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Just Give Me One Bad Night

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“Morning little fairy,” came the low voice. The all too familiar voice. “I’m starving, it’s time to get up.”

“Five more minutes,” he grumbled back, nose tucked under his covers. Thankfully the blinds were down—

Sunlight pierced into the dark room suddenly and his eyelids did little to shield the intensity of the bright beams.

“I said get up,” the voice demanded, deep and annoyed.

“Alright, alright,” he muttered just as pissed off. “You’re really needy, you know.” He opened his eyes only to wince and cover them with the back of his hand. “Maybe if you were a little compassionate and empathetic to my sleep schedule we wouldn’t have all these problems.”

“Sorry I’m not pathetic like you and need to sleep.”

God, you’re an ass in the morning,” he whined, leaning up out of bed and pushing the covers to the side to swing his legs over the edge.

“Next time I’ll make you breakfast in bed and dump it on you.”

“You? Cook for me? Please,” he looked up, locking eyes with a dark figure leaning beside the window.

He was dressed in his usual outfit: black skinny leather pants, a pair of combat boots strapped to his feet with a slight heel, and a skin-tight, sheer, long-sleeve top. If the oversized black jacket wasn’t on, his nipple piercings would be shining in the bright light of the sun. His hair was long enough to cover his brows and hide the intention in his eyes. Ears were pierced with two silver hoops and a thin chain hung from his neck below his shirt. The pair of twisted horns at the crown of his head pointed to the ceiling in sinister points, sharp enough to cut diamonds. His whip like tail was still at his side as he shoved a hand in his jacket pocket.

“You get’em polished recently?” he asked the black clad individual across the room, gesturing to the space above his own head.

“Jimin if you don’t get out of that bed in the next five seconds—”

“Jeez, calm down Prince of Darkness. I was just trying to give you a compliment.” He stood up to his feet and stretched his arms above his head, flexing them. His shirt lifted slightly, to expose the arches of his hips and the cool morning air tickled at his flesh only to warm in the sun’s rays.

“I’m not in the mood,” the other sighed. “But yes, I polished them last night while you were asleep,” he explained plainly, smoothing a hand over the ridged bone.

“Well they look really nice,” Jimin smiled as he stripped down till his body was bare. He faced away from the other so he could only see his back. There was no need to be modest, the creature had seen him naked many times, but Jimin liked to keep parts of himself private and out of reach of prying eyes.

“Thank you,” the deep voice softened suddenly. “I…I’m sorry about being a dick. I’m just really hungry.”

“I know,” Jimin assured him calmly. “It’s called being hangry,” he smirked, pulling up a pair of clean boxer briefs. “At least I know we have that in common.”

“True,” the other chuckled.

Jimin finished getting dressed in a pair of black skinny jeans and a pale blue button up shirt. It was made with a very light and flowy fabric that he tucked into his jeans and secured with a black belt. He slipped on a pair of socks and jumbled his dirty clothes in his arms to toss into the hamper as he made his way to the bathroom. “I just need to go to the bathroom and brush my teeth,” he called over his shoulder.

“Take your time,” the other said and Jimin heard him take a seat in the rocking chair in his bedroom.

He walked into the open space of his small living room and crossed the threshold to the bathroom a few steps down the wall.

He brushed his teeth and did his business, taking a moment to look himself in the mirror as he washed his hands. He looked presentable enough for the day. His hair was a little disheveled, but it was nothing a few comb strokes and gel couldn’t fix. He parted it above his brow and let the pointed ends of the bangs fall to the outside corner of his eyes. His roots were beginning to show through the platinum blond of his hair, and he knew he was due for another dye soon.

Once his hair was touched up, he moved to his eyelids and applied a little dark pigment to give a slight smoky eye with one of his favorite shadow pallets. He pulled a pinkish nude gloss from a makeup organizing tray beside the sink and applied it to his plump lips. He pursed his lips together, sliding them until they were coated, and popped them back into place. Content with his work, Jimin slipped the gloss into his pocket and exited the bathroom.

He crossed the living room and entered his bedroom, the creature sitting patiently in the rocking chair with an elbow propped on the cushioned arm, chin wrested on his fist as he gazed out the window.

Jimin grabbed his side purse from the nightstand and dropped his lip gloss into it. Next he checked his phone. 7:36am. God was it early. No notifications, thankfully. He slid his phone into his purse as well and his apartment keys too. Next he put on a few of his rings, fastened a dainty silver watch onto his wrist, and pressed some silver studs in his earlobes.

“Okay,” he started, “I’m ready.”

“Good because I think my stomach is about to digest itself,” the creature groaned.

Jimin lead the way out of his room and walked to the door that would lead to the exit of his apartment. He slipped on a pair of Dr. Martens and shrugged a comfortable leather jacket over his shoulders, zipping it halfway up before setting a pair of black sunglasses over his eyes.

“Do you want a pair?” he offered, picking up another from the high table beside the door and holding them out to the other.

“Yeah,” he nodded, receiving the pair and putting them on immediately. “Thanks.”

They walked out the door together, Jimin twisting the lock on his way out and shutting the door behind them. The two headed down the hallway and rounded a corner to step down the stairs that lead to the ground floor. A resident was on his way up the stairs and spotted Jimin.

“Park Jimin,” he smiled. “How are you?”

The man was tall with broad shoulders, an inviting energy flowed around him, his cheeks so full with merriment they puffed up like they were ready to pop.

“Doing very well,” Jimin offered, matching his energy while his counterpart moved to the side to let the resident pass by them. “And you?” he asked, looking over his shoulder. “How’s the acting job?”

“It’s great!” he cheered. “Don’t be surprised if you see me all over the TV someday.”

“I expect nothing less from Worldwide Handsome,” Jimin giggled up to his neighbor who had paused at the top of the stairs and he at the bottom.

“You know it! Good seeing you Jimin-ah,” he waved with a beautiful smile.

“You too Jin-hyung,” he grinned and bowed his head slightly. The two turned their backs and proceeded on their route.

“He’s so annoying.”

He tsked at that comment. “Yoongi, you need to be a little less judgmental of people you don’t know,” Jimin whispered under his breath as he pushed open the door to step outside.

“No. You need to be a little less nice to people or you’ll get trampled by scum like that guy,” he spat. “Worldwide Handsome. Who the fuck calls themself that?”

“He does,” Jimin whispered even softer as a woman passed him on the sidewalk.

“Well I think it’s ridiculous,” Yoongi said bitterly.

“Okay just forget it,” Jimin hissed a bit louder when he was certain no one was around. “Where do you want to eat?”

He could see Yoongi looking from side to side as they continued to walk. He peered across the street for a moment longer than normal and arched his neck to get a better look.

“Hold on,” he said and Jimin did as he was told and looked across the street as well. He didn’t expect to see anything, he just wanted to know where Yoongi was taking him. “There’s an alter near the park,” he pointed a sharp, elongated fingernail in the direction he intended to go. He intended to bring them.

“Anything good?”

“It’s strong whatever it is,” Yoongi answered with a curl at the corner of his lip. “Let’s go,” he grinned.

Jimin gave a subtle nod, signaling his partner to lead the way. He followed him diligently through the maze of the city. Luckily the park was close by, Jimin had a general idea of where it was in association with his apartment and was grateful they wouldn’t have to travel far to get Yoongi fed. They passed through crowds of people heading into work and kept quiet. Eventually Jimin plugged in a pair of headphones and began to play music on his phone. He trusted Yoongi would be cautious and move slow enough for him to keep up. He couldn’t eat without Jimin after all.

They entered the park, Yoongi growing impatient and turning around to check on Jimin who was taking his time. His pupils were reduced to pin heads and his skin was exceptionally pale. He was moments away from a complete meltdown and Jimin wasn’t about to unleash that side of Yoongi onto the world. Against his best interest he walked with more of a purpose and caught up to the creature. He was led to the back side of the park into a forested section most people steered away from. He took out his headphones when Yoongi picked up the pace and started at a light jog down the narrow trail with his tail whipping behind him.

“Hey,” Jimin shouted, not prepared to run in the slightest.

The path ended all of a sudden but Yoongi pushed forward, only slowing down when he spotted a slab of stone.

“There,” he pointed to the stone, Jimin seeing it for himself now as he stood beside Yoongi, finally caught up.

They approached the stone, leaves crunching under Jimin’s boots, the sun casting long shadows of trees all around them.

“It’s fresh,” Yoongi smiled widely.

Jimin was thankful for that, he would have been disappointed if he ran out into the middle of the woods for something subpar of what Yoongi wanted.

As they approached the slab the metallic smell of blood and flesh flooded Jimin’s sense of smell. He looked over the carcass and noticed only a few flies buzzing around the mouth. Blood had been spilt and pooled in the divots and ridges of the symbol etched into the rock.

“Yes,” Yoongi moaned victoriously, gazing over the sacrifice with a ferocious hunger.

Jimin knew what he had to do without being told, he’d practiced it many times with Yoongi. He stood in front of the sacrifice and offered his open palm, whispering an evocation. His tone was soft and calm opposed to the first time he had done this. He remembered being so scared he would mess up and Yoongi’s wrath would unleash on him. Or worse. Yoongi would leave him alone.

A sharp pain stung at the skin he offered and immediately after his hand was flipped palm down and held in place above the pig carcass. Blood pooled at his palm and began to drip onto the motionless animal, his eyes watching the drop splash onto the pink flesh, painting it crimson.

Yoongi held his hand steady above the animal, making sure every drop fell onto his soon to be meal. His chest heaving as he brought the hand that had cut Jimin licked the blood from his pointed nail. Yoongi’s whole body seemed to tense at the taste, his eyes snapping shut and a drawn out moan brushed over his throat.

Jimin finished his evocation, successfully summoning Yoongi to the sacrifice to claim as his. He gazed over at Yoongi who fixed him with a deep and borderline lustful stare. His pale lips parted, and a tongue emerged, slowly trailing up Jimin’s palm to clean the blood off his skin.

It was slick with saliva and searing hot, just as Jimin knew it would be. The feeling was exciting, Yoongi’s tongue dragging over the small wound. It stung at first but transformed into something blissful, comforting even. There were times when Jimin wondered what it would be like to kiss Yoongi and have that same sensation only in a more intimate situation. Nothing more than a thought though, he wasn’t intending on making it happen. Perhaps that little trick with his tongue came in handy, being an incubus and all.

If he didn’t know better he’d think Yoongi was high, his eyes hooded slightly, movements sluggish and touch tender. It was one of the only times he saw Yoongi totally relaxed. He gave one last drag of his tongue up Jimin’s palm until the cut was sealed and then directed his attention to the animal carcass on the stone. Jimin watched Yoongi’s eyes dilate before he hunched over the animal, ready to feed.

Jimin turned away and allowed Yoongi to devour his newly claimed sacrifice in peace. It probably didn’t matter if he watched or not, but Jimin was squeamish when it came to the evisceration of animals. Beyond that he felt awkward watching Yoongi eat. It would be like going out with a friend and watching them wolf down a whole meal and sitting in silence as it happened. It’s uncomfortable for everyone involved.

The second he heard a large bone snap a chill rippled down his spine. Jimin reached back into his purse and plugged his headphones in his ears, unable to listen to the sounds emanating from the stone tablet.

This is going to be a while.

“Uhh,” Yoongi keened in contentment with a hand pressed to his upper stomach. “That was perfect,” he announced, collapsing in the chair across from Jimin. They sat in a small café together, Jimin checking his phone while he waited on his breakfast order to be called.

No one was within ear shot of him so Jimin didn’t need to worry about people thinking he was talking to thin air. “What made that one so good?” he whispered behind his device.

“For one, the sacrifice was fresh. You recited the evocation like a natural. And your blood is rich as hell,” Yoongi smirked from across the table, giving his best effort at smooth talking.

Jimin would be damned if he said it wasn’t working. He blushed down at the screen and lifted his phone slightly to hide the little smile he wore.

“I just think it’s funny you have to be ‘summoned’ to eat,” Jimin whispered, his coy grin ever present.

“Not my rules,” Yoongi confessed, picking at his thumb nail with the other and working the cuticle back. He used his nails to tear into flesh and needed them to be sharp and healthy.

If Jimin hadn’t known he was fists deep in a pig a little under an hour ago he never could’ve guessed it by how clean Yoongi looked. The power Yoongi had was sinister but he generally used it for practical reasons. Like whisking away all the blood and guts from his skin and clothes to leave himself spotless.

“If I had the ability to eat freely your world would experience something short of a famine. I, and the rest of us, would bleed your livestock dry,” Yoongi tacked on blandly, looking over his nails one last time before gazing across the table to punctuate his point.

Jimin’s eyes widened at that and his lips formed into a pout. “I didn’t think of it that way,” he muttered, barely moving his mouth when someone passed by their table.

“Mmm,” Yoongi grinned. “You need to remember, us demons take what we want when provoked.”

“Yeah like my clothes when you get bored with your gloomy getup,” Jimin rolled his eyes.

Yoongi laughed at that and reclined into his chair, arms coming up to cradle the back of his head right as a young man was walking behind him. One of his horns caught the coffee cup held in a loose grip and knocked it to the floor. He felt the initial impact and spun around in his chair to see a young man standing still as a statue with his hand still out where the coffee was supposed to be.

“Shit,” the stranger cussed under his breath, accessing the damage at his feet, hot coffee pooling on the tile and edging under Yoongi’s seat. 

The incubus howled with laughter as he stood up and sat on the edge of the table to get out of the way.

Jimin was on his feet too and rushing across the store to the napkin dispenser. Yoongi’s laughs were contagious, he couldn’t help but chuckle when he returned to the spill with two handfuls of napkins. 

When he returned, the patron was crouching down and using the few napkins he already had to sop up the hot liquid.

“Just a spill,” Jimin smiled, kneeling down beside him and offering the stranger one of the bunches of napkins.

The young man looked over to Jimin with a grateful sigh and a lopsided smile. “Yeah, I guess my hand just malfunctioned or something,” he gave a small embarrassed laugh.

Jimin laughed along with him, knowing that was not the case at all. “It happens,” he assured.

Being so close, he finally took a moment to look the young man over. He was dressed in a white shirt with the word “Gucci” printed across the chest, a denim jacket, black slim jeans, and a pair of white high-top Nikes at his feet. How he managed to spare them from the coffee, Jimin was baffled. Diamond studs decorated his earlobes and a thin silver chain with an azure moon pendant that matched his hair color sat above his shirt. Jimin had to say, he was a pretty handsome individual.

They got to work soaking up most of the coffee until a store worker came over and announced someone would be coming to clean the floor and they didn’t have to worry. She thanked them for their efforts and asked the young man what he’d ordered so she could fix him up another drink.

“Just a small black coffee,” he told her.

“I’ll get that right away,” she promised him with a sweet smile and returned behind the counter to get started on his order.

“Thanks again for helping,” the blue haired stranger blushed with a hand rubbing at the back of his head.

Jimin nodded, “Of course. Anyone would do the same.”

“Probably not,” came a brutally honest input from the demon sitting on the table. Jimin acted like he didn’t hear him.

“Well I really appreciate it—”

“Vanilla caramel latte and a pecan banana muffin!” a barista called from the counter.

“Oh, that’s me!” Jimin cheered quietly. “It was nice meeting you…” 

“Uh, Tae! Taehyung,” the blue haired individual stammered and gave a polite bow.

“Jimin,” he smiled back with squinting eyes when his cheeks rose. He loved turning strong men into bashful boys, it came so easy to him. He bowed his head out of respect and flashed Taehyung one last smirk over his shoulder before he strutted to the counter to receive his food and drink.

Yoongi watched the whole thing go down, he eyeballed Taehyung who stood in place for a moment too long and watched Jimin’s retreating back. Then his eyes caught something lower and a red heat erupted over his cheeks and he ducked away to a table on the far side of the café.

The demon wore a shit eating grin when Jimin returned with his order and opted to sit at a different table away from the spill.

“What?” he mumbled quietly, sitting down in his new chair and popping the top off his drink to let it cool a bit.

Yoongi came in close, bracing one hand at the top of the chair behind Jimin, and the other on the table to cage him where he sat.

The energy in the room shifted into something dark and menacing. The light above his table flickered and the hair on his thighs and arms rose to poke painfully against his clothes.

Jimin could feel a gust of breath fan hot across his neck and with a quick look to the side he saw Yoongi’s pupils dilate heavily. He was terrifying when he was turned on, which happened to be a good portion of the time in any given day.

Jimin was slowly learning the cons of being followed by an incubus.

The demon’s nose brushed against the shell of Jimin’s ear and elicited a sharp chill that ran down his spine to pool in his lower abdomen. He gulped audibly to hide any indicator that he was growing hot and bothered by the downright erotic acts Yoongi was performing.

Jimin’s ear was nuzzled fondly as the hand on the table rose slowly to take a gentle hold of his neck and keep him from moving away. Thick black nails pressed to his skin at his throat, igniting a blaze of dangerous sensations.

“Yoongi,” Jimin pleaded through gritted teeth, doing his best to act normal in a public space.

“That kid was staring at your ass the whole time your back was turned,” the demon whispered with lust lacing his tongue. “But that’s what you were hoping for, wasn’t it? My little fairy.” Yoongi leaned away and stood up straight, the hand at Jimin’s throat scratching him gently under the chin like a domesticated animal. “What do you say we finish up here and relieve some of that sexual tension you have? Hmm?” Yoongi baited with a beautiful smile.

“You’d like that,” Jimin mumbled, pushing Yoongi’s hand away and playing it off like he had an itch on his neck to avoid suspicion if anyone happened to look.

“And you wouldn’t?” the incubus asked, knowing the answer.

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Yoongi has tried many times to seduce Jimin and more than once he’s gotten close, but it always ends with Jimin politely refusing his advances. Thankfully the incubus has a sliver of decency to let up when Jimin has expressed his opposition and eventually things return to normal between them. Yoongi complaining, Jimin trying to cheer him up and be a good person which the demon finds nauseating. Jimin is more than kind to him and to others, Yoongi is always telling him he’s going to get hurt one way or another by offering up so much of himself and expecting nothing in return. One day he’ll want something. Need someone.

Maybe that’s why Yoongi hasn’t moved on. As far as Jimin knows, it isn’t normal for an incubus to linger with a human, in fact it’s unnatural.

They lurk in the night and put their victim in a state of warped reality to trick humans into thinking they’re asleep. When in actuality they’re wide awake. That’s when the fun begins, according to Yoongi. Once the veil is drawn, the demon can play.

Jimin has experienced this altered state of consciousness only once, which was the first night Yoongi visited him.

Jimin had constructed his own alter right below the window in his bedroom. It was beautiful. He had collected a wide variety of wildflowers and strung them together with a small piece of twine. There was a shallow bowl, white with a golden rim. A ring bowl no doubt. It was filled with essential oils almost to the brim. A drop of blood was dropped from a trembling finger into the boil. The red coiled and clouded until it settled at the bottom. An incense stick was lit and Jimin crawled into bed. It burnt to the very end, the ashes caught on the stand. And once the last wisp of smoke left the stick, Yoongi formed from the shadow behind the rocking chair.

He crossed the space to find a figure sound asleep in bed. Yoongi stood at the side of the bed, hands tucked in his pockets and his tail waving slowly behind him. When his head tilted to the side his bangs moved to reveal his eyes.

Yoongi focused his gaze at the side of his summoner’s head. His hand reached over and brushed blond bangs away from the enchanting face hiding beneath. The demon’s breath hitched in his throat. Before he could think, his feet were moving backwards and he was struggling to breathe.

Nothing happened though. His hand didn’t sting, his eyes didn’t water, his chest didn’t feel like someone plunged a spear through it. Nothing. Yoongi was sure that the being lying in bed was an angel. If not that then an arch angel. He was confused and struggling to comprehend how a mere mortal could have him panic so easily.

When he managed to calm down he approached the bed again. The young man hadn’t moved, he breathed softly through parted lips. Lips so plump—Yoongi noted—they perked up slightly. Everything about this individual drew him in. He wanted to see more of him. He wanted to know what his voice sounded like, what his hair smelt like, how his neck tasted. Yoongi wanted, needed, to know everything about this young man.

All he had was a name and a face.

Park Jimin.

The incubus conjured up the serum he needed to wake Jimin in a hallucination. The liquid from the bowl at Jimin’s alter swirled in the air with a flick of Yoongi’s wrist. It coiled and wove through the air like the opposite pole of a magnet to Yoongi’s open palm. It hovered in the air above Yoongi’s hand for a moment longer until the color shifted into a deep indigo. Through the whole process Yoongi’s watchful gaze hadn't lifted from Jimin’s face. He was intent on memorizing every feature before he took his palm with the serum hovering just above his skin and pressed it down over Jimin’s nose and lips.

Yoongi made the serum particularly strong. He had free range to manipulate anything he desired, and for Jimin he’d give him the world. When their two realms collided, Yoongi paid extra attention to the detail on the jewelry he presented on Jimin’s body, the things he loved most, and sensations he’d find relaxing. It seemed to work.


Jimin opened his eyes to find himself sitting up in bed. But things were...different.

Everything felt like a dream, he was convinced he was still asleep when he looked around to find himself in an expansive bedroom, walled in white and black Calcutta marble. Gold leaf painted across the domed ceiling. The massive bed he sat on was draped with gold silk sheets and a beautiful array of pillows. All around him plants grew at the base of each wall and blossomed with sweet smelling flowers. Butterflies of all shapes and colors danced in the air throughout the open space, a few gracing Jimin with an occasional flyby. One being so kind as to land on an open palm he presented to the delicate creature.

The sound of trickling water soothed his nerves immensely. He closed his eyes a moment and let his shoulders relax to the calming melody. The butterfly stepped off his palm and jittered away to a nearby flower, where it perched and flashed Jimin its beautiful indigo wings.

”You’re so pretty,” he called to her when the delicate being flew back over to him and landed on shoulder. He cooed to her like a child, complimenting her as if she understood.

A shimmery caught his attention on his body suddenly.

When he looked down at himself he saw his upper body was bare, safe for an intricate necklace of gold and amethyst chains that laced across his chest in dazzling patterns. His wrists wore gold bands that jingled when he moved. A weight was felt at his head and he lifted his golden ringed fingers to feel what he deemed a simple tiara that dipped down to a V at his forehead with a pair of points above his ears.

He was covered in wealth. And for what? He thought. Perhaps in this dream he was fantasizing of being a prince, or someone of royal blood and wanted to be decorated in gems and precious gold. Jimin thought he looked gorgeous. He felt sexy in thin chains and jewels. A desirable person he had become in this dream and it filled him with pride. If only he could achieve this outside of his dream and feel this confidence in reality.

The butterfly took off yet again and Jimin’s eyes traveled lower.

His legs were covered by a pair of obscenely soft and baggy golden pants that secured tightly at his ankles. But something was peculiar. Amongst the golds and the he purples there were ten spots of black.

Long, smooth, sharp, fingernails.

That’s when he saw a pair of hands at his waist and felt the presence of another behind him.

A chest at his back.

For some reason he wasn’t scared, a part of him knew someone was there, as if he’d sensed it. The nails gently scraped up his torso and rested just under his chest. Jimin looked over his shoulder and met the face the hands belonged to.

He was beautiful, the other man. His black hair was pushed back to reveal a pale forehead, lips plump and smiling down at him lovingly with a warmth in his dark eyes. The horns at his head impressive and strong, Jimin couldn’t help but reach back and touch one of them. It was smooth like stone, the structure reminding him of a Markhor, corkscrewed at a slight angle and sharpened to fine points.

The creature wore a similar tiara only he didn’t have the points above the ears and a thin tear drop gemstone hung from the end of the V on his forehead. All of the jewelry he wore matched Jimin’s, only it was silver, and the amethyst was replaced by garnet crystals.

They didn’t speak a word to each other. They didn’t have to. Yoongi was leaning in and Jimin lolling his neck to the side. He was kissed passionately, heat radiating from the wake of each peck garnishing his neck. A gentle hand pushed beneath the jewels on his chest at a snail’s pace until a middle finger found a soft nipple. Jimin remembers how his back arched to the touch and a quiet gasp fell from his parted lips.

He felt the pad of the finger trace lazy circles around the tip of the nub, coaxing it to harden. The other hand dipped lower down his stomach and a nail pushed between his waist and pants, followed by a few more when Jimin realized what was about to happen.

He brought his hands down and held the intruding wrist at his pelvis in place, preventing the searching hand from going any further. The lips and tongue at his neck froze in place then they were removed entirely.

Jimin eased the hand out from his pants and placed it on the bed daintily, then did the same with the other at his chest.

He turned his body to face Yoongi and splayed his hands on his shoulders lightly. He locked eyes with the demon and granted a frail smile. “Thank you. But it’s not time,” Jimin explained.

He crawled off the bed and stood to his bare feet. Crossing the span of the room, Jimin spotted a glass carafe of what he knew to be wine. He poured two glasses and sauntered back to the bed, hips swaying. There was no doubt in his mind he was a tease. Jimin had no problem in admitting it. He wanted men to work for his attention, prove to him they deserved his affection. Otherwise he was disinterested and the game was over. He lived for the challenge, he loved having fun. And for some reason he found an interest in this demon. Not many people caught his eye. A demon being the rarest of all. And an incubus at that.

Jimin summoned him, knew he was coming. Knew this dream like state was brought on by the power of the man sitting in the bed. He didn’t understand it all, but he expected this to encounter all the same.

”Here,” he offered a glass to the incubus who received it with a warm gaze. Jimin got back on the bed and waddled towards the creature on his knees, making sure his abs were flexed as he grew closer. He was going to flaunt everything he had. A hopeless flirt.

”You’re stunning,” came a gravely whisper, eyes drawn to Jimin’s exposed chest and stomach.

Jimin took a sip of his wine and situated himself amongst the pillows, facing Yoongi with his legs tucked and an arm propped up to rest his head in his hand. “Thank you,” he grinned around his glass and took another swig of the bitter drink. “You’re not so bad yourself.”

”Mm,” Yoongi hummed to the comment, a smirk etching his face as he moved closer. With his eyes locked on Jimin’s he stood to his knees and reached over to place his half full glass on a nightstand, his free hand taking a tender hold of Jimin’s shoulder. “Can I help you,” he touched his nose to Jimin’s then pulled away to marvel at the plump lips before him through hooded eyes, “Park Jimin?” His gaze snapped back up with a slow blink and Jimin could see the lust swirling in Yoongi’s stare. It took everything in him to resist pressing forward and giving into instinct, but somehow Jimin managed to calm his arousal and pet Yoongi’s cheek.

”Keep me company,” Jimin whispered, his glance to Yoongi’s exposed chest obvious and purposeful. He made damn sure Yoongi watched as he devoured him with his eyes.

The incubus went to lean in for a kiss, eyes barely open and tricking Jimin into following his lips as he pulled away. “You’re going to be a handful,” he snickered when the human was caught lurching back to the pillows bashfully and trying to hide his very obvious change in posture.

The demon settled down into the bed and stared up at Jimin with a bent elbow and a hand propping up his head, arching his body.

“Lay with me,” he encouraged in a kind whisper, his form inviting, his energy welcoming. “I’ll be the only company you’ll ever need.”

Jimin fancied the idea of resting beside someone and after he set his glass down beside the other on the nightstand, he crawled over to the enchanting figure. He lied down on his side facing Yoongi and snuggled his way into his arms. He felt protected and peaceful, the being holding him whispering sweet things into his ear as he slowly drifted back into a deep sleep. Aware that the hands on him, the legs tangled in his, the lips pressed to his forehead were all physically a part of his reality.


”He was cute as hell! I think you should bring him back here—“ Yoongi pointed to the ground, “—and all three of us could fuck. It’s a win, win, win.”

”That’s a great idea! And then you can explain to him that it wasn’t a dream the next morning and never have to see him again!” Jimin mocked excitedly. “Oh wait! I'll have to see him again!” Jimin guaranteed as he placed his keys and glasses down on the table beside the front door.

Yoongi snickered at that and shed his big jacket, letting it fall to the floor. He unzipped a boot and dropped that too, then the other and plopped down face first onto the couch. Jimin picked up the trail leading to Yoongi and lobbed it all against the wall by the door.

”You’re so lazy,” Jimin snarled, picking up a pillow from the couch and chucking it down at Yoongi’s head with a small amount of force. “And don’t say stuff like that,” he whined. “It makes me feel gross.”

The demon rolled onto his back and tucked his legs up just in time for Jimin to sit down by his feet. He took the pillow over his head and tucked it under for better neck support. Eyeing a forlorn Jimin, Yoongi lifted his tail to wrap loosely at his ankle. Then a hand was rising to Jimin’s face and his long nails tickling at a rosy pink cheek. “It doesn’t make you feel gross,” Yoongi began, “it makes you feel naughty,” he winked.

Jimin swatted his hand away and shook his leg, but the tail held fast to his ankle. “Unbelievable,” he spat and went to stand only for Yoongi to launch his legs out and wrap himself around Jimin’s waist.

Don’t leave,” he whined, lurching his torso up and folding his arms around Jimin. He acted as an anchor and cemented himself to the other man. “Pleeeaasseee I’ll stop, I promise. I just want to snuggle,” Yoongi whimpered, resting his chin on Jimin’s shoulder with big puppy eyes.

Jimin laughed heartily, his whole chest heaving as he brought his arms up and gripped Yoongi’s forearm. The demon loved the way his teeth shined and his lips glowed with a light pink tint from his gloss. His eyes were squinted and his hair flowing back off his forehead. An image of beauty. A strong jaw and neck, cute little ears. Yoongi stared up at him in a daze, eyes fluttering from every little feature. His heart filled with affection, a sense of attraction, a need to protect.

If any of the other incubi knew about Jimin... He didn’t want to think about it. Thankfully this territory has been uninhabited for a long time. Yoongi took the space and claimed it as his a while ago when he was summoned on accident by a group of paranormal investigators.

Then one night he was summoned to this very apartment.


”Okay but are we going to actually snuggle or are we going to do your version,” Jimin giggled.

The demon tilted his head to the side cutely. "Depends on what you want," Yoongi offered.

Jimin's smile slowly dissolved the more he thought about what Yoongi had just said. His brain started to crank with ideas, thoughts he wanted to keep pushed down rose to the surface and corrupted the safest parts of his conscious.

"What is it?" Yoongi whispered, a hand rubbing through his black hair. Jimin grew small as he ducked his head down and tightened his arms to his chest. The demon refused to move away when his human grew quiet like this. He would wait for hours in silence if he had to. "You can tell me."

Jimin blushed wildly. "Well," he tried, "when you kiss my skin..."

Yoongi purred. He shifted his legs and straddled Jimin's lap with his hands planted on muscular shoulders. "Go on," he encouraged. Lips meeting with soft flesh.

Jimin gasped at the touch and without realizing it his head rolled to the side and effectively gave Yoongi all the access he desired. Moist lips danced across the ridge of Jimin’s neck. He felt the areas of contact burning away at his flesh only to settle into a sensation of pure ecstasy. He had a hard time understanding what was happening to his body at the touch but whatever it was he didn’t want it to stop. He felt euphoric, his skin itching for more of the sweet pleasure building inside of him. There was nothing like it.

He got butterflies in his stomach when he was kissed by human men. He seared in a fire of instinct driven passion when his incubus kissed him. He couldn’t imagine what it would feel like to be kissed on other parts of his body. The thought had him shaking. Yoongi only played with his neck and hands, probably because it was all Jimin could handle. But he was feeling adventurous today and craved more.

His neck was sucked and licked softly, Yoongi treating him so nicely, as he always did. Jimin saw spots when he opened his eyes to look at the ceiling above. He hadn’t realized how far back his eyes had traveled in his skull until he gained some bearing. Only to lose it again when Yoongi started rocking his hips into his lap.

Jimin was struggling to compose his thoughts with the demon acting so lewd. Heat was building between them where their crotches met. It sent a sharp flare of pain up Jimin's stomach and down his thighs, coaxing him to whine in surprise. Then it turned into something dangerously sensual and his jaw dropped with a quiet moan. He wrapped his arms at Yoongi’s neck to steady himself and the demon gave a silly victory hum. ”Y-Yoongi,” Jimin struggled to speak, his awareness slipping away and his loss of control evident.

It scared him but it also excited him.

His hips slowed to a stop, he plucked his lips off the young man’s neck, and leaned back with a look of mischief. “You better talk before I make it harder to breathe,” he threatened Jimin, but his voice was comforting and far from predatory. Yoongi’s pupils were blown and his skin ablaze with desire, Jimin could feel the heat radiating through his sheer shirt.

”I wanted to ask you,” Jimin took a desperate breath and swallowed, “what it'd feel like if you kissed me.”

Yoongi’s brows furrowed, a look of bewilderment creasing his forehead. “I just did kiss you...”

Jimin averted his eyes, embarrassed as ever. “I mean on the lips...”

The edges of Yoongi’s lips curled to reveal something strictly evil. Jimin didn’t think his pupils could get any wider until the demon’s eyes contracted to pin points then shrouded completely in black. The room grew cold around them, the only heat Jimin could feel was Yoongi and it was burning him through his clothes. It was uncomfortable at first but now he sought the warmth. The lights in the living room began to flicker sporadically until they turned off with a pop, plunging them into darkness, safe for the beam of sun peering through the window in his bedroom cascading into the living room. “Why the sudden change of heart?” Yoongi whispered, his voice low.

Jimin dared another glance at the demon looming above him and found a kind face patiently awaiting an answer.

”Tell me,” Yoongi encouraged, the grit in his voice still there. For assurance in his interest, Yoongi placed his hand on Jimin’s cheek and smoothed his thumb along his cheekbone, being careful to keep his nail from grazing his open eye.

The young man calmed from the touch, leaned into the comforting hand and exhaled through his nose. “When you kiss my neck I feel like you’re burning me. But then it feels amazing and it spreads around my body.” Jimin placed a hand over Yoongi’s and whispered, “I want to know what it’s like...”

”On the lips?” the incubus offered.

Jimin’s gaze was heavy. “Yes.”

Yoongi, through all of his desire, mentally took a step back. This wasn’t a typical situation for him. He wasn’t going to make out with a human, fuck him in his sheets, and leave.

This was Jimin. And he cared for him immensely.

Yoongi felt obligated to keep him safe and what he was asking for was reckless and could damage something meant to be special. Jimin would be aware of what was happening and he wasn’t going to be tricked like the countless others Yoongi played with. Granted they all had free will to stop his advances but Yoongi took extra time to seek humans that would have no issue being fucked. He made sure they wanted it before hand, and during.

Jimin was a different story. He summoned Yoongi, on purpose. He called for him and instead of sex he asked for company. This was new to Yoongi and he wasn’t about to mess it up.

“I’m thrilled you want to try that, Jimin. But you need to understand...once you start,” Yoongi came in close and rested his forehead against Jimin’s with his eyes closed, “your body won’t want to stop.”

”What do you mean?” he asked, nerves building inside of him at the statement.

”I’m an incubus,” Yoongi affirmed. “I was created to seduce. Everything about me is meant to draw you in.”

”I know,” Jimin said boldly.

But Yoongi knew he underestimated the power he possessed over him. He moved his head back and placed the hand at Jimin’s cheek to his shoulder. “No. You don’t,” his tone was stern now but his eyes sympathetic. “Your body will move to its own accord...and you’ll lose control. Rational thought takes a back seat, that’s what makes incubi so dangerous.”

”But you’re not dangerous to me,” Jimin pouted, his hands lacing at the back of Yoongi’s neck.

The demon couldn’t help but snicker, “You really want this.”

”I want to try,” and he pulled Yoongi close and kissed him gentle on the cheek.

Yoongi thought he was going for the lips and once he felt the kiss land on the skin of his cheek he smirked widely. “You're such a tease,” he snarled, grabbing Jimin’s face between both of his hands and pushing him against the couch. “I just want to eat you!” he yelled, the smirk on his face never fading.

Jimin laughed and without warning took a hold of Yoongi’s nipples through his shirt and rolled them between his thumbs and index fingers.

"Do it," Jimin taunted with a cheeky grin.

Yoongi nearly lost his mind at the touch and instinctively gyrated his hips, making sure he rubbed particularly rough against Jimin's bulge. "You would absolutely piss off every other demon pulling shit like this," Yoongi guaranteed through gritted teeth, the smirk on his lips pulling higher to reveal his gums.

Jimin gave a breathy chuckle, his brain liquifying at the fire building between his legs. "And it doesn't make you mad?" he asked.

"Not at all," came the sinister reply but Jimin could hear the sweetness hidden behind it.

His voice took on a similar tone, the smile fading from his lips as he drew closer and stared harshly into the black depths of Yoongi's eyes, "You must be unique then." He straightened his back and came nose to nose with the demon, demonstrating his dominance and freezing Yoongi in place.

Yoongi wanted to push him, wanted to get him on his back and fuck him into the couch until he was numb. Jimin's legs limp and chest heaving, unable to breath through his bruised throat. He wanted to be ruthless and devour his human. But more than that he felt the ridiculous urge to make sweet and tender love to him. "Go ahead," Yoongi baited, eyes dragging down to Jimin's lips and back to his stare. "Try it," he whispered enticingly.

Jimin giggled. He fucking giggled and shoved Yoongi to the side to fall onto the couch. Rising to his feet he walked to the kitchenette and poured himself a glass of water.

"You little. Mother. Fucker," Yoongi growled, rage consuming him as Jimin leaned against the counter, eyeing him with a smirk wrapped around his glass. "You drive me fucking crazy. You know that, right?" he snapped, sitting upright on the couch, his erection painful in his pants.

The young man almost spit up his drink in hysterics when he noticed the obvious tent in Yoongi's pants. Once he swallowed his mouthful of water he cackled in hysterics and nearly fell to the floor.

"Shut up and leave so I can jack myself off to the thought of skull fucking you," Yoongi spat viciously. But Jimin knew it was just his inner demon to say such nasty things, it didn't bother him in the slightest, especially after he prompted the rage on purpose.

"I'm dead!" Jimin shrieked, his legs giving out as he collapsed to the floor in full belly laughter. He managed to hold his drink up and set it on the floor without spilling it too much and rolled around in hysterics clutching his stomach.

Chapter Text

They were not on speaking terms.

Yoongi, humiliated from Jimin’s little stunt of turning him on and leaving him hanging, barricaded himself in Jimin’s bedroom and proceeded to shoot his cum across the pillows and sheets of Jimin’s bed. Once he was done he exited the bedroom through the window, marched up the fire escape stairwell and sat on the roof of the apartment.

Yoongi was hanging his legs over the side of the building staring down at the civilians that walked by. There was a family: a mother, father, and little girl. The parents were on either side, each holding her hand and swinging her on the count of three. “Higher!” she yelled. “Higher Daddy! Higher Mommy!” They laughed and swung her between them. How their arms didn’t give out, Yoongi was unsure, but they continued to swing her back and forth. Back and forth like a well-oiled machine.

Children were so easy to please, he thought. The way they found happiness in the simplest of things and the way they cherished each and every moment of life. He had never really observed something so frail and precious in his existence. He never had time to. It was a sobering reminder that humans needed to grow. They weren’t conjured out of darkness and evil like him. They weren’t carved from stars and meant to rule above like the angels. They were born into this world and they would grow and eventually return to the cosmos. At least they had that much in common, creation. Age didn’t apply to Yoongi, he could never understand what it was like to learn basic functioning, learn languages, be a part of a family. He had nothing like that in his life.

He’s positive other incubi would ridicule him for thinking so deeply about his immortality, poke fun at his interest in humans. The lesser beings. But in all honesty, Yoongi never cared for anyone’s opinion, especially that of his own kind. So when he saw the little girl giggling and laughing, he had to remember that Jimin used to be her size, depend on his parents for essential things like food water and shelter. He needed others to live.

Humans were social creatures, Yoongi noted. When Jimin had asked him for company, he never understood why. Yoongi wasn’t meant to befriend humans, he was meant to seduce them. The request seemed foolish at first—Jimin asking for his company—but now he’s starting to realize Jimin was…lonely. He summoned Yoongi to fill a void, and here Yoongi was, sitting atop the roof of the apartment avoiding the damage he created like a coward. He felt so foolish.

An hour had to of passed when Yoongi heard Jimin’s laugh followed by another man’s voice just out of ear shot. They were carrying a rather loud conversation and Yoongi was sure he could figure out where the voices lead to. When he realized the sounds were emitting through an open window on the side opposite Jimin’s apartment, he ran to that side’s corresponding escape and stepped down it quickly. When he found the source of their voices and reached the window, Soekjin was shutting it and locking it, mumbling something about how he was cold.

Yoongi crouched down in front of the window, Seokjin staring right through him, unaware a demon was looking back into his eyes with anguish. When the incubus looked past Seokjin, he sighed in defeat.

Jimin was sitting on the couch facing the window with a steaming mug in his lap and caught Yoongi staring desperately through the glass. Just before Jin turned away from the window, Jimin shot Yoongi the middle finger.

He wanted to pound on the glass in frustration, but he couldn’t with Jin around. Accidentally knocking coffee cups out of people’s hands was one thing. Scaring the living shit out of them with paranormal activity was another and he wouldn't stoop even lower than he already had.

Yoongi looked like a stray on an animal abuse commercial, all he needed was Sarah McLachlan’s ‘In the Arms of an Angel’ playing in the background. Pissed at himself for acting so immature earlier, he sat in silence and watched his human giggle and joke around with their neighbor through the glass. He really fucked up. That’s for sure.

And now he had to deal with the consequences of pissing off the one person he was able to talk to. Or wanted to talk to.

Jin and Jimin made plans to go into the market district for lunch and Yoongi was helpless on the fire escape. They slipped on their shoes, snagged their keys, wallets and purses, and prepared to leave.

Wings would have been nice in a time like this so he could meet them at the front of the building, but Yoongi could only be so lucky. He watched them leave through Jin’s apartment door and that was his cue to get moving. Yoongi raced down the fire escape, his horns almost smashing on one of the steps above him in the short stairwell. When he reached the pavement of the alleyway he sprinted to the front of the building and caught Jin and Jimin exiting side by side. They were talking about simple things like where they grew up, if they had any siblings, small talk. Yoongi eventually caught up to them and trailed a few feet behind to give Jimin the space he deserved.

He wouldn’t interrupt them for the rest of the walk to the market. He’d keep his grumbling to a minimum at Jin’s shitty jokes and try to refrain from tripping him with a tail to the ankle. He’d respect Jimin, but he didn’t have to respect Jin in the slightest.

Eventually they rounded a corner and entered the market district, police and barricades blocking traffic from entering the road they shut down for the crowds that gathered to shop. Jimin and Jin spotted a vendor and planned to purchase some food from it while Yoongi decided to stand back on the sidewalk while the other two approached the food truck in the street. He kept a close eye on them from a distance, looking between the pair and into the crowd.

His tail twitched side to side anxiously While he waited. At one point he even groaned and threw his head back in irritation when Jin made a stupid food pun. Seeing as the line was barely budging, Yoongi found a bench close by and sat to rest his legs. His long fingers braced each leather clad thigh and dug deep into the muscles, dragging his hands down to his knees and up to his groin in slow and deliberate movements.

He glanced up to check on the two. Jimin was talking softly as they waited in line for jjinppang-mandu, his lips looking plumper than Yoongi had last seen them, if that were possible.

They were laughing, Jimin resting his hand on Jin’s shoulder occasionally and rubbing his digits into the other man’s muscles like he were a trained massage therapist. Yoongi could use those hands right now on his legs, but the thought made him sad because he knew Jimin was far from willing to talk to him, let alone touch him.

An older man with a walking cane approached the bench Yoongi sat on and braced his hand on the metal arm for stability. Yoongi froze and watched the old man’s movements carefully. Just as he expected, the man was turning and began to squat above him. To prevent the human from sitting right on his lap, the demon slid swiftly out of the way to the opposite end of the bench with a sigh.

The worst part about being invisible and inaudible to humans? Yoongi constantly had to move out of their way to prevent them from freaking the fuck out.

The only people that could see Yoongi were the ones who summoned him which was only Jimin so far, the ones he allowed to see him in which case he would mutter an incantation with that human’s name and become visible, and the ‘gifted’ who were humans that had a connection between his realm and the earthly realm. People with a ‘sixth sense’ he’s heard humans refer to them.

Cats too.

Some dogs.

And some of the high-tech shit paranormal investigators used, but he drains the batteries before they can catch him on video. Yoongi has always been great with manipulating electric currents. His mood reflects the energy traveling through a space which gets caught in the wiring of appliances and other objects that utilize electricity. When his mood shifts drastically it causes disruptions in the electric fields around him and triggers lights to flicker or clocks to reset. It can be pretty fun if you’re around the right people.

His energy was low and would be as long as Jimin was upset. So the likelihood of electric field disruption was practically nonexistent.

Out of nowhere Yoongi felt something at his leg and leaned forward to look down at his ankle.

“Hello,” he cooed to a short-haired black cat weaving back and forth between his legs. “You’re beautiful,” he whispered.

Dandruff coated the cat’s thin coat, a chunk of its ear missing on one side, a scar across the other. “You’re precious,” he grinned when he realized the cat had golden eyes and a docked tail. Reaching a hand down and petting the feline from head to tail nub, the tips of his fingers glided over ribs and spine and pushed a cloud of white flakes off the cat’s fur. It became clear that the cat was malnourished just from the one stroke. “You poor thing,” he whined, petting the thin cat once again. Yoongi took a second to look around in search of anything to help the creature. A scrap of food, some water, anything.

Sure enough there was a vendor selling sushi a little further down the street from a popup stand. The demon glanced back over at Jimin and Jin who looked like they had just placed their orders and were now standing beside the truck chatting.

“Follow me,” he spoke softly to the feline with an encouraging scratch under the chin. Yoongi stood to his feet and made his way to the sushi vendor, “Let’s get you something to eat.” He swerved amongst the crowd like a shroud of smoke, ducking and dodging the humans that bustled about in the street. The demon would look back every few seconds to check on the cat, thrilled each time to see it trotting along at his heels.

The vendor had a line to the opposite side of the street and Yoongi had never been more thankful for his invisibility to the human eye. He looked at the assortment of fish and seafood spread about on the tables surrounding the space. Three men chopping and rolling beside one another, preparing different things. Yoongi spotted what he knew to be salmon on one of the tables and thought about how he could get away with taking a few slices of the fish without causing a scene.

He observed the men prep, watched them slice into a full salmon, fillet it, pluck the pin bones, and cut the fish into perfect chunks. The meat was laid down on plates for sashimi or over vinegar rice for nigiri. The men made sure to waste as little of the fish as possible. They even spooned the meat from the spine and used it in sushi. Yoongi’s stomach was growling at the sight and he so badly wished he could eat some.

There was a pile of scraps that was left at the very end of the cutting table and as it grew too large one of the men at the end of the little assembly line would push it with his knife into a trash bin position at the end of the table. Yoongi decided the next time the scraps were discarded he’d put his hand out over the trash at an angle and hopefully redirect some of the fish onto the ground.

A minute later another salmon was being carved into and the scraps were slowly accumulating at the end of the table. The fillets were taken to another table for slicing and prepping while the spine was spooned of its meat. The knife was picked up again and Yoongi darted his hand out over the trash just as the fish fell. He managed to get a good amount of fish scraps on the pavement and a few caught in his hand which he was able to conceal by closing his fist.

“Let’s go,” he rushed the cat who was picking up as many pieces of the fish it could in its mouth. “Come on,” he giggled and walked away from the vender with the cat in tow. He found a secluded area under a tree behind the vendors in a small grass patch and sat down cross legged. The black cat sat beside him and feasted on the fish scraps they collected. “Eat up, you’ll need the energy,” he smiled down to his new friend. When the cat finished eating the pieces it had collected, Yoongi offered the scraps he managed to grab, and hand fed the creature a piece at a time. The last thing he wanted was for the cat to eat too quickly and get sick, so he paced each piece out appropriately.

“I’m glad you came to me, otherwise I think you were bound to keel over and die in the next day or two,” Yoongi frowned. “That’s a pretty shitty mortal life to live, don’t you think?” he asked, offering another piece of fish. “I wonder if they got their food yet. We haven’t been gone too long,” Yoongi thought aloud referring to his human companion when he fed the cat the last piece.

Sure enough Jin and Jimin were walking slowly past the sushi vendor and traveling further down the street, pork buns in hand.

“Alright little guy,” he sighed down at the cat and stood to his feet. With the snap of his fingers his hands were fish-slime free and he no longer smelt like he had been on the back of a boat hauling trap all day. “Have a safe life and try not to get yourself run over,” Yoongi said, a pinch of sorrow in his tone. Golden eyes peered up at him, pupils small and body tense. It looked scared suddenly and Yoongi’s heart truly ached for the creature but there was nothing he could do. He gave the cat one last look and turned his back to catch up with Jimin and Seokjin.

He trailed a few feet back, just as he had on the way to the market and allowed the two to talk. That cat was gorgeous and his soul nearly split in two at the way the feline looked at him before he left. Mortal creatures were so hard to understand with all their emotions and feelings and dependency. Guilt was heavy on his shoulders the more he thought about the cat and it ate him alive second by second knowing he had just left it behind.

Yoongi looked down to his boots as he walked and shoved his hands in his pockets deep in thought. He wanted to be able to forget about what had just happened in order to spare his soul from the pain the encounter inflicted. First Jimin and now this cat. The day couldn’t get any worse.

“Are you doing anything later tonight?” Seokjin’s voice interrupted his thoughts.

Yoongi stopped breathing. He wanted to scream at the idea of spending even more time with Worldwide Handsome. Half an hour was enough. To spend a whole evening? That was pushing it.

“No actually, I just need to finish some laundry,” Jimin explained politely as they walked down the blocked-off street.

Yoongi blinked when he realized Jimin forgot about something very crucial he needed to partake in later that night. “T-that’s not true,” Yoongi stuttered nervously. “I need to eat.” He had a meal when the sun came up and when the sun went down. That’s a meal twice a day. And he couldn’t afford to skip and Jimin knew that very well.

“Would you want to come over when you’re done then? It’s pretty lonely living by yourself and I’d love some company. We could have dinner and I have some video games we could play,” Jin offered with a handsome smile.

The demon was growing panicked the more he and Jin spoke. “Jimin,” Yoongi mumbled, even reaching for his sleeve and giving it a gentle tug.

“That sounds,” Jimin’s eyes gleamed and a cute grin pulled over his lips, “really nice.”

Yoongi could feel his heart breaking because Jimin had never refused him a meal before. The sacrifices they found were intended for other demons or left without a proper incantation, more often than not the latter. Yoongi couldn’t eat whatever he wanted, he needed to be granted a sacrifice. And his proximity to Jimin caused his hunger to present itself more frequently. Being in the human realm was exhausting and sapped a great deal of energy from him, so it was imperative he stayed fed.

Incubi are not meant to linger in the human realm. They’re supposed to visit periodically.

Not reside.

Which is exactly what Yoongi was doing in order to spend all his time with Jimin.

“Great!” Seokjin cheered, clapping a hand to Jimin’s outside shoulder and pulling him into a side hug as they walked and ate.

The demon could cry at how hurt he felt. He had never pissed Jimin off this badly and he vowed to never do it again if this was the result of his behavior. Jimin had every right to be mad, but that didn’t make it hurt any less. Through a strained voice, Yoongi went to reach for his human again, and called, “J-Jimin please—”

“Ahhh I just remembered,” Jimin hissed, cutting him off. “I have to go food shopping too,” he whined to Jin. “How about this,” he began softly as they continued to walk with Yoongi trailing behind them, “I’ll go food shopping, come back, make myself dinner while I do my laundry, then come over for videogames? Does that sound okay? I don’t want to keep you waiting, that’s all. And I don’t know how long I’ll take.”

Seokjin nodded to this, agreeing to pretty much anything as long as he was able to hang out with Jimin. “Yes! That’s perfect!” he rejoiced. “I can’t wait, we’re going to have a lot of fun! What do you drink?”

“Seokjin-hyung,” Jimin smirked, “the questions is…what don’t I drink?”

“Jimin-ah! I love you already, please come over every night!” Seokjin practically screamed as his body wildly moved about. It had Jimin laughing excitedly until he needed support to stand and the closest thing to him was Jin’s long body. All Yoongi could do was watch the situation unfold and mentally prepare himself for a night with Worldwide Handsome and a pissed off Jimin.

When they returned to the apartment after leaving the market, Seokjin waved Jimin goodbye and walked down the hall to the opposite side of the building where his apartment sat. Jimin promised he would be over later that night with snacks and reached into his purse for his keys. They jingled in his hands and were fitted into the lock with one swift motion and turned to the side along with the knob. He stepped through the threshold as he opened the door and removed the key. For the first time since he flipped Yoongi off, Jimin looked up to him when he realized Yoongi was standing outside the door, staring at his boots forlorn.

“Come in,” Jimin sighed under his breath and stood aside from the threshold, hand still on the door knob.

Yoongi shuffled into the living room and shed his coat, only this time he hung it on one of the hooks beside the door that Jimin shut quietly. He unzipped his boots and placed them neatly under his jacket on the floor to keep them out of the way. Unsure of what to do after that, he stood still and crossed an arm over his chest while his tail coiled around one of his legs nervously.

“I’m sorry,” he whispered to his feet. Then he dared a look at Jimin who was facing him with a defeated expression, his jacket held loosely in his arms pressed to his stomach with sunglasses still perched on the top of his head.

Jimin nodded to Yoongi’s words and averted his eyes to the side.

“I shouldn’t have done what I did, and it will never happen again,” the demon promised, sincerity soaking his tone.

Jimin sighed and locked his tired eyes on Yoongi, “I didn’t appreciate it. If that’s how you deal with frustration, by ejaculating on my stuff? You don’t…” He had a hard time formulating a sentence because he never thought he’d have to have a formal conversation about someone getting their bodily fluids on his possessions. “You don’t do that. You just can’t do that.”

Now it was Yoongi’s turn to nod, “I’m really sorry Jimin. That behavior isn’t acceptable, and it shouldn’t be tolerated—”

“It won’t be,” Jimin hardened his tone, “ever.” The young man closed his eyes and took a breath to calm himself. He’d been fuming ever since he found his bed in a state of disgust and now he finally had the ability to form sentences without screaming at Yoongi.

The glasses on his head were removed and placed on the table with his purse beside the door, his leather jacket hung, and his shoes toed off and pushed beside Yoongi’s.

“I’m going to take a nap,” Jimin announced quietly. “I’ve had a long day,” he whispered and crossed the room to crawl onto the couch. When his back touched the cushions he immediately relaxed into the comfy confines and shut his eyes.

“I um…do you want a blanket or anything?” Yoongi asked kindly.

“I’m all set,” was the simple answer he received and nothing else.

“Okay,” he mumbled and walked away, giving Jimin his space.

He found his feet carrying himself into Jimin’s bedroom. He got up into the rocking chair and tucked his knees to his chest where he secured them in place with his arms. He looked over at the stripped bed on the other side of the room and internally punched himself.

That was one of the stupider things you’ve done, Yoongi thought to himself as he closed his eyes and rested his mind.

Chapter Text

Jimin dreamt of the forest. His perspective was that of a bird, or so he assumed. His view was propelled through treetops at astonishing speeds, the sunlight and shadows flashing by him in a manner only strobe lights could mimic. Branches swayed in the breeze and needles from deciduous giants reached for the heavens and fought for light as he soared amongst their crowns. Wind whistling past his mysterious form.

Unfortunately for him, this dream was not lucid, so he had no control and was left to the devices of his predetermined imagination. He tried to look to the side to see what carried him through the air. Wings, arms, claws, anything to give him a sense of what was happening. But no matter how hard he willed himself to look around, to speak, to move, nothing worked.

His point of view began to slow until finally he was motionless amongst the branches. Jimin tried to look around yet again but his vision was limited to looking straight down where he found a pair of raptorial talons. When he focused further, Jimin was able to see a figure standing at the base of the tree. His sight grew clearer by the second and he was able to make out a man squatting over something. It was unclear what the man was looming above on the forest floor but it intrigued Jimin’s bird form enough to swoop down soundlessly onto a lower branch for a better look. Once situated on the branch, Jimin was given the opportunity to look at the man again. The top of his head was full of silky red locks which a pair of midnight black corkscrew horns poked up from. He was robed in black from hands to feet with a whip like tail motionless across the ground. The only porcelain skin visible being his face, neck, and hands that were visible through strappy leather gloves, if you could even call them that.

It became blatantly obvious that this was not a man. This was a demon in his dream.

There was blood pooling at his boots and dripping from the stone he was leaned over. His hands were saturated red and pressing deep within the innards of a badly mutilated animal. Flesh and bone littered the grass and moss surrounding the stone the creature postured himself over. His shoulders twitched and jerked as snaps and squelching echoed through the forest followed by obscene sounds of chewing and slurping. He was feasting on what Jimin realized to be a sacrifice at what an alter similar to the one he and Yoongi had gone to before.

Just when he thought he’d seen everything, the demon’s head looked to the side, freezing in place. All sounds but the blow of the wind through the leaves ceased. The demon below looked up suddenly with his face smeared in blood. A dribble of saliva mixed with red dropped down from his chin and hung in a thin strand until it grew too heavy and snapped free, falling between bent legs. His narrowed eyes searched the trees until they landed directly on Jimin.

He wanted to scream at the image, close his eyes or move away. But he had no choice and stared back at the demon in chilling suspense. Mortified, Jimin watched as the demon stood painfully slow to his feet clad in black with his hands and face dripping. Red lips pulled up to reveal one of the most petrifying grins Jimin had ever seen.

Jimin heard movement around him and could sense the presence of another being in the room. There was a bit of shuffling and the occasional cupboards opening and closing with a great deal of effort to make it quiet, which Jimin respected.

He felt warmth around his body which was a pleasant surprise considering Yoongi makes it so cold with his presence when he isn’t aroused or in the mood. Jimin finally cracked his eyes open to have his vision blurred when he looked down at himself lying across the couch. He found a blanket cocooning his whole body and hummed contently. Then it dawned on him, he never got a blanket before he went to sleep. Confused, Jimin leaned his body up slightly to take in his surroundings. Not only was a blanket tucked around him but there was a full glass of water and a bowl of raspberries on the coffee table. Yoongi couldn’t eat without being summoned and no one else lived with him so it was more than obvious the snack was meant for him.

Jimin smiled cutely to the treat he was left and the comfort of his blanket. As upset as he was with Yoongi earlier he felt his heart melt at the kind gesture. Sitting up fully and fixing the blanket to wrap at his shoulders, Jimin reached for the berries and took a couple in his hand. He was pleased to feel a bit of moisture on them and a napkin at the bottom of the bowl which indicated Yoongi washed them. It was really considerate to do when Yoongi knew close to nothing about human food practices. He had to’ve observed Jimin washing produce before and remembered that it was important. The idea of Yoongi paying attention to something as small as that had Jimin feeling fuzzy inside.

The berries were popped into his mouth one by one, the sweet juice of each little pod soaking his tongue. Humming to the wonderful taste, Jimin bobbed his head in slow and relaxed nods. He plucked a few more from the bowl and looked over to the kitchenette to find Yoongi perched on one of the stools at the island. Literally.

The demon was squatting on the stool, his tail lazily swaying back and forth behind him as he stared down at the countertop, elbows planted on the granite with his cheeks planted in his hands. Intrigued in what the creature was doing, Jimin straightened up and craned his neck to see what Yoongi was so focused on. He had a hunch, and sure enough columns of cards were laid out in front of him and a stack to his right elbow. He was playing Solitaire, one of the most frustrating and torturous card games you could play and it made perfect sense for a demon to be attracted to it.

Jimin smiled to himself and ate a few more berries, chewing on them quietly as he watched Yoongi struggle to place another card down. He flipped through his deck, closely analyzing each one before turning another face up and hoping to place it somewhere.

Irritation was beginning to set in as he kept flipping, an exasperated sigh pressing through his lips quietly. The other couldn’t handle seeing him suffer, so he stood up from the couch with his bowl of berries and cup of water to pad over to the incubus. Yoongi heard the movement to his left and shot his glance nervously Jimin’s way. The sight of the young man’s plump smile took the edge off his aching soul immediately. He had never been happier to see someone all wrapped up in a blanket with a bowl and glass in each hand.

“Morning,” Jimin said softly, knowing full well it was the afternoon.

Yoongi grinned back at him when he stood at his side. “Morning,” he chortled just as quietly and stilled when a tiny kiss pressed to his forehead.

“Thank you,” Jimin smiled down at him through well rested eyes and raised the fruit and water before setting them down on the counter out of the way of Yoongi’s game.

The demon felt himself blush at the small act of love, eyes wide staring back up at Jimin as if he were the sole purpose of his existence. “Of course,” he nodded curtly to hide his bafflement, but his eyes gave him away.

Jimin’s smile only widened to show his perfect teeth and squinted eyes and Yoongi’s heart fluttered. This is why he stuck around; this is why he refused to return to his own realm. All for moments like this. All for Jimin and his beautiful smile. He looked so cute wrapped up in his white throw blanket with his hair mussed by sleep. Yoongi couldn’t get enough of it, he wanted to take a mental snapshot and treasure it for the rest of his never-ending life.

“Are you stuck?”

“Huh?” Yoongi mumbled, eyes trancelike and heavy on Jimin’s visage.

“Maybe in more ways than one,” came a laugh. “In your game,” Jimin clarified and pointed a finger to the columns of cards.

Yoongi snapped out of it almost violently, twitching his head to focus down on the counter and avoid Jimin’s prying eyes. “Ah! Yes,” he mumbled quickly and fit his face between his fists again.

The young man beside him took a moment to gaze over the cards already in play, carefully scanning for any holes that could be filled with what was already laid out. Sure enough he ended up taking a column and switching it around, breaking up groupings and reestablishing them until he was certain Yoongi could begin playing again.

“…What the fuck.”

Jimin just laughed at that, hiding his face with the blanket while Yoongi looked at the cards dumbfounded.

“You just,” he couldn’t even finish, all he could do was stare on in disbelief at the options Jimin gave him with only a few moves from cards he already had in columns. “I could’ve done that, I’m so fucking stupid,” Yoongi grumbled and began to place more cards down from his stack into columns.

Jimin clicked his tongue at the rude comment Yoongi made towards himself and whined, “Don’t say that, you’re so mean to yourself.”

“It’s the truth,” Yoongi sighed dramatically, knowing it would get a rise out of Jimin.

“Stop, now you’re just being ridiculous,” came the groan Yoongi was looking for, followed by a pair of toned arms that wrapped around him. He was enveloped in muscle and blanket, a wonderful surprise. Jimin stood there pressing Yoongi’s side into his front, protecting him from his own harsh words like his life depended on it. “Don’t say that, okay?” he pleaded tenderly, even resting the side of his head on Yoongi’s shoulder.

“Ffffffine,” the demon promised like it annoyed him to do so, but the smirk that laced his lips made it clear he was more than willing to play along with Jimin’s demands.

When the young man looked up to meet Yoongi’s mischievous smile with his own victorious one, Jimin whispered, “Good,” and pecked his cheek. He straightened up and popped a few berries in his mouth before he spoke again. “Do you want to leave soon to get dinner?”

“Didn’t you want to go food shopping first? I thought you told Worldwide Douchebag you needed to,” Yoongi reminded casually.

Jimin rolled his eyes at the offensive nickname but answered calmly, “I just said that to buy us time in case it took a little longer to find you a sacrifice.”

“Gotcha,” Yoongi nodded, grateful for the consideration. “And I finished your laundry,” he added passively, unable to look Jimin in the eye and instead played with the fringe above his eyes to hide his embarrassment.

“That was considerate of you,” Jimin nodded, happy to know it was done, displeased knowing it needed to be in the first place. Sure enough when he spared a glance into his room his bed was made and the pillows perfectly placed. “Well,” he paused and looked over to the stove top for the time, “it’s 5:38pm now. By the time we find a sacrifice and you finish eating we’ll probably get back around 6:45pm, 7:00pm, which is perfect. Do you want to do that?”

Yoongi nodded to this, “That sounds perfect to me.”


Jimin opted to change into something a little more rugged for their evening adventure. Dressing down wasn’t his favorite thing to do, but when he was around Yoongi it meant everything to dress for practicality and not style. So he decided to rock a pair of joggers and running sneakers with a T-shirt and sweatshirt for the dropping temperature in the spring air.

Just as he had earlier that morning, Yoongi looked all around him until he was able to see the flickering light of a sacrificial alter. His senses allowed him to visualize a faint flame through objects that appeared miles away from him. The bigger and fresher the sacrifice, the brighter the flame in his vision. He could see the light through all surfaces whether it be a tree or a mile of buildings, Yoongi was able to watch a flicker of light twinkle in the distance where his next meal would present itself without difficulty. Unfortunately, tonight he didn’t see any flames within a two-mile radius which sucked considering how hungry he was. He couldn’t give up just yet after a single scan though, it was imperative he ate. So he asked Jimin if they could wait a while until something showed up and the young man was happy to do so.

They sat on a bench close to the apartment, Yoongi twiddling his thumbs as he hunched over with his elbows on his thighs trying to pass the time while Jimin plugged in his headphones and dozed off. His head turned back and forth, looking behind himself at times in search of a food source, until five minutes later there was a spark. The demon tapped Jimin with the back of his hand signaling the search was over. As he stood to his feet and began to walk in the general direction of the spark, Jimin quickly stood up and followed with his headphones still in. The glimmer was fleeting and only appeared for a moment, but as long as Yoongi kept his bearing he’d be able to track it down.

The two walked along the city streets side by side, the demon making sure not to rush like earlier that morning. He was a little excited about the sacrifice and it got the better of him. This time he was a bit more conservative of his energy as well as Jimin’s and played it safe at a more relaxed pace. Stepping between small groups of people was somewhat difficult without bumping them but Yoongi was pretty skilled at sneaking around so it made maneuvering a fraction easier. Jimin struggled with it, apologizing the whole way through a crowd until they eventually broke free and traveled as a pair again without the added headache of civilians separating them.

Yoongi made sure to check on him with a quick look over his shoulder every few minutes, making sure he was keeping up while Yoongi led the way. Suddenly the spark reappeared and Yoongi homed in on it, rerouting his initial path and finding a suitable shortcut through some buildings. Jimin followed him blindly, trusting the demon’s instinct to map the way. He himself couldn’t see anything significant, but somehow Yoongi’s nature brought them to a sacrifice every time. There was no use in doubting his ability to find food so Jimin followed silently as his demon lead on.

They walked between building after building, Jimin receiving some strange glances by what he assumed were residents of the apartments. The alleys were dimly lit and occasionally smelling of garbage that wafted from the dumpsters they passed. It wasn’t enough to have Jimin wheezing but he could’ve done without the foul smells considering he was going to be looking over an animal carcass soon. The two didn’t pair well as far as his stomach was concerned.

The sun exploded when Jimin and Yoongi emerged from between the last line of buildings and they both instinctively raised their hands to shield their eyes from the intense blast of orange light. They were at the edge of the market district, Jimin noticed. The street that had been blocked off from traffic now free to flow again.

Yoongi led them to a crosswalk and Jimin waited for his signal to go. Across the street was a crumbling graveyard, probably home to corpses that passed in the early 1900s judging by the look of the headstones. The iron gate that allowed for entry was ajar and open to the public. Jimin had the faintest idea the sacrifice was in the cemetery, and to his displeasure Yoongi crossed the street with him in tow and banked a hard left to enter through the gates.

He plucked a headphone from his ear and looked up to Yoongi ahead of him in agitation, “Is it in here?”

“Yup,” came the simple reply.

Jimin grimaced, but followed along on the pavement, “Great.”

“It’s pretty far back unfortunately,” Yoongi shot him an apologetic look over his shoulder.

To this Jimin chuckled sarcastically, “Even better.”

Rows of gravestones passed them by, some in better shape than others. They were deteriorating slowly, one by one, in desperate need of fixing or replacing altogether. It saddened Jimin knowing that these souls had no one alive to remember them, retell their stories, visit their graves and honor them. Cemeteries were humbling, perhaps it was one of the only places Jimin liked to stand clear of. It reminded him too harshly of the little time he had on earth before he was buried in it. The idea made his heart ache. Dying wasn’t on his agenda for years and years to come so he tried not to think about it. Cemeteries made that pretty hard though.

They walked along the pavement side by side, the path just big enough for a car to pass through. Yoongi seemed calm as ever, a cemetery nothing new to him while on the hunt for a sacrifice. Among the summoners it was pretty common to construct an alter close by. They believed the spirits in the ground would enhance the likelihood of attracting a creature of his kind. Something about the spirits’ energies being used to enhance the signal that would reach the demons, or whatever. He didn’t care much for the explanation. In the end, a sacrifice was a sacrifice.

With only a few rows of gravestones to go, Yoongi could hear the faint cries of an animal and the banter of people.

Well shit, he thought, Jimin is going to absolutely hate this.

Yoongi considered turning around, grabbing Jimin by the hand and leading him away from the screaming animal and into the opposite direction without an explanation. But the idea only became an idea when he heard Jimin gasp behind him. When Yoongi turned around it was too late. Jimin’s jaw was slack, a headphone clutched in his hand and his eyes welling with fear.

“What is that?” he whispered, stopping dead in his tracks along the pavement.

The demon winced at another gurgled scream of the animal and a shout from what sounded like a grown man. “My dinner? I thought?” Yoongi sounded just as conflicted as Jimin. Another screech and Jimin was ripping the other bud clean from his ear by the wire and shoving his phone and headphones into his sweatshirt pocket. Before Yoongi could realize what was happening, Jimin took off in a sprint towards the desperate cries of the animal.

“Jimin!” Yoongi called after him in a panic and began the chase to catch up. The pavement eventually ended, and gravel replaced its path. The sun was dipping lower behind the trees, shrouding the landscape in a dim light that only grew darker when the two met tree line. They paused for a moment, searching through the bases of trees until they spotted someone just barely visible poking out through the gaps. “Jimin you don’t want to watch this, I promise—”

“—I’m not going to watch, I’m going to stop it,” he whispered seriously, a newfound courage consuming him.

“You can’t be serious,” Yoongi argued, gripping Jimin at the bicep with a clawed hand.

Jimin didn’t bother fixing him with a stern face, he just whispered, “Watch me,” and crouched close to the pine needle littered ground.

“For fuck’s sake,” Yoongi groaned and trailed behind Jimin, only he was walking, not crouching. There was no need in trying to hide or speak softly, the humans couldn’t hear or see him anyways. “I’ll go and see how many there are before you get yourself killed and become the sacrifice,” Yoongi huffed and took the lead once again. He padded carefully towards the noise until the conversation amongst the humans became clear.

“Just fucking do it already!” a young man shouted.

“You’re just wasting time,” another groaned in irritation.

“He can’t, just take it,” a young boy’s voice cut in.

“Just give me the knife and hold it down for me.”

Yoongi finally got close enough to assess the situation and saw four boys all ranging in age. A preteen who hadn’t had the chance to lose his baby weight yet holding down a small creature with one hand and a knife in the other above it, ready to stab. He looked like he was sobbing, face red and tear stained cheeks. There were two teenagers, one lengthy and thin, the other short and stalky. And finally, an older teenager, maybe even a young adult male, with strong arms and a sharp face. Probably the only one that could really injure Jimin if he had to.

When Yoongi got closer he was able to see a small black creature struggling for its life. Hissing and screaming at the young boy with its claws buried in his arms. Blood trickling down his flesh and beading along his hand that pressed ruthlessly to the cat’s neck. Yoongi got even closer, his foot snapping a branch in the process on purpose, startling the four boys and having them look frantically around in his direction.

“Did you hear that?” the tallest one whispered. Everything was silent except for the animal’s labored breath and hissing.

Yoongi crept even closer, stalking the oldest boy like a panther. No doubt he was in charge of the sacrifice and according to Jimin it was not going to take place, which meant Yoongi would do everything in his power to prevent it from happening. When he looked to the side he saw Jimin crouched behind a downed tree, peeking from a small gap in its rotted form. He was well camouflaged, Yoongi was more than impressed.

“Forget about it, the forest settles sometimes,” the eldest snorted in response to the stick snapping and approached the young boy. “I thought you could do it this time but it’s obvious you’re still a pussy,” he snarled and took the knife from the boy’s hand. He grabbed the cat by the head and threw his hip into the younger to move him away. “You shouldn’t even be out here,” he growled at the young boy, setting him with a furious glower. He positioned his hand back on the feline’s neck while the two older teens stood on the other side of the alter. That’s when Yoongi looked down at the poor creature thrashing for its life and found golden eyes desperately looking up at him. A missing ear. And a docked tail.

“That’s my fucking cat!” he bellowed in sheer rage. Without thinking, Yoongi raised his hands above the young man’s shoulders and sliced his nails down his back. He cut through the thin T-shirt and carved into his skin just deep enough to have blood bubble to the surface. The man jerked his hand away from the cat and tossed the knife into the air only to get lost in the leaves as a scream raked through his body. The cat, released, scurried off into the direction of the graveyard, darting between the trees like a shadow.

The other three boys, horrified at what had just happened, gaped at the other’s pain, confused and concerned. The youngest is the first to see the damage Yoongi left and screamed just as loudly, panic setting in.

“Oh my god!” the oldest cried out and turned to face Yoongi only to see nothing but trees. “What the fuck!?” he yelled in horror, turning around in circles to see absolutely nothing but the other three boys.

“We need to leave,” the tallest trembled. “We need to fucking leave,” he quivered.

“This isn’t okay, this isn’t right, this shit isn’t good,” the stalky one shook his head in shock, his body shaking violently.

When none of them made a move, Yoongi took it upon himself to move around the young man and stand on the alter. A twisted smile drew over his lips as he took his bloody nails on each hand and gently dragged them over the two teens faces simultaneously, leaving five thin lines of blood in their wake. The oldest and youngest watched as the lines were drawn in pure terror. Their blood was cold as ice and neither one of them had the breath to scream instead they just took off further into the woods while the other two released blood curdling cries and ran after them helplessly. Yoongi, priding his work, sat down on the alter and smiled, giggling maniacly at their retreating backs.

Jimin slowly rose from behind the fallen tree with conflicted feelings as he listened to the screams that echoed in the forest paired with Yoongi’s laughter.

“That was…traumatizing,” he sighed, realizing he had been holding his breath.

Yoongi looked over at him with a blank look on his face. “It was either freak them out or watch a cat, my cat, die. I chose my cat,” Yoongi explained, hopping off the alter and snapping his fingers to clear the blood off his nails.

“But did you have to scratch him that bad?” Jimin argued, truly concerned with the treatment Yoongi dealt. “And what the hell do you mean ‘your cat?’”

Yoongi took a hold of his wrist lightly and began to walk into the direction from which they came. Back to the cemetery.

“When you and Sir Jokes Alot were waiting in line for food,” he began, releasing Jimin’s wrist to fist his hands in his leather pant pockets, “a stray cat came up to me. That cat. It’s super emaciated and kind of banged up so I decided to get it some food while I waited for you guys.”

Jimin nodded to this new information, “I was wondering where you went.”

“Yeah,” Yoongi mumbled. “I kind of…got attached to it, I guess. I couldn’t see it struggle anymore on the alter once I recognized it,” he said softly, the bitterness from the encounter hot on his tongue. “I tried doing what you humans do. I didn’t name it because I was worried this would happen. Somehow I’d find the thing dead and grieve for it. But now I’m its bitch so I guess it didn’t matter.”

Jimin snickered and wrapped an arm across Yoongi’s back as they broke through the tree line. “And the demon’s heart grew three sizes that day!” he joked with a wide smile.

“Ha ha, very funny,” Yoongi played along with a small smirk.

They walked along the gravel at the edge of the cemetery and found themselves walking along the rows once again, only this time in slight darkness. When a black mist sprinted at them from behind a headstone, Jimin almost screamed, but then he realized it was the cat. With a hand to his heart he began to relax as Yoongi knelt down and pet the feline lovingly over the head and down the back to the nub of its tail, just as he did earlier that day.

“You’re so brave,” he whispered to the animal. “You stood up to them like nothing I had ever seen. You and your one ear,” he giggled sadistically. “Fuck you’re a tough little shit, aren’t you?”

Jimin grinned down at the two, loving the way Yoongi gave in to the mangled feline. “Do you know if it’s a boy or a girl?” he asked curiously.

“No, we don’t know each other well enough to discuss gender just yet,” Yoongi poked fun.

“You’re such a jerk,” the other groaned, throwing his head back in annoyance. Jimin sat on the gravel cross-legged and began to coo at the cat, presenting a hand for added encouragement.

The feline looked over at Jimin wide eyed and cautiously approached his open palm. Sure enough it butted its head into his grip and rubbed the side of its face along his fingers. “Come here,” he called softly and picked the cat up under its front legs lifting it into the air and checking its sex. “A beautiful girl,” he smiled and lowered her onto his lap. The poor thing looked like it had experienced hell a thousand times over with the shape she was in, but that didn’t stop Jimin from showering the feline all of his love. “You’re so pretty,” he whispered against the cat’s head. His arms folding around the creature and blocking her from the cruel world she was accustomed to. “You’re the most charming cat in the world, baby girl,” his voice gentle and high pitched as he stroked his hands down her slim body. “Yoongi and I are going to take care of you now. You don’t need to worry anymore, beautiful,” Jimin assured her.

Yoongi ended up finding a sacrifice on the way back to the apartment. Jimin gave the incantation and the demon feasted on a goat this time while Jimin just played with their new cat.

He carried her all the way home with Yoongi looking over every so often to watch the wonderful feline shut her eyes peacefully. “She’s perfect,” he mumbled, scratching under her chin with gentle nails.

“Absolutely perfect,” Jimin agreed, nuzzling her head against his cheek.

Turns out he would have to go to the store after all that evening to pick up cat supplies. Food, bath wash, and a toy or two. He’d go out again for more supplies, but for now he just got the essentials. This will be good, Jimin thought. It would give Yoongi something to focus his attention on in Jimin’s absence. They never really discussed why Yoongi followed him around everywhere he went, it was just a routine they both seemed fine with. But in places of work, Jimin had a hard time focusing on anything that wasn’t Yoongi with his looming presence and insatiable need to tease and fondle. With a cat in the house he may want to pay it more attention while Jimin went on with daily life in places Yoongi was only a distraction.

This will be good.

When they entered the apartment Yoongi offered to give the cat her first bath, refusing to let her touch the floor. Jimin appreciated the concern with the feline being a stray and all, it was their first priority to get her clean.

“We still need to give her a name,” Jimin called to the demon as he placed the cat supplies on the island.

Yoongi was already in the bathroom running a bath, the water loud as it pounded against the tub. “We could just call her Sengsohn,” Yoongi yelled back.

Jimin was absolutely disturbed at the suggestion. “You want to name a cat…Sengsohn,” he restated, distraught. “Yoongi…you’re fucking twisted, okay?”

“I just think it’s a fitting name for her! I helped her get fish to eat and she was almost eaten! It makes perfect sense,” he explained as if Jimin couldn’t follow his logic, his tone judgmental.

Jimin couldn’t argue with him and the name oddly stuck. With a defeated sigh, Jimin walked the bottle of cat friendly shampoo into the bathroom, “Sengsohn it is.”

Yoongi was kneeling on the floor, the cat in the tub already as he turned the water off with one hand and scratched under the cat’s chin with the other. He cooed to her softly, calling her gorgeous and telling her how good she would feel after the bath. Jimin couldn’t get over how calm the cat was just standing in the tub submerged to her chest in the warm water. Yoongi clearly had some kind of calming effect on her and the fact that they had already met must’ve contributed to the trust she had in him.

“Here,” Jimin extended the bottle of shampoo to Yoongi as he knelt down beside the demon.

“Thank you,” he said and placed the bottle on the rim of the tub. His hands got to work massaging into her coat of short black fur, cupping water and washing it over her back.

The two looked on in slight disgust as dirt and grime discolored the water around her, tainting it in an earthy brown. “That’s cute,” Jimin winced at the swirls of brown in his spotless white tub.

“Hopefully it’s just dirt—”

Then they saw traces of red when Yoongi began to gently press the pads of his fingers against her neck. “Probably from those fuckers,” he grimaced. “What the hell were they thinking? She barely has any meat on her, I can’t think of a single demon that would even try to pick through the bones. That’s all she is, the poor thing,” Yoongi mumbled, eyes fixated on the blood that mixed with the dirt in the water.

“On second thought I’m glad you broke skin on that prick’s back,” Jimin snarled. “How could anyone be so cruel to an animal?”

Yoongi couldn’t help but set him with a pitiful stare. “You do realize every animal I’ve consumed was killed senselessly for a sinful cause, correct?”

Jimin stuttered, “Well I mean, everything you’ve eaten so far has been livestock—”

“Which very well could have been stolen from someone’s farm,” Yoongi cut in, “bred to provide milk or raise young as opposed to slaughter.”

Jimin went silent for a moment as he gathered his thoughts. “Yeah but this is the first time we got to a sacrifice and it hadn’t been carried out. I just panicked. I would’ve done the same thing for a goat or a lamb or a pig. And besides, the animals are already dead by the time we get there, it would be a waste if you didn’t eat them. You’re the only demon around and they’re killing all these animals for no reason, thinking they’re doing justice to Satan or some shit. And I can’t just start a petition to end the sacrifices, I’ll look like a psycho. So why let the animals rot on a stone and have their body spread across the forest when you can just daintily pick them apart with your hands and eat them?”

Yoongi blinked. “Well when you put it like that…”

Jimin nodded as he successfully proved his point, crossing his arms over his chest and leaning against the rim of the tub.

They washed the cat together, getting her nice and sudsy and breaking down grit clumped in her fur with gentle strokes of their fingers, freeing apart the fibers. The tub was drained, and she was rinsed with the showerhead to clear away the excess soap. Her ribs were poking from her skin now that her silky coat was matted to her flesh with moisture. Jimin felt sadness creeping is his throat and scratching at his eyes. He so badly wanted to help this cat and would do anything to make her healthy. Yoongi towel dried her as she shivered and shook from the cold air while Jimin set up his hair drier to speed up the process. In a matter of minutes Sengsohn was perfectly dry and sleek looking a thousand times better than she had before the bath. Her coat was rid of city filth, her skin a bit healthier with only trace dandruff, and her beautiful face clear of blood and mucus from her struggle on the alter.

Yoongi and Jimin couldn’t be happier with the end result. They filled up a bowl with some food and another with water, making sure to fill them a small amount at a time to keep her from choking or throwing up. Eventually she stuffed herself and it was time for Jimin to eat his own meal, neglecting his appetite for some time. He settled for leftovers and heated it in the microwave, pleasantly surprised to feel a presence at his feet.

Looking down to find Sengsohn figure-eighting his calves, Jimin grinned fondly and picked her up to cradle to his chest. Kissing her head lovingly and whispering wonderful things to her. She began to purr, the first noise she had made since being freed from the group of boys in the forest. Yoongi rounded the island to scamper over to the creature, delighted by her tender rumbling. He brought his face close and kissed her nose, absolutely head over heels for the small beast.

While Jimin ate at the island, Yoongi cuddled Sengsohn on the couch until she finally took a chance to roam around her new home. Skulking about and pushing through cracked open doors, inspecting everything.

This is good, Jimin smiled from the island eating his dinner, looking up to watch Yoongi trail behind her like a child.

When he finished with his meal he looked at the clock to find it was 8:00pm on the dot. “Shit!” he coughed, speed washing his dishes and placing them on the drying wrack.

“What?” Yoongi called from the bedroom.

“Seokjin!” was the one worded answer as Jimin raced off to the bathroom to brush his teeth.

Yoongi mumbled, “Oh yeah I almost forgot about your playdate.”

He raced back out of the bathroom with his teeth cleaned and tugged on his shoes, only to rip them back off when he realized what he was wearing. “Fuck,” he spat and sprinted into his room. Yoongi was lying on his bed with Sengsohn cozied up on his chest purring contently, his hands massaging into her neck to soothe the ache from being manhandled by the boys.

Jimin opened his closet and tore through his hanging clothes while Yoongi just stared at him in disbelief. “You can’t be serious,” he droned. “Are you really getting dressed up?”

“Yes. I am,” Jimin answered sternly.

Yoongi didn’t even bothering trying to look away when Jimin’s hands crossed at the hem of his sweatshirt and T-shirt that he pulled up and over his body in one smooth tug, revealing a hairless set of abs and a beautifully toned chest and arms. The demon’s brain went fuzzy at the picture before him, heat pulsing in his lower abdomen. It wasn’t until Sengsohn jumped down from the bed did Jimin look up to find Yoongi staring at him suggestively. His posture was even predatory with the way he lied on his side bent up with the help of his elbow pressed firmly into the mattress, his tail thumping quietly along the surface of the sheets.

”Do you have to go?” his soft expression a deep contrast to his gravely voice.

”You’ll survive,” Jimin affirmed with little sympathy in his tone, changing in front of Yoongi’s prying eyes.

Chapter Text

When Jimin gave a few solid knocks to the door he heard rustling from inside the apartment. Footsteps grew closer until a shadow cast over the peep hole and the door was opened.

Expecting a tall and broad shouldered Seokjin, Jimin was surprised to find a young man with doe like eyes staring back at him. His expression was void of emotion but eyes wide with wonderment.

Jimin took in the stranger’s features. He wore a white long sleeve sweater with a pair of light wash jean-joggers. His dark hair was parted at the middle and cradled his face in beautiful waves. The locks were just long enough to be tucked behind his ears; however, they were left to hang at the sides of his face in a natural formation. His nose a bit wide with a wonderful downward curve, really giving him a face of innocence. What was not so innocent was his impressive jawline and the definition of his neck which had Jimin’s eyes wandering to his chest. The baggy shirt acting as Jimin’s sandbox to imagine whatever he liked.

“Are you Park Jimin?”

Jimin was blasted out of his thoughts immediately. He grew hesitant with the other staring at him so intently and knowing his name. “Yes. And you are..?”

“Oh!” the stranger perked up, bowing his head. “Jeon Jungkook,” he introduced, eyes still wide as a small smile revealed his teeth. “I’m Seokjin’s boyfriend.”

Jimin didn’t know what was more shocking; standing in front of a beautiful young man, Jin being gay, Jin being in a relationship, or Jin being gay in a relationship with a beautiful young man. He tried to wrap his head around it all but somehow none of it made sense. Jin hadn’t mentioned this Jeon Jungkook once since they’d known each other, which wasn’t much, but long enough where they had begun to indulge in small talk and reference family and friends. Not once was Jungkook brought up.

Was he embarrassed? Jimin thought. Or was he trying to hide his relationship?

Whatever the case, Jimin was just happy to know he was in the presence of someone like him, someone he didn’t have to try and tiptoe around when it came to his past relationships or current crushes. He could essentially be himself and enjoy it.

“This…makes sense now,” Jimin laughed hesitantly and bowed back out of respect. “Sorry, he hadn’t mentioned—”

Jungkook shook his head. “I’m sorry, this was my fault, I decided to come over when I got out of work. He probably didn’t have time to tell you I’d be here,” Jungkook said apologetically.

“What are you talking about? You shouldn’t be apologizing to me,” Jimin genuinely laughed this time, taken aback by the young man’s need to explain himself. “He’s your boyfriend. You don’t need to say sorry for being here.”

Jungkook paused and gave a thankful smile, head tilted down slightly to almost look up at Jimin in an adorable sort of way. “Come on in,” he chuckled, realizing Jimin was still standing in the hallway and moved aside to allow him entry into the apartment.

“Right,” Jimin chirped and stepped inside Seokjin’s apartment. He toed off his shoes and tucked them beside the perfect row that lined against the wall beside the door. There was an array of footwear for all occasions. Jimin could appreciate a good fashion sense when he saw one and it was evident Seokjin did not fuck around when it came to his shoes.

Jungkook waved the guest over to the empty couch and sat down on the far end, Seokjin nowhere in sight. When Jimin sat on the opposite end of the couch he watched Jungkook pick up a PlayStation controller from the coffee table and resume a first-person shooter game. At first he thought there were smudges of ink or dirt on Jungkook’s hands until he focused his gaze a little and realized they were tattoos. Tattoos aren’t exactly accepted in Korean culture but they’re becoming more common in younger generations. Seeing Jungkook’s tattoos reminded Jimin about his idea for one on his ribs. Considering they had just met he didn’t want to bombard Jungkook with all of his pressing tattoo questions and would maybe save it for another time.

Jimin did feel a bit awkward though just sitting on the couch while Seokjin’s boyfriend mindlessly played his videogame, but then again it was the first time all day he was allowed to zone out. With such a hectic life being a social butterfly and a slave to a blood thirsty demon, Jimin barely had time to breathe. Being able to watch a videogame and go brain dead was rather nice.

Thinking too soon, Jimin heard footsteps approaching from behind the couch. Assuming it was Seokjin, he turned to face the newcomer.

“Jimin!” the tall man erupted, all smiles and giddy energy.

“Hello Seokjin-hyung,” he sang back, standing up to his feet and rounding the couch to meet his neighbor halfway and give him a hug. Jin had them swaying back and forth as he leaned from left to right with Jimin nestled in his grip. “I’m sorry I’m so late,” Jimin apologized through the unorthodox display of friendly affection.

“Please,” Jin excused him with a pat to the shoulder when they released one another. “I’m glad you were able to come!” His arm rose and a finger pointed to the black-haired man on the couch. “I’m assuming you met Jeon Jungkook, he’s a really good friend of mine,” Jin said merrily. Jungkook waved to them quickly while he continued to stare at the TV, unable to pull his eyes away and risk his character dying.

“Yep, we met,” Jimin grinned, noting the way Seokjin referred to the other man as his ‘good friend’ and wondering if he was trying to cover his true relationship.

“He decided to come over last minute, I hope that’s all right with you?” Jin apologized but in the way when someone knew they weren’t truly in the wrong and it was more for formality’s sake.

Jimin set him with a caring smile in return, “Of course it’s fine.”

“Jungkookie last round and then I’m putting on Mario Kart, okay?” Seokjin announced to the young man.

“Yes,” came the plain response as Jungkook smoked a player through the lens of a rifle.

“What would you like to drink, Jimin-ah?” Jin smiled wholesomely and took his friend by the hand to drag him over to his kitchen area. “I have so many options,” he smirked over his shoulder.

“I don’t really have a preference; I’ll drink just about anything.”

To that Jin clapped his hands together and removed an empty glass from the cabinet above the sink. “I take it you’re a heavy weight then?”

“Either that or really good at pretending to be,” Jimin nodded with a coy smile.

“Then you’ll have no problem with this,” Jin grinned as he twisted the cap off of a bottle of clear vodka. He poured about an inch into the glass then reached into the fridge for a soda. Jimin quickly covered the top of the glass before Jin could pour it in and mix the drink.

“I’m sorry I’m not a big soda fan,” Jimin apologized softly and moved his hand away from the glass.

Jin shook his head with his brows pulled together understandingly, “That’s totally fine. Juice then?”

“I can do juice,” Jimin answered happily and took a seat at the island which very much resembled his own back at his apartment. “What kind do you have?”

“Strawberry, apple, peach, and green grape,” Jin listed as he peered into his fridge.

“Oooo peach sounds really good,” Jimin said hypnotically.

Jin pulled the jug from the door shelf with a triumphant smile, “Peach it is!”

The host fixed Jimin his drink then worked on his own until they were sitting beside one another watching Jungkook from afar as he played his game. “Are you almost done?” Jin called in mock annoyance. “At this rate Jimin will have to wait till next morning to get his ass kicked in Mario Kart!”

Without even flinching Jungkook announced, “Final four.”

Jin rolled his head back dramatically and groaned, “Thank god!”

“Ass kicked? But Seokjin-hyung, you barely know me,” Jimin pouted, raising his glass to his lips and taking a large sip. His eyes widened when he swallowed and brought the glass up and away from his face to admire the taste that was left on his tongue. “Holy shit,” he cursed, “that’s really good.”

Before Jin could thank him, Jimin was practically chugging the drink. He kicked it back and in a matter of seconds two thirds of it was gone. “You like it that much?” Jin cackled and slapped Jimin playfully on the shoulder repeatedly.

“It’s amazing!” Jimin grinned widely and tilted his glass back a third time to finish the drink. “Can I have another one?” he asked politely, eyes still wide.

“Help yourself,” Jin laughed and swung his arm out at the fridge invitingly.

The blond did exactly as Jin had only minutes ago. Pouring the same amount of alcohol and juice into his glass and swirling the liquid concoction slowly with the lazy roll of his wrist. He decided to take his time on this glass full and sipped at it.

“I forget…you said you’re from Gwacheon-si, right?”

Jin perked up at the question and swallowed a hefty sip. “Yes. I moved here a little under a year ago.”

Jimin nodded to this, his eyes focused on Jin’s body language. He was relaxed in his posture as he leaned over the counter with one elbow pressed to the granite. “For acting?” Jimin asked, truly interested in what his neighbor had to say.

“Mhhm,” Jin hummed, eyes closed as he craned his neck up to the ceiling with a goofy closed mouth smile on his lips. “Where is a broke, performing arts, college student to go but Seoul,” he proclaimed merrily. “The city has done nothing but good for me since I’ve been here,” with that he fixed a warm gaze onto Jimin and took a sip of his drink. “But what are you doing here, Jimin? What brought you to Seoul?”

The question posed to him wasn’t uncommon, in fact it was asked so frequently you would’ve thought Jimin had a default answer by now. But just when he thought he had a reason to be here, just when he thought he had an ounce of understanding, Jimin lost his footing in the bustling city and drifted off to the next big adventure. “Well, I came here to experience a different city. I wanted to get out of Busan and explore on my own. When I first moved here I got in touch with the city’s police to apply as an officer. I went through all the workouts, I took the exams and passed, so I was eligible to start training and go through an academy. But right when I was going to enroll I saw a dance company performing on the street. When they finished I exchanged numbers with some of the crew members and I’ve been a part of their company ever since. I’m kind of all over the place in terms of doing what I want,” he laughed at the last part and took a swig of his peach vodka mix.

Seokjin smiled widely and clapped a hand to his shoulder, “But that’s the fun of being in a city like this. There’s opportunity everywhere for you here.”

Jimin beamed at the cup held in his hands, the light pressure of Jin’s hand cupping his shoulder infecting him with joy. “I just want to perform for people. Learn every style of dance I can and be on stage. It’s all I want, to be on a stage.”

Jin squeezed his shoulder firmly, causing Jimin to look over at him. When their eyes met Jimin could see a sparkle fluttering between. Jin leaned in suddenly and fixed a stern look to his expression, “Then make Seoul your stage.”

Jimin didn’t know if it was the alcohol or Seokjin’s stunning charm but he felt his heart flutter at the utterance. As a last-ditch effort to avoid the pressing feelings that bubbled at his chest, Jimin removed Seokjin’s hand from his shoulder with an overexaggerated shove and snarled playfully, “Kim Seokjin get your sappy ass away from me before I puke.”

Jin was howling with his body convulsing over the countertop, his hands splayed across the surface as he hunched over in hysterics.

Jimin couldn’t help but join in on the laughter, giggling and pushing at Seokjin with his hands to his shoulder and ribs, tossing him around like a ragdoll.

“I’m done!” came another man’s voice. The two, still chuckling to themselves turned their heads to find Jungkook standing up and facing them on the other side of the couch with a doe like stare, the TV behind him reading “1st Place.”

God is he strange. Jimin kind of liked it.

The drinks kept flowing, Seokjin making sure Jimin was topped off throughout the night as they played shitty race after shitty race of Mario Kart. The two going head to head only for the winner to take on Jungkook who was not only sober, but probably one of the best gamers Jimin had ever had the pleasure of versing. He teased Jungkook all night, sitting across his lap, blocking his view as he stood up in front of the TV, nudging him in the shoulder to throw him off balance as he sat on the couch, literally anything to make him mess up. But to Jimin’s disappointment nothing seemed to work. Jungkook already had an edge with Jimin being five drinks deep, but on top of that the kid was a natural when it came to videogames. He schooled Jimin in every race who unleashed unmitigated rage each time he lost.

“Okay! Okay!” Jimin was red in the face from the heat of the alcohol which now took the place of his blood. “Listen,” he demanded grabbing onto Jungkook’s shoulder to get his attention and to effectively steady himself on the couch. “Jungkook, Jungkook-ah, I think you should just let me get a one-minute start and then you can go,” Jimin’s giggles were out of control, he could barely contain himself as he leaned into Jungkook.

Jin, sitting on the other side of Jungkook pulled and pushed at his shoulder with excitement. Sandwiched between the drunks, Jungkook only smiled as he was forced around, giggling every so often.

“Jungkook-ah,” Jimin whined when he never got a response.

“Jimin-ssi,” Jungkook grinned and started another race.

Seokjin couldn’t contain himself at the new nickname and began to full on belly laugh.

“Hey,” Jimin screeched when he noticed a new race was starting. “Jungkook!”

“Jimin-ssi!” the youngest called just as loudly, pitching Jimin’s new nickname at different points each time he said it.

“Bye bye Seokjin-hyung!” Jimin called with a Queen’s wave from the threshold of his apartment entrance. Jungkook was at his side slipping on his sneakers while keeping a watchful eye on their guest.

“Goodnight Jimin-ah!” Seokjin called from the couch, face beet red and a beer in his hand. Jimin couldn’t believe he was still drinking, then again he couldn’t believe how much he had consumed either. “See you around! Stop by whenever you want to, okay?”

Jimin’s lips pulled at the corners to reveal a beautiful set of teeth, “Of course, handsome!” His attention was brought back to the man standing beside him. Mind hazy from the alcohol, Jimin smiled down at the beautiful young man at his side and braced himself at the threshold to keep from stumbling into the hallway of the apartment building. “Are you taking me home?” Jimin grinned when Jungkook stood up straight and fisted his hands into his jogger pockets. If the blond dancer didn’t have the last functioning braincell to understand who Jungkook was and his relationship to Seokjin he would have plotted to get the young man in bed with him. He would have made it his mission for the night to steal him away. But Jimin did have a grip on reality through the muck of his thoughts and was able to pull himself away from the idea as quickly as it hatched. It was a nice thought, but it couldn’t come true to Jimin’s dismay.

“Yes, Jimin-ssi,” he said in a purposefully low voice. Jungkook seemed determined to hit every frequency using the nickname and Jimin—both embarrassed and pleased—never wanted him to stop.

“You’re such a good person, Jungkook-ah,” Jimin swooned and adjusted his side purse on his shoulder. He fumbled around in the small pouch until his clumsy fingers bumped into what sounded like his keys. When he pulled them out, Jimin jangled the metal on the small chain and began to bop his way down the hallway with Jungkook in tow.

“Jimin-hyung,” he giggled and caught up, looping an arm over his shoulders to steady the inebriated soul. “You don’t need to skip,” Jungkook laughed quietly now that they were in the hallway.

“But I want to, don’t stop me,” Jimin whined in a quiet tone, mimicking Jungkook’s soft voice without thinking.

Jungkook snickered, Jimin noticing the way his front teeth were exposed, making him resemble a bunny.

“You have the cutest little teeth,” Jimin smirked, pointing at the younger’s face. “I want to boop your nose.”

“Go for it,” he laughed as they stood in front of Jimin’s apartment door.

The blond grinned widely and rose his index finger between their faces, pressing it gently to the round top of Jungkook’s nose. “You’re cute,” Jimin cooed shamelessly. “I like you. Promise to come over more to Seokjin’s so I can get better and beat you,” he begged.

“Okay. I promise,” Jeon Jungkook flashed another toothy smile. “Are you going to be alright getting to bed on your own?” The question wasn’t meant to sound condescending, Jimin understood that the young man was asking out of the goodness of his heart. He knew the difference. Countless men would ask the same thing of Jimin when they brought him home, judging him for his reckless behavior, patronizing him for being wild and having fun. He hated being talked down to, like he couldn’t handle himself. Jungkook wasn’t like those men.

Seokjin must be one of the lucky ones.

Jimin couldn’t imagine how nice it must be to come home to someone every night. To hold another body close and kiss them under the stars and in the early morning light. He had a taste of it, but only that. A taste. Yoongi was here to keep him company, that’s what Jimin wanted after all. But was it so bad to change his mind and look for more? Ask for something more? Could he take from a demon that easily?


His eyes met with Jungkook’s and he faltered. Once he registered what he was asked, Jimin nodded. “I um, yes. He’s—” Jimin caught himself, “Here’s—I’ll be perfectly fine Kook-ah,” he slurred particularly hard to avoid giving away any indication there was already someone home.

Jimin was so accustomed to Yoongi’s presence in his apartment, it seemed so strange talking to someone like he wasn’t there. Like he didn’t exist. It was a sobering reminder that no matter how real Yoongi was to Jimin, he would never be real to others, and it stung. If Jimin wanted more from the incubus, he could never have what Jin and Jungkook had. A relationship.

Jimin quickly snapped from his thoughts and pressed the key into the knob to unlock his door. Sobriety slowly sinking in the harder he delved into his thoughts.

“Thank you for coming over, it was really nice meeting you,” Jungkook said quietly and pushed his hands back into his pockets.

“Tell Jin I said thank you for having me. It was really nice meeting you Kook-ah,” Jimin flashed him one last smile and entered into his apartment.

“See you later,” Jungkook called and turned his back to the door as he walked back to Jin’s apartment.

“Bye bye!” Jimin whispered merrily.

Once he shut the door and locked the knob, Jimin relaxed his shoulders a bit and rolled his neck to alleviate any tension after staring at a TV screen for hours. He groaned when a crack popped at the back of his neck and released a good amount of pressure. Jimin just barely had the energy to slip his shoes off and place his purse down on the table before he dragged himself to bed through the darkness. He caught a glimpse of the clock on the stove top, it read 2:39am. Without the energy to grumble or fuss about the time, Jimin just trudged his way to his bed and slumped down on his side, rolling onto his back fully clothed.

There was movement on the bed beside him and the faint sound of rustling. Sharp fingernails brushed through his hair and scratched along his scalp in fascinatingly slow movements. They expanded at the top of his head only to contract back to a central point and do the same thing again in a soothing pattern.

“How was it?” came a familiar voice, groggy and rough.

“Mmm,” Jimin hummed, turning onto his side to face the other figure in his bed. “Fun,” he sighed. His head was tucked down and his nose brushed against the warm skin of a chest. The smell of burnt wood and forest decay riddled Jimin’s senses and he leaned closer to absorb as much of the aroma as he could without seeming desperate. “You smell good,” Jimin slurred against a firm chest, his limbs feeling so heavy. Jimin let the dead weight of his body sink deeper into the sheets as an arm crossed at his beck and a hand returned to his head and scratched beneath his hair.

Yoongi snickered, “And you smell like you poured a bottle of vodka on your head.”

Jimin just giggled, all strung out and unrestrained. “I didn’t,” he stated matter-of-factly.

“I know you didn’t,” Yoongi said softly and even with his eyes closed, Jimin could sense the pull at the corners of the demon’s lips. “Do you want to sleep in your clothes? Or do you want to change into something more comfortable?” Coming from a demon, you would’ve assumed there was an ulterior motive behind the questions, but Jimin was well aware that Yoongi only wanted to help.

“Where’s our cat?” Jimin whined, remembering he was housing a feline all of a sudden. “I’m a cat daddy now,” he cooed. “To a beautiful girl named after market fish.”

“Yes you are, Jimin,” Yoongi could only grin as he got up to his knees beside the wasted young man. He looked him over, head to toe. His ripped black skinny jeans tight against his thighs, his ass plump and round, perfect for holding and squeezing. A pastel pink sweater loose on his body and exposing his entire shoulder to the ceiling as he lied motionless on his side. His hair splayed across his face and over his eyes, shielding him from Yoongi’s watchful gaze. “Let me help you into some pajamas okay?” Yoongi offered, pressing gently at Jimin’s bare shoulder.

The man rolled onto his back slowly, as if the small motion left him breathless from the effort to move. Yoongi blinked at the shimmer at Jimin’s neck and leaned in a bit closer to identify what was the source of the small flash of light. There, sat on his pretty little collarbone was a thin silver chain with a small diamond right at the center. The chain couldn’t have been any thicker than sewing string. It was so delicate and fragile on Jimin’s neck Yoongi grew worried it may break in his sleep.

“I’m going to take your necklace and earrings off,” the demon explained as he leaned down and brought clawed hands to Jimin’s throat.

A breathy sound passed between lush pink lips. Yoongi almost retracted his hands when he realized Jimin was reacting to his touch.

“I’m just taking your necklace off, Jimin,” he assured quietly. Diligently, Yoongi used his hands to very carefully rotate the necklace on Jimin’s neck until he found the clasp and removed the delicate jewelry. Then he went for the earrings. Carefully, he popped the clasp at the back of the small silver hoops and placed them with the necklace on the nightstand.

When Yoongi returned his gaze back to Jimin, the young man was staring up at him intensely. His vision seemed foggy, but he managed to focus on the demon’s face with ease and map him out where he knelt. His gaze was heavy, Yoongi had to strain against it to stay in his position otherwise he’d collapse.

“What?” Yoongi asked softly, his hands at his sides as he knelt above Jimin.

A wobbly hand reached upwards through the dark and fingers hooked into the front pocket of Yoongi’s ripped jeans. Not expecting the gesture, Yoongi chuckled and placed his hand above Jimin’s cautiously, ready to stop anything he believed to be driven by sheer intoxication.

The young man, slumped into his mattress, sighed through his nose and let his eyelids fall lazily when he gave the pocket a weak tug. “Come’ere,” he mumbled with his eyes closed, a blissed-out smile dripping across his lips.

Yoongi knew this wasn’t coming from Jimin, this was alcohol induced and he wouldn’t allow it to escalate beyond playful banter.

“Hmm?” Yoongi hummed as he tenderly pulled the fingers from his pocket.

Jimin whined at the removal of his digits and desperately flung his arms above his head along his pillow, unknowingly accentuating his upper body. Yoongi had trouble pulling his eyes away from the expanse of Jimin’s chest, the way it strained against the thin material of his shirt, his toned biceps leaving little to the imagination. He was stuck, glued to Jimin’s figure. And it wasn’t until he swept his gaze over an untucked shirt ridding up Jimin’s navel, did Yoongi suddenly find interest in the wall beside him.

“Why do you want me to come closer, Jimin?” Yoongi dared to ask as he kept his stare far away from the man lying down beside him.

He heard a small chuckle, an up to know good kind of chuckle, and then he caught motion through his peripheral. Before Yoongi could register the leg lifting up and passing in front of him, Jimin had effectively put Yoongi between his legs and grabbed a hold of his belt loops. Jimin used his new grip to pull himself up with all his inebriated strength and called up to the demon, “I wanna hold you.”

There was innocence still left in his voice, but Yoongi couldn’t let his guard down. He was a sex demon, not an idiot.

“Is that all you want to do?” he asked calmly, searching for the truth amongst Jimin’s slurs. He dropped his hands to Jimin’s shoulders, a safe place to keep them in case he needed to push Jimin back against the bed to get away. Considering the way Jimin teased him earlier that day and how he’d always acted towards Yoongi when they treaded questionable water, Yoongi was positive Jimin would be against any and all forms of advancement in the sex department while sober. Drunkenness wasn’t an excuse, and just by judging how far gone Jimin was, Yoongi planned to respect him by keeping the lewd comments to a minimum and lustful hands to himself.

The blond moved a little bit closer with Yoongi on his knees and between his legs, his eyes now level at Yoongi’s chest. When he looked up through clouded vision, Jimin pouted his lips at the serious expression the demon wore. “Yoongi-hyung why’re you so stern all-of-a sudden?”

“Answer my question first,” he cocked an unamused brow. “Is that all you wanna do? Is hug me?”

Jimin stared up at him, still pouting as he wrapped his arms around Yoongi’s torso, pulling him in close and resting his ear above a steady beating heart. “I want to hug you, yes,” he grumbled, sinking into Yoongi’s front and fanning a warm breath over Yoongi’s exposed skin.

“Okay, okay,” Yoongi sighed and moved a hand to the back of Jimin’s head. His fingers pressed against his scalp, nails dragging soothing patterns through his hair. He brought his nose to the crown of Jimin’s head and breathed in his natural musk mixed with a sweet aroma of hair products. He moaned peacefully into the blond locks and closed his eyes while his body relaxed. Yoongi wished he could stay like this, Jimin protected in his arms and nuzzling against his chest with their arms draped around one another in a comforting embrace.

He wished things were different, that Jimin was like him, able to cross between realms and tread freely across the cosmos without fear of harm or injury. If only things were so easy. He wasn’t destined to find interest in humans, only torment them. Yoongi went against his own nature to stay with Jimin, a human man who wanted ‘company.’ There was no reason to stay, no reason to restrain himself from fucking Jimin and leaving him a mess in the sheets. It’s what every incubus would’ve wanted; a long drawn out fuck with the prettiest, sexiest, little flirt they’d ever have the pleasure of finding. But not Yoongi. He wanted something he couldn’t have with Jimin. Something emotional and precious, frail even.

His nails grazed through soft hair, the sound of the fibers being combed soothing Yoongi into a dreamy state. He kept Jimin so close, afraid that this moment could shatter if he wasn’t too careful. Another inhale of his scalp had Yoongi humming. The smell was so…Jimin. A nectar aroma, like melon and cucumbers mixed with essence of sugarcane and honey. It was the perfect balance between warm and cool scents that had Yoongi breathing deep and purposeful, just ghosting against Jimin’s head.

He felt Jimin twitch in his arms, his grip around him slackening while his neck lost tension and his head grew weighted. It would’ve rolled to his shoulder if not for Yoongi’s gentle hand at the back of his head.

“Let’s lie you down, sweet prince,” Yoongi cooed, Jimin’s arms limply falling to his sides with a tired mumble. “You’re exhausted,” he whispered the obvious, lowering Jimin down to the bed gently. “I’ll get you changed into comfier clothes before I totally lose you,” Yoongi smiled as he got up and off the bed to retrieve some pajamas.

He undressed Jimin one article at a time, taking his sleek shirt to replace with an oversized long-sleeved T-shirt. Then his skin-tight pants for a pair of sweats. He removed his socks and placed all of his clothes in the hamper across the room. When he returned Jimin already had himself snuggled into the sheets with his nose tucked under the comforter to shield it from the chilly apartment air. Yoongi grinned at the image of Jimin wrapped up in his bed, his sleepy appearance so wholesome.

He dug through the drawer until he found a long-sleeve T-shirt he had never seen Jimin wear which meant he probably wouldn’t mind if Yoongi borrowed it for the night. He did the same thing with a pair of sweatpants and lied them down on the rocking chair neatly. The incubus dropped his pants at his ankles and tugged on the black sweatpants that hugged his hips perfectly. Next he brought the long sleeve over his horned head and slipped it on, careful to avoid catching his nipple piercings on the hem of the shirt as he brought it down over his body.

Chancing a glance at Jimin, Yoongi saw he was being stared at from the bed. Jimin’s eyes were far from prying, he looked exhausted with the way he could barely focus.

“Come lie down with me,” the young man barely had the strength to speak without dozing off.

“Are you sure you want that?” Yoongi asked cautiously as he crossed the small span between them. He bent over slightly and pressed a clawed hand to Jimin’s cheek, his thumb brushing back and forth over his cheekbone.

“I wanna fall asleep,” Jimin proclaimed in a stern voice that faded out, as a yawn passed over him, “in your arms, okay?”

Yoongi had to smile fondly at the human, his thumb still stroking along the gentle peak of his cheek. “Alright,” he whispered and crawled over Jimin to position himself between the wall and the human. He lifted the covers and sunk his feet under then his legs and his upper body until he could rest his head against the pillow with the sheets draped over him. Yoongi couldn’t remember the last time he actually lied down in a bed that wasn’t his own in his realm. He didn’t have to sleep in the human realm, but it was an option and tonight he’d indulge.

Jimin shifted beside Yoongi and squirmed closer until his hands were at the demon’s chest and his head ducked close to Yoongi’s chin. There was no need to speak, the demon knew what he wanted and wrapped an arm around Jimin’s mid-section just above his hip and held him loosely in his grip.

In a matter of minutes Jimin’s breathing shifted into shallow inhales and exhales until his mouth slowly opened and he began to breathe through plump parted lips. Yoongi nuzzled his nose into the fibers of Jimin’s hair, breathing slowly until he too fell into a deep sleep for the first time in the human realm.

The sky was painted in hues of red and gold, the clouds silver and pink as they strung their way through the open air. He couldn’t help but smile at the sight of such colors, hoping to remain a little longer to marvel at the scene unfolding before him. But when he looked down at his grip, Yoongi was pleasantly surprised to be holding a fishing rod. He was perched on a lawn chair as he cranked at the reel in a fluid motion. Just fast enough to keep the bait moving to entice whatever creatures lay in wait below the water’s surface. To his dismay, Yoongi came up with nothing by the time he reeled in the hook with a chunk of bait still pierced through the strong metal. He cast from his position at the pier’s edge, worried less about hooking someone behind him in the process than where his bait landed in the cool blue water.

The space was bright, almost blinding with the way the light seemed to peer through the cracks of the walls. Yoongi walked forward, his feet guiding him through the beams of light until he recognized his surroundings. Jimin was sitting on the couch, his lap occupied by a familiar feline. Yoongi entered the living room and leaned over the back of the couch, grinning fondly at the cat he and Jimin rescued. “She’s looking better every day,” Yoongi nodded and extended a hand to rub at the cat’s head. She pressed her head against the contact, a purr rumbling to life from her little throat. “You’re so beautiful.” Yoongi brought his attention to Jimin, noting the way the young man seemed to smile with his whole body when his gaze caught Yoongi’s. They leaned close to one another, Jimin craning his neck up and Yoongi down until their lips hovered together.

Black marble with silver flecks glimmered in the dim light of the large room. Pillars of the strong stone seemed to go on forever in every direction around the demon. The floor was black granite that shimmered in a dazzling spectacle which had Yoongi hypnotized as he tried to make shapes on the brilliant floor beneath him.

He was barefoot, he realized, a thin and long skirt flowing off his hips like billows of black smoke. With his chest exposed, Yoongi was able to glimpse over his pale skin adorned in intricate chains and gems. His nipple piercings were the standard barbell with seraphinite balls screwed at the ends. The piercings had golden chains dangling from them and lacing across his pale body in an elaborate harness. His arms were bare except for a pair of golden cuffs paired on his left bicep that shined vividly in the soft light of this unfamiliar place. His fingers wore simple golden bands and his black nails were painted with pieces of gold leaf. Makeup brought out the natural features of his face and emphasized the mystery behind his cunning eyes. With his hair parted slightly at the center of his head, Yoongi was able to see with little obstruction as he turned to find a Victorian Chaise set at the center of this massive maze of marble columns. It was long with one arm shorter than the other with the back rest mimicking the pattern like a swelling wave.

Yoongi approached the long piece of furniture, his hand gliding over the obsidian velvet chaise, content with the soft feel of the fabric. His chains around his torso chimed with the ghostly movements as he rounded behind the couch and paused to brace his hands at the back rest. He stood there gazing down at the velvet in a state of tranquility when a pair of hands gripped him at the hips and he froze. For a moment, Yoongi acted as though he didn’t even register the touch, as if his mind had tricked him. But it grew difficult to ignore when those strong hands traced across his stomach, feathery and warm.

“Min Yoongi,” came the tantalizing voice of a man on a hunt. For what? Yoongi was certain he knew. One hand at his stomach dipped further and cupped his crotch in an iron grip, the thin skirt being the only barrier between his cock and the other’s hand. The opposite hand moved up at a snail’s pace tracing the expanse of Yoongi’s sternum until slender fingers coiled at his neck. Sharp nails pressed into pale flesh, sure to leave pink indents in their absence. “I’ve missed you,” the voice was closer now as a pair of lips brushed over the shell of Yoongi’s ear, causing a shiver to rake down his spine. The other creature moved closer, pressing his hips into Yoongi’s rear and his chest firm to Yoongi’s back, disregarding the consideration of personal space.

He took a small breath to calm himself, even closing his eyes to ease the worry building in his gut at the prospect of being in the presence of this particular person. Jimin was somewhere amongst them beyond the clash of realities, hopefully fast asleep and undiscovered. Yoongi could feel sweat beading at his forehead when the nerves set in. He needed to provide a distraction, anything to keep Jimin hidden.

“It’s been a while,” Yoongi whispered, steeling his voice.

“Too long,” sounded the snide agreement. “How come you’ve been gone for so long, sweetheart?” he asked, planting a gentle kiss to the junction of Yoongi’s jaw and ear. Aside from the hands on his body and the irritated tone, he sounded genuinely interested in Yoongi’s answer.

“Hoseok, you know better than anyone I can’t stand being tied down. And you’re one of the clingiest mother fuckers I’ve met,” Yoongi huffed in annoyance.

“Yet,” the creature behind him began to lean forward, causing Yoongi to bend over the back of the chaise, “I find you here—” a hardening cock pressed to his rear had him sucking quietly while the hands on his body shifted— “Cuddled in bed with an angel in disguise.” A claw gripped at his hip and the other at the back of his neck, holding him in a submissive position. “I think it’s safe to assume that the gorgeous specimen in bed is the cause for your prolonged absence. So who’s the clingy mother fucker now—”

He finally snapped.

Yoongi bucked his hips back hard enough to get some distance between them to swing around and shove the demon away with a pair of hands to the chest.

The cherry haired demon staggered backwards on his feet, shocked by the sudden aggression. His horns were obsidian, just like Yoongi’s, only there were small red ridges that shone when the light hit it just right. His eyes were dark and hurt, like Yoongi had stabbed him rather than push him away. His shoulders were broad, biceps well defined and collarbone appetizing. Hoseok was in a similar dress as Yoongi only he didn’t have chains on his torso, he had a thick golden collar necklace with an amber tear drop at its center that hung at the base of his neck. Thick golden chains wrapped at his waist loosely and gold leaf decorated his thin skirt, pulling at Yoongi’s attention against his will.

It’d been so long since he’d seen this incubus and with a single once over, Yoongi could feel his heart racing in his chest. They had history. Deep. History. And it was hard to ignore with Hoseok looking so sexy in his half naked form. The cock that was pressed to his ass only moments ago leaving a blaze of warmth in its absence.

“Angry?” Hoseok cocked a brow after the rough treatment. “I thought you would’ve jumped in my lap the second you heard me,” he laughed flabbergasted. With that he rounded the chaise and lied down on it with a long drawn out sigh. “What’s eating at you, Yoongi-yah? You’re stressing me out,” Hoseok called up to him, extending a hand up to rub at his exposed back. “Sit with me,” he insisted, his tone far more relaxed and void of sexual intent.

“What the fuck are you doing here Hobi?”

“How you managed to land a job in the lust department and not sloth or wrath still baffles me to this day—”

“Hoseok,” Yoongi spat, thoroughly annoyed. His hands gripped the back of the chaise fearsomely, the sharp ends of his nails pressing deep into the fabric of the furniture. Yoongi very carefully leaned over to square Hoseok with a killer gaze, “Why are you here,” and he annunciated every word.

Hoseok sat up to bring his nose inches from Yoongi’s with a playful smirk to his lips, “Isn’t it obvious?” Those black pools for eyes dropped half lidded on a pair of plump lips hovering above him, “I missed you Suga-hyung.”

For the first time in a very long time, the heat Yoongi would have felt from a gaze so powerful was like ice down his spine. It brought back memories of reckless nights and passionate evenings. Broken skin and lively screams as bodies clashed and bent under the weight of each other. Waves of ink sloshing around him with the smell of sex sinful in the air. Thick and heady, a broth dark desire driven by blood lust.

“You remember,” Hoseok’s breath tickled at his face, “I can see it in your eyes. You’re starving yourself.” Yoongi’s skin went cold under a delicate hand that cupped his cheek and Hoseok grinned to the involuntary reaction. “And for what? A chance with an angel look-a-like? No, Min Yoongi, you’re a demon. You don’t have time to mess around with something so breakable. The time will come when you finally get your chance,” Hoseok nodded, his nails scratching at the back of Yoongi’s head against his scalp. “You’ll have his back arched beneath you, head pressed to the sheets, his thighs shaking as you ‘make love’ to him from behind,” he mocked, “and his toes will curl when he comes undone with sweet nothings dripping from his lips. But that’s all they are, sweet nothings. His brain is so corrupted by you and he won’t resist you or your affectionate touch. He’ll beg you for more. But never out of love.”

Yoongi knew Hoseok spoke the truth but it left an acrid taste on his tongue. He was willing to go above and beyond for Jimin but Hoseok always managed to put things into perspective whether Yoongi wanted to be blind to his actions or not.

“You know this don’t you?” Hobi whispered as though he were talking to a child who he felt needed protection. “That once he tastes your lips and those hands squeeze and pull him apart,” there’s a pause and Hobi’s relaxed eyes land hypnotically on the hands pressed desperately against the chaise. Yoongi felt his breath catch in his throat. Even with his eyes distracted away from his face, Yoongi can still feel the weight of them on his hands. “All notions of love are forfeit. It has no place in our business, Yoongi-ya. Don’t you see that?” his question was low and left open. He knew Yoongi didn’t have the ability to answer and purposely retracted his hand away from a precious face and fixed Yoongi with a solemn expression.

The older demon stood there, hunched slightly over the back of the furniture, his grip loosening substantially and his eyes unfocused on the ground further ahead. He had spent a good amount of time in Jimin’s presence to know he was traveling down a treacherous path. The surprise appearance of a fellow demon did well to shake and ground him in place. Hoseok was right, he had been gone too long from his darker realm, his head was overflowing with human ideals and beliefs of love, it was nauseating. What he thought to be a fun lighthearted game of patience and the need to fuck was slowly being edged away by a need to love. It wasn’t that big of a surprise to Yoongi, he knew he was in too deep with Jimin. Doting around him, being less of a formidable demon and more of a respectful person. It was clear he wasn’t trying so hard to seduce anymore but impress Jimin instead.

The demon, without a word, rounded the chaise with a look of defeat and sat beside the other. Yoongi tucked his legs up to his chest and held them with his arms while his forehead lowered to a knee. All the while Hoseok was shifting his body to accommodate his fellow incubus and stretched a comforting arm behind his back to pull him into a side hug. The other hand clutched at an exposed ankle to anchor them in place and Hoseok hummed when Yoongi’s body shifted to press even closer against him.

“Come here. Let me show you how much I’ve missed you,” the red-haired demon cooed, nuzzling his nose against the side of Yoongi’s soft cheek which bristled at the contact.

They both moved in unison, Yoongi scooching himself up onto his knees while Hoseok slid to the center of the chaise and sat upright with his legs slightly spread. Yoongi was then guided with firm hands to his hips when one slid down to the back of his thigh and instructed him to swing a leg over Hoseok’s lap with a tender lift. He straddled him willingly and sat on a pair of thick thighs.

Yoongi had refused to act on Hobi’s advances prior, but now it seemed like a perfect opportunity to relieve the tightness in his chest. After discussing his intentions with Jimin and dissecting them into a mess of hurt feelings and impossibilities, Yoongi could use a good fuck. And no one better to get it from than his partner in crime.

The hands at Yoongi’s hips pressed down and long fingers kneaded into the meaty flesh of his ass cheeks. Hoseok loved to grope him nice and soft and in return Yoongi rested his hands delicately on either side of his neck and laced his fingers at the nape.

“Don’t look so sad, Suga,” Hoseok whined, an upward pull at the corner of his lip. The cry did little to pull Yoongi out from his funk, in fact he seemed to slip further away if the lack of focus in his stare was any indication. “Look at me,” his voice was soothing just as it had been before, but it demanded attention. When Yoongi looked down into Hoseok’s gaze, an overwhelming feeling of comfort welled over him. Those cool earthy eyes tore up at him, leaving Yoongi positively vulnerable. Just like that, Hoseok had broken through Yoongi’s tough exterior once again and had him a loose puddle of flesh and blood in his lap. “Let me take care of you,” Hobi hummed and pressed a kiss beneath Yoongi’s jaw.

Chapter Text

It started slowly. Hands trailed along his ribs and nails scraped down against pale flesh. Tiny red marks were the remnants of a touch too cruel. Yoongi hissed at the feeling of his skin being cut and his back tensed to accommodate the splendid ache. The pain riding up his sides was soon forgotten when a tongue met with the base of his neck and traced up to a sensitive ear. The incubus sucked in a breath when teeth played with the flesh of his lobe, gold earrings rattling in the hungry mouth.

Hands brushed back down to his hips and thumbs massaged into the flesh of his tummy, pressing soothing circles into his navel. Nails dragged up Yoongi’s torso until they came dangerously close to his chest and found their resting place over both his pecks. A tender squeeze had Yoongi sighing only to gasp for that breath when a thumb and pointer finger on each hand took hold of his nipple rings and gave a delicate tug.

“There it is,” an encouraging growl from the mouth at his neck. “Absolutely gorgeous,” came the sultry voice. The tongue rimmed the shell of his ear until it lapped it into a warm embrace and received a nibble.

Yoongi had to stifle a shiver when Hoseok pulled away and looked up to him expectantly, fingers giving the nipple rings another tweak. Yoongi whined and leaned into Hoseok, foreheads pressing together restlessly as he began to move his hips on instinct. Yoongi received a contended sigh from the demon beneath him, a pair of hands finding their way to his hips and guiding his light thrusts into Hoseok’s lap.

“Use me,” Hobi encouraged, leaning back against the chaise. He was in a trance, watching Yoongi get himself off. With each probing thrust, Yoongi managed to grind his hardening erection against the other demon’s. The motion of the thrusts was enough to have Yoongi hard, but the added friction of their cocks made his back arch and his head roll to the side.

Hobi hummed at the position and massaged his hands roughly into Yoongi’s bobbing ass in time with his thrusts. “Yes,” he whispered, lifting his right hand and bringing it down sharp against Yoongi’s rear. An excited moan left the incubi’s throat after his ass was dealt a quick blow. With his jaw slack and his eyes watered in ecstasy, Yoongi took a moment to look Hoseok over and lean in.

Their lips met smoothly, fitting together like lock and key. They took their time, kissing and mouthing one another. Yoongi could feel the gentle sucks dealt to his bottom lip, pulling away prematurely to hear a small pop when his flesh was released to bump against his teeth with a tiny smack.

Hoseok was gentle. Commanding. But always gentle.

Their craving for each other’s affection was carnal and unforgiving. Mouths met again and Yoongi took the role of leading as he tilted Hoseok’s head back with a thumb hooking under his jaw. Unable to fight back against the firm hold, Hoseok melted into the touch and allowed Yoongi to slick his tongue past his teeth. The depths of his mouth held no secrets, Yoongi had uncovered them all time and time again.

The two demons writhed when their tongues met, snarling at the searing introduction of their drugged saliva. Hoseok was thrilled to have the poison enter his body, it seared a path down his throat and bubbled in his core. Pulses of warmth radiated throughout his body as Yoongi swept his tongue against the walls of his mouth, infecting him thoroughly with his demonic aphrodisiac. He could barely move as the poison laced his blood and choked him on his own breath, Yoongi suffocating him against the chaise. Hoseok barely felt a pair of hands at his neck until they began to squeeze.

“Suga,” he breathed into the other’s mouth, eyes closed from the pressure. Yoongi dug his thumbs against Hoseok’s carotid arteries and kept him at arm’s length, effectively stopping the transfer of oxygen to his brain and turning his mind into a muddled mess. His grip would fade in and out, letting up the pressure in even intervals. Cutting off his flow for two seconds then allowing the blood to pulse freely for two seconds. Yoongi was edging him into unconsciousness purposefully with his hips thrusting sharp against Hoseok’s thighs, dragging down and forward in quick motions to keep the heat between them. “F-fuck,” the younger groaned in bliss.

Hoseok, through his haze, used his grip on Yoongi’s waist to shift the demon and grind down on his erection at the perfect spot, releasing a harmonized series of moans between them. Yoongi leaned in close and brought his lips down to Hoseok’s who opened his mouth eagerly and accepted his sloppy kiss. Tongues danced in and out of their mouths, teeth clashed unceremoniously, and lips were chewed and bitten feverishly as the friction between them built with each roll of Yoongi’s tantalizing body. Hoseok soaked up the affection like a sponge, his hands working up and down Yoongi’s lithe body and touching his skin with soft hands while he calculated his next attack, waiting for the perfect moment to strike.

Yoongi liked to take charge, knew how to lure Hoseok to the edge and push him through a brutal orgasm. Knew Hoseok liked it rough, liked to be choked and manhandled, knew Hoseok could give it back to him tenfold if he begged. But only if he begged.

They exchanged a harsh kiss and Yoongi moved his hands to fist into Hoseok’s hair and keep him near. Perfect, Hoseok thought. Come in close and don’t let me go. Now that he had him where he wanted him, Hoseok delivered a firm slap to the side of Yoongi’s ass. A shaky breath pushed through their locked lips, prompting Yoongi to pull away and breathe without obstructions.

Yoongi could feel himself losing control when a set of nails dragged down his back making him wince. He sighed out in agony at the pain, hips stuttering to a stop as the hands at his back smeared the blood into his flesh and after a few moments of careful massage the ache subsided.

Out of nowhere, another smack was dealt to his ass over the same spot that had been assaulted and Yoongi was grunting with his head flung back to reveal the impressive curve of his neck. Hoseok drawn like a moth to a flame, straightened himself and craned his head up to suck a bruise onto Yoongi’s throat, just below his Adam’s apple. He hummed to the sound of Yoongi’s ragged breathing, smirking against his neck and biting down gently. Before Hoseok moved away he trailed kisses up Yoongi’s neck, past his jaw, across his cheek, and gave him a soft peck on the lips which was reciprocated.

Their eyes opened in unison, dazed and half lidded, pupils blown into deep pools of black that swallowed each other whole.

Hoseok’s hands came to Yoongi’s tummy and massaged the flesh with careful circular motions. Blood was painted in their wake, blotching Yoongi’s stomach in messy shades of pink and crimson. His watchful eyes tracked the featherlike touch across his body, marveling at their gentle nature coming from such a vile creature.

This was okay. For Yoongi this was safe and familiar. Familiar hands on his body and a familiar feeling of pleasure and pain. He was comfortable with Hoseok using and abusing his body, it excited him. It brought back so many good memories of past sexual experiences they shared. Hoseok was patient and willing to learn what made Yoongi tick, he was pliable and easily trainable which made for a wonderful sexual partner. Yoongi taught him everything he knew about bondage and discipline that Hoseok didn’t already have experience in.

A born sadist, Hoseok only knew how to deliver pain and humiliation, but he grew to crave it when he met Yoongi who worked hard to break him into submission. They practiced their skills on one another as much as they could until one day it blossomed into something beyond training. Something beyond self-discovery. There was passion in their movements, a drive to make the other feel cared for. Temporarily loved. The key word being ‘temporarily.’ They weren’t created to seek love, Yoongi and Hoseok were birthed to fuck humans for fun and nothing more. They were Suga and Hope, the demons of lust. But as long as they had freedom of will, they could pretend they felt more than feverish sexual appetite.

Hoseok had mentioned it plenty of times, how at the end of the day they belonged together. That they could live out their immortal existence messing with humans on earth and return home to one another’s comforting embrace and make love in the void of hell until they collapsed. Yoongi denied his idea time again, against the proposal whole heartedly, knowing it would never work so easily. But after all this time and all this turmoil, the thought of relaxing in Hoseok’s guarding arms each time he returned to their home realm soothed his weary soul.

He peeked a glance at Hoseok’s face, noting the way the demon focused intently on soothing Yoongi’s pain with wonderful strokes of his hands. Their eyes met once more, Yoongi’s first thought to kiss the lips presented to him. Their noses brushed together and eyes closed peacefully as they exchanged a loving kiss. Yoongi moaned low and started a slow pace with his pelvis rocking against Hoseok, determined to bring them back on track.

Yoongi brought his hands over his head and stretched them up to widen the expanse of his chest. He put himself on display for Hoseok, showed his body off and accentuated the parts his fellow incubus loved with a clever arch in his back. It was a form of seduction Yoongi demonstrated best. He would model himself for Hoseok, let him know that what he had in front of him was worth every last drop of blood sweat and tears he had to give.

“Oh Suga,” Hoseok mused up to him, his thighs twitching upward at the dazzling display, rocking the demon on his lap slightly. “You’re too good at that shit,” he moaned, tongue pressing over the ring and bud of Yoongi’s nipple. His lips sucked at the jewelry and his tongue flicked and fluttered over the sensitive bud. Desperately, Yoongi brought a hand down and clutched the base of Hoseok’s head while the other wrapped at his own horn. Cursing under his breath, Yoongi tried to stay quiet with his nipple being teased but he could feel the arousal bubbling in his lower abdomen, his cock swelling with fervent blood the longer Hoseok rolled his tongue over his nipple in tantalizing swirls.

Yoongi cursed again only this time it was loud enough to catch Hoseok’s attention. He flicked his tongue faster over the bud and sucked harder around the metal until he was certain Yoongi would lose his mind at the feeling. A soft moan rose from the back of Yoongi’s throat and was interrupted by another slap to his rear.

“A-ahh!” he groaned, eyes clenched shut and hips losing their rhythm on Hoseok’s lap for what felt like the sixth time.

“I love your nipples,” Hoseok smiled charmingly up to Yoongi, moisture cornered at his lip from where his saliva collected. “I love the noises they pull out of your throat,” he grinned, pecking the raw bud fondly.

“Hoseok,” Yoongi tried to speak but his voice drew shaky and rough. Overstimulated, the incubus felt his head swimming, his eyes could barely sit right in his skull; the effects of being intimate with another demon. Quickly, Yoongi lifted himself off of Hoseok and stood in front of the chaise. “Lie down,” he demanded, a finger pointed sharply at the chaise as his other hand combed through his hair to brush his fringe out of his eyes. “Rest your head on the arm,” Yoongi instructed breathlessly.

The younger demon did as he was commanded and lied down on his back across the chaise, head and back slightly inclined by the taller arm of the chaise. Yoongi took in the image before him; Hoseok sprawled along the chaise, one leg propped up with his knee to the sky, the other leg lazily draped over the edge of the furniture to plant his foot on the marbled floor. A hand absentmindedly found its way to his rock-hard cock tenting his flowy black skirt and rubbed the furious erection. His chest was heaving, nipples perked and his muscles flexing with each exhale. The jewelry adorned on his body flashy and hypnotic, damp wavy locks falling across his face in a wonderful chaos. The horns on his head impressive, nails sharper than pointed glass. And his eyes. Those eyes ate Yoongi whole where he stood above him.

They followed his hands and watched Yoongi’s skirt be pushed off his slim hips and pool at his ankles. A cock bobbed free demanding Hoseok’s attention and he was helpless to stare at the angry head above him with a slack jaw. His opposite hand reached up to trace over the bare thigh, nails tickling over the sensitive spot and getting a small jolt out of Yoongi. Brushing up further, Hoseok cupped Yoongi’s balls with a slight squeeze while his middle finger reached back and probed at his perineum. He watched as Yoongi tensed in his grip and pulled in a shaky breath, his tail coiling around his own leg like a frightened snake.

Then a claw took a hold of Hoseok’s wrist and pinned it above his head along the arm of the chaise. Yoongi moved, a lightning strike, and crawled onto the furniture above Hoseok. He moved down and gripped the hem of the skirt at his waist and yanked it down to his knee. Hoseok’s cock sprung free and landed along his navel with a small thud. “Yoongi-ya,” he whispered, cupping Yoongi’s face fondly.

Rather than play into the cutesy act, Yoongi fixed Hoseok with a dark look and crawled closer on his hands and knees until he was looming above him and exerting his dominance. Hoseok went to avert his gaze at the proximity until Yoongi snatched his chin and brought his eyes back to his by force. The younger was mildly surprised and perhaps fearful, but it was quickly replaced by intrigue and thrill the longer he gazed into the depths of Yoongi’s cunning stare.

“Hope,” he began in a gravelly voice, the grip at Hoseok’s chin sliding to his neck and applying pressure over his carotid artery, “Why should I leave this place? What does our realm have to offer that I can’t find here on earth?”

Hoseok audibly gulped, the questions he was asked were loaded and meant to provoke him into revealing true feelings. Yoongi excelled at gaining information from him and Hoseok couldn’t help being truthful and obey. Nails tickled at Yoongi’s ribs until the soft pads of fingers held him in place above Hoseok. “Me,” he whispered, eyes pleading up to his dominator.

The weight that settled on Yoongi’s shoulders was close to unbearable. He never knew a single word could be so heavy and leave him speechless. But he needed answers from Hoseok and he wouldn’t stop until he felt confident in his decision at the end of this encounter.

“You,” he whispered back, tone substantially softer. “And what is it about you that I can’t get here, Hobi? What do you give me?”

The other demon fluttered his eyes at a particularly hard press to his artery, but as quickly as it came, the pressure was taken away and he managed to regain his train of thought. “I give you comfort,” he assured, giving Yoongi’s sides a desperate squeeze to emphasize his claim. “I give you release, someone to come—” another press to his artery and he has to pause, “come home to. A friend.” Hoseok licked his bottom lip enticingly, Yoongi’s dick pulsing at the smirk that crept over his blissed-out face. “A lover,” he purred.

“A lover,” Yoongi smiled down at him, pleased. “You’re my lover,” he breathed, leaning down to connect their lips. “Do you know what it means to love?”

Hoseok unable to move under Yoongi’s crushing grip could only look at the expanse of his neck and imagine sucking another bruise next to the one he already created. “Do you?” he countered, eyes locked on the discoloration of flesh.

“No,” Yoongi answered in a fraction of a whisper. “But I want to,” he proclaimed, laying a kiss at Hoseok’s sticky forehead.

“Let me tell you then,” Hoseok urged, fingers lacing around the wrist that held his neck in place. “My body will do the talking,” his thumb rubbing back and forth to ease Yoongi away.

He let up and removed his grip, Hoseok’s eyes fluttering at the release until his vision cleared enough to focus on the task at hand.

The younger incubus pushed gently at Yoongi’s chest to have him stand up on his knees above him. With a twirling gesture of his index finger, Hoseok encouraged the other to turn around and face his back to him. Yoongi did as he was instructed until he was standing on his knees with Hoseok laying between his spread legs. His hips were clutched in clawed hands and he was guided backwards until he felt air brush across the flesh of his ass and the black scales of his tail. He tensed when a harsh smack reamed him across the cheek that hadn’t been touched. A curse rolled from his lips loosely as he leaned forward away from the pain. By bending, he effectively parted his cheeks which gave Hoseok all the incentive he needed to spread him wide and press his lips to the ring of muscle.

The pleasant feeling of lips had Yoongi’s back arching and a drawn-out moan rumbling in his throat. His tail lifted out of the way and coiled in on itself over his back and down his side in a desperate attempt to resist strangling anything it managed to cling to. The muscle of his anus was kissed so softly and it took everything in him to stay still and keep from bucking back for more contact. But this was all part of the game. He needed to be patient in order to receive an award from Hoseok. It would come eventually, but Yoongi needed to demonstrate his self control to get what he wanted.

His ass was squeezed and the pressure built until the nails at his cheeks pierced his flesh and left him gritting his teeth as the bristling sting tickled up his spine and down his toes.

“Fuck you,” he sneered in pain, receiving a chuckle from Hoseok. He wouldn’t act against Hoseok and demand more, but he’d do everything in his power to distract him. So Yoongi bent down onto his elbows over Hoseok’s body and licked a strip from the tip of his cock to his balls. He felt a heavy breath press against his tight hole and the nails dug into his skin press in even harder. Yoongi’s leg shook at the stinging in his rear but he kept at it, lapping at Hobi’s dick in slow successions. He leaned further away to suck at a vulnerable inner thigh only to be pulled back violently away from the area by his hips which Hoseok now held in a crushing grip. Yoongi snickered at the harsh treatment and playfully licked the tip of Hoseok’s erection to piss him off even more. He was smacked hard against the back of his thigh. He groaned through gritted teeth with his brows scrunched and eyes tightly shut as fire broke out across his skin.

“Enough,” Hoseok’s voice was rough, thoroughly annoyed with Yoongi’s provocations. He pushed his palm into the red print he left searing in Yoongi’s skin and smoothed his hand over it to soothe the ache. Moisture dropped on Hoseok’s chest and he chanced a look to see a string of precum drip from the head of Yoongi’s dick and collect with the first drop. “Hold it,” Hoseok whispered behind a smirk and pecked Yoongi’s cheeks one at a time.

Without further ado, he spread Yoongi apart again and peppered his ring of muscle with small kisses. “Be good for me,” he mumbled into him. His voice vibrating against Yoongi’s sensitive hole and sending a shiver up his shoulders. Hoseok started to press open mouthed kisses to his perineum, sucking on the skin between his lips and spurring a string of curses and moans out of Yoongi’s sinful mouth. He kissed and sucked at his body, pulling the blood to the surface gently and working him into a mess of swears and whines.

The introduction of his tongue drove Yoongi wild. His back arched dramatically towards the chaise as a wet muscle circled his puckered hole. It lapped from his balls to the top of his crack and shook Yoongi to his core, but nothing could prepare him for the unforgettable feeling of Hoseok’s tongue slowly slipping into him.

“Ho-Hoseok,” the incubus cried out, nails seeking purchase in the cushion of the furniture on either side of Hoseok’s legs. Yoongi tried not to clench down but the feeling of being breached was overwhelming and his whole body convulsed.

The younger demon extended and contracted his fingertips to calm Yoongi from behind. They both knew he needed to relax and he would eventually. Thankfully Hoseok was in a forgiving mood and took his time opening Yoongi up rather than tongue fuck him raw. His tongue pulled out and he sucked at Yoongi’s hole, long and hard to loosen his muscle. He flicked his tongue quickly just as he did to Yoongi’s nipple earlier only this time the noises that sounded were loud and paired well with the cries that poured from Yoongi’s lips.

“Fuck,” he whined when Hoseok switched between sucking Yoongi’s puckered hole and twitching his tongue over it. “Hoseok, please,” he groaned, doing everything to keep his hips in place and avoid ramming them into the other’s incubi’s face. But to no avail, Hoseok played by his rules and lapped and sucked on his own terms. “Hoseok, please,” he cried louder, Yoongi’s brows scrunched together painfully as his claws tore through the furniture beneath them.

Hoseok hummed in response and pressed his tongue in with a little less resistance. “Mm,” he mumbled approvingly and gave his tongue a gentle roll.

Yoongi nearly lost it when Hoseok pressed further, his face pressing ruthlessly against his rear, diving as close as he could get. He imbedded his tongue inside Yoongi, pressing the wet muscle in and coating his insides with a natural aphrodisiac.

Yes,” Yoongi whined, pushing up onto his hands and keeping his spine curved for maximum pleasure.

The younger incubus pushed deeper and harder, his tongue extending as far as it would allow and rolled inside. He wet him, he flicked at his walls and poked and prodded until a particular flick of his tongue had Yoongi almost collapsing.

“There. Right there,” he moaned desperately, sweat dripping from Yoongi’s brow and cum dripping from his slit. He could barely support his own weight over Hoseok and had to drop back down to his elbows. “Fuck,” he choked when his prostate was skimmed.

Hoseok pulled his face away from his ass and manhandled his slim frame until he was on his knees now and Yoongi was on his back. He lifted his legs and rolled Yoongi into a ball with his ass up and legs hanging over his chest and head.

Holding him in place, Hoseok bent forward and took Yoongi back into his mouth. Tongue to hole, he dipped it in without resistance and plunged further until he was tickling at Yoongi’s prostate. Making sure he had a steady hold on Yoongi’s waist, Hoseok took his free hand and massaged the other demon’s balls. He rolled them around in his hand as his tongue worked him loose and dragged against a bundle of nerves that had Yoongi on the cusp of screaming.

“I’m,” Yoongi hiccupped on his words, frantic cries and grunts piercing the air, “I’m going to come.”

Hoseok moaned against him in encouragement, his own dick throbbing from all of the pleasure he’s blessed Yoongi with, getting off on Yoongi’s arousal. He clutched down on the pair of balls harshly, thrumming his fingers against them rhythmically as he rubbed his tongue brutally along Yoongi’s most sensitive spot inside him.

Hobi felt the demon in his grip tense up, his hole constricting around his tongue and his thighs bulging as his back began to straighten slightly. A silent scream fell from parted lips and his body quaked with each spurt of cum that dripped onto his own chest and neck. Yoongi brought a hand to his twitching erection and gave it a few tugs to milk himself through his spine breaking orgasm. Hoseok didn’t pause for a second as he watched the incubus come undone before him, touching himself and spurring more milky cum to decorate his pale body. Yoongi groaned and grunted as his hand pumped him free of his orgasm until he finally ended with a guttural scream.

His body went limp in Hoseok’s grip and that was when he finally removed his tongue from Yoongi’s entrance and gently lied the demon down in a comfortable position on the chaise. He pressed between his legs and positioned his cock to the slick entrance. Yoongi took him raw. It burned at first but eventually he relaxed and wrapped his legs and arms around Hoseok’s body and let the demon pound into him violently. It didn’t take long for Hoseok to build up a sweat, his breath heavy against Yoongi’s neck and his heart trying to burst from his chest. Yoongi felt a tail wrap at his ankles and hold them together, the scales sticking to his flesh and locking him in place around Hoseok’s body, the way he liked it.

“Fuck me,” Yoongi snarled into Hoseok’s ear, giving the lobe a sharp bite. The younger grunted at the demand and started to beat into Yoongi even harder. His balls smacked against his ass with vulgar slaps, the squelching of his cock passing in and out of Yoongi paired with their heavy panting created a symphony of sin.

Yoongi began to choke Hoseok once again, his grip devastating on his neck while his other hand tracked paper thin scratches into the bare back above him. He could feel the blood surging up to the surface and bubbling from the long cuts as he retraced the same spot over and over to leave a severe mark across Hoseok’s back. The blood was smudged across his skin and coated Yoongi’s hand thoroughly in red. He brought his hand between them and sucked on his fingers to taste Hoseok’s blood, his cock stiffening at the sensation of his blood hot on his tongue. Yoongi pressed a digit into Hoseok’s mouth and made him taste himself, smearing their lips in his precious blood.

“Cum for me,” Yoongi ordered through a harsh rut of Hoseok’s hips.

That’s when his hips began to stutter. That’s when Hoseok was pushing in deeper until his toes curled, and he fucked into Yoongi and spilt his seed deep with a cracked groan. His head was light and his vision blurred as he practically fell onto Yoongi with his dick buried and spilling his cum inside his body with weak twitches of his hips.

The tail at Yoongi’s ankles slunk lifelessly away and fell to the chaise with a thud and to keep Hoseok from crushing him, Yoongi moved his arms to wrap around him and hold the younger incubus against his chest. He pressed his nose into the damp red locks, careful to avoid bumping their horns together as he breathed in Hoseok’s natural smell. A smoldering fire, an open field of wild grass, a lemon tree. Home.

Hoseok eventually got up and off of Yoongi and snapped his fingers to present Yoongi with a pool of black water to the left of the chaise past a pair of columns. He took Yoongi by the hand and guided him to the small pool when he lowered him into the warm liquid. Hoseok knelt beside the tub of liquid and snapped his fingers to have a white cloth appear from thin air and fall into his hand. They glanced at one another and exchanged a passionate kiss. There was nothing friendly about it. Their kisses were meaningful, definite.

The cloth was soaked with the warm liquid, dye it a sinister obsidian and brought to Yoongi’s back. Hoseok worked the cloth over his scratched flesh gently, being cautious of the pain he may inflict if he pressed to hard. Yoongi was used to the aftercare, it was his favorite part of the whole experience. Hobi was so caring towards him, humming sweet songs under his breath, passing loving smiles to Yoongi, kissing his temple and brushing his hair out of his face.

The blood slowly mixed with the black liquid and washed away from his body to leave behind only scabbed cuts and bruises. The cum at his neck was washed away as well, same with the blood on his stomach and Hoseok’s cum between his legs. He sighed at the extra care Hoseok gave him, relishing in the gentle touch of the soft cloth against his shoulders and chest.

Hoseok joined him in the small pool of black water and Yoongi took the cloth and cleaned him up just as fondly. They kissed, Hoseok’s arms wrapped around Yoongi as they soaked up each other’s comforting presence with their hands sliding over limbs and combing through wet hair. Their tails tangled under the water legs splayed about and arms reaching with hands gripping and holding on to one another.

“He’ll never love you like me,” came a whisper.

Yoongi’s heart skipped at the fragile statement.

“Maybe,” was Yoongi’s hesitant reply.

Hoseok, void of emotion came in close and ducked his head to peer into Yoongi’s eyes. “The longer you stay here, the weaker you get,” he warned. “Others are moving in now. Summoning rituals are increasing in activity, attracting more of us. You’ll have to compete soon to get your fill, and you’re already struggling to survive here.”

Yoongi averted his eyes, unwilling to listen to the truth.

“You’re going to starve,” Hoseok was stern, his voice pushy, urgent. “You should come back with me while you have the energy to do it, Yoongi-ya.”

The incubus refused to respond. His mind was made up already. The threat of other demons entering Seoul meant that Jimin was more vulnerable than ever and he wouldn’t risk leaving him now.

“I can’t leave,” Yoongi whispered, eyes solid as they peered back over to Hoseok who looked on in disappointment.

“And I can’t force you to come back with me,” Hoseok whispered back, heartbroken. “I hope I’ll see you again.”

Yoongi nodded to him, “You will.”

Hoseok moved in the black water and pressed a kiss to Yoongi’s forehead and then they exchanged an open mouth kiss.

Yoongi heard fingers snap and he was back in the earthly reality.

Sitting in Jimin’s tub saturated in his blood and a mixture of his and Hoseok’s cum, Yoongi looked over his body in the dim bathroom light. He was bruised and scratched all over. A few weeks’ worth reminders of Hoseok pressed and etched into his skin.

The incubus rubbed at his head for a moment to clear his thoughts then stood up in the tub on wobbly legs. He crossed his arms over his chest and stood there in the water, numb from the pain in his heart with Hoseok gone. He could only hope now that his decision to stay was worth it.

Chapter Text

Jimin could barely open his eyes when the sun beams lanced through his closed curtains. Try as he might, his lids were weighted and stubborn, refusing to pull back to allow him to see. He brought his hands to his face roughly and pressed at his eyelids, rubbing them open with the heel of his palms. A drowsy exhale pushed through his nostrils as he lay his arms above his head on the pillow to stretch his chest and shoulders.

Alcohol strong on his breath took Jimin back to his wild night laughing with his neighbors. Reminding him that he never brushed his teeth before he fell asleep which made his skin crawl and his nose twitch in displeasure.

The room was cast in a dim orange light through his opaque white curtains that signaled the early rise of the sun. Jimin typically slept in late after a long night of drinking, but this morning seemed to be different somehow. He felt tired as ever, but the possibility of sleep seemed distant, out of reach even. The young man so badly wanted to close his eyes again and drift into a dream when he realized he was alone in bed. He could’ve sworn Yoongi was cuddled up with him before he fell asleep the night prior. Then again he was pretty drunk so maybe he just imagined it.

His head swiveled side to side until he spotted a small feline curled up by his feet above the covers. “Oh, my princess,” he cooed groggily.

Leaning up, Jimin was pleased to see the feline turn her head to face him, eyes barely open and a yawn passing her tired face, flashing those fearsome teeth. Reaching over to her, Jimin picked up the cat under the arms and brought her to his chest to cradle lovingly. “How was your first night?” he whispered against her head, breathing in her smell. The shampoo used the day before to wash her lingered faintly in her fur and Jimin smiled at the sweet scent. There was still a bit of dandruff on her black coat, but she was cleaner than she probably ever had been.

A soft purr rumbled through her body as she snuggled into Jimin’s tender hold, nuzzling her face against his neck and cheek affectionately.

“My sweet angel,” he spoke to her like a newborn baby, so kind and gentle. “My pretty Sengsohn.” Scratching behind her one ear left the cat a puddle in his arms. She purred and purred, practically falling back to sleep as she was held. It occurred to Jimin that this may have been her first restful night’s sleep. He wondered if she had felt this comfortable as a stray and had the ability to sleep throughout the night without interruption or fear. Whatever the case, he was glad he could provide her with a home. “You must be hungry,” he assumed, pecking her once again atop the head. “I’ll fix you up some breakfast.”

With one hand Jimin held the cat and with the other moved the covers off of his lower body and slid from his bed. He padded into the living room area and was pleasantly surprised to find Yoongi dead asleep on his couch, a throw blanket wrapped around him like a cocoon, his face barely peeking out from his soft fortress. A smile crept over Jimin’s face as he passed the sleeping demon and entered into the kitchen area.

He set Sengsohn on the floor and poured her a generous scoop of dry food then refilled her water. She chowed down on the bits so quickly Jimin had to take the bowl away and measure out portions so she wouldn’t make herself sick. It was a silly mistake to make and he felt bad taking the bowl away and hand feeding her.

He sat down with his back against the cabinets below the sink, one hand outstretched with the food and the other holding the bowl out of Sengsohn’s view. “I’m sorry angel, I should have given you a smaller amount to begin with,” he apologized in a pouted whisper.

She chewed the dry bits hastily, refusing to leave a single crumb in Jimin’s hand as she lapped at the crevices between his fingers with her rough tongue. Little by little he fed her until she slowed in her movements and seemed to grow disinterested in feeding. That was Jimin’s cue to stop. He would have dumped the remainder of the food in the bag but there was none left.

The cat strutted over to the water and drank with soft flicks of her tongue as she sat in front of it. He giggled when she spilt some on her paw and began to lick at it to clean her mess.

Placing the empty food bowl down beside her, Jimin turned and washed his hands quietly in the sink to be rid of her saliva and the smell of fishy kibble bits. It wasn’t exactly his favorite scent. He dried his hands on the towel hanging from the ring on the side of the cabinet and turned to face the incubus on his couch. Yoongi hadn’t moved an inch since Jimin last saw him, the only indication he was alive was the sound of his soft breathing that whistled past his open mouth.

Jimin grinned at the image and walked over to his roommate until he stood beside the couch and bent forward to look closely at the adorable way Yoongi slept. His limbs were pressed firmly together in a little ball, cheeks puffy with sleep, mouth barely open to allow his small breaths to pass through. It was the first time Jimin had seen Yoongi asleep and he burned the precious image in his mind. Such an evil creature now reduced to a bundle of cuteness without a care in the world. Jimin so badly wanted to pinch at his cheeks or brush his fingers through his inky fringe but decided against it when he took into consideration just how peaceful Yoongi looked. Take away the horns, the tail, and the evil charade and Yoongi was just another person. Maybe even human.

The young man fixed him with a final smile and moved away to give Yoongi his space. Now was a good time to get ready for the day but he’d have to do it quietly. First thing first was breakfast. He grilled some tofu seasoned with soy sauce, cooked rice with red and black beans, scrambled some eggs with vegetables in a pan, and cut up a watermelon into tiny cubes which he picked at while everything else was cooking.

His apartment smelt heavenly as he prepared his meal, Sengsohn even growing curious to the aromas and jumping up onto the counter to watch Jimin cook. He removed a seed from a cube of watermelon and placed it down on the counter’s surface to feed her. She sniffed at the cube first before picking it up in her mouth and darting off the counter. Jimin giggled at the speedy get away and watched her race towards the couch. He went to call for her when she leapt onto the furniture and stepped along the ridge of Yoongi’s side.

Dammit, he thought nervously as Sengsohn lied down on Yoongi’s body and chewed into the watermelon cube.

Predictably, Yoongi shifted in his sleep and gave a lethargic moan to the commotion on top of his side. He moaned a second time when he stretched his legs out straight along the couch and rose his arms over his head in a full body stretch. Sengsohn paused in her eating to adjust to Yoongi’s movements when he lied flat on his back and she took a comfortable position on his stomach. Jimin watched nervously as the demon’s eyes opened up to the ceiling sluggishly and his hands pressed to his face soon after to massage away his exhaustion.

Yoongi looked down at his stomach to find Sengsohn munching into the watermelon and smiled fondly her way. Jimin half expected him to be pissed off after being woken up, but he was pleasantly surprised to see Yoongi raise his arms up from beneath the blanket and pet the cat’s sides. It occurred to Jimin that Yoongi was wearing one of his favorite sweatshirts, a black hoodie that read “[brúklin]” across the chest in small white font. The fashion choice was endearing to Jimin because it meant Yoongi took the time to rummage through his drawers until he hit the bottom and found it stashed away for safe keeping. He wondered if Yoongi knew it was his favorite and chose it on purpose, the idea had his heart fluttering.

Yoongi caught Jimin staring and gave him a small wave from where he lied on the couch. The young man blushed and gave a cheerful, “Good morning,” his voice soft but loud enough to be heard over his cooking.

“Smells good,” Yoongi mumbled.

Jimin, a little too quick to respond, perked up and stuttered, “T-thank you.”

A yawn passed over Yoongi’s face and he did little to cover it up with his hands still stroking up and down the cat’s sides. “What is it?” he asked in a scratchy voice, riddled with sleep.

Jimin nearly choked at the question, confused by what Yoongi meant. “What is what?” he asked nervously, hoping the demon wasn’t referring to his obvious flustered disposition.

Yoongi cleared his throat to be rid of the gravel that set in during his sleep, and murmured, “What are you cooking?”

Duh, Jimin mentally smacked himself. “Oh, um, eggs with veggies, beans and rice, and tofu,” he responded simply with a curt nod of his head, doing his best to compose his racing heart.

Yoongi nodded to this and hummed at the brief description, focus directed back to the cat on his stomach. With Sengsohn acting as a distraction, Jimin took his opportunity to turn back around and face the stove to continue cooking his meal. They remained in silence for quite some time until Jimin finished up and began plating his breakfast.

“I asked you last night,” Yoongi began blandly, “ was your little playdate?”

Jimin had to laugh at the word in which Yoongi used to describe his night with Jin. “It was really nice. We drank a lot,” he grinned down at his meal.

“I never would’ve guessed,” Yoongi butted in plainly, but there was humor written across his face.

“I know,” Jimin smiled as he sat at the island and picked up his chopsticks. “I met Jin’s boyfriend too,” Jimin chirped, picking up a bit of his egg omelet and blowing on it to cool.

Yoongi blinked, perplexed. “Boyfriend?” he asked curiously.

Mhhm,” Jimin hummed as he drew the food into his mouth and chewed. He swallowed and continued, “His name is Jeon Jungkook. He’s fucking hot.”

Yoongi’s eyes widened at the brutal honesty. “Tell me how you really feel,” he scoffed, a curve to the corner of his lip as a mischievous look blossomed across his face.

“Yoongi,” Jimin smiled through his chewing, “you need to come over with me next time to see this man. I promise it’ll be worth your time. He gorgeous.”

Yoongi giggled from his lying position, Sengsohn quaking on his stomach from the laughter. “Try not to drool in your food ChimChim,” he teased, leaning his upper body up and cradling the cat to his chest as he did so. “Sengsohn-ah, tell Jimin to be careful while he eats,” Yoongi mumbled in his best baby voice against her head with pouted lips.

He giggled at the display when a thought hit him right over the back of his head. “Oh! Yoongi-hyung, when do you want to leave to get a sacrifice? I don’t want to keep you waiting if you’re hungry.”

The demon shrugged at this as he scratched the feline in his lap. “It doesn’t matter to me,” he insisted, “whenever you’re ready.”

Jimin, displeased with the answer, took a clump of beans and rice between his chopsticks and ate it quickly. “You must be hungry,” Jimin tried for a better response out of the demon but was let down when he saw Yoongi shrug his shoulders for a second time. “I wish you could eat with me,” Jimin deflated, popping a few pieces of tofu into his mouth, his meal nearly gone as he stared down at the small bowls in defeat.

Yoongi yearned for something so domestic. But the reality was he could only eat sacrificial animals that were laced in demonic chants and offerings. “I can eat food the same way you do. It just wouldn’t give me any energy. It has no nutritional value to me as a demon,” he explained quietly.

The young man at the island hummed at that, his mind working to figure something out to help Yoongi and his struggle against hunger. His mind began to wander a bit, thoughts of Yoongi feasting on animal flesh and meat, tearing it apart expertly across an altar. He was so meticulous and organized when he ate, his delicate fingers working across the carcass and picking at bones and flesh. It was almost like watching an artist create their next masterpiece. The blood that dripped down his chin, the way he chewed, the focus in his eyes. The blood that dripped down his chin… Dangerous eyes. A crooked smile. Red wavy hair.

...I forgot about that. Jimin fell into shock when the image of the demon in his dream shot through his mind. The demon…

“Yoongi,” Jimin started, pausing to clear away his nerves, “I had a dream when I took my nap yesterday.”

Catching on to the shift in emotions, Yoongi stilled, his hands motionless on Sengsohn’s body. He stared over at Jimin whose gaze was averted and glaring bleakly down at his empty bowls. Yoongi gave his undivided attention to the human after the mention of dreams, a gateway between the earthly realm and others in the cosmos. Whatever the dream consisted of Yoongi had a bad feeling it left Jimin feeling uncomfortable just judging by the way he sunk into himself with his shoulders hunched and his head down.

“I think I was in the park, where we go sometimes to get a sacrifice for you,” Jimin continued, eyes piercing holes into the countertop. “I think I was a bird, or something. Because I was flying around? And then I saw someone down below. When I got closer I saw a demon.”

Yoongi was motionless, his back tensing at the prospect of Jimin coming in contact with a creature of sin through a dream. “How did you know it was a demon?” he asked calmly, struggling to keep the worry in his voice away.

“Because he had the same horns and tail as you,” Jimin pointed out, eyes looking up to meet with Yoongi’s. They froze, neither one of them able to hide their true feelings about the frightening encounter. “He was bent over an animal’s body and eating it,” the young man explained further.

“What else did he look like?” Yoongi asked carefully, his tone even.

Jimin went on, “He had short red wavy hair. These leather studded gloves. Wore all black, just like you do. His smile was almost…heart shaped.”

Yoongi couldn’t believe what Jimin described, his mind raced at the possibility of Jimin dreaming about this particular demon. “And you said you dreamt about this when you were napping yesterday? After we came back from the market?”

His head nodded at the questions he was asked and answered with a timid, “yeah.”

It had to be Hoseok. The description, the timing, the way the demon had spoken about Jimin as if he’d already seen him. Everything pointed to Hoseok. Yoongi couldn’t have been more relieved. “I don’t think he’ll bother you. Traveling through dreams is a way for us to move around and look for potential targets,” Yoongi assured him with a nod.

“Potential targets? Are you saying he was looking to come here and have sex with me?” Jimin cried.

The demon stood up to his feet shaking his head, Sengsohn leaping from his lap and bouncing onto the floor out of his way. He crossed the space between them and stood at Jimin’s side with a hand to his shoulder. “He was just checking you out probably. But I have a good feeling that as long as I’m here he won’t try anything,” Yoongi explained with confidence. His hand gave a delicate squeeze to Jimin’s shoulder, doing his best to relax his troubled mind. “I promise you won’t be visited. I won’t let a demon get to you as long as I’m here.”

The sincerity in Yoongi’s tone and the glint in his warm eyes soothed Jimin’s racing pulse. It didn’t clear away all of his concern, but it did a great job at calming him temporarily in the moment. That was until he spotted a discolored splotch of skin on Yoongi’s neck.

His eyes narrowed on the dark mark, confused as to how a bruise could even form on Yoongi’s body considering he wasn’t human. Then the question of how it got there rose into Jimin’s mind. “What happened to your neck?” he asked reluctantly, gaze tracing back and forth between the spot of magenta flesh and Yoongi’s perplexed stare.

“My what?” Yoongi scrunched his brows, seemingly offended by the question as he lifted his hand off of Jimin’s shoulder.

“You have a bruise on your neck—” and when Jimin looked closer he saw another one peeking just above the demon’s collarbone, barely visible underneath the sweatshirt. “Are those hickeys?” he asked. If they were hickeys, did that mean..? “Did I give you those?” Jimin blurted, smacking a hand over his mouth in disbelief. “Did we..?!” he shouted hysterically.

“No!” Yoongi exclaimed in a rush, hands waving back and forth in front of him with heavy denial. “Absolutely not!” he barked in a panic to put a stop to Jimin’s wild accusations. “You didn’t give these to me. I put you to bed and that was it. Nothing happened between us,” he explained.

“O-oh,” Jimin stuttered, more confused than before and unwilling to pry. The marks on Yoongi’s neck were clearly hickeys, harsh and painful ones to the look of it. And if not from Jimin then who? Who gave Yoongi those marks? The thought of someone being passionate with the demon left a strange feeling in Jimin’s gut. He was, upset? Maybe even jealous. Could he be feeling a prick of envy?

Yoongi saw the passive look of devastation flash through Jimin’s face and immediately felt a weight of guilt blanket over his shoulders. He opened his mouth, only to close it at the words he couldn’t bear to say aloud.

The demon you dreamt about; I wouldn’t let him have you, Jimin. So, I let him have me instead.

“Something,” he stopped short, composing his sentence wisely, “happened last night.” Yoongi crossed his arms over his chest to make himself smaller than he already felt.

The moment the words left his mouth, Jimin felt sick to his stomach. The body language, the tone, the aversion of eyes. Something was not right, and he could feel it punching at his gut. “Were you forced into it?” came Jimin’s uneasy voice, a hand reaching out to clutch delicately at Yoongi’s forearm.

“No,” Yoongi said truthfully. “I wanted it,” he confessed in a hesitant voice. Afraid to look into the human’s eyes, Yoongi opted to keeping his stare driven into the floor. Anything was better than watching Jimin shatter in front of him at the truth.

“Okay,” Jimin cleared his throat in an effort to ease his mind.

“I…” Yoongi tried to speak but nothing was coming out. He couldn’t tell Jimin what transpired, it made him feel uncomfortable. He felt so strongly for Jimin, he wanted the world for him, with him. He acted on instinct and the repercussions followed, weighing heavily on his heart.

“You don’t have to explain anything,” Jimin whispered to him, sensing the unease in the air and standing to his feet in front of Yoongi. “Are you alright though?” he asked and braced for any of the potential answers that could escape Yoongi’s mouth.

Yoongi shrugged a shoulder, eyes still wary of Jimin’s watchful gaze. “I’m sore,” came his meek response. Yoongi didn’t want to get into the details about how terrible he felt after fucking Hoseok and realizing he didn’t want to return with him to hell. It wasn’t the time for that, and his soul couldn’t take the guilt and regret so soon. He came to a tough conclusion only hours ago and the thought of putting his emotions out there for Jimin to have to pick through made his chest tighten. He wouldn’t subject Jimin to that cluster fuck and risk even more confusion. So instead, Yoongi just stood still with Jimin’s hand to his bicep and waited for a miracle.

“Come into my room,” Jimin whispered as he wrapped his arm behind Yoongi’s back and lead him past the threshold. “Where,” he took a second, “does it hurt?” His answer was a pained hiss when Yoongi sat down on the edge of the mattress.

Yoongi readjusted himself, being careful to apply more of his weight on his hands as he shifted on the bed with eyes pinched shut. “Everywhere,” Yoongi groaned.

Jimin could only nod awkwardly as he watched the demon like a mother bird concerned for her young. “Gotcha,” he mumbled. “How about I grab you some ice and light an incense stick,” the young man suggested, a hand in his hair and the other rested at his hip.

“Sounds great,” Yoongi bobbed his head in agreement, carefully lowering himself to his back with his legs hanging over the side of the bed.

Jimin returned with an icepack and lit a stick beside his window, the smoke dancing like a ribbon through the air and spreading a green tea aroma. He insisted on Yoongi taking off his sweatshirt considering how thick the fabric was, the ice pack wouldn’t be able to perform well with it on. Against his wishes, Yoongi took the sweatshirt off and held it in his lap.

With it removed, Yoongi was vulnerable. Jimin’s sorrowful eyes taking in the pitiful state his body was in. Rather than shrink away from the troubled gaze, Yoongi inhaled a breath to steel himself as he looked up at Jimin. “I’m a bit of a masochist when I want to be,” he told Jimin openly, unafraid to address his appearance because anything was better than the silence.

The young man held the icepack in his hand and stared at the long scratch marks that ran down the demon’s sides. By the looks of it, they didn’t appear to be very deep but that did very little to ease Jimin’s worry. “I mean,” Jimin started to say as Yoongi stood up in front of him, “it isn’t terrible—”

Yoongi turned to face away from Jimin, his back on display now.

The air in Jimin’s lungs turned to glass and he found himself struggling to breathe at the ravaged skin. “Yoongi,” he croaked in horror at the long scratches running down his back.

“I’m sorry if it freaks you out.” The demon stood there, neither proud nor embarrassed by his state. This was his decision after all, and he would live with the nasty marks that were left on his body.

“No, it’s not that,” he assured. Jimin went to reach out to Yoongi’s shoulder only to retract when he considered the pain he could cause. “I just…it had to’ve hurt,” he muttered, chewing on the inside of his cheek to stifle the war within him that wanted to cry and anger at the wounds. Why would anyone want to mark Yoongi in such a way? His skin was perfect the way it was originally, why would someone bruise and cut it up so badly? That’s not it though, he had to remind himself. He said it himself, he’s a masochist. Yoongi gets turned on being hurt like this. Jimin had a hard time wrapping his head around the idea of getting off on pain, but he wouldn’t judge Yoongi for something that made him feel good, as ugly and reckless as it may seem. “I’m just a little shocked,” Jimin added, finally touching his fingertips to the edge of Yoongi’s shoulder sympathetically. “That’s all.”

An audible sigh sounded from the demon; one he had been holding in for a minute too long. “I understand,” his head turned to look over his shoulder, fixing Jimin with a timid look, “it’s not for everyone.”

Jimin’s eyes were glassy. Yoongi could tell he was fighting through a wall of emotions with the way he bit the inside of his cheek and the ridged posture of his shoulders. He respected the young man’s sympathy, most would feel offended, but Yoongi? He was thankful Jimin tried to understand, attempted to talk to him. As awkward as it was for the both of them, he was willing to put his predisposition aside for Yoongi’s sake, and that meant a lot to him.

“What um…what hurts the most?” Jimin winced.

Yoongi snickered awkwardly. “Please don’t laugh,” he said quietly. “My ass.”

Not only did Jimin laugh, but he choked, and if not for Yoongi’s wounds he would have collapsed into him. Instead he took to the bed and rolled on it as giggles rattled through his body.

“Don’t fucking make fun of me!” Yoongi whined loudly and jumped onto the bed to grab at Jimin.

Jimin screamed in laughter when Yoongi pushed at his thighs weakly, “I’m sorry!”

Then he pretended to smack and punch his thighs without actually landing a single hit, “My ass hurts and you’re laughing?!”

“Hyung please,” Jimin giggled helplessly, raising his hands and catching Yoongi’s while he lied defenselessly on his back.

“I should skin you alive for being so rude,” Yoongi snarled jokingly, coming in close to deliver a sinister stare.

A chill ran down Jimin’s spine when he met the demons narrowed eyes. The air was light enough to pass it off as playful but having Yoongi so close and looking so ruthlessly down at him silenced his laughter until the only noise that passed between them was their labored breaths. Jimin became hyper aware in that moment with Yoongi hovering above him. The sweat on his palms had him in a panic suddenly. Would Yoongi notice and try to pull his hands away? Or would he leave them there for Jimin’s sake, nervous to embarrass him. Then his cheeks began to burn, the color shift obvious no doubt. And his compromising position on his back. Surely Yoongi thought it a little strange he hadn’t got up yet, that he was content lying down under him like a dog.

Everything felt too close. Too hot. Too Yoongi.

His eyes fell from prying eyes to pink lips. They looked positively scrumptious and someone had the pleasure of kissing them last night. It had Jimin twisting inside. Why couldn’t he have been that person to deliver those precious moments? He would’ve treated Yoongi so gently, would have made sure he was enjoying every second of their intimacy.


What was stopping him? Why couldn’t he relinquish his control and give in to the tempting ideas that plagued his thoughts? Yoongi was closer than he’d been all morning. There was that spark in his eyes that lured Jimin in, had his brain soggy and his thoughts muddled with the idea of surrender. Just give in. Give yourself to him, he thought. Why are you so afraid? Perhaps it was the fear of falling. Falling too hard and too fast for someone, only to be left to rot in their absence. Like autumn leaves. A love destined to die. Jimin wouldn’t allow it to happen. He was too delicate to be the victim of a pathetic love attraction.

“I’m sorry hyung,” Jimin whispered, leaning up and taking his hands out from Yoongi’s in a rush. “I have to pee,” he lied, propelling himself off the bed and walking hastily to the bathroom. It wasn’t until the door was shut behind him did Jimin release the tension in his body and relax. He leaned against the wall, a hand to his head when he closed his eyes to calm himself. But like a movie, the images of Yoongi’s body flashed through his mind. His carved up back and sides, the hickeys on his neck, those powerful horns on his head, a flicking tail, catlike eyes that pierced into Jimin’s soul, the black fringe that hid his brows, thin cheeks, pale skin. Pale skin. Soft skin. The smell of copper and burning wood, hints of lavender and earth.

Min Yoongi.

I can’t keep this up.

Chapter Text

Days turned to weeks and with each sunrise came simple measures of aftercare. Jimin would tend to the scratches that littered Yoongi’s body, being gentle with his treatment and always asking if he was pressing too hard with a warm cloth or an icepack. He only wanted the best for the demon, nothing less. He treated him like an injured bird, checking up on him periodically, asking about his physical health as well as his mental because they were equally important. He’d find Yoongi lying in his bed stomach down with an icepack pressed to his butt. The laughter that followed between them was contagious and Jimin typically ended up in bed with Yoongi and carding his fingers through his hair with a tender smile. Eventually the markings on his back began to fade, the bruises turning a yellowish green before disappearing from his skin completely. His pale skin returned to normal, and he had a much easier time sitting down.

As time went on, Jimin began to notice how quiet Yoongi was, keeping to himself and enjoying Sengsohn’s company in the apartment when Jimin had to attend practice with his dance crew or go shopping or work out. He seemed oddly content by himself which came as a bit of a shock to Jimin who was used to his persistent proximity. Ever since the night he got drunk with Jin and Jungkook, Yoongi has been different. For better or for worse, Jimin was unsure, but one thing was certain, Yoongi had lessened up on the lewd comments and prying eyes substantially. Which Jimin didn’t know how to feel about. After having Yoongi around and finally feeling like he could explore, the demon’s sex drive all but plummeted. It didn’t make much sense to him. Yoongi was an incubus for crying out loud! How did his urges vanish the moment Jimin considered reaching for something more intense than a friendship?

Whatever the reason, Jimin hoped it would pass, otherwise he’d be left with a bleeding heart and no one’s hands to place it in.

“I’m seeing a fresh one about a quarter of a mile from here.”

Jimin saw his lips moving but didn’t hear a single word the demon said. He removed a headphone from his ear, sunglasses on to hide the eyes that looked over to Yoongi expectantly without arousing any suspicion from passerby on the street.

“Found one,” Yoongi stated plainly, with a finger pointed in the direction they’d travel and led the way down the sidewalk.

Jimin gave a barely noticeable nod and followed behind Yoongi. “Let’s go Sengsohn,” Jimin cooed. The cat was harnessed, and the end of her leash held in Jimin’s loose grip as she trotted along beside him. They took her out every chance they got. She was brought up in the streets, it was only right she was able to explore them with some confidence and the protection of her adopted guardians. The only problem with walking a cat—and being Jimin—was the amount of times he would be stopped by pedestrians who would ask to pet Sengsohn. Too kind to refuse their requests, Jimin would stop and allow Sengsohn to be pet by the strangers, all the while being ogled at by men and women alike. The cat was unafraid of the attention, in fact she thrived on it. Being a stray meant she was accustomed to people constantly wanting to feed and pet her, so this was nothing new.

After the third or fourth stop, Jimin decided to pick Sengsohn up and have her perch on his shoulder for the remainder of the walk to hopefully deter anyone from asking him to pet her. With his shades on and his earbuds in, he seemed much more like a man on a mission than a friendly form of systematic emotional animal support and eye candy. Hopefully the people around him would get the hint that he wasn’t in the mood to entertain.

Eventually Yoongi rounded down an alley, his footsteps faster now as he grew closer to his next meal, driven by hunger. Jimin, realizing just how far down this alley they were traveling, pulled a bud from his ear and placed his shades at the top of his head, pushing his hair back off his forehead in the process. He watched in surprise as Yoongi darted down a staircase that seemed to lead into the basement of one of the buildings and disappear into the dingy darkness. The young man, trusting Yoongi’s judgement, followed him and took his phone out from his pocket to shine his light into the pitch-black. Carefully, he stepped down the staircase and entered the basement where he was met with an empty room and a hallway at the back of the space. With Yoongi nowhere in sight, Jimin figured the only way he could have gone was down the hall, and so he followed his light and padded to the back of the room.

Sengsohn was bobbing her head about as they walked the expanse together, her little paws shifting on Jimin’s shoulder with each step he took. The air around them was thick with mold and moisture, making for an uncomfortable experience the further they went. “Yoongi this better be good,” Jimin murmured to himself as he passed a millipede that scattered away into the ceiling. A few steps later and he got to the end of the hall where he noticed a light source off to the right in his peripheral.

Approaching the gentle glow, Jimin was pleased to find Yoongi standing beside a ring of lit candles at the center of the massive room. He was still as stone, peering down at a massacre of pigeons.


Yoongi could only nod in delight, his eyes focused on the buffet at his feet. “This is exactly what I needed,” he announced, kneeling down in his leather clad body and taking in the view of death.

Jimin nodded even though Yoongi wasn’t paying attention to him and knelt down beside the demon. “I’ll start,” he whispered. He began reciting the incantation quietly, his voice bouncing off the walls and reverberating beautifully through the space. It soothed Yoongi to hear Jimin’s beautiful voice granting him permission to feed and the echo of it had him shivering in anticipation. He watched those plump lips utter ancient chants and phrases, speaking his demonic language fluently without a single stutter. Jimin was certainly gifted in his ability to recite incantations and Yoongi couldn’t have been more impressed.

Just as Jimin was about to hand over his open palm for Yoongi to draw blood, he felt lightheaded. His eyesight went wonky and his balance was thrown just enough where he needed to grab a hold of Yoongi’s shoulder to steady himself. Sengsohn swayed on his shoulder and her little nails dug into his shirt to steady herself. Suddenly his ears began to ring as a high-pitched tone took over his headspace.

“Are you okay?” Yoongi asked, his eyes searching Jimin anxiously and grabbing a hold of his swaying form.

Jimin shook his head, “I feel like I need to throw up, or pass out.” Then, just as quickly as it came his queasiness ebbed away and the ringing was soon replaced by white noise and a foul smell. “Does it, smell, in here?” Jimin asked hesitantly. “Like rotten meat and bad milk. Or eggs—”

There was movement that sounded behind them. All three of them swiveled their heads around in a snap and caught sight of something at the mouth of the hall. There was a figure standing in the darkness of which neither Yoongi nor Jimin could make out clearly.

Yoongi stood up suddenly and Jimin soon followed in a bit of a panic, unsure of what was about to unfold with someone else in the room. It was the first time they had ever been interrupted and Jimin was not a fan. He could feel his skin prickle at the thought of facing another demon in a place this dark and disgusting with Yoongi hungry and weak.

The figure took a soundless step forward and Sengsohn was hissing furiously in response on his shoulder. Jimin wished he had a fraction of her bravery in that moment because everything in him was screaming to duck behind Yoongi and pray for the best. Thankfully Yoongi didn’t have to hear Jimin plead out loud and simply moved in front of him on instinct.

“Get the fuck out of here,” Yoongi barked at the figure. “It’s mine,” he referred to the sacrifice with a thumb over his shoulder.

“Greedy bastard, you can’t split that with me?” the figure argued, taking another step closer into the light to give away his demonic horns, enraging Sengsohn enough to have her leap down from Jimin’s shoulder. She hissed and screamed at the figure with all her might, back arched and nails drawn, ready to kill by the looks of it.

My precious hellion, Jimin thought as the cat defended him.

“Find somewhere else,” Yoongi demanded, his hands at his sides with fingers spread like he was ready to bore his nails into the figure if need be.

The rival demon scoffed at the demand and began to walk forward slowly, his lithe legs moving like fog over a morning field. “There’s plenty for both of us you prick,” he grumbled in annoyance. “And when we’re done we can take turns with the twink you brought along,” he suggested plainly.

Jimin’s heart lodged itself in his throat and his stomach dropped to his feet. The blood in his veins went ice cold and every rational thought was begging him to run away. The only problem was the other demon was blocking the only exit and he wasn’t looking to get grabbed that easily. So he stood there, frozen in place behind Yoongi and their cat defenselessly.

“Leave,” Yoongi said through gritted teeth. “I’m not in the mood.”

The rival demon laughed, “Shocking coming from an incubus.” Jimin could see the whites of his eyes, the lip piercing, the brown coconut cut hair, the tight leather clinging to every curve of his skinny body, the scar across his chin. He was so close and only getting closer until finally Yoongi sprung forward and cracked his fist against the other demon’s face. He didn’t give him a chance to recover as a jab to the ribs with the opposite hand was thrown. The demon hunched over and Yoongi braced his hands at his shoulders and threw his knee into the gut of the rival repeatedly until the grunting turned into pained cries and coughs. Once Yoongi felt his opponent had enough, he shoved him backwards to the ground and gave him a harsh kick to the ribs with his steel toed boot.

Yoongi circled the stranger like a jaguar playing with his prey, waiting for the creature to get back to its feet and begin the chase. Jimin stood there stunned, he never expected so much violence from Yoongi and he was strangely thankful for it. If not for his ability to fight, Jimin would’ve had to run and who knows how far he would’ve gotten on his own before the other demon caught up to him and had his way. The thought shot a vicious chill down Jimin’s arms.

There was shuffling on the ground and Jimin watched as the other demon scooted backwards on all fours with his hand clutching his side painfully. He was headed in the direction of the hallway and Yoongi was walking towards him, forcing him to retreat.

“Look,” he started in a panic, slowly edging backwards, “I’m sorry, I just thought we could—”

“I’m not a sharer. Now get the fuck out of here before I eat you too!” Yoongi threatened in a loud shout, his tone terrifying.

The other demon scrambled to his feet and broke out in a hobbling sprint down the hallway until his footsteps were out of earshot. It wasn’t until the room was plunged into silence did Jimin feel his lungs expand to take in a shuttering breath.

When Yoongi turned around he deflated and dropped his eyes to the ground. “I’m sorry if I scared you. I didn’t want to risk him getting the first move on me,” he mumbled as he approached Jimin, his tone and posture a stark contrast to what it was only seconds ago.

The young man tried to speak; his mouth opened but he choked on his words that lodged in his throat. He was scared, but not because of Yoongi. The atmosphere of the basement, the way his head felt waterlogged and the smell that pierced his senses. The rival demon must have put a spell over him to appear in Jimin’s sight. He put a face to his imposing presence which only rose concern. Jimin had so many questions so he decided to start with one, “Why did he make himself visible to me?”

Yoongi finally looked up when he stood in front of Jimin, his eyes barely peeking through his inky fringe. “Seduction tactic. Incubi typically only show themselves to impress humans and make them more willing.”

Jimin snorted at the idea of ever being attracted to the rival demon and said, “I’m all set.”

A small smile edged over Yoongi’s lips until he was revealing his gums and giggling at Jimin’s words. Through the chaos of the moment before, Jimin also joined in on the playful laughs, he even looped his arm at the back of Yoongi’s neck and led them over to the sacrifice.

“The only demon I want around is Min Yoongi-hyung,” he grinned, sending his companion a cute side eye. “Let’s try this again,” Jimin insisted and knelt to the ground to recite his incantation for a second time. To his relief he would not be interrupted.

There was the sound of a content sigh as Jimin pushed the door open to his apartment. Yoongi trailed in behind him with his arms stretched up over his head, a wide smile to his lips. “That was probably the best one yet,” the demon groaned merrily as he followed Jimin inside. “I never thought street pigeon could taste so good!”

Jimin snickered to this as he toed his shoes, sliding them to the side of the door and dropping his keys and glasses to the table. While he shrugged his light jacket off Yoongi shut the door behind them and got to work removing Sengsohn’s harness. “I can’t imagine it’s any different than chicken, right?” he asked curiously. Truth be told Jimin had never eaten a city pigeon, shocking, I know.

Yoongi tilted his head to this and unlaced his boots. “I guess you’re right. But the pigeons of Seoul are so fat with all the food they get from humans. It’s more filling in my opinion.”

“Makes sense,” Jimin nodded, his bottom lip pouted in consideration.

“I should be fine till tomorrow. That was a lot of food for one sitting,” Yoongi announced, padding over to the couch and crawling onto it quietly. “Ahg,” he sighed into the furniture, sinking into the cushions with a satisfied look on his face. “I think I might take a nap,” he muttered.

It was mid-afternoon, a nap sounded wonderful just about now with their bellies full. Jimin stopped into a little restaurant to grab a quick meal before they returned home, and the owner was nice enough to allow Sengsohn inside. He felt a little groggy himself now that he was digesting everything and with Yoongi being the first to mention it, Jimin didn’t feel bad about giving in to his tired body’s demand.

“Me too,” Jimin nodded, brushing a hand through his hair to push it back and away from his forehead.

His heart began to race at the thought of them napping together. If they were both going to, why not beside one another? This would give Jimin a plethora of opportunities to get closer to Yoongi, to try out some moves he had been brainstorming for weeks. Ever since the night Yoongi was battered up, he slept on the couch and Jimin didn’t have the courage to invite him back into his bed. This time was different. This was a nap.

“You can nap with me in my bed,” Jimin suggested, frozen in place beside the front door of his apartment, nervous that any movement would scare Yoongi away.

Yoongi perked at this, his head leaning up slightly to get a better view of Jimin who was awkwardly thumbing at the hem of his white T-shirt. “You’re sure?” Yoongi asked, doing his best to hide the excitement in his voice with a bland expression.

Jimin glanced down at his feet for a moment and chirped, “Yeah.”

Yoongi nodded at the answer and rose up to his feet slowly, his joints and muscles begging him to remain on the couch, but his heart urging him to go along with Jimin who led the way to his bedroom. Jimin crawled into bed without giving Yoongi a single glance, too worried the demon would read through him and discover his intentions. The last thing he wanted to do was tip Yoongi off. He wanted this to be somewhat of a surprise considering the demon was always the one making advances, now it was Jimin’s turn.

He turned his back to Yoongi, keeping his face hidden to avoid suspicion. Surely his face would give him away, Jimin sucked at keeping secrets after all. The bed dipped slightly and Yoongi was following suit, his body lying down beside Jimin’s comfortably with a sigh of relaxation. The demon adjusted slightly, his elbow brushing past Jimin’s back softly, bumping him on accident no doubt. This gave Jimin an idea of how close Yoongi was to him. This was a queen bed and he was almost touching the wall he was so far at the end, which meant Yoongi was at the center of the bed hogging most of the space. He had no consideration for Jimin’s personal space, that had been learned early on in their living together and for once Jimin didn’t seem to mind it. His back was slowly inching towards Yoongi until he came in contact with his shoulder and stopped.

Yoongi took notice of this judging by the way he pressed the side of his head between Jimin’s shoulder blades and his curved horn rested lightly at the back of Jimin’s head. He was very receptive to Jimin’s little move which is exactly what the human had hoped for.

They rested like this in silence for a few minutes and every time Jimin considered moving again his heart panicked with delight. Try as he might to muster his strength and push on, Jimin found himself frozen in place. Minutes continued to tick by, and his breathing hadn’t changed to that thoughtless rhythm of sleep. Neither had Yoongi’s. The two lied there in anticipation and unbeknownst to Jimin, Yoongi was side eyeing the back of his head wide awake and curious. Jimin never scooted closer to him willingly. This was a very small and pleasant surprise, one Yoongi would treasure for sure.

But nothing would prepare him to feel Jimin backing up into him further. Only this time it wasn’t his back; it was his buttocks. Yoongi felt his hip burn at the touch and his mind raced with Jimin acting so…different. What came over him all of a sudden that had him flirting with his body? He was demanding Yoongi’s attention, looking to stir up some trouble when his hips rolled back in an alluring manner, giving an experimental grind.

There were butterflies in his stomach that flickered down between his legs. The movement sent heat up Jimin’s chest and flushed his cheeks, burning his ears and the back of his neck. He was feeling his body react to his fantasies encouraged with the fierce beat of his heart. A shift behind him had Jimin stop his tiny grinds until a body pressed firm to his and spooned him. An arm wrapped over him and held the young man close, Yoongi’s chest pressed to his back comfortably, his pelvis in line with Jimin’s as he lined him from behind.

“What’s gotten into you, Jiminie?” breathed the demon, his tone feather light and calming against the back of Jimin’s neck. For once he didn’t sound cocky like he was purposefully trying to make him uncomfortable.

He wanted to giggle with Yoongi so close, his aching soul rejuvenated and pulsing with life at the proximity, the air thick with playfulness. “Nothing,” he responded passively with a smirk to his lips.

Yoongi shifted behind him, his arm across Jimin’s side now straight as he pressed his hand into the mattress and arched upward to look down at his smug face. He searched the side of Jimin’s visage for any indication he was only teasing. But when Jimin looked over his shoulder and met eyes with Yoongi, he was pleased to watch the young man turn onto his back and rest a kind hand at the center of his chest. Yoongi glanced down at the tender touch, the warmth of it radiating through his loose V-neck.

Jimin’s gaze was fixated on the bare skin exposed above him, the opening allowing him to peek at Yoongi’s pale flesh and catch a glimpse of a pierced nipple. He never thought much of it in the beginning, but the metal on Yoongi’s body made Jimin feel a certain kind of way. It had his pants pinching a little tighter at his groin and his pulse hitching in his neck. There was something so attractive about the nipple piercings, so taboo. Dangerous.

Without realizing it, Jimin licked and then sucked the corner of his bottom lip between his teeth as he stared at the silver barbell with helpless captivation. Yoongi must’ve change them recently because the last time he saw them they were captive ball. Jimin loved the barbell style though, it perked his nipples up perfectly, made them more inviting. How he wanted to rub his fingers against the nub, maybe flutter soft kisses over it. He was overwhelmed with the need to touch Yoongi, feel him under his fingertips and elicit splendid reactions. Staying still was driving him mad and Jimin couldn’t hold himself back any longer.

His gaze traced up to Yoongi’s collar bone and the soft curve of his neck, past his jaw and lips, his nose and those beautiful eyes. Those dark pools that swallowed Jimin whole dilated when he leaned up slowly, his hand brushing up to the junction of Yoongi’s neck and shoulder while his other arm was pressed firmly into the mattress by the elbow.

“What’s running through your mind?” Jimin’s intrigued whisper fanning across Yoongi’s face.

The demon bit the inside of his cheek to keep from crashing his lips against Jimin’s, and muttered back in his gravelly voice, “You.” Yoongi smiled tenderly then, “Just you.”

Jimin delivered a toothy grin, his eyes squinting when his cheeks puffed. “I want to kiss you,” Jimin pressed, moving closer until his lips were within centimeters of Yoongi’s.

But Yoongi’s warning from weeks before echoed in his mind suddenly, “Your body will move to its own accord...and you’ll lose control. Rational thought takes a back seat, that’s what makes incubi so dangerous.” This time Jimin was comfortable knowing he’d be relinquishing control to Yoongi, in fact he’d try as hard as he could to fight it and reverse the roles of receiver to giver. He wanted Yoongi to feel his love, have it drive him mad and leave him a mess begging for more.

“No one’s stopping you,” Yoongi breathed, his eyes void of everything but desire.

Chapter Text

“No one’s stopping you,” Yoongi breathed, his eyes void of everything but desire.

His heartbeat took off at a sprint upon hearing the words. This was his chance to prove himself and escape the fear of loneliness. Jimin overthrew his nagging apprehension and dove headfirst into the fray of feelings that thrashed at his soul and tore him to pieces. He wouldn’t let his doubt rule over him anymore, he’d take control and make this moment his.

The space between them closed and Jimin brushed his lips to Yoongi’s delicately, until they were fully pressed together in a patient peck.

Lips on lips.

Jimin had never been more enveloped in the present. Everything in his life disappeared; the job, the bills, the chores and shopping lists, the responsibilities of being an adult. He was basking in the sensation of warmth emitted by someone other than himself. Yoongi was closer than ever, his soft lips pulling away a fraction of an inch only to lay another kiss against Jimin who received it gladly. Electricity stung at his lips and burned down his neck, rooting itself at his core and zipping to the edges of his extremities until he was wrapped in a blanket of static heat that flickered against every inch of his skin.

Jimin cringed as he tried to combat the intrusive feeling only to melt as the sting subsided gradually and he floated into pure pleasure. He felt high, relaxed and malleable with eroticism on his mind, provoking him to touch and feel and kiss and taste.

They harmonized in their movements, pulling away and pressing back together in a steady rhythm. It wasn’t long, however, until Jimin was parting his lips and closing them down on Yoongi’s, their heads bobbing with the even tempo. His head tilted to deepen their kisses as he pushed at the demon’s shoulder to sit up fully, Jimin’s hand rested at the nape of his neck to keep the closeness alive. His other hand slithered to the back of Yoongi’s head and his fingers tangled into the short locks loosely.

A low hum that rumbled against Yoongi’s throat told Jimin he was doing well, urged him forward, dared him to try something risky. His tongue teased at a bottom lip, gliding against it like he was tasting the end of a spoon dipped in honey; sluggish to savor the sweet taste.

Yoongi peered through slit eyes and grinned at the sight of Jimin giving in to his deepest desires, falling further down the rabbit hole of lust. He must have felt Yoongi smile and peeked a look up at him to find eyes hazily staring back at him. Fixing Yoongi with a calm glint, Jimin closed his eyes again and gave his bottom lip an experimental suck. Soft and patient.

So Jimin.

Yoongi parted his lips when Jimin’s returned and mimicked the movement, only he brought teeth into the equation and gave the man a nibble. Jimin exhaled sharply at the feeling and pushed forward, needy. But Yoongi brought his hands to his shoulders and kept him away, prevented him from going any further.

Jimin was buzzing with the need to pull Yoongi into him, kiss him till he forgot where he was, make himself crazy.

“If you feel overwhelmed and need to stop, use my incubus name,” Yoongi said softly.

Jimin did his best to clear his mind, focus his attention on the words Yoongi spoke but it took a great amount of strength. His body was starving for attention and the need to process anything other than pleasure was ignored respectively.

Jimin searched in the back of his mind and recalled a particular memory that matched with Yoongi’s warning, “I’m an incubus, I was created to seduce. Everything about me is meant to draw you in.”

Jimin nodded obediently to both the voice in his head and the one reaching him now. “If you want us to stop, you’ll call me Suga. Can I count on you to do that?” he asked with his touch moving up Jimin’s neck until he was cupping his face.

The young man saw stars then. His lips felt lonely and his body cold. There was too much space between them and he was urged forward by an irresistible need until his face was within hairs of Yoongi’s. Jimin whispered, “You can count on me.” A glance was passed over a waiting pair of pink lips that had Jimin licking his own with a barely noticeable swipe of his tongue. “Now kiss me,” he uttered and closed the gap between them.

Yoongi smiled into the kiss, his inability to hide his happiness clearly felt by Jimin who snickered as they parted momentarily. Their lips rolled off one another like the passing of waves along a sandy shore. Back and forth they bobbed their heads in a steady rhythm, savoring each and every touch.

The room was silent, the soft hum of the apartment all that could be heard when a rustle in the sheets sounded and Jimin was beginning to move. He braced a hand on the mattress as he loomed over Yoongi, a leg swinging over both of the demon’s and effectively straddling him. He hummed when claws perched themselves at the top of his hips and pressed delicately to his body. Jimin continued to kiss Yoongi from above, fingers nestled in the soft black hair at the back of his head, probing about adventurously. The incubus melted against the touch, chest throbbing at the cute little strokes Jimin’s fingers delivered to his scalp.

“You’ll call me Suga if you need to stop,” Yoongi reminded in between a kiss. Jimin provided him with a light hum when the lips returned to his. Now was his time to shine, show Jimin his true power as an incubus and devour him from the inside out.

With one slick movement Yoongi slid his tongue against Jimin’s lips and asked for entry that was capitalized by a tiny nibble. Jimin very willingly slacked his jaw when Yoongi repeated the process and allowed the warm tongue to explore further into the confines of his mouth.

Jimin felt something sweet, something slippery and coated in a substance he couldn’t quite describe. Like sugar water only thicker and sometimes it stung at his nerves, even made him quiver when a particular sting jolted straight to his brain.

Yoongi took his time lapping into Jimin’s mouth, he made sure to be gentle and only introduce a bit of his aphrodisiac with each pass. It was very different than human saliva, not water like and stringy from mucus, but syrupier and thicker to coat the inside of anyone who it entered. The last thing he wanted was to give Jimin too much right off the bat and send him into a spiraling moaning mess. Yoongi swallowed most of the substance as it was released from his salivatory glands below his tongue. While he was aroused it produced larger quantities and this time with Jimin was no acceptation, in fact it seemed to work double time which came as no surprise to the demon.

Even with his restraint however, Jimin still seemed to be struggling against the effects of the aphrodisiac. He was tensing on Yoongi’s lap as he underwent the more uncomfortable first stage of the reaction. Jimin could only describe the feeling as moving too fast under the covers on a cold winter night and the static buzzing and biting his skin, but from the inside. He cringed at the strange sensations, but Jimin knew just like the kisses they started with, soon these would become comfortable and relaxing. He was very wrong, however, when the pricks and tickles gradually transformed into a flood of powerful bursts that shook Jimin’s body.

He felt tight in his own skin, like his muscles would explode if he moved too fast. Everything in him clenched together and knotted him into a ball of hyper aware nerve endings. The blood swelled and sloshed in his body, thicker and hotter than it had ever been and it all seemed to collect in his lower stomach. Within seconds the tension was gone and Jimin found himself limp and braindead, barely able to register the moans that rumbled in his throat as a euphoric feeling poured over him and numbed the pain.

He leaned forward into Yoongi, his head rested over the demon’s shoulder in a daze as the pleasured moans dripped from his lips. Yoongi knew the aphrodisiac had finally set in, there was no better indicator than the way Jimin melted into his hold—

“Fuck,” the young man whined as his hands kneaded into the back of Yoongi’s head, desperate for purchase. “Yoongi-hyung,” he whimpered breathily against his pale ear, “this is amazing.”

This was Jimin in his rawest form; ravenous for sex and the need to be touched. Yoongi reminded himself that as much as Jimin craved his attention and affection he needed to be cautious and prevent himself from crossing their line of trust. Unfortunately, there was no way around the aphrodisiac. Jimin was going to have to deal with it as long as he wanted to kiss Yoongi.

“Ahh,” he moaned high, his body writhing above Yoongi as he looked up to the ceiling and arched his back. The incubus took in the image before him, his eyes tracing the beautiful curve of Jimin’s neck and jaw, observed the shallow breaths that pushed at his chest beneath the white T-shirt he wore. There was the spread of his legs open wide to accommodate Yoongi beneath him, his thighs bulging from his jeans leaving little to the imagination. He was strong, clean cut and lean, thick in all the right places. Yoongi couldn’t help but drop his hands down to those powerful thighs and massage them up and down.

“Am I everything you had hoped for?” another moan escaped Jimin, only this time it was deep, and his hips gave a steady roll on top of Yoongi. The friction was just enough to have Yoongi’s abdomen clenching and sent furrows of knots into his belly.

He looked up to Jimin, his lips parted and eyes dilated, ready to swallow the young man whole. “Everything and more,” he hummed. The incubus was yearning to pepper that silky neck in kisses and sucks, bleed him dry and play in the mess of his fun. Ruin Jimin, pleasure him endlessly until he cried out in ecstasy. He wanted to feel him shiver against his body, feel him tighten and groan and curse his name. He wanted it all. Yoongi wanted him entirely.

“Was I worth the wait?” came a raspy voice from above. Yoongi laughed lightly at the question, his hands pressing firmer into Jimin’s thighs, sending him into a frenzy of movements. He bit his lip, moaned into the pain of it, arched his back impossibly further, and ground hard into Yoongi to get his point across.

“Ahh~ Jimin,” he crooned hands stilling on the muscular thighs and giving them a tender squeeze when the thrusts ceased to stop. “Fuck,” Yoongi cursed under his breath when he glanced down at their dueling erections, pressing furiously against their pants. How he wanted to unzip those jeans and suck Jimin off, squeeze that beautiful ass and face fuck himself until Jimin was milked dry.

“Please,” Jimin spoke once more, only this time he was ducking into Yoongi’s personal space with their noses touching. The demon got a good look of his eyes then, blown out completely and barely able to focus. Those deep brown—almost black—irises opening wide to accommodate his arousal. “Let me touch you,” he repeated then, and leaned in to plant a sloppy kiss on Yoongi’s earlobe.

“I’m all yours, do whatever you’d like,” Yoongi breathed out in a tempting reply. There was nothing wrong with Jimin being the one to touch, it just wasn’t common for Yoongi when humans were involved. It was different. But then again, Jimin was different now wasn’t he? He was unorthodox in many ways, perhaps sex was one of them. Yoongi didn’t peg him as an instigator, that was for sure. A tease definitely. But a man to give rather than receive?

It felt strange.

Jimin was so needy all the time, constantly asking questions about some of the most random things. He was intuitive and curious, always searching to quench his nosiness. By habit he seemed to butt in on everyone’s business but never out of cruel intentions or to be annoying or intrusive. He was simply a wide-eyed and caring person, an emotional person who empathized naturally with others. It was no wonder he wanted to explore Yoongi’s body through touch, in fact it had the incubus a little nervous. What would those beautiful fingers uncover? What would they elicit out of him? Yoongi never felt so jubilant and apprehensive at the same time in his very immortal life and the anxious thoughts flooding his mind were oddly welcomed. As were the hands pressed to his shoulders that had him lying back against the pillows.

Jimin scooted down a bit on Yoongi’s lap and relaxed to lower his stomach to Yoongis and rest his elbows to the bed. His lips pressed gently to the exposed skin of Yoongi’s chest, the deep V-neck acting as a perfect gateway to his skin. Yoongi watched him carefully, his eyes concentrated at the top of Jimin’s blond head, watching it bob up and down to dot his skin in loving displays of affection. His bangs hung over his eyes and made a perfect heart at the part of his hair and Yoongi loved the way it looked, suiting him so well.

The kisses never seemed to end as they traced across the expanse of Yoongi’s chest and littered down his sternum with a helpful pull from one of Jimin’s fingers that hooked his V-neck. Then they brushed eastward and began to rise up the slop of Yoongi’s pectoral and suddenly stopped, still pressed to his skin. Jimin tilted his head slightly, eyes fluttering open to find Yoongi already staring. He grinned at the evident captivation, delighted to know Yoongi had most likely been watching him the whole time. It only made the fire hotter in his veins and the feeling of euphoria intensify.

There was no mystery to Jimin’s intentions when his tongue poked from his lips and traced a slow swipe against Yoongi’s chest dangerously close to a sensitive area. The sensation of the wet muscle sliding over his skin made his hips rut up into Jimin’s tummy in a measured grind. Making his arousal known. There was restraint in him yet and he would not be broken so easily. With a face of an angel however, Yoongi did find it hard to resist taking the lead. He’d let Jimin have his fun…for now.

Jimin dragged his tongue around the nipple, staying clear of making contact with the jeweled nub which Yoongi guessed was all a part of his teasing. He was good at it. Too good at it in fact. The demon couldn’t get over how hot Jimin looked staring back at him and fooling around with his body, toying with him. Torturing him. He never thought such slow and calculated movements could have his head pressing back into the pillows and moaning. There was no pain, only soft touches, and for once Yoongi didn’t mind it. There was something about needing patience and enduring the gentle tease of Jimin’s tongue that wildly turned him on. He wanted more but he was willing to drag this out as long as he needed to, because to Jimin this was familiar. To Jimin this was pleasurable.

“Do you like my lips on you?” he asked quietly, pressing a kiss to Yoongi’s chest right beside his nipple, enough to graze the metal of his barbell.

Yoongi gulped at the question, refusing to look back up at Jimin who was smiling over at him arrogantly. “Yeah,” he sighed when another kiss was placed to the other side, the corner of Jimin’s lips taking a hold of the ball at the end of the barbell and giving it a gentle tug. It sent shock waves through Yoongi’s body to have his jewelry played with and had him gasping in a sharp breath of air through his nostrils. “Yes,” he hissed to capitalize his previous answer. “I like it a lot,” he affirmed, eyes pinched shut in concentration, focusing on Jimin’s weight on his body and the soft lips that now took in his nipple.

He first pecked at the sensitive bud, eyes closed as he did it with Yoongi being a bit of a coward and keeping his face hidden from view. Jimin smirked internally at the thought. He wet his lips with a quick flick of his tongue and enveloped Yoongi’s nipple once again. The young man swarmed a series of wet kisses on Yoongi’s sensitive nub, moaning when the demon beneath him rose a hand to his head and took a fistful of his hair while the other arm splayed across his back. He wasn’t rough though, Jimin noted how delicate his grip was in his hair, how he just barely held on to the strands between his fingers and replicated Jimin’s fragility. His moans were even soft, at times Jimin had to strain to hear them over the little pecks he dealt. The thrusts that pushed up into his stomach were deliberately small as Yoongi’s restricted cock rolled against him from below. The demon’s control was unexpected, and for that, Jimin rewarded him.

His lips ringed around the nipple he fooled with and gave a gentle suck. They pulled away to sound a tiny pop until it was repeated over and over in slow succession and had Yoongi groaning pitifully to the ceiling. Tongue was added into the equation, Jimin mushed it down to the bud making sure to smother it in swirling licks. That’s when Yoongi sucked in a strained breath and one of his legs bent between Jimin’s to press into his crotch. The added pressure had the him squirming and intensifying the pressure of his tongue against Yoongi’s body. He lapped harder and sucked with a purpose while his hand at Yoongi’s other side reached beneath the hem of his shirt.

“Jimin-ah,” Yoongi whimpered as his nipple was rolled between a thumb and index finger beneath his shirt.

Curious, the young man swapped his mouth with his free hand and mimicked the rolling pattern, his eyes watching Yoongi’s neck strain to hold back his moans. The muscles under his skin tightening and relaxing with each sensation that whisked through his overly sensitive body.

“Am I doing a good job, Yoongi-yah?” Jimin whispered, applying a slight pinch to the buds between his fingers. The reaction he received was enough of an indication, but he was feeling playful and wanted to hear a verbal reply even through his blissed-out haze. “Tell me,” he encouraged, pressing a wet kiss to the center of the demon’s pale chest, eyes lazy but searching the curves of the neck before him.

Yoongi couldn’t face him, he would rather bury his face under his arm or a pillow than look Jimin dead in the eye and show how defenseless he was to the teasing. He had never felt someone so gentle, so caring with their advances. It made Yoongi sick to his stomach that he could be influenced so heavily by a human and be reduced to a quivering jumble of limbs solely from their touch. “I love it,” he breathed through another shaky exhale. “You’re treating me so well.” His stomach tightened when Jimin rolled his hips back into his thigh that was propped between his legs. He wouldn’t be able to last long at this rate, he needed to move. Yoongi pushed his leg up and drove his thigh harder into Jimin’s crotch and was granted a beautiful moan in return.

“Yoongi-yah,” Jimin whined, his fingers pausing on Yoongi’s raw nipples and his head rolling to the side to duck out of view.

The arm at Jimin’s back was removed and a clawed hand took a hold of his entire jaw, turning his face to look over at the demon forcefully. Jimin snapped his eyes open and was surprised to find Yoongi staring back at him with furious lust. “You don’t get to hide from me,” Yoongi warned in his gravelly tone.

“Oh, but you do?” Jimin challenged with a shit eating grin.

With that, Yoongi lunged, pushing a hand rough to Jimin’s shoulder to tip him to the side while his legs bent and aided in his rolling maneuver. Jimin landed against the mattress unceremoniously on his back with giddy laughs while Yoongi crawled on top of him and nestled between his legs.

“You like the control, don’t you?” Jimin smiled deviously up to the incubus, biting down on his thumbnail. “And I like to make you fight for it.”

Yoongi came in close, his body language drastically different from when he was on his back only a moment ago. He radiated power and commanded the situation now, Jimin was helpless to ignore it. “And I think you like being fucking annoying,” Yoongi murmured, tilting his head to give Jimin a sideways glare.

Yes," he moaned dramatically. "Talk dirty to me, Min Yoongi,” the playful whine fell from his alluring lips. His arms hooked at the back of Yoongi’s neck then and pulled him in for a passionate kiss.

Yoongi only allowed one kiss, a deep and heavy kiss that Jimin basked in. And this time Yoongi didn’t hold back as he lapped and curled his tongue at every crevice of Jimin’s mouth, expertly coating his cheeks, tongue and teeth in his aphrodisiac. He’d made it damn impossible for the young man to escape the mind-numbing effects of his sinful saliva.

Jimin cried out in agony when they parted, his eyes pinched shut and the veins and tendons in his neck rising behind his skin. He took in long, labored breaths as the painful shocks rocked his insides and sent a violent shake from his head to his toes.

“Here it comes,” Yoongi whispered down to him, loving the way he squirmed under him. “You’re going to feel so good Jimin-ah,” he promised with a kiss to his neck. Then Jimin’s whole body vibrated suddenly as if on cue, and every muscle in him clenched terribly tight. His teeth gritted together with a weak snarl, the pain unlike anything he had ever felt in his life. The static now a searing fire inside of him, burning down to the bone and eating away at his sanity the longer it persisted. “You’re almost there,” Yoongi assured him and another kiss was pressed to his temple. The gesture was so comforting in that moment, if only Jimin wasn’t on fire he might have melted into it and cooed.

A few seconds longer of the excruciating pain and just like that the fire edged away and was replaced by a storm of intense pleasure. Jimin thought he had orgasmed it felt so good, but unlike an orgasm, the feeling didn’t fade. It left his jaw slack and his breath hitching in his throat, teetering out of him in jumbled sighs. The tension in his body finally relaxed if not for the shocks of arousal that tickled him into a chorus of moans and sharp breaths.

Yoongi watched Jimin’s precious human heart hammer against his chest, could feel his pulse beneath him, his eyes rolling into the back of his head as far as they’d allow. Jimin was truly broken now, which meant Yoongi needed to be more than careful when pleasuring him. This was a dangerous game to play, the demon knew that well enough, but he made it his personal mission to show Jimin what he was capable of. Make it clear that no human could ever please him the way Yoongi could. Never be as kind and gracious as him—


Immediately Yoongi pushed himself away from Jimin, his arms straight with his palms pressed to the mattress on either side of Jimin’s shoulders to keep himself away. He removed himself from between Jimin’s legs with a timid, “Too much?” Yoongi sat on the bed so his back was propped up on some pillows and he took Jimin in his arms and held him close.

“Yes,” was his whiny response as he nestled his shaking body into Yoongi’s. There was sweat at his brow, cheeks and ears dusted pink and mouth agape to allow ragged breaths in and out of his lungs.

“Did it scare you?” Yoongi whispered sincerely, a hand holding the back of Jimin’s head, his tail flicking back and forth like a cat as he waited for a response.

“It’s a lot,” Jimin sighed out, finally opening his eyes to look up at the incubus. Yoongi felt his gaze hot on his face and chanced a look down at his human. There was a twinkle in his eye, moisture, maybe even a tear, which was concerning if not for the way Jimin smiled up to him and cupped his face in both his hands. “Need to get used to it,” he explained, a shiver raking its way down his spine. “It feels so nice,” his moan hitched in his throat when the powerful surge dropped to his stomach and lower. “Mmfuck,” he groaned and without meaning to, he rutted up against Yoongi’s leg. “Yoongi-yah!” he called frantically. “Yoongi-yah,” he repeated, softer this time when the wave of stimulation subsided but the heat in his lower abdomen and crotch remained. “I want you closer,” he whispered, eyes heavy in Yoongi’s gaze, begging him to obey him.

“You’re sure?” he asked for clarification, his face void of emotion to settle any nerves Jimin might have had in the moment.

Jimin gave a tender smile with a slow series of nods as he replied quietly, “I want you, now. I want you to touch me.” There was a pause and the hands at Yoongi’s face crept downward until they were dipping under the hem of his shirt and groping up his body to his chest. “I want to feel your skin against mine,” he spoke faintly, ardor trickling from his voice. “I want you, Min Yoongi-yah,” Jimin pleaded softly, his hands squeezing at the demon’s pecs impatiently, doing everything he could to urge Yoongi on. “Give it to me,” he mumbled and fluttered a kiss to Yoongi’s drumming pulse in his neck.

Typical Jimin, Yoongi thought, “I want, I want, I want!” He’s so needy…but who am I to deny those needs and wants?

“Do you think you can sit at the edge of the bed?” Yoongi purred down to him, nails brushing the hair from his face to reveal those beautiful human eyes.

Jimin nodded to this, “I can sit pretty for you,” he sang friskily.

Yoongi got up from the bed in an instant and without warning slid his hands under Jimin’s knees and yanked him unceremoniously to the edge of the bed. He erupted in a fit of laughter when Yoongi cupped his face and littered him with pecks and kisses as he stood in front of him. “I want to devour you,” the demon smiled with his nose crinkled, teeth and gums shining beautifully down to Jimin. He hummed then and planted a passionate kiss to Jimin’s lips, savoring the moment as he slowly pulled away.

The young man stared in a fog at the lips in front of him, then up to Yoongi’s enchanting eyes where he saw clarity. A cosmos full of galaxies that twinkled and shined with an intense spectrum of color. He could’ve dived in, splashed among the stars and bathed in the milky way.

It was calling him like a siren song and Jimin was helpless to its power, staring into the depths of sparkling space within Yoongi’s eyes.

“I wish I had your eyes.”

The incubus smiled gingerly, a blush painted across his face, “You don’t need mine. Your eyes are a treasure just the way they are.”

Jimin furled up at the comment, butterflies fluttering about in his stomach and tickling lower. If he sat another second in front of Yoongi without kissing or touching him he’d probably scream because the arousal in his body was becoming unbearable. As if he read his mind, Yoongi backed away and cut the eye contact in half when he looked down to his shirt suddenly.

Jimin, through his drugged-out mind, knew where this was going when he watched Yoongi cross his arms and hook his clawed fingers under his shirt, lifting it up past his thin tummy. Pale skin, so much pale skin, Jimin thought as the shirt was lifted inch by inch over Yoongi’s torso. Those metal adorned nipples perked into view as Yoongi pulled the shirt up and over his shoulders, head, and finally his horns until his upper body was completely exposed. Jimin marveled at the subtle definition of his shoulders and chest, muscle present but not overbearing against his frame.

There were thick veins that plunged into wrists and along his hands that had Jimin gulping back his persistent desires. The v-line of Yoongi’s hips were solid, but again, not drastic enough to do damage. Jimin thought his body was perfect at first glance. He wasn’t obnoxiously ripped like some of the men he’d slept with in the past. Yoongi was just right, toned and lean, not bulging at the seams with a single flex. His torso was hypnotic really, and all Jimin wanted to do was press kisses to it lovingly and adore Yoongi’s body from below. That’s when his eyes tripped over the silver of a belt buckle and Jimin couldn’t help but stare at the bulge in Yoongi’s leather pants. It turned him on to know Yoongi was so aroused, in fact it had Jimin wetting his lips and fantasizing about what his cock—

“Take them off.”

Jimin flushed when Yoongi stepped between his legs and stood threateningly over him with a gentle hand to the side of the face, forcing him to look up.

“Huh?” Jimin blurted, ice forming along the ridge of his back when he realized Yoongi had said something previously and was now staring daggers into his head.

The demon leaned forward with a dark shadow cast above him, forcing Jimin to settle on his elbows against the mattress. Suddenly the bedroom door creaked shut and the blinds at the window were closed to submerge the two in darkness. The light at Jimin’s nightstand flickered to life to provide some clarity within the room and Jimin noted how the dull orange radiated wonderfully off Yoongi’s exposed upper body.

Distracted yet again, Yoongi took a hold of Jimin’s face by his chin and gave him a soft jerk. “Take. Them. Off,” Yoongi annunciated clearly so Jimin had no excuse to mishear him again. “Be greedy,” he encouraged through a deep purr, his face inches from Jimin’s. Although Yoongi radiated dominance he was giving a great deal of power to Jimin, he wanted him to make the moves, boss him around even. “Do as you please,” he mumbled as he stroked soothing nails against Jimin’s cheek. “Unwrap me,” he continued even softer, “don’t be nervous, Jiminie.”

For Jimin it was a no brainer. The moment Yoongi called him by his nickname Jimin lost all self-control. His hands gripped at the belt and fumbled with it until the metal was unhitched and he was pulling the black leather through the loops. The belt came free from the pants and he placed it absentmindedly behind him on the bed, ready for the next step. The button was pushed free and the zipper pulled down to reveal more flesh. He wouldn’t stop there, Jimin hooked his thumbs between Yoongi’s hips and pants and stood up to kiss him nice and sweet on the mouth while he shimmied the leather downward. A tiny moan rolled up Yoongi’s throat when Jimin pushed his hands further down until he got the tight pants over and past Yoongi’s butt.

Pushing a little further down and Jimin felt something bump into his crotch making him pause and take a glance down between them to find Yoongi’s fully erect cock pressing into his leg. It would’ve been ridiculous to wear underwear in those pants, so it came as no surprise to Jimin that Min Yoongi was naked aside from that one layer. He had worn leather pants countless times and never wore underwear with them, maybe a thong, but even then the shape of it would show. What Jimin was surprised by was the plainness of Yoongi’s cock.

There was nothing fantastic about it. Average length, a vein or two, not on the girthier side, clean shaven as was the rest of his body, cut, a pink head, and just…average. In a way it was comforting, it meant Jimin had nothing to be comparing himself to and feel embarrassed by.

He picked his foot up between Yoongi’s thighs and brought it down on top of his pants to drag them all the way to his ankles.

“That was a fun little trick,” Yoongi cocked a brow and stepped and pulled until his pants were completely off of him and pushed to the side by his foot. “You have any more?” he smirked, pulling Jimin against him by the hips and nuzzling into his neck. He sucked in time with the pulse he felt, occasionally licking at the sensitive spot to provoke a moan or two from Jimin who ate up the attention gluttonously.

“If you’re good,” he breathed, arms wrapping around Yoongi’s neck to keep him trapped against his front.

Yoongi popped his lips off the flesh of his neck, jaw slack as he met Jimin’s daring eyes. “Ohhh,” he droned, hands sliding past the curve of Jimin’s ass, “I’ll be greater than good,” he finished and for emphasis took both round cheeks in his hands and squeezed.

That contemptuous smirk returned and Jimin never felt more desirable in his life. Yoongi had been pinning for him since the day he was summoned. It could’ve been borderline obsession but Jimin didn’t care. The emotions Yoongi had for him were real, the way he looked at him and stared vulnerably, mesmerized, was real. There was no doubt in his mind that Yoongi’s feelings towards him were powerful and far from fictitious. He was caring and kind, and through all his darkness and his demonic appearance, Yoongi was a light in Jimin’s bleak life.

His legs were forced to move back and bump into the bed when Yoongi leaned into him then. His knees buckled and Jimin was sitting again with Yoongi nibbling at his earlobe, hands at his waist and undoing the button of his jeans. Strong and long fingers worked at his zipper and eventually moved to the waistband of his pants and underwear and slid them out from underneath Jimin. They were pulled from his legs gently and dropped to the floor right beside Yoongi’s. The thought of being exposed terrified Jimin and he squeezed his thighs together and took a grip of his shirt to hide his length beneath.

Jimin knew he was smaller than most, the saying: size doesn’t matter, it’s how you wield it, did little to comfort him. Sure, he liked to believe it was true, but there was always that inkling of embarrassment when someone new came along. What would Yoongi think? Sure, he had seen him naked before, but this was different. This time Jimin was aroused, sexually charged and erect, his body on fire from the aphrodisiac still electrifying his system and the carnal desire he owned as well. Yoongi would see him at his most vulnerable state and to Jimin that was a little unsettling.

Jimin snapped out of his thoughts when he felt nails on either side of him lifting his shirt up. He had no choice but to release the hold on the white fabric and allow it to be pulled up and over his head and arms. He sucked in a timid breath when Yoongi flung the shirt haphazardly to the ground with the rest of their clothes and returned his gaze to Jimin’s naked torso.

“Damn,” he sighed, taking in the view of Jimin’s athletic build. “Where do I begin?” Yoongi asked, overwhelmed. His eyes traced every which way over Jimin’s flawless front, landing at random on beautiful patches of skin. Thick thighs, muscular shoulders, a slim waist and a toned stomach, shaved honey skin, long enchanting legs, powerful arms, a scrumptious neck and—

Jimin flushed at the prying eyes, turned his head away all shy and shrunk behind his arms that shielded his crotch before Yoongi could get a good look.

Maybe this wasn’t what he wanted after all. Maybe they were moving too fast and Jimin was being a little reckless. Did he truly want Yoongi to see him like this? Naked and bothered, desperate for touch and affection? How could Yoongi know what this meant to him? Unlike the one-night stands Jimin has had in the past, he grew sick at the idea of Yoongi leaving him. For all he knew this whole thing could have been an act, the cuddling, the rescuing of the cat, the friendly banter between them, all of it could have been an elaborate scheme to get Jimin compliant.

It was a twisted thought, truly. Why would any demon stick around for weeks and dote on a human? It made absolutely no sense. The whole time Jimin assumed Yoongi was being present out of the goodness of his heart, to provide company, the reason he was summoned. The possibility of an ulterior motive never really crossed Jimin’s mind until now, while he was stripped of his defenses and served up on a silver platter to a hungry incubus.

“Jimin-ah,” his voice silk. Yoongi sat down beside the young man in the direction his head was turned, but did not touch him, instead he caught his gaze and held it. It was no mystery Jimin was battling a series of critical and humiliating thoughts, Yoongi was sure of it with the way he tried to cover himself twice now when his clothes were removed. “Be honest with me,” he began and ducked his head to position himself lower than Jimin. This would hopefully give Jimin a sense of control, comfort in knowing Yoongi was easing back on the intensity between them. “Are you…nervous?”

Jimin shook his head at the question with a sour face, his eyes downcast. “No,” he mumbled. “I just get shy, I guess,” he explained quietly.

Yoongi put the pieces together and gave a slow nod, “About your body.”

“Well,” Jimin paused, a tilt to his head as he stared into the floor. He took a deep breath in and said just below a whisper, “Kind of.”

The hint was all he needed. Yoongi raised a claw to Jimin’s cheek and gently turned his head to face him, “Jimin you—”

“Am I like the others?”

Yoongi froze. His heart ached at the question. Am I like the others? Yoongi had to remind himself to breathe when Jimin’s glance passed his in a split second only to land on his lips absentmindedly. The others… He wanted to ask what Jimin meant for clarification, but it seemed ridiculous in the grand scheme of things. Jimin knew what Yoongi was, knew what he was capable of, what he was created to do. There was only one form of others, they were humans, humans Yoongi had slept with.

“Am I…different? Important?” Jimin looked like he could cry.

Yoongi sprang into action, turning on the mattress to sit facing Jimin fully and brace his hold on either side of Jimin’s shoulders. “Of course you are,” Yoongi hissed, head ducked even lower. “Jimin,” he muttered, cupping the side of his head and smoothing his thumb over his cheek. “What made you ask that?”

“Wouldn’t you?” he mumbled, giving Yoongi a quick flash of his gaze. “You warn me about all these different things, tell me about your world as a demon, I just…”

This was an uncomfortable feeling, one Yoongi couldn’t recall ever experiencing. His heart felt like lead in his chest, heavy and beating like a drum. He felt cold sweat build at the nape of his neck, freezing ice raked across his arms and his back to elicit an unforgivable shiver down his spine.

Yoongi knew after his night with Hoseok that earth was where he wanted to be. He wanted to know what love felt like and Jimin seemed to have the answers he was searching for. Kindness, devotion, respect, care, and comfort, perhaps even more. All of these things kept Yoongi around, had him consider the possibility of staying with Jimin rather than leave, and with him pouring out his feelings and looking defeated, Yoongi knew he had to come clean.

“I’ve lived a very long life, Jimin,” he started and removed his hands from the human’s body to fold in his lap. “For some time, I’ve felt empty. Like I was missing something, the big picture. I have a purpose. I was born with one. But for some reason…ever since I met you, came to know you and really observe the human realm…I feel,” Yoongi swallowed back his pride, “I feel curious. Getting to know you, watching your habits and routines, seeing you smile and laugh with others. I wanted to see more. More of you,” Yoongi confessed sweetly and when he looked up to Jimin he was surprised to find the young man already looking back at him with wide eyes and rosy cheeks. “It’s true, Jimin,” he assured bashfully. “I don’t want to leave you. I’ve developed a bond with you, and it’s something I’m unfamiliar with. But it’s…nice. It's nice to sleep. It’s nice being able to wake up to someone. Talk to them. Talk to you. I…I’ve never had anything like this before.”

Jimin’s shoulders sand dialed. Everything he wanted to hear and more was finally admitted to him. He could’ve burst with joy, yelled and danced about the room in celebration for the relief that fell over him. Instead, Jimin pursed his lips together in a childish smile and twiddled with his thumbs, keeping the excitement bottled up. The fireworks around his fragile heart thundered and crashed against his chest, making him sway back and forth in his seated position.

“So no, Jiminie,” Yoongi smiled at Jimin rocking back and forth cutely, “you aren’t like the others. And you never were.”

Jimin looked over to him with dusk in his eyes, the taste of honey on his lips, and morning dew along his hair. Petrichor fresh on his skin and songs of doves at twilight. Wholesome and vibrant, a toothy smile peeling back those rounded lips, a priceless moment, a snapshot of joy. Yoongi wanted to keep this moment, frame it in the forefront of his imagination. Set it on the desk of his mind where he could return to it and always remember the way Jimin looked at him. Truly, looked at him.

“You’re unlike anyone I’ve ever met. And if you’ll let me…I’d like to stay,” Yoongi paused faintheartedly, “with you.”

Jimin’s smile only grew as he turned to face Yoongi a bit and wrapped his arms around the creature. His face immediately nuzzled into the crook of Yoongi’s neck and breathed in his natural aroma. The copper tang and burning leaves eased him substantially, as did the embrace that wove around his body soon after his inhale. He felt something slither at his ankle and hummed when he realized it was Yoongi’s tail. It felt like a snake, curving and constricting around his skin but not enough to hurt, just hold onto him with a firm grip. It was a small display of affection. Considering he rarely touched anything with his tail the feeling of scales surprised Jimin until the reptilian mass began to warm the cool skin it enveloped, then it became pleasant.

His head was cradled, his back wrapped in secure arms, and for a moment Jimin forgot where he was. In all honesty it didn’t matter, because as long as Yoongi was there with him, he didn’t care.

“You want to stay with me?” Jimin cooed into his neck.

Yoongi snickered and mumbled into the blond hair pressed to his face, “Yes I do.”

“Because you like me?” Jimin chittered, loving all the attention he was receiving.

Again, the incubus had to giggle because it was becoming obvious that Jimin was enjoying this a little too much. “Yes Jimin, I like you a lot,” he muttered like it pained him to say it.

The young man looked up with his arms still crushing Yoongi in their grip. Feeling the movement, Yoongi brought his head back and looked past his nose to find Jimin grinning up at him like he’d just gotten away with stealing his favorite shirt. “What?” the demon scrunched his face, feigning disgust to the way he was being stared at.

“You know how you asked where to begin?” Jimin purred. “Before we started talking?—”

Yoongi rolled his eyes, and groaned, “Jesus—”

Jimin laughed hard against his chest and flung himself into Yoongi, his cackles rattling their bodies.

“I’m sorry I’m still horny!” Jimin screeched in merry defense. “All this cute talk got me turned on.” His lips brushed against Yoongi’s neck then, when he got a wonderful idea to pepper it in his smooches. “This is your fault,” he smirked against the skin and gave it a teasing suck.

Yoongi sighed at the tender touch, “You’re right. And I’m going to have to make it better, aren’t I Jiminie?” At that Yoongi braced his grip at Jimin’s biceps and pushed him back just enough to duck down and bring their lips together in a passionate union.

It was different this time. The air seemed so much thinner without a cloud of doubt in the sky. Jimin was heavily drugged by the aphrodisiac but it wasn’t clogging his decision-making process as badly as Yoongi expected. He was well aware of his surroundings, his actions, and the demon kissing him into the sheets.

They moved together as one, crawling and tangling into the bed together with their mouths tethered by a string of saliva. Their breaths were in synch now as Yoongi had Jimin crawling backwards into the center of the bed until he was lying flat on his back. He slotted a leg between the angel’s and straddled a thick thigh when he pressed himself against Jimin’s body. The erection pushing hard into his leg was a pleasant surprise and Yoongi took extra care of it with solid rolls of his pelvis.

Jimin broke off their kiss to turn his head away and take in a shaky breath. His cock throbbed against the weight of Yoongi’s leg, the blood made him stiff and loose at the same time, and indescribable feeling of being hardened and mollified at once. With each rock to his cock Jimin sucked in quiet and raspy pants. His toes curled into the comforter; hands reached for purchase in the sheets above his head. He left his neck exposed and gave Yoongi a welcoming invitation to feed.

The incubus lowered himself further, arms dipping beneath both of Jimin’s to cage him in and licked a long line from collarbone to ear. His hips swayed at a gradual tempo while his tongue and teeth got to work at Jimin’s sensitive lobe. Yoongi massaged the soft flesh with his tongue, nibbling it periodically and making sure Jimin had a symphony of wet sounds to enjoy as he lied back and let Yoongi perfect his art.

His gasps and sighs were erotic, out of rhythm and strictly wanton. Yoongi could tell he was holding them back just by the way his body was wiggling and squirming beneath him, the sounds emitted from his mouth cut off at times and the tension in his neck only intensified. The incubus smoothed his claws up the polyester until he felt dainty fingers and weaved his own between them. Jimin immediately reacted to the touch and clasped his fingers against Yoongi’s hands to hold them tightly. The elongated nails at the back of his hands tickled his fear alive and he could only describe the sensation as dangerously sexy. He gave his own experimental thrust against Yoongi and made sure to focus most of the pressure in the hip he felt a warm cock sandwiched between.

Yoongi, unprepared for the shift, flared his nostrils and arched his back. He didn’t say anything, instead he kissed hard into Jimin and sucked an angry red splotch at the base of his neck, right above his collarbone. The demon was surprised a second time when Jimin repeated the motion only this time he rolled his entire body up against Yoongi. The inner dancer making an appearance. As a reward to the dazzling display Yoongi ground his leg even harder into Jimin’s crotch and nuzzled his way into the other side of Jimin’s neck and made him turn his head to the opposite side.

Once he had him gasping again, Yoongi licked and nibbled his lonely earlobe, making sure to coat the crest in his saliva and give it a tender bite. Jimin was distracted now with his hearing assaulted by slick and wet sounds provided by Yoongi’s tongue. He was moaning softly to the ceiling, his back arched harshly against the mattress to get in a position that let Yoongi thrust deep and low against his cock.

Yoongi moaned approvingly when Jimin squeezed his legs together to hold the demon’s captive as he met his thrusts to get himself off. His breathing was choppy and frantic now with each curve of his back and lift of his waist, Yoongi knew it was only a matter of time before he would come undone.

So he acted quickly and distracted Jimin with kisses and laps at his neck while his hands released their grip and began to move down along the comforter. Yoongi began to slink his body down Jimin’s, his lips pressing a trail of kisses into his burning flesh until he reached a forlorn nipple.

“Yoongi-yah,” Jimin moaned unrestrained as his body curled in on itself and his hands immediately took residence at the back of Yoongi’s head and braced around a horn. His lips lined the nub as his tongue mushed and lapped flat against the tip with languid strokes, making sure to ease Jimin into the stimulation. With a few more of the light flat strides, Yoongi gave a quick suck and popped his lips off to see Jimin with his neck craned back and his head pressed ruthlessly into the bed. It was gorgeous, the way Jimin reacted to him and the way his body moved beneath his. He watched the young man lick his own lips wildly to keep them moist and kissable through his needy breaths. The sight was intoxicating, it had Yoongi ravenous. He brought his lips back down and gave suck after suck until he added in feverish flicks of his tongue that had Jimin whimpering, choking and struggling to catch a solid breath. He grew even louder when his opposite nipple was strummed at the same speed by the pad of a slender middle finger.

“Ah-fuck,” he forced a cry, his fingers fisting in Yoongi’s black hair. “Yoongi,” Jimin whined helplessly beneath. “Yoongi-yah!”

Yoongi could feel Jimin’s length twitching between them, pulsating angrily at the stimulation it was missing out on. The jealousy directed at the nipples which were receiving all the attention at the moment. But Yoongi wouldn’t be much longer, he’d eventually pay Jimin’s cock a handsome visit.

His tongue slowed and went flat again until he popped his lips away but let his saliva drip like syrup from his wet muscle and pool over Jimin’s raw nipple. Jimin could’ve climaxed just watching the saliva string down to his waiting nub. Yoongi’s wet tongue hanging from his mouth, eyes glazed with lust as he stared down at the tender nipple beneath him, like he was infatuated with it, the only thing in his world that mattered. Then those same eyes blinked to meet Jimin’s wrecked expression. They were starving, those evil eyes, they drank him in and ate him whole where he lied. Jimin felt his heart throb as Yoongi stole his gaze, entranced by the way those inky hairs covered his brows and the tops of his eyes, leaving his intentions anonymous. He would have been frightened to see such hunger, fear of being devoured slowly, passionately, like he was the last piece of fruit on this earth. But Jimin couldn’t be scared. Couldn’t resist the temptation of being enveloped in the demon’s selfish hold. It was everything he could have wanted.

They exchanged an oddly composed open mouth kiss for how fast their hearts were pounding. It was a demonstration of self-control, for sure. And Jimin loved it. He also loved the feeling of fingers swirling in the spit Yoongi had dripped against him around his already excited nipple. Those precious lips took a hold of his other nub and began to tease it to life, eye contact heavily present as Yoongi worked Jimin’s body back to life. He stared back at him for as long as he could until he found it impossible to keep his head up and dropped it pitifully to the bed with a drawn-out moan.

His chest rose up greedily as he pressed his nipples harshly into Yoongi’s mouth and fingertips in a last-ditch effort to push himself over the edge and come. Jimin’s hands removed themselves from Yoongi’s head and fisted into the comforter above his head. He could feel the fire in his gut scorching him alive and it was becoming unbearable to hold back the desire to spill. The blunt of his nails scratched against the fabric of his comforter when Yoongi picked up the pace of his tongue and fingers. A feminine moan sang from Jimin’s lips when one nipple was pinched hard and the other sucked just as tight. He could feel himself shattering, slowly, glass falling upon the floor in slow motion and exploding into a storm of glittering shards. He could scream, bellow in agony at the restraint he put on his body to hold back, to wait. For what? He wasn’t sure. All Jimin wanted was release. Yet, he restrained himself in an attempt to hold onto the emotions and the feelings that ravaged his beautiful body. He could cry at the struggle, at the war within himself and collapse onto his bed defeated. Instead he punished himself. Dragged out ever second like it was his last and submerged himself in overstimulation for the sake of insanity.

The fingers and lips were plucked from his body, his ribs were massaged, his stomach spoilt in pecks and kisses until they trailed deeper, lower, and finally—

Jimin sobbed. Yoongi took him into his mouth, sucked the head of his cock, licked the underside and traced the ridge of his tip. He scooped his arms under Jimin’s legs and took a firm hold of his hips with his shoulders pressing into his ass, forcing his legs to bend and accommodate his new position.

“Scooch up a little?” Yoongi asked politely and Jimin obeyed. Once he settled back down, Yoongi had his mouth full of his cock again and sucking down on it with his eyes closed.

Jimin abandoned the need to conceal his voice and let out every sound and grunt and moan that decided to pour from his mouth. Yoongi was too good with his tongue, the way it danced across the tip of his head and pressed playfully against the slit. His lips were just as cruel as they circled the shaft of his cock and the walls of his mouth hollowed to suck softly.

He was so gentle, with every suck he squeezed Jimin’s hips at the same pressure to give a full body experience. Yoongi’s long black nails dragged softly against his skin with each grip, causing Jimin to whine and pant. He begged for more when he brought his hands down to Yoongi’s head and tangled his fingers in his hair. Jimin pleaded with his voice when he wept high and long to a hard suck to his cock.

Yoongi rewarded him with a bob of his head, taking Jimin’s length all the way down his mouth to the back of his throat and hummed. The vibration of the sound against his cock had Jimin’s ankles cramping, his toes spreading and curling, and back arching in time with a sinful cry careening through the room. He was panting now, harsh and airy as Yoongi swallowed him whole and dragged his tongue along the subtle vein that ran up his shaft. His nose pressed to Jimin’s clean shaven skin at his crotch and inhaled a steady breath before giving another swallow that had Jimin slowly inching his knees together.

He could feel himself losing all sense of reality the more Yoongi bobbed his head up and down. Up and down.

Up and down.


And down.

With each thrust of his mouth he was sucking harder, sliding his tongue faster, swallowing deeper until nothing else could be swallowed and Jimin was fully sheathed in his mouth. But it didn’t stop there. Yoongi removed one of his hands from Jimin’s side and tucked it between the human’s legs just below his chin and cupped a pair of balls. He used his wrist and fingers to strum the sensitive pair until Jimin was sandwiching his head between his shaking legs and sobbing, “Yoongi-yah, please!” His other hand slithered up Jimin’s rattling side until he felt a perked nipple and pinched it gently between his thumb and forefinger. He rolled the numb like putty between the pads of his fingers, toying with Jimin in every way he could.

“Yoongi,” he struggled to speak through his gasps. “Yoongi-yah,” he tried harder when the tension built in his core and panic flooded over him. Jimin was about to lose it. He was ready to erupt and the thought of coming in Yoongi’s throat felt wrong and he nervously pushed at his head to move away. Yoongi’s reaction to the desperate pleas was to lock his jaw and suck harder, slide his middle finger at his balls down to Jimin’s perineum and rub, pinch down on his nipple firm, and open his eyes slowly to stare up at Jimin as he climaxed into his throat.

Jimin’s legs held Yoongi’s head between them as he shot his cum into the warm space. His fingers fisted in the black hair, back curled at the exertion to climax, brows pulled together painfully so as he closed his eyes to white stars behind his lids. Jimin moaned nice and high for Yoongi as he gently bucked into his face to release all traces of his arousal. Sweat slicked his forehead and tears bubbled at the corners of his eyes when Jimin convulsed around his desperate release. His skin was crawling with white heat that collected at the back of his neck and across his chest that left him splotched in vicious pink.

Yoongi watched the blond hair sweep from his face when his head fell back against the bed with another gorgeous sob. His cheeks were blushed hot and neck a mountain scape of peaks and valleys that craned back so gorgeously Yoongi moaned. Ribbons of hot cum streamed down his throat little by little until Jimin gave a sweet grunt and finished his tender thrusts. His legs slowly sunk down when the tightness eased away and his hands at Yoongi’s hair lifted away and fell above him in the sheets. Yoongi swallowed it in a series of gulps, and when he finished he carefully pulled himself off of Jimin’s cock and closed his eyes to plant a loving kiss to the head. When he looked up again he saw Jimin gazing over at him with watered eyes and a euphoric look plastered to his face, his chest heaving.

Yoongi smiled and got up to his hands and knees to crawl closer to Jimin and lie down beside him, cock painfully swollen. He put his desire aside in order to relish in the mess he made and brought his arms around Jimin’s loose form. The demon kissed him gingerly on the lips and tucked Jimin’s head close to his chest.

“I feel like I’m still high,” Jimin mumbled in exhaustion, his body limp and heavy. He was laying on a cloud, every muscle in his body numb, relaxed. There was a coziness and sense of peace that wrapped around Jimin the longer he stayed still in the demon’s caring arms.

Yoongi snickered at the comment, “It’ll fade.” His nails stroked through Jimin’s hair, pushing the strands from his face to reveal the ethereal shine of his skin and the enchanting glow of his eyes that looked up to him tranquilly. “You’re probably going to fall asleep soon,” he whispered then, combing his nails through his hair.

“No I won’t,” he murmured disbelievingly. “I never sleep after sex,” he said with certainty.

Yoongi smirked at his denial, “Okay.” He sat up and brought his arms back around Jimin to move him so he was lying on the bed with his head on the pillows. The demon settled him down carefully and took his place at his side with an arm wrapped at his waist while the other tucked under the pillow below his head. Jimin turned to face him and Yoongi cuddled him close, nuzzling his nose into his hair and inhaling deeply. “You’re more than important to me, Jimin. That’ll never change,” he whispered against his hair.

Jimin smiled cutely against his chest and splayed his hands across the warm span. The heart that beat beneath his palms was a steady thrum, faint and reliable. He could count on its presence and be confident in its stay. Jimin knew it wouldn’t fade away like the other hearts he’d felt. This was different.

This was Min Yoongi.

And to the thrum of the incubi’s heart, Jimin fell into a serene sleep. Nestled in the arms of the demon.