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Sugar and Spice

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“This is a worldwide alert. Standby for important information. Quarantine. The president is dead. This is an extinction scale event. Do not panic.”

Tires squealed against the tar, the blue dodge journey coming to a stop in front of the high rise hotel. The passengers side door opened and Remiel stepped out, their green eyes shining with liveliness as they stared up at the mostly glass exterior of the fancy building.

“Thank you!” Nadine stepped out on the opposite side of the car after handing the driver a twenty dollar bill. Nadine quickly got their suitcases out of the boot, Remiel grabbing their own and dragging it onto the concrete sidewalk. Nadine waved to the driver as he drove away before letting out a sigh and smiling brightly at Remiel.

“God I’m fucking exhausted.” Remiel laughed weakly, tugging on their suitcase as they began to walk towards the entrance.

“Jet lag’s a bitch.” Nadine hummed, walking in ahead of Remiel and walking towards one of the counters.

“Good morning ladies! What can I help you with today?” The woman at the counter smiled cheerily.


“Hi, uh, we booked a room. It’s under Sinclaire.” Nadine smiled awkwardly as they spoke, Remiel looking around the ground floor of the hotel as they did so. The woman nodded and began typing away at her computer, smile never leaving her face.

“So that’s Nadine and Remiel Sinclaire?” Nadine nodded, “room 202 on floor 22, here’s your keycard ladies. The elevators are just down that way, Richard will take your bags for you if you’d like?” The woman spoke efficiently, motioning her hand behind them at the strawberry blonde man walking up to them.

“Oh yeah! Thank you! That would be lovely!” Remiel thanked him, handing over their orange suitcase. Nadine thanked him while handing over their purple one.


“If you also don’t want to go to your rooms right away we have a café right there and here’s a small pamphlet with all the restaurants on their respective floors, I highly recommend the café for their breakfast menu.” The woman handed Remiel a paper pamphlet.

“Thank you!” Nadine thanked her as they both began walking across the ground floor to the café.

“I need coffee.” Nadine said, running their hands down their face. Remiel nodded.

“I want a hot chocolate. I crave it.” Remiel said in a hushed tone, making Nadine laugh and shake their head. As they walked into the café Nadine snatched the pamphlet and opened it as they walked towards the small counter. They placed their orders as Nadine flipped through the pamphlet. As soon as their orders were placed Nadine beelined for a booth and fell into the cushioned seat, Remiel followed after them on the opposite side. They both sighed in relief and Nadine leaned back in the seat while Remiel let their face fall flat on the table.


“I’m so tired.” Nadine groaned.

“I just wanna die.” Remiel groaned back. Both giggling at each other as they sat up properly. Remiel snatched the pamphlet back and started flipping through it.

“Nadine they have a spa. We’re going to the spa.” Remiel stated, no room for question in their words. Nadine grinned and glanced around the café.

“Okey dokey boss.” Nadine said, eyes trained on the small tv hung on the wall. Their brows furrowed a bit as they tried to read the writing on the bottom of the screen. Due to the lack of sleep and lack of full interest however they were unable to make out the words and turned back to Remiel.

“They have a jacuzzi, man I’m just gonna fall asleep in there. Think they’ll mind?” Remiel asked with a mischievous grin.

“We’re paying customers they don’t get to mind.” Nadine replied with a grin of their own, they didn’t mean it in a rude way, of course, they were just joking. Both of them had marshmallow spines and would not do anything to annoy the workers of the hotel. Remiel laughed and leant over the table to shove Nadine lightly.


“Here you go ladies.” The server smiled politely, placing their drinks down in front of them. They both thanked him and grabbed their respective drinks hastily. Nadine brought their coffee to their lips but was quick to pull it away.

“Ow, hot! Hot!” Nadine whined, Remiel laughed as Nadine waved their hand in front of their tongue.

“God damn you animal.” Remiel snorted, cupping their hot chocolate and sipping on it.

“Leave me alone.” Nadine pouted, sipping their coffee more carefully.

“Okay so after our small hibernation where do you want to go first?” Nadine asked, putting their coffee down.

“We can check out some Broadway shows?” Remiel suggested thoughtfully. Nadine grinned immediately, bouncing in their seat.

“Oh heck yeah, oh, what show would we see first? Wicked? Hamilton?” Nadine began listing off musicals at the top of their head, excitement rolling off them in waves.

“How about wicked? Since we haven’t actually seen it before.” Remiel hummed. Nadine nodded in agreement.


“Yeah sounds good-“ Nadine said, sentence being cut off by the sound of a scream. Everyone in the café seemed to jump as a man slammed into the glass of the café window. One woman fell out her seat with a shriek and Nadine spun in their seat, standing slightly.

“BREAKING NEWS; COUNTS OF VIOLENT OUTBURSTS HAVE BEEN RECORDED ACROSS ALL STATES. IT IS ADVISED THAT EVERYONE STAY INDOORS AND AVOID MAKING CONTACT WITH THESE INDIVIDUALS AT ALL COSTS.” The news reporter on the tv suddenly was clearer than any other sound in the café. The man slamming against the glass began to make cracks and people began rushing away from the window, Nadine quickly got out of the booth and grabbed Remiel’s jacket, pulling them out of their chair.

“I don’t know what’s going on but we’re leaving.” Nadine muttered to Remiel, pulling their sibling towards the café door.

“Yeah getting out of dodge seems about the right thing to do.” Remiel agreed, nodding as they kept their eyes trained on the window.


As Nadine opened up the door the glass shattered, Remiel jumped back and Nadine fully pulled them out of the café. Security officers raced past them as they both rushed towards the elevators, other people in the hotel staring at the café in confusion. Screams could be heard as well as the security officers shouting as Nadine slammed the button on the elevator.

“What the hell.” Nadine muttered, peaking around the corner in attempts to see the commotion. Remiel grabbed the back of Nadine’s jacket and tugged them closer to the opening elevator. They both huddle into the elevator and Nadine presses their floor number frantically. Remiel pressed themselves into the wall as the doors closed, taking in shallow and panicked breaths.


“Hey it’s okay.” Nadine pulled Remiel into a comforting hug, keeping them both close to the wall. Nadine rubbed their back comfortingly and tried to make sense of what had just happened.

“Okay we need a plan, get to the room, barricade the door. We’ve got food and water in there it should last us a day or two-“ Remiel began to ramble, eyes wide with panic.

“Hey crazy cakes, no. Stop it. Look, the security dudes are gonna take care of that guy and we’re gonna be fine. Okay?” Nadine held Remiel’s shoulders and shook them gently.

“Okay, yeah. Sorry, it’s the lack of sleep. I’m probably just on edge.” Remiel replied, nodding and taking deep breaths.

“Yeah no duh. We’ll be okay, I’m sure they’ll like, send people up to tell us everything is chill in a hot minute okay, we’ll be good.” Nadine said reassuringly, taking in a deep breath themself.


The doors opened and Nadine took Remiel’s hand. They both walked down the hall at a fast pace and Nadine took the keycard out of their pocket.

“What room was it again?” Nadine asked, glancing at the door numbers.

“202.” Remiel replied, stopping in front of a door and pointing at it. Nadine noted their shaky hands and quickly swiped the keycard. They let Remiel go in first and closed the door after themself. Nadine followed Remiel in and sat down on their bed, Remiel sat on their own bed and stared at their lap.

“Get some rest, I’ll stay awake and wake you up if anything happens.” Nadine said, nudging Remiel’s leg with their foot.

“You sure? I could stay up if you need me too.” Remiel replied. Nadine shook their head and pulled their suitcase onto their bed.

“If you stay up you’ll just keep panicking and make me panicked so get some rest dude.” Nadine instructed more firmly. Remiel sighed and kicked off their shoes, burrowing themself under the covers.

“Okay.” Remiel mumbled, closing their eyes and listening to Nadine shuffle around in their suitcase. They pulled the covers closer to their face and tried to reassure themself that everything would be okay like Nadine said.


When Remiel woke up and tunneled out of their blanket cocoon the room was dark, they glanced at the glass window and saw the sky was dark. They sat up and looked over to Nadine to see them passed out on their own bed with their laptop open beside them. Remiel climbed out of bed, stretching before standing up. They stumbled towards the mini fridge and grabbed a water, they unscrewed the cap as they walked towards the window. They pause as they look down at the sight before them.

“What the fuck..?” Remiel breathed, the grogginess of sleep disappearing as they saw fire and upturned cars. They stepped back, watching as people raced around on the streets.


Panic rose in Remiel’s throat, they stumbled, messily placing the bottle down on the counter before rushing to Nadine’s bed.

“Nadine, Nadine wake up!” Remiel shouted, shaking Nadine roughly. Nadine jolted awake, eyes not fully opening as they sat up.

“What, what? What?” Nadine’s voice was hoarse from sleep, Remiel still shaking their arm lightly.

“I fucking told you, I told you!” Remiel ranted, pulling Nadine out of their bed and towards the window. Nadine blinked rapidly, attempting to wake up fully. They stared out the window trying to focus as Remiel ran their hands through their hair.

“What the fuck?” Nadine mutters, eyes focusing and zoning in on the fires and people running.

“Wait, what?” Nadine turned to look at Remiel.


“I told you!” Remiel exclaimed, “what are we gonna do?” Remiel asked shakily. Nadine shook their head, fumbling before reaching for the tv remote. They turned the tv on and they both were met with an emergency broadcast, telling everyone to evacuate.

“Oh shit…” Nadine muttered.

“Okay, okay. We should grab our shit and get out of this hotel.” Remy says, rushing to their suitcase and grabbing clothes out of it. Nadine nodded foggily, rushing to their own suitcase and pulling their backpack on top of the bed. They followed Remiel and shoved clothes into their backpack, they also shoved their laptop in it as well. Remiel went to the minifridge and grabbed some water bottles, quickly going back to the bed and shoving them in their backpack.


“Where do we go when we get out, I don’t think walking around in whatever that is down there is a good idea.” Nadine says, zipping their backpack shut. Remiel sat on their bed and shakily grabbed their phone.

“I don’t know.” Remiel replied shakily, they opened their browser and began shakily typing. Nadine walked over to them and sat beside them, watching as they went to different news sites.

“I can’t find anything online about what’s happening, damn it.” Remiel cursed, closing their phone.

“Okay it’s fine, we’re fine. Look let’s just get outside and figure out what to do then.” Nadine pet Remiel’s shoulder comfortingly before standing. Remiel nodded and zipped up their bag, standing and following Nadine to the door.


Nadine takes out their own phone, dialing 911 and putting the phone to their ear as they open the door.

“Who are you calling?” Remiel asks.

“The police? I don’t know?” Nadine replied, peaking out into the hallway and stepping out slowly.

“Come on.” Nadine muttered, walking down the hall slowly with Remiel close behind. Nadine cursed as a monotone beeping met their ears. They shoved their phone back into their pocket and sighed.


“We need to find the stairs, I’ve heard too many horror stories about elevators in these situations.” Remiel grumbles. Nadine snorts and shakes their head before nodding.

“I don’t know what ‘this situation’ falls under but yeah I agree.” Nadine replies.

“Mad cow disease for humans? Man I don’t know!” Remiel shouts, frustrated. Nadine pushes a door open and smiles seeing the stair well.

“Whatever you say, let’s go.” Nadine ushers Remiel into the stair well and the door shuts behind them with a loud click.


When they reach the ground level Nadine is the first to walk out the door, holding an arm out to tell Remiel to stay behind them. They both could hear screams of people and Nadine could already spot people running on the street. The air was tense as Nadine lead them the opposite direction down the small alleyway.

“We should find a car or something yeah?” Nadine asked in a hushed tone.

“Okay yeah, I can hotwire a car. Uh, we should go to a shopping center and get supplies? Weapons, foods.” Remiel began listing off things they should get, not paying attention to where they were stepping and nearly tripping over some trash.

“Hey be careful, Jesus Christ.” Nadine caught them and pulled them forward.

“You sound like a lunatic, why would we need weapons?” Nadine asks bewildered.


“It’s obvious something’s going down and I want to be prepared for whatever the hell this is. Call me crazy but I, am going to survive this and by proxy you are too.” Remiel huffed, Nadine glancing at her with furrowed brows.

“You know what, sure, if you wanna bear grills this then sure.” Nadine shrugged. They slowed at a corner and leaned around it. Remiel let out a shriek as Nadine flew back, a man running out from behind the corner covered in blood and making a sound that was a mix of a scream and a groan. Nadine pushed Remiel back roughly, jumping back themself as they stared wide eyed at the man. His eyes were glazed over and the veins visible through his skin now dark.

“What the fuck.” Nadine muttered in shock. The man gargled and stumbled forward, blood spewing from his mouth.

“Ugh, fucking nasty!” Nadine exclaimed, head turning left and right in search of something to use as protection. They picked up the lid of a metal trashcan and held it up, Remiel gripping the back of their shirt.


“Back up dude, I don’t want to have to bludgeon you with a trashcan lid, that’d be so pathetic ya know?” Nadine said frantically, laughing nervously.

“I don’t think he’s listening Nadine! I don’t think he can even hear you!” Remiel said, tugging on the fabric of Nadine’s shirt. Nadine was about to reply when the man raced forward, with a frightened yell Nadine swung the trash can lid and hit the man across the face, sending him flying into the wall of the alley way.

“Fuck!” Nadine shouted. The man groaned once more and staggered back up.

“That’s a- That’s a fucking-“ Remiel stuttered out.

“Don’t fucking say it!” Nadine shouted back, swinging the trash can lid again and landing another blow to the mans head. This time Nadine continued to ram the trash can lid into his head until blood splattered across the walls, their arms and face.


Nadine panted and stood back, staring down at the mans bloody head with shock and disbelief on their face. They were close to dropping the lid when he let out another deep groan and began getting up again, clawing at Nadine’s leg.

“Awe man come on.” Nadine whined, tears brimming in their eyes as they raised the lid again before bringing it down against his temple. The man went limp and Nadine staggered back with a shaky breath.

“Zombie.” Remiel whimpered, grabbing Nadine’s shoulder.

“I told you not to, fucking say it!” Nadine exclaimed, voice strained as they tried to keep themselves from crying. Remiel nodded hastily, swallowing the lump in their throat as they then noticed all the blood covering Nadine.

“I’m- Oh my- I’m gonna be sick.” Remiel groaned, turning away and throwing up into an open trash can. Tears streamed down their face as they emptied their stomach.


Nadine grimaced, tears streaming down their own face as they felt the bile rise in their own throat. They raced to another trashcan and heaved into it.

“Oh god, oh fuck!” Nadine cried, leaning heavily against the trashcan before noticing the blood on their arms. They let out a strangled noise and tried to rub the blood off their arms frantically.

“Remy, oh shit, what the fuck?!” Nadine sobbed. Remiel wiped their mouth and stumbled towards Nadine, shrugging their bag off their shoulder and taking out a water bottle and shirt.

“Come here, come here.” Remiel choked, grabbing Nadine’s arms and pouring some water over them. Remiel took the shirt and began wiping their arms.

“What the fuck just happened?” Nadine breathed, attempting to calm themself down.

“I don’t know, I don’t particularly want to know. All I know is this, we get a car, go to a shopping mall. Get some food, blankets and weapons. They’ve got to have a store with weapons somewhere, it’s America.” Remiel said, wiping the blood off Nadine’s face before shoving the water bottle back into their bag.


They stared at the bloodied shirt and toss it onto the man’s caved in face. Nadine sighs and picks the trash can lid up again.

“We should probably take this.” They mutter, cringing at it.

“Just in case,” Remiel agrees, “let’s go get us a car.”


“Okay I think this is enough food. We have blankets, water, food, medicine, those weird survival pamphlets you found. Where next?” Nadine said, shoving some more cans of soup into the trolley they had packed full. Remiel walked ahead of Nadine through the aisle nodding as they spoke.

“I saw a hunting store or something. They should have some weapons and other things we might need.” Remiel said, leading Nadine out of the store they were currently in and through the deserted shopping mall. They walked into one of the many stores, guns, tents and camping equipment lined the walls and shelves. Remiel makes a beeline for a compound bow they spot on the wall, taking it down and weighing it in their hands.

“This’ll work.” Remiel hums. Nadine nods, walking towards a glass case, two hatchets calling out to them. Turning they grab a frying pan and break the glass. After throwing the frying pan into the trolley they grab the hatchets and hold them up.

“I’m taking these.” Nadine grinned.

“Fair enough. I found these behind the counter,” Remiel said whilst holding up a leather straps that had multiple little daggers and one large one. Nadine nodded, raising their eyebrows.

“Neat.” They both nod at each other. Nadine grabs a belt that was beside the hatchets, hooking it around their waist and attaching the hatchets too them while Remiel strapped the leather straps to their legs.


“Grab that stove, we’ll need it.” Remiel points to the gas stove, Nadine rushing over to it and picking it up.

“Where’s the gas for it though?” Nadine asked, dropping it gently into the trolley.

“In the back? I’ll go check.” Remiel says, walking towards the back door and opening it slowly.

“Be careful.” Nadine advised, grabbing a box with a picture of a tent on it and putting it on the bottom part of the trolley. As they did so they heard the sound of glass breaking. Nadine froze and glanced back at the back door where Remiel disappeared before lowering themself to the ground and shuffling to the front of the store. Peering around the corner they spotted a man with a gun walking around, heading to the food store they had just been in.


Nadine gulped and turned back around, moving to the back of the store and going to open the door when it is pushed open.

“I found my arrows!” Remiel grinned, holding up a box of arrows. Nadine quickly grabbed their shirt and pulled Remiel down.

“Dude shut up!” Nadine snapped, grabbing the gas from their other hand and scrambling to the trolley.

“What the fuck is it?” Remiel snapped back, following Nadine’s lead and putting their arrows in the trolley.

“I just saw a dude with a gun and now he probably knows we’re here, thanks man.” Nadine huffs, trying to get a clear view of outside the store.

“I’m not that fucking loud.” Remiel pouts.

“Shut up okay, we gotta go.” Nadine hurriedly starts pushing the trolley out of the store. Remiel nods and follows after, keeping an eye on their back as they hurried to the back exit where they came in.


Remiel ran towards the hummer they had ‘borrowed’, opening the boot and helping Nadine unload everything into it. After they got everything in the boot they shut it and Nadine kicked the trolley away. Remiel climbed into the drivers seat and Nadine into the passengers seat.

“Don’t drive into anything okay?” Nadine said, pulling their seatbelt on and buckling in.

“I’ve played Mario kart, we’ll be fine.” Remiel replied, also buckling in. Nadine’s face filled with dread despite having been driven around by Remiel before many times.

“I hate you so much right now.” Nadine laughed, Remiel laughing with them. Remiel started the car and put it in gear. They began to drive, slowly, as to not draw attention. They make it to the main roads and slowly make their way through the chaos.

“Shit.” Nadine muttered, staring out the window at all the corpses on the street.

“Jesus,” Remiel breathes out, “how did it get this bad so fast?” Remiel asks, not expecting an answer. Nadine shakes their head, what was there to say to that.


“We should find a gas station or something, we grabbed those jerry cans we can fill up.” Nadine says shakily. Remiel nods in agreement and speeds up a bit as the road clears a bit. The way out of the city was rough, there were people who screamed and tried to stop them and begging for help but they couldn’t stop. Remiel ran over zombies, avoided cars and corpses and tried not to cry.


Soon enough the city buildings disappeared and they were on a long stretch of road. They were both silent, the shock fully set in and the gravity of the situation hit them hard.

“Where are we gonna go once we got the gas?” Remiel asks, keeping an eye out for any sign of a gas station.

“I don’t know.” Nadine muttered, staring out their window. They sighed and reached out, taking one of Remiel’s hands that were on the steering wheel.

“We’ll figure it out.” Nadine said reassuringly. They stayed silent after, driving for an hour or so before coming across gas station.


Nadine began filling up the tank and jerry cans while Remiel went inside the gas station, they leant against the hummer and stared out at the sunrise on the horizon. Remiel came back with full plastic bags and two large slushies.

“Wanna have the last slushy you’ll probably ever have?” Remiel smiled, pulling Nadine from their thoughts, they chuckled tiredly and pushed themself off of the car.

“Sure, why not.” They smiled, taking the sugary drink and playing with the straw.

“Here’s to surviving the zombie apocalypse.” Remiel hummed, lifting the slushy before popping the straw in their mouth. Nadine nodded, staring down at their own drink.

“Here’s to surviving the zombie apocalypse.”