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Fuck Exams

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Midterms always sucked, no matter what the content was. That was the motto Kaminari Denki believed in, and no, not because he failed each and every one of his midterms throughout his life, but because midterms were just evil incarnate. Who made midterms in the first place? If Denki could just meet them and casually shock their hand with the highest voltage power he could emit, then he would be slightly appeased. 

He didn’t really know why he sucked so much at midterms. He was fairly decent at writing and not so decent at using his quirk, but he was trying. Didn’t that count for something? A for effort or some bullshit like that, right?

Denki supposed he should be grateful anyway, because prior to entering UA, his middle school midterms weren’t a living hell. Everyone in his class would panic, himself included, but they usually got by with enough studying (and cheating, but that’s not important). What sucked the most was the he actually did study and try his fucking hardest, but what did he have to show for it? A giant, red zero on the corner of his exams? The lowest ranking in his class? He might as well have not studied at all. 

It hurt, not having his efforts reflected in his work, but who was he going to ask for help from? The teachers never explained anything thoroughly during class, and when they tried to help him, Denki wouldn’t understand anything anyway. He knew he wasn’t supposed to notice, but it was hard not to see the disappointment in his teachers’ eyes and, consequently, the drop in effort that they put towards helping him. Well, shit, Denki didn’t appreciate their “help” anyway. He got by with copying others and occasionally getting the right answers, for once. 

But UA, oh UA… The prestigious high school he somehow made it in was exactly that: prestigious right to its fucking core. Don’t get him wrong, it was an amazing hero school and he wouldn’t give up the chance to be there, but the exams… They were an absolute terror. It was still only his first year there, but the first exam his class experienced was maddening; a gamble between showing off their quirks and achieving great scores or getting expelled. Denki wasn’t sure how the others weren’t nervous, but he remembered thinking his hero career was over before it even started. Oh shit, my quirk sucks ass, though?? How the hell am I supposed to run fast or throw a ball into outer space using electricity? I’m fucked.  

He made it still, as usual. It wasn’t a breeze by any means, but for the first time, he actually passed with alright scores instead of just failing immediately. He tried hard, and he got results! Not the best, but why would he complain? At least he wouldn’t get expelled.

Which turned out to be a fucking ruse, thanks Mr. Aizawa. If Denki wasn’t in class with several other classmates around him, he would have a fucking breakdown because who does that? Denki had a hard time trusting Aizawa after that, but he got there eventually.

The thing was, after that initial exam, Class 1-A didn’t have very many exams. Sure they got a lot of quizzes and trivia and whatnot from all their subjects, which Denki did okay in, but they hadn’t gotten a real exam, one that was comprised of all the things they’d learned about so far.

Which was just fine to Denki, honestly. He could live with weekly quizzes if it meant not ever having to take another midterm or final in his life. 

But he should have known that was wishful thinking. UA may have been a prestigious hero school but it was still a fucking school . It was just twice as tough because they had to learn about heroics but also keep the basics in check. Denki didn’t see why Math or English were important anymore, but Aizawa had glared at him when he asked and Present Mic had smiled and said it was for the best.

Math is an integral part of our lives, Kaminari. We won’t teach the complicated stuff because as integral as it is, it’s also bullshit and you will never have to use the Pythagorean theorem in your life. But no, you can’t get out of Math, Aizawa had told him.

English is fucking great, Present Mic had yelled at the top of his lungs, you get to cuss in another language, how cool is that? Also it would be necessary if you were to ever train or work overseas. I’m not trying to drill Shakespeare into you, little listener, but the basics are good to learn!

Yeah, just as he expected they would answer, but it didn’t hurt his ego to ask. 

Also like he sort of expected and dreaded and hoped it wouldn’t come true, UA had midterms and finals. Granted, they weren’t only written exams, but Denki wasn’t sure if that was supposed to be comforting or not. Their first midterm was honestly not that bad, all things considered. They had recently been admitted and trained, so it didn’t cover as much.

And yet, Denki still got a fucking zero how the fuck was that possible .

He studied! He fucking studied (last minute but studying some material was better than nothing, right?!) yet nothing ever went his way and the exam gods liked to make fun of him at every opportunity. Denki ranked 20/20 in his class, and he would have made some kind of vision joke but he was honestly down in the dumps for a while. Ejiirou helped him study a little after that, taking pity upon him and agreeing when Denki basically begged to be taught. 

Though I won’t be very useful, Eijirou told him, scratching his cheek sheepishly. I ranked 15 out of 20. But Denki didn’t care, the redhead was still someone above him and his grades weren’t terrible, so the two studied together for a while but eventually drifted off as they got busier with other things. 

The midterm came and went, and Denki sulked about his grades for a while, but all thoughts of the exam vanished as time went on. 

Except he was forced to remember how horrible he was at studying and school in general when the first term final exam rolled around. Oh fuck he was so fucked.

It was the end of June, the almost-end of their first semester, and holy shit was Denki excited but also terrified because that meant they had exactly one fucking week to study and pass their exam. One week for Denki to get his shit together and study like his life depended on it, because truthfully, some part of his life did depend on it, and Denki was going to make absolute damn sure he didn’t fail his final. He’d been too focused on the Sports Festival and his workplace experience to even think about their final, but now it just smacked him in the face and left him full of dread and anxiety.

At least Mina shared his anxieties, with her ranking right above him, but she was way too cheerful about his misery, chuckling while he clutched his head and screamed. Minoru just had to make it worse with his overall smugness and irritating intelligence. Who was he to rank above Denki, honestly?! If anything, he shouldn’t even be in their class, what with his multiple sexual offences. Denki may have deserved the worst ranking in class but Minoru deserved the worst ranking in life. Denki wasn’t ashamed to feel bitter about him ranking 9th place. 

Izuku, the kind, lovely boy he was, tried to cheer up Denki and Mina, but just ended up revealing that he wanted to go to their summer break forest lodge, and couldn’t have anyone lagging behind or else they’d all be stuck at school doing remedial classes. 

He didn’t say it like that, obviously, but he didn’t have to. Denki got the implication loud and clear. Tenya ended up agreeing and Shouto, in his calm but monotonous tone, basically told him to stop missing classes if he wanted better grades. Denki knew that already, but he clutched his chest dramatically anyway and yelled at them to mind their words. Those three had high scores, after all! 

But then Momo, oh god his fucking savior, offered to help them with lectures, though she dejectedly didn’t do the same with the practical test part of the final. Before Denki could even get a word in, Kyouka, Hanta, and Mashirao butted in almost immediately and asked for help, too. Momo excitedly agreed and Denki felt better about his situation, because who was better at helping than the Number One student Yaoyorozu Momo herself?

Denki thought he overheard Eijirou and Katsuki talking behind them, but he didn’t quite catch what they said. He sort of wished he could have hung out with them instead. Eijirou was kind and Katsuki was smart, and under that abrasive personality lied a microscopic heart, the smallest compassionate heart Denki had ever seen, but it was there and he was sure that with enough begging and whining, Katsuki would agree to tutor him. 

Except Momo had already offered and he had already agreed, so along with the rest of his classmates, he prepared for the written portion of their exam. He was going to fucking nail it and allow himself and everyone else to enjoy their summer break.



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Izuku didn’t have a problem with the written portion of their final exam. In fact, he was almost pleased there was one, because it was infinitely easier than physical combat. He was sure not everyone in his class would agree, as they seemed to favor quirk and battle training over writing. However, Izuku had always been an excellent student and never had trouble with written assignments. He excelled, to be quite honest.

It was also the only area he was allowed to excel at and not be mocked for doing good, but that was something else entirely. 

He earned all the good grades he’d ever gotten. He knew that for a fact, even when he doubted himself too much. Izuku put in a stupid amount of effort and got good scores, that’s just how it’d always been. 

It still held true, but now Izuku wasn’t the only good kid in class. UA wasn’t just a school to train future heroes, it was also home to one of the most intellectual students in the country. In Class 1-A alone, there were several of them who rivaled Izuku’s intellect, but he wasn’t jealous by any means.

In fact, he’d been slightly anxious. He’d always been a great student. He still was, except now he was expected to compete with his classmates to continue being great, which didn’t sit entirely well with him but he wasn’t fond of failure, either, so he did the best he could. 

Izuku knew that most of the reason he was amazing at his studies was because he didn’t have anything else to focus on growing up. Born quirkless, it wasn’t like he had to go to quirk counseling, or learn how the basics of quirk usage applied to him, or master control of his quirk so that by the age of 15 when he entered high school, he wouldn’t have a problem showing his power to others and establishing a reputation in the hero world. 

He didn’t have to do any of those things, so Izuku was stuck with his mind and intellect, studying quirks from an outsider’s point of view because he couldn’t study himself. He learned all the laws and policies and what was enforced and what was kept under wraps when it came to quirk usage. It was truly fascinating, despite being different from everyone else. Izuku had to encourage himself throughout his life, because who else was going to do it? He loved his mother, he really did, but she couldn’t offer what he wanted to hear, always gazing at him lovingly but with an undertone of guilt or pity. Izuku had long since learned how to avoid those expressions directed at him, but that didn’t mean he didn’t see them and feel ashamed when he received expressions of hurt, instead. 

So Izuku buried himself in his studies, always exploring the internet for more information about quirks and heroes and adventuring his hometown in hopes of witnessing battles upfront and taking notes from them. Every time he returned home and looked upon his hastily written notes, he felt stupid upon closing his journal and reading Hero Analysis for The Future: No.13. He could admit, now, that he was deluding himself into an inconceivable future, but who knew it’d turn out to be true in the end? He was glad he didn’t actually follow through with throwing out all his journals before, because he learned and gained so much information from them.

They also kept him busy and sane, for the most part, but no one had to know that.

Izuku’s note-taking skills and intellect only improved over the years, and he was sort of proud of them. Not that he ever tried showing off, but they were good enough for him to take home good scores and make his mother happy. 

He was good at every subject, excelling more in others, of course, but overall succeeding in all of them. Izuku had never gotten a bad grade in his life, so he wasn’t worried about their upcoming final test — the written part of it, at least. 

But he had come in 4th place in class during their midterm. He was behind Katsuki (when wasn’t he?) but he was also behind Tenya and Momo, two teenagers who came from r̶i̶c̶h̶ prestigious hero families. He supposed he shouldn’t feel bad about it, because it was honestly  a miracle he could even compete with them, but if he was aiming to be the best hero ever, the Number One hero who would eventually replace All Might, then he had to get the best grades.

He really didn’t want to turn it into a competition, but Izuku had to try harder and be better, otherwise his efforts would go to waste. 

He overheard Denki’s struggles and tried to be polite, and he also overheard Momo offering advice. Others started to flock towards her, and Izuku even saw Eijirou pair up with Katsuki. Was everyone partnering up? For a split second, he wished he had joined Momo because she was currently the best in class, but a momentary spike of anxiety held him back. She already had so many students to teach, and he didn’t want to take advantage of her kindness. He could always just study by himself, as he usually did. 

Except he sort of heard Aizawa say that there was going to be a small portion of math in their lecture exam, and Izuku wasn’t lagging behind by any means but he was lagging behind. He couldn’t answer math questions fast enough anymore, and not just speed, but he wasn’t getting the right answers as often, either. It caused panic to steadily rise in him but he shoved it down as hard as he could, telling himself that it wasn’t a big deal. Who even cared about math anymore? 

He did, why did he even try to think otherwise. 

His classmates were dispersing and Izuku felt that he failed in asking for help and now it was too late so he was going to have to struggle on his own. Even if he really wanted help from those above him, Katsuki was a definite no, Tenya had his own struggles and couldn’t afford to waste his time teaching something as simple as math , and as previously stated Momo already had people to deal with, she didn’t need an extra person. 

Maybe… Shou—

No, he couldn’t. Shouto scored just below him, but he was probably way smarter than Izuku anyway, also coming from a prestigious family and having entered UA on a scholarship. Who— Who does that? Shouto was exceptional, no doubt, and Izuku didn’t want to inconvenience him. He was stuck on his own. He just had to study hard, it was easy. Math was easy. Just don’t screw it up, really.

Also he couldn’t screw up the battle portion of the test. What good were his written skills if he couldn’t be a good fighter? Was he going to talk someone’s ear to defeat? Yeah, he wished.

He’d be fine.

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Denki wasn’t fine. Learning sucked so much, how— how did he ever pass his classes? He wasn’t sure, honestly. Did teachers take pity upon him? He didn’t want to know the answer to that.

Studying with Momo, and consequently, Mina, Kyouka, Hanta, and Mashirao, was a godsend. First of all, her house was astonishing. Who needed so much living space? No one, but Denki would like it anyway. They all sat together in Momo’s dining area: a long ass table suitable for royals. Momo was passionate about teaching and Denki was eager about learning, but god it was so fucking difficult. He thought using his quirk put a strain on his brain, but absorbing information and concentrating on holding it there was proving to be more of a challenge. 

“Momo… Yao-Momo… I’m dying. I’m literally dying,” Denki moaned, clutching his head and letting it fall on the table with a heavy thud.

“You’re not, man, but I get it,” Hanta sighed next to him. “What even is classical literature? Honestly, why does Momo know so much about it… She knows pretty much everything, dude. I’m struggling over here and she’s making it seem so easy, I don’t get it.”

“YOU don’t get it?!” Mina shouted from across the table. “Hanta, classical bullshit is the least of our worries! There’s probably gonna be like ONE question on it! Be more worried about the battle exam!! What if we’re not fighting robots like the entrance exam? What then?!” She turned towards Denki and pointed a finger at him. “Denki, you think you’re dying?! I’ve BEEN DEAD! DEAD WORRIED ABOUT OUR BATTLE!”

“Guys, calm down…” Mashirao softly interjected.

“So what if it’s not robots? We’ve been through tougher shit before, Mina,” Kyouka pointed out. “Not that I wouldn’t appreciate robots, but c’mon, it’s UA. Would they really give us that again?”

“I know and that’s why I’m dreading it!” Mina cried. “God, we’re fucked to hell if it’s not robots…”

“Language,” Momo chided. “I understand your concerns, everyone, but please don’t worry too much about it! You’ve all done exceptionally great in the past! I thought you were more concerned about the written part?”

“I am!” Denki shouted. “I’m scared of the practical exam, too, obviously! But I’m equally scared of the written portion! I want to go on summer break with you all!” 

“Aww, Denki, that’s so sweet! I also don’t want to be stuck in remedial hell!” Mina brightened.

“Not what I said, but okay…”

Momo sighed and put her notes down. She rested her arms on the table and gave everyone a long look. “Please be honest with me, everyone. Is this meeting helping you at all? I truly wish to be helpful but I also wouldn’t want to waste your time.”

Hanta gawked at her, shocked she would even think that. “What? Yao-Momo, you’re helping us plenty! But— ah… I could benefit from learning more… or from other people, I guess. I’m not saying you suck or anything! It’s just… I don’t know, I’ve always been the kind of learner who learns from everyone, not just from a single person. Thanks for taking the time to explain to us dumbasses, at least.”

And just like that, Denki was struck with an idea.

“Holy fucking shit, you guys. You fucking guys, I just had an idea. What if we all did like… rotations? I know Momo is the best but we could all benefit from each other, ya know? It’s Friday, so we still have the weekend left before the exam. We could tutor each other or something, and not just for the written part, but for both!”

Everyone, sans Momo, looked at him like he just grew a second head. 

“Please don’t tell me I’m crazy or anything, I actually thought that was a pretty solid idea.”

“Denki, when the fuck did you get so smart, dude? That was fucking brilliant!” Hanta smacked his shoulder and purposefully ignored his loud yelp.

“Ow, I— Wait, huh? Really?”

“Yeah, really!” Mina joined in. “Dude, I’m so texting Eijirou about this. He’s gonna agree! I’m pretty sure everyone would agree except for Blasty but y’know, Eiji and him are a package deal! There’s no way Explodo King would refuse him.”

Denki smiled, feeling refreshed after feeling suffocated for so long while studying. It was a great idea! How didn’t he think of it earlier? It wasn’t like he couldn’t learn from the other top students in Class 1-A. Momo had just been the first and only one to offer. 

“Alright, let’s fucking get to it!” He cheered.






It didn’t exactly go as planned. Since Denki was the one to suggest it, it was up to him to divide them all up by groups. He wanted to learn from the top students, so smothering his guilty feelings down, he chose to group himself with Momo and Tenya, but that wouldn’t be fair to everyone else. So instead of just himself, he grouped Mina and Yuuga along. 

Denki wanted everyone to benefit from the smart kids in class, so he thought it’d be best for two smart students to group up with three not-so-smart students. The blond made a list of their rankings, from top to bottom. Momo and Tenya were ranked numbers 1 and 2, respectively, and Mina, Yuuga, and himself were the last three. He decided to continue down the list, pairing everyone up until there was no one left. As a result, he made four groups, each with five students. 


  1. Momo, Tenya, Denki, Mina, and Yuuga
  2. Katsuki, Izuku, Hanta, Tooru, and Eijirou
  3. Shouto, Tsuyu, Fumikage, Ochako, and Rikido
  4. Kyouka, Mashirao, Koji, Mezo, and Minoru


He grimaced at some of the groups. Should he really let Katsuki and Izuku be together? Should he really let Kyouka be exposed to Minoru? Denki didn’t want to upset anyone, but he was only grouping them by ranking, nothing else. Wouldn’t everyone like to benefit from higher rankings than them, so they could get the best possible scores and go on their summer retreat?

Denki pleaded his guilt to quiet down as he offered his idea and list to everyone through their class group chat. No one really had any complaints, which startled him, honestly. Kyouka did message him separately with nothing but angry emojis but he laughed nervously to himself and left them all on read. Katsuki was the only other person who, although never responding or even reading their group chat messages, immediately flooded Denki’s notifications with death threats. 

He didn’t open a single notification from him. 

Eijirou messaged him next, but instead of any upset texts, he thanked Denki for the groups and promised to convince Katsuki to join. Denki sent him a shaky haha thanks back and tried not to think about what exactly Eijirou would do to bring along the angry blond to their group study.

He let everyone know that they could do as they liked within their groups, meet anywhere and cover anything they wanted to study. Denki remained with Momo and Mina, with the addition of Tenya and Yuuga, and Momo happily accepted them and allowed them all to remain at her house. Tenya and Yuuga showed up bright and early the next day, pleasantly greeting everyone. Denki and Mina had stayed over so they wouldn’t have to commute, and boy did they take advantage of it. They slept at a rich person’s house! On fancy beds surrounded by fancy furniture and lighting and adjacent from fancy bathrooms! They had texted each other all night before bed, each in their own private room, giggling to themselves like children at all the fancy things they had discovered. 

They slept soundly, but were called upon early in the morning by Momo to gather in her dining room to study, as Tenya and Yuuga had just arrived. Groaning, they got up, fixed their hair to a decent appearance, and made their way over. Momo and Tenya were (unsurprisingly) ready to teach and learn, and with a weak hurray from the rest of them, they began their study session.

Denki was so fucking grateful for his friends. He hoped the other groups were doing as great.

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“Come on, bro! For me?”

“No way in fucking hell! Don’t consider yourself special because you’re not, I’m not doing this for you or anyone. I don’t fucking need it.”

Eijirou sighed as he stood outside Katsuki’s door, not even invited inside to talk. He knew the blond wouldn’t outright agree to study with their assigned group, though he wasn’t sure if it was the concept of the group itself, as Katsuki never worked with anyone unless forced to, or if he hated the people who were grouped with him. “Bakugo, my man, we could all benefit! Yeah, you ranked high but what about us down below? It’s hell down here.”

“You just fucking admitted that you and the other extras want the help. It’s not about who ranked higher, it’s that you sucked!” Katsuki yelled.

“I— I mean, yeah, you’re right. I do want to benefit from you guys and so does everyone who got a low rank, it’s only natural that we’d want to improve. But Bakugoooo,” Eijirou whined, hoping that Katsuki would give in eventually if asked incessantly. The redhead didn’t really have a plan to get the angry blond to join them, or else he wouldn’t have gone down the please-pity-me route. Not that he truly thought it would work — Katsuki didn’t pity anyone.

“Don’t call me, don’t even breathe near me, go study with those losers and leave me alone!”

Eijirou sighed once more, slightly upset that Katsuki wouldn’t join them. He couldn’t force the other teen, after all, and it wasn’t like the groups were a mandatory thing. Katsuki might not even need the help, like he stated, but Eijirou wanted the company, at least. The blond had already tutored him a few times, though shouting and cursing every time the redhead got stuck, but ultimately helping him get ahead in his studies. Eijirou enjoyed it nonetheless and Katsuki was a nice guy when he could be, albeit very, very, extremely rarely. 

The redhead quietly lingered outside Katsuki’s door for longer than he meant to, not quite knowing what to say but unwilling to completely leave Katsuki alone.

Man, what are you doing? Get it together, he obviously told you to get lost. Go to your room and get ready to join your study group, they must be waiting downstairs already. Why won’t you move away from the door? Just leave, Eijirou tried to reason with himself.

He finally steeled himself to ask Katsuki one last time, opening his mouth and raising his fist to knock on the door along with his words. “Bakugo, I know you w—”

The door swung open and Eijirou stopped mid-knock, surprise coloring his face. Katsuki wore an irritated expression but didn’t immediately cuss him out. They both stood there for a brief but uncomfortable amount of time before Eijirou broke the silence. 

“Did— Did you… change your mind?” He asked tentatively. “Cause that’d be great.”

Katsuki crossed his arms and locked eyes with the redhead. “No,” he uttered.

Bewildered, Eijirou spluttered out a response before he could even think about it. “What?! Then why did you open the door? To say no to my face directly? I think I got the memo through the door.”

“You obviously didn’t if you were still loitering outside my room like a fucking idiot.” Katsuki uncrossed his arms and gifted the redhead with a bored expression. “I opened it because I thought you’d left already and just wanted to make damn sure, alright? Didn’t hear you bitching anymore.”

“Rude. Don’t say mean things without meaning them, bro.”

“Oh, I absolutely fucking mean them. What the fuck are you still doing here? I told you no,” Katsuki grumbled, annoyed that Eijirou hadn’t left yet.

Eijirou pondered for a second, about to agree with the blond and just leave, but he noticed an impeccable stationery near the door with notebooks stacked up neatly, and one halfway inside a backpack on the desk as if Katsuki hadn’t finished putting it back inside. He also noticed a briefcase labeled 17 sitting quite close to the door. Eijirou knew that was their specialized briefcase containing their hero outfit and additional accessories or gadgets to complete their look. That was funny, it was almost like Katsuki intended on going… outside…

He sharply locked eyes with Katsuki again, and it seemed that the blond knew exactly what Eijirou saw as he snarled and slammed the door shut, with him outside in the hallway.

“What the—”

“Shut the FUCK up! You saw nothing! Don’t go getting stupid ideas into your head, you fucker!”

“You had your stuff laid out like you—” He was briefly cut off as Katsuki extended his hands to reach his mouth and physically muffle his voice. “Like you—” He tried again, avoiding Katsuki and talking as fast as he could to get his sentence out, but smiling as he realized what exactly he concluded and not taking Katsuki seriously at all. “—like you were going out! You were going to come all along! Why didn’t you just say so?!” He cheered.

Katsuki gave up his actions to quiet Eijirou and glared at him. “I wasn’t fucking going to! I said don’t get any ideas! Don’t you listen?!”

“But you—!”

Listen, Kirishima, goddammit!”

Eijirou instantly shut his mouth, letting Katsuki explain himself but giving him questioning glances anyway.

“I fucking— I wasn’t going to join you fuckers, that was the goddamn truth until you showed up at my door, knocking and begging like a fool and testing my fucking patience. Not until you went silent and I thought I…”

“Thought you… what?” Eijirou nudged him on. Katsuki’s almost guilty expression stunned him, and the redhead understood perfectly, then.

“Oh my god, you thought you upset me. You thought I up and left and you felt guilty about it. Oh fuck, oh god, you’re not refuting me I’m right aren’t I oh no what do I do with this information,” Eijirou panicked.

“Shut up!” Katsuki cut in, but Eijirou blissfully ignored him.

“I know we’ve been working on this but I really didn’t think you’d give in, oh my god, I’m so fucking amazed, dude, like— you don’t know how big this is!”

“It’s not a big deal, stop making it seem like it is, fuck! Are we fucking leaving or what?!” Katsuki hastily opened his door again, picked up his backpack and his gear, locked the door and marched his way to the elevator to go downstairs. “Fucking follow me already, you extra!”

Eijirou brightened up, still astounded by Katsuki to make a sudden move but reminded of the entire reason as to why he was there in the first place by the blond’s shout. “Oh! You’re right, the group! I hope they haven’t been down there for too long and— Hey, bro, wait for me! I need to get my notes and gear, too!” With that, the redhead quickly stepped into his own room next door and gathered his stuff, slamming his door shut and racing down the hallway to the elevator, where Katsuki waited for him with a scowl on his face and a hand holding the elevator doors open.


Their study group had already gotten together, as Eijirou suspected. They sat in the living room with various notebooks and papers laid out on the table while they chilled on the couches. There was a sunken area on one of the couches without anyone appearing to sit there, and Eijirou instantly knew that was Tooru. It was a bit weird getting used to her at first, but after living together he grew accustomed to feeling her presence and not immediately thinking ghost. 

“Hey, Hagakure! Hi guys! I’m so sorry for not coming down at the time we agreed, just got a little caught up with bringing Bakugo down, too!”

Tooru greeted Eijirou back and waved enthusiastically, though the redhead couldn’t see it. “Hi! We haven’t done much but we said 10, Kirishima! It’s been thirty minutes since then!”

Hanta butted in as he sat next to Tooru, smiling and throwing up a peace sign as a greeting. “Kirishima, you’re lucky we even agreed at a later time! I know you were the one who suggested gathering at 7 in the morning but let me tell you man, you’re insane. No one was going to agree to that!”

“Yeah!” Tooru agreed. “We get up early all the time to train and go to school, give us a break on the weekend, dude. So anyway, what took you so long?”

“He was totally about to cry had I not come down. Just like fucking Deku here,” Katsuki said in lieu of an actual explanation. “Don’t even lie,” he jabbed.

“Bro, the one who shouldn’t be lying is you,” Eijirou jabbed right back. 

“Hey!” Izuku protested at the same time. “I’m right here.”

“Yeah, exactly,” Katsuki snorted. Eijirou gave Izuku an apologetic look and the green-haired boy took it in stride, accustomed to Katsuki mocking him at any given chance, but the blond’s statement didn’t sit well with him. 

“What did you mean Kirishima was going to cry? What did you do?” He questioned, the instinct to protect his friend growing larger than his instinct to drop it and leave Katsuki alone.

“Ah, he didn’t do anything, don’t worry about it, Midoriya! Thanks for worrying, though,” he smiled gently and relaxed when Izuku returned the smile. “He was just lying to me the whole time about coming down and studying with us and it took me a while to get him to confess.”

He didn’t hesitate to throw Katsuki under the bus, already snickering when the blond rounded on him and yelled obscenities, though Eijirou just ignored them all and moved to sit next to Izuku, leaving his stuff on the floor. Katsuki complained for longer but took a seat next to Eijirou anyway, taking his notes out and throwing his backpack on the other side of the couch.

“Listen you fuckfaces, no one’s teaching me anything because I’m the smart one here so if you even suggest anything, you’ll be met with my fist in your face, understand?”

“Bakugo, the point is to teach each other, remember?” Eijirou chided.

Katsuki pretended like he didn’t hear. “So who wants to die first? Be my fucking guest.”

“Shouldn’t the person with the last ranking between us go first? So they can get the full benefit, you know,” Tooru suggested. “And that would be… Sero!”

Hanta’s expression grew pained. “Really? I mean, uh— My pleasure, I guess. Not really, but you know, I’m here already, might as well get it over with.” The black-haired boy scratched the back of his neck sheepishly. “I guess I also partially suggested the groups since I was originally with Momo, so uh… I’ll take responsibility?”

Katsuki smirked, though it did nothing to put Hanta at ease. It felt like he was staring at the devil and waiting for his impending doom. The blond cracked his knuckles in an effort to show just how serious he was and his smirk grew even wider, like a predator engaging his prey, ready to absolutely destroy him. Hanta knew Katsuki would still rather prefer not being there but by some miracle (that he didn’t explain) he was, and Hanta revealing that he was sort of behind his misery did him no favors, he belatedly realized. 

“Oh fuck.”

“You’re going to fucking die, tapeface. Hope you’re prepared.”

“Do you really?” Hanta asked pleadingly.

“No, and this time I mean it.”

Hanta had no idea what Katsuki was talking about but he knew that he blindingly placed his faith in him and now it was backfiring. 

He desperately glanced around to catch eyes with someone, hoping that his classmates wouldn’t just leave him to be taught alone by Katsuki, but no one made eye contact with him except for Eijirou. The redhead gave him the most pitying look he had ever seen, though followed by an encouraging look, and Hanta knew right there that his fate had been sealed. 

“I hate you guys so much for letting him explode my brain. You’re definitely treating me to lunch or something later, Kirishima,” he hissed. 

“Sorry, man,” Eijirou mouthed, looking completely unapologetic. 

Hanta gulped nervously as Katsuki’s notebook flipped open.