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Naked Juice

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For the past three months and some days, Kim Taehyung has been going to JUICED to get a large strawberry banana smoothie and chocolate chip muffin.  And maybe going there to possibly hit on the cute new smoothie guy behind the counter, but who’s really paying attention to that anyways? He just really likes their smoothies. He swears!


Well, at least that was his reason at first. 


He learned after a month of randomly going there that Smoothie Guy works four days a week, so Taehyung buys a smoothie, you guessed it, four days a week (sometimes more, he genuinely really likes the smoothies). He’s there so much he’s pretty sure he at least funds 50% of that guy’s paycheck.

It started off as an accident.

“Good morning, welcome to JUICED.  What can I get started for you?”


Taehyung looks up from his phone to look at the person where the low raspy voice came from, and without thinking, “Holy shit you’re pretty.”


He immediately clasps his hands over his mouth.  His mom always told him he had a problem with his head to mouth filter.  This is a perfect example of that issue. He notices the shorter guy freeze and a faint blush appear across his face Taehyung decides this is the cutest thing he has ever witnessed in the 24 years he’s been alive and he’s seen some really cute puppies earlier this week. He glances down at the name tag Smoothie Guy is wearing, YOONGI.  Yoongi. The pretty boy is named Yoongi.


“I’d like one large strawberry banana smoothie with a chocolate chip muffin!  Please and thank you, Yoongi. ” He wiggles his eyebrows for emphasis.  The blush across Yoongi’s face deepens.

And that’s how his new hobby of flustering Yoongi starts.

At first it was just a, “Hey Cutie!”, but then it turned into pick-up lines like, “I know you're busy today, but can you add me to your to-do list?”


As per usual, Yoongi never reciprocated.  He just would answer in the most unenthusiastic voice Taehyung has ever heard.  Yoongi was an enigma. Taehyung just wanted to know everything about him.

“Has anyone told you that you look like an angel today, Yoongi?”


The cashier looks up at him with his usual deadpan expression, “No.”  


Taehyung stopped making Yoongi blush maybe a month and a half into this, but Taehyung still can’t get enough with the teasing.  Yoongi’s too cute to be denied all these compliments that sit inside Taehyung’s mind.


“Well you do, you angel, you!”  Taehyung looks up at the menu in front of him like he’s going to order something new, “One large Straw-”


“Strawberry banana smoothie with a chocolate chip muffin.”


Taehyung hands over his card to the cashier with a cocky grin, “You know me so well, Yoongi.”


The funny part is that Taehyung knows absolutely nothing about Yoongi besides that he’s a couple years older.  Taehyung always tries to start conversations with him, but usually he’s busy with customers. When Yoongi isn’t busy, he’s either in the back of the store, or completely avoiding Taehyung like he does it on purpose.  His co-worker, Hoseok, talks to Taehyung at least. When Yoongi goes on break, Hoseok is usually the one taking over the cash register. He’s super friendly and talkative. Taehyung found out he has classes with his best friend, Jimin when one day Jimin joined him for a smoothie.  He’d honestly hang out with Hoseok outside of the smoothie shop if he were to ever ask.


The younger leans on the counter and sighs as he watches Yoongi make his smoothie.  This is his favorite part. The man looks like a work of art in his cute little smoothie making outfit.  Taehyung noticed recently, even if another person is working behind the counter with Yoongi, he still makes Taehyung’s order.  He calls back all the other orders to his co-worker, but he will specifically make Taehyung’s smoothie. Every. Damn. Time. It gives Taehyung a warm feeling even if it’s something so small.  Yoongi hands Taehyung his smoothie and muffin with a straight face and doesn’t say a word.


“Yoongi, you didn’t call out my name!” He’s pouting.


“You’re literally standing right in front of the counter.  I know who you are.”


A smile blooms across Taehyung’s face, “That you do cutie, that you do.”  Taehyung blows a kiss at the guy, “Bye Yoongi! See you tomorrow!”

Taehyung goes throughout his day normally.  He had two classes in the morning, and now he’s on his way to his first Life Drawing class ever.  It meets in the evening three times a week. He’s never drawn a live model unless you count needing Jimin to pose for him, but he’s never naked.  He’s offered though, but Taehyung is definitely sure he’d rather not see his best friend/roommate naked more than he already has. Too many incidents Tae would rather forget.  ( “Sometimes I just need to air out after I shower.” “Do you have to do it while cooking in our kitchen?”)


“Taehyung!”  He looks over and it’s his friend Jungkook walking into the classroom, “I didn’t know you’d be in here!  I figured you’d had already taken this since you’re in your third year of college.”


“Hey Kook!  No, as long as we took the class, they didn’t care when it was.  I wanted to take it earlier, but it didn’t fit into my schedule until now.”  Life Drawing 101 was a requirement for all Bachelor of Fine Art majors, but if you specialized in photography like Taehyung, it wasn’t required your freshman year.


The two boys decide to pick the wooden benches in the back of the room to set up their boards and newsprint paper.  It’s only an introductory class today, but they will be meeting the model and doing simple gestures drawings. Their teacher walks up to the front of the room.  She introduces herself as Mrs. Lane and then next, the model.


“For the first two weeks of class we will be having the same model, then the model will change every week.  Come on out.” She gestures to the door and the model walks out of the changing area with a silk bathrobe tied around his waist.  Taehyung almost falls off of his wooden bench when he sees his face. “Everyone, this is our model, Yoongi.”


Taehyung’s jaw drops.


Honestly, really?  He should be excited that the guy he’s been pining over will be standing in front of him, naked.  Three days a week, for two weeks. For a total of six days he will staring at the small cute cashier while he’s naked for two hours a day.  That’s a total of twelve hours. Twelve long hours of naked Yoongi. Taehyung suddenly forgot how to draw. Why does he have to know how to draw when he just has to know how to take photos.  Maybe he can quit this class, but then he can’t graduate on time. Fuck.


He tries to hide himself from Yoongi.  Thank god he’s wearing a hoodie today, so he lifts the hood up to hide his blonde hair that just happens to make him stand out.  You’d think in an art class full of creative art kids it wouldn’t, but Taehyung doesn’t have that luck, does he? His sandy blonde hair stands out nicely in a sea of dark browns, blacks, purples, and reds.  Is everyone a goth all of a sudden and Taehyung didn’t get the memo? Is he not hip enough to be around kids his own age? His traitor friend Jungkook with black hair is staring at him. He didn’t inform Taehyung of the new hair trend in today’s youth.


“Tae, what are you doing?”


“I’m cold.”


“No way you’re cold.  I’m sweating balls here.”


“Not everyone’s bodies can run like a furnace, Jeon.”


Taehyung situates himself behind his huge masonite board that’s leaning on the wooden bench he’s straddling.  Times like this is when he wishes he wasn’t so tall. His posture is crouched as low as he can even though his teacher literally told them they need good posture.  His back is going to ache so bad after this. He looks up above the board and notices Yoongi walking up to the raised platform in front of the classroom, still with his robe on.  The instructor tells them they're doing quick five minute gesture poses to get used to drawing quickly. She’s demonstrating on her newsprint paper how to move your forearm instead of your wrist, but Taehyung can’t pay attention as he watches Yoongi stretch his arms above his head.  Taehyung is pretty sure he just drooled.


“Tae, are you checking out the model?”


He feels his face heat up immediately and wipes his mouth.  Jungkook is laughing at him. “Shut up.”


“I mean, he is nice to look at.  Thankfully he’s not an old wrinkly guy.  Can you imagine having to draw wrinkly balls?”


“I’m telling your boyfriend on you.”


Jungkook shrugs as he goes back to practicing moving his wrist on his paper like the teacher demonstrated, “Namjoonie would just agree with me that model is hot.”


The teacher is done demonstrating, which Taehyung now has no clue what to do, but whatever.  It’s Yoongi’s fault. She looks at Yoongi and tells him he can start as she sets a timer for five intervals of five minutes.  Yoongi drops his robe and tosses it to the side like it’s nothing, and then does a super casual standing pose. He must be comfortable with his body if he’s just standing like that naked.  Taehyung thanks his lucky stars because the kid in front of him has a giant head and is blocking Yoongi’s manhood from Tae’s view. He’s still trying to grasp the concept that the guy he has a crush on is naked in front of him.  He’s pretty sure he’d combust if he saw his dick. I mean, it’s just a dick, but it belongs to the smoothie guy Tae keeps making crude advances at. This was not the situation Taehyung ever imagined seeing Yoongi naked in. Maybe next class he’ll look or maybe never.  Dropping this class and not graduating on time sounds like a good idea now.


The first pose is done, “Tae, you didn’t draw anything?”


“My hands are too cold to move.  Remember, I’m cold?”


“You’re literally sweating.”


“Shut up, Jeon.”


For the second pose, Yoongi bends his torso to the side, which thankfully, the big head in front of Taehyung, is still blocking Yoongi’s dick.  Taehyung is honestly impressed with the way Yoongi can bend. Taehyung decides to add that to his arsenal of things he can throw at Yoongi when he’s hitting on him later this week.  Wait. Yoongi might wonder how he knows he can bend. Would Taehyung even be able to handle seeing this man outside of this classroom now that he’s seen him naked? Fuck. Say good-bye to smoothies.


Twenty five minutes of gesture drawing passed and Taehyung managed to draw three and a half Yoongi’s with no dicks.  If his teacher asks he can just say he was raised in a super conservative household and wasn’t allowed to look at other people's private parts even in educational settings.  That makes sense, right? The teacher talks for another half hour about the future of the course and then ends class early. Wednesday they will be drawing Yoongi for the full two hours.  Yay.

The thing about Taehyung, since visiting Yoongi at JUICED he has yet to miss a day Yoongi works.  He annoyed Hoseok into giving him Yoongi’s set schedule, though Hoseok reassured him that Yoongi only pretends to be annoyed by Taehyung’s visits.  Hoseok is pretty sure Yoongi looks forward to them, which Taehyung just thinks is silly. So after finding out the schedule, he knew Yoongi works Monday through Thursday at the same exact time.  Today is now Tuesday and it will be the first day Taehyung misses in a span of three months. He woke up and really considered on going to the cafe. He really enjoys the smoothies and muffins from there.  He likes his routine, but he just can’t. He doesn’t do well when his mind is mush and thinking about a certain nude model and the way his body bends.


He doesn’t think Yoongi is hiding his other job since he works so close to the school’s campus, so it’s not like Taehyung feels like he has a secret.  He’s just afraid of how he will react seeing Yoongi after yesterday’s class. Besides their first meeting, he’s always cool, collected, and confident when hitting on Yoongi.  He’s pretty sure he will combust if he saw Yoongi today. He still hasn’t really gotten over the fact that he got to see Yoongi’s naked, beautiful body in the flesh twisting ways he didn’t think were possible.  It’s the body he’s been checking out everytime Yoongi turns around to make Taehyung his smoothie. He has the cutest butt Taehyung has ever witnessed. Just don’t tell Jimin that or he will go back to wearing booty shorts everyday again to prove a point.


He gets out of bed and decides that today he’ll get a boba tea and a bagel before going to his first class.  First day without a Yoongi visit in three months is fineeeee. He doesn’t have his evening class today, so he’ll just see Yoongi tomorrow if he decides to get a smoothie and/or go to class at all.  He’s still considering dropping. Jimin would call him dramatic if he knew the situation, but what does he know!


Speaking of Jimin, he’s the first person Taehyung sees when he walks out of his art history class at 11:15am.  He’s sipping on a very familiar cup.


“Why weren’t you at JUICED this morning?”


“I, uh, was sick.” Taehyung fakes a cough and Jimin clearly doesn’t not believe him.


“Whatever you say.  Anyways, your smoothie guy asked about you.”


Taehyung chokes on his spit, “Yoon- Smoothie Guy asked about me?”


Jimin’s eyeing him suspiciously, “Yes…  He asked where my loud friend was because you’re always there.”  So, Yoongi really does notice him… this is a good thing to know.


Taehyung is obviously blushing, but Jimin doesn’t point it out.  “I didn’t even think he’d notice me gone one day. Yeah I talk to him literally every time I’m there, but he acts like I’m nobody special.”


“Maybe he’s just grown accustomed to the hot guy that hits on him every morning he works, and now thinks you died.”


“He does not think I’m hot!  He probably doesn’t even like dudes.”


“Tae, you’re dumb.  He literally blushes and can’t get a word out every time you talk to him.”


“No.  He’s just quiet and hates me.”


“Whatever.  Just go to JUICED tomorrow, so he doesn’t ask me again.”

And that’s how Taehyung ends up the next day in line at JUICED waiting to order.


At first he doesn’t see Yoongi at all.  It’s Hoseok and their manager, Seokjin, behind the counter.  Taehyung has seen Seokjin a couple times, but usually he’s in the back and not at the cash register.  Taehyung is bummed. He finally plucked up the courage to come back and see Yoongi and now he’s the one to finally miss a day after three months of knowing him.


There’s two people in front of him in line and Taehyung considers not even ordering until Hoseok notices him and waves.  Okay he’ll stay in line for him at least. His smile is too contagious to leave. When Taehyung waves back, Hoseok perks up like he remembered something.  He runs to the back room and right before it’s Taehyung’s turn to order. A Yoongi emerges from the backroom.


“Hey Seokjin, I got this.”


Seokjin is stepping aside from the register and looks at Yoongi, “Are you sure, you still have ten minutes left of your break?”


“Nah, it’s fine.”  Yoongi turns to Taehyung, “Good morning, welcome to JUICED.  What can I get started for you?”


Taehyung’s heart is pounding.  Has Yoongi always been this beautiful?  Of course he has. Taehyung tells him all the time.  But, fuck, he’s radiating this morning. Maybe its because, HE’S FUCKING SMILING.  Taehyung can’t believe it. Yoongi is smiling at him. His gums show when he smiles. It’s so cute.  Taehyung wants to coo at him, but he feels sweaty now. He can’t do this. Why is he so nervous?




He didn’t realize he’s just been staring and not talking. “Wow.  Face. Beautiful.” Fuck his non-existant head to mouth filter.


Yoongi lightly laughs, “That’s a new one.  I was definitely expecting one of your more raunchier pick-up lines.”


Taehyung is sweating again, “Oh.  Uh I eat large smoofin. Wait no. Fuck.  I eat muffie? Chocolate strawbanan. Yes.”  Brain = mush.


Yoongi’s smile hasn’t left his face, but he looks so confused, “One large strawberry banana smoothie and a chocolate chip muffin coming up?”


Taehyung hands over his card with his sweaty hands, “Y-yes.  Those words.”


When Taehyung walks away from the counter in his weird daze he hears Seokjin whispering to Yoongi, “ That’s the hot blonde guy that hits on you every morning?  He sure has a way with words.” He had to have heard wrong.  Mush brain is a big liar.


A few minutes later he hears “Taehyung!” from his favorite voice.  He turns around and Yoongi is holding his smoothie and muffin.


Taehyung grabs them, but can only get out, “Thank.”


Yoongi’s squinting at him and Taehyung wants to coo at it again, but he can’t form words.  “Why are you being so weird? Why aren’t you hitting on me and calling me pet names?” What.  Yoongi did not just ask that. Mush brain has to be lying again.


“D-do you like when I call you those?”


Maybe he does because now it’s Yoongi’s turn to blush bright red and he just stares at Tae.  This puts him at bit more at ease. He takes a deep breath and smiles at Yoongi, “See you tomorrow, Cutie.”


Jokes on Yoongi because Taehyung will see him later in his class, but he doesn’t need to know that.

And there he is.  Up on stage about to drop his robe so they can get their five minute pose practice before they do an hour long pose.  The robe drops and there is no large head blocking Taehyung’s view from gazing upon Yoongi’s crotch. Taehyung can’t hold in the weird noise his throat just made.  He doesn’t even know what he would call that noise. A whimper? A moan? What the fuck?


Jungkook is smirking at him, “Tae… are you okay?”


“Shut up, Jeon.”


Taehyung gets to drawing Yoongi’s beautiful sculpted body including below the belt this time.  He feels less perverted because this is an art class, but he can’t help but blush when he sketches it on paper.  This time he avoids drawing Yoongi’s face on the bodies to get the gestures in. Luckily with quick gesture drawings, it’s not required to get a super detailed drawing down.  Just the quick curves and shapes the body makes. Eventually once you do it so much, it’s easy to get the anatomy down quicker.


Yoongi’s about to pose for the fifth one when he turns around and his back is facing Taehyung.  He quietly gasps. His ass looks even more beautiful without his black work pants. It’s so cute and perky, he just wants to poke it and see if it’s as squishy as it looks.  He wonders how Yoongi likes his eggs in the morning. He wonders how many dogs Yoongi will want to adopt after they get married. He wonders how-


“Fuck Tae, are you drooling?”


“No.” Yes.


The timer goes off and Yoongi has his robe back on.


Jungkook is leaning over staring at Taehyung’s newsprint paper, “All you’ve drawn in the last five minutes is a super detailed picture of his ass.”


He feels a presence behind him, and it’s his teacher, “Yes, Mr. Kim, that is a very nice rear you sketched, but please focus on the gesture next time.”


He hides lower behind his drawing board, blushing, “Ah, yes, sorry Mrs. Lane, will do.”


It was time to take a break to stretch and prepare for the hour long pose.  There will be a quick break in the middle of the pose, but this is their long break.  Jungkook is staring at him as he sets up his drawing board.


“Tae, you seem very infatuated with our model.”


“That’s a big word for you.”


“Fuck off.  You’ve just been staring at him alot.”


Taehyung rolls his eyes as dramatically as he can, “We literally have to stare at him so we can draw him.”


“But you’re like...drooling.”


“Because I’m thirsty?”


“Thirsty for his ass.”


“Fuck off, Jeon.  I’m going to go get a drink.”


Taehyung comes back with his bottle of Coke and now it’s time for the long pose.  There’s a chair on the platform now where Taehyung assumes Yoongi will sit. Unfortunately, no butt pose, but maybe that’s a good thing.  He’d rather not get caught drooling again.  


He watches Yoongi step up there when the teacher tells him he has a minute before she starts the timer.  He drops his robe and Taehyung is pretty sure he’ll never get over the view. Yoongi sits on the chair trying to find a comfortable position.  He finds one that just happens to have his legs casually spread which causes Taehyung to have heart palpitations. Yoongi then rests his elbow on the armrest and then leans on his hand.  The pose makes him look so casual, like he’s not even naked in front of a class of 24 students. The teacher walks up to Yoongi and puts tape by his feet so they can mark where they go for when he moves for the short break later.


“Remember class, this is only an hour pose which seems like enough time, but it’ll fly by especially with a short break in the middle.  Try not to focus on the details, but to get the shapes of the body and pose down. Remember the negative space.”


Taehyung decides it’s time to be a mature adult and draw the (naked) Yoongi in front of him and not oogle at him like he usually does.  He starts off measuring how many heads tall Yoongi is sitting down. He is six heads tall. Nice. We got somewhere without thinking anything perverted.  Good job Taehyung. Now it’s time to block in the basic shapes. Easy. That also goes well without lingering stares on Yoongi’s super nice torso. Like, fuck, do you see his chest? So. Broad.  Wait... bad Tae. Going off track. Back to thinking about Yoongi’s body like a professional artist. Let’s start drawing his face. His beautiful wonderful face. With his cat-like eyes and his button nose.  His cute mouth that pouts when he talks. Then there’s his pretty black hair that Taehyung just wants to run his hands through.


“Tae, do you need me to grab you some tissues for your drool?”


He ignores Jungkook’s comment and decides he’s going to work on drawing Yoongi’s hands.  He can’t think of any bad thoughts when he sees Yoongi’s pretty yet large hands. Hands he just wants wrapped around his--  Wait, nope. Definitely just thought of what he’d like to see Yoongi’s hands doing. That should’ve been a given. Operation don’t think gross thoughts about Yoongi’s hands: FAILED.


So now he tries to draw Yoongi’s torso.  Like, he already knows it’s a bad idea, but he needs something on this paper so he can get his first grade in this class.  It’s starting to go well, he has the basic muscle shapes down. He manages to make it look like a chest. Yay Taehyung, you did it!  He’s pretty proud of the work he’s done until he realizes it’s dick drawing time. And yes, he just referred to it as “Dick Drawing Time.”  He’s way past being mature about this. He wonders if his teacher would care if he just draws a little leaf like a greek statue.


Before he can start that, it’s time for their quick five minute break.  Taehyung stays crouched behind his drawing board as Yoongi stretches and sips his water.  Taehyung sits on his phone until it’s time to get back to drawing.


He sighs, “Let’s get this dick.”


Jungkook looks disgusted, “What did you just say?”


He feels his face warming up, “Let’s get this bread?”


Surprisingly Taehyung manages to draw the basic shape of Yoongi’s dick without getting too flustered.  Okay maybe a little flustered, but he did it. He drew the dick. Let's move onto the legs before we go back and detail that.  The teacher did say not to focus on the details. Yep. We’re definitely not going to do that. No dick details today.


He manages to draw the legs, then he goes back to finish the arms, and then he quickly draws the chair in the last ten minutes he has of class.  The teacher was right, this hour flies by. Thank. God. Though, Taehyung isn’t going to lie, he’s pretty proud of how much he managed to sketch in that time.  Jungkook seems pretty proud of his, too. What should Taehyung be so worried about? He’s seen Yoongi’s entire naked body now. No need to be afraid to go to JUICED tomorrow.

Taehyung woke up late and couldn’t make it to JUICED until after his second class.  That means he needs to carry all of his Life Drawing supplies with him.  Not a big deal. Just more things to carry while he holds his smoothie. He doesn’t want to miss another smoothie day again.  Not going to let the thought of Yoongi naked get in the way of his smoothie this time.


Taehyung is still a bit hot and bothered when he sees Yoongi at the register.  He thought he’d do better, but the image of Yoongi’s entire naked body came to his mind when it was his turn to order.


“Hi, wow you’re hot.” Woops. “Fuck.”


Yoongi laughs and his face is a little pink.  “Did you run out of pick-up lines?”


“N-no.  I’m just saving them for later.”  He hands Yoongi his card because he really doesn’t need to say his order anymore.


“Thought you weren’t going to show up again since you weren’t here this morning.”


“Y-you noticed me gone?”


“Well yeah.  It’s not everyday somebody hits on you at your place of work.  You almost missed me, too. My shift is almost up.”


“Oh...that would’ve been very unfortunate.”


Taehyung gets his smoothie and muffin from Yoongi and as he’s trying to balance them in one hand and his drawing pad in the other, Seokjin runs into him causing the drawing pad to fly open on the ground.  Of course it opens up to a page with a sketch of Yoongi on it. Luckily it’s a bit sloppy. Nobody will be able to tell who that is.


“Oh shit, let me help you with that.”


“D-don’t worry about it!  I got it!” Taehyung trying to balance his smoothie before Seokjin is already reaching down to grab the drawing pad.


“No, allow me.  Your hands are full.”  Seokjin stares down at the drawing facing up from the floor, “Yoongi...this sort of looks like you?  Don’t you model for-”


Taehyung rushes to grab the drawing pad from Seokjin before he can hear what Yoongi has to say, “Oh sorry running late to class.  Bye!” And he’s out the door.


Realizing he still has a half hour before class, which means Yoongi will be walking this direction soon to also go to said class, Taehyung decides to take a long stroll around the campus in the opposite direction of the Fine Arts building.


Thankfully, class goes well that day.  Jungkook only called him out twice for drooling.  That’s an accomplishment in itself. He also managed to get a better grasp of drawing the anatomy quicker without flustering himself too much.  Maybe next week he’ll be fine.

Monday morning Taehyung confidently walks into JUICED This is a new week.  No Yoongi’s are going to fluster Taehyung this week.  Nope. No way. Taehyung is the flusterer, not the flusteree.  Is that a word? Now it is.


He marches his way up to the counter and winks at Yoongi, “Hey cutie, you come here often?”


This gets cute chuckle out of Yoongi, “One large strawberry banana smoothie and one chocolate chip muffin coming right up.”


While Taehyung is waiting for his order he gets an email that his first class is canceled.  He really doesn’t want to go back to his apartment and he’d rather not go sit in the library.  This is a cafe for a reason. It has cute little armchairs and a couch he can go sit on until his next class.  Luckily he has a small sketchbook with him. He’ll doodle customers as he waits. Something his life drawing teacher encouraged.


“Taehyung!”  Yoongi is standing with Tae’s smoothie and muffin.


He grabs his order from Yoongi with a large grin, “Thanks cutie patootie!”  See, Taehyung, you got this.


He brings his food over to the couch in the back and sits down to eat.  After he finishes his muffin he takes out his sketchbook to start doodling.




It’s his favorite voice approaching him, “Yoongi!  Why aren’t you working?” He squints his eyes, “Why are you sitting with me…”


Yoongi is next to Taehyung on the couch and takes a sip of his coffee, “I’m on break.”  He looks over to Taehyung’s sketch of a puppy he saw outside the window. “So you’re an artist?”  Is Yoongi trying to make conversation with him?


“Y-yeah, I’m actually a photography major.”


“Oh shit, I do photography, too.  I have a degree in architecture, though.”  Fuck this is just making Taehyung’s Yoongi infatuation worse.  He’s finally learning about him and it’s not helping his growing crush.


“So you’re an architect?”  It’s all Taehyung can get out.


Yoongi chuckles lightly, “Clearly,” and gestures to the cafe around him.  Ugh and he’s actually funny.  


Taehyung sips his smoothie, “Maybe you designed the smoothie shop and you just like working here in your spare time.”


Yoongi dramatically sighs, “Yep, you caught me.  I only work here four days of the week so I can get hit on by some random cute kid that comes in here when I work.” Yoongi flirting?  Wait… back it up.. Did Yoongi just call him… CUTE?!


Taehyung 100% knows that he’s blushing right now.  What happened to Taehyung doing the flustering!? This is a new week!  “I...I gotta go to class.”


Yoongi’s smiling at Taehyung’s response, “Yeah my break was up like two minutes ago.  I don’t want Seokjin lecturing me. See you tomorrow, Tae.”


“B-bye.” Taehyung whispers as Yoongi gets up to go back behind the counter.


Yoongi… called him… TAE.  He used a nickname. AND CALLED HIM CUTE.  This is his week, let’s be honest.

He barely makes it through the rest of his day because all he can think about is Yoongi, and now he gets to see him (secretly) again.  Maybe one day when Taehyung stops getting so flustered, he’ll stop hiding from Yoongi. Or at least let him know that he’s in the class.  Yoongi would understand, right?


Taehyung manages to work through his gesture poses just fine.  They’re working with charcoal today and Taehyung somehow managed to get it all over him.  He’s standing up to brush the dust off himself when he accidentally knocks over the box of charcoals and his drawing board off of his bench.


“Oh fuck!”


The whole class is staring.  The whole entire fucking class.  That includes Yoongi. The guy who is standing naked on the raised platform in front of the class.  The guy who is currently staring at Taehyung directly in his eyes. They’re both frozen in staring at each other.


“Tae?”  Jungkook’s waving his hand in front of Taehyung which gets him to look away from Yoongi’s glare.


“I..I gotta go.  Stomach ache. Bye.”


So… maybe this week isn’t Taehyung’s week after all?

He bursts into his apartment with charcoal still all over his pants.  He plops himself onto the couch and screams into a pillow.


“Why are you back from class so early?  Why are you screaming?”


Taehyung looks up and Jimin is currently straddling Hoseok on the loveseat with no pants on.  At least he’s still in his underwear.


“WHY DO YOU NEVER HAVE ANY PANTS ON IN THIS APARTMENT!?”  Taehyung rubs his face not caring about the charcoal on his hands, “Also, when did this become a thing?”  He gestures to the two on the couch who were clearly about to get it on until he accidentally interrupted.


Jimin still has yet to cover himself.  That boy is proud. “Like, last week? And you never answered me.”


Since Jimin is his best friend he decides to tell him, just not all of it.  “I knocked over my box of charcoal and it made a loud crashing noise. The whole class saw it.”


“But you always do loud embarrassing things and never care.”


“Y-yeah, but the really hot nude model saw.”


“Hot… nude model…  Are you in Life drawing 101 this semester with Mrs. Lane?”


Shit.  Hoseok must know about Yoongi’s other job and probably knows details.  Which is probably adding up in his head since he knows Taehyung’s daily routine of hitting on Yoongi.  Fuck Jung Hoseok for being so smart.


“No… I have Mr. L...Lamp.  He’s new.” Taehyung gets up from the couch before Hoseok can question him any further.  “I’m going to go shower this shit off of me. Please keep the moaning to a minimum. I know how loud you can get Jimin.”



Tuesday morning Taehyung avoids JUICED for a second time in the history of visiting Yoongi.  He didn’t even have to second guess it. He meets up with Jungkook and his boyfriend Namjoon for lunch later and he notices Jungkook sipping a very familiar looking smoothie.


“Did you know the nude model you’re drooling over works at your favorite smoothie shop you always talked about?  Namjoonie and I decided to finally try it out. We talked to him for a bit and the dude is super chill. I’m surprised you guys didn’t know each other.”


“Oh.. maybe he works a different shift when I go in.”


“Hm.. yeah.. suspicious.”


“Your mom’s suspicious.”


Namjoon rolls his eyes at them, “Kookie said you drool during every life drawing class and sketched a very detailed drawing of his butt.”


Taehyung gasps at his traitorous friend, “What the fuck, Jeon!”


“I mean, Kookie said the model was hot when he told me.  He definitely is so I can see why you’re thirsty over him.”


“See!  I told you Namjoonie would agree with me!”


“You guys are the worst.”  Taehyung gets up from his seat to throw his garbage away, “I’m going to go find new straight friends.”

The next day Taehyung does the unheard of and avoids JUICED a second day in a row.  He does manage to drag his ass back to life drawing though. Actually, Jungkook does it.


“Nobody noticed you knocked over your box of charcoals and your drawing board!”


“They all stared at me.”


“You’ve done worse.”  He’s grabbing a reluctant Taehyung by the arm, “Let’s go to class.”


And here he is.  In class. He no longer hides from Yoongi, but still stays far in the back of the classroom.  During the long break he’s a bit shocked to see Jungkook walk over to Yoongi. They’re talking and laughing?  Did they manage to become friends after Jungkook’s visit to JUICED? What the fuck Jungkook!


Jungkook sits back down next to Taehyung when it’s time to start drawing again, “Yoongi asked about you?  I thought you didn’t know each other?”


First he asks Jimin, now Jungkook.  “AGAIN!?”


Jungkook is squinting at him, “What do you mean... ‘again’?”


“Haaaaa nothing.”  Taehyung was smart and brought his headphones today which he puts over his ears to ignore Jungkook’s next comment.  He somehow manages to work the rest of the class without Yoongi catching his creep stares.

“What the fuck guys!  I don’t want a smoothie!  I gave them up! I’m on a diet!”


“Tae, you’re a fucking twig.”


“Come on, you’re coming with us and I wanna see my Hobi.”


It’s the next day and his annoying best friends are currently dragging Taehyung back to JUICED.  They enjoy watching him suffer because they’re not dumb and probably put two and two together. Yoongi is Taehyung’s hot Smoothie Guy and he’s also the nude model whose butt Taehyung won’t stop drawing.


Taehyung is at the register now and Yoongi is looking right at him with a smirk, “Good morning, welcome to JUICED.  What can I get started for you?” Then he fucking winks.


“I..what the fuck.”  Taehyung hands Yoongi his card without saying another word.


Jungkook is behind Taehyung whispering to Jimin, “Taehyung didn’t even order anything.  I’m so confused.”


“That’s because Tae comes here four times a week and has yet to change his order.”


“Oh fuck.  I knew it! He lied when he said he didn’t know who our model was!”


“They’d probably be dating right now if Taehyung wasn’t so blind and knew how to hit on people properly.”


Taehyung whips his head around at them, “You guys whisper really loud!”


He’s waiting for his order when he hears the familiar call of his name, “Taehyung!”


He manages to get out a quiet, “Thank you.”


“No problem, cutie.” and Yoongi fucking winks again!


Okay...that’s how this is going to be.  Two can play this game. NOBODY FLUSTERS KIM TAEHYUNG (Okay maybe Yoongi does, but let’s pretend he doesn’t).

Taehyung is PREPARED.  This is his last class with Yoongi until he comes back to model in a few weeks.  He will not be flustered! He will be the confident man that he is. The man who used to hit on the cute smoothie guy daily!


Yoongi is getting ready to walk up onto the platform when Taehyung decides he’s going to sit closer today.  He finds the perfect seat in the second row of benches. They’re a bit lower to the ground which causes his legs to bend more, but now Yoongi has the perfect view of his face.


Jungkook scoots next to him, “Finally done hiding from Yoongi?”


“Yep.  Nobody is allowed to fluster Kim Taehyung!”


“You literally blush whenever he’s in view.”


“Fuck off, Jeon.”


Yoongi is standing on the platform and takes his robe off.  He looks down and immediately catches Taehyung’s eyes and smirks.  Taehyung can feel himself about to blush so he smirks back. Not falling for it!


Yoongi stretches his back while staring at Taehyung directly in the eyes.  Nope! Not going to work! So he gets started on drawing the gestures.


Next pose Yoongi turns around with his ass in directly in Taehyung’s face.  He bends down just a little to arch his back. Fuck. Nope. Not today Satan.  Taehyung is a mature adult. He bites down on his lip when it comes to the part of drawing the curve of Yoongi’s ass.


“Oh god please don’t tell me you’re going to pop a boner in class.”


Taehyung flips his middle finger towards Jungkook in response.


He gets through the next couple poses without sweating (that much).  So it’s a success, but now it’s Taehyung’s turn.

It’s finally time for the long pose.  Yoongi luckily won’t be able to do any more suggestive poses since he has to sit comfortably for two half hour intervals.  They have a makeshift couch on the platform which Yoongi lies down on, and fuck, Taehyung has never seen anybody look so sexy.  He has his body stretched out and one arm above his head. Taehyung always wanted to paint somebody like a french girl and now he gets to.


Yoongi chooses the point he has to stare at for the pose directly at Taehyung’s face.  Of course. Why would he choose a wall when he can stare at the boy he’s been purposely trying to fluster all class period?!  Silly to think Yoongi would act like a professional!


Taehyung measures out the body proportions while avoiding Yoongi’s eye contact.  I mean, he is getting graded on this, gotta at least try. Now it’s time to fluster the model back.  Taehyung starts with the lollipop he brought to class.


“Oh shit, you got candy?”  Taehyung knew he’d ask so he tosses another lollipop at Jungkook in hopes it gets him to shut up the rest of the class.


Now it’s time for Taehyung to start licking it suggestively even though he really wants to just bite it.  He doesn’t think Yoongi would appreciate that sight though. It seems to be working because Yoongi just took a noticeably large gulp.  Taehyung puts the entire lollipop in his mouth and sucks on it a bit too loud. Definitely not how you normally suck on a lollipop. He catches Yoongi’s eyes widen and then quickly glance down at his own crotch.  Taehyung doesn’t want to embarrass the guy so he stops before Yoongi pops a boner in front of the class. Taehyung has at least some restraint. It makes him giggle knowing the effect he has on Yoongi.


Jungkook is staring at Taehyung with comically wide eyes, “What the fuck, Tae!?”


Taehyung licks his lollipop, “I don’t know what you’re talking about.”


He manages to draw half of Yoongi when it’s time for their five minute break.


“Can you stop eye-fucking the model.  I’d feel rather uncomfortable having to draw a boner.”


“Ew Jungkook.  Don’t be so perverted.”


Yoongi is walking off the platform when Taehyung looks up at him.  He gives Taehyung a smirk. Hm, so he’s enjoying this. Good. To. Know.


Taehyung spends the last half hour of class doing everything he can to rile up Yoongi.  He stretches suggestively just like Yoongi did. He bites and licks his lips way more often than he normally does.  He makes sure Yoongi catches him when he studies Yoongi’s body more suggestively than a normal artist should. He knows it’s working because Yoongi has been slowly turning red and subtly glancing at his dick making sure no blood has rushed there.  He does stop before anything happens, though. Nothing wrong with a little teasing.


At the end of class they turn in their final drawings and Taehyung is pretty sure it’s the best one he’s drawn in the past two weeks.  He suddenly feels a bit shy after today’s class, so he leaves before he can see Yoongi.

It’s friday night and Jungkook, Namjoon, and Hoseok are at Taehyung and Jimin’s apartment hanging out.  They’re talking about their classes when Jungkook starts going on a rant.


“They were literally eye-fucking the entire class!  How the fuck was I supposed to draw the dick if it was going to change in the matter of minutes because Taehyung gave him a boner!”


Taehyung pouts, “Namjoon tell your boyfriend to stop being gross!”


“Kookie, keep being gross.  I’m not one to judge. I love you for you!”


Jungkook gives Namjoon a big disgusting kiss, “Aw Namjoonie.”


Hoseok looks over to Taehyung, “I’m just surprised you guys aren’t real fucking by now.  Yoongi talks about how hot you are everytime you come into JUICED.”


Taehyung drops the cookie he was eating, “He what now?!”


Jimin’s pointing at Taehyung now.  “HA! I told you Yoongi thinks you’re hot!  You didn’t believe me!”


Taehyung curls up into his seat on the couch all shyly, “I mean...he did call me cute before…”


Jimin rolls his eyes, “Oh my god.  Maybe if you weren’t so bad at flirting you’d be dating by now.”




“Using bad pick-up lines isn’t flirting.”


Taehyung pouts again, “Yoongi likes them.”


Hoseok’s nodding his head, “He’s right.  Yoongi is a fucking sucker for them. It’s disgusting yet cute.”


Taehyung maturely sticks his tongue out at Jimin and goes back to eating his cookie and drinking his juice box.  His friends can suck it.

It’s Monday morning and Taehyung is back at JUICED ready to face Yoongi after Thursday’s life drawing class.  He’s not sure how he’s going to react when he sees him, but he’s not going to overthink it. He’s going to just be his super cool and collected self.


Yoongi smirks at him, “Hey.”


“Hey.”  Taehyung blushes and hands Yoongi his card.  Yeah, cool and collected.  


After Yoongi swipes it, Taehyung goes and waits on the couch instead of at the counter this time.  He’ll look more cool and collected if he’s far away and sitting. No Yoongi’s up close to make him blush.


He thought wrong, instead of calling out Taehyung’s name Yoongi sits right next to Taehyung with his smoothie and muffin in hand.  Taehyung takes them from him, but Yoongi is looking at him in the eyes. He looks a bit shy and it’s cute.


“Why were you avoiding me once you found out I was the nude model in your class?”


Okay, Taehyung was not expecting that question, “How else are you supposed to react when the guy you’ve been crushing on for the last 3 months is naked in front of you?”


Yoongi chuckles,“Fair.”  He looks Taehyung up and down as it looks like he’s thinking of something.  “I know how we can make this up.”


Taehyung’s confused.  Make what up… “What? How?”


“Let me draw you naked.”


Okay, also not expecting that, “Can you even draw things that aren’t buildings?”




“Are you subtly asking me out on a date?”




Definitely not expecting that, but HOLY SHIT.

And here Taehyung is the very next day, completely naked and lying across Yoongi’s couch like a french girl.  All he is missing is a super expensive necklace and Leonardo DiCaprio.


He glances over to Yoongi who actually looks like he’s concentrating on drawing Taehyung.  It’s super cute how he sticks his tongue out when he draws. Taehyung decides to make conversation, “So like, how did you all of a sudden become not-shy?”


Yoongi looks up over his pad of paper, “What do you mean?”


“You blushed and ignored me everytime I hit on you.  Now you somehow have me lying naked on your couch during our first date as you poorly draw me.”




“What!  You said you were bad.”  Taehyung’s giggling at Yoongi actually being offended.


“You never actually asked me out.  You just said bad pick-up lines. Which were endearing, but how was I supposed to know that you only ever said those to me?”


“That’s the same thing!  And I obviously was into you!  You definitely knew I asked Hobi for your work schedule so I could see you!”


Yoongi sighs and puts the pad of paper down, “Anyways, you made me super nervous for some reason, but then I saw how easily flustered you got.  I wasn’t intimidated anymore. I figured it was time to finally reciprocate.”


“Yoongi, It’s been almost 4 months.”


Yoongi shrugs like it was nothing.  He stands up and walks over to Taehyung lying on the couch.  “Let me make it up to you.” Yoongi eyes him up and down like he wants to devour him.  Taehyung grabs him by the shirt and pulls him on top of him, connecting their lips.


Taehyung eventually breaks the kissing once it starts getting a bit too passionate, “This is unfair, you should be naked, too.”  He glances over Yoongi’s clothed body, “And don’t be shy, I already have your dick imbedded in my brain from drawing it so much.”


Yoongi is getting up off of the couch and grabbing Taehyung by the hand leading him down the hallway, “Bedroom.  Now. Before Seokjin gets home.”

Four months later Taehyung finds himself at JUICED going about his weekly routine.  He’s at the register when the super cute Smoothie Guy is staring at him with his cute gummy grin Taehyung has learned to fall in love with.


“Good morning, welcome to JUICED.  What can I get started for you?”


“Baby, if you were a fruit, you’d be a fine apple.”


“Ugh, gross.  I can't believe that you’re my boyfriend.” 


Taehyung giggles and hands his boyfriend his card.  There’s nobody behind him in line, so Yoongi pulls in Taehyung’s face over the counter.  He looks Taehyung in the eyes with a huge grin and gives him a big kiss before letting go.


“I need a new boyfriend, mines broken.  He won’t stop using lame pick-up lines on me after we started dating.” 


“Aw, but Baby you love me!”  


“Unfortunately,” Yoongi pulls him back for another kiss before they hear Seokjin yelling.



Taehyung likes smoothies, but he loves his boyfriend even more.