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Nights at the Museum

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The last 6 weeks had been manic for Alexander. He had finally graduated with Honors and was still recovering from the two day party and now like everyone else he was busy applying for jobs.

He had a little money saved and was surprised how difficult it was. Application after application was submitted and a few interviews here and there and then came the replies . All of which were professional and polite, ranging from -Your application will be kept on file .thanks but bla bla bla...
A NO was still a NO no matter how politely it was written. Out of 43 jobs he had recieved 36 replies.

It was becoming tedious and depressing. Work was hard to find and Alexander was starting to apply for jobs he didn't really want as he realized he was competing with graduates that had qualifications but like himself, little experience or seasoned professionals.

His confidence was starting to dissolve like the aspirin he was about to take as he crossed another name off the list. He checked the latest jobs and there was nothing new he could apply for today. Perhaps he should have been an electrician or plumber. There seemed to be quite a few jobs there. He did have experience in changing light bulbs as at 6ft 7 he could almost reach most ceilings.

He looked around his bed sit and sighed. It was a box and he had to decide soon whether he would stay or go. Alexander did not want to move back home and so he had to find something and soon.

His phone rang and he did not recognize the number. He answered, "Hello-Alexander speaking"
The voice on the other end of the phone was deep and he recognized it immediately, "Good Morning Alex, Its Luke here. You applied for a position with the University as a Library Technician-I am sorry, Your application has been unsuccessful.'

There was quiet as Alexander once again was disappointed.

He breathed in deeply before replying, "Luke, Can I ask for some feed back, Is there something I did wrong or could improve on?"

Luke could sense the disappointment in his voice, "To be honest, You were perfect for the role. Its just that I have another position that I think you would be better suited to and pays much better. To be honest with you- This position is a priority and I will need you to start almost immediately If you are interested. The National Museum is looking for an Assistant curator in New York. The hours are long but the pay and conditions are really good."

Alexander's heart was beating fast he nearly choked on his coffee as he stood up trying to remain calm, "Oh, Yes. I am very interested."

They organized to meet in Luke's Office and as Alexander hung up the phone he yelled in excitement and placed his hands in the air, "YES!"

Alexander showered and dressed and went to Luke's office. Luke seemed nervous for some reason as Alexander signed the contract.

Luke sat back, "There is something I need to tell you. You will be the 5th Assistant Curator in 6 months. The curator is somewhat difficult. He is a perfectionist and perhaps slightly eccentric."

Alexander nodded, He did not care. This job was a once in a lifetime opportunity and he did not care. He would have accepted a job as a cleaner if it had been offered. Alexander was not an educated snob and he certainly was not scared to roll his sleeves up and do any type of work, If it meant earning an income and being able to move to a better apartment.

Luke shook his hand and smiled, "Congratulations Assistant Curator. You start in a week."

Alexander gripped Luke's hand tightly, he almost hugged him and Luke could see the youthful enthusiasm in his eyes and relief in his smile. "Best of luck Alexander."

Alexander nodded, "Thank you Luke. I mean it! You wont be sorry!"

Luke politely nodded as he felt a little guilty wondering whether Alexander would last 4 weeks.

Alexander left Luke's office with a glowing smile and his chest puffed out feeling something he had not felt for a very long time- Confident and happy as he was now officially employed.

It was a new experience for him and he had a lot to do in a week. He had to find somewhere to live and that was not as easy as he thought. He finally found a furnished apartment that he could live in for 3 months until the owners returned and he spent the first day in New York going to the museum as a visitor and exploring his new home.

The night before he started he could not sleep. He knew he should but he was to excited.

He must have fallen asleep at some point because the next thing he heard was the alarm as he sprang out of bed and showered and dressed arriving almost an hour early.

The receptionist was expecting him and directed him to the human resources department. Everyone was being very welcoming and polite and Alexander was handed a manila file and a security pass and a map. The young lady called Clary was a pretty little red head, "Mr Lightwood. Luke apologizes, he has been held up. He will catch up with you later. If you need anything just call me."
Alexander nodded, "Thanks-Please call me Alex"
Clary nodded, "Here is a map. Please familiarize your self . Your pass gives you access to all areas"
Alexander nodded, "Thank you"
He left and started to follow the map ending up at the staff cafeteria before he realized he had the Map around the wrong way and needed to be on the other side of the building. He quickly turned around and headed back towards where he should be turning down another corridor, accessing yet another secure door .

The doors opened and there was a man standing with his back towards him pressing the buttons of a vending machine. He had black firmly fitting pants that hugged his ass and Alexander could not help but notice. He also had a mauve collared business shirt that was very tight around his biceps and a tailored vest. Alexander wondered who he was and what department he worked in.

Alexander stood a few meters from him, "Excuse me!"

The man turned and Alexander found himself almost drooling. He was gorgeous. The man was almost the same height and of Asian appearance with the most gorgeous big brown eyes.

Magnus' reaction was similar, He wondered who this gorgeous man was standing in front of him. He was taller than himself with jet black hair and his eyes seemed to smile. The tone in his voice was flirtatious as he looked him up and down "Hello there!"

Alexander blushed slightly as the man ripped open the muesli bar and turned to him, "And what can I do for you?"

Alexander had a list rolling through his head and if this was not a workplace and his first day he might have told him. Sadly Alexander had other priorities.

He sighed, "It is my first day and I believe I maybe lost. I am looking for the curators office. Do you know where it is?'
Magnus raised his eyebrow and stared thinking to himself, Could this gorgeous sexy thing standing infront of him be his new Assistant. He hoped so. Magnus nodded, "Yes, I do!"
Alexander sighed with relief, "Great! Would you mind giving me directions. I have heard he can be quite demanding and difficult and I would hate to be late and make a bad impression."

Magnus raised his eyebrow again as Luke turned the corner, "Oh there you are! Good - You have met!"
Magnus shook his head, "I do not believe we have been formerly introduced- I am Magnus Bane! "

Alexander's eyes widened as he considered this may just be the shortest career anyone has ever had. He might even make the world record as he noticed it was still only 5 minutes to his official start time.