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Bookshop Secrets

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Izuku, for the most part, was happy with his day to day life. He owned and managed a book shop that was doing pretty well in downtown. It was late at night about 20 minutes before closing time and there weren’t any customers in the store at the moment, so Izuku was thinking about closing up earlier tonight. The bell on the door made a jingle sound when someone walked in catching his attention. Whoever it was, was bundled up against the cold in a black pea coat, scarf bundled up around his face and a beanie so only some spikes of blonde hair poked out.

Izuku had to bite back the groan that was trying to free itself from his lips. He was so close to closing the shop for the night. His quirkless life had brought him to just being an owner of a bookstore never a hero. If he hadn’t registered as an omega, he may have been able to have a chance. But his father made sure that it was known Izuku was an omega. So all the way around useless and quirkless omegas are people no one really wants or cares about. Alpha always overlooked them, because how is anyone going to get a powerful quirk or good bloodline out of a quirkless anything. It was a reason Izuku thought this was why he was running his bookshop and no alpha was gunning for him despite being a rare omega male.

"Hello! Welcome to the One for All bookshop," Izuku said with a bright smile. 'oh great an alpha.' Izuku thought. He hadn’t meet very many alphas while by himself. "How.... how can I help you," he added staying behind his desk now. Izuku had become curious about the power that was rolling off the alpha, it was coming in waves and sweetened the air. This was a Prime alpha. It made Izuku kind of pale. He wasn't going to back down and submit even if there was this prime alpha in his store.

The alpha reached up and unraveled his scarf so it was only around his neck loose and not uptight around his face. He was model handsome and tall too. Katsuki took in a deep sniff unable to help it, his eyes focusing on the person behind the desk. His scent was all omega, and he smelled like greenery and fresh rainfall. Like spring. Admittedly, Katsuki was stepping into the store to avoid some fans who’d guessed who he was, but now that he was here... “Got any good books?” He asked, eyes scanning the shelves and shelves of them. Katsuki didn’t do much in his off time besides sleep, but he did read on occasion. Mostly sci-fi.

Izuku eyes locked on the alpha. Oh shit, it wasn’t just any old prime alpha it was a hero. Izuku blinked. ".....Yeah sure..... ah," was the only thing coming out of his mouth at the moment. Well if he didn’t sound stupid. This hero he had seen him many times before on the tv and newspapers. "You’re.... You’re Ground Zero!" Izuku said in a shocked, tiny, hype voice. He bit his bottom lip. "Is there a type of book you like?” he said quickly, as he looked around for a few books before pulling a few books behind the desk. As much info he knew on heroes, He didn’t know Ground Zero book choices.

“Yea.” Katsuki sighed, so much for not being recognized here too. He glanced back outside, noticing the group of high school girls had moved on at least. “I like sci-fi I guess. George Orwell” he said, relieved when the little omega didn’t seem to freak out by his presence. Although he couldn’t help stepping closer, he smelled good. “What’s your name?”

Admittedly he was intrigued by him. Katsuki hadn’t met a male omega before. They were rare, and for a gay alpha, well, he was interested. Katsuki hadn’t even dated or been with anyone, yeah he was in his mid-twenties, but who gives a fuck, he wasn’t gonna fool around unless he found the one for him. He didn’t have time to date anyway. So he did his best to try not to look interested, but he was putting off a strong alpha come here scent. He was a pro hero prime alpha. He had every right to pick this omega up and claim him. Being no marks or ring on the little omega, he could just pick him up and force him if he was that kind of guy. But he wasn’t right.

Izuku seems to freeze up a bit, a tint of red coming over his face. "Midoriya... Izuku." Izuku whispers. "Ah good choice.... he has a new one that came out about 2 months" Izuku added scrambling to find the book, of course, meant leaving the safety of his desk counter. He came around the desk finally wishing he had a quirk to pull books to him.

This was Ground Zero. He never thought he’d meet let alone have the guy’s scent to be overwhelming. He wanted it to be his. Izuku pointed to a row. "It’s… it’s down that row" Izuku squeaked out, his hand shoot up to his mouth. Before he shot down the row books to a few with the titles he was looking for stopping in front of them. He looked back thinking his voice had returned better. "Look..... Before you keep getting happy over me being a male omega..... I have no quirk. I am quirkless." Izuku said as strong as his voice could at that moment.

Katsuki was looking at the books and grabbed all the new ones Izuku had mentioned without even looking at the titles. He read everything Orwell wrote so he knew it would be good. He looked back at Izuku, a smirk growing on his face. “Never said I was interested in you nerd, but if I was, that shit doesn’t matter to me. I’ve got enough quirk for both of us.” Ground Zero walked towards him or more like tower over him. For an omega, Izuku wasn’t weak or tiny omega built, he had some height and muscle. Though Ground Zero had a good amount of height over him, “I want all of these, Deku.” Came the rough voice of the pro hero.

Izuku face was so damn red he swore he had no blood anywhere else in his body. Though hearing his name be murder like that made, Izuku shook his head. "Then stop the scenting. Its all I smell and I’m getting a little twitch from it." Izuku said quickly, as he turns going back to the safety of his desk again. "Ummm... I’ll ring you up." Izuku said with gritted teeth so he wouldn’t take in any more of the be mine scent.

Well, that was kind of odd most alphas wanted an omega with a quirk to make their bloodlines stronger and better. A reason no one didn't come around when he was younger. The reason he could still own his shop and not be locked up. It hurt. But he had moved on. He lived above it too. Yagi had left him a lot of things even money. So he could live ok with the bookstore and things. Not that he had taken any trip or saved up for a mate or anything.

Katsuki was still staring though. “Your scent, it’s on everything here. I wonder if I’ll still smell you on these books when I get home.” He said quietly. Red eyes were watching Izuku like he wanted to devour him. Katsuki was waiting as Izuku ring him up and passed his card over to buy the books.

Izuku did his job. "It happens when you work in one place every day and live upstairs." Izuku said with a small tone of resent. "I'm sorry I don't have an alpha scent all over. I don't know many alphas to scent my place up." Izuku added as he put the books in a bag. Izuku stops well that may have been too much info. Izuku held his sigh. He slid the book over. "Well I hope you enjoy your books hero Ground Zero," he said.

Katsuki still stared down the omega. He’d never felt like this before about anybody. He could just imagine grabbing the omega’s collar and pulling him, kissing and claiming that mouth. Instead, he blurted out, “Give me your number, Deku.”

Izuku body jerk shocked causing him to drop the extra books he had in his hands. "..... Ah hmm...... Why?..... You can't even call me by my name. Ground Zero. You don't need my number..... I'm a quirkless bookshop owner. I don't have anything you'll like." he said quietly as he picked up the fallen books.

“What? Deku’s your name ain’t it? And you’re saying that I’m not good enough for you?” He growled with a flash of anger. He stepped closer, picking up some of the books Deku had dropped. “No, you’re afraid. Listen, I ain’t like most alphas. Fuck, I just...never mind. Stupid idea anyway. Bye.” He shoves the books back in Deku’s arm and, with his bag of books; went right out the door before Izuku could do anything to stop him.

Izuku head flop to the back as he let out a long breath, he wasn't scared. "..... Well ok," Izuku said to himself before moving to lock his bookstore down and turn the open sign off. He cleaned up the store before going to the backdoor and outside to his stairs that lead up to his little home above the store. he opens his door walking in his cat greeting him. "Hello Boom" he whispers at one time Ground Zero was one of his favorite heroes, not that he was going to say that to the guy.

Boom let out a loud meow. He was an orange cat, absolutely humongous. Not fat. Just big. He’d shown up at Izuku’s door one day and never left. Boom went forward and rubbed on izuku’s legs. He sneezed when he smelled the trace of alpha scent on him.

Izuku laughed. "Yeah, Ground Zero scent up the place didn't he. Can you believe it Boom? He wanted my number." Izuku said kicking off his red boots. He stopped to look at a photo of him and Yagi. "No don't worry I know how much this place meant to you." Izuku said. Izuku didn’t understand that it was never the love for the bookstore but the young omega, Yagi passed away before he could ever tell Izuku that he was more than a quirkless omega.


The next day Izuku woke up and got ready to open his shop again everything was very normal going as he got ready other than his stomach seemed to be a little tender. Looking at his phone for the date, his heat wasn't for another month or two. So he shouldn't be tender. Izuku sighed it had to be that alpha scenting and trying to sway Izuku to him. He hoped that his heat wasn’t coming yet. Normally the heats stuck to the cycles. Shaking his head he came to the front opening his shop. After flipping his light ‘OPEN’ on and unlocking the door he turns to rest at his counter, the sweet caramel scent was still in the air. Izuku let a puff of air out. How long was the alpha scent going to last in the air?

What Izuku hadn’t expected was that exactly 15 minutes later, that said alpha walked right into the shop. It was early and he was in sweatpants and sweatshirt, Nikes, and still a beanie with sunglasses. His hoodie was soaked with sweat, and that caramel scent was even stronger than before. There were bags under his arms. he came straight up to the counter, he pushed up his sunglasses. “I can’t stop thinking about you, so...hope this will make you think twice about what I said last night. Gotta go to work.” And then he was gone again.
It wasn’t until Katsuki left again that Izuku noticed the bags on the counter. One was coffee, he’d guessed right that Izuku liked it sweet with milk, and this particular kind was a fancy Starbucks drink, and then there were fruit pastries, a lot, more than Izuku could ever eat and then inside the last back was a cashmere, ridiculously soft dark green scarf. The same color as Izuku’s eyes. And GZ business card, when he flipped it over there was a handwritten message. Call or text me, and his personal cell phone number written.

Izuku mouth dropped at each item. Rubbing his eyes to see if he was seeing this right. If this was a joke he would punch someone, he didn’t care if his punch didn’t do much to anyone. He bit his lip as his fingers ran over the cashmere. "Ugh” he mumbles, brings the coffee up to his lips and tasting it, oh that was the stuff. He started to tap the card on the counter for a while. He had set his new items under the desk for now. He did finish the coffee.

"Why!" Izuku groaned. "I was fine in my little bookshop. Alphas don’t normally willingly come here unless their mates asked them to.” he said. Biting the bullet he pulled out his phone texted Katsuki after what felt like hours. //It's Izuku not Deku// and left it at that as he taps his desk. He had been keeping himself pretty busy being he had a new book release tomorrow. So he wasn’t checking his phone too much, waiting for that text back.

Unfortunately, it was a while before Katsuki could return a text. Must be busy with villains and when Katsuki did text back, it was funny. //Good. Wondering why your mother named you Deku. Dinner plans?//

Izuku face dulled at his phone // Yeah, my dinner plan is set up for the new book release.// he texted, he wasn't going to be the omega of omg top prime alpha hero was asking him out.

Katsuki let out a groan when he saw the message. His omega wasn’t going to make it easy. He quickly texted back before putting his phone away. His shift had ended hours ago but they’d called him in to help with a bad villain. Now that he’d mopped the floor with the fucker and was heading into his agency to change. /See you soon./


Izuku eyed the text. He almost yelped for people to leave so he could lock up and hide. Of course, he had people in the bookstore so it wasn't like he could just close up. ‘What is with this guy?’ Hell didn't he just have a date with like 3 omega a few weeks ago it was all over the media. The media though didn't realize that it’d been for a sick girl's wish. So no one knew he was doing to be nice at the time. Izuku sighed as he started getting the boxes for the new release being the last of the people in the store were heading for the front door done with their book shopping, when he heard his door open. He looked back to see the people that were leaving stop in their tracks to stare at Grounds Zero.

Normally Katsuki was nice to his fans, but he was feeling a little annoyed tonight. Izuku even caught him baring his fangs a little, but he did ultimately sign some things to get them to leave. “Thought they’d never leave.” Katsuki groaned before walking straight over to Izuku. He grinned when he saw Izuku was wearing the scarf. “Let me help,” he picked up the boxes. “Just tell me where.”

Izuku blinked. "The front left side window I… I need about 10 of the books in the front window and the rest in the empty shelves.” Izuku said, well he wasn't getting Katsuki out himself. His stomach shifted again, what the hell. "Thank you for your gifts." Izuku whispers with a blush. "You don't need to help." he added but watched as Katsuki shut off his open sing and locked it. Izuku raised an eyebrow at Katsuki actions

“Yes, I do. You’re about to go into heat. And before you freak out on me, need I remind you that I’m a hero? I ain’t gonna pull anything. Let’s finish up here and then I’ll go out and I’m going to make you a good filling meal.” Katsuki said. There was no expectation of being asked to stay. He didn’t think Izuku would ask. They’d only known each other for 2 days, barely. “Anyway...” he looked off. “You shouldn’t be working so close to your heat. What if the wrong kind of alpha walked in your door?”

Izuku looked to Katsuki an eyebrow rising high on his face. ".... It wasn't supposed to come right now..... And it didn't stop you walking in here," Izuku mumbled. "I have 2 months....." Izuku sighed. Izuku showed Bakugou how they had to be set fancy. "I am not going into heat. I have the new release tomorrow there’s going to be a lot of people in here. I can’t put it off." Izuku said.

“Don’t you have any employees?” Katsuki asked. He was a quick learner and was now following Izuku’s instructions, making sure the display was perfect.

Izuku looked over. "After Toshinori passed away they didn't want to work here anymore. He left everything to me. So they got jelly and all quit." Izuku said with a huff of air. "My heat won’t fully start yet..... wait how did you know that it coming?” Izuku asked he hadn’t been around any alpha this close to his heat. So he didn’t know what was giving off I’m going into heat omega to any alphas.

“You should hire new kids or something,” Katsuki said with a blinked. “Wait, you don’t know? I can smell it.” He pointed to his nose. “Your scent is different. Haven’t there ever been any alphas that go crazy around your heat? I mean I’m fucking glad there hasn’t...tired of shitty douchebag alphas.”

“No, I haven’t been around other alpha at that time... I self-med and try to sleep through it. My father was a prime alpha and he wasn't and still isn’t around. My mother hasn’t been very well mind wise," Izuku mumble. "and omega." Izuku said as he flinched again. “It’ll be fine tomorrow. I will be at my counter most of the day and scent blockers on.” Izuku said as he started to turn the lights off in the shop and to the back door to head up to his home. He kind of came to stop his eyes blinking a few times as Katsuki followed him. He gave a what the hell look at Katsuki, but the alpha gave an ‘obey me and let me in the house’ scent. Which cause Izuku to start up his stairs to his home and unlock the door letting both of them in. before giving a slight glare at the alpha. When they both enter the house, Boom came up with a greeting meow at the two.

"I guess I can let you in." Izuku he said through gritted teeth, he was starting to get a headache and didn’t care why In all the announce the freaking alpha was starting to smell really good to him.

Katsuki noticed the cat, Boom, was glaring at him. Boom sneezed and shook his head before meowing loudly again. He then went to Izuku letting his dislike be known. “Your cat is fucking huge.” Katsuki said staring after it. He set down his coat and things on one of the small kitchen chairs.

He thought Izuku’s apartment was nice. It wasn’t anything like his own, felt warm and smelled like Izuku. “Let me cook you dinner.” he said and began looking through Izuku’s fridge for ingredients. Izuku stood there with a what the hell look again.


"Boom, ah, works out," Izuku said being funny for a moment. "Look umm.... I don't think you’re going to find much. I'm kind of terrible cook," Izuku added. "There isn't much in there. We’re better off ordering out." he added. Izuku was scooping up boom in his arms and cross the floor. “So being an awful cook I don’t buy a lot of ingredients…. Thank you for the help” he said.

“Like hell. You’re about to go into heat and you have no food to eat.” Katsuki said his eyes shooting at Izuku. Boom jumped out of his arms with a grunt and continued to glare at Katsuki. Katsuki moved to Izuku picking the omega up in his arms carrying him off. Izuku eyes widen and a gasp passed his lips. It took Katsuki a bit but he found Izuku’s bedroom and put Izuku on the bed. “Try to sleep. Don’t move from this bed. I’m going shopping for food. I’ll be taking this and locking the door behind me.” Katsuki said grabbing the house keys. It was the first time they’d touched and it left them both electrified. Katsuki wanted to stay but he needed to do this.

Izuku flop back onto the bed after Katsuki left. "He took my keys he can get in I can't even lock him out." Izuku groaned as he stared up at his ceiling. As much as he wanted to scream that Katsuki was the reason his body was doing this earlier. He didn't want the alpha to get a big head for ‘yeah I just make omega just drop into heat around me’. Izuku slowly got up even if he was told to stay in bed. He had things to do, well for one there wasn’t anywhere for Katsuki cook when he returns, slipping on gym shorts then his normal clothes to help his body that was starting to hurt.

Katsuki came back about 30 minutes later (he shops fast) with arms full of bags of food. His eyes about bugged out of his head when he saw Izuku vacuuming. He growled and turned off the vacuum. “Don’t omegas to need rest and shit? I don’t know. But you don’t need to worry about cleaning for me.” He said pushing Izuku back towards the bedroom with his vacuum still in the omega hands.

Izuku eyes went to Katsuki like he had forgotten he’d be back. "Had nowhere to make any food on or sit and it kept my mind off it." Izuku answers. "Kachan, you don’t need to be doing this." he said a little hoarsely. This heat was coming on faster than normal

God, he was hot and that wasn't in a sexy way. He had open his windows. Katsuki could kind of smell Izuku scent out on the street from the open windows. So Katsuki was moving around shutting the open windows and locking them. “Hey I'm hot, I need them open!" Izuku groaned out as he leaned on his vacuum not making a move to his bed yet.

Katsuki shifted turning on the AC when he found the control panel. Izuku sighed as he stared at Katsuki, oh that scent. "I can't lay down it feels like it is going to come faster.... and being awake means I feel it all. Out on meds.... Alone with you. I’m going to miss my opening tomorrow." Izuku whispered. Not that being awake was going to help anything he would be whimpering in need and pain for a few days.

Katsuki grunted somewhat in answer. “I got someone to come help for the new release and run the shop.” He said. Kirishima owed him about Mina and their 1 year. Kirishima said he’d bring in Iida they would handle the bookstore. Katsuki just has to get notes from Izuku before he couldn’t answer.

Izuku stared at Katsuki. "Why.... Why are you doing this?" he asked as he moved back to his bedroom sitting down on his bed.

Katsuki had a hard-on so large he wished he had loser then normal pants. Seeing what Izuku was dressed in. The scent of Izuku’s second gender was in the air which made Katsuki’s alpha mind groan and growl for freedom. To claim Izuku as his own and pleasure/help.

Izuku had to climb under the covers when Katsuki bought the food to him. He almost lost the tray as Izuku groan. Izuku went red. “….”

Katsuki was shaking so bad, that the dishes on the tray started rattling as he set it down on the bed next to Izuku.

“This right here… God damn you…. You are proof that I’m gay.” He blurted out, face red. Katsuki had been around a few omegas before that had gone into heat, a few times he had to help females that had miscalculated their heats and needed help getting to a safe place. He never reacted like this though. He was able to be himself and get the female omega safely to where they need to be. He had never had this kind of reaction to omega in heat. The alpha in him wanted to get in that bed with Izuku and never leave. “You should tell me to go. I don’t want to, but you should tell me to leave if you don’t want me.” He said.

".....I don't know you..... But I don't want you to leave. .... I'm not thinking clearly." Izuku whispers as he sat up he had lost his shorts and was just in a t-shirt, the fabric had hurt rubbing on things.

Keeping his covers up on his body as he sat up, but boy the moment he sat up the new scent of wet and ready hit the air. Izuku whimper at Katsuki's look. "I've never been with any alpha. I'm sorry." he said quickly. His second gender just hurt now as the heat came in.

Katsuki was bright red.”Don't be sorry.... Please eat” he said as he pointed at the food that he had sat on the edge of the bed, his face bright red, and his dick seriously hurting. “I’ve never been with anyone either” he confessed. “I don’t know what I’m doing, but if I stay, I want to. I want you so badly.” He had to look away as he tried to breathe. It was so hard for him, but he wanted Izuku to eat. “I’ll be back.”

He had to force himself to move away from Izuku, so to keep himself busy he went out checking to make sure the door was locked and that the cat had food and water. “What the hell are you doing Katsuki” he mumbled to himself as he shakily sent an email to Work on his phone that he’d be out for the next couple of days.

Boom stared up at Katsuki like ‘do something wrong human I will cut you’. Katsuki was getting a little bit more of a look around the apartment Izuku lived in. What caused Katsuki to come stop was a wall that had many hero items on it. Like anything All Might and so on. What made Katsuki blink was all the Ground Zero stuff on the wall and table. As he was looking through all the stuff of heroes. He found one picture to the side of All Might in his smaller form with Izuku. Katsuki forgot about his hard-on for a moment as he studied the picture. How did Izuku know All Might? When a groan hit the air from the other room, Katsuki jerked up and looked back, his dick standing up and making Katsuki remember what was going on in the other room.

Izuku had eaten some of the food when Katsuki came into the room. He looked around seeing Izuku was not on the bed, but the flush of the toilet and the door reopening to show Izuku who went bright red finding Katsuki to be standing there. Katsuki's eyes were on Izuku legs. The hard-on he got as he heard the squeak from Izuku as the omega cupped himself to try to hide from the staring eyes. Being he had stripped to nothing. Izuku was in his birthday suit.

“You’re muscular for an omega.” Katsuki said. His voice had dropped low, almost a growl. Izuku was so incredibly sexy. It was like he was begging to be taken like that. “Would it make you feel better if I show you mine first?” Katsuki asked, In one swift moment he had his shirt up off over his head and then was unzipping his pants taking those off and his thin black boxers all in one motion. “Come here Izuku.” He purred, his dick standing straight up, the twitching was very noticeable.

Izuku gasp staring at the other male, the alpha was very much male. Izuku eyes went up to Katsuki head wide-eyed. A small smile came to his face around his blush. "You said it right this time." he laughed.

Izuku didn’t move at first before his body started to feel the pull of the alpha. In small steps Izuku moved forward still cupping himself in hiding his parts. "It won't stop gushing now," He whispers meaning his slick was coming now. Or it had Katsuki drooling. "and I'm so hot," he added. "I normally zonk myself out before this." he said as he tried to not look up at the alpha that stood before him.

Katsuki was sweating too and he dimly realized that he was going into a rut, driven by izuku’s heat. “Well let me… I want to take care of you.” He whispered before bending down to take Izuku’s face in his hands, kissing him. It was a little awkward at first but got heated quickly, with both falling back on the bed in a tangle of limbs. Katsuki’s hand had slipped down to feel Izuku and growled when he felt how slick he was. “Wanna be inside you.” passed Katsuki lips sounding very much like a heated purr.