out on his bed, with a cocky smile, bottom lip between his teeth, and confidently showing off almost his entire body. He’s got on a pair of low rising black pants and a matching black tank. And he's lifting up his shirt. Holy shit he looks so hot. He’s just purposely giving Izuku the perfect view of his rock hard abs, his tiny waist… and... Holy shit! He's... HARD.

When Izuku looks lower, he can see as plain as day Katsuki’s dick tenting in his pants. Izuku’s cock gets hard in a matter of seconds. Never in a million years did Izuku think he’d be sent a photo quite like this. This is… this is like a wet dream come true. 

But wait.

Did he MEAN to send him this photo? Katsuki KNOWS he sent this right? Checking his phone again he doesn’t see any follow-up texts telling him he didn’t mean to send it.. so did he take this FOR Izuku? That thought alone causes a bead of pre to form at the tip of his cock. Izuku shoves his hand down the front of his shorts to grip the base of his cock to keep himself from blowing his load right then and there, and to relieve some pressure.  Forcing himself to resist the urge to slowly stroke himself, Izuku stops to think. What does this mean? "Nothing yet”?

Izuku decides it wouldn’t hurt to ask what he means. That's not weird, right?

He also reasoned that he only sent him a photo because Izuku sent him one first. But this... this is NOT an ordinary photo. Katsuki is CLEARLY trying to get a point across to SOMEONE. Before he’s able to give another response his phone buzzes again. 

Kacchan: Earth to Deku. You didn’t pass out did ya?

Kacchan: Like watcha see? 

Quickly typing back a response Izuku reads it over a clicks send.

Deku: Still here!

Deku: and yes! You look… wow. 

Deku: But what do you mean you’re not doing anything yet? 

Deku: You planning on turning on a movie or something?

Izuku feels stupid. But there’s NO WAY that he meant to send a photo of himself like that to Izuku. But who ACCIDENTALLY takes a photo of themselves when their dick is hard? 

Again the response is almost instant.

Kacchan: [photo] 

Kacchan: Does it look I’m about to watch a fucking movie?

In photo on his screen, that Izuku was far too eager to click on, Katsuki’s in almost the same position. But now, his pants are below his hips, and the hand that was lifting up his shirt is palming over his shamelessly hard cock that's tenting his orange briefs. Izuku can't stop the small noise that escapes his lips seeing his crush touching himself. He looks so hot. Izuku moves his hand ever so slowly upward, his thumb spreading the precum from his tip over the head of his cock. 

but shortly after Izuku stops.

This isn’t right. Katsuki must be drunk or something. Or maybe he was hit with a quirk that’s making him have horny thoughts about people he doesn’t like. This is wrong. It's like he’s taking advantage of him. Because once whatever is causing Katsuki to sext him has passed, he’s gonna be pissed. Izuku just knows it. After wiping his hand on his shirt, Izuku types back.

Deku: Are you feeling okay? 

Deku: Why are you sexting ME? 

Deku: Shouldn’t you be sending these photos to Kirishima? Or Uraraka?

Deku: Are you just messing with me?

Izuku’s dick is totally soft. This isn’t fair. They were in a good spot! They were friends! Or at least Izuku thought they were... Izuku can't help his mind from wandering. 

why is Kacchan messing with me?





“REALLY DEKU!? You think I would want to send photos of my dick to URARAKA!?”

Katsuki feels like he’s about blast a hole through the roof of the dorm building. How the hell after all these years has Izuku not figured out that Katsuki’s gay as fuck? Like seriously?! ALSO, just because he and Kirishima are best friends doesn’t mean Katsuki wants to bone him.


Just the thought of sending either of those extras a photo of his cock is enough to make his dick start to soften a little bit.


Reading over the texts Izuku sent him again, Katsuki wants to kick himself. He should have NEVER taken advice from Dunce Face or Soy Sauce about how to confess to Izuku.


Of course, the nerd would be confused.

How could Katsuki have been so STUPID?! Of course, the nerd would be confused. OF COURSE, he’d think Katsuki’s messing with him. He may be confident when it comes to being a hero, but everything else? Yeah, no. Deku’s self-esteem outside of hero work is in the gutter. 


Katsuki needs to fix this. He needs to find a way to convince Izuku that he’s not being influenced by some quirk, or that he’s trying to get blackmail or some shit. Hell, if it wasn’t already after curfew, Katsuki would just go down there to tell him face to face. But he can’t. And he’s not about to let Izuku end his night thinking that Katsuki’s trying to mess with him either. After stroking himself a few times to get his dick back up, Katsuki types out a response. 

Kacchan: Really, Deku?

Kacchan: Think. Why would I send you pictures of my dick, WITH MY FACE IN THEM, if I was trying to mess with you?

Kacchan: Shit. Is my cock makin’ you go crazy or something?

Katsuki’s heart is beating so fast. This was not how this was supposed to go. Hopefully, Izuku isn’t mad, and he gets it now. 

Deku: Yeah, okay. I should have thought of that.  

Deku: I’m so dumb sometimes Heh.

Deku: I just… never thought you’d want to do this with ME.

Letting out the breath he was holding, Katsuki starts to feel better. Izuku seems to be calming down, but he still doesn’t seem totally convinced. Maybe he needs another photo of encouragement. Pushing his briefs down Katsuki lets his cock lay hard and heavy against his stomach. Maybe If Izuku sees how turned on he really is, he’ll send a photo back. Sexting isn’t very fun if you’re the only one exposing yourself. Snapping a photo of himself and making sure not only his dick but his face was in the shot, he gives it a once over and then sends it out. 

Kacchan: Of course I’d want to do this with you. Look how hard you make me, Deku.

Kacchan: [Photo]

A little dirty talk never hurts right? Almost five whole minutes later Katsuki finally gets a response. 

Deku: Wow, I  just. Wow.

Deku: Can I call you?

Katsuki smirks. 

Kacchan: You gotta send me a photo first, Deku. Then sure, you can call me. 

Kacchan: Or better yet, I’ll call you after I see what you send me.

Kacchan: Best make it good, Deku. 

How did Katsuki know Izuku would want to talk? Nerd probably thinks someone stole his phone or something. Which would be stupid by the way. WHO the FUCK would steal Katsuki’s phone just so they could send Izuku dirty pictures? Like really? Also, how the FUCK would they even get photos to send him? It’s not like Katsuki just has random photos of his dick on his phone. Naw man, he deletes that shit. Another four or five minutes later Katsuki’s phone goes off letting him know he’s got a message. Opening it up Katsuki is NOT disappointed. Not. At. All. 


Deku: [Photo]

Deku: Hope this is good enough for you. 

The photo Izuku sent him is so damn GOOD. Before he does ANYTHING Katsuki saves the photo to his camera roll. In the photo, Izuku’s in his bed with his shorts and a pair of nerdy ass All Might boxers pushed down over his hips, and his is hand wrapped around his cock. The tip of his prick is so angry red, shining with pre, and oh so tasty looking. One of these days Katsuki’s gonna have to run his tongue over the head of that cock to find out just how good he is. 

While gripping the base of his dick to keep himself from coming too soon, Katsuki opens up his contacts and finds Izuku’s number. After a ring and a half, he answers. 


“Hey, Deku. You’ve got such a pretty cock.”






The voice on the other end of the phone sounds deep and heady, dripping with sex and has rendered Izuku speechless. No one has EVER called his dick pretty before. It makes him feel all warm and fuzzy and really aroused hearing Katsuki compliment him like that. But how do you respond to THAT??

“Deku… I can hear you breathing. Say something’”

“Th-thank you, Kacchan. I ah… d-don’t know what to say, um.. heh”

A rumble of a laugh is heard on the other end of the phone and Izuku feels like he’s said the wrong thing. 

“Yer so fuckin’ cute, Deku. So Watcha wanna talk about ha?”

Izuku’s heart rate quickens, sweat forms on his brow. He almost forgot he was the one who wanted to talk on the phone. He’s kinda embarrassed to admit that the only reason he wanted to talk was to know without a doubt that he was talking to Katsuki. Not that it would have been anyone else, but still. A small part of him still feels like he’s dreaming. 

“I ah, wanted to h-hear your voice. You looked so hot in those photos, Kacchan.” 

Izuku feels so nervous. He’s never talked to someone like this before. Hell, he’s also never sent a dick pic either. So he really TRULY shouldn’t be embarrassed. He’s already indirectly told Katsuki that he’s turning him on. 

“Oh yeah? You looked pretty fuckable yourself, Deku. Made me so hard.”

Izuku can hear slick sounds coming from the Katsuki’s end and can only imagine what that means. Without even thinking he thoughts are falling from his mouth. 

“Are you touching yourself?”

Another low growl of a laugh followed by a sharp intake of breath sends shivers down Izuku’s spine. The hand on his dick starts moving in upwards motions. 

“No shit, Deku. It’s too bad yer not here right now to help me.”

HELP HIM?? A small whimper comes out of Izuku’s mouth. Katsuki wants help? Does he want Izuku to t-touch him?


Because ‘Oh’ is apparently the only thing he can say after being told by Bakugou-Freaking-Katsuki that he wishes Izuku was there to help him jerk off. 

“Fuck yeah, Deku. I bet yer nerdy ass has all kinds of thoughts n’ideas about what you’d do if you were here, dontcha?” 

Gripping the base of his cock to try to calm himself, Izuku thinks. Yeah, there are for sure things he’s thought about… not that he has the courage to actually TELL Katsuki those things. But a few won’t hurt, right?

“Yeah… There are things I’ve thought about doing.”

Katsuki groans, a sound that shouldn’t be so damn hot but is. Izuku swears he could get off to Katsuki’s voice alone. 

“Mmm, fuck yeah there are. Like what? Tell me.”

The demanding tone of Katsuki’s voice causes Izuku to let out a little noise from the back of his throat. Izuku’s never truly been able to say no to him. Adjusting himself on his bed so his back is against his headboard, and his knees are bent, Izuku closes his eyes and slowly strokes himself as he envisions some of the things he’s always wanted to do. A small flush comes over his face thinking about what he’s wanted to do the most. 

“Kiss you. I w-want to kiss you so bad. I-I’ve always thought about what it would be like. There’s been so many times, especially when we were in middle school… like when you’ve had me pinned against the lockers that I’ve thought about it. Especially now, each time we spar and your bodies on top of mine I think about your lips…”

Biting his bottom lip and (hopefully) silently whimpering, Izuku gets further lost in his fantasy.

“I-I also want to t-touch your chest. I wanna run my hands over your perfect body. Kacchan’s worked so hard to look so good, and I just want to REALLY appreciate it. W-wanna touch your abs, your back, your arms… mmmm a-and your h-hair. I bet your hair is so soft, and perfect. Just like everything e-else about you… so, so, perfect.” 

“Damn, Deku. Shit, kissin’ me and touching my hair turns you on THAT much?”

Without even realizing it Izuku’s hand had sped up considerably and he’s been letting out all kinds of breathy moans and whines while thinking about what he wants to do. Embarrassment rapidly washes over him for being called out. Izuku really is getting off to thoughts of kissing his crush, He feels like such a fucking virgin. Slowing his motions Izuku opens his eyes. His face feels like its on fire. 

“S-Sorry! I’ve just… w-wanted you for so long, Kacchan.”

“Course you have. Been followin’ me around since we were brats. I should've gotten over myself sooner..." Katsuki pauses for a moment. and if Izuku didn't know any better, he'd think he was embarrassed. 

"But okay, yeah, okay."

Izuku hears him clear his throat and move around on what Izuku could only assume is his bed in the background. 

"We can do all that soft shit. But lemme tell you what we’re gonna do after…”





Damn nerd! 


Katsuki feels all warm and fluttery, and like a soft little bitch. Izuku praises Katsuki all the time, never misses an opportunity to tell him how amazing he is, or to let him know how awesome something he did was when they were training, or on their internship. Normally the praise just fires him up, makes him want to work harder, and to be better. 

But this praise… this praise is different. 

Listening to Izuku whimper, and whine and hearing the distinct sounds of him touching himself on the other end of the phone while thinking about KATSUKI is almost too much to handle. And to think he’s felt this way since MIDDLE SCHOOL yeah, no. This is, this is a lot. He also sounded like he’s jerked off to thoughts about him before. Katsuki can just picture Izuku in his bed, knees bent, fisting his cock, sweat forming on his brow, eyes screwed shut, lip between his teeth, and his flushed face as he fucks into his hand. Katsuki would KILL to hear him moan and cry out that childish little nickname-- Kacchan-- as he comes all over himself. Mmm. Before he tells Izuku what HE wants to do, he needs to adjust himself, he’s gonna come way too quickly if he stays too relaxed and comfortable like this. Before he speaks again he takes in a deep breath. If he knows Izuku as well as he thinks he does, his next few words will make him come too soon. So he’s gotta put some rules in place. 

“Alright, ya listenin’, Deku?”


“Good. Cause you sound like yer gonna blow yer load any second just listening to the sound of my voice… so don’t you dare even THINK about coming until I tell you to. You got that, Deku?”

Izuku audibly gulps on the other end of the phone. Katsuki preens when he hears Izuku’s far too eager to please response. 

“Yes! Got it! Wh-whatever you say, Kacchan.”

“Tch. Yer so damn eager ain’tcha, Deku?  You’d do this with anyone wouldn’t ya? You’d Let the whole dorm hear those dirty little moans of yers wouldn’t ya?”

Katsuki figures Izuku’s still a virgin, he is too, not like that’s anyone’s fucking business. But he is, so what?!

For whatever fuckin’ reason people think he’s some type of sex god. Thinks “M’going home for the weekend.” is code for “m’gonna hit up some chick” or whatever other nasty things people think he does when he goes home to visit the Hags. Truth be told, although he’s had plenty of offers, he doesn’t have time for that shit. He’s also not about to go sticking his dick in just ANYONE. Naw, whomever he fucks for the first times gotta be worth it. Gotta be someone he could see himself going toe-to-toe with during a fight, or out on the battlefield against a villain. Someone who knows him understands him and respects him. Also, needs to be someone who isn’t a fuckin’ eyesore. Some of the mother fuckers Katsuki’s been approached by have been so far away from his ideal type that he almost felt bad for turning them down. 

Not that Katsuki’s shallow, he just knows what he likes. 

SO YEAH,  the person he fucks for the first time has to be someone specific. And as much as he’s hated to admit it to himself over the years, whenever he really stops to think about who’d he’d even CONSIDER being with like that, the same person always comes to mind. Deku. It’s always been Deku. Even in middle school when Katsuki started realizing why he’s never given a shit about girls all signs pointed back to Deku. Fucking, Deku.

While he was getting way too fuckin’ lost in his stupid pining thoughts, Izuku must have responded because he sounds all frantic. 

“K-Kacchan? Are you s-still there…? Kacchan?”

“Yeah, shit. Fuck. Of course, m’ still here. You said, no right?”

Izuku sighs in relief. “Yes, Yes I did. I’ve n-never done something like this with a-anyone before. O-only you. Just Kacchan.” 

Adjusting himself on the bed, Katsuki gives his dick a few tugs, bringing it back to life after spacing out. 

“You still hard, nerd?”

“Y-yes? Kinda... I um, got n-nervous. I thought you hung up. You were kinda quiet for a while there, Kacchan.”

“Well don’t you worry, Deku. You’ll get hard for me. Yer gonna be so hard and aching that you’ll beggin’ for me to let you come.”

Iuzku’s breathing hitched, and he let out the sweetest sounding little moan Katsuki’s ever heard. And FUCK  him sideways! He wants to hear it again.

“bet yer so hard right now, yer cock is probably red and dripping. You wet for me, Deku?” 

“Y-yes... S-so wet, K-Kacchan.”

 “F-fuck--ha-- God, I can hear you working yourself, Deku. What did I tell you bout’ coming too soon?”

Izuku whined and the slick sounds of him stroking his cock stopped. Katsuki can’t say he’s faring any better. His cock is so hard and heavy in his hand. The urge to do more than slowly working himself over is getting stronger.

 “S-Sorry, Kacchan” “Good boy, Deku.”

The long and desperate sounding moan shooting into Katsuki’s ear from his phone causes Katsuki to let out his own strangled noise. FUCK. Deku sounds so fuckin’ hot. So fuckin’ high on Katsuki so lost in his words. SHIT.

“Has anyone ever sucked yer dick, Deku? Ever had someone’s tight throat around that pretty cock of yers?”

Katsuki’s pretty sure since it sounds like Izuku’s never kissed anyone, that he's also never had someone give him a blowjob, but still.

“Oh g-god, Kacchan~ N-no.”

Biting his bottom lip between his teeth Katsuki swells with pride. He’s gonna be his first. Although he’s never done it before, he knows he’s gonna be able to give Izuku the best damn head of his life.

“Heh, course not, you fuckin’ virgin. Well, don’t worry, I'd suck it for you. Suck you so good you’d see fuckin’ stars, Deku. God-- you’d sound so fuckin’ sexy with my lips wrapped around yer fat cock.--Ha-- S-shit!” “You’d f-feel so good, Kacchan~” Izuku moans.

Katsuki knows they’re both reaching their limits, but like hell does he want this to end right now. He’s gotta know more.

“You ever touch yer ass, Deku? Ever fingered that tight hole of yers?” 

Izuku’s breathing hitches and he goes silent for a moment. Almost like he’s thinking about his answer and is too embarrassed to say it.

“...Yes. M-more than th-that though…”

Izuku’s voice trailed off after saying ‘yes ‘but Katsuki heard him alright. And FUCK if that’s not the hottest thing Katsuki’s ever heard in all 18 years of life. Katsuki has to squeeze the base of his cock HARD to keep from coming too soon.

“F-fuck! Shit-- that’s… d-do you fuck yourself, Deku? Tell me what you do dammit, tell me, tell me, TELL ME.” 

Katsuki’s breathing picks up thinking about Izuku fucking himself with some toy he probably has hidden away in his nightstand. Makes him kinda jealous too, he wanted to be the first to fuck that greedy little asshole, not some god-damn toy... 

“Y-Yeah... Sometimes when I'm feeling e-extra horny, I lay back in bed, and open myself up nice and slow, almost teasing myself, thinking about someone else...Or well… y-you, I think about you. think about you working me open, pressing your f-fingers up against my walls, g-getting me ready to take your cock…”


Katsuki groans and starts to work himself a little faster.

“And when ‘m ready, or I just can't wait any longer, I place my toy on the bed, its big, orange, and has the b-best bumps and r-ridges on it… and I slowly bring myself down on it until the entire thing is inside me. And g-god… it feels SO GOOD, Kacchan~”

Katsuki growls. Fuckfuckfuck! He’s gonna come any minute now listening to Izuku talk about how he fucks himself. But he’s gotta let Izuku come first. Can’t be the bitch who blows their load too soon, and FUCK he NEEDS to hear what it sounds like when Izuku comes. Almost as if he’s reading his mind, Izuku’s wrecked voice sounds off into his ear.

“Kacchan…C-Can I touch myself now? Please please please, I wanna come~”

“Mmm, fuck yeah, touch yourself for me, baby. I want you to come thinking about my dick, thinking about my dick fucking yer tight little hole. C’mon, Deku. C’monC’monC’mon!” 

Izuku moans so loud and pretty as soon as Katsuki tells him he can come. Katsuki can also faintly hear the wet, and desperate sounds of Izuku working his cock in the background. But mostly he hears the heavy breathing, whines, and moans, and what also sounds like his name falling off Izuku’s lips as he brings himself over the edge.

“Ha--fuu--G-Gah-- Kacchan! I’m--i’m-- gonna come~ oh ha- Ka-Kacchan~”

Working himself just as hard and fast as he images Izuku is Katsuki growls out. 

“Come for me, Deku~” 

In a matter of seconds, Katsuki hears Izuku practically scream before he suddenly stops. And just before Katsuki hears Izuku start to gasp and pant, Katsuki’s own voice picks up, uncaring of how wrecked he sounds, or how much his throat may hurt the next day from how loud he is, as he brings himself to completion.


Katsuki cries out as hot sticky cum explodes out of him, making a mess of his hand and chest, as he’s hit with one of the most intense orgasms he’s ever had. After a while, the only sounds that can be heard are the deep breaths coming from both Izuku and Katsuki as they bask in the afterglow of their orgasms. Katsuki’s chest feels all tight and tingly because HOLY SHIT FUCK that just happened. What this means about what he and Izuku are now, is something for tomorrow’s Katsuki to think about. Because right now, all Katsuki can think about is how good and satisfied he feels. But also how tired he is, and how worn out Izuku sounds.

“H-hey, Kacchan…?”

But of course, he’s gonna ask right now. Katsuki knows it. He shuts that shit down pronto. 

“Get some sleep, Deku. We still gotta go out for a run tomorrow mornin’ Jus’ because it’s late, and tomorrow’s Saturday doesn’t mean you get a pass.”

“B-But, Kacchan…”

“Don’t think too hard, Deku. This was fun. I’ll see you tomorrow morning.”

“Uh.. o-okay… goodnight, Kacchan…”

“Night, Nerd.”





Seven hours later Izuku’s alarm is going off and he needs to decide if he’s going to take a shower now, or if he’s going to wait until after his run. Izuku made a mess of himself last night. And although he toweled himself off the best he could before he burrowed himself back into his bed, Izuku feels kinda gross.  Although if he’s being honest, he doesn’t just feel gross because of the dried cum that he’s sure he slept in last night, but because he can’t believe he and Katsuki did whatever it was that they DID… last night. In the moment it was great, he was on cloud nine! But now… he doesn't know. He feels guilty, used, and a little sad… but he can’t think of that right now.

He’s gotta get changed and meet Katsuki in the common room so they can go for their morning run. After shoving on his workout gear, Izuku grabs his keys and phone and heads down the stairs. Once there, he’s happy to see that the common room is empty, well empty-ish. Katsuki's positioned by the outside doors, stretching. When Izuku starts walking up to him his heart starts pounding. Katsuki stops mid-stretch and opens the doors to head outside. Quickly running up to the door so he won’t be left behind, Izuku nearly runs past Katsuki who's just outside the door. Izuku's completely unaware that he’d stopped moving. Katsuki’s hand on his upper arm stops him from whizzing past and turns him to face the blond head-on.

“S-Sorry, Kacchan, I ah, thought you were..” 

As he’s about to finish his sentence Izuku’s cut off by a far too gentle touch on the side of his face, and Katsuki’s warm breath fanning over his lips. 

When did he get this close? 

Izuku’s face heats up and before he can say anything Katsuki’s deep voice fills his ears. 

“You talk too much.”

Leaning even further into Izuku’s space, Katsuki rests his other hand on Izuku’s back, and in a blink of an eye their lips are connected and Katsuki’s… 

Katsuki’s kissing him.

It takes longer than Izuku would like to truly register what's happening. It's only when Katsuki pulls back a little bit that Izuku Izuku comes to his senses and kisses him back. Izuku can feel Katsuki’s smirk against his lips and hears a slight chuckle escape his lips before he runs his tongue over Izuku’s bottom lip. Izuku moans into Katsuki’s mouth as their tongues slide against each other and Katsuki nips at his bottom lip before pulling back entirely, leaving Izuku dazed and breathless. Touching their foreheads together Katsuki’s deep, and yet soft voice causes shivers to run down Izuku’s spine. 

“Go out with me.”

Izuku blinks a few times trying to make sure he heard what Katsuki said.

“Wait, what?”

“You heard me, go out with me. Date me, shit. Don’t make me say it again, Deku.”

Tears well up in the corner of Izuku’s eyes as he nods his head yes. 

“Yes, okay.”


Katsuki kisses Izuku a little slower this time, more deliberate, but just a good, and just as before. Pulling away way too soon, and leaving Izuku longing for more, Katsuki moves away and starts bouncing down the steps of the dorm building. Izuku stands at the top of the steps unmoving for only a few moments before Katsuki turns around to look back at him.

“Hurry up, Deku. Just because your my boyfriend now doesn’t mean you can slack off when it comes to training. I’m still faster than you, didn’t someone say they’d beat my time? Chop, chop. Izuku.”

Izuku’s face turns redder than a tomato as he watches Katsuki run off down the sidewalk and hears his devilish laugh. Pushing the fact that Katsuki called him his FIRST NAME to the back of his mind, Izuku snaps out of it and quickly runs after him.

Izuku never thought that a night of phone sex would get them together, but he’s glad that it did.