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Watching from afar

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A young woman was slumbering peacefully, her long hair fanning out over the pillow. The blanket draped over her body did little to conceal the large bump swelling from her abdomen. For a second, the dark room was lit up by sparkles of light.

Alex waited for his eyes to adjust to the darkness. With a careful tread, he silently walked over to the window and pulled back the drapes, allowing a little moonlight to spill over the face of the woman he had known intimately. She really was a beautiful woman with striking features. His gaze shifted down to the bump.

It had been almost nine months now. He had visited her time and time again, whispered sweet nothings into her ear and made love to her. She had been very devoted to him, he could tell, even though she knew nothing about him, not even his name. He preferred to remain a man of mystery. Would she have changed her mind about him if she knew the truth? Quite possibly.

She had been sad when he stopped coming to see her. Once he knew she was pregnant, Alex had disappeared from her life. However, he was still secretly keeping an eye on her, making sure that she hadn't lost the baby.

Was it going to be a girl or boy? There was no way of knowing at this point. Anyway, it wasn't like Alex was going to be there for the child as it grew up. He had no intention of settling down into his role as father. Neither did he plan to return to Veriti, as much as she might have longed for it.

It wasn't like there was anything wrong with her. She was a lovely and beautiful woman. Maybe in another life, he would have been happy to be with her, but that wasn't who he was. He had his own goals and having a family didn't factor into them. 

Veriti stirred, a brief moan passing through her lips. Alex quickly warped out of the room.

"Huh? Was someone here?" Veriti blinked, turning her head to look toward the window. She pushed herself up and held back the drapes, looking out at the night sky. "Could it have been him? Yes, it must have been." A smile formed on her face as she began to rub her bump, feeling the baby's feet kick inside of her. "Your father has been watching over us, just as I thought."

Veriti sank back down onto the pillow. "I'm glad he's thinking of us." She continued to rub a hand slowly over her abdomen. "I really would like to be able to see him one more time. Maybe, after you're born, he'll come back."

When Alex saw Veriti again, she was as cold as the stone slab that she lay on, her face a pale grey and her arms folded over her chest. The people of Ayuthay had already come to pay their respects, leaving an array of flowers all around her prone body. Alex had learned from the snippets of conversation he caught while sneaking around exactly what fate had befallen her. She had perished from illness shortly after giving birth. He had managed to snatch a glimpse of his offspring in the arms of a woman. The baby had blue hair, just like his father.

Alex stood by the slab, gazing down at her beautiful face. Veriti was dead. The thought brought with it a complicated mix of emotions. Could he really have been moved so much by the death of this woman? How foolish. He wasn't that weak as to be swayed by such trifling emotions. It wasn't like he ever had any intention of settling down with her. She was a pawn. That was all.

And yet, he had still come here to pay his respects to her. As much as he hated to admit it, maybe he had ended up feeling a little something for her, not that it would ever have come to anything.

Alex raised his hand and dropped the flower he had bought onto her body.

"Farewell, Veriti," he murmured, before disappearing in a shower of sparkles.