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Dismantle, Repair

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When Gavin walked into the station, forty-five minutes late with a take-out coffee in his hand, no one was at their desks, and it took him a second to realize everyone was instead crowded around the holding cells, blocking his view from whatever they were ogling inside.

"Hey!" He barked as he walked up to find the plastic prick at the center of the commotion, working on a tablet in front of the glass. Connor pointedly ignored him. "What's goin' on here?"

"You would've been here when he was brought in if you weren't late, Gavin." Hank huffed; never more than a few feet away from his pet plastic.

Gavin snorted. "Who's talkin', Mr. I-never-show-up-before-noon."

It was an empty jibe and they both knew it - Hank had actually been showing up on time lately, probably because Connor was always exactly on-time and he'd rubbed off. Or dragged the old man out of bed every morning, considering they were living together. Supposedly Hank had taken the kid under his wing, but it always seemed to Gavin like it was the other way around.

So Hank just huffed a laugh and turned back to the one-way glass, guiding Gavin's attention to the figure huddled in the corner of the cell.

He actually gasped, stealing another look at Connor standing next to him.

It looked like Connor; the android curled in on itself in the cell had his face, though it was pinched as if in pain, his eyes wide and gaze jittery, the little spinning LED on his temple running red.

"-the fuck? What is that?"

"RK900. 313, 248, 317 - 87." Connor supplied in that annoyingly even, clipped tone he still used when giving reports or in too much of a hurry to bother with Gavin. Dismissive and annoying as hell. "He was found this morning during the raid on Cyberlife, to make certain they weren't hiding any additional androids in the facility." Which they were, apparently.

"So... what is it? He." Gavin adjusted his phrasing when Connor shot him a sideways look.

"I was a prototype. He's the production model, or was supposed to be. It looks like Cyberlife suspended final testing and tried to hide him when android emancipation was passed. There were others, as well, but it seems as though they destroyed themselves, or were destroyed by Cyberlife before they could be taken. At any rate, he was the only functional model we recovered."

On a second look, the android balled in the corner of the holding cell was trembling lightly, its arms crossed tightly across its chest.

"What's wrong with - him." Gavin cut himself off before he could call the plastic 'it' again. Hard habit to break, and every time he fucked it up Connor looked at him like he did in the evidence vault, like he wanted to knock him out.

"We don't know exactly." Connor said after a moment of silence, his tone taking on a softer quality that betrayed his concern. "He's very... reactionary. He wouldn't allow me to interface with him. From the evidence we gathered from the Cyberlife tower, we can only assume he was treated... poorly."

That made Gavin's lip curl. "Poorly how?"

Connor just silently passed him the tablet, and Gavin swiped through the evidence with a frown. There was some security footage that he moved through quickly - it wasn't easy to watch the android with Connor's stupid doe-face writhe in what had to be pain, plastic or not... what were they doing to it, shocking it? What was the point of that other than torture?

He sneered as he continued, swiping past a thirium analysis that clearly came off Connor's tongue (gross) and then a blood sample. Another look up at the huddled android and he caught the splashes of red on its white jacket.

"It kill somebody...?"

Connor didn't correct his phrasing, just nodded. "A Cyberlife employee. With his bare hands. At the moment we're calling it self-defense."

"Damn." Gavin muttered, handing the tablet back to Connor. The android in the cell hadn't moved, just continued to sit there in the corner and stare blankly off into space, shaking like a bitch.

"What are we doin' with it?"

Hank was the one that answered this time, with a shrug. "We don't know yet. There's not really any procedures in place to deal with traumatized androids, and we can't send him to new Jericho when he might be a danger to himself or others. He's already attacked somebody and didn't take too kindly to being brought here."

"We'll figure something out." Connor said a little more brightly, like he was trying to reassure himself or Hank. "In the meantime, we're just keeping him here."

"Peachy." Gavin shrugged, finally shouldering past Connor to head for the break room so he could finish his coffee. Most of the crowd had dispersed, everyone heading back to their desks. Excitement over, he supposed.




It was an hour before Gavin finally settled down at his desk to get some real work done, sipping a fresh cup of coffee from the station's coffee maker.

He hadn't even gotten through a single paragraph on the report he was working on when the distinct sound of shattering glass rang out across the station. Gavin's head snapped up, just in time to catch sight of a black-and-white blur running across the space toward the front desks.

"Fuck!" Gavin hissed as he shot up from his desk to intercept it - the plastic from hell had already escaped, and he didn't have time to consider what a monumentally bad idea it was before he moved to go after it. His head was in 'catch the perp' mode, forgetting the 'perp' in this case was an android even more advanced than Connor. And Connor had kicked his ass.

They collided just beside Gavin's desk, the RK900 wrestling him to the floor with startling ease. It was even stronger than Connor; he could feel it in the way it held him down, leaning over him as literally everyone else in the fucking station caught up to it, guns drawn.

It didn't speak, just crouched over him and growled at the gathered officers like a feral cat, but the threat was clear - come any closer and he'd separate Gavin's head from his shoulders. His hand was fisted in Gavin's hair.

"Don't shoot, goddammit!" Gavin hissed, unhelpfully - like anyone was really going to fire on it with it practically sitting on him.

Well, Hank might. He didn't mind a little collateral damage if it was Gavin's ass on the block.

"Let him go!" Connor demanded, the only one not pointing a gun. Connor had his hands held up in mock surrender, slowly edging closer until the RK900 treated him to a particularly animalistic snarl. Gavin could see the wheels in his head turning, analyzing, preconstructing, trying to puzzle out the best approach.

Gavin's own approach was nearly to kick the crazed android in the balls, but his logical brain had finally caught up with him (goddamn he hadn't had nearly enough coffee) and he knew that would do jack shit. Possibly just get his head ripped off.

"Hey tin-man, you wanna let go of my hair?" He tried instead; it actually seemed startled he was talking to it, so he kept it up. "Yeah, you, nine-hundred or whatever the fuck. Where you tryin' to go anyway?"

Its LED whirled - red, red, red. Connor was creeping closer, and it didn't seem to notice, so Gavin kept talking; he was good at that. "C'mon, Nines, I'm talkin' to you. You got a screw loose?"

There; a flicker of yellow in its LED, and Connor lunged, grabbing the RK900 by the back of the neck. Something freaky Connor did immediately immobilized it, and Gavin wriggled out from under it and backed up, drawing his own gun.

He didn't have to bother - Connor had it by the scruff of the neck like a baby kitten. Weird android shit, probably... Connor's skin was peeled back, his hand white, RK900 limp in his grip.

"Jesus fuck, that thing could'a taken my head off!" Gavin snapped at Hank as Connor hauled it back toward the cells. "How'd you two lose it already??"

"Shut up Reed." Hank just huffed, walking after Connor and leaving Gavin to holster his gun.

Fucking androids.