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Just Give Me One Bad Night

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“No one’s stopping you,” Yoongi breathed, his eyes void of everything but desire.

His heartbeat took off at a sprint upon hearing the words. This was his chance to prove himself and escape the fear of loneliness. Jimin overthrew his nagging apprehension and dove headfirst into the fray of feelings that thrashed at his soul and tore him to pieces. He wouldn’t let his doubt rule over him anymore, he’d take control and make this moment his.

The space between them closed and Jimin brushed his lips to Yoongi’s delicately, until they were fully pressed together in a patient peck.

Lips on lips.

Jimin had never been more enveloped in the present. Everything in his life disappeared; the job, the bills, the chores and shopping lists, the responsibilities of being an adult. He was basking in the sensation of warmth emitted by someone other than himself. Yoongi was closer than ever, his soft lips pulling away a fraction of an inch only to lay another kiss against Jimin who received it gladly. Electricity stung at his lips and burned down his neck, rooting itself at his core and zipping to the edges of his extremities until he was wrapped in a blanket of static heat that flickered against every inch of his skin.

Jimin cringed as he tried to combat the intrusive feeling only to melt as the sting subsided gradually and he floated into pure pleasure. He felt high, relaxed and malleable with eroticism on his mind, provoking him to touch and feel and kiss and taste.

They harmonized in their movements, pulling away and pressing back together in a steady rhythm. It wasn’t long, however, until Jimin was parting his lips and closing them down on Yoongi’s, their heads bobbing with the even tempo. His head tilted to deepen their kisses as he pushed at the demon’s shoulder to sit up fully, Jimin’s hand rested at the nape of his neck to keep the closeness alive. His other hand slithered to the back of Yoongi’s head and his fingers tangled into the short locks loosely.

A low hum that rumbled against Yoongi’s throat told Jimin he was doing well, urged him forward, dared him to try something risky. His tongue teased at a bottom lip, gliding against it like he was tasting the end of a spoon dipped in honey; sluggish to savor the sweet taste.

Yoongi peered through slit eyes and grinned at the sight of Jimin giving in to his deepest desires, falling further down the rabbit hole of lust. He must have felt Yoongi smile and peeked a look up at him to find eyes hazily staring back at him. Fixing Yoongi with a calm glint, Jimin closed his eyes again and gave his bottom lip an experimental suck. Soft and patient.

So Jimin.

Yoongi parted his lips when Jimin’s returned and mimicked the movement, only he brought teeth into the equation and gave the man a nibble. Jimin exhaled sharply at the feeling and pushed forward, needy. But Yoongi brought his hands to his shoulders and kept him away, prevented him from going any further.

Jimin was buzzing with the need to pull Yoongi into him, kiss him till he forgot where he was, make himself crazy.

“If you feel overwhelmed and need to stop, use my incubus name,” Yoongi said softly.

Jimin did his best to clear his mind, focus his attention on the words Yoongi spoke but it took a great amount of strength. His body was starving for attention and the need to process anything other than pleasure was ignored respectively.

Jimin searched in the back of his mind and recalled a particular memory that matched with Yoongi’s warning, “I’m an incubus, I was created to seduce. Everything about me is meant to draw you in.”

Jimin nodded obediently to both the voice in his head and the one reaching him now. “If you want us to stop, you’ll call me Suga. Can I count on you to do that?” he asked with his touch moving up Jimin’s neck until he was cupping his face.

The young man saw stars then. His lips felt lonely and his body cold. There was too much space between them and he was urged forward by an irresistible need until his face was within hairs of Yoongi’s. Jimin whispered, “You can count on me.” A glance was passed over a waiting pair of pink lips that had Jimin licking his own with a barely noticeable swipe of his tongue. “Now kiss me,” he uttered and closed the gap between them.

Yoongi smiled into the kiss, his inability to hide his happiness clearly felt by Jimin who snickered as they parted momentarily. Their lips rolled off one another like the passing of waves along a sandy shore. Back and forth they bobbed their heads in a steady rhythm, savoring each and every touch.

The room was silent, the soft hum of the apartment all that could be heard when a rustle in the sheets sounded and Jimin was beginning to move. He braced a hand on the mattress as he loomed over Yoongi, a leg swinging over both of the demon’s and effectively straddling him. He hummed when claws perched themselves at the top of his hips and pressed delicately to his body. Jimin continued to kiss Yoongi from above, fingers nestled in the soft black hair at the back of his head, probing about adventurously. The incubus melted against the touch, chest throbbing at the cute little strokes Jimin’s fingers delivered to his scalp.

“You’ll call me Suga if you need to stop,” Yoongi reminded in between a kiss. Jimin provided him with a light hum when the lips returned to his. Now was his time to shine, show Jimin his true power as an incubus and devour him from the inside out.

With one slick movement Yoongi slid his tongue against Jimin’s lips and asked for entry that was capitalized by a tiny nibble. Jimin very willingly slacked his jaw when Yoongi repeated the process and allowed the warm tongue to explore further into the confines of his mouth.

Jimin felt something sweet, something slippery and coated in a substance he couldn’t quite describe. Like sugar water only thicker and sometimes it stung at his nerves, even made him quiver when a particular sting jolted straight to his brain.

Yoongi took his time lapping into Jimin’s mouth, he made sure to be gentle and only introduce a bit of his aphrodisiac with each pass. It was very different than human saliva, not water like and stringy from mucus, but syrupier and thicker to coat the inside of anyone who it entered. The last thing he wanted was to give Jimin too much right off the bat and send him into a spiraling moaning mess. Yoongi swallowed most of the substance as it was released from his salivatory glands below his tongue. While he was aroused it produced larger quantities and this time with Jimin was no acceptation, in fact it seemed to work double time which came as no surprise to the demon.

Even with his restraint however, Jimin still seemed to be struggling against the effects of the aphrodisiac. He was tensing on Yoongi’s lap as he underwent the more uncomfortable first stage of the reaction. Jimin could only describe the feeling as moving too fast under the covers on a cold winter night and the static buzzing and biting his skin, but from the inside. He cringed at the strange sensations, but Jimin knew just like the kisses they started with, soon these would become comfortable and relaxing. He was very wrong, however, when the pricks and tickles gradually transformed into a flood of powerful bursts that shook Jimin’s body.

He felt tight in his own skin, like his muscles would explode if he moved too fast. Everything in him clenched together and knotted him into a ball of hyper aware nerve endings. The blood swelled and sloshed in his body, thicker and hotter than it had ever been and it all seemed to collect in his lower stomach. Within seconds the tension was gone and Jimin found himself limp and braindead, barely able to register the moans that rumbled in his throat as a euphoric feeling poured over him and numbed the pain.

He leaned forward into Yoongi, his head rested over the demon’s shoulder in a daze as the pleasured moans dripped from his lips. Yoongi knew the aphrodisiac had finally set in, there was no better indicator than the way Jimin melted into his hold—

“Fuck,” the young man whined as his hands kneaded into the back of Yoongi’s head, desperate for purchase. “Yoongi-hyung,” he whimpered breathily against his pale ear, “this is amazing.”

This was Jimin in his rawest form; ravenous for sex and the need to be touched. Yoongi reminded himself that as much as Jimin craved his attention and affection he needed to be cautious and prevent himself from crossing their line of trust. Unfortunately, there was no way around the aphrodisiac. Jimin was going to have to deal with it as long as he wanted to kiss Yoongi.

“Ahh,” he moaned high, his body writhing above Yoongi as he looked up to the ceiling and arched his back. The incubus took in the image before him, his eyes tracing the beautiful curve of Jimin’s neck and jaw, observed the shallow breaths that pushed at his chest beneath the white T-shirt he wore. There was the spread of his legs open wide to accommodate Yoongi beneath him, his thighs bulging from his jeans leaving little to the imagination. He was strong, clean cut and lean, thick in all the right places. Yoongi couldn’t help but drop his hands down to those powerful thighs and massage them up and down.

“Am I everything you had hoped for?” another moan escaped Jimin, only this time it was deep, and his hips gave a steady roll on top of Yoongi. The friction was just enough to have Yoongi’s abdomen clenching and sent furrows of knots into his belly.

He looked up to Jimin, his lips parted and eyes dilated, ready to swallow the young man whole. “Everything and more,” he hummed. The incubus was yearning to pepper that silky neck in kisses and sucks, bleed him dry and play in the mess of his fun. Ruin Jimin, pleasure him endlessly until he cried out in ecstasy. He wanted to feel him shiver against his body, feel him tighten and groan and curse his name. He wanted it all. Yoongi wanted him entirely.

“Was I worth the wait?” came a raspy voice from above. Yoongi laughed lightly at the question, his hands pressing firmer into Jimin’s thighs, sending him into a frenzy of movements. He bit his lip, moaned into the pain of it, arched his back impossibly further, and ground hard into Yoongi to get his point across.

“Ahh~ Jimin,” he crooned hands stilling on the muscular thighs and giving them a tender squeeze when the thrusts ceased to stop. “Fuck,” Yoongi cursed under his breath when he glanced down at their dueling erections, pressing furiously against their pants. How he wanted to unzip those jeans and suck Jimin off, squeeze that beautiful ass and face fuck himself until Jimin was milked dry.

“Please,” Jimin spoke once more, only this time he was ducking into Yoongi’s personal space with their noses touching. The demon got a good look of his eyes then, blown out completely and barely able to focus. Those deep brown—almost black—irises opening wide to accommodate his arousal. “Let me touch you,” he repeated then, and leaned in to plant a sloppy kiss on Yoongi’s earlobe.

“I’m all yours, do whatever you’d like,” Yoongi breathed out in a tempting reply. There was nothing wrong with Jimin being the one to touch, it just wasn’t common for Yoongi when humans were involved. It was different. But then again, Jimin was different now wasn’t he? He was unorthodox in many ways, perhaps sex was one of them. Yoongi didn’t peg him as an instigator, that was for sure. A tease definitely. But a man to give rather than receive?

It felt strange.

Jimin was so needy all the time, constantly asking questions about some of the most random things. He was intuitive and curious, always searching to quench his nosiness. By habit he seemed to butt in on everyone’s business but never out of cruel intentions or to be annoying or intrusive. He was simply a wide-eyed and caring person, an emotional person who empathized naturally with others. It was no wonder he wanted to explore Yoongi’s body through touch, in fact it had the incubus a little nervous. What would those beautiful fingers uncover? What would they elicit out of him? Yoongi never felt so jubilant and apprehensive at the same time in his very immortal life and the anxious thoughts flooding his mind were oddly welcomed. As were the hands pressed to his shoulders that had him lying back against the pillows.

Jimin scooted down a bit on Yoongi’s lap and relaxed to lower his stomach to Yoongis and rest his elbows to the bed. His lips pressed gently to the exposed skin of Yoongi’s chest, the deep V-neck acting as a perfect gateway to his skin. Yoongi watched him carefully, his eyes concentrated at the top of Jimin’s blond head, watching it bob up and down to dot his skin in loving displays of affection. His bangs hung over his eyes and made a perfect heart at the part of his hair and Yoongi loved the way it looked, suiting him so well.

The kisses never seemed to end as they traced across the expanse of Yoongi’s chest and littered down his sternum with a helpful pull from one of Jimin’s fingers that hooked his V-neck. Then they brushed eastward and began to rise up the slop of Yoongi’s pectoral and suddenly stopped, still pressed to his skin. Jimin tilted his head slightly, eyes fluttering open to find Yoongi already staring. He grinned at the evident captivation, delighted to know Yoongi had most likely been watching him the whole time. It only made the fire hotter in his veins and the feeling of euphoria intensify.

There was no mystery to Jimin’s intentions when his tongue poked from his lips and traced a slow swipe against Yoongi’s chest dangerously close to a sensitive area. The sensation of the wet muscle sliding over his skin made his hips rut up into Jimin’s tummy in a measured grind. Making his arousal known. There was restraint in him yet and he would not be broken so easily. With a face of an angel however, Yoongi did find it hard to resist taking the lead. He’d let Jimin have his fun…for now.

Jimin dragged his tongue around the nipple, staying clear of making contact with the jeweled nub which Yoongi guessed was all a part of his teasing. He was good at it. Too good at it in fact. The demon couldn’t get over how hot Jimin looked staring back at him and fooling around with his body, toying with him. Torturing him. He never thought such slow and calculated movements could have his head pressing back into the pillows and moaning. There was no pain, only soft touches, and for once Yoongi didn’t mind it. There was something about needing patience and enduring the gentle tease of Jimin’s tongue that wildly turned him on. He wanted more but he was willing to drag this out as long as he needed to, because to Jimin this was familiar. To Jimin this was pleasurable.

“Do you like my lips on you?” he asked quietly, pressing a kiss to Yoongi’s chest right beside his nipple, enough to graze the metal of his barbell.

Yoongi gulped at the question, refusing to look back up at Jimin who was smiling over at him arrogantly. “Yeah,” he sighed when another kiss was placed to the other side, the corner of Jimin’s lips taking a hold of the ball at the end of the barbell and giving it a gentle tug. It sent shock waves through Yoongi’s body to have his jewelry played with and had him gasping in a sharp breath of air through his nostrils. “Yes,” he hissed to capitalize his previous answer. “I like it a lot,” he affirmed, eyes pinched shut in concentration, focusing on Jimin’s weight on his body and the soft lips that now took in his nipple.

He first pecked at the sensitive bud, eyes closed as he did it with Yoongi being a bit of a coward and keeping his face hidden from view. Jimin smirked internally at the thought. He wet his lips with a quick flick of his tongue and enveloped Yoongi’s nipple once again. The young man swarmed a series of wet kisses on Yoongi’s sensitive nub, moaning when the demon beneath him rose a hand to his head and took a fistful of his hair while the other arm splayed across his back. He wasn’t rough though, Jimin noted how delicate his grip was in his hair, how he just barely held on to the strands between his fingers and replicated Jimin’s fragility. His moans were even soft, at times Jimin had to strain to hear them over the little pecks he dealt. The thrusts that pushed up into his stomach were deliberately small as Yoongi’s restricted cock rolled against him from below. The demon’s control was unexpected, and for that, Jimin rewarded him.

His lips ringed around the nipple he fooled with and gave a gentle suck. They pulled away to sound a tiny pop until it was repeated over and over in slow succession and had Yoongi groaning pitifully to the ceiling. Tongue was added into the equation, Jimin mushed it down to the bud making sure to smother it in swirling licks. That’s when Yoongi sucked in a strained breath and one of his legs bent between Jimin’s to press into his crotch. The added pressure had him squirming and intensifying the roughness of his tongue against Yoongi’s body. He lapped harder and sucked with a purpose while his hand at Yoongi’s other side reached beneath the hem of his shirt.

“Jimin-ah,” Yoongi whimpered as his opposite nipple was rolled between a thumb and index finger beneath his shirt.

Curious, the young man swapped his mouth with his free hand and mimicked the rolled both of his nipples, his eyes watching Yoongi’s neck strain to hold back his moans. The muscles under his skin tightening and relaxing with each sensation that whisked through his overly sensitive body.

“Am I doing a good job, Yoongi-yah?” Jimin whispered, applying a slight pinch to the buds between his fingers. The reaction he received was enough of an indication, but he was feeling playful and wanted to hear a verbal reply even through his blissed-out haze. “Tell me,” he encouraged, pressing a wet kiss to the center of the demon’s pale chest, eyes lazy but searching the curves of the neck before him.

Yoongi couldn’t face him, he would rather bury his face under his arm or a pillow than look Jimin dead in the eye and show how defenseless he was to the teasing. He had never felt someone so gentle, so caring with their advances. It made Yoongi sick to his stomach that he could be influenced so heavily by a human and be reduced to a quivering jumble of limbs solely from their touch. “I love it,” he breathed through another shaky exhale. “You’re treating me so well.” His stomach tightened when Jimin rolled his hips back into his thigh that was propped between his legs. He wouldn’t be able to last long at this rate, he needed to move. Yoongi pushed his leg up and drove his thigh harder into Jimin’s crotch and was granted a beautiful moan in return.

“Yoongi-yah,” Jimin whined, his fingers pausing on Yoongi’s raw nipples and his head rolling to the side to duck out of view.

The arm at Jimin’s back was removed and a clawed hand took a hold of his entire jaw, turning his face to look over at the demon forcefully. Jimin snapped his eyes open and was surprised to find Yoongi staring back at him with furious lust. “You don’t get to hide from me,” Yoongi warned in his gravelly tone.

“Oh, but you do?” Jimin challenged with a shit eating grin.

With that, Yoongi lunged, pushing a hand rough to Jimin’s shoulder to tip him to the side while his legs bent and aided in his rolling maneuver. Jimin landed against the mattress unceremoniously on his back with giddy laughs while Yoongi crawled on top of him and nestled between his legs.

“You like the control, don’t you?” Jimin smiled deviously up to the incubus, biting down on his thumbnail. “And I like to make you fight for it.”

Yoongi came in close, his body language drastically different from when he was on his back only a moment ago. He radiated power and commanded the situation now, Jimin was helpless to ignore it. “And I think you like being fucking annoying,” Yoongi murmured, tilting his head to give Jimin a sideways glare.

Yes," he moaned dramatically. "Talk dirty to me, Min Yoongi,” the playful whine fell from his alluring lips. His arms hooked at the back of Yoongi’s neck then and pulled him in for a passionate kiss.

Yoongi only allowed one kiss, a deep and heavy kiss that Jimin basked in. And this time Yoongi didn’t hold back as he lapped and curled his tongue at every crevice of Jimin’s mouth, expertly coating his cheeks, tongue and teeth in his aphrodisiac. He’d made it damn impossible for the young man to escape the mind-numbing effects of his sinful saliva.

Jimin cried out in agony when they parted, his eyes pinched shut and the veins and tendons in his neck rising behind his skin. He took in long, labored breaths as the painful shocks rocked his insides and sent a violent shake from his head to his toes.

“Here it comes,” Yoongi whispered down to him, loving the way he squirmed under him. “You’re going to feel so good Jimin-ah,” he promised with a kiss to his neck. Then Jimin’s whole body vibrated suddenly as if on cue, and every muscle in him clenched terribly tight. His teeth gritted together with a weak snarl, the pain unlike anything he had ever felt in his life. The static now a searing fire inside of him, burning down to the bone and eating away at his sanity the longer it persisted. “You’re almost there,” Yoongi assured him and another kiss was pressed to his temple. The gesture was so comforting in that moment, if only Jimin wasn’t on fire he might have melted into it and cooed.

A few seconds longer of the excruciating pain and just like that the fire edged away and was replaced by a storm of intense pleasure. Jimin thought he had orgasmed it felt so good, but unlike an orgasm, the feeling didn’t fade. It left his jaw slack and his breath hitching in his throat, teetering out of him in jumbled sighs. The tension in his body finally relaxed if not for the shocks of arousal that tickled him into a chorus of moans and sharp breaths.

Yoongi watched Jimin’s precious human heart hammer against his chest, could feel his pulse beneath him, his eyes rolling into the back of his head as far as they’d allow. Jimin was truly broken now, which meant Yoongi needed to be more than careful when pleasuring him. This was a dangerous game to play, the demon knew that well enough, but he made it his personal mission to show Jimin what he was capable of. Make it clear that no human could ever please him the way Yoongi could. Never be as kind and gracious as him—


Immediately Yoongi pushed himself away from Jimin, his arms straight with his palms pressed to the mattress on either side of Jimin’s shoulders to keep himself away. He removed himself from between Jimin’s legs with a timid, “Too much?” Yoongi sat on the bed so his back was propped up on some pillows and he took Jimin in his arms and held him close.

“Yes,” was his whiny response as he nestled his shaking body into Yoongi’s. There was sweat at his brow, cheeks and ears dusted pink and mouth agape to allow ragged breaths in and out of his lungs.

“Did it scare you?” Yoongi whispered sincerely, a hand holding the back of Jimin’s head, his tail flicking back and forth like a cat as he waited patiently, nervously, for a response.

“It’s a lot,” Jimin sighed out, finally opening his eyes to look up at the incubus. Yoongi felt his gaze hot on his face and chanced a look down at his human. There was a twinkle in his eye, moisture, maybe even a tear, which was concerning if not for the way Jimin smiled up to him and cupped his face in both his hands. “Need to get used to it,” he explained, a shiver raking its way down his spine. “It feels so nice,” his moan hitched in his throat when the powerful surge dropped to his stomach and lower. “Mmfuck,” he groaned and without meaning to, he rutted up against Yoongi’s leg. “Yoongi-yah!” he called frantically. “Yoongi-yah,” he repeated, softer this time when the wave of stimulation subsided but the heat in his lower abdomen and crotch remained. “I want you closer,” he whispered, eyes heavy in Yoongi’s gaze, begging him to obey him.

“You’re sure?” he asked for clarification, his face void of emotion to settle any nerves Jimin might have had in the moment.

Jimin gave a tender smile with a slow series of nods as he replied quietly, “I want you, now. I want you to touch me.” There was a pause and the hands at Yoongi’s face crept downward until they were dipping under the hem of his shirt and groping up his body to his chest. “I want to feel your skin against mine,” he spoke faintly, ardor trickling from his voice. “I want you, Min Yoongi-yah,” Jimin pleaded softly, his hands squeezing at the demon’s pecs impatiently, doing everything he could to urge Yoongi on. “Give it to me,” he mumbled and fluttered a kiss to Yoongi’s drumming pulse in his neck.

Typical Jimin, Yoongi thought, “I want, I want, I want!” He’s so needy…but who am I to deny those needs and wants?

“Do you think you can sit at the edge of the bed?” Yoongi purred down to him, nails brushing the hair from his face to reveal those beautiful human eyes.

Jimin nodded to this, “I can sit pretty for you,” he sang friskily.

Yoongi got up from the bed in an instant and without warning slid his hands under Jimin’s knees and yanked him to the edge of the bed. He erupted in a fit of laughter when Yoongi cupped his face and littered him with pecks and kisses as he stood in front of him. “I want to devour you,” the demon smiled with his nose crinkled, teeth and gums shining beautifully down to Jimin. He hummed then and planted a passionate kiss to Jimin’s lips, savoring the moment as he slowly pulled away.

The young man stared in a fog at the lips in front of him, then up to Yoongi’s enchanting eyes where he saw clarity. A cosmos full of galaxies that twinkled and shined with an intense spectrum of color. He could’ve dived in, splashed among the stars and bathed in the milky way. It was calling him like a siren song and Jimin was helpless to its power, staring into the depths of sparkling space within Yoongi’s eyes.

“I wish I had your eyes.”

The incubus smiled gingerly, a blush painted across his face, “You don’t need mine. Your eyes are a treasure just the way they are.”

Jimin furled up at the comment, butterflies fluttering about in his stomach and tickling lower. If he sat another second in front of Yoongi without kissing or touching him he’d probably scream because the arousal in his body was becoming unbearable. As if he read his mind, Yoongi backed away and cut the eye contact in half when he looked down to his shirt suddenly.

Jimin, through his drugged-out mind, knew where this was going when he watched Yoongi cross his arms and hook his clawed fingers under his shirt, lifting it up past his thin tummy. Pale skin, so much pale skin, Jimin thought as the shirt was lifted inch by inch over Yoongi’s torso. Those metal adorned nipples perked into view as Yoongi pulled the shirt up and over his shoulders, head, and finally his horns until his upper body was completely exposed. Jimin marveled at the subtle definition of his shoulders and chest, muscle present but not overbearing against his frame.

There were thick veins that plunged into wrists and along his hands that had Jimin gulping back his persistent desires. The v-line of Yoongi’s hips were solid, but again, not drastic enough to do damage. Jimin thought his body was perfect at first glance. He wasn’t obnoxiously ripped like some of the men he’d slept with in the past. Yoongi was just right, toned and lean, not bulging at the seams with a single flex. His torso was hypnotic really, and all Jimin wanted to do was press kisses to it lovingly and adore Yoongi’s body from below. That’s when his eyes tripped over the silver of a belt buckle and Jimin couldn’t help but stare at the bulge in Yoongi’s leather pants. It turned him on to know Yoongi was so aroused, in fact it had Jimin wetting his lips and fantasizing about what his cock—

“Take them off.”

Jimin flushed when Yoongi stepped between his legs and stood threateningly over him with a gentle hand to the side of the face, forcing him to look up.

“Huh?” Jimin blurted, ice forming along the ridge of his back when he realized Yoongi had said something previously and was now staring daggers into his head.

The demon leaned forward with a dark shadow cast above him, forcing Jimin to settle on his elbows against the mattress. Suddenly the bedroom door creaked shut and the blinds at the window were closed to submerge the two in darkness. The light at Jimin’s nightstand flickered to life to provide some clarity within the room and Jimin noted how the dull orange radiated wonderfully off Yoongi’s exposed upper body.

Distracted yet again, Yoongi took a hold of Jimin’s face by his chin and gave him a soft jerk. “Take. Them. Off,” Yoongi annunciated clearly so Jimin had no excuse to mishear him again. “Be greedy,” he encouraged through a deep purr, his face inches from Jimin’s. Although Yoongi radiated dominance he was giving a great deal of power to Jimin, he wanted him to make the moves, boss him around even. “Do as you please,” he mumbled as he stroked soothing nails against Jimin’s cheek. “Unwrap me,” he continued even softer, “don’t be nervous, Jiminie.”

For Jimin it was a no brainer. The moment Yoongi called him by his nickname Jimin lost all self-control. His hands gripped at the belt and fumbled with it until the metal was unhitched and he was pulling the black leather through the loops. The belt came free from the pants and he placed it absentmindedly behind him on the bed, ready for the next step. The button was pushed free and the zipper pulled down to reveal more flesh. He wouldn’t stop there, Jimin hooked his thumbs between Yoongi’s hips and pants and stood up to kiss him nice and sweet on the mouth while he shimmied the leather downward. A tiny moan rolled up Yoongi’s throat when Jimin pushed his hands further down until he got the tight pants over and past Yoongi’s butt.

Pushing a little further down and Jimin felt something bump into his crotch making him pause and take a glance down between them to find Yoongi’s fully erect cock pressing into his leg. It would’ve been ridiculous to wear underwear in those pants, so it came as no surprise to Jimin that Min Yoongi was naked aside from that one layer. He had worn leather pants countless times and never wore underwear with them, maybe a thong, but even then the shape of it would show. What Jimin was surprised by was the plainness of Yoongi’s cock.

There was nothing fantastic about it. Average length, a vein or two, not on the girthier side, clean shaven as was the rest of his body, cut, a pink head, and just…average. In a way it was comforting, it meant Jimin had nothing to be comparing himself to and feel embarrassed by.

He picked his foot up between Yoongi’s thighs and brought it down on top of his pants to drag them all the way to his ankles.

“That was a fun little trick,” Yoongi cocked a brow and stepped and pulled until his pants were completely off of him and pushed to the side by his foot. “You have any more?” he smirked, pulling Jimin against him by the hips and nuzzling into his neck. He sucked in time with the pulse he felt, occasionally licking at the sensitive spot to provoke a moan or two from Jimin who ate up the attention gluttonously.

“If you’re good,” he breathed, arms wrapping around Yoongi’s neck to keep him trapped against his front.

Yoongi popped his lips off the flesh of his neck, jaw slack as he met Jimin’s daring eyes. “Ohhh,” he droned, hands sliding past the curve of Jimin’s ass, “I’ll be greater than good,” he finished and for emphasis took both round cheeks in his hands and squeezed.

That contemptuous smirk returned and Jimin never felt more desirable in his life. Yoongi had been pinning for him since the day he was summoned. It could’ve been borderline obsession but Jimin didn’t care. The emotions Yoongi had for him were real, the way he looked at him and stared vulnerably, mesmerized, was real. There was no doubt in his mind that Yoongi’s feelings towards him were powerful and far from fictitious. He was caring and kind, and through all his darkness and his demonic appearance, Yoongi was a light in Jimin’s bleak life.

His legs were forced to move back and bump into the bed when Yoongi leaned into him then. His knees buckled and Jimin was sitting again with Yoongi nibbling at his earlobe, hands at his waist and undoing the button of his jeans. Strong and long fingers worked at his zipper and eventually moved to the waistband of his pants and underwear and slid them out from underneath Jimin. They were pulled from his legs gently and dropped to the floor right beside Yoongi’s. The thought of being exposed suddenly terrified Jimin and he squeezed his thighs together and took a grip of his shirt to hide his length beneath.

Jimin knew he was smaller than most, the saying: size doesn’t matter, it’s how you wield it, did little to comfort him. Sure, he liked to believe it was true, but there was always that inkling of embarrassment when someone new came along. What would Yoongi think? Sure, he had seen him naked before, but this was different. This time Jimin was aroused, sexually charged and erect, his body on fire from the aphrodisiac still electrifying his system and the carnal desire he owned as well. Yoongi would see him at his most vulnerable state and to Jimin that was a little unsettling.

Jimin snapped out of his thoughts when he felt nails on either side of him lifting his shirt up. He had no choice but to release the hold on the white fabric and allow it to be pulled up and over his head and arms. He sucked in a timid breath when Yoongi flung the shirt haphazardly to the ground with the rest of their clothes and returned his gaze to Jimin’s naked torso.

“Damn,” he sighed, taking in the view of Jimin’s athletic build. “Where do I begin?” Yoongi asked, overwhelmed. His eyes traced every which way over Jimin’s flawless front, landing at random on beautiful patches of skin. Thick thighs, muscular shoulders, a slim waist and a toned stomach, shaved honey skin, long enchanting legs, powerful arms, a scrumptious neck and—

Jimin flushed at the prying eyes, turned his head away all shy and shrunk behind his arms that shielded his crotch before Yoongi could get a good look.

Maybe this wasn’t what he wanted after all. Maybe they were moving too fast and Jimin was being a little reckless. Did he truly want Yoongi to see him like this? Naked and bothered, desperate for touch and affection? How could Yoongi know what this meant to him? Unlike the one-night stands Jimin has had in the past, he grew sick at the idea of Yoongi leaving him. For all he knew this whole thing could have been an act, the cuddling, the rescuing of the cat, the friendly banter between them, all of it could have been an elaborate scheme to get Jimin compliant.

It was a twisted thought, truly. Why would any demon stick around for weeks and dote on a human? It made absolutely no sense. The whole time Jimin assumed Yoongi was being present out of the goodness of his heart, to provide company, the reason he was summoned. The possibility of an ulterior motive never really crossed Jimin’s mind until now, while he was stripped of his defenses and served up on a silver platter to a hungry incubus.

“Jimin-ah,” his voice silk. Yoongi sat down beside the young man in the direction his head was turned, but did not touch him, instead he caught his gaze and held it. It was no mystery Jimin was battling a series of critical and humiliating thoughts, Yoongi was sure of it with the way he tried to cover himself twice now when his clothes were removed. “Be honest with me,” he began and ducked his head to position himself lower than Jimin. This would hopefully give Jimin a sense of control, comfort in knowing Yoongi was easing back on the intensity between them. “Are you…nervous?”

Jimin shook his head at the question with a sour face, his eyes downcast. “No,” he mumbled. “I just get shy, I guess,” he explained quietly.

Yoongi put the pieces together and gave a slow nod, “About your body.”

“Well,” Jimin paused, a tilt to his head as he stared into the floor. He took a deep breath in and said just below a whisper, “Kind of.”

The hint was all he needed. Yoongi raised a claw to Jimin’s cheek and gently turned his head to face him again, “Jimin you—”

“Am I like the others?”

Yoongi froze. His heart ached at the question. Am I like the others? Yoongi had to remind himself to breathe when Jimin’s glance passed his in a split second only to land on his lips absentmindedly. The others… He wanted to ask what Jimin meant for clarification, but it seemed ridiculous in the grand scheme of things. Jimin knew what Yoongi was, knew what he was capable of, what he was created to do. There was only one form of others, they were humans, humans Yoongi had slept with.

“Am I…different? Important?” Jimin looked like he could cry.

Yoongi sprang into action, turning on the mattress to sit facing Jimin fully and brace his hold on either side of Jimin’s shoulders. “Of course you are,” Yoongi hissed, head ducked even lower. “Jimin,” he muttered, cupping the side of his head and smoothing his thumb over his cheek. “What made you ask that?”

“Wouldn’t you?” he mumbled, giving Yoongi a quick flash of his gaze. There was hurt in his eyes, “You warn me about all these different things, tell me about your world as a demon, I just…”

This was an uncomfortable feeling, one Yoongi couldn’t recall ever experiencing. His heart felt like concrete in his chest, heavy and beating like a drum. He felt cold sweat build at the nape of his neck, freezing ice raked across his arms and his back to elicit an unforgivable shiver down his spine.

Yoongi knew after his night with Hoseok that earth was where he wanted to be. He wanted to know what love felt like and Jimin seemed to have the answers he was searching for. Kindness, devotion, respect, care, and comfort, perhaps even more. All of these things kept Yoongi around, had him consider the possibility of staying with Jimin rather than leave, and with him pouring out his feelings and looking defeated, Yoongi knew he had to come clean.

“I’ve lived a very long life, Jimin,” he started and removed his hands from the human’s body to fold in his lap. “For some time, I’ve felt empty. Like I was missing something, the big picture. I have a purpose. I was born with one. But for some reason…ever since I met you, came to know you and really observe the human realm…I feel,” Yoongi swallowed back his pride, “I feel curious. Getting to know you, watching your habits and routines, seeing you smile and laugh with others. I wanted to see more. More of you,” Yoongi confessed sweetly and when he looked up to Jimin he was surprised to find the young man already looking back at him with wide eyes and rosy cheeks. “It’s true, Jimin,” he assured bashfully. “I don’t want to leave you. I’ve developed a bond with you, and it’s something I’m unfamiliar with. But it’s…nice. It's nice to sleep. It’s nice being able to wake up to someone. Talk to them. Talk to you. I…I’ve never had anything like this before.”

Jimin’s shoulders sand dialed. Everything he wanted to hear and more was finally admitted to him. He could’ve burst with joy, yelled and danced about the room in celebration for the relief that fell over him. Instead, Jimin pursed his lips together in a childish smile and twiddled with his thumbs, keeping the excitement bottled up. The fireworks around his fragile heart thundered and crashed against his chest, making him sway back and forth in his seated position.

“So no, Jiminie,” Yoongi smiled at Jimin rocking back and forth cutely, “you aren’t like the others. And you never were.”

Jimin looked over to him with dusk in his eyes, the taste of honey on his lips, and morning dew along his hair. Petrichor fresh on his skin and songs of doves at twilight. Wholesome and vibrant, a toothy smile peeling back those rounded lips, a priceless moment, a snapshot of joy. Yoongi wanted to keep this moment, frame it in the forefront of his imagination. Set it on the desk of his mind where he could return to it and always remember the way Jimin looked at him. Truly, looked at him.

“You’re unlike anyone I’ve ever met. And if you’ll let me…I’d like to stay,” Yoongi paused faintheartedly, “with you.”

Jimin’s smile only grew as he turned to face Yoongi a bit and wrapped his arms around the creature. His face immediately nuzzled into the crook of Yoongi’s neck and breathed in his natural aroma. The copper tang and burning leaves eased him substantially, as did the embrace that wove around his body soon after his inhale. He felt something slither at his ankle and hummed when he realized it was Yoongi’s tail. It felt like a snake, coiling and constricting around his skin but not enough to hurt, just hold onto him with a firm grip. It was a small display of affection. Considering he rarely touched anything with his tail the feeling of scales surprised Jimin until the reptilian mass began to warm the cool skin it enveloped, then it became pleasant.

His head was cradled, his back wrapped in secure arms, and for a moment Jimin forgot where he was. In all honesty it didn’t matter, because as long as Yoongi was there with him, he didn’t care.

“You want to stay with me?” Jimin cooed into his neck.

Yoongi snickered and mumbled into the blond hair pressed to his face, “Yes I do.”

“Because you like me?” Jimin chittered, loving all the attention he was receiving.

Again, the incubus had to giggle because it was becoming obvious that Jimin was enjoying this a little too much. “Yes Jimin, I like you a lot,” he muttered like it pained him to say it.

The young man looked up with his arms still crushing Yoongi in their grip. Feeling the movement, Yoongi brought his head back and looked past his nose to find Jimin grinning up at him like he’d just gotten away with stealing his favorite shirt. “What?” the demon scrunched his face, feigning disgust to the way he was being stared at.

“You know how you asked where to begin?” Jimin purred. “Before we started talking?—”

Yoongi rolled his eyes, and groaned, “Jesus—”

Jimin laughed hard against his chest and flung himself into Yoongi, his cackles rattling their bodies.

“I’m sorry I’m still horny!” Jimin screeched in merry defense. “All this cute talk got me turned on.” His lips brushed against Yoongi’s neck then, when he got a wonderful idea to pepper it in his smooches. “This is your fault,” he smirked against the skin and gave it a teasing suck.

Yoongi sighed at the tender touch, “You’re right. And I’m going to have to make it better, aren’t I Jiminie?” At that Yoongi braced his grip at Jimin’s biceps and pushed him back just enough to duck down and bring their lips together in a passionate union.

It was different this time. The air seemed so much thinner without a cloud of doubt in the sky. Jimin was heavily drugged by the aphrodisiac but it wasn’t clogging his decision-making process as badly as Yoongi expected. He was well aware of his surroundings, his actions, and the demon kissing him into the sheets.

They moved together as one, crawling and tangling into the bed together with their mouths tethered by a string of saliva. Their breaths were in synch now as Yoongi had Jimin crawling backwards into the center of the bed until he was lying flat on his back. He slotted a leg between the angel’s and straddled a thick thigh when he pressed himself against Jimin’s body. The erection pushing hard into his leg was a pleasant surprise and Yoongi took extra care of it with solid rolls of his pelvis.

Jimin broke off their kiss to turn his head away and take in a shaky breath. His cock throbbed against the weight of Yoongi’s leg, the blood made him stiff and loose at the same time, an indescribable feeling of being hardened and mollified at once. With each rock to his cock Jimin sucked in quiet and raspy pants. His toes curled into the comforter; hands reached for purchase in the sheets above his head. He left his neck exposed and gave Yoongi a welcoming invitation to feed.

The incubus lowered himself further, arms dipping beneath both of Jimin’s to cage him in and licked a long line from collarbone to ear. His hips swayed at a gradual tempo while his tongue and teeth got to work at Jimin’s sensitive lobe. Yoongi massaged the soft flesh with his tongue, nibbling it periodically and making sure Jimin had a symphony of wet sounds to enjoy as he lied back and let Yoongi perfect his art.

His gasps and sighs were erotic, out of rhythm and strictly wanton. Yoongi could tell he was holding them back just by the way his body was wiggling and squirming beneath him, the sounds emitted from his mouth cut off at times and the tension in his neck only intensified. The incubus smoothed his claws up the polyester until he felt dainty fingers and weaved his own between them. Jimin immediately reacted to the touch and clasped his fingers against Yoongi’s hands to hold them tightly. The elongated nails at the back of his hands tickled his fear alive and he could only describe the sensation as dangerously sexy. He gave his own experimental thrust against Yoongi and made sure to focus most of the pressure in the hip he felt a warm cock sandwiched between.

Yoongi, unprepared for the shift, flared his nostrils and arched his back. He didn’t say anything, instead he kissed hard into Jimin and sucked an angry red splotch at the base of his neck, right above his collarbone. The demon was surprised a second time when Jimin repeated the motion only this time he rolled his entire body up against Yoongi. The inner dancer making an appearance. As a reward to the dazzling display Yoongi ground his leg even harder into Jimin’s crotch and nuzzled his way into the other side of Jimin’s neck and made him turn his head to the opposite side.

Once he had him gasping again, Yoongi licked and nibbled his lonely earlobe, making sure to coat the crest in his saliva and give it a tender bite. Jimin was distracted now with his hearing assaulted by slick and wet sounds provided by Yoongi’s tongue. He was moaning softly to the ceiling, his back arched harshly against the mattress to get in a position that let Yoongi thrust deep and low against his cock.

Yoongi moaned approvingly when Jimin squeezed his legs together to hold the demon’s captive as he met his thrusts to get himself off. His breathing was choppy and frantic now with each curve of his back and lift of his waist, Yoongi knew it was only a matter of time before he would come undone.

So he acted quickly and distracted Jimin with kisses and laps at his neck while his hands released their grip and began to move down along the comforter. Yoongi began to slink his body down Jimin’s, his lips pressing a trail of kisses into his burning flesh until he reached a forlorn nipple.

“Yoongi-yah,” Jimin moaned unrestrained as his body curled in on itself and his hands immediately took residence at the back of Yoongi’s head and braced around a horn. His lips lined the nub as his tongue mushed and lapped flat against the tip with languid strokes, making sure to ease Jimin into the stimulation. With a few more of the light flat strides, Yoongi gave a quick suck and popped his lips off to see Jimin with his neck craned back and his head pressed ruthlessly into the bed. It was gorgeous, the way Jimin reacted to him and the way his body moved beneath his. He watched the young man lick his own lips wildly to keep them moist and kissable through his needy breaths. The sight was intoxicating, it had Yoongi ravenous. He brought his lips back down and gave suck after suck until he added in feverish flicks of his tongue that had Jimin whimpering, choking and struggling to catch a solid breath. He grew even louder when his opposite nipple was strummed at the same speed by the pad of a slender middle finger.

“Ah-fuck,” he forced a cry, his fingers fisting in Yoongi’s black hair. “Yoongi,” Jimin whined helplessly beneath. “Yoongi-yah!”

Yoongi could feel Jimin’s length twitching between them, pulsating angrily at the stimulation it was missing out on. The jealousy directed at the nipples which were receiving all the attention at the moment. But Yoongi wouldn’t be much longer, he’d eventually pay Jimin’s cock a handsome visit.

His tongue slowed and went flat again until he popped his lips away but let his saliva drip like syrup from his wet muscle and pool over Jimin’s raw nipple. Jimin could’ve climaxed just watching the saliva string down to his waiting nub. Yoongi’s wet tongue hanging from his mouth, eyes glazed with lust as he stared down at the tender nipple beneath him, like he was infatuated with it, the only thing in his world that mattered. Then those same eyes blinked to meet Jimin’s wrecked expression. They were starving, those evil eyes, they drank him in and ate him whole where he lied. Jimin felt his heart throb as Yoongi stole his gaze, entranced by the way those inky hairs covered his brows and the tops of his eyes, leaving his intentions anonymous. He would have been frightened to see such hunger, fear of being destroyed slowly, passionately, like he was the last piece of fruit on this earth. But Jimin couldn’t be scared. Couldn’t resist the temptation of being enveloped in the demon’s selfish hold. It was everything he could have wanted.

They exchanged an oddly composed open mouth kiss for how fast their hearts were pounding. It was a demonstration of self-control, for sure. And Jimin loved it. He also loved the feeling of fingers swirling in the spit Yoongi had dripped against him around his already excited nipple. Those precious lips took a hold of his other nub and began to tease it to life, eye contact heavily present as Yoongi worked Jimin’s body back to life. He stared back at him for as long as he could until he found it impossible to keep his head up and dropped it pitifully to the bed with a drawn-out moan.

His chest rose up greedily as he pressed his nipples harshly into Yoongi’s mouth and fingertips in a last-ditch effort to push himself over the edge and come. Jimin’s hands removed themselves from Yoongi’s head and fisted into the comforter above his crown. He could feel the fire in his gut scorching him alive and it was becoming unbearable to hold back the desire to spill. The blunt of his nails scratched against the fabric of his comforter when Yoongi picked up the pace of his tongue and fingers. A feminine moan sang from Jimin’s lips when one nipple was pinched hard and the other sucked just as tight. He could feel himself shattering, slowly, glass falling upon the floor in slow motion and exploding into a storm of glittering shards. He could scream, bellow in agony at the restraint he put on his body to hold back, to wait. For what? He wasn’t sure. All Jimin wanted was release. Yet, he restrained himself in an attempt to hold onto the emotions and the feelings that ravaged his beautiful body. He could cry at the struggle, at the war within himself and collapse onto his bed defeated. Instead he punished himself. Dragged out ever second like it was his last and submerged himself in overstimulation for the sake of insanity.

The fingers and lips were plucked from his body, his ribs were massaged, his stomach spoilt in pecks and kisses until they trailed deeper, lower, and finally—

Jimin sobbed. Yoongi took him into his mouth, sucked the head of his cock, licked the underside and traced the ridge of his tip. He scooped his arms under Jimin’s legs and took a firm hold of his hips with his shoulders pressing into the backs of his thighs, forcing his legs to bend and accommodate his new position.

“Scooch up a little?” Yoongi asked politely and Jimin obeyed. Once he settled back down, Yoongi had his mouth full of his cock again and sucking down on it with his eyes closed.

Jimin abandoned the need to conceal his voice and let out every sound and grunt and moan that decided to pour from his mouth. Yoongi was too good with his tongue, the way it danced across the tip of his head and pressed playfully against the slit. His lips were just as cruel as they circled the shaft of his cock and the walls of his mouth hollowed to suck softly.

He was so gentle, with every suck he squeezed Jimin’s hips at the same time to give a full body experience. Yoongi’s long black nails dragged softly against his skin with each grip, causing Jimin to whine and pant. He begged for more when he brought his hands down to Yoongi’s head and tangled his fingers in his hair. Jimin pleaded with his voice when he wept high and long to a hard suck to his cock.

Yoongi rewarded him with a bob of his head, taking Jimin’s length a little further into his mouth and hummed. The vibration of the sound against his cock had Jimin’s ankles cramping, his toes spreading and curling, and back arching in time with a sinful cry careening through the room. He was panting now, harsh and airy as Yoongi swallowed him whole and dragged his tongue along the subtle vein that ran up his shaft. His nose pressed to Jimin’s clean shaven skin at his crotch and inhaled a steady breath before giving another swallow that had Jimin slowly inching his knees together.

He could feel himself losing all sense of reality the more Yoongi bobbed his head up and down. Up and down.

Up and down.


And down.

With each thrust of his mouth he was sucking harder, sliding his tongue faster, swallowing deeper until nothing else could be swallowed and Jimin was fully sheathed in his mouth. But it didn’t stop there. Yoongi removed one of his hands from Jimin’s side and tucked it between the human’s legs just below his chin and cupped a pair of balls. He used his wrist and fingers to strum the sensitive pair until Jimin was sandwiching his head between his shaking legs and sobbing, “Yoongi-yah, please!” His other hand slithered up Jimin’s rattling side until he felt a perked nipple and pinched it gently between his thumb and forefinger. He rolled the numb like putty between the pads of his fingers, toying with Jimin in every way he could.

“Fuck,” he struggled to speak through his gasps. “Yoongi-yah,” he tried harder when the tension built in his core and panic flooded over him. Jimin was about to lose it. He was ready to erupt and the thought of coming in Yoongi’s throat felt wrong and he nervously pushed at his head to move away. Yoongi’s reaction to the desperate pleas was to lock his jaw and suck harder, slide his middle finger at his balls down to Jimin’s perineum and rub, pinch down on his nipple firm, and open his eyes slowly to stare up at Jimin as he climaxed into his throat.

Jimin’s legs held Yoongi’s head between them as he shot his cum into the warm space. His fingers fisted in the black hair, back curled at the exertion to climax, brows pulled together painfully so as he closed his eyes to white stars behind his lids. Jimin moaned nice and high for Yoongi as he gently bucked into his face to release all traces of his arousal. Sweat slicked his forehead and tears bubbled at the corners of his eyes when Jimin convulsed around his desperate release. His skin was crawling with white heat that collected at the back of his neck and across his chest that left him splotched in vicious pink.

Yoongi watched the blond hair sweep from his face when his head fell back against the bed with another gorgeous sob. His cheeks were blushed hot and neck a mountain scape of peaks and valleys that craned back so gorgeously Yoongi moaned. Ribbons of hot cum streamed down his throat little by little until Jimin gave a sweet grunt and finished his tender thrusts. His legs slowly sunk down when the tightness eased away and his hands at Yoongi’s hair lifted and fell above him in the sheets. Yoongi swallowed it in a series of gulps, and once he finished he carefully pulled himself off of Jimin’s cock and closed his eyes to plant a loving kiss to the head. When he looked up again he saw Jimin gazing over at him with watered eyes and a euphoric look plastered to his face, his chest heaving.

Yoongi smiled and got up to his hands and knees to crawl closer to Jimin and lie down beside him, cock painfully swollen. He put his desire aside in order to relish in the mess he made and brought his arms around Jimin’s loose form. The demon kissed him gingerly on the lips and tucked Jimin’s head close to his chest.

“I feel like I’m still high,” Jimin mumbled in exhaustion, his body limp and heavy. He was laying on a cloud, every muscle in his body numb, relaxed. There was a coziness and sense of peace that wrapped around Jimin the longer he stayed still in the demon’s caring arms.

Yoongi snickered at the comment, “It’ll fade.” His nails stroked through Jimin’s hair, pushing the strands from his face to reveal the ethereal shine of his skin and the enchanting glow of his eyes that looked up to him tranquilly. “You’re probably going to fall asleep soon,” he whispered then, combing his nails through his hair.

“No I won’t,” he murmured disbelievingly. “I never sleep after sex,” he said with certainty.

Yoongi smirked at his denial, “Okay.” He sat up and brought his arms back around Jimin to move him so he was lying on the bed with his head on the pillows. The demon settled him down carefully and took his place at his side with an arm wrapped at his waist while the other tucked under the pillow below his head. Jimin turned to face him and Yoongi cuddled him close, nuzzling his nose into his hair and inhaling deeply. “You’re more than important to me, Jimin. That’ll never change,” he whispered against his hair.

Jimin smiled cutely against his chest and splayed his hands across the warm span. The heart that beat beneath his palms was a steady thrum, faint and reliable. He could count on its presence and be confident in its stay. Jimin knew it wouldn’t fade away like the other hearts he’d felt. This was different.

This was Min Yoongi.

And to the thrum of the incubi’s heart, Jimin fell into a serene sleep. Nestled in the arms of the demon.