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Carry you home

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Pei Wende and Hua Wuxie were together outside to fight for one mission.
Sometimes Pei Wende was more like a bodyguard, it's was a first maybe one of his role but things have changed when he saw the first time Hua Wuxie he wanted to protect him, care about him and also loves him.
He have totally fallen in love of him.

So when Hua Wuxie have been injured by someone, Pei Wende becomes worried.

"I'm okay don't worry"

"You are one idiot, I'm supposed to protect you"

"I want to help you" then Hua Wuxie have trouble for walk that Pei Wende carries him to their home.

Hua Wuxie watches it and he totally loves his lover and how he is.
When they are at home, Pei Wende tries to heal Hua Wuxie and bath him.

Pei Wende kisses the forehead of Hua Wuxie while they were in the bath.

"I'm sorry," say Hua Wuxie

"It's okay," say Pei Wende

They kiss, their eyes were full of love and Hua Wuxie kiss his neck "I want you, my lover, you have protected me and I want to feel you"

They go in their bed where Hua Wuxie began to kiss him everywhere and tell him "I want to worship you"
That what he will do during a good part of the night while they made love.

"My husband," say Hua Xuxie
Pei Wende kiss him and tell him "My love, I will always be with you"