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Deal with a demon

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‘’Magnus, do you think this is going to work?’’ asked Clary, biting on her lip as she looked over to the warlock, who looked as equally concerned and Magnus was biting his nails, chipping away the nail polish and he nodded. Yes, that was their last resort if he was being honest - if this wouldn’t work then… Magnus didn’t even want to think what would happen. The whole world was under a great attack, not only Shadow one. A Greater Demon, Lilith had escaped Edom and things were slowly spiraling out of control. The rift between their world and Edom had been open and more and more demons were coming through and they needed help. The Shadowhunters and the Downworlders were fighting united against them, but it wasn’t working. They were outnumbered, but Magnus hoped that he had finally found a solution that would free the world of evil, but at what price? He knew that his position as the High warlock would be put in danger as what he was going to do wasn’t going to be really moral. They were going to be summoning another Greater Demon and if the Clave ever found out about this, he would be put in prison for life or else. Magnus looked at Clary and her boyfriend, Jace, who was holding her hand and Magnus’ breath shuddered.


‘’Biscuit, I think this is our last resort,’’ muttered Magnus and then bit his lip. ‘’If-if this doesn’t work, then we’re really screwed here,’’ he said and rubbed his palms together. Magnus was shaking with fear all over as he really didn’t know what he was getting them into, but… in the end it didn’t really matter what happened to him. He just wanted his friends to be safe and sound and from what he heard about this demon they were about to summon, he was powerful. He was very powerful, a lot more than Lilith, but the only problem was going to be convincing him to fight on their side. Magnus shuddered and then pressed his lips together, looking over to his friends, Ragnor and Catarina, who looked as equally concerned about the whole thing.


‘’Magnus,’’ said Catarina and stepped closer to him. ‘’You know that once we do this, there’s no coming back,’’ she said and then placed her hands together. ‘’If-if the Clave finds out about this, we’re all-’’ she started, but Jace stepped closer and shook his head. Since the Inquisitor was his grandmother, he had some special connections that he was going to use if something happened. He wasn’t going to let his friends be in trouble and he tried not to worry too much about the Clave, there was far greater things that were at state now and-


‘’I won’t let anything happen to you,’’ said Jace and Ragnor looked at him.


‘’Are you sure? Because it wouldn’t be the first time that the Shadowhunters wouldn’t hold up their end of the deal,’’ he said as he still didn’t trust Herondale, but Jace backed down as he really wasn’t in the mood to be fighting and Clary quickly stepped closer to the both of them and tried to break off the possible fighting breaking out.


‘’Guys, now it really isn’t the time to be fighting over these things,’’ muttered Clary and Jace and Ragnor looked away because it was true. 


‘’Biscuit’s right, we must stand united in this,’’ said Magnus and then huffed under his breath and snapped his fingers, summoning his spellbook and then looked around. They were currently in his loft, Magnus had already prepared the pentagram on the floor and all that was missing at the moment was him making the summoning spell and the Greater Demon was going to be present with them. Given his past, Magnus hoped that he was going to work with them even though there were the Shadowhunters present in it all. The things that Magnus heard about him chilled him down to the bones, but… he could be also very persuasive and was prepared to make a deal no matter what. Again, to him it didn’t matter what happened to him, he just wanted to save the world.


‘’Yeah, I’m sorry,’’ said Ragnor quickly. ‘’I’m just on edge here,’’ he said and ran his fingers through his hair. ‘’These past few months had been… horrible and I really don’t know who to trust anymore,’’ he said and Magnus nodded. Yes, they’ve seen a lot of their good friends turning on against them, working with the demons instead and it… hurt, but it also made them all vary. Just like per usual, the Clave was doing nothing about this. They were all looking the other way, pretending that everything was okay, but how could it? The rift was open in New York and the city was constantly under attack. But the Clave turned a blind eye to that. They really were on their own. 


‘’I understand,’’ said Jace and then looked at Magnus. ‘’So, what do we need to do now?’’ asked Jace and Magnus took in a deep breath, looking down at his spellbook and then he turned to the needed page that he needed. 


‘’All we have to do is step around the, um, pentagram and I say the incantation. And we must hold hands or the demon can escape the pentagram,’’ said Magnus and felt his heart beating much faster. ‘’Just… don’t let go of each other’s hand as we still don’t know if he’ll be ready to help us. If he won’t, I’ll send him back to Edom and-and we’ll try something else,’’ said Magnus and then looked at everyone. ‘’Got it?’’ he then asked and the other five nodded. Raphael was there too even though if he wasn’t too keen on it, but still… he was there to help Magnus, who had been like a father to him and he nervously smiled, but kept to himself for most parts.


‘’Yeah, let’s do this,’’ said Raphael, finally speaking up and he walked closer to Catarina and Ragnor, stepping in between them and shuddered as all of the others stepped around the pentagram as well and then looked at each other - they all looked nervous and scared. They tried to pretend to be strong for each other, but their eyes betrayed them as none of them knew what was going to happen, Magnus finally stepping to the pentagram as well and then he snapped his fingers again. The spell wasn’t all that complicated, so the book wasn’t needed anymore and he took in a deep breath. His wards were up just in case that the demon would try to escape, then again… was he powerful enough to hold him in? Magnus highly doubted that, but still… he had to have some hope.


‘’Take each other’s hand,’’ muttered Magnus and all of them around the pentagram listened to them, taking each other’s hand and Magnus took Catarina’s hand on his one side and Clary’s on his other one and then closed his eyes for a split second. ‘’I call upon the power of the pentagram,’’ he said and his voice was betraying him as well - it was shaking badly and he was trying not to crack. Clary gasped as one side of the pentagram lit up, fire sparking up and all of them were tempted to step back, but then were reminded of Magnus’ words - must not break the seal around the circle. ‘’I-I summon thee,’’ Magnus finally finished and then opened his eyes, the rest of the pentagram lighting up as well and he hoped for the best.


Flames were getting higher and higher and Magnus was nervously waiting for the demon to appear in the middle and he was holding in his breath as he didn’t allow himself to breathe - not yet. All of the others around it were also trying to hold back their horror as there was a dark and tall figure being able to be seen forming in the middle of the flames. The flames were slowly disappearing and the figure was getting shape, the demon was there in flesh and silence fell between them, Magnus nervously waiting for something to happen. He didn’t even know what he was expecting to happen, so he just stood there and watched the scene unfold in front of his eyes. The others didn’t dare to speak as well and were just staying quiet, allowing Magnus to be the one to take the lead and talk with the demon.


The demon was tall, his broad back facing Magnus, who was now trying to string a few sentences together to greet the demon, who still seemed a bit confused about where he had been summoned to. He was facing Raphael at the moment, who was avoiding making eye contact with and he looked across the room to Magnus, trying to let him know that he should do something and Magnus cleared his throat. ‘’I’ve been summoned, who dares to summon me?’’ finally asked the demon as he had enough of waiting and the Shadowhunters present flinched as they could feel the demon’s magic hitting the way they’ve been blocking around the pentagram. Magnus could feel his power too, he was very strong, his powers could be comparable to his father and that… was either really good news or very bad ones. It would be soon seen.


‘’I did,’’ finally said Magnus as he was reminded that he was indeed the one who summoned the demon and he slowly turned around, Magnus gripping onto Catarina’s and Clary’s hand, but they were gripping back onto his, their knuckles going white to the bone and Magnus flinched. The demon was soon facing him, Magnus feeling his heart leaping up to his throat and he cleared his throat, blinking a few times and he looked up and down. The demon was quite tall, as it was mentioned before, wearing black clothes, his black hair messily falling over his eyes… his pitch-black eyes that made Magnus shaken down to his core. The eyes looked empty. Black as the black hole and ready to suck anyone and eat them up. It was very unsettling, but-


‘’ You ,’’ said the demon, his voice penetrating right to Magnus’ core and the warlock shuddered a little bit as the demon came really close to him. ‘’Magnus Bane,’’ he finally said and took in a deep breath. ‘’Your reputation precedes you, warlock,’’ said he said and Magnus cleared his throat.


‘’And-and your reputation precedes you, Alexander Lightwood,’’ finally managed to say Magnus and the demon chuckled, his deep chuckle making shivers run up Magnus’ spine and he wasn’t so sure that he hated that feeling.


‘’And my reputation precedes your reputation, Mister Bane,’’ said Alec in the end, crossed his arms on top of his chest and looked up and down Magnus. ‘’I did hear a lot about you and your father, must say… I’m not disappointed at all,’’ said Alec, his eyes still scanning the warlock, who nervously managed to smile. It was good that the demon appeared to have heard about him and was seemingly on his side. ‘’So, you’re the one who summoned me?’’ asked Alec again and Magnus nodded.


‘’Yes,’’ said Magnus determinately.


‘’Your reason?’’ asked Alec and a little devious smile spread across his face. ‘’Usual mortals just not do it for you anymore and wanted something a bit more… dangerous?’’ asked Alec shamelessly and Magnus quickly shook his head. ‘’I can’t blame you… mortals are just so… boring and weak.’’


‘’I… we need your help,’’ quickly said Magnus and Alec arched an eyebrow. ‘’Lilith has broken free from Edom and thus opened the rift which we cannot close on our own,’’ said Magnus. ‘’The power that would need for it to be closed is something that we don’t possess,’’ he carried on and Alec didn’t seem to be interested anymore. ‘’More and more creatures from Edom are coming here and… destroying our world,’’ stammered Magnus and Alec scoffed. Helping their world? The one had cast him aside and locked him in Edom for centuries? No. He would much rather watch them all burn with pleasure.


‘’Not interested,’’ said Alec.




‘’The Bitch finally left Edom, I can finally have some peace of mind,’’ said Alec and Magnus started panicking. ‘’And as for your world being destroyed? I don’t really care,’’ said the demon simply and looked around the circle. ‘’It would be a pleasure seeing your kind burn in demise. You’ve casted me aside, locked me in Edom … like I was some kind of a monster,’’ said Alec as he glanced upon Jace and Clary, who were holding hands. Despite him being a demon, Magnus could sense real sadness and hatred behind his words. Demons weren’t supposed to feel sadness or any kind of human emotions, but it seemed to be different in this case and Magnus bit his lip. ‘’It’s not in my interests to help you, so-’’


‘’If it’s freedom you desire, we offer you freedom,’’ said Magnus quickly and Alec turned to him, Jace quickly shaking his head.


‘’No, Magnus, this is a demon, we can’t-’’


‘’Quiet, let the warlock speak,’’ said Alec and with a snap of his fingers made Jace’s mouth shut and Clary let out a shriek. ‘’Do you want to be next, little girl?’’ asked Alec and she quickly shook his head, a victorious grin spreading across his face and then he turned to Magnus, whose head was now spinning. He knew better than making a deal with a Greater Demon, but desperate times called for desperate measures. ‘’Speak,’’ he ordered to Magnus, who nodded.


‘’Help us defeat Lilith and you’ll be free to walk this world,’’ said Magnus and even Ragnor and Catarina seemed shocked and they started shaking their heads. ‘’And-and you won’t be bothered, not by the Shadowhunters, not by any of us. A clean slate, a new a fresh start,’’ said Magnus. ‘’Sounds fair, doesn’t it?’’


‘’Magnus, no,’’ mouthed Ragnor and Catarina was shaking her head as well.


‘’Ragnor is right, Magnus, he’s another Greater Demon, how will any of this help?’’ asked Catarina. ‘’I mean we can’t just let him roam the world freely. You said it yourself that he’s stronger than Lilith, he can’t be trusted. I-’’


Alec groaned and then snapped his fingers, making all of the people in the room disappear. All, but Magnus and Magnus’ face went pale… what the fuck did he do with them? And how was he able to perform the magic around the pentagram?! His shock had deepened as Alec freely stepped outside of the pentagram and then started looking around the warlock’s place. ‘’You… what did you do with my friends?’’ stammered Magnus and Alec scoffed.


‘’Isn’t it obvious? I sent them away.’’


Magnus’ heart fell. ‘’Send them to where? I swear, if you killed them, I-’’


‘’Oh, please ,’’ said Alec and rolled his eyes. ‘’Killing with a snap of fingers is no fun,’’ said the demon and then threw himself on the couch. ‘’My ways are a lot more slow and bloodier ,’’ said Alec and Magnus shuddered. ‘’They’ve been sent to a secure location, none of them I harmed.’’


Magnus didn’t believe him. ‘’And why should I trust you?’’ he asked.


‘’I don’t know, you tell me. You’re the one who summoned me,’’ mumbled the demon and then rolled his eyes. ‘’Ugh, they’re fine,’’ said Alec and leaned up. 


‘’How did you… manage to get past the wardings and the-’’ started Magnus, but Alec started laughing.


‘’Oh, that is child play,’’ said Alec and grinned. ‘’Seriously, did you think that your little barrier will stop me? Please, have you forgotten who you’re talking to?’’ asked Alec and then shook his head, his dark eyes lighting up with mischief and Magnus stepped back a little bit. ‘’So,’’ he started again and Magnus was careful of his every move. ‘’The deal - you promised me freedom ?’’ asked Alec and Magnus nodded, huffing and Alec hummed. ‘’Edom has gotten kind of boring, but,’’ said Alec and Magnus held in his breath. ‘’The deal would have to be not only for me.’’




‘’If I agree to help, my sister must be promised freedom as well,’’ said Alec and Magnus shook his head. ‘’She’ll help as well - she’s quite handy with her whip,’’ said Alec and was now heading over to Magnus, who was for some reason captivated by the demon once he was able to see him up close. ‘’Imagine,’’ whispered Alec and Magnus shuddered as he could feel his hot breath against his cheek, throat going dry and he- ‘’You’ll save the world, you’ll get all of the glory,’’ said Alec, tempting Magnus. ‘’There will be stories about you,’’ said Alec and Magnus bit his lip as he was watching his face. He might had been a demon, but he was beautiful . So beautiful that it hurt. ‘’All you have to do is say yes. ’’


‘’I can’t,’’ whispered Magnus back. 


‘’Sure you can,’’ said Alec and winked. ‘’Don’t you want all of the glory for yourself?’’ asked Alec and Magnus shook his head. ‘’Don’t dare to lie to me, warlock, I know the thirst for fame and power when I see one,’’ said Alec and chuckled, his deep chuckle again making Magnus’ knees feel weak - was it because he was a demon? That Magnus couldn’t keep his mind working? Alec was now circling around him, walking around him like a cat and Magnus was in trance. ‘’You’ll be the Greatest warlock of all time,’’ muttered Alec now that he was standing behind Magnus and breathed softly against Magnus’ neck. ‘’You crave for it, don’t be shy, warlock.’’


‘’I don’t-’’


‘’You do.’’


‘’I really don’t-’’


‘’Oh come on,’’ suddenly whined Alec and Magnus turned around. ‘’Ugh, usually my charms work, what is happening?!’’ asked Alec and looked down at his hands, Magnus narrowing his eyes. ‘’ You broke my smolder!’’ said Alec and Magnus was now confused. Very confused - what the hell was going on? Alec was no longer this scary demon and all of a sudden he looked like a whiny kid and Magnus was… he didn’t know what to think at this point. ‘’I mean this is… ouch that fucking hurts, son of a bitch, ’’ snapped Alec as his shin hit the coffee table and Magnus’ jaw was on the floor. All of that from before - the image that Alec had built for himself was quickly peeling away. So was it all just an act; when in reality he was just a big and clumsy demon?! Magnus was so confused. Though Alec had his revenge and with pleasure in his eyes he set the coffee table on fire. 


Maybe Magnus messed up the spell - maybe not the right demon was summoned. 


‘’You can’t be Alexander, the Greater Demon who-’’


‘’Oh, who the fuck do you think I am then?! Mary Poppins?!’’ snapped Alec and Magnus stopped talking. ‘’Ah, I’m so sorry that I don’t meet up with your snobby expectations. You really are your father’s son. Ugh, I really can’t stand him,’’ said Alec as he was bitching away. ‘’There I was, finally enjoying Edom now that so many have left, but then you come along and summon me here . Do you think I want to be here? No, thank you,’’ continued Alec and Magnus blinked a few times. 


‘’Um, I-’’

‘’So annoying,’’ said Alec and marched back to the couch, sitting down and Magnus blinked a few times before approaching him. Suddenly, he wasn’t scared anymore and he was just… really sure that someone was playing a prank on him.


‘’So, about the deal-’’


‘’Yeah, yeah, I’ll help you. Quit bitching,’’ said Alec and Magnus pressed his lips together. ‘’So, this dump is your place?’’ asked Alec and Magnus nodded. ‘’Eh, I’ve seen better,’’ carried on the demon and Magnus was tempted to laugh. But he didn’t. ‘’I’ll be staying here,’’ he announced and Magnus’ jaw dropped.


‘’You can’t, you-’’


‘’Um, yes I can,’’ said Alec. ‘’I’m the Demon, remember? And I for sure won’t be staying out there in the city,’’ he said and wrinkled his nose. ‘’Besides, this will give me the perfect chance to torture you,’’ said Alec and his demon eyes were back.


‘’ Torture me?!


‘’Yes,’’ said Alec. ‘’Your father had been torturing me for centuries, so it’s my turn to revenge myself,’’ said Alec and Magnus flinched. ‘’ Suffer, ’’ said Alec and Magnus watched how Alec leaned over to the other desk and slowly pushed the vase off of it, crashing it and he then crossed his arms on top of his chest. He looked very pleased with himself and Magnus turned around and shook… what the hell did he just got himself into?!