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Prodigy Detective Kim Namjoon can figure out any mystery case that comes his way but can’t for the life of him figure out why his gorgeous neighbor doesn’t want to give him even the time of day the few times when Namjoon has gotten the courage to try to talk to him on their front yards or the convenience store down the street on the weekends.   

On his defense, Serial killer Jeon Jeongguk doesn’t know what to do about his famous detective neighbor trying to ask him out, like: why is life doing this to him? what the fuck? What if he sees a blood spot that Jeongguk has missed (not that he does, he’s very careful), or a severed head on his freezer? Or catches poor Jeonggukkie mid chopping? He isn’t going to prison in this life as long as he can help it.


Their paths do cross, even with Jeongguk trying not to, one freaking Monday morning.


It all starts with forensic pathologist Jeon Jeongguk (27) getting a job offer the week before with the district police department, that he takes it of course, not even thinking once that Kim Namjoon might work in that same precinct, because what are the odds? The place is forty-five minutes away from their neighborhood that Jeongguk doesn’t particularly find inconvenient since it gives him privacy for his personal life – personal activities and the job is perfect to give him inside about what do the police have on him –if they have any for that matter. He hasn’t seen in any newspaper his work been related to one single person.

It follows with recently promoted Chief detective Kim Namjoon (33) double checking that is in fact his neighbor Jeongguk walking inside the police department towards the morgue. He immediately goes to check an update on the staff after too but he’s interrupted by Detective brothers Kim Seokjin (34) and Kim Taehyung (28) who bring something new. Something bothersome if their faces are telling.

“I think it has to do with Jung Hoseok”

Namjoon groans, leaving his computer aside. What a way to start the week, with the smug son of a bitch that keeps outsmarting him.

“I have good news though” Taehyung smiles.

“Really?” Namjoon doesn’t have too much hope right now.

“Yep. You see. I was at this club last night getting close with some guy in a private booth”

“I’m right here, baby brother” Seokjin rolls his eyes at his brother’s antics.

“So we were making out when I start hearing some punks talking in the hallway since our door was slightly ajar and what do I hear”

“What?” Ask both in unison.

“One of them was worried about the boss’s spouse been mad at them for fucking with something of his” Taehyung leans back on his chair, “But what would I care about that? I started to ignore them when one word caught my interest again: J-Hope” he smiles at Namjoon, “So of course I ditched the big dick guy and went after them”

“That was very reckless of you” Seokjin murmurs.

“Anyway, in the parking lot I see several sleek black cars arriving and no other than freaking J-Hope aka Jung Hoseok getting off one with this gorgeous prince-like guy at his hand. The club is apparently his, however not on paper at least.”

“He’s married?” Namjoon tries to think of any fact that could have given that away, any paper trail in the investigation against the gangster.

“And isn’t Seoul small, my dear friends? Because I’m 100% sure that the cute thing treated my wounds last month after the rail in Gangnam. You know, Seoul Hospital. I did some digging and his single name is Park Jimin, pediatric doctor. The most I could find was that he got a restriction order against this guy 7 years ago which it might be a little relevant since the dude has been missing since the same night Jimin made an emergency call to the police because his ex-boyfriend was outside his house. According to the report the police found nothing when went there besides a calm Jimin saying the guy left before they arrived.”

Namjoon stays silent while Seokjin laughs, “You got treated by a pediatric doctor, of course.”


It could be something, Namjoon thinks.

“We have to figure out since when he is with Hoseok.”

“Already on it!” Taehyung says before leaving to his desk.





Doctor Park Jimin (28) is indeed Jung Hoseok’s husband, he is also Jeon Jeongguk’s closest (maybe only) friend. That’s why that same Monday morning by midday Jeongguk calls him freaking out about the fact his detective neighbor is apparently his boss in this new job he got.

“Calm down, Gguk” Jimin sighs pulling his lunch aside, “I know who he is. Hoseok says he’s not as smart as he likes to think and as the people think.”

“He came down to the morgue to check on me!” Jeongguk can’t help but overthink a bit much about the simplest things.

“You’re new there and you’re his neighbor, of course he would.”

“I don’t like it. I might resign. I’ll be jobless Jimin.”

“Your inner you is never jobless with Hoseok, right?”

“…Is that some kind of joke?”

“Anyway Kookie darling, I’m glad you called because Hoseok needs of your services”

“Stop calling me like that when you want me to sly someone”

“It’s your signature”

“It was a mistake from my younger version. I’m better now.” From his first hit, he let his bag of vanilla cookies at the house of his prey. He was sixteen and hungry.

Of course Jimin is familiar with Jeongguk’s secrets, after all they are best friends since diapers and there’s also that little fact about Jeongguk been the one that saved him seven years ago when he only was a cute nineteen years old but with already a list of bodies on his back. Jeongguk helped him in getting rid of his old abusive psychotic ex-boyfriend that horrific night when Jimin thought he was finally going to die at his hands. Those are memories Jimin doesn’t want to remember, only the fact that besides Hoseok, Jeongguk is the other person Jimin will do anything for as well.

“Come to dinner so you two can talk”


“And Gguk…” Jeongguk hums, “Good luck with your new job”

“Yeah, thanks” He needs it.





Criminal Lord Jung Hoseok (34) known to be one of the greatest criminals of modern days and Kim Namjoon’s swore enemy. He is one of those that the police know is guilty but can’t prove a thing against him. Jeongguk certainly does a few favors for him witch include homicide too. Hoseok pays well and helps him if he needs it too. Hoseok appreciates the fact that if it wasn’t for Jeongguk he would have never met Jimin.

“Come in” he calls after hearing the knocks on his office’s door in one of his legal business –no matter what people say, everyone needs a shark loan.

Min Yoongi aka SUGA (29) awesome hacker on Hoseok’s payroll, comes with interesting news.

“Tell me”

“There’s this dude in the police department where Jeongguk is working now that’s investigating Jimin.”

“Is that so?”

“Don’t worry, I’ll handle that.”

“Good” That’s why Hoseok appreciates Yoongi a lot; he knows he can count on him for anything and the little shit loves to be twenty steps ahead of their enemies always.

“There’s another thing too” Hoseok leans forward, elbows bent on the glass desk, “Someone got into Jeongguk’s house security system this morning.” Hoseok frowns, that’s interesting. Yoongi yaws, bringing his tablet up. “I think the person is trying to harass him” Hoseok groans, they are all familiar with that behavior. “I put the system up again but hacked first into the computer of this person, he still thinks the system is down” he reads his notes, “Park Hoobeon, ironically works in the company that installed Jeongguk’s security system” Yoongi frowns, “I told that brat I should have been the one to do it for him. Anyway, this Hoobeon guy is a pervert, has lots of porn and dubious material in his computer. I could link some to rape and missing cases from the police, he’s not as good as he thinks he is. The police are just dumb, that’s why he hasn’t gotten caught yet.”

The police tend to catch them after the deed is done or not catching then at all. Hoseok sighs, “So he’s a rapist?”

“Yes. And he thinks Jeongguk is going to be his next victim.”

Hoseok breaks out into laugh, “Poor stupid has another thing coming. Let Gguk know either way.”

“Already did”

“Anything else?”

“Kim Namjoon”         

Hoseok groans again, rolling his eyes leaning back on his chair. “What about the nerd?”

“I hack on his personal computer from time to time and I think he might be interested in Jeongguk.”

Hoseok raises a brow, “I have heard that from Jimin too”

“You could turn this in your favor?”

“…I could” Kookie would freak out, though.





Jeongguk gets an alert of someone trying to break into his house after three in the afternoon, he knows the person got chased by the alarms and he was already contacted by the company and the police –the officer came to the morgue. It’s all good for him but it will not be for this Park Hoobeon. Yoongi already let him know the guy tried to hack again, Jeongguk could deal with this fellow tonight after the dinner at Hoseok’s but Yoongi says the guy is targeting someone else too and has let Jeongguk for later.

He’ll see.

His shift ends at 6pm and he is ready to go after five burned botched bodies from a hideous traffic accident and a family murder-suicide. He didn’t think he would have this much on his first day.

When he’s ready to leave he bumps on his way out against no other than Kim Namjoon, obviously the bane of his existence.

“Oh, hey! Leaving already?”

Jeongguk takes a deep breath, “Yes. Contrary of what anyone would think after so many corpses I’m super hungry so…”

“You could come with us, Seokjin and Tae” Namjoon looks nervous, “We’re going to this nice barbeque place not too far”

Will he ever give up? Jeongguk wonders, “My friend Jimin already invited me to dinner at his house. Don’t really have much time.” He could totally eat with them and later at Hoseok’s but…

“Oh” Namjoon’s face literally falls, his eyes downcast and Jeongguk feels…something

“Eh, what about tomorrow?” Namjoon looks up, “Invite me lunch? I didn’t have it today, just a sandwich and it was bad” the fuck is he doing?

Namjoon literally shines. Jeongguk cringes internally. What the fuck? What the fuck?


“Yeah, see you then” he waves and leaves the detective behind.

Namjoon watches him until he’s out of sight. This is finally his chance, just when he was about to give up.





“I did two stupid things” Jeongguk says over his salad, “I gave up dinner at a barbeque place to come eat vegetarian here. Do you know how much a love meat?” the most he had was chicken with his pasta, and although all delicious, he still misses the taste.

“Considering the amount of burned meat you had today, one would think this is a nice thing“ Yoongi states.

Jimin chuckles, “You sent us pictures during the whole day that I do not want to recall right now”

Hoseok takes a sip of his wine. “What’s the other?”

Jeongguk hesitates, “I…. I think I might have a lunch date with Kim Namjoon tomorrow?”

Jimin chokes on his lettuce, Yoongi burst into laugh and Hoseok is quite…fascinated with the change of events. “Is that so?”

“I’m not proud, ok? He just– he just looked like I killed his puppy or something and it was totally out of pity.”

“Tell yourself that if it makes you sleep well” Yoongi comments, knowing the amount of time Jeongguk has went through news online starring the prodigy detective.

Hoseok tells him later about the job he has for him and hazily encourages his interaction with Namjoon since it could benefit both.  Jeongguk agrees, he might unconsciously already give Namjoon the benefit of doubt – he is curious of where that could go. Not a bad place, he hopes.





Namjoon is trilled the next day, checking the clock every five minutes. He didn’t saw Jeongguk’s car that morning through the gate’s bars in his house but he knows the brunet is already down at the morgue. Their schedules differ a little. 

At noon, to Namjoon’s utter surprise is Jeongguk the one that comes to him saying how hungry he is and to please hurry. They go to the barbeque place at Jeongguk’s request. Who is Namjoon to deny his beautiful over a year crush?

At the restaurant Namjoon can’t help noticing a guy that’s alone at a table in the back and is not so subtly watching Jeongguk. Namjoon doesn’t give it much thought until they are both back at the station at front talking and laughing because Kim Namjoon hasn’t lost his touch and Jeongguk seems to like him in some degree and that same guy is observing them from his car parked a block away until he notices Namjoon and quickly leaves.

Namjoon will see into that later, right now Jeongguk seems shy and is asking him about his car. “My car?”

“Yes. You work with me and you live across the street and mine is broken, had to uber here this morning. It was expensive.” Jeongguk is going to take all the advantage he can out of this thing between them he is not sure yet. For now he needs transportation while he sends his car to repair.

He also needs to call Yoongi because Park Hoobeon is fucking following him and he is almost sure Namjoon noticed.

“I can drive you. No problem.”

“Thank you. I hope I’m not troubling you in any way.”

“At all.” And no matter how much Namjoon wants to spend time with Jeongguk to get to know him better, they should get back inside soon. He says as much.



Yoongi agrees to pick him up later and take him to where this Hoobeon lives and deal with it already and for good which apparently is not only in Jeongguk’s favor since the guy is a predator. Jeongguk is far from a hero going around killing bad guys; it just happens that sometimes the bad guys cross his way and rubs him wrong somehow. He’ll never murder a kind person or little kids but he will kill to satisfy himself.


Namjoon waits for him next to his car going through some mails on his phone, “Hey!” Jeongguk waves coming next to him.

The detective pockets his phone, “You know my mother brought me some really good kimchi, I was thinking of making something for dinner. You wanna join?”

Jeongguk hesitates for about three seconds, “Sure” Does Namjoon know his weakness is food?

It’s a forty-five minutes’ drive, Jeongguk figures out they should probably talk to not make it awkward.

And Namjoon is a talker once you give him the chance, he apologizes for it several times and Jeongguk thinks is kinda cute.

The drive is not awkward, Namjoon asks as much as he thinks he is allowed at this point and Jeongguk doesn’t seem bothered thought he’s a little vague with some aspects of his personal life, he does mention a few friends, his parents and brother out of the country, some things he likes besides food and sectioning dead bodies.


If Namjoon only knew that when Jeongguk said his best friends are Jimin, Yoongi and Hobi he was referring to Park Jimin, new person of interest in connection to a criminal lord, Min Yoongi aka SUGA a world class and must wanted hacker and Jung damned Hoseok aka Namjoon’s nightmare, he would probably have never reveled so much of himself and invited him inside his home. He would have never probably….but the police are puzzled by those three subjects that they know nothing about still, just a doctor with a common name, one of the best hackers only know by SUGA and a Criminal Lord with no background that can’t be charge of anything.


Jeongguk showers, relaxes for a bit on his comfy couch and around nine goes to Namjoon’s.

Namjoon isn’t the best when it comes to cooking skills but he presents decent plates that Jeongguk is happy to eat. He also subtly offers a couple glasses of wine and is happy to accompany a slightly tipsy Jeongguk back to his house later because he is a gentleman and Jeongguk in his mind already deserves the best.

After midnight Jeongguk is roughly woken up by Yoongi, who after watching his condition tells him they better leave it for another night. Jeongguk refuses but ends up complying because he doesn’t want to make any mistakes. Yoongi stays the night curled up with him on the big bed and leaves at morning before Namjoon comes to pick him up after breakfast.





Jeongguk is always careful with what he does, except for eating; he eats as much as he can and compensates with gym every weekend. He is always careful because he is used to plan first to avoid been caught like an idiot, he is not an idiot. There are only two times he hasn’t had the time to plan ahead: the night Jimin was panicking afraid for his life and this particularly Thursday afternoon one week after the hangouts at Namjoon’s started. He has left work for home early due stomach ache for having eating too many candies the night before watching a movie with the detective.

Park fucking Hoobeon was waiting for him inside his front yard, Yoongi has texted him the guy tried to hack his security system again and was probably planning something else but Jeongguk hasn’t checked on his messages due his sick body.

That’s why he know has a bloody carpet in his living room with Hoobeon’s body lying and still bleeding out from the cut in his neck Jeongguk did with one of the hunting knives he keeps under the coffee table.

Jeongguk looks down at his work. He almost beheaded the bastard. The neck partially cut from left to right. He chuckles; the dumb thing thought he could have a chance against Jeongguk only because he let him drag him inside with his gun pointed at his back. Of course Jeongguk wouldn’t like for any of his neighbors passing by to see what was going on. Things escalated when the guy asked him to undress and suck him off and Jeongguk couldn’t help but to break into hysterical laugh before subdued him and going for the kill.

Jeongguk could totally get this sorted out, he just needed to wrap the body and put it away while cleaning methodically and–


The doorbell rings.


Normally Jeongguk wouldn’t freak out for it, but as soon as he sees on the small screen next to the door who is… He certainly freaks the fuck out.

Namjoon waits with what looks like takeout and medicine outside.

Jeongguk panics for the very first time because at least the first time he did it without planning he had Jimin by his side to help him, right now he is alone and he probably has blood all over that he hasn’t notice yet.


Namjoon rings the doorbell again.