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Todoroki doesn’t think he’s seen Kaminari cry.

But there he is, back against the wall with a hand folded against his elbow, small and slouching on the ground.

His tears are soundless, Todoroki discovers.

Todoroki thinks, for a split second, before deciding to speak to him. “Kaminari,” he says, wondering if he should have sounded even softer (it is beyond him, of course).

Kaminari turns up and Todoroki would be hard-pressed to admit the blonde doesn’t have one of the most beautiful way of crying with tears streaking seamlessly down his cheeks.

“Oh,” Kaminari utters before acknowledging Todoroki’s presence.

Are you all right seems really silly of Todoroki to ask (he mulls over everything with a delicacy stronger than Bakugou) but “Do you want to move some place more private? I can help,” isn’t much better.

Kaminari smiles despite another drop of tear falling off his chin. “What? No, I’m fine.”

Todoroki’s apology follows. “I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to…”

“…stumble into me? Of course you didn’t,” Kaminari continues to smile.

Todoroki quickly surveys their surroundings. “Others might come by this area though.”

Kamnari’s lips begin to twitch into his usual smile. “Thanks Todoroki.”

Todoroki really couldn’t help himself when Kaminari started to cry again as he bent down on one knee and tried to keep Kaminari company until afternoon classes resumed. Bakugou has called him a blockhead but Todoroki knows when his presence isn’t being refuted at least.


Kaminari doesn’t bring the incident up with Todoroki. That’s what Todoroki thinks for a good week until Kaminari catches him on a deserted Saturday evening and thanks him explicitly for his trouble.

“How embarrassing,” Kaminari laughs. “You didn’t have to stay with me ya know.”

“I’m all right. But did you mind?” Todoroki asks, part curious and worried.

Kaminari probably didn’t – didn’t care who saw or what could have happened but Todoroki can’t say.

“You just caught me on a bad day,” is Kaminari’s ambiguous reply. Yet the smile he flashes Todoroki is purposely sad, as if to claim the cat is out of the bag either way. “It’s nothing to worry about!” he reassures.

Todoroki cocks his head softly.

“Yeah,” he agrees. “It is none of my business. But I’m an accomplice now.” Is that the word Midoriya had taught him?

Kaminari blinks for a couple of seconds. “That you’re implicit whether you like it or not?” And Kaminari would have scratched his head if he wasn’t conscious of being in front of the most handsome guy in their cohort. “That doesn’t mean you hafta go out of your way to care.”

Todoroki gives a slight shrug. “I won’t care if you don’t want me to.”

A familiar smirk graces Kaminari’s features. “Why would you sign up for more trouble than it’s worth?”

Todoroki looks at him and looks at the floor a little, trying to think his words thoroughly.

“I don’t think… you can call that trouble when somebody was crying the way you did,” Todoroki looks back up, expecting a bemused smile but Kaminari merely stares with a neutral expression at him.

It was also one of the most fascinating things I’ve seen, Todoroki doesn’t add.

Kaminari then relents. “Sure. Suit yourself.”