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Embrace The Suck

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“This is all your fault!” You say to your friend.

“My fault?! You’re the one who decided to go down the muddy terrain.” Your friend argues back.

“Well you’re the one who wanted to give it a spin while it’s off limits Tae!” You yell back at your friend as you try to get out of the muddy sinkhole.

Your friend Taehyung suggested to take the Warthog for a spin only he wanted you to drive and you did. And now here you were in the muddy terrain stuck in a sinkhole. But then you noticed exactly who’s warthog this was. “Tae….Who’s vehicle is this?” You asked, freezing.

Taehyung looks at the car and back at you. “I don’t know, it was parked outside of Lieutenant Jin’s building.” He said to you causing you recoil and smack his shoulder as he winces in pain.

“He’s going to kill us! Let’s abandon this and go!” You suggest to him as you got of the vehicle to put your escape plan into action.

You and Taehyung run back to your respective areas. Not only were you muddy and wet, but you also left a trail of your footprints. You needed to shower and clean up your evidence, so hurried getting cleaned up. You even went into the towel room to clean up the floors to hide your muddy trail. And when you were finished, you hurriedly threw the towels in the washroom and laid in bed to fall asleep like nothing happened.


You groaned from your sleep as another whistle went off.


“Rise and Shine cupcakes! Be on the field front and center in fifteen!” Your commanding Officer Namjoon shouted in your room before leaving to wake up everyone else.

You got up from your bed and got dressed as no thought from the previous night was in your head. You hurriedly made your way to the field, but when you got there, you gulped. You made your way to stand at attention like the rest of everyone else. You looked around in search for your friend. He stood at attention a few people down from you, but in his own company. You looked back forward to see two Commanding Officers and the Lieutenant himself standing in the front.

“Atten Hut!” Your Officer shouted.

You stood at attention as well as everyone else. Usually the Commanding Officers and the Lieutenant don’t come out unless something serious happens. And then everything from the previous night flooded in your head.

You were screwed.

You internally prayed to the heavens that they would be on your side this time as your eyes watched Lieutenant Jin’s presence.

“Do you want to know why I have called you all here?” The Lieutenant’s voice rose as he paced back and forth in the front.


“No? Then let me give you a briefing.” He voiced with pure aggravation. “Last night I go outside to find the Warthog missing. I asked Officer Namjoon and Officer Jungkook if they knew anything about it and they said ‘No’.” He began as you started to sweat from the nervousness. But he wasn’t finished. “So when I asked them to ask their Cadets, two certain Cadets from the two companies were missing.”

You swore under your breath as you regretted making eye contact with the Lieutenant himself. But it was too late. He caught you.

“Eyes forward!” Officer Jungkook yelled as your Officer Namjoon and the Lieutenant made their way to you.

By the time they walked up to you, you were staring at Lieutenant Jin’s chest and fought the urge to check on your friend Tae. But you knew better than move while in Attention.

“Where were you last night?” He asked you with your Officer blocking your view of Tae. You swallowed.

“What do you mean?” You dared to ask as you looked straight ahead in attention.

“You know exactly what I mean private.” The lieutenant said to you as if trying to control his anger. Your commanding officer crossed his arms over his chest, eyeing you like prey.

You licked your lips. “I was in my room like everyone else sir.” You say to him but you don’t make eye contact as the sweat on your forehead rolled down your face.

You couldn’t make eye contact with either of them even with your lie. You were worried for the worse and you wanted to see your friend but realized it wasn’t the wisest choice.

“Everyone dismissed.” The lieutenant barked and you sighed with relief until he halted you by the shoulders. “Not so fast, I’m not done with you.” He said to you. You swallowed a lump in your throat.

Three hours was how long it took for you to get his warthog out of the sinkhole. Three long agony hours in the hot sun. It sucked. You stunk and were in need of a shower. If it wasn’t for Tae, you wouldn’t even be doing this. But even after you got his vehicle out, it was far from over.

“I can’t hear you?!” Commanding Officer Namjoon shouted at you as you were doing push ups.

You groaned but complied. “10!” You yell at your officer as you came up for a breath. You did several more until he gave you break.

After a long day you were finally able to get a break from the two. Earlier Lieutenant Jin gave you a mouth full.

“Embrace the Suck Y/N.” Jin teased in his office as you were crouched down in front of him.

“Yes daddy.” You say as you held your mouth open for you take him in entirely. His precum trickled down your throat. He was a stretch but you relaxed your jaw to take him. No one knew of your relationship except your other boyfriend.

Jin and Namjoon competed against one another. They were both two dominant people and sometimes Jin would use his rank against Namjoon.

He came into your mouth but Daddy Jin wasn’t done with you. He bent you over his desk in office. “Why did you steal my ride?” He asked you as he rammed into you.

You moaned at the intrusion. “I-I didn’t steal anything!” You moaned out. “F-Fuck…ngh.” You whined.

Jin smirked as he fucked you from behind. “You didn’t? Then why did I find my vehicle in the field? Better yet the muddy terrain.” He grunted out as he grabbed a fistful of your hair and pulled your head back.

“Ngh!” You screamed. “I-I..” you try to say as you grip the desk.

“You should speak clearly Y/N..” Jin whispered cruelly into your ear which caused you to tighten around him nearing your high. “You won’t come until you come clean.” He said coming undone before you.

You whined. “It was just-” you try to say but your mind was blank. “I mean-” you try to say again but nothing was coming out. “Please.” You begged. You needed to come and you wanted to come.

He shook his head. “No.” He said as he continued to pound behind you. “Say it and you can.”

Friends never bailed on friends. Snitches get stitches. You would never tell on Tae. “I stole it because I wanted to ride in it!” You yelled. “Please let me come! Please!” You begged.

Jin chuckled darkly behind you. “Come.” And you did without being told twice. You were panting heavily and your lower half was twitching. One punishment was down, one more to go.

You faced Jin this morning but after your afternoon punishment, you were faced with your other punishment.

“I swear, I didn’t know it was his car.” You say to your Commanding Officer after you had showered and got cleaned up. Your body was sore and it ached.

Namjoon was listening to you as you muttered out false lies to cover for your friend Tae. He knew the truth even though you were lying through your teeth.

“Please say something.” You plead him and he scoffs at you. “I swear Namjoon…it was just me.”

Namjoon stalks his way to you and you lean back to look at him properly. “I know you were with Taehyung because Officer Jeon was looking for him.” He began to say. “So we figured he would be with you but guess what?” He teased. “You weren’t in your room either.” He pointed out smirking.

You were caught in your lie and you thought you were good. Wrong. You never felt so guilty in your life. You were going to say something but he cut you off.

“So when Officer Jeon and I went looking for you, Lieutenant Jin came to us furious. So put two and two together Y/N.” he stated waiting for you to come clean.

You let out a heavy sigh. “But it’s not like we flipped it over. He can always get another one. He is the Lieutenant you know.” You said sarcastically but he crouched down to your level.

“If I want your opinion, I will ask for it.” He said.

You shut your mouth quick.

“Since Jin did you the hard way, I will let you off easily. But you will keep quiet.” He said as he spread your legs for him after he took your shorts off.

He devoured you like a full course meal. You bit back a moan. “I need you. Please…I need you so bad.” You whine and whimper beneath him and he gets up to fuck you in missionary. Your lecture was far from over.

“You didn’t have to go to Taehyung. But I think you wanted attention.” He grunted out as he fucked you.

You moaned and whimpered his name. “D-Daddy…” you whimpered squeezing him.

He panted in your ear, hissing here and there. “Don’t get ideas from Taehyung. Officer Jeon says he is a hand full. You are already a handful.” He gritted out. “Put the vehicle in the sinkhole again and I swear you won’t come for a month.” He threatened. You were falling apart underneath him. “If you won’t do it again. Come.” He taunted. And you fell apart on his bed.

When you were dismissed to go back to your room, you saw Tae waiting by your door.

“Did you get it?” He asked you smirking at the way you walked.

You smacked his head. “Yeah and it wouldn’t have happened if it weren’t for you.” You whisper yelled at him.

He rubbed the place you hit. “You went with me, you didn’t have to go.” He teased.

You were about to smack him.

“Private Y/N! Private Taehyung!” Officer Jeon shouted down the hall. “In my office immediately.” He said authoritatively.

The both you looked at each other before looking at a stern Officer Jeon down the hallway.

“Yes sir!” The both of you muttered out before making your way to Commanding Officer Jeon Jungkook’s office.