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kinktober 2019: #14 - fucking machine

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There was still something about seeing Akutagawa completely nude that got to Atsushi. 

It was a level of vulnerability that Akutagawa rarely showed anyone at all - most of the time when they had sex he was still wearing something that he could use as protection, something that Rashomon could erupt from as a weapon - but when he was entirely naked he lacked that access to his ability and Atsushi understood. He knew what it meant when Akutagawa chose to sleep beside him naked, when he chose to show him without words exactly how much he trusted Atsushi.

It was a responsibility that Atsushi didn’t take lightly.

Right now, though, Akutagawa was showing his trust in a new and different way. His eyes were closed as he gasped, and Atsushi cradled his chin, brushing his thumbs through the sweat dripping down Akutagawa’s face and watching him attentively as he shuddered ever closer to another orgasm.

“Are you gonna come again?” Atsushi asked, and that made Akutagawa open his eyes and squint hazily at Atsushi, wetting his lips and breathing raggedly. He nodded, quickly and Atsushi smiled, brushing Akutagawa’s damp hair back with one hand and kissing his forehead. “You can come whenever you want, it’s okay. I won’t stop you.”

Akutagawa shifted across his lap but couldn’t go very far, and he pulled at Atsushi’s plain white tee shirt. The machine fucking into him repeatedly restricted his movement considerably and he couldn’t get away if he wanted to - not that Atsushi wanted him to get away.

Watching Akutagawa come apart like this was so incredibly different than when he was between Atsushi’s legs - and Atsushi had discovered that he liked that difference. He liked hearing Akutagawa’s breathing go out of control, and the fast, shallow gasps as he hung his head, shoulders shaking as the machine pushed another orgasm through him. Without an ounce of shame Akutagawa choked out Atsushi’s name - his name, not ‘weretiger’ - and left streaks of fluid across Atsushi’s bare legs.

“Come on,” Atsushi said firmly, sliding his hand down Akutagawa’s chest to palm his cock, stroking it just so he could hear the choked noises work their way free from Akutagawa’s throat. “You’ve got another one in you, I can feel it.”

“S-stop,” Akutagawa’s voice hitched and the word escaped more a sob than a command. The machine was relentless, fucking that cock-shaped dildo into him again and again, shifting the angle ever so slightly but never varying the speed. “Stop it, please, Atsushi, I can’t, not again, please-

Three was probably his upper limit anyway. Atsushi reached around and found the off switch - and the machine stuttered to a slow halt, allowing Akutagawa to slid off the lubed dildo slowly and collapse into the sheets and across Atsushi’s legs, wrung out and exhausted.

Atsushi slid out from under him, pushing the machine away, and then leaning over Akutagawa’s back. Akutagawa didn’t bother to lift his head, he seemed to know what was coming. “Please,” was all he said, and Atsushi tugged down his boxers and slicked his own dick with the lube still dripping off the dildo. “Want you, Atsushi, want…” he swallowed, and Atsushi could already hear the hesitation in Akutagawa’s voice. “Please.

He was wet and loose and slick - not too loose though, just enough that Atsushi sinking into him was effortless. Akutagawa let out a soft, unpained noise and just kind of lay there, limp, as Atsushi fucked himself out in Akutagawa’s hole.

Atsushi ran his hand up Akutagawa’s spine, gripped the back of his neck and held him punishingly tight as he came inside, cock jerking repeatedly. Akutagawa let out another moan but didn’t move when Atsushi released him, thumping face first and wrecked into the bed sheets.

“Good boy,” Atsushi said, and kissed Akutagawa’s temple. “Rest, now. You did so good for me.”