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"You need to keep on top of it."

That's what Daigo's mother had told him the day he came to her complaining about a far too localised toothache, the day he hit that anticipated second puberty.

She had looked in his mouth with a sigh at the irritated red gums, thumb rubbing over one of his canines.

"It's normal," she had said at first, "Just take some painkillers, it stops hurting in a few days."

Daigo just pouted as he was sat down and given The Talk.

Not the same Talk as he got when he had a growth spurt and his voice changed and he started growing hair literally everywhere, because his father explained that beauty with all the uncomfortable aura that conversation tends to hold.

No, Yayoi explained calmly what was happening as this was her doing, on the genetic inheritance side of things. Because vampirism had a bad sense of humour by deciding to manifest during what is already the most awkward time in a young person's life.

But yes. 'You need to keep on top of it' was one piece of advice that Daigo always remembered, because he was notoriously bad at doing so.

As a boy, blood came easily. He wouldn't need much until adulthood and his mother had her own supply that he'd drink reheated which he was always told isn't the same.

He didn't have his first live feed until he was in his twenties. Bigger priorities, with the dead dad thing. It was some guy in a Ni-chōme dive bathroom who was too amped up on MDMA to notice Daigo sinking his teeth into his shoulder. Luckily drugs in the bloodstream didn’t have much of an effect.

Regardless, he knew the precautions to take ("Don't go wild, the last thing we need is a body with its throat torn out.") but he still...forgot.

Again, other bigger priorities at the time.

Which led him to now. Thirty-seven and in charge of the Tojo Clan and, much to Yayoi's dismay, very much a bachelor. Relevant only because having a partner was someone you could trust, someone you could feed from without guilt – a justification which never made sense to him, and just brought a whole new, weird light to his parents relationship that he really didn't want to think about. He supposed it was some kind of tradition thing.

He'd never been good at keeping up with that.


Becoming Sixth Chairman didn't really leave Daigo with a lot of free time. Meetings overran, paperwork never seemed to stop filing in, every day there was some new issue he needed to address.

So, he got hungry a lot.

He could make do – shady back alley doctors who didn't question why he exactly needed any blood bags they had going spare, still flinching at the way he snatched them away with a ferocity unexpected from a man of his appearance.

But drinking from the bag like the world's worst new Coolish ice cream flavour whilst sat awkwardly over his bathtub (look, he didn't wanna risk making a mess on his carpet!) wasn't exactly ideal.

Especially when...

"What the fuck do you mean, you can't give me anything?!"

The nurse grimaced, glancing over his shoulder at the doctor just behind him. She raised a brow and folded her arms, shaking her head.

"We're trying to be as legit as we can here," she said plainly, "We don't need your dirty money."

Daigo huffed, stuffing his wallet back into his coat pocket. "Fine. But this is ridiculous, you've been taking it for months already!"

"Cops came through," the nurse said, immediately jerking back as Daigo's eyes flickered to glare at him with narrowed pupils, "There's people who need us, and we can't keep doing this."

"...fine! I'll take my business elsewhere."

Daigo stormed off down the alley, pausing at the entrance to press a hand on his stomach with a defeated groan.

Technically, he was full. He could still eat 'normal' food, and tonight he'd enjoyed a (rather rare) steak. Blood was like...taking iron supplements. Almost literally, actually. His body needed it, because something about an ancient curse and turning into a feral monster without – his mother had explained once in great detail, but he was sixteen and wanted to play video games, so of course he wasn't paying attention.

His life was so dumb.

Daigo stomped quite hard through some puddles as he wandered through Kamurocho, trying to clear his head and figure something out, trying to ignore the fog of primal hunger in his brain.

Bad idea number one – grab a homeless guy. Nobody would notice and nobody would question it. But they already had enough shit going on in their lives without his teeth biting into them.

Bad idea number two – hire a prostitute. They'd probably done weirder, and he would pay them. But the thought made him a little ill. And again, they had enough shit going on without all that.

Bad idea number three...


Daigo jumped, seizing up a little before he whipped around.


Shinada grinned at him dozily, walking over with a little stumble to his step.
"The heck you doing here here dude?" he laughed, slapping him around the back, "If I'd know, I would have invited you out! I was just gonna head back."

Daigo had, almost, forgotten about his friend sleeping on his couch. Shinada liked to visit Tokyo and hang out with him, had been lately with a lot more frequency, which was confusing to him but he appreciated the company. Though tonight he'd gone out drinking with his other friends, which made sense why he was...

Daigo licked his lips, eyes tracing along the curve of his neck.

Shinada was so very drunk. He was also an athletic man, who worked out and ate well, giving him a nice stocky body. The constant noise of Kamurocho silenced in a second as Daigo stared at his throat. He could hear his pulse…

"Yeah, let's share a cab," Daigo mumbled, glancing around quickly. It was risky to do this in the open, but he didn't know how much longer he could last. "Just, uh, I saw something down there. I think we should check it out."

Shinada frowned in the direction he pointed, squinting his eyes into the gloom of the dim alleyway.
"You sure? Can't see anything."

"I don't know, that's why I want to check." Daigo swallowed, looking up at Shinada through heavily lidded eyes and lowering his voice into a soft murmur. "Come on."

Something in Shinada's face snapped at this, cheeks flushing more than they already were from alcohol.

Vampirism had to come with some benefits, and being awfully convincing was one of them. Shinada followed him obediently into the alley, looking around and scoffing.

"What did you see exactly?" he asked, scratching the top of his head, "Looks pretty empty here."
He trailed off and looked over at Daigo, stood stiffly with his fists clenched.
"...Dojima-kun? You okay?"

In one swift movement, Daigo grabbed Shinada by the jacket and shoved him back against the wall, starting to breathe heavier. He could still hear the gentle beat of his pulse.

There wasn't much light back here, just the glow from a distant streetlamp back down the main street and a tiny light nearby that caught the edges of Shinada's features.

His eyes were wide, cheeks flushing more and before Daigo could do anything else, he ducked his head down and kissed him.

It was Daigo's turn to be surprised now. He took a sharp intake through his nose, but immediately found himself relaxing, pushing against Shinada's mouth. For a moment he wasn’t Daigo Dojima, hungry vampire, he was Daigo Dojima, sixteen year old discovering his sexuality and having a big fucking crush on the stocky batter on the baseball team.

The reciprocation seemed to excite Shinada, as he let out a low whine, hands going to Daigo's lower back before slowly stroking up it.

Daigo leaned closer against his body, feeling nothing but warmth and a slight plush give he wanted more of. He found Shinada’s hips and gave a slight squeeze, making his own pleasured sound.

When they finally pulled away, panting for air, Shinada was beaming bright. He squirmed on the spot, biting his bottom lip and letting out a childish giggle.

"Not too forward for you?"

Daigo blinked and managed a small laugh himself, hands resting on Shinada's chest and stroking the shape of his pecs.
"I uh...I had no idea you were..."

"Yeah, I'm...I’m pretty deep in the closet, heh." He flashed a shy smile at this, glancing down. "Been trying to get more confident with it. Accepting myself, y’know."

Daigo gulped. Oh, he couldn't believe he was going to have to do this.

He gently pressed a finger to Shinada's lips, drawing his attention back to face him.

Which is when Daigo's eyes changed to pure black, as he tilted his head slightly and bared his fangs, grown far larger in barely a second.


Shinada didn't have much time to respond beyond that before he glazed over, whilst Daigo made a quiet shushing sound, not breaking his stare. Shinada’s pupils were over-dilated, mouth hung open, but still breathing, slowly like he was asleep.

Hypnotism. Another benefit, he supposed.

"I'm very sorry Tatsuo," Daigo mumbled, gently moving Shinada's head to expose more of his neck, brushing his hair back and planting a small kiss there, "I'm just so fucking hungry."

Daigo checked their space again, ears pricked for any sound, but it was pretty late by now, and there was nothing of interest down this alley.

He pushed up the sleeve of Shinada's jacket more than it already was, moving his fingers along the forearm and giving a small squeeze every time.

Shinada was a little softer here, flesh with a bit more give, and Daigo eventually settled on a part just near the wrist but not too close to the main artery.

The whole throat biting thing was merely myth. Unless you were planning to kill someone, why would you ever try to drink from there? Humans had far better places to choose from that wouldn't immediately damage them beyond repair.

Daigo glanced up at Shinada once more. He was still glazed over, swaying slightly on the spot. This hypnosis didn't last forever, and Daigo wasn't particularly good at it, so he needed to work fast.

He took a deep breath and plunged his top two fangs into Shinada's arm. The other man jolted slightly, lips twitching, but he was too far under the spell to really notice. Merely a reflex response.

Daigo gripped either side of where he'd bitten, teasing more blood from the wound before placing his mouth around it.

He suppressed his tiny moan, lapping up the blood quickly. He couldn't risk taking too much, he couldn't really with the spot he'd chosen, but fuck it was moreish. He hadn't had a live feed in months, and he always forgot how much better it felt.

Some tension he usually carried in his shoulders left him, and he immediately felt more alert and less physically tired. He pulled back to catch his breath for a moment, closing his eyes and smirking. He had really needed this.

He risked biting down again, making the marks wider as more blood spilt out. It dribbled down his chin slightly as he drank, forcing him to cup a hand around save it falling onto his white work shirt.

As he cleaned his palm, he felt Shinada shift slightly at his side, letting out a small groaning sound.


He quickly licked the wound over and over, stopping the bleeding and leaving nothing but an indentation of regular teeth and two vaguely raw looking cuts, a few bruises where he'd gripped a bit too tightly.

Daigo kept licking his lips, trying to hide any of the evidence as he rolled down Shinada's sleeve, and then the other one, just to hide what he had done.

He wiped around his mouth with the back of his hand, noticing only small stains of blood that he promptly licked off. As long as they stayed in this gloomy lighting, any remaining red smears would be unnoticed until he could wash his face properly.

And then Shinada was back, blinking and shaking his head as he readjusted to where he was.

"Wha'...jeez, did I pass out then?"

Oh thank fuck, he came up with his own excuse.

"You did. Don't worry, it wasn't long, and you haven't hurt yourself in any way." Daigo ran his tongue over his teeth – back to normal size, meaning his eyes were normal looking too – so he gave a smirk, poking Shinada in the ribs. "Think you've had one too many tonight, Tatsuo."

"Hey, Akiyama likes doing vodka shots, and he paid for them all," Shinada chuckled weakly, rubbing his head.

He paused, raising his brows before gave a quick kiss to Daigo again, giggling.
"Did you cut your lip? Tasted a little bit of blood."

"A-ah, maybe. Come on, let's get back to mine, it's rather late."


Shinada woke the next morning with his stomach churning and his head throbbing. He groaned loudly, rolling onto his back and pressing down against his forehead.
"Fuck me..."

He shifted back against the couch until he was partially sat up, at which point the whole room spun as his head lolled against the back cushions. Usually pretty normal for a hangover, especially paired with the headache, but there was something a bit more…intense about how that went. It vanished as soon as it had appeared though, so he didn’t think much beyond that.

His stomach churned again, and his eyes widened, slapping a hand over his mouth as he realised. He managed to jump to his feet, rush from the living room into Daigo's bedroom and through into the en-suite bathroom.

Daigo jolted upright as he ran past, immediately awake. "Tatsuo? Are you-"

But Shinada was already on his knees in front of the toilet and vomiting. He let out a distressed whine, gripping his stomach, spitting a few times before puking again.

"Oh dear..."

Daigo, wrapped in his dressing gown, crouched down beside him, rubbing up and down his back.

"I'm gonna kill Akiyama," Shinada groaned, tilting his head to the ceiling, "I'm getting old, I shouldn't be drinking so much...!"

"You could have just not been so greedy."

Daigo gave a wry smile, standing up and getting a glass of water and some painkillers. Shinada held up a hand as he spat one last time into the toilet and got shakily to his feet, accepting the items.

"Thanks...dunno what I'd do without you Dojima-kun."

He paused and scoffed, leaning back to flush the toilet. "Well. Okay. I do. I'd be starving my ass off and working for peanuts, but still."

"Just take it easy, Tatsuo. Have a relaxed day, huh?"

Daigo grimaced at the toilet slightly, grabbing a bottle of bleach to pour down. Shinada glanced over as he did so, eyes tracing the curve of Daigo's backside under his dressing gown, then blushed as moments of the previous night came flooding back.

"Hey uh, Dojima-kun?"


Shinada paused slightly, swilling his mouth out with the water as he thought. He swallowed heavily as Daigo gave him an expectant glance upwards for him to continue.

"Did we uh...did we kiss last night?"

Daigo straightened up in a flash, cheeks going pink.

"...y-yes. We did, Tatsuo."

Shinada nodded, leaning against the sink and staring at his reflection. Immediately his expression changed into a big dopey grin, grinding his toe against the ground.

"C-cool." He bit his bottom lip. "Did it?"

"...I did, yes. A lot." Daigo leaned right next to him, offering a small smile as he nervously crossed his arms. "I have always had a bit of a crush on you."

"I, uh. Same." Shinada looked away quickly, still grinning as he rubbed the back of his head then looked right back. "It's why I keep coming back to Tokyo. Trying to psyche myself up to ask you out."

"Well, my answer is yes whenever you decide to pluck up the courage."

Shinada’s eyes went wide, briefly burying his face in the crook of his elbow as his face grew more and more red. "H-hahhh, o-kay! I'll keep that in mind."

He trailed off, frowning at his forearm as he pulled away. "Huh? The heck did I do last night...?"

Daigo blinked, following his gaze and grimacing briefly.

Shinada's forearm was covered in deep purple-red bruises, small smears of dried blood caking his arm hair. He just shrugged, running water over it and cleaning up.

"Must have really whacked it some place," he said with a laugh, fingers tracing around the two cuts then frowning and laughing again, "Am I crazy or are those teeth marks?"

His own words gave him pause, to the point that Daigo could practically see the gears whirring in his brain. Shinada’s lips curled with a teasing smirk, twirling on his feet to cup Daigo’s chin and purr softly.

"Am I that tasty, Dojima-kun? Had to get a bite of me there and then?"

Daigo didn't respond, instead licked his lips and looked away. Shinada blinked, pulling a face as he pulled his hand away.

"...Dojima-kun? Was that uh, too much too soon or…?"

"Tatsuo, if...if we are going to date...there's something you should know first."