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At Your Leisure

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She found the position surprisingly comfortable, spread out on the bench, leather following her curves as molded to her. It cradled her in the perfect position. She didn’t know where Comte had gotten all this from, whether from the present or the future, but cool air brushed over the heated skin of her back, distracting her from her thoughts.

“Rest here and let your mouth hang open, my naughty girl.” Shiho shivered and did as she was told. He shifted something and a musky smell filled her nose; he must have done something to take away the plastic smell from the head of the dildo hovering close to her mouth.

“Sebastian, if you would be so kind.”

“Of course, M. Le Comte.” Shiho heard a click and a soft whir before the dildo slid forward and into her mouth, brushing over her tongue in a gentle caress. She shivered as the machine started off slow, steadily building speed until it kept a steady rhythm of in and out. A moan escaped her, surprise and warmth sliding over her skin - she hadn’t quite expected to be this aroused by it.

Sebastian continued to turn the crank while Comte stroked her hair. Eventually, his soft footfalls receded before he pressed a finger inside her. “Oh, you really are so naughty, so wet already, ma chérie.” She moaned more around the cock in her mouth, feeling every movement as he fingered her slowly.

Shiho relaxed into the touches, letting her eyes close and the rhythm become familiar. He slid another finger into her, curling deep and making sure she was ready.

She shivered and moaned intently when another dildo slid into her wet pussy. She heard another click, another soft whir, and she gasped sharply, heat blazing through her along with the second cock pumping into her.

Comte crossed the room to stand behind Sebastian. Now that both dildos moved simultaneously, his ever faithful butler had moved to turning the larger wheel that powered both. “Another 5 minutes and it should be powered enough to last a little while. Then you can observe to your heart’s content.”

Comte slipped his fingers into Sebastian’s mouth, smirking at the soft moan and the brief faltering of his movements. Comte admired both of them. He’d always found humans to be particularly beautiful - he couldn’t deny that - but these two. He wanted to bask in their beauty and steal those moments away for himself as long as he could.

Comte drew his fingers away, painting a wet line high along the edge of Sebastian’s cheek bone. “My naughty boy, you told me you wished to only observe, but this tells me differently.” Comte dropped his hand into Sebastian’s lap, slowly beginning to rub at the bulge he found there and watching the other’s legs part.

“Ah - you know I quite enjoy all my observing, Master.”

Comte groaned softly at the appropriate but private form of address. “Well, make sure our naughty girl has enough to fill her desires, then perhaps I’ll take pity on you as you observe.”

Shiho heard most of the exchange between them but her ability hard to concentrate faltered with each repetition of the perfect rhythm of the cocks mercilessly filling her mouth and pussy. All of her focus had narrowed to them, to her own breathing and moaning around the objects that easily slid in and out of her without pause or rest.

Pleasure had already built almost to a breaking point and she could feel the edge of it, maddeningly close to falling over it. The dildo kept fucking into her and hitting just the right spot until finally she shuddered, pleasure exploding.

“One,” Sebastian sounded a little breathless, and Comte’s chuckle muffled. She couldn’t see them, couldn’t spare them much of a thought as the dildos continued to pound into her, unrelenting and uncaring of the fact that she just came.

Sebastian watched her squirm, focusing on his duty to jot down a couple of notes, but Comte insisted on being awfully distracting. He bit down on his lip, trying not to moan and distract Shiho when Comte took his cock a little deeper.

Of course, Sebastian took notes on Comte also and he didn’t let the sound of his pencil scratching fade for fear that Comte might stop. He hoped the notes read coherently, scribbling about a seeming lack of gag reflex and how tight the man’s throat was when he swallowed.

His eyes never leave Shiho as she whined and whimpered, squirming to the limits of her predicament. What he wouldn’t give for them both to be buried inside her right now, to feel her oversensitivity so intimately. He quickly covered his mouth when a whine escaped, cool air hitting the wetness of his cock and making it twitch desperately.

Sebastian glanced down at Comte, stammering out a sir but his eyes glinted with that special brand of mischief. “I thought our naughty girl might want something real to satisfy her.” He lifted his voice so Shiho could hear and Sebastian watched the faint tremor of her body; she’d probably come a second time already but Sebastian was more than happy to agree to Comte’s idea.

Comte smiled, chuckling at the enthusiasm he could feel rolling off both his companions. He pulled the dildo away from her mouth, her moans filling the room and a desperate whine escaping when Sebastian removed the other. “Don’t worry, naughty girl, you’ll be full again soon enough.”

He pressed his cock to her lips, watching them stretch over him and take him so easily. She sucked eagerly, Comte simply holding still inside her. He watched Sebastian move eagerly, burying inside her dripping pussy with a satisfied moan and wasting no time in thrusting.

Comte slid his fingers into her hair, petting gently as he rolled his hips, thrusting just the tiniest amount. Her moans vibrating down his cock caused more than enough stimulation for him to get even harder and strain against the warmth of her mouth.

He watched both of them, Sebastian losing all of his usual composure to focus solely on Shiho and how wet she must feel around his desperate cock. His thrusts had already grown erratic, fingers gripping her hips.

Comte tangled his fingers a little more and began to thrust deeper, feeling her body tremble and moan even more, voicing her desperate need. She was delightfully sensitive and she felt wonderful around him, slowly letting his orgasm wash and crash over him. He felt her suck and swallow greedily as he emptied down her throat before he slowly drew back, sinking to his knees to kiss her face lightly.

Shiho let out another of those delicious groans when Sebastian came inside her, rutting and giving her every last drop. Comte pressed a sweet kiss to her forehead. “I hope you’re ready, ma chérie.” He stepped back and slid the dildo back into place, nodding for Sebastian to do the same.

Comte turned the machine back on and watched her tremble and whimper loudly around the cocks. “I’m afraid you’ll have to cope by yourself today, Sebastian. Shiho has a prior engagement.”

Sebastian chuckled softly, tidying himself up. “Of course, Monsieur le Comte.” And he quietly slipped from the room, scribbling down extra notes in his book.