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The Ainsworth Family

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Harold or better known as Harry Potter ran away from the Dursley’s home around early June. Even though it was a month ago, he’s already found a nice loving family who took him in. The family who took him in where all squibs, however, they did practice Wicca. An old religion that is based around nature. Ainsworth was the family’s name, which became Harry’s new name. Harold William Ainsworth. Rose, the mother, had found Harry in a tree hollow, one wintry night, she wrapped him in many blankets and took him home and warmed him up and fed him.

Rose’s husband, whose name was Edgar had built a fire to warm the poor shivering boy up. After getting the story from Harry, now Harold, which was about how the boy was abused physically and verbally, they decided to get a blood adoption. Even though they were squibs and didn’t have any children, they adopted Harold. Harold’s appearance didn’t change much, his hair became more straight like and his skin was a darker tan. He was small for his age, about four feet, which was small compared to the average height of an eleven-year-old boy.

Harold was a happy child. He had two doting parents, and a lovely cottage to call home and even a Van Cat, who had two different colored eyes, one blue and the other green. The home was surrounded by beautiful trees, a huge Willow tree out front and even some Alder trees around the cottage. Harold would climb those trees all the time that Edgar eventually built a treehouse in one of the English Oak trees.

Today was Harold’s 11th birthday, July thirty-first. Rose was in the kitchen making his favorite cake, a Dundee cake. Harold was playing with Ambrose, his cat, out in the front yard. Edgar was out back chopping firewood.

“Mum! Look at this!” Harold calls to his mum as Ambrose does a trick in the air. Rose looks out the kitchen window and smiles. “Aw sweetie, that’s a wonderful job teaching him that” Harold smiles and goes back to playing. Harold knew his parents weren’t able to do magic like him, but he didn’t mind, as long as they loved him and could tell him all about magic. He loved learning about Wicca, it was so fascinating to him, that even without magic, they could technically still do some form of magic.

There was a holiday tomorrow, Lammas. Lammas is one of the first out three harvest festivals. They mark the holiday by baking a figure of the god in bread and eating it, to symbolize the sanctity and importance of the harvest. They have fun, give thanks and celebrate.

Harold thought that even though his parents couldn’t do magic, they still appreciated it, and just celebrated it in a different form. Harold learned how to meditate and calm himself when the need arises. Harold also found out he was an empath, he was highly attuned into other people’s energies and emotions to others. Even though he was an empath, he had good control over his emotions. He also always had to have a break from big crowds and social interactions.

It was a big day today, it was his birthday, and an owl just swooped down and gave Harold his Hogwarts School of Wizarding and Witchcraft acceptance letter. “Mum! Mum, look at what I’ve got!” He ran into the house, holding his letter above his head and he ran over to his mum. Rose looked up from the cake and saw Harold holding his letter. She turned slightly to yell at her husband “Edgar! Come here quick!” She wiped her hands on her apron and gathered Harold into her arms. “Aw, my little boy has finally gotten his letter!” She twirled around and listened to him squeal with laughter.

“What’s all this about?” Edgar asked from the doorway. He smiled when he saw his wife and son smiling with glee. “Did someone get his acceptance letter?”

Harold nodded with a smile “Da, I’ve finally got my letter” He waved his letter in the air. He was beyond giddy with happiness, he couldn’t believe he got his letter, he didn’t think he’d get it, seeing as he was with a new family and not with the Dursley’s anymore.

He got down from his mum’s arm and sat at the kitchen table, “Is it okay if I open it?” He asked looking up at his parents. They both nodded and sat next to him.

To: Harold William Ainsworth

      63465 Mugwump Street

       Port Glasgow, Scotland

Dear Mr. Ainsworth,

We are pleased to inform you that you have a place at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. Please find enclosed a list of all necessary books and equipment.


The term begins on 1 September. We await your owl by no later than 31 July.


Yours sincerely,



Harold looked up at his parents with a big smile on his face, “Does this mean we need to send a letter right away?” He couldn’t sit still, he was so giddy with excitement. His parents looked at one another and then at him and smiled “Of course sweetie” His mum replied, “If you want to, you can send the owl yourself”

Harold jumped up and kissed his mum’s cheek “Thank you, Mum, I’ll be right back” He ran out the back door to the area where they offered the owls to rest. Rose smiled softly and then turned to Edgar “What should we do? We can’t exactly take him to Diagon Alley, you know”

Edgar sighed and nodded “I know, but we just have to wish for the best, don’t we?”

Rose nodded sadly and watched out the window as the sunlight cast her in a picture-perfect way.