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ruin him

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“Fucking hell, hyung..” 


Hoseok’s breaths stuttered as he felt a finger tug on the collar, mind reeling to places that he would never speak of. His eyes flitted upwards and he whimpers when he meets the younger’s gaze, following his movements as the other lowered himself into a squatting position. He’s tugged closer by the leash attached to the collar adorning his neck, the matte black leather a stark contrast against untainted porcelain skin. 


“You look stunning,” Changkyun murmurs, “so pretty for me to wreck, especially in this --”


He was referring to the beautiful red lace that adorned the elder’s body; the intricate patterns beautifully resting on top of his body, the way his thighs fit so deliciously into red lace stockings, the adorable way his cock peeked out of the too-small lace panties he wore. His fingers sweetly thread through Hoseok’s hair only to tug on it harshly, relishing in the whimper that escaped his lips. Hoseok’s nails dug into his thigh and he kept telling himself, Don’t touch, don’t touch, don’t touch.


“Be a good boy for daddy, will you?”


A nod.


“Use your words, slut.”

“Yes, daddy.”


Nimble fingers slid downwards and teased over a nipple, tugging at a pretty bar pierced through it -- he idly wonders how he managed to get that, considering how sensitive he was (oh, he knew how Hoseok could cum from merely the stimulation of his nipples), but that’s besides the point. Changkyun leans downwards to leave open-mouthed kisses along Hoseok’s skin, and Hoseok loudly whines. The whine is repeated louder, back arching prettily when he feels the younger’s lips wrap around the sensitive bud, teeth sinking into it and tugging it none too gently, tongue circling around it as if apologising for the bite. The mix of pain and pleasure has Hoseok wanting-- no, needing for more, and Changkyun knows that.


And boy, was he having the time of his life.


“How cute,” he muses, kissing upwards, teasing his teeth along the skin, biting and sucking occasionally. So many little marks blossomed under those lips. Dull nails rake along Hoseok’s abdomen, chuckling when he hears the other’s breath audibly hitch. “Such a strong, bulky hyung, always acting so tough... now completely powerless, being a good boy for me? Hyung’s secretly a pretty little whore for me, isn’t he?”


“D-Daddy, please..” Hoseok weakly whispers, “w-want your hands.. or mouth, please…” 


He even bucks his hips upwards as if to emphasize on the fact that he was extremely needy-- but that earns him a sharp look, the younger’s hands moving to grip Hoseok’s hips, so tight he was almost sure that he would bruise. It also forced a loud whimper from him, sparkling eyes wide in surprise.


“Do that again and I won’t fuck you. Understand?”


Hoseok whimpers a small apology, head bowing in embarrassment. Those hands trailed closer and closer to his length, eyes watching Changkyun as he ducked down and wrapped his lips around the tip, then giving a gentle, barely-there bob. That causes Hoseok to sob; he’s been so worked up, he swore he could cum just from that alone.


Changkyun braces his hands on Hoseok’s hips before he takes his length whole, letting out a satisfied hum when he could feel Hoseok trembling. The hyung could only shut his eyes and turn away, far too embarrassed by how he felt so much more arousedㅡ and was greeted by Changkyun’s voice.


“Look at me as I’m sucking you off, hyung.”


His eyes open andㅡ fuck!


The way his eyes were boring into his fucking soul as he bobbed his head, the way Changkyun now had his entire length down his throat, the way he was gripping onto his thighsㅡ “D-Daddy looks.. so p-pretty..”


Changkyun bobs his head quick , barely giving Hoseok any time to breathe nor to think straight. His hands tangled in Changkyun’s hair and that forced a groan out of his mouth, causing vibrations along his length and further driving him insane.


“Fuck, f-ffuuck-- please, please, please ,” Hoseok begs, hips trembling, “please let me c-cum, Daddyㅡ”


The younger pulled off of him and jerks him off at brutal speed, white spurting out quick and dirtying his hands (not that he minded). Those strokes soon become slightly languid to help ride out his orgasm, till he heard the other whine from the slight overstimulation.


“Hyung, you look so pretty..” Changkyun murmurs and he cups his chin. His thumb traced over plump lips, humming in approval when Hoseok wraps his lips around it. 

“I want to ruin you, hyung.”