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Mommy Dearest

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“That’s the funny thing about birthdays, they’re kind of an annual thing.”



Maleficent crept into the nursery. She smiled over at Diablo, who was perched on her left shoulder. 


“Not a sound,” the Dark Fairy told her servant. “The baby is sleeping.”


“Yes, Your Majesty,” Diablo said. 


Approaching the bassinet, Maleficent’s heart melted at the sight of the sleeping princess. Wearing nothing but an extremely soaked diaper and a nightgown of pink satin, the maiden’s cuteness bewitched both the Dark Queen of Fairies and her raven. 


"Honey, is your nappy wet?" Maleficent whispered.


The princess nodded. Rubbing her eyes, Rapunzel yawned and stretched her legs. She smiled at the Dark Queen of Fairies.


“Good morning, Auntie Maleficent,” Rapunzel said. 


Maleficent reached over and patted the princess on the head. Rapunzel giggled, sucking on her thumb. 


“Looks like my baby girl had a restful sleep,” Maleficent said. 


The Dark Fairy picked up Rapunzel and held her gently, smiling as the princess hugged her. Maleficent patted the maiden’s butt. Rapunzel’s diaper was warm and squishy. 


“Does the little princess want a clean nappy?” Maleficent asked.


“Not yet. I need to do my special dance first,” Rapunzel said. 


“Alright, dearie.”


Maleficent placed Rapunzel down on the floor. The princess began to wiggle her pelvis back and forth, making her saggy diaper wobble between her legs. 


“Such a strange beastie,” the Dark Fairy said to her raven. “Beautiful and sweet, but strange.”


“And adorable,” Diablo said. 


Ever since Maleficent had been hired by Queen Arianna to be a secondary caregiver for her daughter, the Dark Queen of Fairies developed a motherly love for the childlike princess with eyes of emerald green and golden hair. Aside from changing her diapers, Maleficent sometimes played with Rapunzel and took her out for walks in the village or the wilderness. 


“You’re such a cutie pie,” Maleficent remarked.


“Thank you,” Rapunzel said.


During the dance, Rapunzel slipped and fell on the floor. She began to cry, as she didn’t get to finish her pampered routine. Maleficent grabbed Rapunzel and placed her on the changing table.


“It’s okay, sweetie,” the Dark Fairy cooed. “Let’s you changed and then you can try again, okay?”


“Okay, Auntie Maleficent.”


Maleficent got to work on changing Rapunzel, but not before giving the maiden’s soggy diaper a loving squeeze with her right hand. Rapunzel kicked and squirmed as she felt the soaked padding against her vagina and butt. 


“Hold still, little one,” Maleficent said. 


“But it’s my birthday today!” Rapunzel giggled.


“Oh, really?” Maleficent replied with faux surprise. 


Rapunzel nodded.


“And Mommy’s hosting the party.”


Once Rapunzel’s diaper had been changed, the Dark Fairy sat down with the princess on the changing table. 


“Is this a Halloween party?” Maleficent asked.


“More like a gala mixed with a sleepover,” Rapunzel replied. 


“Who will be invited?” the Dark Fairy said.


“My fellow princesses, along with members of my extended family,” Rapunzel answered. 


“That sounds like it’s going to be a huge party,” Maleficent said. 


“Just wait until you see the costume I bought yesterday,” Rapunzel said. “It’s a modern twist on a classic character.”


“I can’t wait to see it.”


“Stay here. I’ll be right back,” Rapunzel said to her caregiver. 


The princess grabbed a teddy bear from underneath the changing table and walked into her dressing room. When Rapunzel returned, Maleficent’s jaw dropped at the princess’s outfit. 


“Do you love it?” Rapunzel asked. 


Rapunzel’s costume consisted of a white dress with gigot sleeves and a blue gingham pinafore. Fake blood was splattered across the front of the pinafore. She carried a carving knife in her right hand. 


“It’s adorable! You look perfect,” Maleficent said. 


“Thanks! I’m supposed to be a killer Goldilocks,” Rapunzel blushed. “My girlfriend’s going as Red Riding Hood.”


“That sounds cute. I hope you two have fun at the party,” Maleficent said.  


“Thank you,” Rapunzel replied.


“You’re welcome, baby girl,” Maleficent said. 


Rapunzel raised her arms up. Maleficent picked the little princess up again and tickled her underneath the chin. 


“Just remember that I’ll always be watching over you and Cinderella,” the Dark Fairy said to her surrogate niece. 


“Like a guardian angel,” Rapunzel commented. 


“Precisely,” Maleficent said.


The princess took the Dark Fairy’s hand and walked along the corridor. As they walked, Rapunzel decided to inform Maleficent about her fascination with the dark side of childhood lore. 


“Did you know that in one version of my story, my love interest is a handsome prince? He gets kicked out of the tower by my abuser and lands into a patch of briars where his eyes were gouged out,” Rapunzel said.


“How quaint,” Maleficent remarked. 


“And adults say that fairy tales are just for kids,” Rapunzel scoffed.


“The Brothers Grimm truly lived up to their surname,” Maleficent said. 


One of the Queen’s servants approached Rapunzel.


“Princess Rapunzel, you mother seeks to…” the maid began, looking up at Maleficent. 


“What?” Rapunzel asked. 


The maid trembled as Maleficent smirked at her.


“Go on, you miserable peasant,” Maleficent said to the maid. “Finish your sentence.”


“Speak with you…About your party…”


Maleficent laughed as the maid ran away, chuckling when she screamed like a chicken. 


“Sometimes it’s better to be feared than loved,” the Dark Fairy said to the princess. 


“But how will you be able to make friends?” Rapunzel asked. 


“I can be naughty and nice,” Maleficent replied. “It just depends on my mood.”


Rapunzel giggled and hugged Maleficent. 


“Now let’s go to the lobby,” the princess said.


Upon entering the main lobby, the two women were left speechless by the scenery that awaited them. The entire area was transformed into an enchanted Bavarian forest. 


“Isn’t this amazing?” Rapunzel asked Maleficent.


“Indeed,” Maleficent said. 


Flowering vines wrapped around the marble pillars, adding an extra sense of magic to the scenery of the area. 


“Hello, my dear Goldilocks.”


Rapunzel turned around and saw her mother. The Queen was seated on her heart-shaped throne, dressed as Mother Goose and cradling Pascal in her arms.


“I need to ask you about the guest lists,” Queen Arianna said.


“Is something wrong?” Rapunzel asked.


The Queen handed Pascal and the list to her daughter.


“Well, I wanted to make sure that everything’s just right. I hope the list isn’t too long or too short,” Queen Arianna said. 


Rapunzel examined the list. Written on the paper were the names of her friends, mostly from the forests in Corona and the Tri-Kingdom Area. 


“It’s okay, but I was hoping that Tiana would show up,” the princess said. "Also, Ariel's missing from the list."


“I’m sorry, honey, but she can’t,” Queen Arianna said. “Tiana’s busy fighting off an infestation of undead poultry in Kentucky. As for Ariel, she's helping clean garbage from her kingdom's ocean with help from her sisters.”


“Well, you know how my friends are! They can be super busy from time to time,” Rapunzel said. 


Maleficent grabbed the list from Rapunzel and checked to see if her name was underlined. The Dark Fairy’s name was second on the list, right underneath the princess that she cursed seventy-four years ago. 


“I hope Aurora doesn’t hate you anymore,” Rapunzel said.


“She doesn’t,” Maleficent said. “It’s her wife who hates me.”


“Snow White holding a grudge against the Mistress of Evil? I did not see that coming,” Queen Arianna remarked.


“Besides, people who aren’t on my list will be banned from my party and not be allowed to enter the castle,” Rapunzel said. 


“Except for our closest friends,” the Queen interjected.


“However, there shall be one rule that guests who attend my Halloween party must be aware of,” Rapunzel announced. “No one under eighteen will be allowed inside my nursery.” 


“Makes sense,” Maleficent said. 


“Understandable,” the Queen said. 


Half an hour later, a parade of guests from various kingdoms entered the main lobby. First came the Norwegian group from Arendelle. Led by Queen Elsa, the group consisted of castle guards dressed as steadfast tin soldiers, alongside Kristoff and his band of Sami robbers. The robbers were scantily clothed in black lederhosen and leather vests, with lupine masks covering their faces. 


Maleficent was unsure of Kristoff’s group, but she tried to be nice.


“Good afternoon, Your Majesty,” the Dark Fairy said to the Snow Queen.


“Hello, Maleficent,” Queen Elsa said.


“Look, baby girl,” Queen Ariann whispered to her daughter. “It’s Anna!”


Rapunzel couldn’t contain her excitement when she saw Princess Anna. She jumped up and down, giggling as she waved at her plus-sized girlfriend. Queen Arianna greeted Princess Anna with a warm smile. Carrying a picnic basket and a bloodied hatchet, Elsa’s younger and underrated sibling was dressed as Red Riding Hood. The chubby princess wore a red-and-black dirndl with a red bonnet and black thigh-high boots, wearing a hooded cloak of crimson suede over her outfit. 


“Looks like someone’s not afraid of the Big Bad Werewolf,” Queen Arianna remarked. 


Up next was Snow White and her wife, the beautifully absent-minded Princess Aurora. The two princesses were dressed as peasants, holding hands and admiring each other. Snow White wore a crown of white roses, while Aurora’s crown was of red roses. These two lovebirds were followed by Cinderella, Adira, and Anastasia. 


“Guess who arrived in time for the ball?” Cinderella said to Rapunzel and her mother. 


“You look stunning,” Rapunzel said.


“Absolutely radiant,” Maleficent agreed. 


Cinderella’s smile lit up the room as she twirled around. Her outfit was a Dorothy-inspired gown with silver slippers and an emerald tiara. Adira, on the other hand, was dressed as Mulan. Anastasia was a sultry French maid. 


“Is that all?” Maleficent asked. 


“Not yet,” Rapunzel replied. 


Hansel and Gretel walked in. The two siblings were dressed in traditional Bavarian attire. Gretel was licking a swirly rainbow lollipop. Hansel was busy chowing down on a gingerbread cupcake frosted with strawberry icing and topped with Skittles. 


“I thought they were cannibals?” Rapunzel asked her mother.


“Not always,” Maleficent said. 


“Got any sweets?” Gretel asked.


“Don’t worry,” Queen Arianna said. “The buffet table is located in the courtyard. There’s plenty of food for everyone.”


“Awesome!” Hansel and Gretel cheered as they high-fived each other.


Moana speed-walked into the room, followed by Belle and the Beast. The French couple were dressed as Marie Antoinette and Louis the Sixteenth. 


“Let them eat brains!” the Beast roared.


Once all of the guests were assembled, everybody sat down on the carpeted floor and looked up at Rapunzel’s mother. 


“Are we late?” Belle asked the Queen.


“You’re on time,” Queen Arianna said to her guest.


“That’s good,” the Beast said.


Moana raised her hand.


“Yes, Miss Waialiki?” Rapunzel asked.


“When do we get to eat?” Moana asked.


“Whenever you want to,” Rapunzel answered.


The crowd cheered and followed Rapunzel outside. Entering the courtyard, the party guests and their hosts gasped in amazement. The outdoor gardens were themed to a nymph’s grove, complete with a heart-shaped fountain and statues of half-naked dryads with flowers in their hair.


“This is amazing,” Rapunzel said. 


In front of the heart-shaped fountain was a buffet table loaded with platters of buffalo wings, cheeseburgers, ham and cheese sandwiches, cheeseburgers, lobster salad, and hot dogs. Next to the table was a podium with gold cups and a large container of cranberry wine. 


“I was the one who came up with the idea for your birthday buffet,” Gretel whispered to Rapunzel. “Sorry that the Witch couldn't come to your party.”


“Thank you. I hope that Miss Braeburn’s doing okay,” Rapunzel said.


Gretel kissed Rapunzel’s forehead. Anna knelt down and lifted up her girlfriend’s skirt, squeezing her diaper. 


“Is my baby girl hungry?” Anna asked.


“Not really,” Rapunzel said. 


“Why not?” Anna asked.


“Because full tummies result in full diapers,” Rapunzel whispered to her girlfriend. “I hate being messy and stinky.” 


“Do you just want fluids instead?” Anna asked. 


“Sure,” Rapunzel said. 


Glancing at the buffet, Gretel noticed that a traditional dessert was missing from the celebration.


“Where’s the cake?” Hansel’s sister asked Rapunzel’s mother.


“Rapunzel’s not a fan of cake,” Queen Arianna said.


“Why not?” Gretel asked. 


“Because I hate the texture,” Rapunzel said. “I love cupcakes, though.”


“Okay,” Gretel said with a pout.


Queen Arianna pounded her fist against the table, gaining attention from her subjects. 


“Ladies and gentlemen, I wish to thank all of you for attending my daughter’s birthday party,” the Queen said. “As someone who lost out on having a baby twenty-five years ago, it warms my heart to know that my pampered princess has finally returned to her mother’s arms and regained her stolen childhood.”


“So let’s raise our glasses to the heavens and pay tribute to the sacred child who brings light to the darkness,” Maleficent said.


“Here, here!” the crowd exclaimed. 


Everyone raised their glasses to the heavens and cheered three times. The partygoers then drank to Rapunzel’s health. Rapunzel clapped her hands and giggled. She smiled as Queen Arianna placed a tiara on her daughter’s head.


“Happy birthday, baby girl,” the Queen said. “May you and your loved ones live happily ever after.” 


“Thanks, Mommy!” Rapunzel giggled. 


Wrapping her arms around her daughter, Queen Arianna lifted Rapunzel up to her chest and snuggled with her. Sadly, this happy moment between Rapunzel and her birth mother was shattered by the sound of thunder. Storm clouds killed the sunlight as lightning flashed across the sky. 


“What’s going on?” Aurora asked. 


“It’s a storm,” Maleficent said. “Her storm.”


“Drizella,” Cinderella said. 


Much to everybody’s displeasure, the elder sister of Anatasia appeared behind the buffet table. 


“Such a heartfelt speech from a mother bear to her cub,” Drizella said, slowly clapping as she flashed a demonic grin at Rapunzel. “Bravo, Your Majesty! Bravo!”


Cinderella reached into the pocket of her skirt and pulled out her glass knife. Approaching Drizella, she held her stepsister back with the knife against the woman’s throat. 


“If you’re here to harm our baby girl, then I advise you to fuck off,” Cinderella warned her stepsister.


“Oh, no! The scullery maid is threatening me!” Drizella cried out in mock panic. 


“Maybe you should leave before Cinderella slits your throat,” Anatasia snarled at her older sister. 


“Or maybe I should cut her fucking tits off and shove them up her anus?” Rapunzel suggested. 


Drizella knelt down and smiled at Rapunzel. She pinched the princess’s cheek, smacking her across the face. 


“I thought that babies were supposed to be cute and loving,” Cinderella’s stepsister said to Queen Arianna. “I never expected your daughter to have such a potty mouth.” 


“Leave her alone,” Cinderella said.


Rapunzel gasped as an ebony dagger formed in Drizella’s left hand. The same dagger that Gothel had used to kill her girlfriend when she was still a prisoner of the tower. 


“Don’t you dare hurt her, Drizella!” Gretel screeched. 


“Hurt her? I’m not going to hurt her,” Drizella said. “I’m going to punish her.” 


“You’re disgusting,” Cinderella said.


“Seriously? I’m disgusting?” Drizella laughed. “Is this bitch for real?”


Drizella pointed to Rapunzel. Queen Arianna held onto her daughter, whispering words of comfort to the princess so she wouldn’t get scared. 


“This young lady right here is disgusting! She’s a pedophile with a sexual interest in diapers.”


Rapunzel began to cry as Cinderella’s stepsister approached her. 


“Please don’t let Cinderella’s stepsister hurt me, Mommy,” the princess pleaded.


“As long as I’m here for you, she won’t,” Queen Arianna promised. 


Drizella grabbed her victim’s left shoulder, tearing the screaming princess away from her mother’s arms. 


“Get away from her, you bitch!” Queen Arianna shouted at Drizella. 


The guests let out horrified gasps when Drizella slapped Rapunzel across the face. As Rapunzel cried again, Cinderella’s stepsister faced the audience and pointed to the princess.


“Don’t you idiots realize that diaper fetishism is a gateway to pedophilia? This is a form of degenerate behavior which is an unforgivable sin in the eyes of God.” 


“And this is why I broke up with her,” Gretel whispered to Cinderella.


“This bitch has gone bonkers, hasn’t she?” Rapunzel said.


“I’m afraid so,” Cinderella yawned. 


Thunder boomed as Maleficent raised her staff. The Dark Fairy’s eyes shifted from grey to green as she grimaced at Drizella. Anastasia’s sister screamed, covering her face with her hands to avoid showing how terrified she was of Cinderella’s godmother.


“Silence, you inconsiderate hag!” Maleficent roared. "How dare you attack the princess with your verbal bullets of bigotry. You shame Rapunzel, a disabled woman, for being socially unconventional, and yet you're the one who's doing the most damage to modern society. You speak of social justice, and yet you fuel the oppression of those who are abused by the upper class because you view your privilege as an excuse to be a professional bigot."


“I’m glad you said that,” Drizella retorted. “Because if Rapunzel knew the truth about you, would she still love you?”


“What does she mean, Auntie?” Rapunzel said to the Dark Queen of Fairies.


“She’s talking nonsense,” Maleficent replied. 


“What nonsense? The fact that you disowned your own daughter?” Drizella asked. 


“Daughter?” Rapunzel gasped. 


Maleficent looked at Rapunzel, cracking a smile at the princess. 


“It was for the best,” the Dark Fairy said. “Besides, she was the one who sent Drizella after you.”


“Who was she?” Rapunzel asked. 


“Gothel. Your abuser.”


“How could you?” Rapunzel yelled at her caregiver. “Why the fuck didn’t you stop her? I was stuck in her stupid tower for ten fucking years! Sure, I was pampered and coddled, but that didn’t take away from the fact that I was her perfect slave!” 


Tears began forming in Maleficent’s eyes. 


“I’m sorry, beastie,” the Dark Fairy wept. 


“Sorry for what? Letting Gothel steal my youth and my sleep from me? Because it’s too late for that!”


“I tried to warn Gothel about how her actions have consequences, but she refused to listen,” Maleficent insisted. 


Drizella smirked as she got up from the floor. She walked over to Rapunzel and whispered to her,


“When the clock strikes midnight, your worst nightmares will come out to play. Gothel’s coming to get you, my pretty, and your little friends too!”


Queen Arianna scooped up Rapunzel and held the princess tightly. She glared at Drizella. The stepsister tilted her head back and let out a hyena’s cackle as green smoke enveloped her. 


“Don’t let her get away!” Queen Arianna cried out. 


Anastasia grabbed the glass knife from Cinderella and ran up to her older sister. The smoke died down when Drizella turned around.


“What the fuck?” Drizella said to Anastasia. “Why are you defending that retard? I thought we were sisters?”


“You are no sister of mine,” Anatasia responded. 


Grabbing the woman by the back of her hair, Anatasia plunged the knife into Drizella’s neck and slashed her throat open. Drizella’s body dropped to the floor.


“Is it over?” Rapunzel asked. 


Unexpectedly, Drizella’s corpse unleashed a banshee’s scream before rapidly decaying into a dried, withered husk of a corpse. Rapunzel whimpered and averted her eyes. The Queen stroked her daughter’s hair, smothering her little princess with kisses.


“It’s over, baby girl,” Queen Arianna whispered to Rapunzel. “The bitch is dead.”


Gretel looked down at the remains of her ex-girlfriend. 


“How many disciples does Gothel even have?” Cinderella asked. 


“Since Drizella’s dead, her coven’s down to three,” Gretel said. “When the Nightshade Sisters were first established, Gothel’s coven originally had five members. Then after the Blind Baker disbanded from their sickening religion, they became four.” 


Hearing this, a lantern turned on inside Cinderella’s head. 


“Godmother, I have an idea,” Cinderella said to Maleficent.


“Yes, beastie?” Maleficent asked.


“When evening comes, we should go into the woods and hunt down Gothel’s coven,” Cinderella said. “After Gothel is captured, we can put her on trial and condemn her to death for her crimes.” 


“Sounds good!” Rapunzel exclaimed. 


“But who will be invited for the hunting party?” Queen Arianna asked.


Rapunzel looked around for suitable traveling companions in the audience. 


“I choose Gretel, Anna, and Cinderella,” the princess declared. “Additionally, I'm recruiting Maleficent and Adira on my journey.”


“Good choices, baby girl,” Queen Arianna said.


“Thanks, Mommy.”