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Silent Moments by thecookiemomma

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Jethro sat at his desk, working through the paperwork in front of him. Tim wandered up to him and waited until he looked up before speaking.


“Uh, Boss, I went down to Abby to ask about the second test, and she said, 'Train Gone.' That's all she said. I don't know what that means, or why she said it.” He looked a little nervous.


“Dammit. I was afraid of that.” Gibbs sighed. “Okay. So, the test is out. So, we've got to prove this without that evidence.”


“Boss, what happened? What's that about a train?” Tony perked up, interested.


“Nothing about a train, DiNozzo, whatever gave you that idea?” Gibbs looked confused.


“But Abby said...” Now McGee was confused, too.


Gibbs shook his head. “No, Abby said, 'TRAIN-GONE'.” He demonstrated the sign with his hands.


“Huh?” They both looked at him quizzically.


Gibbs sighed again, this time exasperatedly. “Idiom.” He held off on the 'Idiots' he wanted to add. “Elvis has left the building. Snooze you lose. No chance, nada...” He rattled off a couple more similar idioms.


“Ohhhh.” They chorused as one. “Why didn't she just say that?” Tim added


“You were the one who said her mind was like a Pachinko Machine, McGee. You tell me.” He grinned at the thought of Abby hearing that.


“Yeah, you're right...” The young man returned to his desk. “Well, we could go back to the ...” They lost themselves in the case.