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Just Give Me One Bad Night

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Yoongi has tried many times to seduce Jimin and more than once he’s gotten close, but it always ends with Jimin politely refusing his advances. Thankfully the incubus has a sliver of decency to let up when Jimin has expressed his opposition and eventually things return to normal between them. Yoongi complaining, Jimin trying to cheer him up and be a good person which the demon finds nauseating. Jimin is more than kind to him and to others, Yoongi is always telling him he’s going to get hurt one way or another by offering up so much of himself and expecting nothing in return. One day he’ll want something. Need someone.

Maybe that’s why Yoongi hasn’t moved on. As far as Jimin knows, it isn’t normal for an incubus to linger with a human, in fact it’s unnatural.

They lurk in the night and put their victim in a state of warped reality to trick humans into thinking they’re asleep. When in actuality they’re wide awake. That’s when the fun begins, according to Yoongi. Once the veil is drawn, the demon can play.

Jimin has experienced this altered state of consciousness only once, which was the first night Yoongi visited him.

Jimin had constructed his own alter right below the window in his bedroom. It was beautiful. He had collected a wide variety of wildflowers and strung them together with a small piece of twine. There was a shallow bowl, white with a golden rim. A ring bowl no doubt. It was filled with essential oils almost to the brim. A drop of blood was dropped from a trembling finger into the boil. The red coiled and clouded until it settled at the bottom. An incense stick was lit and Jimin crawled into bed. It burnt to the very end, the ashes caught on the stand. And once the last wisp of smoke left the stick, Yoongi formed from the shadow behind the rocking chair.

He crossed the space to find a figure sound asleep in bed. Yoongi stood at the side of the bed, hands tucked in his pockets and his tail waving slowly behind him. When his head tilted to the side his bangs moved to reveal his eyes.

Yoongi focused his gaze at the side of his summoner’s head. His hand reached over and brushed blond bangs away from the enchanting face hiding beneath. The demon’s breath hitched in his throat. Before he could think, his feet were moving backwards and he was struggling to breathe.

Nothing happened though. His hand didn’t sting, his eyes didn’t water, his chest didn’t feel like someone plunged a spear through it. Nothing. Yoongi was sure that the being lying in bed was an angel. If not that then an arch angel. He was confused and struggling to comprehend how a mere mortal could have him panic so easily.

When he managed to calm down he approached the bed again. The young man hadn’t moved, he breathed softly through parted lips. Lips so plump—Yoongi noted—they perked up slightly. Everything about this individual drew him in. He wanted to see more of him. He wanted to know what his voice sounded like, what his hair smelt like, how his neck tasted. Yoongi wanted, needed, to know everything about this young man.

All he had was a name and a face.

Park Jimin.

The incubus conjured up the serum he needed to wake Jimin in a hallucination. The liquid from the bowl at Jimin’s alter swirled in the air with a flick of Yoongi’s wrist. It coiled and wove through the air like the opposite pole of a magnet to Yoongi’s open palm. It hovered in the air above Yoongi’s hand for a moment longer until the color shifted into a deep indigo. Through the whole process Yoongi’s watchful gaze hadn't lifted from Jimin’s face. He was intent on memorizing every feature before he took his palm with the serum hovering just above his skin and pressed it down over Jimin’s nose and lips.

Yoongi made the serum particularly strong. He had free range to manipulate anything he desired, and for Jimin he’d give him the world. When their two realms collided, Yoongi paid extra attention to the detail on the jewelry he presented on Jimin’s body, the things he loved most, and sensations he’d find relaxing. It seemed to work.


Jimin opened his eyes to find himself sitting up in bed. But things were...different.

Everything felt like a dream, he was convinced he was still asleep when he looked around to find himself in an expansive bedroom, walled in white and black Calcutta marble. Gold leaf painted across the domed ceiling. The massive bed he sat on was draped with gold silk sheets and a beautiful array of pillows. All around him plants grew at the base of each wall and blossomed with sweet smelling flowers. Butterflies of all shapes and colors danced in the air throughout the open space, a few gracing Jimin with an occasional flyby. One being so kind as to land on an open palm he presented to the delicate creature.

The sound of trickling water soothed his nerves immensely. He closed his eyes a moment and let his shoulders relax to the calming melody. The butterfly stepped off his palm and jittered away to a nearby flower, where it perched and flashed Jimin its beautiful indigo wings.

”You’re so pretty,” he called to her when the delicate being flew back over to him and landed on shoulder. He cooed to her like a child, complimenting her as if she understood.

A shimmery caught his attention on his body suddenly.

When he looked down at himself he saw his upper body was bare, safe for an intricate necklace of gold and amethyst chains that laced across his chest in dazzling patterns. His wrists wore gold bands that jingled when he moved. A weight was felt at his head and he lifted his golden ringed fingers to feel what he deemed a simple tiara that dipped down to a V at his forehead with a pair of points above his ears.

He was covered in wealth. And for what? He thought. Perhaps in this dream he was fantasizing of being a prince, or someone of royal blood and wanted to be decorated in gems and precious gold. Jimin thought he looked gorgeous. He felt sexy in thin chains and jewels. A desirable person he had become in this dream and it filled him with pride. If only he could achieve this outside of his dream and feel this confidence in reality.

The butterfly took off yet again and Jimin’s eyes traveled lower.

His legs were covered by a pair of obscenely soft and baggy golden pants that secured tightly at his ankles. But something was peculiar. Amongst the golds and the he purples there were ten spots of black.

Long, smooth, sharp, fingernails.

That’s when he saw a pair of hands at his waist and felt the presence of another behind him.

A chest at his back.

For some reason he wasn’t scared, a part of him knew someone was there, as if he’d sensed it. The nails gently scraped up his torso and rested just under his chest. Jimin looked over his shoulder and met the face the hands belonged to.

He was beautiful, the other man. His black hair was pushed back to reveal a pale forehead, lips plump and smiling down at him lovingly with a warmth in his dark eyes. The horns at his head impressive and strong, Jimin couldn’t help but reach back and touch one of them. It was smooth like stone, the structure reminding him of a Markhor, corkscrewed at a slight angle and sharpened to fine points.

The creature wore a similar tiara only he didn’t have the points above the ears and a thin tear drop gemstone hung from the end of the V on his forehead. All of the jewelry he wore matched Jimin’s, only it was silver, and the amethyst was replaced by garnet crystals.

They didn’t speak a word to each other. They didn’t have to. Yoongi was leaning in and Jimin lolling his neck to the side. He was kissed passionately, heat radiating from the wake of each peck garnishing his neck. A gentle hand pushed beneath the jewels on his chest at a snail’s pace until a middle finger found a soft nipple. Jimin remembers how his back arched to the touch and a quiet gasp fell from his parted lips.

He felt the pad of the finger trace lazy circles around the tip of the nub, coaxing it to harden. The other hand dipped lower down his stomach and a nail pushed between his waist and pants, followed by a few more when Jimin realized what was about to happen.

He brought his hands down and held the intruding wrist at his pelvis in place, preventing the searching hand from going any further. The lips and tongue at his neck froze in place then they were removed entirely.

Jimin eased the hand out from his pants and placed it on the bed daintily, then did the same with the other at his chest.

He turned his body to face Yoongi and splayed his hands on his shoulders lightly. He locked eyes with the demon and granted a frail smile. “Thank you. But it’s not time,” Jimin explained.

He crawled off the bed and stood to his bare feet. Crossing the span of the room, Jimin spotted a glass carafe of what he knew to be wine. He poured two glasses and sauntered back to the bed, hips swaying. There was no doubt in his mind he was a tease. Jimin had no problem in admitting it. He wanted men to work for his attention, prove to him they deserved his affection. Otherwise he was disinterested and the game was over. He lived for the challenge, he loved having fun. And for some reason he found an interest in this demon. Not many people caught his eye. A demon being the rarest of all. And an incubus at that.

Jimin summoned him, knew he was coming. Knew this dream like state was brought on by the power of the man sitting in the bed. He didn’t understand it all, but he expected this to encounter all the same.

”Here,” he offered a glass to the incubus who received it with a warm gaze. Jimin got back on the bed and waddled towards the creature on his knees, making sure his abs were flexed as he grew closer. He was going to flaunt everything he had. A hopeless flirt.

”You’re stunning,” came a gravely whisper, eyes drawn to Jimin’s exposed chest and stomach.

Jimin took a sip of his wine and situated himself amongst the pillows, facing Yoongi with his legs tucked and an arm propped up to rest his head in his hand. “Thank you,” he grinned around his glass and took another swig of the bitter drink. “You’re not so bad yourself.”

”Mm,” Yoongi hummed to the comment, a smirk etching his face as he moved closer. With his eyes locked on Jimin’s he stood to his knees and reached over to place his half full glass on a nightstand, his free hand taking a tender hold of Jimin’s shoulder. “Can I help you,” he touched his nose to Jimin’s then pulled away to marvel at the plump lips before him through hooded eyes, “Park Jimin?” His gaze snapped back up with a slow blink and Jimin could see the lust swirling in Yoongi’s stare. It took everything in him to resist pressing forward and giving into instinct, but somehow Jimin managed to calm his arousal and pet Yoongi’s cheek.

”Keep me company,” Jimin whispered, his glance to Yoongi’s exposed chest obvious and purposeful. He made damn sure Yoongi watched as he devoured him with his eyes.

The incubus went to lean in for a kiss, eyes barely open and tricking Jimin into following his lips as he pulled away. “You’re going to be a handful,” he snickered when the human was caught lurching back to the pillows bashfully and trying to hide his very obvious change in posture.

The demon settled down into the bed and stared up at Jimin with a bent elbow and a hand propping up his head, arching his body.

“Lay with me,” he encouraged in a kind whisper, his form inviting, his energy welcoming. “I’ll be the only company you’ll ever need.”

Jimin fancied the idea of resting beside someone and after he set his glass down beside the other on the nightstand, he crawled over to the enchanting figure. He lied down on his side facing Yoongi and snuggled his way into his arms. He felt protected and peaceful, the being holding him whispering sweet things into his ear as he slowly drifted back into a deep sleep. Aware that the hands on him, the legs tangled in his, the lips pressed to his forehead were all physically a part of his reality.


”He was cute as hell! I think you should bring him back here—“ Yoongi pointed to the ground, “—and all three of us could fuck. It’s a win, win, win.”

”That’s a great idea! And then you can explain to him that it wasn’t a dream the next morning and never have to see him again!” Jimin mocked excitedly. “Oh wait! I'll have to see him again!” Jimin guaranteed as he placed his keys and glasses down on the table beside the front door.

Yoongi snickered at that and shed his big jacket, letting it fall to the floor. He unzipped a boot and dropped that too, then the other and plopped down face first onto the couch. Jimin picked up the trail leading to Yoongi and lobbed it all against the wall by the door.

”You’re so lazy,” Jimin snarled, picking up a pillow from the couch and chucking it down at Yoongi’s head with a small amount of force. “And don’t say stuff like that,” he whined. “It makes me feel gross.”

The demon rolled onto his back and tucked his legs up just in time for Jimin to sit down by his feet. He took the pillow over his head and tucked it under for better neck support. Eyeing a forlorn Jimin, Yoongi lifted his tail to wrap loosely at his ankle. Then a hand was rising to Jimin’s face and his long nails tickling at a rosy pink cheek. “It doesn’t make you feel gross,” Yoongi began, “it makes you feel naughty,” he winked.

Jimin swatted his hand away and shook his leg, but the tail held fast to his ankle. “Unbelievable,” he spat and went to stand only for Yoongi to launch his legs out and wrap himself around Jimin’s waist.

Don’t leave,” he whined, lurching his torso up and folding his arms around Jimin. He acted as an anchor and cemented himself to the other man. “Pleeeaasseee I’ll stop, I promise. I just want to snuggle,” Yoongi whimpered, resting his chin on Jimin’s shoulder with big puppy eyes.

Jimin laughed heartily, his whole chest heaving as he brought his arms up and gripped Yoongi’s forearm. The demon loved the way his teeth shined and his lips glowed with a light pink tint from his gloss. His eyes were squinted and his hair flowing back off his forehead. An image of beauty. A strong jaw and neck, cute little ears. Yoongi stared up at him in a daze, eyes fluttering from every little feature. His heart filled with affection, a sense of attraction, a need to protect.

If any of the other incubi knew about Jimin... He didn’t want to think about it. Thankfully this territory has been uninhabited for a long time. Yoongi took the space and claimed it as his a while ago when he was summoned on accident by a group of paranormal investigators.

Then one night he was summoned to this very apartment.


”Okay but are we going to actually snuggle or are we going to do your version,” Jimin giggled.

The demon tilted his head to the side cutely. "Depends on what you want," Yoongi offered.

Jimin's smile slowly dissolved the more he thought about what Yoongi had just said. His brain started to crank with ideas, thoughts he wanted to keep pushed down rose to the surface and corrupted the safest parts of his conscious.

"What is it?" Yoongi whispered, a hand rubbing through his black hair. Jimin grew small as he ducked his head down and tightened his arms to his chest. The demon refused to move away when his human grew quiet like this. He would wait for hours in silence if he had to. "You can tell me."

Jimin blushed wildly. "Well," he tried, "when you kiss my skin..."

Yoongi purred. He shifted his legs and straddled Jimin's lap with his hands planted on muscular shoulders. "Go on," he encouraged. Lips meeting with soft flesh.

Jimin gasped at the touch and without realizing it his head rolled to the side and effectively gave Yoongi all the access he desired. Moist lips danced across the ridge of Jimin’s neck. He felt the areas of contact burning away at his flesh only to settle into a sensation of pure ecstasy. He had a hard time understanding what was happening to his body at the touch but whatever it was he didn’t want it to stop. He felt euphoric, his skin itching for more of the sweet pleasure building inside of him. There was nothing like it.

He got butterflies in his stomach when he was kissed by human men. He seared in a fire of instinct driven passion when his incubus kissed him. He couldn’t imagine what it would feel like to be kissed on other parts of his body. The thought had him shaking. Yoongi only played with his neck and hands, probably because it was all Jimin could handle. But he was feeling adventurous today and craved more.

His neck was sucked and licked softly, Yoongi treating him so nicely, as he always did. Jimin saw spots when he opened his eyes to look at the ceiling above. He hadn’t realized how far back his eyes had traveled in his skull until he gained some bearing. Only to lose it again when Yoongi started rocking his hips into his lap.

Jimin was struggling to compose his thoughts with the demon acting so lewd. Heat was building between them where their crotches met. It sent a sharp flare of pain up Jimin's stomach and down his thighs, coaxing him to whine in surprise. Then it turned into something dangerously sensual and his jaw dropped with a quiet moan. He wrapped his arms at Yoongi’s neck to steady himself and the demon gave a silly victory hum. ”Y-Yoongi,” Jimin struggled to speak, his awareness slipping away and his loss of control evident.

It scared him but it also excited him.

His hips slowed to a stop, he plucked his lips off the young man’s neck, and leaned back with a look of mischief. “You better talk before I make it harder to breathe,” he threatened Jimin, but his voice was comforting and far from predatory. Yoongi’s pupils were blown and his skin ablaze with desire, Jimin could feel the heat radiating through his sheer shirt.

”I wanted to ask you,” Jimin took a desperate breath and swallowed, “what it'd feel like if you kissed me.”

Yoongi’s brows furrowed, a look of bewilderment creasing his forehead. “I just did kiss you...”

Jimin averted his eyes, embarrassed as ever. “I mean on the lips...”

The edges of Yoongi’s lips curled to reveal something strictly evil. Jimin didn’t think his pupils could get any wider until the demon’s eyes contracted to pin points then shrouded completely in black. The room grew cold around them, the only heat Jimin could feel was Yoongi and it was burning him through his clothes. It was uncomfortable at first but now he sought the warmth. The lights in the living room began to flicker sporadically until they turned off with a pop, plunging them into darkness, safe for the beam of sun peering through the window in his bedroom cascading into the living room. “Why the sudden change of heart?” Yoongi whispered, his voice low.

Jimin dared another glance at the demon looming above him and found a kind face patiently awaiting an answer.

”Tell me,” Yoongi encouraged, the grit in his voice still there. For assurance in his interest, Yoongi placed his hand on Jimin’s cheek and smoothed his thumb along his cheekbone, being careful to keep his nail from grazing his open eye.

The young man calmed from the touch, leaned into the comforting hand and exhaled through his nose. “When you kiss my neck I feel like you’re burning me. But then it feels amazing and it spreads around my body.” Jimin placed a hand over Yoongi’s and whispered, “I want to know what it’s like...”

”On the lips?” the incubus offered.

Jimin’s gaze was heavy. “Yes.”

Yoongi, through all of his desire, mentally took a step back. This wasn’t a typical situation for him. He wasn’t going to make out with a human, fuck him in his sheets, and leave.

This was Jimin. And he cared for him immensely.

Yoongi felt obligated to keep him safe and what he was asking for was reckless and could damage something meant to be special. Jimin would be aware of what was happening and he wasn’t going to be tricked like the countless others Yoongi played with. Granted they all had free will to stop his advances but Yoongi took extra time to seek humans that would have no issue being fucked. He made sure they wanted it before hand, and during.

Jimin was a different story. He summoned Yoongi, on purpose. He called for him and instead of sex he asked for company. This was new to Yoongi and he wasn’t about to mess it up.

“I’m thrilled you want to try that, Jimin. But you need to understand...once you start,” Yoongi came in close and rested his forehead against Jimin’s with his eyes closed, “your body won’t want to stop.”

”What do you mean?” he asked, nerves building inside of him at the statement.

”I’m an incubus,” Yoongi affirmed. “I was created to seduce. Everything about me is meant to draw you in.”

”I know,” Jimin said boldly.

But Yoongi knew he underestimated the power he possessed over him. He moved his head back and placed the hand at Jimin’s cheek to his shoulder. “No. You don’t,” his tone was stern now but his eyes sympathetic. “Your body will move to its own accord...and you’ll lose control. Rational thought takes a back seat, that’s what makes incubi so dangerous.”

”But you’re not dangerous to me,” Jimin pouted, his hands lacing at the back of Yoongi’s neck.

The demon couldn’t help but snicker, “You really want this.”

”I want to try,” and he pulled Yoongi close and kissed him gentle on the cheek.

Yoongi thought he was going for the lips and once he felt the kiss land on the skin of his cheek he smirked widely. “You're such a tease,” he snarled, grabbing Jimin’s face between both of his hands and pushing him against the couch. “I just want to eat you!” he yelled, the smirk on his face never fading.

Jimin laughed and without warning took a hold of Yoongi’s nipples through his shirt and rolled them between his thumbs and index fingers.

"Do it," Jimin taunted with a cheeky grin.

Yoongi nearly lost his mind at the touch and instinctively gyrated his hips, making sure he rubbed particularly rough against Jimin's bulge. "You would absolutely piss off every other demon pulling shit like this," Yoongi guaranteed through gritted teeth, the smirk on his lips pulling higher to reveal his gums.

Jimin gave a breathy chuckle, his brain liquifying at the fire building between his legs. "And it doesn't make you mad?" he asked.

"Not at all," came the sinister reply but Jimin could hear the sweetness hidden behind it.

His voice took on a similar tone, the smile fading from his lips as he drew closer and stared harshly into the black depths of Yoongi's eyes, "You must be unique then." He straightened his back and came nose to nose with the demon, demonstrating his dominance and freezing Yoongi in place.

Yoongi wanted to push him, wanted to get him on his back and fuck him into the couch until he was numb. Jimin's legs limp and chest heaving, unable to breath through his bruised throat. He wanted to be ruthless and devour his human. But more than that he felt the ridiculous urge to make sweet and tender love to him. "Go ahead," Yoongi baited, eyes dragging down to Jimin's lips and back to his stare. "Try it," he whispered enticingly.

Jimin giggled. He fucking giggled and shoved Yoongi to the side to fall onto the couch. Rising to his feet he walked to the kitchenette and poured himself a glass of water.

"You little. Mother. Fucker," Yoongi growled, rage consuming him as Jimin leaned against the counter, eyeing him with a smirk wrapped around his glass. "You drive me fucking crazy. You know that, right?" he snapped, sitting upright on the couch, his erection painful in his pants.

The young man almost spit up his drink in hysterics when he noticed the obvious tent in Yoongi's pants. Once he swallowed his mouthful of water he cackled in hysterics and nearly fell to the floor.

"Shut up and leave so I can jack myself off to the thought of skull fucking you," Yoongi spat viciously. But Jimin knew it was just his inner demon to say such nasty things, it didn't bother him in the slightest, especially after he prompted the rage on purpose.

"I'm dead!" Jimin shrieked, his legs giving out as he collapsed to the floor in full belly laughter. He managed to hold his drink up and set it on the floor without spilling it too much and rolled around in hysterics clutching his stomach.