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What kind of man

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She heard him enter through her window as she wrote a letter to the General. The sea was calm that evening, the sun about to set. Rey had eaten already, an empty plate sitting on the mahogany sideboard to her right and the goblet of wine in front of her was nearly empty.


Kylo crept closer and she stilled when a hand touched her shoulder while the other scooped the captain’s hat from her head.


“Still working?” he asked, twirling the hat in his hands and she shivered when she suddenly felt a clammy tentacle of his touch her. He was still wet from the seawater he had spent the day in.


A smirk appeared on her face as she dropped her feather and turned around on her elegant wooden chair to face him. He looked gorgeous as always. From the very first moment she had met him she had been fascinated by him. His upper half was completely human and his lower half completely octopus. The mix was stunningly beautiful and she often found herself marvelling at his beauty, not at all repulsed like some humans seemed to be.


“Well, some of us can’t swim in the ocean all day.”


Kylo shrugged, giving her a playful smile in return.


“As if you’d want that. I’ve never seen you swim in all our time together.”


Rey eyed him, a smile playing around her lips. “Maybe I’m secretly a mermaid.”


“Sure, and I’m secretly a kraken. Oh, wait…” He raised two of his eight tentacles, wiggling them through the air. Amused Rey stood up and made a step towards him.


“I happen to like your tentacles.” A slight blush followed this confession and Kylo’s smile turned into a grin.


“Hm, I wonder why that is?” His long dark limbs trailed around her as his hands came to rest on her hips. Content Rey closed her eyes and raised her head, waiting for his soft lips to touch hers. Instead she felt his nose brush hers and a tentacle shoving itself under her shirt. The cool, still moist texture of it let her shiver.


“No undergarments today?” Kylo breathed when he touched her bare breasts.


Rey sighed, eyes still closed.


“I was in a hurry.”


He hummed, letting his lips trail her jaw, before finally bringing them to her own. How she loved those lips, so full and soft. At the beginning of their relationship they had spend hours simply kissing each other. Rey still thought fondly of this time. They had been each other’s firsts and had both enjoyed the exploration of the other.


Two of his limbs now caressed her breasts and Rey felt herself responding to him. Her core tightened with anticipation and her nipples hardened.


“I thought a ship sailed on it’s own,” Kylo teased, not letting their conversation drop and Rey opened her eyes, looking at him with a slightly annoyed expression.


“I’m still the captain. There was some planning to do. We changed directions-“ He silenced her with another kiss and shrugged her shirt off with one fluid motion.

Rey made a pleased sound while she reached up and waved her hands into his thick damp hair. She loved the feeling of it and often found herself playing with the dark strands. Kylo groaned when she started massaging his scalp and pulled her closer.


“Feels good, maybe you should keep doing that instead,” he said between kisses.

Snorting Rey let go of him and made a step back only to be caged in by his tentacles.


“I’ve been waiting for two days,” she huffed crossing her arms over her breasts. Kylo’s eyes followed the movement, lingering on her soft naked flesh.


“Aye, Captain.” He lurched forward grabbing her loosely bound trousers and ripped them down her legs, dragging her knickers along with them.


“Right to business then.”


Rey raised an eyebrow, but bend down to take her boots off. Kylo took the opportunity to let a tentacle trail over her firm behind, giving it an appreciative clap.




She nearly lost balance from the impact and looked at him accusingly before straightening up again. His hands shot up in defence and Rey took a step closer now that she was just as naked as him.


“You should follow your Captains command,” she said determined. Kylo nodded, his hand reaching out again to cup her face.


“You are right.” He gave her another soft kiss and looked into her eyes when he added, “but you aren’t my Captain.”


A huff was the answer, before Rey finally initiated a kiss and this one turned into a series of kisses, each of them growing more and more desperate with time, until she clung to him, his tentacles lifting and supporting her. She loved the way they made her feel safe and cared for. He was the only one she trusted, the only one she wanted to share everything with.


Moaning against his mouth she let her fingers trail over his tentacles. With closed eyes she couldn’t see which one was the one, that would go inside her later, but she loved all of them equally and decided to treat them all like the most precious thing in the world.


As the heat of their make out session rose, Rey felt herself growing more and more aroused. There was a throbbing feeling in her nether regions and as Kylo’s limbs stroked and teased her skin, she felt herself growing wet with need. He held her steady while devouring her mouth and only when he let go to look at her, did she sigh in content.


“Look at you. All flushed and needy.”


One tentacle lovingly patted her ass, again sending a shiver down Rey’s spine, while another played between her legs and spread her juices.


“Did you play with yourself while I was gone?” He teased her clit and she sucked in a breath as pleasure shot through her. His question however remained unanswered, a solemn expression on her face.

In response Kylo raised one tentacle and brought it down onto her behind. The clap reverberated through the room, as well as Rey’s gasp.


“I asked you a question.”


Tentacles she didn’t even knew were there tightened around her ankles and waist and before Rey could answer she was lifted from the ground.


Another slap echoed and she moaned.


“And what if I did?” There was venom in her voice, but Kylo could tell she liked the little impact play. Her juices were coating her legs already.


“Well, if you did I’d say, good for you. I wouldn’t want you frustrated because you were waiting for me.”


He stroked her nipples once more. “As long as you and me are the only ones touching your body, I don’t mind at all.“


Rey huffed, still bound by his limbs. “Bastard.”


There was another slap on her firm behind. “Ah, ah. I might not remember my parentage, but that doesn’t mean I will tolerate such language.”


His hand wandered between her legs and he started slowly rubbing her clit. The pleasure spread like fire through her body and Rey buckled beneath him.


“Kylo, please,” she moaned and arched her back to get more stimulation. She had waited so long and felt so needy, that she wanted him to stop teasing her already.


Her lover chuckled.


“You might want to be more quiet, lest your crew comes looking for you.” His voice was dark and seductive and Rey’s eyes widened when she realizes he was right. Rose had brought her food with the promise to pick the empty plate up again later. The idea of her finding them like this was terrifying and exciting at the same time. The humiliation let more wetness gather between her legs. Still something inside her panicked.


“They can’t know. Please, let me lock the door at least.”


Hurt flickered briefly over his face, but then a small smile started gracing his lips. The pressure between Rey’s legs increased and he inserted a finger, slowly fucking her with it.


“Are you afraid they will find out you let a monster fuck you?”


Rey moaned as he added another finger. “Are you concerned they might disrespect you for your kinks?”


The speed with which he penetrated her now was nearly too much for her. She whimpered and tried to move her pelvis, but he wouldn’t let her. Instead he picked up on speed, one tentacle squeezing her breasts, while another roamed every inch of her body. Rey’s nerves were on overload. She was so close to orgasming, her toes were starting to curl.


“Kylo,” she moaned and he pulled his fingers out, sticking them into her mouth for her to lick clean. She obliged but whined in pain, the need for stimulation too big. This close to her orgasm he was torturing her by not letting her finish.


“I will lock the door,” he said as she suckled on his fingers, her eyes barely open, because her brain was clouded with lust. “If you promise to be mine.”


Rey nodded eagerly, letting go of his fingers. “Am yours.”


With a movement of his tentacles she was no longer lying but being held upright.


“No, say it like you mean it.” His stare was boring into her very soul and that sobered her up.


“I am yours. Always.”


Something in her voice must have reassured him, because a second later they went to the door and he locked it, before returning with her still in his grasp. Slowly he let go of her and Rey stood with shaky legs, gripping the back of her chair for support.


“Get on the bed, ass up.” He gave her a searing kiss, before urging her into the right direction. Rey stumbled towards her big canopy bed and positioned herself on hands and knees, like he had instructed. The evening air brushed her naked sex and she sighed with anticipation. Her core still longed for him and when he came closer she bit her lower lip, waiting for him to finally enter her. She had been so close to cumming when he had let go of her, that her nerves were on edge.


He did no such thing though. Instead he let his hands and tentacles trail her body, lovingly stroking her firm behind and spreading her ass cheeks, inspecting her holes with a satisfied expression.


“One day I’m gonna fill up that ass of yours,” he said like it was the obvious conclusion. Rey was so aroused, that the idea didn’t even frighten her, instead she wondered what his eggs would feel like inside of her tight channel.

She was used to taking them up her vagina, were they would lie until they opened up to release his sperm. The feeling was strangely wonderful and usually brought her to orgasm. But what she secretly loved most was how full she felt and how her insides were bloated enough to see it from the outside. She had seen herself in the mirror before and had to admit she had looked pregnant every time - a scary but also stimulating thought.


Kylo started stroking her sex and when she felt his tentacle smear her thighs with precum, she moaned and arched her back, pressing her behind towards him. His sex organ was designed in such a way, that when he became aroused the tentacle changed and became harder towards the end, much like the penis of a human male. Still the girth of it was thicker and Kylo’s sperm differed from most. Rey craved it.


“Please, Kylo,” she moaned and he prodded her entry, gently spreading her wetness.


“You sure you can take me, little one?” Nodding Rey hummed.


“I want you,” she breathed out when he touched her clit again and finally he did as she wished and inserted his tentacle dick inside her. It filled her to the brim, her tight channel stretching around it and squeezing it, to get more of him inside her.


Kylo chuckled. “So greedy.”


Then he started fucking her slowly and Rey didn’t even last four thrusts before she came, shaking and shivering. Her cunt clenched around him, greedily milking him, even thought he wasn’t ready to fill her yet.


With both his hands he reached out to palm her breasts and gently tug at her sensitive nipples. Rey’s moans filled the air and Kylo seriously doubted that her crew didn’t know about them already. After all she was loud every time he took her.


One tentacle reached around her to fondle her clit again and Kylo sped up his pace, breathing heavily himself.


A few thrusts later and Rey buckled underneath him again, his constant stimulation having built up another high for her. Panting she came again, groaning his name this time and Kylo followed her suit, slowly emptying himself inside her. His eggs travelled slower than human sperm and it took half a minute to fill Rey’s womb. The process usually made Rey come again and it also did this time. Squealing and moaning she waited for her body to fill, while she relinquished in the feeling of ecstasy. A series of curses fell from her lips and she dropped her head onto the pillow, panting and moaning the whole time, while Kylo held her steady with a tentacle around her waist.


When he was certain he was finished he removed himself from her, a few little eggs spilling from her already. Rey groaned, slightly unhappy about him leaving her, but she managed to slowly sit up and let her legs dangle over the edge of the bed, while Kylo lay down beside her panting while he was calming down.


Knowing what was about to come, Rey stood up on shaky legs and moved to the tub, all while stroking her slightly swollen belly. She felt Kylo’s gaze on her when she climbed into it, first standing, but then sitting down. To be so full of his eggs always felt delicious to her and she often wondered if his body produced some kind of drug to make her feel this way.


Content she let her finger trail her own breasts, before they wandered between her legs were she gave her clit a few lazy strokes, before it happened. Kylo’s eggs opened and Rey shuddered in delight as a gush of sperm came out of her, coating her legs and running down towards her ass. The pressure gave her a small orgasm, which she always titled as her little after sex highlight.


Shuddering she waited for his sperm to leave her. Some eggs stayed inside her and would come out hours later, but the majority opened and coated her sex and legs with thick white sperm.

Grateful for the filled bucket of water standing next to the tub Rey quickly washed herself, getting rid of most of the sticky substance. When she was finished she went over to Kylo on shaky legs to accompany him in his rest.


“Happy?” he asked, sounding quite smug. Rey hummed, cuddling into his side and possessively throwing a leg over his body. She wanted to sleep and enjoy this closeness while it lasted.


No matter how often she had offered her bed to him, he had always been gone in the morning. She had gotten used to it by know. People never stayed.


“Rey, are you falling asleep?” Kylo asked softly.




“I wanted to ask you something.”


She lazily opened her eyes and craned her neck a little to look at him.


“What is it?”


He hesitated before asking.


“If…if I were human, would you…would you introduce me to your crew?”


Rey sat up to look at him and frowned, clearly stunned by his question.


When she didn’t answer immediately Kylo pressed his lips together.


“Never mind. It’s not important.” He sat up, slowly detangling himself from her. When he was about to stand up she finally came out of her stupor and stopped him.


“Wait. I-I never knew that’s something you wanted.”


“It’s okay, Rey. We both know it’s better how it is now. They probably wouldn’t be able to handle this anyways and there is no way out of it.” He motioned down his body while saying that and his words made her wonder if he had been searching for a way to transform his body.


Slowly he leaned in and gave her a kiss on the forehead.


“I’ll see you tomorrow,” he said with a smile that didn’t quite reach his eyes and stood up. Rey grabbed his arm.


“I like you as you are.”


Kylo looked at her. “I know. I like you, too. Please forget I said something.”


Rey swallowed. “But-“


“No, it’s fine, Rey. Please don’t worry. I’m fine.”


He didn’t even wait for her reaction, but more or less bolted out of the room, jumping out of her window. She heard a splash when he entered the water, but when she raced after him to tell him that she had made a mistake, to tell him that she loved him and wanted him to know she was proud of him the sea had already swallowed him and he didn’t come up again.