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Not an Angel

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Title: "Not an Angel"

Author: Sashocirrione

Spoilers: MAJOR Spoilers for most of the series.

Warnings: NO UNDERAGE READERS. Rated M for a reason. Sexual activities. Blood, violence and gore. Sexual situations of dubious consent (without informed consent). Sexual threats. Sexual trickery and rape-like imagery in the thoughts of one character. Forced addiction (not to drugs). Rimming.

Summary: Light decides he wants an additional notebook in the human world in order to create more elaborate schemes, and Ryuk tells him that Light can get one, for a price. Light never thought the price meant he'd be dealing with an old problem yet again.

Pairing(s): LightxL, also with an implied LightxMisa and maybe a hint of LxMisa

Additional Notes: All canon events previous to the start of this fic have happened as normal. This fic is set in the second half of the series, but its timeline is a little bit fuzzy because canon events have little effect on it. The shinigami rules are expanded from those in canon and perhaps even contradicted a little (or, at the very least, they are interpreted in unusual ways).

Disclaimer: I do not own Death Note, and I do not make any money from these writings.

CHAPTER 1: Three Problems

Light knew he needed to do something about his two problems, his two very annoying problems.

Light had recently been introduced to Near, in the form of a garbled voice and an "N" on a screen, and Mello, in the form of a kidnapping incident and a single sketch of Mello as a child, drawn by a young woman from the same institute Watari had founded, Wammy's House.

It was like getting the L problem all over again. 'L, round two' was now in progress.

It wouldn't be so bad if the two problems had had nothing to do with L's history or if they were like most anti-Kira investigators, completely on the wrong trail. Then they could be more easily ignored.

But, no, sparring with them was required in some way and even though part of Light was looking forward to finally having a challenge again, part of him was tired, tired of fighting, tired of performing the contradictory roles of L and Kira at once.

This time things needed to be perfect. There couldn't be any early missteps that would leave even a hint of Kira's true identity, such as had happened with the original L. Enough pre-laid plans could defeat any opponent, and Light was determined to stay ten steps ahead of Mello and Near by figuring out exactly which plans to set in place before they were even needed.

To that end, there were many sessions of thinking alone in his room, with Misa banished on a shopping trip or out drinking with her actress friends, while Light thought with a pen in his hand, always with a pen. Even if he was just twirling it and holding it and occasionally scribbling abstract shapes onto paper (to avoid leaving any evidence of his plans), Light found he usually thought better that way. It was something that made him feel powerful, in control.

At one point, he'd almost created the perfect plan. It was so elaborate, with so many levels of defense against any kind of suspicion, that he almost scared himself. It was too perfect, yes it was. No matter how he tried to adjust it, there was always one central problem.

"Damn it!" Light said.

His only audience, Ryuk, leaned over Light's desk and said, "What's the matter, Light? Are you sweating because detectives are chasing you again?"

"No, Ryuk, you know me better than that. I just had the best plan I've ever thought of, but it needs more death notes than I have, or it won't work."

"Oh, is that all?" Ryuk said.

"Well, your buddies don't drop them on command. And you're not going to let me have your remaining death note, are you?"

Light almost hoped that he was wrong, and that Ryuk would do it anyway, out of curiosity alone.

Ryuk laughed and said, "You don't know me, or you'd never think that. No, my own personal death note is staying on my belt until I've had all my fun here."

"And you're stuck in the human world, so even if there were some way for you to get an extra death note from the shinigami realm, you can't go there."

Ryuk leaned down, his eyes glowing slightly, and said, "If all you want is another death note, that's something I might be able to get for you."

There's a cost, or he wouldn't be acting like this. How disappointing.

Light said, "How much does it cost?"

"Oh, it doesn't cost anything. I'll let you have it for the price of seeing how much entertainment you'll create for me once you have your new death note. I'm sure it'll be worth it for me. What do you say, Light?"

He's still hiding something. I know it.

Light said, "What would be involved?"

"Well, I've never exercised my option to reproduce, even though I've earned enough points that the king would probably grant my request. It isn't usual to reproduce in the human world, but there's no rule against it. The offspring would appear where I am, along with a new death note. All you need to do is wait until the new shinigami drops it or sets it down, then grab it for yourself. You would have another death note, but the new shinigami wouldn't even have one. They would be helpless and couldn't write your name."

But I would be stuck with another shinigami following me around. Would this one be less disciplined than Rem or Ryuk?

"This would be a baby shinigami? Don't you need a female for that?"

I'll volunteer Misa if needed.

Ryuk chuckled and said, "No, the process is completely asexual, and the offspring will be an adult. I simply need to submit the right paperwork. It'll only be a few minutes if it works."

Ryuk was grinning like crazy, his wide mouth splitting his face ear to ear.

Is Ryuk this happy just at the idea of more entertainment? Something is still off, but my master plan is worth any price and Ryuk obviously isn't going to tell me. That's just like him. Well, I've kept two shinigami in line so far, and I've killed one of them. I can manage another. A young, naive shinigami is probably easy to kill if it does become a problem. All I need to do is to trick it into breaking one of the rules, such as telling me someone's name or lifespan that I don't know already.

Light said, "Okay, you've got a deal. Let's do it now. Everyone is gone so it will be perfect."

Ryuk grinned impossibly wider and got his own death note out of its holder on his belt and began to write. Light moved to try to see what Ryuk was writing, but Ryuk pulled the notebook up while still writing and tilted it, out of sight.

Ryuk said, "The king sees everything that is written in any death note. I'm almost done with my request."

So the death notes are communication devices, but just to the shinigami king? What else is there to discover about their powers that I can never learn by experimenting?

Ryuk finished writing and then said, "It's best if you don't try to send messages to the king. If you wrote anything he considered insulting or annoying, he'd kill you and ruin all my fun."

Light sat back down at his desk, facing the room and waiting. His eyes scanned over the bed, the four walls, the door to the hallway, and the door to the bathroom. The new shinigami would appear within the room, right? The shinigami wouldn't be visible, at first, but the death note would be as soon as it dropped.

Ryuk's facial expression changed and his eyes fixed on something right next to Light's desk. Light looked there too. He wanted to reach out, to try to grasp, but perhaps that would be a tip-off to the young shinigami.

Ryuk said, "Here he is!"

Light's eyes followed Ryuk's gaze, estimating position. The unseen shinigami was on the move.

Ryuk made a little bow towards empty space and said, "Welcome to existence! I hope you'll like it here. Look around!"

All of Light's muscles were tense, poised to jump at the first sign of a notebook fading into solidity. His heart beat hard inside his chest.

What if he goes into another room before setting down his death note, or, worse yet, another apartment?

An empty coffee cup left by Misa on the nightstand lifted into the air by itself, flipped over, and then was replaced. Moments later, a slim black notebook materialized next to it.

That's across the room. If I lunge for it, I might make the shinigami think his death note is valuable and make him grab it back before I get there.

Light eased out of his chair and then slipped onto the bed casually, his eyes averted from his target and his fingers itching in need. He slid forward and was almost within grabbing range when a hand suddenly had his foot. He glanced back at nothing. He tried to pull away but the thing was monstrously strong. His foot wouldn't budge even slightly.

Did I give away my intentions?

Ryuk said, "Oh, that's my human. Be careful with him. If you seriously injure a human or kill one in an unapproved way, you'll die."

In another moment Ryuk will tell the newcomer about the notebook's purpose. But, I can't quite reach!

The unseen hand was joined by a second hand, and after prodding sensations appeared at Light's shoe in several places, the laces began to untie themselves. Light pulled but it was like being held in a vice. The shoe slipped off and fell to the floor. There was what felt like a two-fingered grip on his heel and another delicate two-fingered grip plucking at his sock, pulling it partway off at first and then, at last, all the way. The sock flew across the room and knocked some books off a high shelf.

Ryuk chuckled and said, "You're stronger than you think, little guy."

Light said, "What's his name?"

"He'll tell you that, if he wants to. He'll be able to see his own name by looking in any mirror."

Something warm and fleshy pressed along the side of Light's bare foot.

A warm shinigami? What is happening?

Ryuk said, "Yes, his foot is just like your foot."

After a pause, Ryuk said, "Nope, mine is different. I'll show you."

With a vigorous effort, Ryuk sat and began pulling off one boot.

Ryuk never takes off any clothing! It's practically a part of his body!

In a few moments, Ryuk had revealed a bluish-gray narrow, pointed foot with clawed toenails. At last the grip on Light's foot released, and Light lunged forward across the bed on his stomach, touching the death note.

Yes! Now I own this death note, so it doesn't matter if the shinigami touches it again! As long as I don't verbally give it up it's mine forever.

A new voice said, "Why don't my feet look like yours, Ryuk?"

It was his nearly toneless voice. Light rolled over in horror, beginning to understand, hoping that his guesses wouldn't be confirmed.

The view he got was not pleasing.

From the back, the thing looked almost exactly like L. It had his slouch, his spiky puff of peculiarly messy black hair, and his gangly, slightly oversized feet and hands. The only noticeable difference was the clothing, which instead of that costume of a loose shirt and jeans was instead white bandages wrapped over everything except the head, hands and feet, like a mummy.

L doesn't remember or I would be in more trouble.

Still, it was a shock all through Light's system, a visceral feeling of fear twisting in his stomach. The L-thing turned around and stared directly at Light with that trademark blank stare. It was his eyes, no mistaking it, no difference at all except perhaps looking blanker or more haunted. It was his face, in every way the same. Even the bandages, though they came up nearly to L's chin instead of the wide-necked shirts he'd preferred in life, showed an outlined shape of L's collarbone that was very familiar to Light.

A/N (Author's Note):

This story is based on a request on the Death Note Kink Meme 2. From the anonymous comments at that prompt, I believe that two other anonymous writers are working on their own fills for the same prompt. In order to not discourage them (I LOVE multiple fills and I think this idea is pretty cool) I probably won't upload the sex scene until after they've completed their versions. (Though if it takes a while for them to finish or if my willpower is weak, I might upload before those two authors do).

However, chapter 2, which is sex-scene-free, with just a bit of molestation, is almost finished and I expect that chapter will probably appear within a few days.

This particular prompt did something I like, which is it had two options: the requester stated that an author could go with the short version of the request, or with the longer, more detailed version. I like this because it's helpful to have a bunch of specific details about what the requester wants, but it's also nice to not be bound by those details if the muses seem to be pulling the writing in a different direction.

For my fic, I'm filling the shorter version of the prompt and I'm selecting some details from the longer version of the prompt, but discarding other details.

I do not expect this to be a long, plotty fic but to be perhaps four chapters total when finished, with more of a focus on interpersonal drama than on plot.