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Potions Apprentace

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The year was 1977

You were eagerly walking inside the train waving goodbye to your grandparents before looking for a place to sit and relax until your long awaited destination. It was your first time away from the farm life you once resided but you were excited to finally start your first year at Hogwarts.

You walked and pushed past other kids before finding a passenger car and slumping your bags on the empty seats. Your small frame body wasn't exactly built for erratic movements and as soon as you sat down you immediately felt exhausted.

You lean your head against the window sill, push your (h/c) hair behind your ears, and take a deep breath. You noticed that the window sill was bit softer than usual but before you had time to react you heard a stern but low voice call out from where you were leaning.

"Excuse me, but could you please get off of me?" Immediately you got up from him, fixed your hair and your eyes land on a tall raven haired boy deep within the pages of a potions book.

" I-I'm sorry I didn't mean.." "it's quite alright just don't do it again." He interrupted.

You felt your cheeks grew red with embarrassment and began fidgeting with your skirt before you bravely looked back up to observe the boy next to you. You couldn't really look at his face seeing he still had his book inches from it.

You notice that his body is covered in all black from his shoes to his black hair and he was long and slender and his posture could intimidate a fly. You were staring for what seemed like hours until he moved his face noticing that you had been staring at him.

"Is there something I can help you with?" He hissed looking down at you with his cold black eyes.

You could almost feel his cold gaze in them for a moment before answering shyly "I-I was wondering what kind of book you were reading?" You answered finally even though you already knew full well what he was reading but were too afraid to ask anything else. But all he could do was stare at you for a moment and look back into the pages of his book. "Potions" he said quietly.

"Oh, what kind of potions?" You asked curiously but he didn't answer, instead he put the book closer to you so that you could look at what he was reading. The first potion you saw was 'Felix Felicis' then looking over at the next was a potion called 'Hiccoughing solution'.

Skimming the pages and the ingredients you recognized the book almost immediately. "Is this the Advanced Potion making book?" He nodded. "I'm surprised a small girl like you could decipher even the most advanced potions in this book."

You couldn't tell whether or not he was just being sarcastic with you but you still continued on the conversation. "My grandparents sell potions on the farm and they show me sometimes how to make them. I'm actually quite fond of potion making and thought about becoming an alchemist."

He smirked but continued to let you turn the pages of his book keeping his eyes on you. After some time of reading you basically had your hands resting on the book and moved closer to him leaning on his shoulders.

You turned realizing how close you have been getting a better look at his face. His lips were pink and thin and his skin was pale as snow, but his eyes were black and almost warm and welcoming rather then a cold gesture. You realized how long you might have been staring at him and scooted back to the other side of the seat looking away from him.

Later you held out your hand as if to shake his "I didn't properly introduce myself, my name is (y/n), nice to meet you!" Still averting his gaze he grabbed your hand softly and shook it "Severus Snape."

He said firmly before letting go and pulling his book back to his face and continuing to ignore your presence. You opened your eyes only to stare at your hand remembering the burning memory of his.

It was soft yet firm and he had much larger hands than yours, soon the car was quiet and you began looking out the window for the remainder of the trip.


A few seemingly long hours later, you arrived at the gates to Hogwarts placing your bags with the others only to be greeted with empty carriages and no horses. Confused you decided to follow some other kids and climb onto the carriage and it began moving on it's own down the path into the forest.

Rushed with excitement you and some other kids hung out on the sides feeling the cool air on your face and soon laughter filled the carriage. Upon your arrival you and the rest of the first years stop and are guided to a person at the front door.

She was a tall woman who wore a long grey and black cloak her brown locks had some silver tucked inside the witch hat but her face was pale and beautiful. She started rounding us together and introducing herself. "Good evening first year's my name is Professor Mcgonagall, I am one of the Professors here at Hogwarts."

She started to take us all inside of the building in a line but just as I turned I had noticed a tall dark figure pass us. It was the same boy that I sat next to in the train and I wanted to call out his name and greet him but before long his figure disappeared.

We had all just arrived inside the Great Hall following Professor Mcgonagall to an empty space in front of the long benches. To our surprise the Hall was filled with people dressed in different colored uniforms and the roof was a reflection of what seemed to be the beautiful, dark, starry sky.

Candles lit up the room roaming about and all you could hear was the loud chattering from the students. After you sat down you chatted with a few other kids and not long enough the room went silent.

Confused you look up and see a handsome man stand up. His brown hair was slicked back and he had cane perched underneath his hands and was dressed in a nice blue suit.

He began to speak in a loud voice. "Good evening and welcome all to a new year at Hogwarts! For the new students, my name is Professor Dumbledore and I am the head of Hogwarts. Before we begin our banquet I would like to say a few words. Nitwit! Blubber! Oddment! Tweak!"

He continued his speech while you looked for that same familiar face that walked past you at the doors. You turned around in your seat practically almost standing up before a coughing sound urges you to pay attention.

"Now then" he says with a large voice."Let us sort out our new first years into their houses."

You stood up from your seat quickly and waited in line burning with excitement ready to find out where your place was in Hogwarts. When it was finally your turn you sat down on the chair and a hat was placed on your head.

A few seconds pass and the hat yells out "Slytherin!" You sat next to the cheering students who almost happily awaited your arrival. Eventually the other kids were sorted out but you were still not sure if you were at a good or bad house.

You didn't know much about Hogwarts and never took the time to study and see which house you preferred but none of the less you were still excited almost hoping that the same boy you sat by in the train was in the same house as you.

"Now then, let our first feast of the year begin!" And with a flash of his wand food was suddenly appeared on the tables. Stunned with amazement you couldn't help but observe the food before you then grabbing some and eating it. You haven't eaten since this morning when you left so you were practically starving!

Once the banquet was over you and the rest of the first years followed your prefects out of the room, down the stairs, and into the Slytherin common room. Your perfect sorted out sleeping arrangements and soon enough you were in your pjs getting ready for bed.

After a long day your eyes grew heavy and before you knew it, you were fast asleep.