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I am Sleeping on a Timebomb

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Excerpt from a summary of the two-part series finale. The author is unknown, but the summary is accurate.


The Romulan stands above him, disruptor leveled at his head, mouth twisted in a cruel smile.

“Kill me, then,” Ensign Crusher says. His hands are splayed across his stomach, holding himself together after the Centurion had slit his gut with the Teral’n. He has been forced to his knees, mortally wounded, and still his lip curls in disgust as he takes in his enemy. “Kill me,” he repeats, “It will accomplish nothing. Even now my ship is destroying yours, even now Starfleet’s victory is at hand.”

The Romulan is silent, green blood leaking down his arm from where Crusher had stabbed him in the earlier skirmish. Somewhere above them, ships are battling around this planet, Traxis. Somewhere above them, the fate of the galaxy is being decided, red blood awash with green, man and Romulan dying underneath the heavens, but here, here it is just the two of them, blood splattered on the floor, on the walls.

“You’ve lost,” Crusher whispers. “Whatever happens here, you’ve lost.”

The Romulan lifts his head slightly, and Crusher swallows, eyes dark. “You fought like a warrior,” the Centurion says. “You may die like one.”

It’s a struggle for Crusher to stand, but the camera runs for the complete two minutes and twenty-seven seconds it takes for him to work his way up to his feet, blood spilling from between his fingers, pain stark on his face. He wavers on his feet, but he faces the disruptor with a crooked smile, leaning heavily against the wall, panting through the agony that ripples through his body, and you can see that however young he might be, he’s a man now, not a boy.

The Romulan’s eyes are merciless, but there is something like respect on his face. The camera pans closer, until you can see only the Romulan and the gun in his hand, and when he fires the disruptor he doesn’t blink.

There’s the sound of Crusher’s body falling to the floor, and still we look into the Romulan’s impassive face. Finally the camera cuts away to the battle above…


Star Trek: The Last Stand, season 4 episode 22, The Trials of Traxis
Originally aired May 23, 1989