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Virgil's Odd Experiences With The Light Sides

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Now, not every side remembers their first moments of consciousness… but Virgil can retell that story as if it had happened just yesterday.

Everything kinda started in a rush. Virgil remembers the overwhelming feeling of panic as he got accustomed to his role. It was dark, and then too bright. All of a sudden, there was a person staring at him in awe. Virgil shrinks back into the hoodie he only now realised that he was wearing. "Hi! I'm Morality! What's your name?" 

"Um," Virgil hears himself reply -somewhere at the back of his mind, Virgil notes how his voice sounds. Despite only having existed for… a short time, Virgil instantly knew his purpose. "I'm Anxiety."

Morality gave Virgil no time to process anything; sweeping the darker trait of his feet, literally, and taking off. Virgil was held in the arms of with grinning stranger in a fashion similar to how one would hold a human infant.

Suddenly, there were two new strangers and Virgil and everything inside him screamed 'danger'!

"This is Anxiety and he's only existed for two minutes, but if anything happens to him I would kill everyone in this room and then myself!" Morality proclaims cheerily.

A side dressed in all white slowly pulls out a sword; "Padre, surely you don't know what you're implying."

Then Morality goes dead serious: "This is my son. I will bring this entire place to the ground."

Virgil was just confused and afraid; hanging onto Morality in fear of being dropped or attacked by the scary looking sword. "Where the fuck am I!?"

So, yes, Virgil remembered that day very well. Though, sometimes he wish he would just forget…