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Wet Dreams

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I. Victor


Victor had taken off his shirt after they had gotten caught in the rain in his broken down car.
"I didn't see anything!" She blurted, embarrassed.
He decided to rub his hand down her leg to let her know that her gaze was not unwelcome and to his surprise, she moaned in response
"Do you like that?" He asks. His body began to pump blood downwards...
"Yes," she managed, "Keep going."
Today was Victor's lucky day as he kept moving his hand over her body and felt himself grow more erect in his pants.
"Tell me if you want me to stop," he said.
She didn't respond as she lifted her skirts and revealed her bare body underneath them.
"Why aren't you wearing underwear?" Victor asked, "That isn't-"
She silenced him by grabbing his hand and guiding his fingers into her hot warmth. She moaned, her desire for him growing.
"Why didn't you just say you wanted me to give it to you?" Victor asked, voice filled with desire and his cock now fully erect. He didn't remember taking off his pants, but his lower half was completely gone.
She giggled.
"It might be fun."
He felt his cock twitching in anticipation of what was to come.
She slid over to his side clumsily.
"Watch it!" He snapped, "Don't snap my-"
She grabbed his cock and manuevered it over her entrance, shutting him up.
The sensation of her enveloping him made him moan. When he shifted upwards inside of her, she cried out.
He could feel the car moving beneath them as he pumped his cock up and down inside her. He would slow down periodically to build momentum so that he could pleasure both of them as long as possible. They went at it for a while.
"Victor," she moaned, "Keep going, don't stop!"
He responded by shoving his cock even deeper inside of her.
She cried out his name again and came undone above him.There was so much friction between them that he couldn't hold back any longer. He felt a great release as he was the next to come undone.
Victor felt sunshine coming into the window despite the fact it was pitch black and raining.


Victor opened his eyes, still breathing heavily and quickly realizing he had fallen asleep while working last night in his hotel room. He looked down and quickly realized what happened.
"Are you kidding me?" He grumbled, "A wet dream?"
He was both frustrated it was only a dream and that he had become so attached to her that she appeared in his dreams...