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Wishing a Star

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Pei Wende was away for a mission and Hua Wuxie was alone and was missing for him.
It's incredible how much he loves him and cares about him.
When they first meet it's was like love at first sight.
Even if they have do the courtship (with flowers, food)
They get well enough and they were also a good team for fight.
And he was also one incredible lover.
But he missed him and he was worried about him.
While he was sitting against one tree he saw stars and saw he wanted to make a wish because he have heard some info about the fact that stars can make a wish, he wished that his lover arrives in one piece and alive.

While he was wishing for it, he doesn't have see Pei Wende arrive and he wanted to surprise him.

When Hua Wuxie saw him, he was surprised but crying a little.

"Oh, why are you crying? Because you are happy to see me?"

"Yes I have missed you, and also I was worried about you"

Pei Wende kiss the forehead of Hua Wuxie and tell him "I'm here that all that matters, I'm safe and I'm with you"