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Who Says Good Girls Can’t be Bad??

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Adlai Raki pulled her coat around her tighter as she hunched into the wind on the way to her friend’s dorm. She couldn’t believe Beth talked her into this. ‘Open mic’ at a strip club. It was true, the young woman pole danced, but she did it for the art, for the exercise, and the way the world just faded away when she was in that zone. Raki sighed, waving to her friend as she came out of the building, obviously more excited than Adlai herself was. They hugged, much to Raki’s discomfort. Then started off for the bus that would take them to their instructor’s house.

The slightly older woman had read the flier Beth brought, and said, ‘why not make some money out of it?’ It was a good idea. It wasn’t like she’d get naked, a bikini was what most women wore to the beach after all. Adlai begrudgingly, had to agree, she always wore a one piece, but not her friend. Beth liked to be looked at, and not that she was ashamed, but Raki’d rather the world just left her alone. Now she’d be dancing, almost naked for who knows how many of the wrong sort of man.

The three of them were trying to put a routine together to the song Adlai chose, and after that was done. Raki had reluctantly agreed She’d go to the shops with Beth, and find/put together a costume she could wear. Adlai sighed, she hated shopping, but her friend had looked so excited, and she just couldn’t say no.


“You’ve got to shake your hips.”

“Why w-would I do that?” Adlai blurted as she walked around the pole again. Letting her fingers smooth across the metallic surface.

“It’s sexy babe, they wont get it, but you need to make them want it.” Corin Answered, and Raki blinked like she forgot their instructor was in the room. “Here, lets see if I’ve still got it after a kid.” The slightly older woman mused as she took Adlai’s place to show her what they meant.

They stayed, and practiced till even Beth admitted, Adlai was turning her on right now. The other young woman blushed, and muttered. Then the two got changed back into street clothes. Taking her coat while she thanked Corin for her help, as they prepared to leave.


“I like this one!” Beth exclaimed, holding up a neon pink, sequin monstrosity that looked like they had grabbed scraps from the discard pile, and called it good.

Adlai actually winced, “That’s t-the ugliest one y-you’ve picked so far.” Raki said in typical monotones. Never realizing her friend liked it for her own. She saw Beth’s face fall, and started to squirm. “I-I-I said s-something wrong d-d-didn’t I?” The younger woman lamented even though her tone didn’t change.

“I was talking about one for me, but it’s ok. You’re the one who warned me about shopping with you.” Beth sighed with a shrug. She’d already pushed her friend It shouldn’t surprise her that Raki’s irritation was bleeding through.

“The green one l-looks better with your skin t-tone.” Adlai offered, holding the new suit out like a piece offering. “Oh and I-I found one with s-stars for me.” She added, not sounding different, but her eyes lit up.

“And you like stars.” Beth grinned.

“S-space, Beth. I l-love space.”

The other woman just shook her head.


Crystal Rain:

Nigel glanced around their revamped club, cursing Darko one more time for letting his wife choose the name. Crystal Rain was classy for a strip joint, but they wanted to be more than that. Cater to all different audiences. Some nights it Was a strip club/Topless bar. Others it was a club club. Allowing them to move other drugs than just the heavy hitters.

Renovations were finally done. Now they just needed more ‘talent’. The girl on the pole now was good, buttery caramel skin, long legs, and dangerously smoldering eyes. Her song finished, and he called her over. “Can you start Saturday gorgeous?” The Romanian smiled slipping a 5o$ with his personal number on it in the strap of her g string.

“Sure. Boss.” She winked, putting extra sway in her hips as she walked away. They fucked in the empty changing room a minute later. “Is this going to be part of the job now, fucking the boss?” She smirked, as he pulled off the used condom, and tied it before throwing it out. His uncut cock, impressive even when soft. She wouldn’t mind another ride in the future.  

“Only when you want it to be darling.” Nigel replied, all charm, even zipping his pants up. While she pulled jeans on without panties, the g string ruined when Nigel ripped it off. He looked at her with a smile, he could tell this would be happening again. Pleased she didn’t seem to be looking for more than sex either. He was barely over his sweet Gabi, he didn’t know if he’d ever do a relationship again honestly.


“If you’re done fucking the talent can you go check the lighting in Private Room 3?” Darko asked with a sigh.

“Do I look like a fucking electrician dumb ass?”

“No, you look like the dick weed who spent the day watching our new dancers, and then fucking half of them. Now go check the ‘lighting’ in Room 3.” The other man replied, going back to his clipboard.

Nigel grumbled Romanian curses under his breath, as he walked away. He wrenched open the door only to see Tonny sitting on the couch staring at the topless dancer that had blown him earlier. Cursing Darko Again as he realized his friend had been messing with him. He told the girl to keep dancing in her cage, as he strode over to the couch. “Got something for me Tonny?” The older man asked with a grin. Staying standing despite room available to sit down.

The younger man nodded, smiling back, as he held out an open briefcase full of Ex, and other popular party drugs. Still watching the girl shake her perfect tits out of his peripheral. She was very sexy, and hard to look away from.

Nigel nodded, took the case, and closed it. He told the kid he did good, to stay and have a drink. Then slipped Sasha a 50 for another dance or two. Thank God he could afford his generosity. He wouldn’t be half as successful if he, or Darko were stingy bosses. The older man carried the case up to his, and his co owner’s office. Setting the briefcase down on the table. “Could have told me nenorocit.” Nigel cursed, grinning despite it.

“You’re not the only one who gets to have fun around here.” The other man replied.

“Anyone even sign up for your little competition on Friday?” Nigel snarked, hoping, but not believing his friend’s gimmick would work.

“As a matter of fact yes. It’s a full roster, which means at least one of them should be good enough to hire.



Adlai stared at her reflection, not recognizing the young woman it showed. She had make up on, and her deep brown waves were tamed, and pinned up. The outfit felt wrong. It exposed too much? Not enough? She didn’t know. She worried the club would find out she was only 17 and make her leave. Beth said she looked older, and her fake ID was flawless. Her friend had promised to stay in the back to not make her nervous. Well, more nervous than she was already.

And then it happened.

“Star Dust! Your on deck!”

She gulped, finally taking off her coat. This was it.