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“It's pathetic, I knew I did from that first moment we met. It was...not love at first sight exactly, but - familiarity. Like: oh, hello, it's you. It's going to be you. Game over." - Mhairi McFarlane, (You Had Me at Hello)




Sometimes, outgrowing things are part of the trials life throws at you. Some may go through this, some may not. It’s all part of a cycle some fortunate or unfortunate people go through. Even some may outgrow things faster than others as for some, their childhood hasn't even existed by circumstances life threw at them that didn't offer them a chance to truly experience the wonders of being a child and going through what's supposedly a kid of a young age should. These kids are usually people who are often isolated, alone, and depressed by the reasonings of their poor childhood that affects them throughout their growth. Though don't underestimate them as even if they were forced to withstand such traumatic events, they usually get out of it stronger, wiser, and kinder by what was shoved down their throats like swallowing a bitter pill that they were forced to take.



But of course, people learn to cope with things differently so this is not always true. Some kids may not even endure such a trail and grow to be someone who's bitter, mad, and revengeful of the past that haunts them. Making these once of an innocent seed that should've grown with all the love and care it deserved, to rot and decay and wither with anger as it taints the soil it stood upon and even those around them as their pain spreads like a deadly disease in an efforts to find comfort in the loneliness that they've found themselves in...






Back to how usually the cycle goes in life. Everyone can outgrow the simplest things such as the clothing you used to wear or the hobbies you used to like since your body is growing and adapting itself to the changes that partake when you hit that age that signifies you're becoming an adult.



Though outgrowing the more difficult ones will leave a scar that you won't ever forget, but can learn and become even stronger by the lesson they taught you... or not. 



This is when you outgrow to depend on your parents and become independent individuals without the guidance or emotional support they offer on those tough times in life. For some, outgrowing friendships, toxic relationships or people you thought you loved; will mark a new beginning for them as they have a clear sight on how to care for themselves and know the worth they truly carry. And to mention one more that's relevant of the many things one could outgrow is how one outgrows a crush one someone they once liked. This one in specific one could say is the most bittersweet as you finally realize said person you are pining on may be in love with someone else or you just simply don't like them anymore.



Which, is perfectly fine since they should respect one another’s feelings towards each other, which in turn could make a beautiful relationship blossom even more and become a bond that's indestructible to other forces that want to harm it.



The worth it carries to form a new friendship even if the feelings weren't required is something indescribable as without the barrier that made up of the fear, hesitation, and apprehension or this idea you had of liking them. They wouldn't have ever learned what they truly were. The raw beauty of the aspects that molded their personalities, likes or interest and those stories that made up the person of who they are today.



Its all a part of growing up.



A cycle that everyone will go through once in their life but with different stories, situations, and events that can affect such growth within them.



This time, the story will be a unique one. A one of a kind you could say. That will affect not just one, but many people in a set place or even a whole city for that matter. But only the ones who went through these hardships, even if it affected those around them. Only they know what actually happened behind the scenes and now, we will see how the story will unfold.