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Between A Writer and A Dealer

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“Hey, Arthur.” Theo rarely knocked, he was a bit of a wanker like that. It hadn’t surprised Arthur but he felt Chiharu tense in his arms.

He pressed a kiss to her hair to soothe her. She had nothing to worry about so long as she stayed still. Chiharu was ‘sleeping’, after all.

“Theo, old chap, what seems to be the problem? You look like someone stole your favourite pancakes right out from under your nose.” He grinned, though he spoke in a low tone so as not to 'wake' Chiharu. Arthur could read his friend’s face like an open book. The crease in Theo’s brow was particularly telling.

Theo grumbled, showing his irritation more clearly this time. “Never mind, I see the problem. I guess most hondje nap in the day time.”

Arthur chuckled, holding back a gasp when she hid her embarrassment by biting down on his chest. “My dear assistant? Was there something you needed from your pretty, little puppy?” Arthur held her closer, his cock shifting inside Chiharu as her body squeezed around him in embarrassment. He’d softened a little since they’d started but her movements had his cock swelling once more.

Theo’s eyes narrowed. Oh how he hated it when others used his nickname for her. Even Arthur. A soft growl slipped past his lips. Whatever Theo needed or wanted her for, he didn’t want to admit to it.

“No.” He spat the word out so venomously that Arthur almost laughed at the poor fellow. What a truly terrible liar his dear friend turned out to be. A tut. “Tch, when she wakes up, tell her I’m waiting for her. If I find out you’re the reason she’s sleeping so well in the middle of the day…”

His voice trailed but the threat hung in the air quite clearly.

Arthur’s hands lifted from Chiharu in a gesture of surrender. “Yes, yes, you’ll have my guts for garters and probably take her in front of me.”

The smirk Theo shot him sent arousal rolling through his stomach again. Far too attractive that one. “You’ll be thanking me if I do.”

The door clicked shut and Arthur chuckled, slumping back in his chair. He peered down at her face, fingers brushing through Chiharu's hair. Her cheeks blazed delightfully pink as she peeked up at him.

“Didn’t I tell you it would work? I know these fine gentleman too well, Theo especially.”

His hands slipped to her ass, cupping it through the layers of her clothes. “Now.” His voice dropped to a low purr that made her shiver and become very conscious of his quickly hardening cock inside her. “As much as I enjoy basking in the warmth and tightness of your delicious flower, I do rather think I’ve been patient long enough, hmm?” His nose brushed the shell of her ear, his words going straight to her core.

Chiharu opened her mouth to reply but he stole her words just the way he often stole her heart, in a searing kiss.

She shivered, reminded once more of him when her body squeezed around the hard cock nestled inside her. A soft moan slipped from her lips and she felt the subtle rock of his hips in reply. “A-Arthur-” Chiharu breathed in his ear, fingers digging into the back of his chair in a scrabble to find some purchase to slide up and down his cock.

She rocked and bounced in his lap, his hands on her hips keeping her safe and steady. He planted his feet firmly on the ground and leant back, watching her. What a sight to behold; a beautiful lady working so hard to ride his cock. Arthur couldn’t help but smirk a little thinking about how jealous Theo would be.

Not that Theo wouldn’t get him back later. He thrust up into her tight, wet heat, groaning softly in satisfaction, mouth going to her neck. He licked and sucked, feeling the thrum of her pulse just beneath the surface. It strove to drive him mad and only made his hips snap all the harder and faster into her.

Her body fluttered around him, fabric swirling and weighing her down, her nipples straining through her shirt. His fangs scraped against her neck, having slid out as soon as she’d started moving in earnest.

“Chiharu-” he breathed her name, fangs pressing infinitesimally harder against soft flesh. “May I?”

“Pl - Please!”

Under normal circumstances, Arthur would never ignore such a siren call or let it slip by without remark, but he’d let it go this time in favour of sinking his fangs into her willing body. The sweetness of her burst over his tongue as her pussy squeezed hard around his cock. He felt her convulsions give way to waves of release, Chiharu sinking down hard on him. The shattering orgasm made it quite impossible for her to continue moving like before.

Arthur continued to thrust and bury himself in her as his mouth stayed latched to her neck, drinking of her what she would let him have. He drunk greedily, his mouth sliding away on a loud groan when he thrust up and fell apart with her. He felt he was only returning the favour, his orgasm emptying into her, and he lazily licked her blood from his lips.

He panted and let his eyes close, pulling her close to him. His cock remained buried inside her, but that, of course, had been how they’d started the whole thing. Arthur stroked her hair and pressed soft kisses to her forehead. “Well, Theo is going to be terribly cross with me,” he murmured, unsurprised when she made no attempt at reply. “I’ve truly tired out our little hondje this time.”

Arthur nuzzled her hair and sighed softly. Perhaps he should move them, tidy her up a little for when she awoke… but she held him snug, far too warm and wet around him. So he held her just as tightly back, arms wrapped around her. Later. He could do it later.

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Chiharu found herself glad it was her day off. After spending more than enough time with Arthur today, if she’d had chores… well, she couldn’t possibly have finished them.

Theo had wanted her for something, though she didn’t know what exactly. So she headed for his rooms and knocked softly on the door.

“Theo it's me,” she called through and the door opened almost immediately.

“Took your time, hondje,” He eyed her suspiciously before pushing a briefcase into her hands. “Let's go!”

He left the room and strode past her, door snapping shut.

What? Chiharu trailed after him, confusion plain on her face if only he’d turn back to look. “Theo? Where are we going?”

“Town, obviously, we have some paintings to see.” Art… he wanted her for art? As if reading her thoughts, he threw a smirk over his shoulder. “Expecting something else, knabbeltje?”

She flushed softly, feeling like she’d been caught out, and he only grinned wider. He muttered something but she didn't catch it - Chiharu found herself trailing behind him in his hurry.

When they reached the carriage, he hoisted her up into it as if she weighed nothing and climbed in after her. The door shut with a deafening click and they soon trundled along their way.

Silence swallowed them for a moment before Chiharu realised she still held his briefcase and she pushed it onto the seat beside her.

Theo had sat almost impossibly close, leaving her little room to breathe. She could feel the heat of him pressed up to her side and she relaxed into him, the warmth soothing her still tired muscles.

“Tired, hondje? But you already slept so much today.”

Chiharu glanced up, watching his profile before he turned to meet her gaze with a challenging smirk. As if to say he knew that sleeping had been the last thing she'd been doing. Literally, in actual fact.

“I guess I didn't sleep well last night.” She tried to sound nonchalant, she really did, but heat stole across her cheeks and ruined everything.

“Sure.” Theo hummed, that little, amused smirk still on his lips. He shifted suddenly, body twisting and arm crossing her body to rest by her hip. "So you weren't sat in Arthur's lap with his cock buried in your pussy when I walked into the room?”

She flushed and squeaked at the nip of sharp teeth on her earlobe. “I'm not oblivious, hondje, but don't worry. Do you want to know what I have planned?”

Chiharu didn't have time to reply before Theo pressed the softest of kisses to her lips. “Well, it depends. If I want to punish Arthur, I'll just tie him to that damn chair of his and pound you into his mattress in full view of the smug bastard until you've forgotten every word except my name.”

Chiharu felt her body clench at the idea, heat settling in her core and begging treacherously for more. “O-oh?” She'd meant to sound as though she was feigning intrigue but the question escaped her like a soft breath and Theo chuckled.

“But maybe I need to remind my hondje of her training.” His hand rested on her thigh, perilously close to where her body now craved him, pulsing with need. Even if her clothes put too many layers in the way. “Maybe Arthur and I should remind you of what a mess you can get into when you go along with the git.”

She felt her breath hitch and knew Theo must've heard it. His tongue teased over the shell of her ear and he chuckled, low and alluring. “Is that what you want, hondje? Our cocks straining and desperate for you, for each other, only for us to spill every last drop of our pleasure on your face and breasts."

His fingers slipped beneath her chin and he tilted her head so their eyes could meet. His shone with a dark hunger and she wondered if he’d strike right there and then in the carriage. Theo leant in, his warm breath washing over her as he inched closer.

She couldn’t take her eyes off him, watching her own flustered face reflected in his piercing blue eyes. “Chiharu…” he breathed. His lips brushed hers before he pulled back, putting a reasonable distance between them and a smirk on his lips.

He patted her on the head, ruffling her hair a little roughly. “Down, hondje, we have errands to run first. Be a good girl and wait for us, hmm?”

Chiharu flushed and squirmed but nodded silently, trying to stop herself bucking with the throbbing of blood in sensitive areas. Theo chuckled again. “Just a few, short errands.”

She had the distinct feeling that ‘short’ was a lie but she didn’t think even Theo could hold out for long. Not when Arthur had already had his fill of her. “Short… sure, Theo.”

He grinned. “You know me too well, hondje.”

The carriage lurched on but the rocking was nothing compared to the heat that still burnt just under her skin.

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It was dark by the time they returned to the mansion. Despite the rush of art and contracts and dealing that occupied their immediate attention, Theo had still found time to be particularly handsy in that subtle way which kept her on her toes for hours.

So much so that perhaps pity more than anything else made Theo take his briefcase back when they reached home. He took her hand firmly in his and she knew within only a few steps along the second floor where exactly he planned to take her

Arthur might not still be in his room, but this either hadn’t occurred to Theo, which was unlikely, or he knew that Arthur wouldn’t have left, since the two of them had already left the house. Except to maybe get the occasional cup of coffee.

Theo didn’t knock this time either, simply opening the door and stepping inside while pulling her along with him.

“Theo, that’s not how you treat a lady and, for God’s sake, learn to knock, man.” Arthur hadn’t looked up from his work, pen still scrawling away. Chiharu would guess he desperately wanted to finish writing down his thoughts before being distracted for the rest of the evening.

Theo seemed patient enough to wait since he finally let go of her hand to put his briefcase out of the way and take off his coat, leaving him in the warm softness of his jumper. Chiharu took a seat on the bed, sighing happily as her feet no longer had to bear her weight.

She looked up, surprised to find Theo towering over her all of a sudden before he dropped down onto one knee. He took a shooed foot delicately into his hand, unbuckling it and sliding it off. Chiharu’s cheeks only flushed more when Arthur joined him and took off the other.

“I see my poor detective has been through the wars today.” He gave Theo a side-long glance. “Wanker.”

Theo snorted, not the least bit sorry. “It’s your fault.” He pressed forward, kissing Arthur hard and drawing a groan from him. Chiharu couldn’t help but watch them, growing hotter at the glimpse of their tongues and the soft noises of pleasure.

Theo shot her a smirk as he drew back before whispering something to Arthur that she couldn’t catch. Arthur laughed. “You truly are a devil, Theo.” But whatever Theo had concocted, Arthur didn’t disagree. Theo turned to her and struck like a snake, pressing a hard kiss to her lips. It reminded her that he’d been holding back as much as he’d been teasing her.

She sank into his kiss with a contented sigh, hands cupping his cheeks. He pressed closer, her legs sliding open to accommodate him as he slid between them. His hands ran over her body, quickly removing every last stitch of clothing until she felt the softness and warmth of his clothes against her bare skin.

Chiharu felt the dip of the bed and warm lips pressed to her shoulder, another arm curling around her waist as Arthur nuzzled into her warm skin with a happy sigh. He’d missed them both terribly, it had been pretty cruel of Theo to disappear with Chiharu like that. The man was stubborn and a little bit childish sometimes.

Arthur sighed softly, fingers skimming over her soft skin. He listened to Theo touch and tease her, working her up even more than he already had. Arthur’s own lips whispered down her spine, licking and biting. Just a hint of fang scraping her skin making her jump a little every time.

So maybe he could be a little stubborn and childish too.

Theo tugged her away from Arthur, into his lap and down onto the floor with a smirk. Chiharu blinked up at him in confusion. “Be a good hondje and sit~” He got to his feet, stripping his clothes away and throwing not so subtle looks at Arthur each time he revealed more and more of his skin. Chiharu herself didn’t know where to look, admiring both of them and blushing at the sight of their hard cocks.

She didn’t know what to do next until Arthur gave her a cheeky grin. “You just stay right there, pretty girl. You might want to close your eyes and open your mouth though. I know you like the taste.” He winked and her cheeks flared with heat before she hurriedly shut her eyes and, after a brief moment of hesitation, opened her mouth.

Theo smirked, stroking his cock slowly but firmly. She looked beautiful in her obedience, hands fidgeting with slight nerves before she settled them on her thighs. It had been hard, literally and figuratively, to tease her all day and not just drag her into an alley between calls. But this, with her waiting so patiently for them, was so much better.

Arthur felt warm pressed against his side as they worked their cocks, Arthur angling a little lower - he’d always been more into breasts and collar bones than Theo had. Arthur’s hand moved faster, not feeling so close to the edge as Theo clearly did, and needing to work himself up. Hardly a difficult task given the beautiful girl on her knees before him and the handsome wanker at his side. He nearly chuckled at the unintended pun.

Arthur squeezed his cock firmly, shuddering and panting as his own come made it easier. His eyes dropped to Theo doing the same, the other’s head tilted back, desperately trying to keep his eyes on Chiharu. Arthur could see the flutter of his eyelashes as he fought the pleasure.

“Go on, Theo, harder, I love watching you make a mess of Chiharu,” Arthur hummed, not realising how breathless he sounded until he spoke. “You’ve - been a terrible tease all day. It’s the least you deserve, to come all over her face.”

Theo snarled, but not in an angry way. Arthur could practically see the pleasure explode, thick strings of come splashing across Chiharu’s face, landing in her mouth and a little in her hair. Well, the lavish bath house lay only downstairs. Arthur squeezed tighter, shivering and moaning softly. The sight of Theo coming and taking a steadying step backwards when the pleasure had finally drained out of him was enough to tip him over the edge and his come joined Theo’s decorating her chest, dripping down her stomach.

He groaned, desperate to lick the teasing droplets from her warm skin but Theo shot him a smirk and walked him back to his chair, pushing Arthur down into it. “Be a good boy and stay there.” It embarrassed him, the way his cock gave a little stir of interest until a whine was ripped from his throat.

Heavy metal wrapped snug around his wrists, tying him to his infernal chair. “Theo! You absolutely bastard.”

But Theo only smirked. “I warned you this morning, didn’t I? I know what you and hondje were up to, so now you get to watch me lick every drop of come from her body and fuck her into your bed.” The smirk turned practically feral before Theo added; “And you’re going to love every minute of it.”

Damnit. The man was right.