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I've Been Broken Many Times

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Yuuto let himself fall onto his bed, legs hanging off the side. He sighed and tossed his book across the room. A book about heroes that were able fight off any threat and defeat any danger. He could use a hero like that now. Or better yet, he wanted to be a hero like that. How different things would be.


I hate it here. Not being in control. Not having choices. Because of my brother.


His thoughts were interrupted by said brother walking in through his door with a plate of food. “Good morning, Yu,” said Hisashi, in a cheerful voice. Yuuto rolled his eyes and then sat up, “Good for you, maybe.” Hisashi didn’t respond, and handed him the plate.


As his brother turned around to leave, he threw the plate into a collision course with Hisashi’s back. A deep purple glow surrounded the plate and its contents, a sign of his brother’s telekinesis quirk.


“I really wish you would eat sometime, younger brother,” said Hisashi, with a bored tone, “It is getting quite annoying, and you will just keep getting sick.” “I don’t want to be… manipulated by you,” Yuuto responded, defiant. “Isn’t it time you gave up?” Hisashi asked.


A silence hung in the air for what felt like an eternity.


“…Come with me.” His telekinesis quirk reset the food onto the plate that was now resting on the table. “What?” Yuuto broke his hostile glare with a look of confusion.


“You never take me anywhere. What do you mean?”


“I have something to show you.” Hisashi walked out the door and beckoned for Yuuto to follow. He did, still confused at this sudden change.


The corridors were quiet, save for the taping of their footsteps on the metal floor. Guards were patrolling or simply standing still in front of what looked to be kinds of storage rooms. When asked about them, Hisashi gave a cryptic answer about certain things needing protection. Yuuto stopped to peer through a window, and briefly wondered, what kind of use his brother could have for, what appeared to be, a fully furnished medical lab. He didn’t have much time to contemplate, because he was told to pick up the pace.


More silence, until Hisashi stopped walking, turned around to face Yuuto, and began to speak. “Little brother, you seem to not even have a tiny bit of open-mindedness towards my work. Why is that?” “Because the world has fallen into chaos!” Yuuto clenched his fists and glared at his older brother. “You’re worsening the problem! You’re only using your powers for yourself!”


Hisashi grinned, “I’m being selfish? People come to me for help with their quirks. Yesterday I met a young man who was extremely kind, and never failed to look after his old parents.” His smile grew wider. “Unfortunately, his quirk was transforming his face into that of a monster. No matter his personality or actions, he is still oppressed by society, and has been separated from his parents. I was able to help him return to his family. What’s selfish about that?”


“All you did was make a new servant to do your bidding! You aren’t helping anyone!” Yuuto was shaking with anger, he thought that his older brother would say something or take him back to his cell. But Hisashi just exhaled, “I see you don’t understand. Well, I do have something to show you.” And they continued to walk onwards.


They came to a large room at the very end of the corridor. The door had a multi-step complex security system, and Yuuto wondered what on earth he was about to see.


The room was mostly filled with a huge paper map of all of Japan in great detail. Hisashi lead Yuuto over to the side farthest from the door. He placed one finger down over the neighborhood where they currently were. “See the Xs on the paper? Those are the places where “villains” have sworn allegiance to me.”


He moved his finger up slightly. “This one blank spot is where the one gang that refused my offer is located. They wouldn’t accept my leadership, so some of my followers exterminated them.” Yuuto let out a sharp gasp. “How could you do that? They didn’t want to be controlled, so you ordered them dead?” Hisashi chuckled, “You misunderstand. I didn’t order anything. My followers translated my desire for order into actions against things that threaten that order.”


“Why on earth would you be happy about that?” Yuuto began to glare again. “Because, little brother, it’s like the stuff of dreams.” He was grinning widely. “I only have to think about it, and others take action on my behalf. It’s amazing.” “No it’s not. It’s terrible!” Yuuto shook his head. “I’ll never forgive you for any of this! I hate everything that you’re doing!”


They stood there, Yuuto breathing heavily, and glaring at his brother, while Hisashi looked at him blankly.


“Well, I suppose there’s nothing but this to be done.” He shrugged. “I was going to give it to you eventually.”


“What do y-“ Yuuto started, but soon got his answer as his older brother’s hand gripped his face, blocking his face.


“When I give you this quirk, I’ll rewrite the reality in which you refuse to join me!”


Yuuto could feel his brother’s quirk begin to activate. “But I don’t want a quirk! I don’t want one!“ He moved his hands frantically to try and stop the transfer.


“It doesn’t matter! Now join me!” Yuuto began to panic. “Stop it! Stop it! Stop it!” He yelled frantically. And in that second, every thing slowed.


He felt like he was going to explode. Pain was pulsing throughout every single part of his body. It was excruciating. He began to scream again, and try to get away from the terrible pain. But he was trapped.


It felt like it was an eternity of suffering until his body gave out, and he fell over. Everything began to go black as he heard yelling in the background and felt someone pick him up and begin to run.

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The pricking as the doctors reinserted the IV needle into Yuuto’s arm was what woke him up.


He looked around the room, ignoring the questions of a nurse who was standing near his cot. He eventually came to the conclusion that was in the medical lab he had walked by on the way to Hisashi’s map room.


Many aspects of the lab were disturbing. Namely the human sized “test tubes” lining the right wall and what looked to be a dissection table on the left.


A noticeable fact was that Yuuto’s older brother wasn’t present.


“Where….” His head began to spin the second he tried to speak, and his voice was raspy. He opted to try and sit up instead, but that only made it worse.


“Wait, wait, wait, wait.” The nurse who was asking questions before put her hands on his chest and pushed him back down into the cot.


“You can’t get up just yet.” Her voice was soothing but condescending. “The dehydration and pain killers are sure to make you quite dizzy.”


“I assure you, I’m fine.” It was a clear lie on Yuuto’s part, because he nearly fell over when he stood up. “I-I want to get back to my room.”


“Well, I suppose I can escort you there.” She removed the IV quickly, and placed it on the sterilizing station. She then walked over to the door and held it open. “Shall we?”


The clanking of their shoes on the floor did little to help Yuuto’s steadily growing headache. The walk back to his room felt like an eternity longer than when he had gone the opposite way with his brother. When he finally got there, he ran in slamming the door shut before the nurse could even talk.


He dove headfirst into his bed, and covered his head with a pillow trying to get the now gigantic headache to go away. He felt like he was being pulled apart.


After a couple minutes the pain seemed to mildly decrease, so he tried to walk. Even sitting up caused Yuuto’s world to do a 180 spin.


The first step caused everything to be transformed into swirling rainbows, and he fell forward, luckily near the wastebasket, because he violently threw up.


After he had emptied his stomach, he moved away slowly, falling on to his back and closing his eyes.


My entire body feels so dry, probably the dehydration that woman was talking about.


As if on cue, Hisashi walked into the room with Yuuto’s breakfast.


Great. Just fantastic.


“Are you feeling better, Yu? The quirk transfer seemed a little rough.”


A little rough? Does he think that me passing out from the pain is a little?


“I understand that you didn’t want it, but you needed a quirk, and that one seemed like a good fit for you.”


Great. He gave me a quirk without consent, and now he’s saying how good of a job did.


“It’s a strength enhancement quirk, it builds up power over the coarse of your lifetime. It shouldn’t be to powerful, and since you weren’t eating and were getting pretty sick, I thought a weak one like this would be good for you.”


Well, I’m so glad you thought that. It’s not like that quirk transfer caused me pain or anything.


“So, do you feel better, Yuuto?” Hisashi bent down to where he was sitting on the floor, to give him the food.


My voice, and the rest of my body, hurts pretty badly from the quirk transfer that he did, so I’m not answering him.


“Yuuto?” The question was greeted by silence.


“Okay, I understand if you don’t want to talk. You and I will start training with your new quirk tomorrow.” He stood up, and walked to the door, pausing on the way out.


“I did this for your own good, Yuuto.” His younger brother didn’t respond, but did stand up. Yuuto walked to his bed and laid down, facing away from Hisashi.


Yuuto didn’t hear anything else from his brother except the creaking of the door as it shut, and the clicking of the lock.


After a couple minutes of laying in his bed, he sat up, and began to sob.


What happened to us? He used to care about me so much.


I only had to find out about his “job” and he locked me up here.


Why couldn’t I have just stayed happy and oblivious? Living at our apartment and going to school.


Why did he have to choose this as his job? He could have been a hero with his quirk, or he could have at least helped a lot of people.


That’s what we both wanted to do when we were little. Help people. But now Hisashi’s changed.


Yuuto sniffed, and rubbed his eyes as a realization came over him.


I’m a prisoner. Hisashi can do whatever he wants to me, and I can’t stop him.


I can’t stop him.


I haven’t even been outside this facility for 4 years, since I was 12.


I don’t even talk to anyone else. I’m all alone.


I’m never going to get out of here.




He sat in silence for a while, sniffing and crying quietly.


“But I need to.” He said to no one but himself, in a raspy voice.


I need to escape, and live my own life, without my brother.


Without being a prisoner.


Even if there’s no way in the world that I can escape, I need to try anyway.


I’m going to get out of here


“I’m going to escape.” Yuuto laid down in his bed, tossing the covers over himself.


He briefly looked out the window across the room, and then, smiling, closed his eyes.

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Yuuto reached under his bed, feeling around for a familiar canvas texture. However, he couldn’t find it, and he began to open the many boxes under his bed, thinking that one of them had what he needed.


He wasn’t wrong.


A rather beaten-up shoe box was filled with his survival kit. He had wanted to camping as a kid, and had impulsively bought it when he was 9.


He was really glad he had never gotten rid of it.


The kit was really a canvas backpack, equipped with first aid supplies, a flint and steal, freeze dried food, and a pocket knife.


The pocket knife was particularly interesting, because his brother would never allow him to have something so dangerous.


He reached into his drawers and pulled out two changes of clothes, as well as a jacket and rain coat. He stuffed all of it into the backpack.


He slid the kit, now with all his clothes, back underneath his bed.


I’ve got to make sure Hisashi doesn’t know about this.


Yuuto started making up his bed.


The biggest problem my escape has now is the fact that Hisashi always has guards patrolling around this area, not to mention the fact that my door is padlocked.


He threw his pillow up onto the bed.


I wonder what the “training” will be like… maybe if I pretend like I can’t use it, he’ll take the quirk back?


One thing’s for sure, I definitely never want to speak to him again.


Tidying up the rest of his room only took a few minutes, but it was enough time for Hisashi to come get him.


“Good morning, Yu!”


No response.


“We’re only going to be practicing activation and other basic quirk skills for now. I wouldn’t want you getting hurt.”


No response.


“…How are you feeling?”


Again, nothing.


Their walk out to the outside area of the base was just as silent.


The training went as well as expected. Yuuto stubbornly refusing to do anything, no matter how basic, and wouldn’t speak the entire time. Hisashi became more and more frustrated until he declared that Yuuto would be locked in his room until he decided to talk.


Once locked in, Yuuto began to think more about his plan.


The only time when an escape would really be possible is when the base is under attack.


The guards and my brother, would be to busy worrying about the intruders to notice if I slipped out.


Luckily for me, the location of this place isn’t a secret at all to rival gangs and mafias.


In fact, we’re attacked every month or so.


Now all I have to do is play the waiting game.


Fate must have been on Yuuto’s side, because he only needed to wait two weeks after that morning for the perfect opportunity.