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Project Spider

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Brooklyn, New York, August 14th, 1940


"Peter, listen to me." James Buchanan "Bucky" Barnes told his younger brother when he heard the front door of the small house that his eleven year old brother, Peter Benjamin Barnes, and him had lived in together since their father had left to join the army being kicked in. Bucky was kneeling down to Peter's height with his hands on Peter's shoulders.

"You need to hide, ok? I'll make sure they don't find you. It's gonna be okay." Bucky said and Peter shook his head.

"I'm not leaving you." He said firmly. "I can protect myself."

A gunshot rang through the house and Peter flinched, the brave look on his face momentarily disappearing and being replaced with a look of sheer panic. Bucky quickly glanced over his shoulder to make sure that none of the Intruders had gotten to the locked door of Peter and Bucky's shared bedroom. He could make out many footsteps quickly coming in the direction of their room.

"Peter, hide!" Bucky said urgently, standing up and looking around frantically for somewhere that Peter could hide. He quickly opened the door that led down to the house's basement/bombshelter. Bucky grabbed the keys that were hanging next to the basement door as quietly as possible and he and Peter quickly went in.

"Peter, hide somewhere. If they find us in here, don't let them get you." Bucky said sternly as he quickly closed the basement door and locked it. Peter nodded, walking over to a dark corner of the basement and starting to crawl up to the wall.

"Got it, but if they get you, I'm helping you, no matter what you say." Peter said as he hung from the ceiling. "Because, you are my brother and my best friend, and I love you. I'm not just gonna let you die-" Peter flinched when he heard another gunshot, this time much closer than the last. "I'm not just gonna watch you die when I have the power to help you." Peter finished in a quieter tone, scared that the Intruders would hear him if he was any louder.

"Peter, I love you too, but don't do anything stupid, it'll be okay." Bucky said and went over to another corner, hiding in the shadows of the dark basement.

The basement lock suddenly exploded from outside the basement and the metal door was kicked open. Peter shrunk into the corner of the ceiling and Bucky hid behind one of the stacks of storage boxes that was next to him.

"We know you're in here!" The voice of a man yelled, and Peter tried even harder to be unseen in the dark corner of the ceiling behind the door.

One of the Intruders walked over to the boxes behind which Bucky was hiding and knocked them out of the way. Bucky jumped up and tried to punch the guy in the face but the guy caught his punch and twisted Bucky's arm before letting it go and punching him himself. Bucky grimaced and stumbled back a bit into the pile of knocked over storage boxes.

"There's one of them, where's your brother, Barnes?" The guy asked and Bucky glared daggers at him, trying to stand up but a gun was pointed at his chest, pushing Bucky back onto the pile of boxes.

"Why the hell would I tell you where Peter is?!" Bucky growled, not dropping his glare or letting any kind of fear show.

"Because, your brother is a freak who we need for creating new weapons with his freak powers and we'll kill you if you don't tell us where he is." A different guy, who looked like he was the leader, said with a smirk on his face.

"I'd rather die than let you take my brother." Bucky growled and the guy pointing the gun at his chest scowled before changing his aim and shooting Bucky in the leg. Bucky whimpered slightly, clenching his teeth and squeezing his eyes shut.

"Bucky!" Peter yelled and shot a web (Peter has genetic webshooters, not the kind that he shoots from his mechanical webshooters that he made himself) at the guy that shot Bucky and jumped down from the ceiling. He kicked the guy in the chest, sending him flying back and away from Bucky. "Leave my brother alone!" Peter growled, with his hands balled into fists at his sides.

"Peter, I told you not to do that." Bucky muttered and Peter glanced at him over his shoulder, worry covering the rage that had previously filled his chocolate brown eyes.

"And I told you I wouldn't let you die." Peter said and grinned slightly before turning around to face the five guys that were now all pointing their guns at Peter now.

"Uh oh." Peter mumbled, his eyes widening in fear again.

The guys all started to shoot at Peter who grimaced and started dodging them with the help of his "Spideysense" as Peter called it. Peter ran towards one of the guys and managed to punch the guy who was at least two feet taller than him in the gut.

The guy who Peter had kicked away slowly got up, reaching towards his gun and carefully standing up. Bucky tried to stand up and fight the guy off seeing as he was walking towards him with his gun aimed at Bucky's head but his legs gave away under him and he fell back to the ground, grimacing. He glared at the guy and clenched his fists.

The guy grabbed hold of Bucky's arm, who tried to fight the guy off but the guy kneed him in the stomach and pulled him to his feet. He held Bucky upright by his arm and held the gun to his temple while Bucky continued to try and fight the guy off.

"Stand down, or I'll shoot." The guy who was holding the gun to Bucky's head growled aiming his words at Peter who froze immediately after seeing the gun being held to his brother's head.

Peter's face became panicked and he slowly let his fist fall back to his side as a smirk spread across the face of both the leader and the guy holding the gun to Bucky's temple.

The leader grabbed Peter and forced him to his knees, holding his hands behind his back. "You're coming with us, got it? Or we'll shoot your brother." He growled at Peter who in turn glared daggers at him but didn't do anything against the cuffs that the leader latched arond his wrists.

"He's just a kid, please, leave him alone. Let him go." Bucky begged and Peter looked at him with sad eyes, tears building in his eyes. "I'm sorry, Bucky. I love you." Peter sobbed out and Bucky could feel tears in his own eyes at how weak and sad his brother's voice sounded, a way a kid his age should never sound like.

"Should I kill him, sir?" the guy asked the leader who shook his head. "No, just knock him out. If the kid ever needs any persuasion we'll know where to find him." The guy nodded and raised his gun to hit Bucky in the back of the head with it to knock him out.

"I love you Peter, stay strong. I'll find you, I promise." Bucky said with tears streaming down his face. Peter nodded, tears streaming down his face as well as the guy knocked Bucky out.