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Another day, another show. Such is life in showbiz, don't you know?
At least, that was what the animatronics seemed to feel; after all, the whole reason they were built was to entertain children and grown-ups alike with songs, skits, dancing, or even just conversing with the guests that came in and out of the pizzeria, welcoming new guests and celebrating events such as birthdays and parties.
Nobody could deny that it wasn't fun, but sometimes the stress of the day would take a toll on both the human staff and the animatronics, whether it was fighting, food being thrown across the room, or accidents and injuries.
Days seemed to differ in the levels of how lively the crowds were, and today was certainly one of the more busy and lively ones.

As the majority of the kids got distracted by Foxy's songs and stories over at Pirate's Cove, Freddy looked over at his two co-stars.
Chica was talking to one of the new waitresses eagerly, though the waitress was still a little nervous, trying to calm her down. He smiled softly, glad to see that Chica was alright.
When he looked at Bonnie......that was a whole other story.

Bonnie kept yawning every couple of moments, absent-mindedly tuning his guitar as his body swayed from side to side. His focus seemed to be dipping in and out, the bundle of noises swimming in and out of his hearing receptacles. His ears seemed to move and flick lazily, fuchsia eyes a little glazed with his black eyelids drooping drowsily.
Freddy raised an eyebrow, watching Bonnie sway a little to the point the robotic bunny almost teetered over and crashed into a wall; luckily Bonnie caught himself.
That didn't stop the swaying, though.
Bonnie yawned again, feeling his eyes close and his head beginning to dip down to his chest, until-

"Bonnie? Bonnie, are you still with me?"
It was Freddy's voice. His words harboured a concerned tone. The likeness of the tone compared to a worried parent's tone of voice was startling!
"Huh? Oh, sorry, Freddy" Bonnie said, blinking a few times to try and wake himself up.
"Bonnie, do you need a break? you're having trouble standing up straight. Are you ok?" Freddy enquired with a light frown, but Bonnie shook his head, moving his shoulders back with a bit of a "click" from his endoskeleton in an attempt to straighten his posture.
"Don't worry, I'll be fine. Jus'....been a long day, is all" Bonnie replied.

Now Freddy would be lying if he said he wasn't worried for his friend. He'd heard the 'long day' excuse before, not to mention a smorgasbord of others to choose from; "Not long been powered on after a repair", "the weather is getting to my system", "Sorry, dude, was focusing on my tuning and calibration", and a large sum of more reasons and excuses even the star attraction himself struggled to recollect.
Though it was a bit of oxymoron to say the least -after all, how could animatronics feel? they were 'just machines', according to humans- Freddy was indeed concerned and fearful for his purple colleague, who he and the other animatronics considered a friend.
"Well....alright. But if you need to come off for a bit, just let us know, alright?" Freddy replied, tilting his head in concern. It was a wonder how his tiny top hat managed to stay on.
" it" Bonnie replied dismissively, still trying to tune his guitar to keep himself busy.
"And wouldn't you know it? the show is about to start once again!" Freddy chirped, in a show-business manner, Chica quickly resuming her stance by the lads of the band.
Bonnie inwardly groaned, though he smiled brightly with his newly tuned guitar in hand.
'It's for the kids' he thought to himself. 'No matter what, it's for the kids.'